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Happy Monday!

First, here’s a picture of Ellie. She’s sad that I never got around to a Fridays With Ellie post last week.

She's a mouse. DUH.
She’s a mouse. DUH.

Now, here’s a bit of life lately…

Feeling: Good! Healthy! I’m feeling pretty tired on account of these seemingly never-ending seasonal allergies (enough is enough), but other than that I’m excited for a busy, hopefully productive week ahead. I could really use a massage at some point, though.

Happy, healthy girls!
Happy, healthy girls!

Adventuring: As much as possible! I’m loving having a car out here in West New York, NJ. The weather was pretty crappy this weekend so our only adventures were to IKEA (yes, again), Home Depot (twice), and Ruby Tuesday (I can’t help loving that salad bar…).

Everyone at Home Depot kept being like, "Miss, do you need help?" And I would shout, "I DON'T NEED A MAN."
Everyone at Home Depot kept being like, “Miss, do you need help?” And I would shout, “I DON’T NEED A MAN.”

But over Memorial Day Weekend, we went on little day trips to South Mountain Reservation and Harriman State Park, where we went for a hike and got totally lost in the woods and I thought we were going to die and never find our way back to the car, but we survived and Brian says I’m “being really dramatic.”

Ellie met this PIG while we were out hiking last weekend. A PIG ON A LEASH. It was amazing, except that Ellie was terrified of her. Scaredy pup!
Ellie met this PIG while we were out hiking last weekend. A PIG ON A LEASH. It was amazing, except that Ellie was terrified of her. Scaredy pup!

Sweating: A little running. Nothing too hard right now, though I am running the Mini 10K this weekend for the first time since 2011. Plus a little yoga, and a push-up every time Ellie kicks her tennis ball(s) underneath the couch and needs me to get it out for her.

Gotta get my booty back to the track, stat.
Gotta get my booty back to the track, stat.

Seeing: Lots of NJ celebs lately! I live next door to Jeremy Jordan (he played Jack Kelly in Newsies on Broadway, was on Smash, and is now in Supergirl), and our puppies sometimes kiss when we’re out for walks. He’s an absolute hunk. (Name that TV show.) And the other day, I saw Natalie Morales while I was out for a run. We passed each other twice and I said, “Natalie, you’re my favorite!” Dinner party with Natalie and me TBD.

Pool party with NJ celebs TBD.
Pool party with NJ celebs TBD.

Watching: Nothing, because all the shows are on hiatus now. But I keep hearing about this show UnREAL. Does anyone watch it? I’ve never seen The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and I think UnREAL is loosely based off those — or at least it’s a mockery or dramatization of them — but people seem excited about it, so maybe that’ll be my new pre-bedtime show? (Because that’s just what I need…)

Oh and this, which is so funny but also true but also funny and sadly true.

Listening to: Lindsey Hein‘s podcast, I’ll Have Another. I’ve followed Lindsey on social media for a few years and I’ve always thought she seemed super cool. (AKA in my head we are BFF, she just doesn’t know it yet.) I had never listened to a podcast before, but people have been raving about hers, so I decided to give it a shot during a run last weekend. Now I’m hooked! Lindsey is so fun to listen to, and I love her voice and she’s just so natural and cool and maybe listening to podcasts while I run will be my new thing? (So, any you recommend? I’m new.)


Reading: This important piece, which you’ve probably seen by now. Don’t think, “Wow, that looks really long, I’ll just skim it.” Read the entire thing. It’s important, incredibly written, thought-provoking, scary, shocking (seriously, that judge…), disappointing, upsetting, moving, brave — it hits all the emotions. Just read it if you haven’t already.

And on a lighter note…

  • This piece, which made me LOL, especially at #2, #7, #11, and #12.
  • I don’t have any tattoos, but this also made me LOLOLOL. Mostly #7 and #8.
  • This, which restored some of my faith in humanity. But not enough. (Why is everyone elsewhere on the internet so mean?)

Writing: Non-stop (a la Alexander Hamilton). FitnessMagazine.com recently launched a new, all-things-running channel, and I highly encourage you to check it out. You’ll see a familiar byline all over it. I’m excited about the new channel and am eager to see where we can go with it. (And if you have an awesome, unique, exciting, relatable, life-changing, funny, must-share running story, let me know — let’s tell it to the world!) Here are a few of my favorite posts so far:

Loving: Doing more yoga.

Post-Bryant Park Yoga with the Lyons Den crew. So fun, and so free!
Post-Bryant Park Yoga with the Lyons Den crew. So fun, and so free!

And my new summer bag.


Eating: Better! Effective today. I haven’t done my full meal planning/grocery shopping extravaganza yet, but I’m hoping to make that happen tonight. I have some ideas. I’m excited. I’m ready to start feeling better. And from the bottom of my hungry heart and stomach, thank you for all the really wonderful ideas and suggestions! You are the best. Be my friend. Come to New Jersey.


Also fruit salad. So much fruit salad. Watermelon + cantaloupe + strawberries. Oh baby.

Traveling: To Pennsylvania in three weeks for a big Feller family get-together. I’m excited to get to see my parents and Tyler and Abby again, and for Ellie to get to reunite with her puppy cousin, Ranger. They’ll get to go in my aunt and uncle’s pool together! The only other travel plans on the agenda are the usual trip to Vermont over Labor Day for Brian’s bike race. And hopefully a little something to celebrate our anniversary which, holy crap, will be coming right up in September.

Unrelated, but please take note of the FRONT PAGE of my hometown newspaper. What a headline!
Unrelated, but please take note of the FRONT PAGE of my hometown newspaper. What a headline!

That’s all for now. Monday, activate!

WHAT’S UP WITH YOU? What shows are you loving? What podcasts do you listen to? Where are you traveling this summer? Do you want to have a pool party with me? 



23 Responses

  1. OMG I love your blog! It’s great! I enjoy reading your posts and then I start missing NYC city a lot! I’ve been living there for 6 years before moving to Florida! I love living here too but I had to get used to it! Since my bf and I moved to http://sabbiabeachcondos.com/location/sabbia-beach-location-map/
    I did finally feel like home here! Still missing NYC from time to time! I think I have to come visit!
    Have a nice Thursday!

  2. Ellie is seriously the sweetest with her underbite 🙂

    I am currently listening to the “Let’s talk TJ’s”- podcast. Ha. who knew there is a podcast about Trader Joe’s? I mean, on the other hand, there is a podcast about EVERYTHING these days.

    Pool party sounds nice 🙂 can I come?

  3. I just signed up for the mini not sure why it isn’t my favorite race but maybe see you there!
    Also I am watching Unreal – and as someone who dislikes reality TV with a passion and works in TV it is intriguing. And from my colleagues who have done reality shows like that, spot on.

  4. Article from rape victim ripped my heart out.
    Article about senior dogs brought tears to my eyes.
    *shakes fist at Ali*
    Too many emotions for a Monday!

  5. I’ve always thought I should share the story of when I dropped my car keys in a portapotty during a half marathon, had to fish them out, and then went to a wedding that night with a blue tinted hand!

  6. The number 1 podcast you must listen to – “Can I Pet Your Dog?” Its the podcast I listen to when I’m feeling down, and they have a group you can join on facebook where people just post pictures of their dogs so your facebook feed becomes 99% dogs. It makes like and social media much better.

  7. Podcasts I love:

    This American Life
    Pop Culture Happy Hour
    1st season of Serial (I was meh about season 2)
    Gilmore Guys (2 guys recap every episode of Gilmore Girls. Recent ones have been crazy long though, as in 3+ hours)

  8. My favourite podcasts are:

    TED Radio Hour
    Stuff Mom Never Told You
    Planet Money
    99% Invisible
    Hidden Brain
    Science Friday

  9. Podcasts-

    Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend
    For Crying Outloud
    Watch what crappens (If you watch reality tv like the Housewives)
    This American Life
    Reasonable Doubt
    The Breakdown

  10. Ali, it was great finally meeting you at Novermber Project last Friday! I’m also running the Mini 10K. Ellie in the mouse ears is a day maker- she could not be any cuter.

  11. I love listening to podcasts – does that mean that I am officially old?! I will have to give Lindsey’s podcast a listen. Serial was awesome, fyi 🙂

    LOVE your watermelon bag and GOOD LUCK @ the Mini 10K.

  12. You need this salad in your life:

    Mint (basil works too)
    Balsamic vinegar

    Don’t be like my mother & get parsley & forget the balsamic . . . I get the whole ‘I forgot which herb to use’ but out of all the herbs out there she goes with parsley?!? Needless to say, she’s now only allowed to bring premade dip to parties ; )


  13. See you Sat the race! I will ensure we find each other. 🙂 Also: bought my SC credit this AM, so will be booking bike RIGHT AT NOON (or 11 since I’m here. Whatever). #woot

  14. Hi Ali! Travel question for you – did you prefer Oahu or Maui? I’m going to HI in November and I’m having a really hard time picking the island. I’ve been to Oahu before and loved it so I feel like the obvious answer is to try Maui. But I’m afraid it will be too mellow (which I know is like, the whole point of HI… but I’m from New England and literally am incapable of mellowing). Thanks!

  15. Check out the Mortified podcast. It’s people reading their diaries out loud from middle school/high school in front of a live audience. You will be that weirdo laughing to yourself walking down the street.

  16. If you want a Bachelor/Bachelorette spoof, try Burning Love. It’s a web series. It has a bunch of random famous people and is hilarious. I think each ep is only like 8-10 minutes long, too, which makes bingeing really easy.

  17. I just discovered UnREAL on Hulu and I LOVE it–I watched the whole first season in about 2 weeks, and I’m so excited for the second season to start tonight! I have watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but I think that it would be just as good if you don’t watch those.

  18. Also running the Mini 10K this weekend with my daughter. If I see you I’ll scream, no I’m sure I’ll just stare & stay quietly star struck like last time I saw you in CP! Lol.
    Currently I’m binge-watching Bloodline. It’s amazing and also Kyle Chandler….

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