Episode 1: Ultramarathoner Emily Halnon

The Ali on the Run Show

Episode 1

Guest: Emily Halnon

Emily Halnon is an ultramarathoner who lives in Eugene, OR. After completing an Ironman and running a 3:08 marathon several years ago, Emily decided to make the shift from road races to trail running and ultras. She has since run a handful of 50-mile races and three 100-milers. Emily and I met in 2011 after following each other on Twitter and reading each other’s blogs for a while. (Internet friends are the best friends!) She was living in D.C. at the time and paced me to my own marathon PR in 2012 before moving cross-country to set up shop in Eugene. Emily and I talked about everything from first marathons and ultramarathon aid stations (and all the yummy snacks you can enjoy mid-race) to writing, blogging, and our favorite Celine Dion songs.

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Show Notes:

3:00: National Half Marathon Recap

5:00: Manchester City Marathon Recap

6:30: Alison’s First 20-Mile Run

14:00: Emily’s Ironman Recap

20:00: Emily’s Eugene Marathon PR Recap

24:00: Javelina Jundred

27:40: Pine to Palm Recap

41:00: Wilder Running & Writing Retreat

56:00: Cascade Crest 100

58:40: Meghan Arbogast

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