Don’t Get Food Poisoning

“Eat salad,” they said. “It’s healthy,” they said. Vegetables are good for you,” they said. “Taste the rainbow!”

And so, even though I really wanted a cheesy omelet or an avocado BLT smothered in chipotle mayo, I decided, “You know what? I’ll have a salad, please.”

Brian and I had just returned home from a lovely family weekend in Pennsylvania, and we wanted something quick and easy for dinner. So we went to this restaurant nearby that we both love because it’s always empty on Sunday nights, the service is quick, and the food is always good.

Why I ordered a salad at a diner, I don’t know. Diners, to me, are for breakfast foods round-the-clock.

But I got the salad. A Greek salad, no olives, with steak on top.

An hour or so later, I crawled into bed and I did not feel well. I felt super nauseated, and it felt like a rock had formed in my stomach. Not long after that, I was in the bathroom, with, well, everything coming out of every end.



It was painful and unpleasant and continued through the entire night. At one point, I just laid down on the bathroom floor, so Brian brought me a pillow and blanket and I slept there for a little while.

It was a rough 36 hours around here. I’m feeling better today, but am still not 100 percent. Things are only coming out of one end now, and at a much slower pace, and I ate some plain macaroni last night. But ugh. Don’t get food poisoning. It’s the actual worst. I remember at one point screaming out, “This is worse than Crohn’s” in a very dramatic fashion. But really, it was bad. Don’t get it. Don’t eat salad.

Other than that, though, things have been good. It’s all pretty status quo around these parts. Here’s a little “life lately” update…

We tried. Ellie, fail.
We tried. Ellie, fail.

Sweating: Not a whole lot, unfortunately. I took some time off running when my IT-band felt like it was starting to act up, then I got back into it last week, only to then get this little bout of food poisoning. I did go for two short bike rides last week with Brian, which was fun, and even got my first-ever flat tire! How exciting!

Cruising around New Jersey, and we found some baby geese! They are cute teenagers now!!!
Cruising around New Jersey, and we found some baby geese! They are cute teenagers now!!!
Having no idea what I'm doing. Brian was supposed to "make me do it," but he...didn't.
Having no idea what I’m doing. Brian was supposed to “make me do it,” but he…didn’t.

Last Monday was a fun workout day, too: I kicked off the day (the Summer Solstice) at Lyons Den, where they hosted a two-hour class that was just 108 sun salutations. It was so hard and I felt like a noodle by the end, but I loved it. And at night, I took Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Ironstrength class on board the Intrepid. It was a very NYC experience. After that double dose of fitness, I was sore for five days straight.

Dripping sweat all over an aircraft carrier. NBD.
Dripping sweat all over an aircraft carrier. NBD.

I’m very eager to start marathon training next month. I hope I remember how to run for 3+ hours at a time…

Working: At Dance Spirit! Talk about a #TBT. (On a Wednesday. Whatever.) I’m filling in for the editor in chief for a bit while she’s on maternity leave. Question, do I bring back the bathroom mirror selfies while I am there? Probably, right? Good times.

It’s a little weird being back there — and working in the same office I worked in for several years — but it also feels like no time has passed. It’s been nice to mix up the routine a little.

Wearing: New custom kicks. I have a sneaker addiction.

My Ali On The Runs!
My Ali On The Runs!

Watching: Orange is the New Black. Thanks to the whole food poisoning thing, I was able to finish the entire season on Monday. Like everyone has said, it gets off to a slow start, but then OMG those last three episodes. Utterly heartbreaking and gutting and sad and tragic and ughhhhh. Can we talk about it? I just want to talk about it.

Tyler is four! Aca-believe it. They grow up so fast.
Tyler is four! Aca-believe it. They grow up so fast. (He’s too young to watch Orange.)

Writing: Always. Of late…

The home-office-in-progress. Ellie likes it.
The home-office-in-progress. Ellie likes it. (Note the pile of IKEA puppies by the window…)

Seeing: My family! I got a double dose of family time this past week, which was awesome. The fam stopped by last Sunday on their way to the Jersey Shore for a little vacation (without me! how rude!), and we got to show them around the new digs. Their response was basically, “Why did you ever live in Manhattan? This is way better.” I know, guys. I know. But I needed that time in my life.

My two best friends!
My two best friends!

Then, Brian, Ellie, and I road-tripped to Pennsylvania this weekend for a big Feller family party at my aunt’s house. We got to meet my new baby cousin (or second cousin? how does that work?), and we thought Ellie would love swimming in the pool with her puppy cousin, Ranger, but she was kind of not into it. She did, however, love having a big fenced-in backyard in which to roam around (and pee at her discretion).

The life jacket did not really ease her fears. Ranger ("The One-Eared Wonder") tried to teach her how to swim, but Ellie just wanted to snuggle on dry land.
The life jacket did not really ease her fears. Ranger (“The One-Eared Wonder”) tried to teach her how to swim, but Ellie just wanted to snuggle on dry land.
All my favorite people! And dogs!
All my favorite people! And dogs!

Missing: Running! Stupid food-borne illness.

That’s all for now. Have a great day, friends!




14 Responses

  1. Hi Ali!
    I feel strongly that you should bring back the Dance Spirit bathroom mirror selfies….obviously, it is fate, right? When opportunity knocks…. 🙂
    Love your blog!

  2. I finished the latest season of OITNB last Thursday and OMG it’s like the only thing I want to talk about.

  3. I travel a lot internationally and got food poisoning a couple of trips ago from a salad. Nothing worse than being in a hotel room and being sick! Fortunately, it was all over in 4 hours, leaving me tired and weak for the rest of the trip but able to leave my room at least. The worst part was that I had to miss dinner at my favorite restaurant.

  4. Just started OITNB so only on Season 1 but OMG obsessed! Food poisoning is awful. I’ve only had it once but I called my dad, it was about 3am, and said, “I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’m dying.” Hope you’re feeling better now!

  5. I am a big nerd about family tree relations so I have to answer your cousin question. The child of your first cousin in your first cousin once removed. Your brother’s kids and your cousin’s kid are second cousins.

  6. The only time I ever got food poisoning was after eating a salad, too! Mine was bagged salad and I’m never having one again. Candy and ice cream have never hurt me this way. Also, OITNB – I can’t even process! So emotional.

  7. Getting that sick is my biggest fear in the whole world. Ugh, so sorry! I ordered a salad for lunch today. And now I’m not so sure about it, haha. I don’t watch OITNB, and I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t. Just couldn’t make it past the first couple episodes. Maybe one day.

  8. As a jerseyite and growing up with diners I never understood the salads and Italian meals. It’s meant for breakfast and that is the only thing I ever order.

    Sorry you got sick. Hope you 100% soon!

    Ellie and Tyler photo with you is great!

    1. I’ve never really liked diners to begin with, but you know, I live in New Jersey now, and they’re like, a “thing” here? So this one near us is actually really good and I always either go the breakfast or BLT route. But the ONE TIME I go rogue…ugh. Never again. Chocolate chip pancakes only, forever.

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