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Last night, in an act of total narcissism, I went back and re-read a bunch of my blog posts from when I was building up my mileage and training for my first marathon. It was kind of joyful reading about all those feelings — the physical and mental — I encountered during that training cycle. Training for any race is special, but training for your first marathon is just the best.

Awwwww #tbt! My first marathon!
Awwwww #tbt! My first marathon!

The posts got me pretty amped to hit the ground running this time around. It may not be my first marathon, but it’s been a while since I’ve attempted a 20-mile run — and beyond — and I’m excited about it. I’m also excited so many other people out there are training for races, whether it’s the New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon (hi Dana!), or a half-marathon. Who says running isn’t a team sport? “We’re all in this together.” —High School Musical

Beyond kicking off marathon training this week, here’s what else is shakin’ in West New York. (That’s the real name of my town, BTW. Apparently a lot of people have been thinking I was kidding and just calling it that so I still seem like a New Yorker. But I swear, my address reads “West New York, NJ.”)

#seenonmyrun this morning. Isn't she lovely?
#seenonmyrun this morning. Isn’t she lovely?

Sweating: I did yoga yesterday and did a Track Tuesday workout this morning. Full training recap to commence at a later date, but so far, so good. Now if someone could only force me onto a foam roller…

Oh, and another thing! I want to work as many races into my training as possible! I loved running the Party With Purpose 5K last week, and I’d love to do more 5K or 10K races, either as tempo workouts or as all-out races when possible. So if you have a favorite summer or early fall race in the New Jersey area, let me know! Let’s run it together and then have a pizza and puppy party!

I ran into my dear college friend Scott at the race!
I ran into my dear college friend Scott at the race!

Watching: So You Think You Can Dance, for work, though I’m kind of loving this season. I’ve known Tate since she was a teeny tiny dancer and I have zero doubts that she will (or at least should) win this season. I watch Odd Mom Out because I take the same Sunday SoulCycle class as Jill, the show’s creator and star, and I think it’s funny. The episode where they were trying to get Hamilton tickets was fantastic.

Eating: This oatmeal bake for breakfast. I make it on Monday and it lasts me all week and I love it. I’m also eating turkey sandwiches on potato buns for lunch. (The most nutritious lunch? Not necessarily. But it’s summer, and I crave these soft, easy sandwiches.)

New Yorkers, hit up the Magnum pop-up in SoHo. You get to customize your own Magnum ice cream bar. It's all very delicious and very Instagrammable.
New Yorkers, hit up the Magnum pop-up in SoHo. You get to customize your own Magnum ice cream bar. It’s all very delicious and very Instagrammable.

Writing: About running, chafing, and dance. A few recent favorites…

Loving: Having a pool. I really highly recommend moving to New Jersey and living in one of the condo complexes with a pool. It’s great for post-run dips, Summer Fridays with friends, and late-night hot tub sessions.

COME OVER. I have watermelon!
COME OVER. I have watermelon!

Learning: French! Because…

Traveling: To Paris! I’ve never been to Europe, and Brian and I tossed around the idea of going to Paris for a long weekend sometime. I decided to start stalking flight deals and finally got a great price last week (the day before the very sad and heartbreaking attacks in Nice…), so we’ll be going to Paris in September (anniversary trip!).

I’ve been using the Duolingo app to learn French so I can hopefully at least be somewhat conversational when we go, and I’m loving giving my brain some love by learning a new skill. It’s been a while!

The Cristianos do Europe! But Ellie can't come. I'm not ready to talk about that part of the trip...
The Cristianos do Europe! But Ellie can’t come. I’m not ready to talk about that part of the trip…

Seeing: CELINE DION ON FRIDAY. I can’t think about it too much because then I cry. But this is literally going to be a dream come true. And I don’t use the word literally lightly. You know this story, right? OK, I’ll tell you.

It was the summer after sixth grade. My best friend Becky slept over my house so we could stay up all night trying to win Celine Dion concert tickets from the local radio station, 95.7 WZID. If you were the first caller when you heard a Celine song come on the radio, you won. We stayed up all night trying to win. Finally, early Sunday morning, we heard that first note of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” and we were the first callers!!! The DJ immediately asked, “OK, you’re our first caller — and are you at least 18 years old?”

Sweet, innocent young Ali couldn’t lie. So I screamed into the phone, “No, but let me go get my mom!!!” I ran upstairs to get the phone to my mom, blubbering incoherently, but by the time I got to her, we heard the DJ live on the radio — announcing someone else as the winner.

WHO WOULD EVER DENY THESE TWO TICKETS TO SEE CELINE DION? HOW RUDE. (Yes, we took our school photos together. In matching outfits. We convinced the photographers our parents "wanted us to take our pictures together." They probably didn't, actually. But now we have this cool photo to look back on forever. Long live satin shirts from Limited Too and cool photo props.)
WHO WOULD EVER DENY THESE TWO TICKETS TO SEE CELINE DION? HOW RUDE. (Yes, we took our school photos together. In matching outfits. We convinced the photographers our parents “wanted us to take our pictures together.” They probably didn’t, actually. But now we have this cool photo to look back on forever. Long live satin shirts from Limited Too and cool photo props.)

I shit you not, Becky and I cried for a week straight after that. We didn’t get the tickets because I couldn’t tell a lie, and our brothers have never let us live it down. But on Friday, Celine is performing on the Today show, and I will be there. (Mom, make sure you tune in!)

This is exactly how I remember it happening.
This is exactly how I remember it happening.

Happy Tuesday!



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  1. I’m so excited to hear you’ll be going to Paris! I always wanted to travel there and finally did last November for our anniversary trip. It was awesome. You have to see the Eiffel Tower. You have to go to the Musee D’Orsay. And you have to go to Montmartre. I blogged about my trip and can definitely recommend places!

  2. OMG Celine… my bet friend and I used to pretend to be Celine and Mariah (Sarah Dion and Maya Carey because we’re original) contantly growing up, have a blast!

    Also… I could not be more in love with Odd Mom Out, I am so thrilled it is back for another season, wohoo!

    1. OMG that is amazing. Maya Carey! So funny. We definitely would’ve been friends. (Or maybe not, because we would’ve fought over who got to be Celine? I guess I could’ve just been Amy Grant or something…)

  3. Bonjour, Ali! I’m really glad you’re posting more about your training! Not to be a super creeper, but I too have been going back to re-read some of your old posts on your Hamptons Marathon training. I loved those posts – they always made me really excited about my own training runs!

    1. Not a super creeper! More like a super BEST FRIEND! I loved writing and living through those posts. Definitely a high point in my life. (I was so naive, so new, so ready to run! I loved it.)

  4. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO SEE CELINE WITHOUT ME! 🙁 Wish I could join you up there! So happy that picture has made its way onto the internet haha. And even happier that you compared us to a scene from Friends! That is perfect and exactly how it happened!

    Also wish yall were going to Paris a few weeks early so we could meet up and hang out at the Eiffel Tower. I’ll let you know what’s fun! 🙂

  5. Ali!! I’m learning French too!!! With two of my friends. We [Google] Hangout once a week for French Club! 😀 Voiced foreign languages are super hard for me, but I’m EXTREMELY determined to come out of this speaking French, so I can reward myself with a trip in 2018.

    (I’ll definitely be trying those oatmeal bars!)

  6. Celine Dion was the first concert I ever went to! My sister and I were obsessed with Titanic, and our parents took us to see her basically *just* so we could hear “My Heart Will Go On.”

    ALSO, if you’d like a NH-based Elliesitter while you’re in Paris, I’ll gladly steal—I mean, take care of—her! 😀

  7. So, you’ve really NEVER seen Celine in concert?!! I am shocked! I am so happy that you get to see her Friday – yay!

    Paris sounds incredible. I’ve also never been there and I am so jealous of you right now.

    I am happy that marathon training is off to a great start. Go, Ali!

  8. Oh my god that Celine Dion story broke my heart. That’s even worse than my Spice Girls story. My mom took me to London when I was 10 and the Spice Girls were in town playing a concert. She almost got tickets but then decided the arena looked too far on the map. It’s like a half hour away on public transportation, I found out years later. Still heartbroken about that!

    In other London news, you and Brian should take a train and come visit me when you’re in Paris! 😉

    1. COME TO THE TODAY SHOW! YOU HAVE TO SEE CELINE! (I’m also seriously considering finding cheap flights to Vegas and flying out for like, a day, just so I can see her full show.)

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