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How was your Thanksgiving?

Important question: What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? I like traditional bread stuffing with gravy on it. I also like buttered dinner rolls (smothered in gravy), and whatever’s for dessert (smothered in chocolate).


This year I was a bit of a downer during the holiday. There were plenty of happy high moments — including Ellie’s first race! — but overall I was pretty sick and wasn’t able to fully enjoy much of the aforementioned “smothered in gravy” elements.

The best part of the long weekend in Pennsylvania (I was born there! And that’s where most of my extended family is.) was Ellie’s race! She totally rocked the North Wales Turkey Trot 5K. Ellie has always loved runners — she knows they’ll stop mid-run to pet her and give her attention — and when she realized she got to be part of the race instead of just on the sidelines, she was visibly thrilled.


She ran the whole race with a giant smile on her face, only stopping once to poop on the side of the road during the second mile. (Lucky me, I then got to run the rest of the race with a stinky poop bag in my hand. At one point a fellow runner yelled, “It smells like poop!” and I apologized and blamed Ellie. Because, for once, it was my dog — not me! — making the mid-run bathroom stop.)


Brian, Ellie, and I ran the race in 29:46 (or 29:11 according to my watch — not sure if the results online are chip time or gun time?), and crossed the finish line holding hands. It was probably my favorite race of my whole life. Forget marathons — from now on I’m sticking to family 5Ks.

Note the bag of poop in my hand...
Note the bag of poop in my hand…

This was also my first run since the marathon! I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately (pun!), so I haven’t really been working out, but it felt good to get out there again!

The rest of the holiday weekend was spent relaxing, going for walks with Ellie and my cousin’s pup, and playing Catchphrase and Charades. I didn’t drink, didn’t over-indulge in delicious treats, and didn’t hit up any remarkable post-Thanksgiving feast workouts. #CrohnsLife

Puppy cousins!
Puppy cousins!

Another thing I did over the weekend: listened to my very favorite podcast, I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein. I always listen to Lindsey’s show, but this time, I was the special guest!

Lindsey reached out to me a few months ago about being a guest on an episode, and we recorded it via Skype after that victorious outdoor run I had back in October. (The run that led me to declare a post-Crohn’s “comeback.” Oh, naive lil’ Ali. It’s OK. It’ll happen soon. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully.)

I was riding a super runner’s high, and Lindsey and I ended up chatting for more than two hours! We talked about everything from running and my career and Crohn’s disease to Celiné Dion and This Is Us and mean people on the internet. It was like talking with a best friend — even though it was our first time actually talking. (We’ve been Twitter friends for years though, which totally counts.)

I highly recommend Lindsey’s podcast for long runs, long drives, or long walks to the refrigerator. She’s such a fun host and her guests are always great. I was worried about not having anything to offer — what is my take on the world, after all? — but hopefully the people listening find something fun, relatable, or entertaining during our conversation. (I had no idea I say “like” so much. Ugh. I’ll work on it.)

Click here to listen to my episode with Lindsey. (And if you love her, which you will, hook her up with some downloads and a review on iTunes. Spread the love.)


GOT A FAVORITE PODCAST TO ADD TO THE LIST? Let me know and, better yet, tell me why you love it!

AND ANOTHER THING: I have a few posts coming up for Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week. If you have any questions you want answered, thoughts you want shared, or topics you’d otherwise love to see in the spotlight over here, let me know!



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  1. HI Ali! Love, love your blog! You are such an inspiration! I had not realized u are from PA. I live in Coopersburg, PA. Just zip up the turnpike or route 309 from north wales! My husband works at the Merck facility in north wales.

    I hope this new round of treatments kicks in for u sooner rather then later and u are feeling better soon!

  2. So loved the podcast! Also I totally fell down the Get Off My Internets rabbit hole – and WTF! I am beyond sorry that people say that crazy shit about you and your blog. I love your blog and 100% check weekly (I know I could set up some alert, but that seems hard..) to see if you have a new post. People are the worst and puppies are the best. Also thanks for introducing me to a podcast that up until know I had no idea I needed in my life. K-bye.

  3. My favorite podcasts are Another Mother Runner (because I’m a mother AND a runner) and the New Yorker radio hour – I can’t bring myself to listen to NPR because I might hear The Orange One’s voice, and I can’t handle it. NYRH is awesome for the same reasons the New Yorker Magazine is awesome – a variety of stories about pop culture, politics, art, science, music, etc. I learn so much every episode.

  4. I’m just out of hospital with a UC flare, and your blog kept me so entertained! I’d also like to hear thoughts on weight (I gained a stone from a week of IV steroids!) and the loneliness that comes with a illness that means you spend hours in a room alone, even on busy holidays!
    With you on the running! I miss it so much!

  5. Hi Ali!

    Can you talk about difficulties relating to navigating the healthcare system as a patient?

    Waiting times, financial costs, insurance drama, more waiting, trying to communicate questions and concerns to your doctors when they only have ten minutes to spend with you, stupid doctors vs awesome doctors, more waiting. Also, how you think the healthcare system and GI’s could make life easier for patients?

    I know the money thing is especially tough in the USA. I’m in Australia where I can access healthcare for free and I get so sad and angry when I read about people who can’t afford to be healthy. However, we do often have lengthy wait lists here and sometimes you gotta fight to get an earlier appointment.


  6. Okay, can I just say that I think you are an awesome human being for cleaning up your dog waste during a race? It drives me nuts when people don’t pick up after their dog, but I would probably let it go during a race! You rock!

  7. Can you discuss your weight issues you’ve mentioned? Fellow Crohn’s-er right here struggling with weight gain since biologics. Thanks!

  8. I loved listening to the podcast interview! It felt like listening in on a funny conversation between friends – and that’s why I really enjoy listening to Lindsey’s podcasts. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from podcasts like Serial, NPR or even other podcasts that talk strictly about running, how to improve your running, etc.

  9. I mean this is the least creepy way possible – I’ve read your blog for awhile and always thought we would be great real life friends but now after listening to the podcast, I KNOW we would be bffs! Haha loved the podcast. I’ve been a fan of I’ll Have Another for ages so I was thrilled to see you as the guest. Thanks for making me laugh!!

  10. I listened to the episode! Been listening to I’ll have Another for a while now.

    Hmm crohn’s questions? I have often wondered how significant others handle the aspects of relationships when their partner has a chronic illness? (You see it’s always about Brian! Lol!) Seriously though. I cared for my husband for a few months before cancer took him and it was so hard. I often thought about what if he survived but went in and out of remission. How would I handle him being sick and then well. The roller coaster. Brian seems so low key and humor seems to have a strong presence for you guys.

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