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Do I have clearance on the roadways? 

On your marks…

The Ali on the Run Show is officially up and running!


I am so excited and proud to announce that my podcast is now available for download on iTunes and SoundCloud. (It’s free! So you can save your money for running shoes, race entries, and recovery massages.) It’ll also be on Stitcher and Overcast later today.

If you’re new to podcast listening, welcome! I was new to it not all that long ago, but I was hooked immediately. I quickly discovered that I loved listening to podcasts on my runs, because it was like running with friends minus the whole “talking back and having to gasp for air” thing. After years of blasting music every time I ran (mostly pop remixes with a side of Celine and an ounce of Broadway), I liked changing it up and getting to run whatever pace I wanted while someone else talked in my ear. Who needs real-life friends when you have an hour-long podcast to keep you company?!

And that’s my goal for the Ali on the Run Show. I want to be your best running buddy — the person who keeps you company, makes you laugh, and maybe motivates you to push the pace a little during your runs, your dog walks, or your daily commute. (OK, maybe don’t push the pace during your commute if you’re driving and there’s traffic. Be safe.)

We want to run with you!

I’ve loved chronicling my life on this blog for the past seven years, but what I really love doing is getting to share other peoples’ stories. (Surely after seven years you’ve heard enough from me, right?) I know and follow so many inspiring runners from all walks of life, and I’m dying to get to help tell their stories. The people I’ll be bringing on the show each week — mostly runners, or people who will be able to speak to and inspire runners — will all have something special to share, whether it’s how running helped them get through periods of depression and grief, or how it felt to get passed by their mom during their debut marathon. (We cover both topics within the first three episodes.)

The episodes are all around an hour long, so they’ll keep you company for all of or at least a chunk of your activities. Going forward, new episodes will drop every Thursday so you can have them ready to go for your Saturday or Sunday run.

You’ll probably laugh. You may cry. (Episode 6 had two tear-jerking moments for me, so get ready for that one.) You’ll learn a little something about someone, and you may find yourself wanting to pursue your own passions, follow your gutsy dreams, and run a little harder. I have dozens of incredible guests lined up and ready to talk, and I’m confident there will be a little something in there for everyone. (Even you, Dad! You’ll like Episode 2, in particular.)

Recording EPISODE 1!

So that’s my promise to you. Now can you do a little something for me?

The love and support I’ve received here at Ali on the Run over the years has been downright life-changing and so empowering for me. It’s because of YOU — your comments, your kindness, your willingness to stick around when things got rough — that I felt confident pursuing a new outlet and trying my hand at the podcasting thing. It would mean the world to me to keep that momentum going with the Ali on the Run Show.

If you’d be so inclined…

  1. Click here to subscribe to the show on iTunes. It’s very easy — just click that little “SUBSCRIBE” button on the left side of your screen — and then you’ll get notifications in your podcast feed whenever a new episode drops. (Every Thursday for now — and eventually I’ll get you twice and thrice weekly episodes!)
  2. Leave a [five-star!] rating for the show on iTunes by clicking “Ratings & Reviews.”
  3. Write an iTunes review for the show! It only takes a few minutes, and ratings and reviews are the best way to spread the run love and get a little hat tip from iTunes. I’d love to grow the Ali on the Run Show community the way we’ve grown this one here, so please take a few minutes to leave a rating and review, and, in turn, you’ll get a virtual hug from me and a sloppy virtual kiss from Ellie.

Not an iTunes user? You can also listen on SoundCloud, and I’ll be on Stitcher and Overcast ASAP.

I’ll be in a learning and experimenting phase for the first few weeks of the show, so stick around as I navigate audio tweaks, awkward intros, my terrible laugh, and training myself not to say “um” and “like.” I appreciate your feedback, and am open to guest suggestions! If you know someone who has a great story, hit me up so we can share it!

I LOVE YOU. Thank you for being here.




18 Responses

  1. I can’t remember my itunes login information, so I can’t leave a real review (I’ll try and deal with it tomorrow), but I love this!! I loved the Emily Episode (she was so slow! and now she’s such a badass!) and I love the Brian Episode (he wrote you out a whole sheet of paper about minerals!). I’m very sad about the idea of the blog losing steam, but I’m psyched about the podcast.

  2. Just listened to the one with Emily. I wanted to not like her. Ultras – kill me! She was just awesome. It is obvious that you guys are good friends & both incredibly nice people!!! I would love to just pick up and move but with a husband, 2 involved kids and my job, I think it would be tough. You guys are both awesome! I may not be the target audience — I am 42, not fast, mom, wife, normal 9 to 5 worker, etc. However, keep the podcasting coming — I was listening while running in the wind very slowly!!!!

  3. LOVED the honesty in the conversation with you and Brian. It’s always fascinating to get insights into other people’s relationships like that. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Ali! Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I listened to episodes 1 and 2 on the very long, very snow drive from Maine to Boston today and we LOVED them! You are so well spoken (which is no surprise considering how well you write!) and very fun to listen to. Keep going!!!

  5. I am going for a run in the morning and I can’t wait to start listening! I have only ever listened to music while I run and I am excited to try something new.

  6. I’m really enjoying listening. It was fun to hear Emily talk versus reading her experiences from a different perspective (hearing vs reading). Currently, listening to the one with Brian and love the openness and honesty that you two are sharing. Great job!

  7. Very much looking forward to listening. I think this will be perfect for my long runs. You first introduced me to I’ll Have Another and have. Den hooked on podcasts since. I subscribed and will surely be inclined to leave a 5 star review after listening!

  8. Congrats! This is so exciting, I am ALWAYS in need of new podcasts to listen to. Just subscribed and I’ll be fair and listen to an episode before leaving a review. 🙂 To start, might sound silly but I just have to say I LOVE the coloring of the text/background on iTunes. GO Ali!

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