Thankful Things Thursday: Six Happy Things (Including A PRO Compression Giveaway!)

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t even try to run or do anything physical.

Until that point, I was putting my shoes and watch on every single day of this flare to at least try to get a run in, defeating as it may be. While I was in L.A., I didn’t bother running, but I took a yoga class and two spin classes. Not yesterday, though. Yesterday I just didn’t have it in me. Usually my stomach settles down a bit in the afternoon so I can try and run then, but that point never came, so I never even tried to get out. (And I didn’t try to spin or do yoga either.) Marathon training is going great.

Being silly on set last week.
Being silly on set last week.

After spending the morning calling doctors, fighting with insurance companies, struggling to get the copies of my health records that a new doctor will require, and failing to understand my very limited options when it comes to getting the treatment I need, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, eat garbage food, and feel sad.

So if you came here looking for inspiration to “fight” or “stay positive,” I just wasn’t your girl yesterday.

But I told myself I’d be that girl today. “I’ll let myself feel sad and pathetic today, and then tomorrow I’ll wake up ready to do the fighting thing,” I said [out loud to Ellie, probably].


So far today, though? It’s not going so great. I couldn’t even walk Ellie to school without needing to make an emergency dash into the ferry terminal to use the bathroom. Then, when I got back home, the concierge at the front desk — who usually lets me leave my keys with her while I run — asked why I haven’t been out running lately. My eyes immediately welled up with tears, and I awkwardly responded, “Oh, I’ve just been traveling a lot!” Lies.

I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m upset, and I’m trying not to think about the fact that I’m supposed to go on an anniversary trip to Paris in a week, or that I’m supposed to run a marathon in a month and a half.

By now I know that much of this disease is beyond my control. But one thing I can try to control — when I’m up for it — is my outlook. Today is Thursday, so this is me, forcing myself to adopt a Thankful Things Thursday attitude. Fake it until you make it, right? So in that spirit, here are six things making me happy right now — and one thing that I hope will make one of you happy!

She was happy about this, I swear.
She was happy about this, I swear.

1. Ellie turned one yesterday!

They grow up so fast! I actually really cannot believe Ellie is already one year old. (Or like, one-ish. She was a rescue, so we don’t know her actual birthday, but they estimated she was 12 weeks old when we got her, so I counted backward from 12 and bam, her birthday is September 14!) I had big dreams of throwing her a grand birthday party filled with a giant dog-friendly cake and lots of dog and human friends. But then travel got in the way, and sickness got in the way, and so we settled on having a celebration at home.


After a morning of snuggling, Brian took Ellie out to go to the bathroom around 7:30, and then she proceeded to sleep until 5 PM. What a life!

Then we celebrated by doing some of Ellie’s favorite things: We walked to the ferry to meet Brian when he got off the boat, then went to say hi to her friends at school, and then went to the building next to her school where the doorman loves her and always gives her treats. (She wore her new birthday hat for all of these activities. At first she wasn’t sure about it, then she loved it and whenever I would take it off, she’d sit in front of me crying until I put it back on.)

The little princess.
The little princess.

When we came home, we gave Ellie her presents: a giant box filled with squeaky balls (that say Happy Birthday on them, of course). She went crazy for them, and we now have approximately 382 tennis balls in every crevice of our apartment. Finally, I made Ellie a “cake” out of deli meats. She ate the entire thing in about 30 seconds. All in all it was a very happy day for our little wild child.

Deli meat cake!
Deli meat cake!

2. Project Start is in full effect. 

I am excited and honored to be a part of a new project with Women’s Running and a kickass group of women. It’s called Project Start, and it’s an initiative with the goal to get women moving. None of the women involved started out as athletes. We all have different stories and different reasons to run, but the one thing that unites us all is that starting wasn’t easy — and I think that’s the case for lots of people.

Follow along. We’ll be sharing our stories, encouraging you to share yours, and doing all kinds of events and meet-ups and fun things over the coming weeks. (And remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Everyone had their first run at some point. And it probably wasn’t easy.)

3. I got to see some great dancing in L.A.

I was hoping for a Tate victory, but Kida is hugely deserving of the America's Favorite Dancer title. Congrats, kid!
I was hoping for a Tate victory, but Kida is hugely deserving of the America’s Favorite Dancer title. Congrats, kid! (Also the shadow of my phone on my neck in this photo really freaks me out.)

I attended the taping of Newsies Live, which included nine of the original Broadway cast members (like my neighbor, Jeremy Jordan!), as well as the So You Think You Can Dance finale, which was fun, as always. I cried so many times both nights.

This is Conroy, my old roommate! Remember her? She's the one who took me for my first run!
This is Conroy, my old roommate! Remember her? She’s the one who took me for my first run!

4. I am obsessed with acai bowls. 

I realize you’ve all been eating these things for years now, but I had my first acai bowl (followed immediately by my second acai bowl) while I was in L.A., and ohmygod I get it! Mine had an acai base plus dried coconut flakes, peanut butter, cacao nibs, granola, strawberries, and banana. I need someone to come make me a bowl every morning for breakfast. Volunteer in the comments, plz.

Whoa creep...
Whoa creep…

5. I’m also obsessed with getting blowouts. 

Yet another thing everyone else has been doing for years that I’m just now getting into. Before going to see Newsies, Conroy was like, “I made appointments for us at Drybar,” and I was all, “OK.”


Then, a mere 24 hours later, before going to So You Think You Can Dance, I was like, “HEY CONROY, WANNA GET BLOWOUTS AGAIN?” And maybe she thought I was kidding, but we got blowouts again, and now I want to get my hair professionally styled every single day.

Shameless selfie, because my hair wasn't in a topknot for once.
Shameless selfie, because my hair wasn’t in a topknot for once.

6. I want you to win a pair of PRO Compression socks!

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of compression, especially during marathon training. (Fun fact: I wore compression socks on my first date with Brian.) My favorite post-long-run routine is to drink a smoothie, take a long shower, and then curl up in bed wearing compression socks (and nothing else! JK! maybe!) for a long nap.

Modeled by Selena Gomez.
Modeled by Selena Gomez.

Want to do the same? (Nudity optional.) The kind people at PRO Compression are offering up a pair of compression socks to one lucky Ali On The Run reader! Want to get your hands on (and your feet in) a pair? I’ll make entering super easy for you.

To enter, leave a comment below answering one (or all!) of the following questions. 

  1. What’s something that makes you happy every single day?
  2. What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? (Yoga! Foam rolling! Talking to your mom! Eating ice cream! Eating ice cream while foam rolling and FaceTiming with your mom when you get home from yoga!)
  3. What’s your favorite musical?

This giveaway will close at 5 PM on Sunday, September 18. Giveaway open to U.S. entrants only. (Sorry, Canada! Sorry, Australia!)




145 Responses

  1. My son is the one and only thing that makes me happy every single day. I can be having the worst of worst days, and a few smiles, a giggle, a hug, or simple words strung together in an incomplete sentence, can turn my whole day around. I don’t know how I got along before him. He is my reason for everything and definitely my reason for feeling happy every single day.

  2. My boys (ages 1 and 3) make happy every day!!!

    And that fact that we share a wedding anniversary is a fun, happy bonus fact!

    West Side Story = favorite musical!! I hope you can get healthy soon!

  3. Being blessed with another day is all I need…:) But waking up to my husband of 33yrs and our 2 furbabies makes it even more special..

  4. One thing that makes me happy is talking to my Dad every day. He turned 80 today and is fighting multiple myeloma. He is my hero. He says that every day is a gift and that there is something good to enjoy in each day. When I am having a bad Crohns day, I think of him and it makes me strong.

  5. 1. Snuggling with my pups makes me happy.
    2. I go for a run everyday. It keeps me calmer and a nicer person to be around.
    3. Newsies is pretty darned good.

  6. What makes me happy everyday? Snuggling with my husband in the morning. We wake up 10 minutes before either of us has to get out of bed so that we can just scoot over and hug each other for 10 minutes before our crazy days start. Isn’t Hamilton everyone’s favorite musical right now?

  7. My favorite musical is definitely Les Miserables!! Thanks for a great post reminding us to have a positive outlook and let go of the things we can’t control!

  8. Favorite musical: Paint Your Wagon. I’ve never seen it on stage, but the movie version has Clint Eastwood (AKA Dirty Harry) and Lee Marvin (AKA that dude from the Dirty Dozen) married to the same woman and SINGING ABOUT IT. Effing fantastic.

  9. I’ll make you acai bowls! My sister and I started an acai shop a few years ago, so anytime you’re a little further south (Point Pleasant) hit up Kali-O’s Juice Box! 🙂

  10. My bright yellow “You’re Beautiful” print makes me happy every day.

    Everyday I enjoy at least 1 Werther’s hard candy. Delicious caramel goodness.

    There’s so many musicals I want to see (Hamilton, Matilda, Neverland, Kinky Boots, etc…), but Wicked and Book of Mormon are my current favs.

  11. 1. Working outside at this time of year (finally cooling off!!!) makes me smile from ear to ear!
    2. Plain ‘ol stretching! I sometimes have to remind myself how much better my legs will feel the next day, but it’s so worth it.
    3. My favorite musical is Newsies too! It probably has to do with Christian Bale as a young Jack, my true love in 7th grade. How awesome you saw this preformance!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Ali! Best of luck with training and I really really hope you start feeling better soon!

  12. Rent. I don’t care that it’s 20 years old…it was so innovative for the 90s. Sidenote: I found out today that the 20th anniversary tour is stopping near me next summer and I’m totally taking my roommate since she’s never seen it (blasphemy!).

  13. Seeing my kids in the morning before they head off to school makes my day. Sometimes I’ll get up extra early to get my run in and make it back in time before they head off. Also, family meals make my day!

  14. My dog makes me happy every day! I read every day to destress. Favorite musical: the lion King. I sure hope this flare settles soon and you find a great doctor!

  15. 1. My dogs, Walt and Jesse, and my hubby.
    2. Getting to talk to my mother, brother, and sisters on the way to work.
    3. Phantom of the Opera. My mother had this CD in grade school and I LOVED IT!!

  16. My family makes me happy everyday! Working out daily is what I do for myself and Jersy Boys! OMGosh if you haven’t seen that musical it’s a must.

  17. 1. My family (husband, son, dogs, and cat) make me happy.
    2. Morning cup of copy.
    3. Into the Woods, but I want to see Hamilton so bad it hurts.

  18. Every morning when I come into work early (before my coworkers get in) I put on the Noisli waves sound on my computer and drink my coffee/tea. It is calming and the way I try to relax and center myself before everything gets crazy! It makes me happy every day 🙂

    I – like most people I’d imagine- am not always nice to myself every day. But ALMOST every day I try to zone out from stresses/work thoughts/work out thoughts/friends thoughts and listen to an NPR podcast, This American Life, Planet Money, or one of their other super entertaining ones.

    My favorite musical was Book of Mormon until I just saw Come from Away (which is now going to broadway). It’s about Gander, Newfoundland which took stranded passengers after 9/11. The perfect amount of heavy, funny, and uplifting.

    Hope your flare eases up 🙂

  19. I’ve never had a blowout but would love to try it sometime (I’m the hair-in-a-ponytail-everyday type)! Acai bowls are the best but I don’t treat myself to them too often.
    Favorite musical is RENT!! Funny fact, Newsies is my favorite movie of all time, but I hate the musical (too many changes, lol!)

  20. some kind of exercise everyday, preferably outside.. and a really good cup of coffee 🙂 also, i try to remember to appreciate my healthy body every day and all the wonderful things it can do!

  21. Hoping the flare is slowing. Had a mini one a few weeks ago and running sucked. It was the first time I a turned around and had to sprint home. My three kids/hubby/kitty make me happy. After a crazy day, I try to take 10-20 min for me to just relax. My fav musical is Phantom or Wicked. Love to see some other ones.

  22. Sending lots of well wishes your way that this flare turns around soon, Ali! Reading your posts when I was flaring two years ago helped me immensely!

    1. Being healthy enough to go to Crossfit makes me happy every day! I have Crohn’s too, so I’m grateful that I’ve been feeling good for the past 2 years.
    2. Watch Gilmore Girls! I finally got my boyfriend to agree to watch and it’s so fun to see someone watch it for the first time!
    3. I’m going to take this question as “favorite musical other than Hamilton”, in which case the answer is Bye Bye Birdie or Spring Awakening. Very diverse musical tastes here haha.

  23. What’s something that makes you happy every single day?
    What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? (Yoga! Foam rolling! Talking to your mom! Eating ice cream! Eating ice cream while foam rolling and FaceTiming with your mom when you get home from yoga!)
    What’s your favorite musical?

  24. I am sorry to hear about your health issues, but hope you’re back and better than ever soon! Your blog has been so inspirational as I’m currently training for my first marathon (Chicago in 3 weeks!) and I’ve loved reading your recaps of training! To answer your questions:
    What’s something that makes you happy every single day? Coming home from work to my two sweet puppies, Nola and Norman.
    What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? I love getting into work early while no one else is here – it’s my quiet time and I catch up on news/blogs. It’s so peaceful!
    What’s your favorite musical? I couldn’t even begin to answer this – I love them all!!!

  25. Proud to be a dude who reads Ali on the Run! That’s got to be good for the sponsors right? I bet the doorwoman likes to hold your keys so that she can sneak upstairs and pet Ellie. Also I look good in pink.
    Have to go with Grease. Saw the original cast on Broadway in 1973 when I was in 8th grade.

  26. I love that Ellie wore the hat. That is some serious talent!

    What’s something that makes you happy every single day? Hmmm. I work in an office – and this sounds stupid, but colored pens. Writing in hot pink or turquoise or purple makes doing boring paperwork a thousand times better. That, and I just got a unicorn tape dispenser, so that ALSO is pretty fab.

  27. 1. Coming home and eating dinner with my husband then playing with my dogs
    2.Hmmm, I allow myself some time to just sit on the couch in the evening whether 5 minutes or a half hour.
    3. I love wicked!

  28. So sorry to hear about your training break, but you have a great positive attitude. My favorite way to start the day is to take my dog to the beach to watch the sun rise.

  29. My nephews make me happy everyday, especially when my brothers send me pictures of them (5years old, 8 months old and 6 month old).
    I go for runs for myself or eat a ton of ice cream.
    My favorite musical is Wicked
    Good for you for staying positive during a difficult time!

  30. ali! i’m cheering for you and sending all the love your way! 🙂

    1) human connection – through my work, or sir anthony, or my friends and family. feeling connected in a positive way is my jam. and yeah, my cone-a-day habit also brings me a silly amount of joy.
    2) don’t do it every day but am increasing the habit – YOGA. it is the best gift i’ve finally allowed myself to truly enjoy.
    3) into the woods. i’ve had all the songs memorized for the last 20 years.

  31. 1.What’s something that makes you happy every single day?
    It might seem cheesy but I love bedtime with my husband. Snuggling in a warm bed and talking about whatever is something I look forward too. It makes travel where we are separate rough.
    2.What’s something nice you do for yourself every day?
    Smoothie! I used to be scared of all the extra sugar, but my doctor suggested it so now I do one with almond milk, spinach, wild blueberries, and almond butter most days post workout.
    3.What’s your favorite musical? I have to go with The Music Man. Cheesy but classic at the same time 🙂

  32. It is utterly impossible to pick a favorite musical (I recently organized my Broadway playbills into binders chronologically, huge nerd that I am, and there were 135…) but obviously current obsession is Hamilton!

    Also I’m currently dealing with IT-band pain (injury?) and not running and it SUCKS. Not the same as a Crohn’s flare-up I know, but it’s still keeping me off the roads, and I hate it. So I can sympathize with the no-running misery! 🙁

  33. 1. My kitties, Cheddar and Brie. Pets, be they feline, canine, or otherwise, are such a joy. Even when they arf on your bed.
    2. I buy expensive chapstick (Fresh Sugar lip balm, yo) and put it on every night before bed.
    3. Oooh, that’s a hard one. Cats, for the nostalgia factor. Wicked, more recent fav.

  34. I’ll combine #1 and 2 — I talk to my daughter everyday, that makes me very happy, even when the content is not so happy. Her voice can cheer me up in an instant.

  35. Finding Neverland as a musical was amazing, and I saw it with Mathew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar. Freaking loved it. I think my daily nice thing to myself is getting a cup of coffee each day AND it makes me happy!

  36. Don’t worry too much about not giving Ellie a big party. All parents of one-year-olds go all out for the first birthday and actually all the kid/dog wants is cake and extra snuggles. My little one cried his whole first birthday due to freaking out at all the attention.

    I’m sad you’re sick again, Ali.

    And as requested:

    What’s something that makes you happy every single day? My cat. I’m so in love.

    What’s something nice you do for yourself every day?
    I really like my EO moisturizer. The smell makes me happy every day.

    What’s your favorite musical? The Sound of Music. Of course.

  37. 1. My dogs make me happy every single day. Their reaction/happy dance when I get off work makes the worst days okay.
    2. I drink a glass of red wine and snuggle my two dogs (aka fur children).
    3. “I love you, you’re perfect, now change”- If you haven’t heard of it, check it out! It’s awesome! Pretty much has a song for whatever dating/love life blunder a person is currently in.

  38. I’m totally going to have the most oddball Broadway answer. I’ve always loved the Scarlet Pimpernel. Guess I’m a sucker for guillotines?

  39. OMG, acai bowls are soooo good! I finally tried one myself last November when I was up in NY with family. They told me I would be in love. They were correct!
    NEWSIES! I would love to see that live. I can only imainge how awesome it was. And, pet birthdays are the best. Celebrating them makes me happy.

  40. 1. Enjoying my first cup of coffee while watching the Today show each morning makes me happy each morning. My parents had the same routine when I was a kid (and still do) so it’s a little morning routine that connects me to them.

  41. 1) Something that makes me happy every single day is my adorable niece! It’s so fun to watch her explore the world and learn how it all works.

    2) Something nice I (try) do for myself everyday is be active because otherwise I’m kind of a mess. This includes lengthy dance parties around my apartment.

    3) I love all the musicals! Chicago, Lion King, Hairspray, Into the Woods to name a few.

  42. 1.Something that makes me happy everyday – My apartment. Seriously, I have live here for three years and still love it.
    2. I eat popcorn Mmmm
    3. Ever since learning Hairspray choreography at a dance competition once, nothin can beat it.

  43. I am supposed to be training for my first half marathon right now, but I am having some intense pulled muscle pain. A visit to my doctor (twice) has not helped the problem, so I am not running. I am also sad and frustrated because my race is fast approaching. To top it off, I am running the race with my husband to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. Your post today came at just the right time. I need to snap out of it and be positive. My two golden retrievers make me happy every day. They are the perfect running partners, the perfect snuggle buddies, and the biggest goofs. See… I feel better already!

  44. I have way too many favorite musicals! I’m a sucker for the classics, especially anything Julie Andrews- My Fair Lady, Sound of Music are two of my favorites

  45. 1. My dogs greeting me when I get home!
    2. Take some screen-free time in the evening to talk to my husband – good for the soul.
    3. The Last Five Years

  46. I love Matilda! It is so great in so many levels. I make myself a cup of coffee each day which is something I do for myself with my busy schedule! My long drive to work listening to podcasts makes me happy.

  47. My favorite musical is Newsies! I waited forever for them to bring it to the stage and when they did I jumped on a plane to NY so I could see it! It’s the movie that made me fall in love with telling story through song when I was a little girl. 20+ years and 2 theatre degrees later, I’m headed to teach an acting class and then go straight into rehearsal for the musical I’m currently working on!

  48. 1. My dog, Buxton Blue Bear, makes me happy every day! When I worked nights he would wait at the top of the stairs for me each morning when I came home. Unconditional love!

    2. Every day I eat treats and I basically whatever I want (within reason). I used to be a diet/food freak, but letting go is so much more pleasant! And every month I get a pedicure 🙂

    3. Wicked is my fave musical!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. You’re a super star!

  49. Pictures and videos of adorable dogs and cats make me happy everyday. Also, weightlifting and CrossFit. And froyo with an equal amount, or more, of toppings. Yum.

    Happy birthday Ellie! That hat is adorable! No wonder she didn’t want to take it off 😉

    Is that a giant glob of PB on your acai bowl? A giant glob of happiness!

  50. 1. Being outside! Preferably when the whether is like it is today in NYC.
    2. Reminding myself why I’m running my first marathon.
    3. Sound of Music!

    By the way, I started reading your blog two weeks ago when I was feeling very unmotivated and just completely down on my ability to finish a marathon. But your dedication to training has been really inspiring, and I’ve gotten back into it. Keep your chin up!

  51. 1. Something that makes me happy every day has to be a tie- either my incredible, kind, adorable 3 year old nephew or…. stretching! I love it every time!

    2. I realized recently I needed to be kinder to myself so I’m practicing by doing some journaling and listening to good music at the beginning or end of the day (see also: ice cream).
    What’s something nice you do for yourself every day?
    3. I love musicals but currently my favorite is Fiddler on the Roof because a good friend is a dancer in the production on Broadway!

    Thanks, Ali! You’ve been my role model through marathon training and even now I hope you know “we” are all here to support you even if you don’t feel like you can do it right now. You got this!

  52. The way Squirrel wiggles in circles when I let her out of the crate every morning and prances when I come home at night.

    That and the way she wiggles under me when I do yoga–whether I’m in down dog, child’s pose or savasana.

  53. Snuggling with my pup who is ALSO named Ellie!! And my Ellie just turned 2 earlier this summer! She had a devoured a homemade doggy cake but I think the lunchmeat cake would have been just as much of a hit.

    Other happy moments: feeling sore but accomplished from running and/or lifting, completing to-do lists and being prepared for the day ahead.

  54. Snuggling with my son as he drinks his bottle! One of the few times he will be still long enough to snuggle!
    I work on my vlog for me and eat a dessert! It really is something I do just for me!

  55. Hi Ali! You are always an inspiration, even when you are doing human things like being sick! I love reading your blog. It makes me so happy.

    On to your questions:
    What’s something that makes you happy every single day? When my kids call me their endearing name like burrito feet or sweet potato. That and when they want to run with me. I also love watching them ride their bikes.

    What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? Funny you should ask. I get up early and work out! I also go to be early and read my book before I fall asleep.

    What’s your favorite musical? This is a tough one. I will go with Cats, the Broadway version. An oldie but goody!

    Thanks for always being “there” through your blog!

  56. 1. My family makes me happy! And coffee.
    2. Something nice I do for myself (almost) every day is take a bath. Soothing and relaxing!
    3. My favorite musical is the Sound of Music =)

  57. Something nice I do for myself everyday – wake up early, make a cup of coffee, and read (a book, a blog, whatever!). Most days after that I try to go for a run or something active, but sometimes (like today) I end up crawling back into bed with my husband for a while. But, that hour or so of quiet and caffeine sets my day off right!

  58. 1. My new little baby nephew!!!
    2. My boyfriend recently got me a cooling eye is AMAZING! I have a routine every night where I go to bed earlier than I want to sleep and prop my feet up and put my eye patch on! Amazing and so relaxing!
    3. I’ve sadly only ever seen one musical – Book of Mormon but it was awesome!

  59. I am super excited about #ProjectStart and hopefully can make it to one the events!

    Oh insurance companies…fighting to get a mammography covered as I am high risk for BC. Hopefully things will look up soon!

    Ellie looks like she had an amazing bday!

    1) A roof over my head and food on the table; something no one should ever take for granted.

    2) Meditation; After starting to work in a yoga studio I finally have my anxiety under some control and Meditation for 10 min in the AM/PM is something I will now always do for myself. It helps so much.

    3) My mom took me to see Rent and it’s not only my favorite musical but one of my greatest memories with her. I will forever see the happiness on her face when she took me to see the show on Broadway! Now when I see musicals I always think of her and how much she enjoyed them!

  60. Hey Allie – I was diagnosed with Colitis earlier this year – it’s nowhere as severe as your crohn’s flareups so I can only imagine how bad you must feel:( Hope you start feeling better soon.
    Love the pics of Ellie – Happy 1st b’day to her. I have a sheltie who’s 9 but id still my baby!

  61. 1) Being a wife and momma makes me happy every single day- I can’t believe my “BABY” is a senior in high school. Terrifying.
    2) Something nice I do for myself everyday is listen to my body. Sometimes I tell it to shut up and/or suck it up immediately thereafter and do something I shouldn’t anyway but I do give it the courtesy of a little listen first.
    3) The only musical I have seen in person was Les Miz which was FABULOUS but right now I have the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat so can I say that? Even though I am a total sham since I haven’t gazed upon it with my own eyes? ALEXANDER HAMILTON! Great – now I am singing again




  62. 1. My kids. And my husband, of course. Can’t have one without the other.
    2. An episode of Criminal Minds and/or reading some of a good book.
    3. Jane Eyre! It’s fantastic.

  63. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLIE! And sending happy, healthy thoughts your way (which don’t help in the real world but it’s all I’ve got, so there you go).

    1. My rescue pup Tippy (age 12ish) makes me happy every single day. I guess my husband does, too, since he adopted her before he met me, but I can never accuse her of leaving dishes in the sink, so she wins!

    2. Something nice I do for myself every single day is allow myself to zone out on my commute and listen to ridiculous podcasts instead of checking email or working. My Dad Wrote a Porno is a current favorite!

    3. My favorite musical is The Book of Mormon. No, Wicked. No, Hairspray. Wait. The Book of Mormon. Final answer.

  64. I’m from Canada but I’m still going to answer the questions! (It’s okay that I can’t win the prize) 🙂

    1. My hubby. I look at him every day and realize how much of a lucky girl to have him!
    2. Get outside every day. Even if it’s -30C (-22F).
    3. CATS

  65. Newsies and Les Mis are my favorite musicals.

    I should say my boyfriend/soon to be fiance (my Dad slipped that he went to NH and asked my parents!) makes me happy every day and that is true but the REAL answer is that his German shepherd Abbie and her kisses every day after work/licking the salt off my face after a long run is the best part of my day.

    Every day I try to do one thing to pamper myself; read a book no guilt, get enough sleep, do an at home facial, or just slather lotion on while watching crappy tv. 😉

  66. 1. hugs from my kiddos as school make me happy every day.
    2. Something nice I do for myself is run or do some form of exercise daily. Actually this is also beneficial to those around me. It keeps my “crazy” in check!
    3. My favorite Musical is Grease

  67. Coffee. Coffee makes me happy every single day. Well, my mornings really, when my 20 mo and 4 mo sleep in together and I can enjoy my coffee and spend time being thankful for all I have.

  68. shots of espresso make me happy and last valentines day i treat-yo-selfed (treat-my-selfed?) to a nespresso machine. the option to have a shot of espresso never fails to make me squee with joy and wonder- its so much cuter and more special than a regular cup of coffee. I love it! Plus, it’s so easy to have a quick shot before running out the door for a run or to crossfit. The other thing that makes me so happy is the believe training journal- it’s just so much prettier than the plain old notebook i was using before.

  69. Definitely love taking my dog to the dog park. She’s cooped up all day while I’m at work and seeing her run and frolic and play with other dogs always makes my heart burst.

  70. 1. My toddlers little voice, it’s the sweetest and now she is starting to sing.
    2. I think I need to work on this one because I got nothing.
    3. Mama Mia!

  71. Hi Ali! I’m lucky enough to live close to my mother. On my way to work I stop by her apartment in NYC and have coffee with her almost every morning! Easily the best part of my day

  72. In reverse order for fun! Le Miserables, get up early for my only “alone time” of the day and walk/run depending on the day, and family dinner at the table every night!

  73. Your recent travels have been so fun to follow along with on social media! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Thing that makes me happy every day: waking up and seeing the sun out my window.
    Something nice I do for myself every day: make time to relax and read because that’s what calms me most!
    Favorite musical: Wicked

  74. Ugh, I can read your frustration between the lines, but I also love how you try to focus on the positive! Your blow out hair looks gorgeous btw.
    And I love that teal cabinet!!

    Here are the answers to your questions 🙂
    1. My family
    2. Coffee (such a comfort drink for me)
    3. Starlight Express

  75. Happy Birthday, Ellie! I love her little party hat.
    I’ve never had an acai bowl, but man, that looks good!
    I hope your flare is on the way out and that you have a wonderful time in Paris. Hugs <3

  76. – Something that makes me happy every day is living in LA. This place is crazy and I’ve only been here about 1.25 years, but it’s wonderful.
    – Something I do for myself every day is snuggle my cat Roary. I love her on your same Ellie-love (BFFL) level.
    – Favorite musical…man so hard. The cliches of Rent, Wicked, and Hamilton all come to mind.

  77. My favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera. Fun fact, a remixed and jacked up Phantom song came on during my spin class the other day. I was like “well, this is different” but I rolled with it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!

  78. 1. Coffee (sounds superficial, but’s true!)
    2. Drink 100oz of water
    3. WICKED

    Been sending good vibes your way to feel better soon! xo

  79. My favorite musical is Wicked! It is so, so amazing that I’m dying to see it a second time. But, my mom & I will be seeing School of Rock in October in NYC – which I’m excited about.

    But hands down forever Wicked.

  80. 1. What’s something that makes you happy every single day? My two dogs. Could not love them more.
    2. What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? Put whipped cream on my coffee. It’s the little things that make me happy. Plus it cuts down on buying coffee at coffee shops when I can make “fancy” (ha!) coffee at home.
    3. What’s your favorite musical? Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. First musical I ever saw on Broadway and the CD is on rotation on my car at the moment…

  81. 1. I love exercise everyday – that truly makes me happy! I just FEEL better!!!
    2. I roll everyday and rub my hurting parts with BioFreeze!!! Yeah for self-papering!
    3. My favorite musical of all times is Cats!! I could watch it over and over!!!
    PS – I have never tried an acai bowl or a blowout so I feel REALLY out of the loop!

  82. Happy Birthday, Ellie!
    2) Every morning I wake up early and drink tea alone… well w/ my dogs, but they are quiet company 🙂
    P.S. LOVE Pro Compression socks!!!

  83. 1. Knowing that one day I’ll live in an apartment or home and can have a dog! Keeps me going.
    2. I take time to read something for fun, whether it’s blogs, magazines, or Harry Potter for the 33,409,430th time.
    3. Jersey Boys!!

  84. 1. My morning routine.
    2. Really simple, but taking a few minutes every morning to sit down and eat breakfast. Ate at my desk my first 6 years in the workforce, and this has been an awesome change in the last five months!
    3. Footloose, my first broadway show& a frequent soundtrack on my runs 🙂

    Hope you start to get better soon, and get the help you need. Ugh, health insurance :/

  85. 1. My dog’s face when I come home from work every day.
    2. Probably talking to my mom on the phone…or a nice glass of wine.

  86. We don’t have any pets because we rent and sooo many apartments are not pet friendly. But everyday on either my way to or from the subway (sometimes both) I see a neighborhood cat that I play with. So I am thankful that some people still have outdoor cats, even in the city!

  87. Hope you start feeling better soon, especially so you can enjoy Paris! My dog makes me so happy, and I try to read at least a little bit every day (even if it is only a page before falling asleep) – such a great escape. Favorite musical is Les Mis!

  88. My sisters two dogs make me happy! They are always so excited when we come to visit and have to sit right on our laps. I’m not sure if it counts as a musical since it’s a movie, but I love The Sound of Music!

  89. So, uh, I’m going to be super lame and say my cat is something that makes me happy every day. I’ll totally put up with the crazy cat lady title because my cat is awesome. I especially love it when he comes back to bed after his breakfast to snuggle. It’s like having a heated, furry little pillow just for me. Probably why I was late getting to work this morning.

  90. When my cat decides to curl up with me, always makes me happy!

    I try to do at least a yoga/stretch everyday, because I know my mind and body likes that. But since its about being nice to myself I don’t beat myself up if I don’t. Sometimes you just have to sleep late, or eat ice cream instead!

  91. Love the hair! I wish I had the talent to achieve blowout looks by myself, but alas, not the case.

    1. My dog’s greeting when I get home from work every day makes me happy. He’s a mini Aussie with no tail, so his whole bum just wiggles so fast.

    2. I love listening to podcasts, so every morning I give myself plenty of time to walk the dog and listen to some of my favorite podcasts. It makes me happy and starts my day off right. (Side note: If you haven’t listened to the podcast Can I Pet Your Dog?, you’re missing out!)

    3. It’s a close tie between Kiss Me Kate and Brigadoon

  92. Something that makes me happy every day is my fiancé cooking for me. I’m a very lucky girl. He cooks me a meal totally different from what he eats 🙂

    Everyday I have mint ice cream. I look forward to it as a treat plus it helps in the calcium department.

    My favorite musical is The Phantom of the Opera. It was a special treat and Christmas present and I loved it.

  93. I felt the exact same way after my first acai bowl, and again after my second, and basically every time I have one. They’re probably my favorite food b/c they combine my two favorite things ever (smoothie and fruit) and I love themmm. Hope you feel better soon! Something that makes me happy every day is running and my boyfriend. And my mom.

  94. Things that make me happy every day? My fella, my baby, and my basset hound. Also – if I’m having trouble finding the happy – I search YouTube for funny or cute dog/puppy videos videos. Work almost every time. I defy anyone to watch a basset hound puppy tripping over its ears without smiling.

    Something nice I do for myself? I don’t do it everyday, but I splurge on the weekends and take a guilt-free nap at least once. It is amazing.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling with your health issues. I know people will tell you to look on the bright side, or be grateful for “XYZ”, but sometimes you need to take a day or two to feel crappy. Good for you. Dealing with chronic illness is exhausting and sometimes you just need a day to wallow before taking up the fight again. You are an inspiration!

  95. Aw man I hope you have a better day today! Positive thoughts of a calm stomach headed your way!

    And your blowout looks so cute! I too wish I could have someone professionally blow dry (not to mention wash my hair for me!) me all the time. Why haven’t they invented robots that can do this yet?!

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