Surrounding Myself With the Best People I Can Find

For the past few years, I have lived for my precious Sunday mornings. I love waking up early on Sunday, then taking Ellie out for a quick walk before eating breakfast while simultaneously reading the newspaper and watching a random old episode of Scandal. Then I head to the Upper East Side — my old neighborhood! — for a spin class with my favorite instructor and some of my very best friends.

This past Sunday marked the end of an era. Here, if only for my own sentimental trip down memory lane, is the long version behind why I love those super special Sunday mornings…

One last Sunday Soul snapshot!

The older I get, the more I recognize how important it is to surround myself and interact with the best people I can find. I remember reading a quote once saying you should never strive to be the smartest person in a room. (You hear that, unnamed former boss who OMG needed to constantly prove he was the smartest one around?)

If you’re the smartest person in the room, the saying goes, you need to up the quality of the people with whom you surround yourself. Yes, it’s fun to feel like you’re smarter than and superior to everyone, but it’s somehow even more rewarding to constantly be in a position where you can learn from and grow because of the people in your circle.

Over the past few years, I have been so lucky to get to spend a few hours every week with the indomitable Bethany Lyons Murray. And when she’s in the room, I’m never the smartest, strongest, or sassiest one around.


If you’ve been around here for a while, Bethany is no doubt a familiar face. She’s the owner of Lyons Den Power Yoga (if you’re in the NYC area and you haven’t been yet, please tell me what you’re waiting for and when you’d like to go with me), was the first-ever SoulCycle instructor, and used to teach at and oversee the group fitness programs at Crunch. (Remember my Crunch days?! I loved that gym.)

I first met Bethany at Crunch back in 2008. I used to take her classes at the West 38th Street location — conveniently located near both my apartment and my office at the time. She taught everything from spinning to yoga to a class called BodyArt, which was this weird dance-yoga hybrid that I was really into but was terrible at.

One day, I was signed up for a spin class with my regular instructor and saw that dreaded sign at the gym: SUB. I used to hate showing up to a class only to find out there would be a [usually less awesome] substitute teacher. But on that day, Bethany was the sub, and I was hooked. I started taking her yoga classes at different Crunch locations around the city, and when I found out she was a SoulCycle teacher, I canceled my Crunch membership and decided to go all-in on SoulCycle.

#TBT to when I realized Jenny from China / my second grade class was IN THE SAME YOGA AND SPIN CLASS AS ME. It really is a small world after all.

My favorite Bethany classes were her Sunday morning sessions at the East 63rd Street studio. She taught a 45-minute class at 8:30 followed by a 60-minute class at 9:30, and I would take both. It had nothing to do with fitness or calorie burn and everything to do with the fact that I just loved being in her presence, listening to her killer playlists, and pushing myself to whatever limits my body was feeling on any given Sunday. Unlike some SoulCycle instructors, her insights and words of inspiration never felt forced. I swear some teachers Google “inspirational phrases” immediately before class and then just shout them at the room every few minutes. That was never Bethany’s style.

Soon, Sunday mornings were my favorite days of the week. The people who came to those classes formed a special community which is kind of rare at many boutique studios these days. Bethany created a really welcoming environment, and we all thrived in it.

Great mornings with great people!

I worked my way from the back corner to the front row to my favorite Bike 15, which is in the front row on the side of the room near the door. (Ideal for easy exits should Crohn’s unexpectedly come to class.)

Then, in 2012, I got sick. I tried so hard to maintain my beloved Soul routine, but physically I couldn’t do it. Bethany was still “just my spin teacher” at the time, so I didn’t expect her to notice my absence. But then one day in June, I got a Twitter DM from Bethany.

She asked for my address, and I was hesitant to give it to her. I was at a low point — physically and emotionally — with my Crohn’s flare, and I was resisting visitors or general kind gestures. I just wanted to be alone. But Bethany, the only person I know who is more stubborn than I am, wasn’t having it.


So the next day, she trekked uptown and showed up at my apartment.

She told me to sit on the couch and she blindfolded me. (Yes, I thought it was weird. But I trusted her and went with it. Brian, on the other hand, looked on from the kitchen and may have been slightly more concerned by this stranger in our apartment, blindfolding his girlfriend and saying, “Trust me.”)

Bethany gave me a SoulCycle tank top to put on — my first piece of Soul-branded gear — dimmed the lights, and lit one of those [stupid expensive] Jonathan Adler SoulCycle candles. She sprayed the studio’s signature grapefruit spray around my apartment so it smelled like I was in the studio, and then she cued up a custom playlist she’d made just for me.

And then she essentially started teaching a SoulCycle class inside my apartment — just without the bikes and physical activity.

She told me to picture myself pedaling to the rhythm of the music, and I did. After a few songs, I asked her what this was all about, and she said, “Since you haven’t been able to come to class, I decided to bring SoulCycle to you.”

Always so sweaty and so red-faced


I don’t remember if I was stoic or if I became an emotional puddle, but that night changed my life. (Shout-outs to Gregg and Sara, who were also there and along for the “ride.”) Because seriously, what fitness instructor notices a student’s absence and shows up at their apartment just to make them smile or feel better for a few minutes?

Bethany. That’s who.

Eventually, when I started feeling better and slowly trying to regain my strength, Bethany’s SoulCycle class was one of my first stops. I set up in the back corner of the studio where I could attempt to keep up but fall behind as my body needed. I could barely lift the two-pound weights and I couldn’t even get my leg onto the bar during the cool-down stretch. But I knew I was in good hands. I knew that, unlike some teachers, she wouldn’t care or judge if I had to run out mid-class to use the bathroom. I knew she would encourage and push me, but also that she knew how much I could handle during my comeback. I remember her yelling, “Ali, this is a victory for you,” during the last song of that class. And yes, that day I was an emotional puddle.

Why am I telling this long, random story?

Yesterday was Bethany’s last SoulCycle class. And while I’ll still get plenty of B time at the Den — especially as it expands and is opening a second location in NYC very soon — yesterday was probably my last time in that East 63rd Street studio.

Maureen and Bethany (and me), AKA the reasons I wake up too early on Sunday mornings

OK so I was just re-reading this post from the beginning and realized, oh crap, people are going to think this is a eulogy or something! Bethany is very much alive and well and thriving! It was just the end of an era because it was her last class and it made me all pensive and stuff. EVERYONE IS ALIVE AND ACCOUNTED FOR. ALL GOOD.

Bethany helped bring me back to life in that room. She always believed in me and encouraged me, in the studio and far beyond. There were so many days when I was sick and coming back from being sick that I didn’t believe in myself or even like myself. Bethany always believed in me, and she helped me see the value in letting people in.

I didn’t want to let her in — like physically, I didn’t want to let her into my apartment that night. But I did, and I’m so glad.

My first yoga class after being sick for a long time. Pretty sure I struggled. But was clearly happy to be there.

Since then, I have been a firm believer in the power of asking for help — and being OK doing so. There’s no shame — only power and progress — in letting other people lend a hand however you need. Sometimes that means a small favor, other times it means asking for emotional support during a tough time. And other times, it means letting someone blindfold you and teach you an imaginary spin class.

Sunday was a good reminder for me to keep surrounding myself with uplifting, inspiring, motivating people, even if it means trekking across state lines to get to them. (Ability to perform choreography and “tapbacks” on an indoor cycling bike not required.)

Happy Monday, happy start of a new week — go kick some ass. That’s my plan.



17 Responses

  1. This is beautiful, and what an incredibly kind gesture from Bethany. I’ve only taken a few of her classes over the years but loved them all.

    I often isolate and shut others out when I’m not in a good place. It’s so important, as evidenced here, to let people in.

  2. Dear old dad is always proud of our girl but it’s great to see others see in her what we always thought of her. Thank You

  3. Thank you for that beautiful tribute to Bethany. You brought me to tears right from the start. I have been her greatest fan from the day she was born, and am very familiar with her exceptional qualities. I am so grateful that she is surrounding herself with amazing people like you. All my best wishes to you. — A tearful, grateful, proud Mom

  4. Nice to see such determined girls when it comes to running. I’m also training for a marathon and this article is super inspiring. I run with SportMe runner app, which calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

  5. This is incredible. Bethany sounds like a beautiful soul. I’ve always been tempted to try Lyons Den, and now I must! So pumped that soon there will be one in my ‘hood.

  6. Definitely made me cry. What a kind soul. We need more of that with all of America’s trash people we have running around right now. Thanks for writing this!

  7. I love everything about this. The moment she came to your apartment, that brought tears to my eyes just because she is the perfect example of an awesome person – that’s what awesome friends do. I have yet to try her yoga classes but am putting that on my NYC bucket list.

  8. That seriously made me tear up – I mean bringing SOUL to your apartment?!?! Bethany sounds amazing. I know exactly what you mean about the classes/community that you find. I’ve had that in a few different versions now and it’s always hard to say goodbye. You should have Bethany on the podcast!!! <3

  9. ugh i love this so much. this is incredible.
    also, and not really related, matt and i took a class with john (bethany’s husband for readers who are not Ali) for the first time at the Den and it was amazing. Matt who never gets excited about an instructor was like “yeah, john is incredible.” so i’m pretty sure the two of them are magic. <3 <3

  10. I’m glad she’s not dead. Beautiful post. I also try to surround myself with people who are better than me–better runners, better climbers, nicer, funnier. It’s ridiculously easy. (Not sure what that says about me!)

  11. I am so glad I “hoarded” this post to read this morning – what a great way to start my day!

    Kicking ass on a Tuesday!

  12. I LOVE THIS! I recently moved so I’m still trying to find “my people” but am learning the importance of reaching out and asking for help. Thank you for sharing

  13. Hell yes! I have a favorite yoga teacher who keeps giving me encouragement throughout class, and part of me feels guilty, that i shouldn’t have attention, but its okay for instructors to have connections. I’m glad you found a connection.

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