My Best Of 2016

At most recent glance, 2016 was hardly a banner year. On the global stage, the tragedies have seemed endless, the political situations, well, dire. There’s been a steady stream of sad celebrity deaths, and the internet seems to be fueled with more rage and hostility than ever before. And that all sucks.

On the personal level, the past few months have been largely defined by the reemergence of my Crohn’s disease. After two years of being nice and quiet, the disease came back to test me. Other than that, though, 2016 was pretty good to me. And since I’d rather try wrapping the year up neatly and with a sparkly bow on top than by dwelling on the crap that’s been dealt, I’m here with my annual look back at my year’s high points.

Every year, I make an ongoing list of my favorite memories in my paper calendar. Usually my list tops out around three pages. This year, it was seven. Here are just a few (OK, 34) of the moments I’ll remember most fondly about 2016…



  • Kicked off the new year by taking a long walk in Central Park with Brian and Ellie. We walked the full loop of the Bridle Path (which was a big deal for 15-week-old Ellie at the time!), and it was a simple but sweet way to start 2016 — with my favorite crew in my favorite place.
  • Wrote my first piece for Well+Good. (Fittingly, it was about chocolate.) I always loved Well+Good and was thrilled to join the team as a regular contributor. This kicked off a steady stream of solid freelance opportunities for reputable publications.
  • Ran the five-mile loop in Central Park without making any stops or taking walk breaks. That was a big deal that day. My running had been super shitty, and that day I set out with a goal and nailed it. It felt victorious.
Ringing in 2016 on the Bridle Path with my puppy. Perfect day.


Kara and me. She has a rescue puppy, and so do I. Her cat’s name is Ellie, and my DOG’s name is Ellie. Same same.


  • Moved to New Jersey! I never thought I’d leave Manhattan but, after nine years, the time was right.
New year, new views!


Happy, healthy Ali on the Run!

In MAY, I…

31 and feeling…fun? Let’s go with that.


  • Surprised myself by going sub-50:00 at the New York Road Runners Mini 10K. I didn’t wear a watch during the race and wasn’t necessarily feeling awesome, so it was reassuring to know that my training from Brooklyn had been a success, and that I was in good shape heading into New York City Marathon training.
  • Kicked off the Summer Solstice at Lyons Den Power Yoga by joining the community for 108 sun salutations. It took 90 minutes and was so hard.




  • Ran down Park Avenue at Summer Streets — twice! Always a highlight of the summer.
  • Finally got up into a classical headstand — versus a tripod headstand — during yoga.
  • Ran a 6:23 at the inaugural Brooklyn Mile. My first mile race!
  • Surprised myself — and Brian — by riding 3,000 feet to the top of Mount Kearsarge in New Hampshire. I was going to wait at the bottom while Brian did the whole climb, but I got a burst of motivation and went for it.
  • Joined Project Start, an initiative started by my friend Candice, in an effort to encourage women to take the first steps — literally — toward becoming a runner.
I’m on top of the world, hey! I’m on top of Mount Kearsarge, hey!


And then we had Nutella crepes.


Desi and Amy and Shalane, oh my! (And Ali…)


  • Ran the New York City Marathon! And didn’t make any bathroom stops along the way, miraculously.
  • Voted proudly for Hillary Clinton. It felt more historic in the moment than in the aftermath, but I’m still proud to have cast my vote for the woman who was almost our first female president.
  • Ran a Turkey Trot — with Brian and Ellie! It was Ellie’s first race, and was a banner day for the Cristiano family.
  • Was a guest on I’ll Have Another. More on podcasting in 2017. Stand by…
A banner day for the Cristianos!
A banner day for the Cristianos!

Thanks for the memories, 2016.

And thank YOU for sticking around this year, through the highs, lows, and sweaty moments in between. The community here makes my heart burst with pride and joy, and I’m so grateful to have this corner of the world where I can ramble and share and make internet friends. Your encouragement and support means more to me than I — a writer — can adequately put into words.

I hope your 2016 had plenty of glittery high points, and cheers to good things to come in 2017! And because we are best friends, tell me: WHAT WERE YOUR 2016 HIGHLIGHTS? Tell me something great.



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  1. I can’t believe no one has commented on how insanely neat your handwriting is!!! Highlight of my year was having my son in March… we were supposed to have trouble getting pregnant and didn’t(Giving a big F U to a chronic illness always feel great) hang in there!!!

  2. Loved this post and so nice to see go many great things! Here is wishing you a wonderful 2017 filled with more memories with Ellie and Brian and feeling better!

    My highlight was finally seeing a life coach and working through my grief and anxiety.

  3. I love your positive attitude! Great recap of your year, looks like it was pretty amazing! I am a registered nurse and wish I saw more people with your determination. I recently started a running blog and would like to share some of your posts on my page. I am always looking for inspiration for my readers.

  4. Your year was quite the long roller coaster ride. So many good things though. You inspired me along the way, so I Thank You. This year, I finally got off my Crohn’s meds and got back in shape. Cheers to that and to 2017.

  5. That’s a lot of good times and I’m sure more to come in 2017.

    I have a 2016 review post also but the running highlight was finishing the Boston Marathon, my home town, the best day ever.

  6. You really did have some amazing highlights. I’m jealous of the credit clearing freelance check. Well jealous is not the right word. More like I wish I could say the same. But on a positive spin I managed to freelance all year and continue to pay my mortgage and pet smart bills so all is good! 🙂 highlight for me was going to banff national park and taking a canoe out on lake Louise. I cried from the beauty.

  7. I ran the NYC marathon- first full marathon this year!
    Great post – you did some awesome stuff! Here’s to a healthier 2017 for you!

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