Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Want to smile? So do I.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week.

This video, which I cannot stop watching. It makes me laugh and cry [happy tears], and the song brings me back to my college-era Moulin Rouge! obsession. Dogs are the best. (H/T to my buddy Kaitlin for sending this one along. It brought my Friday morning to a full stop so I could watch it three times in a row before sharing it with everyone I know.) All I wanted growing up was a trampoline, and my parents were not on board. Super rude. I also wanted a ferret, which I also did not get.

All the Obama + Biden memes. I can’t get enough.

Things That Made Me Smile This Week
Every. Time.

This post, for no reason at all.

Things That Made Me Smile This Week
Being on a Food Network show is among my greatest fears. I would fill a tortilla with shredded cheese, microwave it for 30 seconds and call it a quesadilla.

This post, which made me LOL too loud too many times. My humor is very sophisticated.

Things That Made Me Smile This Week
No I’ve never done that…

Remembering the time I challenged my [drunk] friend Myles — also our November Project team captain and the fastest runner on the team — to a 10-meter dash. I was in heels, he was 10 glasses of wine and a few beers in…and I won. (Pretty sure I account for like, 1,000 of those views…)

Starting my new medicine! I got my first Stelara infusion on Wednesday, and I have high hopes that this will be the drug to get me back into remission. I’m so over this flare and am very ready to move on with my life.

The infusion took an hour, and the whole process was nice and easy. The NYU infusion suite is so nice! Much fancier than my old doctor’s office! I got warm blankets and they had snacks and ice water with a straw, which is my favorite way to drink water. The nurses were all so nice (I love nurses), and I was back home in no time.

The doctor says the medication could take 6–8 weeks to kick in — so naturally I expect to be healed already. Weird that that hasn’t happened… They say patience is a virtue, but I have a hard time with that. Clearly.

The triumphant return of Billy on the Street. This was so good.

All the times Ellie grabbed my face with her paws and kissed me. She does this thing where she reaches at my face with her paws and actually grabs my face to pull me in and kiss me. Brian said to me this morning, “Ellie loves me, but she’s in love with you.” I’m fine with it.

The new Hamilton Mixtape songs! Lin-Manuel Miranda has been releasing a few songs every few days, and I expected to not be super into them because why mess with perfection? But I love Kelly Clarkson’s “It’s Quiet Uptown” (my sad shower song) and Usher’s “Wait For It.”

This behind-the-scenes look at what happened when the Fox cameras turned off — and the Project Start crew took over.

PLEASE ADD TO THE CONVERSATION. What made you laugh, smile, or feel happy this week?



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  1. That christmas advertisement just made my day, so thank you. Also, the biden memes. ALSO! I knew squatty potty existed prior to your last post, but the post reminded me to google around it, and found their adorable mascot unicorn’s plush version THAT ACTUALLY HAS RAINBOW POOP! It is going to absolutely MAKE my 8 year old niece’s christmas. And also, that they sell a cheap attachable bidet. That’s gonna make MY adult christmas 🙂

  2. Making me smile is that I googled the Squatty Potty after your last post, and now everywhere I turn online, I’m getting Squatty Potty ads! Facebook, blogs, news sites, nowhere is safe from ads about poopng! ???

  3. — Kermit vs Hooded Kermit Memes
    — Thinking about buttery mashed potatoes next week
    — Finally got to wear that new hat (i slayed it of course)

  4. Well I just had this amazing trip to Macy’s. I bought 6 new bras and 10 pairs of undies and if you “pre sale” your purchase is 30 percent off. You just have to wait until 12/2 to pick up the goods. So basically less than $10 per item. Best deal I’ve had in a while. Also, smiling that I am running a local 5k trail race with a friend I haven’t seen in months! Love the Biden Obama memes too!!!

  5. Wow. I didn’t think of it before, but “It’s Quiet Uptown” is PERFECT for Kelly Clarkson. (Of course I didn’t think of it, but Lin-Manuel Miranda did, because GENIUS.)

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