HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 2 Giveaway!

I don’t remember when I went for my last run.

I probably have it written down somewhere, but I know looking at it and seeing just how long it’s been will make me sad. What I don’t know can’t hurt me quite as much.

Different kind of pain than the kind I'm in now. I prefer the post-run pain over any kind of pain in the world.
Different kind of pain than the kind I’m in now. I prefer the post-run pain over any kind of pain in the world.

So yeah. I’m still sick. Crohnsing hard. I’ve been to the doctor multiple times and they’re all perplexed because the study was working so well and I’m not showing other classic Crohn’s flare symptoms and steroids don’t work and what should we do?!

I’ve been prescribed all kinds of fun medications of the “topical variety” that don’t seem to help, and beyond that we’re all kind of at a loss.

I miss my friends :(
I miss my friends 🙁

It’s frustrating. I pictured myself working out really hard leading up to the wedding, going for awesome runs, working on my speed, and spending my Saturday mornings going long. Instead, I’m mostly confined to the couch and the bathroom, in a decent amount of pain and discomfort. With the exception of some at-home yoga (OK, one time), fitness is not happening for me.

Of course, whenever I do venture out into the wilderness (the Upper East Side, that is), I’m pretty much guaranteed to see a million happy runners. And that makes me sad. I want to be one of them. This isn’t where I envisioned myself being a few weeks out from my wedding, or ever again, really, since joining the study.

Pondering life and disease and stuff at the doctor. (This is not a selfie. It's a still from a video shoot. COMING SOON. I think. Maybe. Soon-ish.)
Pondering life and disease and stuff at the doctor. (This is not a selfie. It’s a still from a video shoot. COMING SOON. I think. Maybe. Soon-ish.)

Such is life, though. You never can quite predict it.

I am a fountain.
I am a fountain.

But there’s an upside, of course. There often is, and I’m almost always willing to find it. Or create it.

One of my last "healthy runs," the morning before my bachelorette party.
One of my last “healthy runs,” the morning before my bachelorette party.

The upside today is that I can’t run, but hopefully you can! And in honor of that, I want to hook you up with a pair of my very favorite running shoes: the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 2.

Meb is excited! He's like, "Forget Skechers, I wanna be a HOKA!"
Meb is excited! He’s like, “Forget Skechers, I wanna be a HOKA!”

As you may recall, I signed on as a HOKA ONE ONE ambassador earlier this year. The shoes are light and cushiony, and the newly-released Clifton 2 comes in all kinds of awesome colors, if you’re into that sort of thing. The Clifton 2 is a neutral road shoe that makes you feel like you’re running on clouds alongside Care Bears.


If you’re one of the curious ones who have been wanting to try the Clifton 2, here’s your chance, because I’m giving away a pair! Any size, any color, male or female. You must be in the United States to enter (sorry, international dudes).

Me and Natalie Morales and our HOKAs!
Me and Natalie Morales and our HOKAs!

To enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me one (or all!) of the following:

  1. Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie (we’re talking Father of the Bride, Jim & Pam from The Office, or Zack and Kelly’s awesome Saved by the Bell Vegas-but-not nuptials).
  2. Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. (I’ve been DVRing old episodes of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family and that’s what I do with my non-running free time now. And I say Dean. I think. Maybe. Definitely not Logan.)
  3. Your favorite vegetable. Mine is jicama.
  4. Your favorite book or magazine. Print will never die. I like the Llama Llama series, Giraffes Can’t Dance, and all of the Baby-Sitters Club books. Duh.

I’ll pick a winner at random Wednesday, September 9!

Good luck and happy running! All running should be happy. If it’s not happy, go home and watch Gilmore Girls.



414 Responses

  1. I need you to move to Knoxville so we can be friends. I have been watching GG all day AND I just got engaged so please give me wisdom on all things wedding.

    1. About Time is the best love-marriage-quirky life movie of all time (no pun intended). Hunter and I are having our first dance be “How Long Will I Love You” based on that movie. Please go watch it!
    2. Logan. I know that Jess is a swoony dude but he’s too moody and Logan was sassy. And had nice beachfront properties, which should not be overlooked. Dean was a golden retriever; kind, but not good for dating.
    3. Asparagus. There is nothing witty there.
    4. My all time favorite book is probably The Phantom Tollbooth!

    Pleasseeeee pick me because I am poor from saving for a wedding and also for existing. I would love to try out those Hokas!!

  2. I’m pretty sure my 2 favorite vegetables are both fruits – tomatoes and olives!

    Would love to give the Hokas a try. My local stores never carry my size (5) and I hate ordering and sending back. #Firstworldproblems

  3. Hokas for Lyfe!!

    Love My Best Friend’s Wedding. And Father of the Bride…classic.

    Fave veg has to be broccoli. Raw, roasted, fried…mmmm fried.

  4. favorite vegetable is asparagus and favorite book is way too hard to pick but Pride and Prejudice, the Count of Monte Cristo, and All The Light We Cannot See are definitely top contenders.

    Also I really like brussel sprouts.
    Fave book is The Great Gatsby. I’ve read it at least 5 times.
    Fave TV episode is tough. Definitely a Sex and the City one , cliche, I know.

  6. LOGAN! I haven’t watched all of the final 2 seasons yet though so maybe I’ll change my mind. Dean is nice too so maybe. . . I’ll get back to you in a week or two when I finish the last 2 seasons.

  7. My favorite vegetable is broccoli! I also really love the wedding episode from Modern Family when Mitch and Cam get married!

  8. I used to love Logan but then I watched the show again (binge watching on Netflix, of course) and realized that none of them are great options. Dean is the nicest of them, though!

  9. My favorite wedding movie is still Father of the Bride, although last time I watched it I noticed the PLOT HOLE OF ALL PLOT HOLES:

    The entire reception, George is desperately trying to find Annie and misses saying good-bye to her. You’re telling me Franck FORGOT to plan the father-daughter dance? Come on.

  10. 1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (my life) and Wedding Crashers
    2. Team Jess. Dean was such a whiny brat ha
    3. Brussel Sprouts & Broccoli (I guess it’s good I’m already married haha)
    4. Saveur and King Arthur Baking

  11. Father of the bride…duh. But also, My big fat Greek wedding.

    My favorite veggie is brussel sprouts. They stink but are so damn delicious! Oh wait, broccoli is good too.

  12. I don’t watch much TV so can’t answer the first two. But my favorite veggie is Brussels sprouts and my favorite book is “Becoming Odyssa” (about Jennifer Pharr Davis)

  13. 1. The Pilot (Friends episode)
    2. Dean (much more grounded human being)
    3. Carrots (roasted with maple)
    4. The World According to Garp (not good as a movie)

  14. My favorite vegetable is leeks. I’m not sure why I love them so much. I brown a few slices along with almost any other vegetables, and they add this delicious savory flavor. Plus, the leek keeps growing in the fridge if you cut off the green end first!

  15. 1. Weddings are stressing me out right now – I have a little less than 4 weeks left to get everything done (eek), but I loved Monica/Chandler, Marshall/Lily, 27 dresses, The Vow, Wedding Singer, and many, many more.
    2. I kind of had a thing for Logan, but I think Jess was best for Rory.
    3. My favorite vegetable depends on the day but spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes are tried and true favorites!
    4. I can never decide my favorite, but I loved To Kill A Mockingbird, Glass Castle, all of Harry Potter (duh), Time Traveler’s Wife, A Prayer for Owen Meany, oh man.. this list could go on forever. 🙂

    Feel better soon!

  16. 1. The Wedding Singer!
    2. Dean, but HS Dean, not cheater Dean. Not that I don’t like a little badass Jess, but he’s not a long-term type man.
    3. Super into arugula and fennel right now.
    4. The Rainbow Goblins is the most beautiful book. and I can’t get enough of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series.

    I hope the clouds with Carebears also come with glittery rainbows. #heaven

  17. Favorite wedding movie has to be Runaway Bride! Something Borrowed is good too – Kate Hudson is my girl crush!

    Rory should have been with Jess… just saying.

    Favorite veggie – the potato, duh. There isn’t a more perfect vegetable, ever!

  18. Favorite book of all time- She’s Come Undone. I just had to buy a new copy because mine literally fell apart at the seams. I even loved it before it became an Oprah’s Book Club book!

  19. I love all wedding movies! Some of my favorites are Father of the Bride, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed, The Wedding Planner, 27 Dresses and The Wedding Date.

  20. 1. The Las Vegas episode of Friends, where Rachel and Ross get married

    2. Dean, for sure. Although adult Jess is super cool too.

    3. LIMA BEANS!

    4. Matilda, Roald Dahl 🙂

  21. 1. Ross and Rachel Vegas, it should have happened just not that way
    2. Logan is the best of the 3 but I rather say none of the above, although on second thought I do think Dean brought out the best in Rory throughout high school but I will never get over how he Cheated on his wife and with Rory, which was not bringing out the best in her, so back to Logan.
    3. I am a big fan of bell peppers but eat a ton of carrots
    4. This is hard, I a an education student so I am going to go with anything by Patricia Paloco

  22. 1) MacGyver. because he didn’t have one. Which meant he was still available! Oh RDA. Swoon.
    2) Dean. Team Dean.
    3) I’m going to go with yams.
    4) A Prayer for Owen Meany. so good. and then the last chapter. SO SO SO GOOD.

  23. Bride Wars! the wedding entrance scene makes me cry every time haha

    ps. hope you’ll feel better soon Ali! keep your chin up 🙂

  24. –I love watching the Monica & Chandler wedding from Friends- so touching and I love how they have all their friends involved!

    -Definitely team dean!!

    -My favorite veggie is definitely asparagus. It’s a recent love affair- but I could eat tons of it!

    –My favorite book is definitely Gone With the Wind. Such a classic, and a must read for me every summer!!

  25. – Can’t watch Jim and Pam without getting the goosebumps. Am working on Labor Day, will prob go youtube it right now.
    – I’m Team Dean, but only season 1 Dean, before they made him stupid and full of puka-shell necklaces.
    – artichokes.
    – ALL OF THE BOOKS, my house is a fire hazard.

  26. 1)wedding singer
    2) Dean
    3) sweet potatoes
    4) Jodi Picoult books
    I have been wanting to try out a pair, but they seem so different from all my running shoes. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  27. 1. Bridesmaids
    2. Team Jess! (Although i vaguely remember being torn between him and Dean)
    3. Zucchini
    4. Loving Chelsea Handler books lately

    Hope you start feeling better!

  28. I’m so sorry that you’re still Crohnsing ?
    1.) Laura & Almanzo – Little House on the Prairie
    2.) Logan!
    3.) Broccoli, roasted with olive oil & garlic

  29. I just watched all the Gilmore Girls episodes for the first time and now I have a giant crush on Luke. This is a problem. Given the show is from ten years ago, he’s now pushing 60! Ack!
    Anyway, I liked Logan. Jess too though. But Dean–no. They had nothing in common.

  30. I would LOVE a pair of Hokas. I hear they are life changing!

    1. The Five Year Engagement. I love the spontaneity of their actual wedding at the end of the movie.
    2. I don’t watch Gilmore Girls (I know! Blasphemy!)
    3. Tomatoes. Especially fresh from the garden tomatoes. Yellow ones. Red ones. Big ones. Small ones. If you disagree, I will fight you!
    4. Love you forever. (“I love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” AND THEN THE SON ROCKS HIS ELDERLY MOM AT THE END. I read this book to my 3 1/2 year old almost every single night and it makes me bawl every. single. time.)

  31. OMG! The Baby-sitters Club! They were my absolute favorite – Claudia especially. I suppose I admired her artistic sensibility because I have none. 🙂

  32. Bridesmaids, obv. Water chestnuts (are they for sure a vegetable?). A Moveable Feast, because Paris and food.

    And most importantly, Jess. 100% Jess.

  33. 1. Leslie and Ben from Parks and Rec. “I love you AND I like you.”

    2. I think she should have ended up with Paris. All the guys were sub-par.

    3. Cauliflowe. Fried, steamed, roasted, grilled, pureed, mashed, whatever!

    4. Harry Potter, or Song of Ice and Fire. I love a series!

  34. you are adorable.even when you’re sick. My husband has Crohn’s and I’m in awe of what you do…and so sorry that you’re flaring right now.

    Dean. Zucchini. Elephant & Piggy. 🙂

  35. 1)The Friends Wedding episode….Yeah you do! Also, David and Donna, 90210!
    2)I’m wasn’t a Gilmore Girls watcher, but I like the name Dean best!
    3)Spinach and Red Bell peppers!
    4)I heart Bossypants by Tina Fey! Also, the Hunger Games series!

  36. Broccoli! And for book… The Education of Little Tree and The Green Book. They’re for kids but still the best books I’ve read. Happy wedding! Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling your best.

  37. 1) the wedding singer. i can recite every line of that movie. it’s embarrassing and amazing. guess i need to get my wedding game on and think of more. wooo! 🙂

    thinking of you and sending you healthy, happy and calm vibes until i see you very soon! 🙂

  38. Rory obviously belongs with Jess… and seriously did anyone actually like Logan?
    and now I’m off to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

  39. I pretty much love all Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones where they get married! But you can’t hate Father of the Bride – it’s a classic!

    I think Rory definitely ends up with Jess, but probably not for a few years.

    I love the sisterhood of he traveling pants series! they’re quick, fun and i love the bonds!

  40. Favorite wedding: Lily & Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”
    Gilmore Girls: I’m still a huge Rory & Dean fan (he was just so sweet and caring, but still had a fun side!)
    Vegetable: Brussel sprouts
    Book: Intuitive Eating (current book)

  41. My best friends wedding!
    Sweet potato fries are my jam!!
    So happy for you for your wedding! I hope you start feeling better soon ❤️

  42. 1. That episode of Royal Pains where they get married in the Hamptons in the winter? You can’t beat an East End of LI wedding. 🙂
    2. Neither!! Barack Obama’s campaign trail all the way. But maybe Logan should’ve gone with Rory…
    3. Mushrooms! Do they count? Maybe Zucchini.
    4. The boy that was raised as a dog. Kids are the best! Peds Neuro is the best!

  43. Been intrigued by the Hokas!
    Fav wedd: My big fat greek wedding.
    Gilmore girls was past my time
    Fav book: the women’s murder club series by Patterson
    Fav veggie: pretty limited, but corn even though it’s evil to me (fellow Crohnser)
    Feel better!

  44. Hi Ali,

    I found your blog a few months ago and have loved going through your posts. I recently ran my first half marathon (also the farthest I’ve ever run) and am attempting to train for a marathon. Having some gait/injury issues at the moment. Trying to find the right pair of shoes. Maybe the Clifton 2’s?? Now to the questions:
    1) I love The Wedding Date- although it’s less about the actual wedding
    2) I have to say Logan (hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me!) He was getting his stuff together at the end. He wanted to rent a house for Rory with an avocado tree and she loves guacamole! I may have seen the show once or twice…
    3) I like butternut squash. It goes really well with brown sugar
    4) Pride and Prejudice. If you watch the movie, make it the BBC version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

    Feel better soon! Happy wedding month!

  45. So sorry you’re dealing with Crohn’s right now. Not being able to run is the WORST. I have some major foot pain sidelining me now too.

    Fave veggie: currently rocking fennel.

  46. Lily and Marshall’s wedding on HIMYM
    Jess. I miss GG, but I’m scared to go back and watch it all again because I would enter full hibernation if I did.
    Bell peppers
    A recent favorite book is The Boys in the Boat

  47. Really none of the guys were good enough for Rory but I think I am going to have to go with Dean, the early years. I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole cheating on his wife thing.

    Also I hope you feel better soon!

  48. I’ve been dying to try these shoes!

    hmmm….too many favorite books to count…

    Listen, I love myself a good people magazine.

    Sweet Potato.

    Since I have a lot of fave books, most recent fave – “The Birth of the Pill”

    high school faves- anything by Fannie Flagg, A Separate Peace, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter series (ok, that’s still a fave)

  49. Favorite wedding movie is Bridesmaids!
    My favorite vegetable is lima beans.
    And my favorite book up till now anyway has been Memoirs of a Geisha!

  50. Le Petit Prince still brings tears – Harry Potter had me standing in line and Quantum Mechanics by Cohen-tannoudji, Diu and Laloe stretched my brain…hard to pick a single favorite #booksrule

  51. Love my Cliftons so I can’t wait to try the Clifton 2!

    1) Love Actually
    2) Jess
    3) Just tried grilled cauliflower and it was incredible.
    4) Harry Potter 4eva

  52. The Gilmore Girls question is very timely – I’ve been making my way through the seasons too! I am just getting to the episode when Jess leaves and I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’m pretty bummed about it. I know we aren’t supposed to like him, but they are so right for each other!

  53. 1. Oh, lord, the episode in which Monica proposes to Chandler kills me dead. I sob every time. Their wedding ep annoys me, but the proposal feels so, so right.

    2. I never got into Gilmore Girls. Should I?

    3. Sweet potatoes, roasted.

    4. Elizabeth Moon’s “The Deed of Paksenarrion” trilogy is the best, followed by her 5-book series chronicling what came after. I was not a Tolkien type when I was a kid and didn’t expect to like this series when an aunt loaned it to me way back when, but the protagonist won me over.

  54. 1) Haley and Nathan – One Tree Hill
    2) I’ll say Jess, even though I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls (let’s trade shows, I’ll binge watch Gilmore Girls and you binge watch One Tree Hill…you’ll love it!)
    3) I love arugula lettuce. It’s good in wraps, in salads, on burgers. It’s spicy and flavorful.
    4) Where the Red Fern Grows

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and this is the first time I’ve commented. I was paging through a random magazine in my breakroom at work and saw a little clip in there called “Best Inspriational Blogs” and there you were! You were a runner with Crohn’s. I am a runner with Crohn’s. I feel like we have been living parallel lives! When I started reading you were sick, then got sicker. I was sick. I remember reading your blog to my mom one day. You wrote about telling your own mom you were so sick you wanted to die, then said you should never tell your mom things like that. We cried together on the phone, and even thinking about it now makes me cry. But then you got better! I said “see mom, it can happen!” I had to have my colon removed, but then I got better, too. I got engaged last July, then you got engaged (woo hoo and congratulations!) and I was married in June, and now your wedding is near. Stress always flares my symptoms, and even though I had a ton of fun planning my wedding, it’s a lot to think about. A busy mind = a busy digestive system. I just wanted to reach out and say I made it though and so can you!! It will be the best day of your life. Thank you for being a great inspiration to us all who want to run, but can’t sometimes.


  55. I was going to go with Father of the Bride until I saw another comment that said My Big Fat Greek Wedding – definitely a winner!

  56. I’m sorry you’re still Crohnsing. :/

    Wedding: I love the movie the Proposal, not sure if that counts…

    Rory was best suited with Jess, he just needed to get his act together.


    Favorite book? Oh man. I just read The Nightingale and I loved it. I’ve also read “Something Borrowed” at least seven times because it puts me to sleep after a few pages so I read it before bed sometimes.

  57. We love you and miss you.

    I could go old-school and say something like Sound of Music, but now that you say Father of the Bride. End of discussion. LOVE Steve Martin.

    I’m going with Dean, though Rory was just so enamored by Logan. He was a butt.


    Wait, what is this llama series? I must subscribe. I loved reading The Greatest Generation (yes an older person book AND it was in large print…thank you Strand Bookstore) but also love reading Real Simple. I’m a nerd and definitely act my age. 😉

    Hope you enjoyed this comment. Much love, Kaitlin

  58. 1. Lily and Marshall–that’s probably how my wedding would’ve gone had I elected not to get hitched at the clerk’s office.
    2. Jess, definitely Jess.
    3. Broccoli–even though I had to Google how to spell it.
    4. Don’t have any favorite books, just anything with a good hook. If I’m not invested by the first chapter then the book sits on my nightstand for a looooooooooong time.

  59. Rory should have ended up with Jess. I won’t lie though, Logan grew on me after awhile.. now I need to binge watch Gilmore Girls haha

  60. Ok I’m going to comment because A) I love you and B) you love these shoes and I want to try them out!!

    1) Jim & Pam – I cry every time
    2) Dean – and I love the CW
    3) Zucchini – eat it everyday!
    4)The Art of Fielding

    3 weeks. Byeee.

  61. I love kale! is that passe to say now? I like it in salads, in pasta, with eggs, as kale chips. it makes me feel like I’m healthy, yaknow?

  62. So I’m what you call one of those unlikely runners. I resisted it for four years until I basically heard the call to just run the race (rock n roll DC half Mary in March!). Only have run 2 5ks but my friend told me to sign up for it bc everyone was but turned out that she was the only one that signed up for it lol. Three more people have signed up now hoooooorrraaaaayyyy and at our church were known as the running nerds hahahah. But yeah so anyways I’m that girl who trips UP the escalator and falls flat on her face while WALKING ON SOLID FLAT GROUND IN FLATS and I’m running a half Mary. I’m just like um what did I get myself into but honestly?

    Wow this running thing is so damn hard but so damn fun and relaxing. Who would have ever thought? But let’s just thank God I have about 200 days left and here’s to checking a half marathon off my bucket list the week before I turn 23! Wahoooooooooooo!

    You’re funny Ali. Your blog is one of the first I come to all the time.

    Also my favorite veggie is chocolate wheatgrass from Amazing grass (does that count?)!??? Or kimchiiiiiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ mixed in a chipotle salad bowl with steak corn pinto beans and more lettuce and sriracha (let me tell you, it’s life changing)

  63. totally team end of series Logan. I know that is unpopular, but I think he challenges her is ways Dean never did and mature Jess wouldn’t (too much alike). And yes, I have obviously given this WAY too much thought.

  64. 1. Ali and Brian! No really, Jim and Pam from The Office
    2. I was not a Gilmore Girls watcher:(
    4. Charlotte’s Web. I cried so hard reading it to my daughter that she had to comfort ME.

    I am hopeful that you improve and so sorry that this is happening to you.

  65. I seem to have blocked out all wedding scenes–I can’t recall any of them. Rory wasn’t right for any of those guys…My favorite vegetables are carrots or sweet corn…Baby-sitters club books are AWESOME, especially the super specials!

  66. Man, tough decision on the Rory front. Dean-he should be perfect. Sweet but not exactly the brightest, ya know? Jess-sexy and smart but so darn NEGATIVE. Why so young and so negative?!!
    Logan-adventurous and the type of guy you think you want but discover that no, he’s all wrong. So, I guess Jess 🙂 My fav veggie is Brussel Sprouts!

  67. Pick me!

    Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie: PACEY AND JOEY’S WEDDING IS THE BEST LOVE WEDDING OF ALL TIME.
    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. PACEY, DUH.
    Your favorite vegetable. TOMATOES. Always tomatoes.
    Your favorite book or magazine. Outside Magazine. But Babysitter’s Club will always hold a special heart place for me.

  68. Totally Jess! Though end series Logan was not as terrible as I remembered on later viewings. Dean was much worse than I remember in later viewings. Haha.

  69. On team Jess 100%! Well, Jess post high school.

    I’m glad you didn’t even bother asking Lorelai/Luke. So obvious it doesn’t need asking 🙂

  70. 1. When Kimmy goes to Las Vegas to marry Duane but everyone thinks it’s D.J. marrying Nelson because Comet ate her note! This is Full House, by the way.
    3. Brussels sprouts.

  71. Sarah and Hank’s wedding in the series finale of Parenthood…the whole episode is perfect.
    Also my parents just made me clean out my childhood bedroom bookcase and I (unsuccessfully) argued to keep every single book. I can’t pick a favorite.

  72. my PT has been singing the Cliftons’ praises, so I’d LOVE to try them!

    Favorite veggie – any form of winter squash.

  73. Leslie and Ben’s wedding in Parks and Rec!
    Hope you start feeling better and can enjoy the beautiful running weather soon to come!!!

  74. This is such a great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try these shoes but can’t quite take the plunge to buy them, so I’d love to win! Favorite TV wedding: definitely Jim and Pam from The Office. Favorite movie wedding: the non-wedding of The Princess Bride (“Mawwiage…”).

  75. My favorite wedding-related tv episode was when Monica tried on Emily’s wedding dress and Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel, all ended up wearing wedding dresses around the apartment.

    Rory should have ended up with Jess.

    Favorite vegetable is a sweet potato.

    I can’t choose a favorite book. It’s like admitting who your favorite child is.

  76. My favorite books include “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Arianna and the Strawberry Tea”. The second one was my favorite when I was little because I thought it was “cool” that the title had my name it in (I couldn’t get over that there were two n’s in it though!)

  77. 1. Lily and Marshall on HIMYM

    2. In terms of personality, I don’t think any of those guys were right for Rory. But if we’re just talking looks: Jess. What’s wrong with all these readers saying Dean? He cheated on his wife with Rory! And the writers really dumbed him down when Jess came along (please listen to the Gilmore Guys podcast if you aren’t already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyR0Jji430Y You’re welcome.).

    3. Potatoes. Carby veggies FTW.

    4. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

  78. 1) Corey & Topanga- Boy Meets World. with a strong follow of Kelly and Zack Saved By the Bell.

    2) Rory totally should have landed up with Jess. In the long run I think they would have balanced each other out! I was never a Dean fan. Logan was ehh.

    3) Rapini ( Broccoli Rabe).

    4) Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.

    Hoping you are feeling better soon. Happy Wedding month! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

  79. I’d have to say Jess from the later years of course! He became such a good match for Rory at that point in time. Logan is pretty horrendous and Dean just doesn’t make sense

    Can you tell i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this!!??

    Get well soon!!!

  80. Oh my God, there’s already almost 300 comments! The people love Hokas!

    Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie:
    Father of the Bride 2.

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan:
    NOT LOGAN. Jess. Dean was kinda dopey, no?

    Your favorite vegetable:
    Green beans!

    Your favorite book or magazine:
    My favorite magazine is Real Simple because I like to pretend I’m an organized housewife who is stressed about how to declutter her gigantic laundry room. It soothes me. Favorite book is Ferdinand the Bull, it’s an old children’s book about a peaceful bull who likes to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers and how it’s OK to be exactly who you are. It makes me cry every time.

  81. I love your blog, and I am sorry you are not feeling well… This too shall pass (not being funny) I actually have that phrase on my Road ID.
    Favorite wedding movie~Bridesmaids(especially the bridal shower)
    Favorite vegetable~effing potatos!!!
    Favorite book any cookbook

  82. It’s hard to beat Father of the Bride- classic.
    Didn’t watch Gilmore Girls.
    I think my favorite veg is asparagus.
    Favorite book is The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  83. PHOEBE’s wedding on Friends, or The Wedding Singer.

    We’re in the minority but I also say Dean! I feel like everyone thinks he wasn’t good enough for Rory. Definitely not Jess or Logan; I can’t decide who was worse!

    Avocado. Maybe it’s a fruit, whatevs.

    Too many to narrow it down. Loving non-fiction and memoirs lately.

  84. Favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie: ROSS AND RACHEL drunkenly getting married in vegas and Inside Amy Schumer the sketch called “rhyming couplets” where her friend gets married. It is HILARIOUS!

    Favorite vegetable: cabbage, peppers, carrots!

    Your favorite book or magazine: time magazine, Gone with the Wind and Little Women

  85. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix from the beginning! Love that show! I’d say Jess. I like that he challenged her… Although he was a jerk at times.

  86. Hmm… favorite wedding episode is hard, but I do love the Friends episode where they all sit around in their rented wedding dresses eating and drinking.

  87. Wedding Crashers!

    Never watch Gilmore Girls…

    Broccoli. I actually bought jicama after reading your earlier post and don’t get it! Do you eat it raw?

    Favorite book has got to be Unbroken.

  88. 1.) Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation forever and always.

    2.) Jess- easy choice

    3.) Green Beans… with cheese sauce duh.

    4.) Anything written by Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects is my favorite.

  89. 1. Grey’s Anatomy: Merideth & Derek
    2. Never watched it ;(
    3. My favorite vegetable: Cauliflower, mostly because I can make it into fake mashed potatoes and I love mashed potatoes.
    4. Loved the BabySitter’s Club books, now I’ve read too many to pick just one! I love Real Simple because it has great tips for around the house.

  90. Best wedding
    Bo & Hope on Days of Our Lives the first one a million years ago
    Logan! I have watched every episode like a thousand times and it will always be Logan for me!
    Best book ever is My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Couldn’t leave the house for about 24 hours after reading it. Picture ugly cry times a thousand

  91. 1. My Best Friend’s Wedding or Bridesmaids!
    2. Jess? Dean was such a good guy but there was no chemistry there anymore, if ever, just a first crush turned boyfriend. Rory and Jess had chemistry. He was smart and not a rich entitled snob like Logan.
    3. Sadly, corn on the cob…which I avoid for the same reasons you do.
    4. Um, I need to read more and watch GG less. Back in the day I was a huge fan of BSC and Ramona Quimby!

    Sorry you’re still crohnsing. Technically, I’m in remission as of June, which is laughable and frustrating because I will forever deal with my symptoms daily due to the part of intestines they removed when I was 14 (apparently the part that soaks up the extra fluid and prevents the daily D). I hope you feel better soon!!

  92. 1) Monica & Chandler – Friends
    2) Rory should have married Dean for sure
    3) Brussel Sprouts
    4) A thousand spledid suns 🙂

  93. I loved when Derick and Meredith got married on Greys Anatomy. Rory for sure should have married Dean. I love avocados when they aren’t brown. My favorite book is One Girl, One Dream.

  94. Father of the Bride, obvi. And now that I’m planning my own wedding I have anxiety that everything bad that happened to them will happen to me. Even the parking situation!

  95. Always and forever Rory should have ended with Jess. They complimented each other so well. Plus he is incredibly good-looking 🙂

  96. 1) The Wedding Singer
    2) Jess. I will spare you the dissertation I’ve been meaning to write on this topic and just say that while he had a lot of growing up to do, he was the only one who truly knew her value as a human being AND was compatible intellectually AND was sensitive enough to “get” her, even if he was too angry and immature to commit himself to a relationship. I believed in Jess.
    3) Brussels sprouts
    4) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (but also Flowers for Algernon)

  97. Dean! Favorite vegetable is really hard..I love lots. Spinach and asparagus are both up there tho. Love your blog. Hope you feel better soon. I got married in June and the pre-wedding stress did a number on me, hope you can relax and enjoy.

  98. Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie. Jim & Pam from The Office.
    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. Dean, 100%.
    Your favorite vegetable. KALE.
    Your favorite book or magazine. Currently, Parents Magazine. Gots to be prepared for Baby Girl!

  99. I do miss Jim and Pam… But I always dig the Princess Bride and I think I watched My Best Friends Wedding 4,000 times in high school.

    Asparagus, hands down!

  100. Favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie: When Ted marries Tracy in the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was adorbs and emotional. They ruined it by axing her character afterwards, but it’s still da bomb.

    Whether I think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan: DEAN!!!!!!!!

    Favorite vegetable: Avocado. Because avocado=guacamole=I’m probably at a Mexican restaurant eating tortilla chips and drinking a margarita. Ole!

    Favorite book or magazine: The Lovely Bones. It still gets me YEARS later. Don’t watch the movie though. It does the book no justice. (I sound like one of “those” people now…)

  101. Steel Magnolias for sure- best wedding ever.
    I love love love cucumbers, but lately I’ve been loving zucchini (zoodles of course).
    I’ve got youngins so my favorite books right now are anything by Sandra Bouynton. Of the adult variety, I love Jodi Piccoult.

  102. 1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – all day errday – though Princess Bride is a close second.
    2. Was Dean all the way, but Logan is sneaking in there. Hell no to Jess. WE all have phases though.
    3. Broccoli
    4. YA books here as a teacher – last one was Palace of Spies

  103. So sorry to hear that the flare is still going strong. I can’t imagine the stress so close to your wedding.

    My fav (sort of) wedding related movie is The Holiday. I watch it every December.

    I am also a huge fan of children’s books and also adore Giraffes can’t Dance (that Gerald). I read it to my daughter every night. I also love Memoirs of a Goldfish, and Kiss Kiss, Goodnight. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

  104. Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie- Father of the Bride just because his voice is hysterical. “MAWWWWIGE”

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. Dean. For sure.

    Your favorite vegetable. Carrots carrots carrots!

    Your favorite book or magazine. Oh god. Too many. Everything Is Illuminated I think wins it for me.

  105. Favorite vegetable is broccoli (roasted). I make it at least once a week and haven’t gotten sick of it yet – better yet, my two boys eat it up without complaint.

  106. 1. Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital, circa 1983. My whole sorority raced home after class and piled into the tiny TV room to watch it!
    2. Gilmore Girls is definitely going to be my next Netflix series after reading all these comments.
    3. Beets!
    4. Wonder. So touching.
    GET WELL ALI !!!

  107. Love that questions #2 is Gilmore related since when I read #1, I thought “Will people hate me if I say when Lorelai and Christopher got married?”. She and Luke were just so awkward once they got together! Team Jess for life!! My favorite GG episode is still the dance marathon one when Dean break up with Rory because of Jess!

  108. Love the Jim and Pam episode. Every time I see it I cry!!

    I’m a total Jess fan, I loved him even when he was the bad boy! But he totally turned around at the end, I think they should have ended up together.

  109. I obviously have to choose the vegetable question, since it is basically my civic duty.

    While I was once broccoli for halloween (in college – sexy broccoli is totally possible when you purchase costume components from American Apparel) and I really do LOVE broccoli; I have to say cauliflower is my current favorite. Roasted with s&p and garlic powder or Tony’s or something it’s just so FREAKING good I can eat an entire head in one sitting. Or one standing, as I prep the rest of dinner and OOPS realize all the cauliflower is gone. But alas, white leotards are not very conducive to college parties, so broccoli was the clear choice there.

    PS I was just having a day where I walked around and thought “all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls and eat soup.” The soup dream came to fruition but GG did not. PPS it’s on netflix now, right??? DVR is cool though. Feel better. HUGS.

  110. 1. I like the wedding at the end of Clueless, when Cher finally has her stuff together and got those teachers all hooked up.
    3. Asparagus
    4. We Are Called to Rise – newer book. really interesting.

    Woo hoo! Pick me pick me pick me! 🙂

  111. 1) I love Sex & the City where they get married at City Hall and when Mr. Big opens the doors, the other girls are right there and screaming. <3
    2) I loved Jess but only the older, mature, got-his-shit-together version of Jess.
    3) Asparagus always always always.
    4) The Ocean at the End of the Lane is still the most hauntingly beautiful book I've ever read.

    Hope you feel better!!!!

    xo Marie

  112. 1. Monica and Chandlers wedding on Friends. Love.
    2. Dean! Totally! First love and all that jazz. I’m a sucker for that.
    3. Carrots! Alas… My favorite way of eating them…raw with hummus…was taken from me due to stupid obstructions. Playing around with cooked versions but it’s not the same.
    4. Any Dee Henderson book. Try the Omalley series. Best books ever!(well, after Harry potter)

  113. My favorite veggies are fresh green beans. How exciting, right? I have never seen Gilmore Girls, but I could pick someone out of Bachelor in Paradise – would that help?
    As for wedding movie, it’s Mama Mia! How can you resist a good Abba soundtrack!
    Thanks for the chance to win, and hope you make some progress with the recent flare ups. 🙂

  114. 1. Uncle Jesse going skydiving right before his wedding.
    2. None of the above. I think all of Rory’s bfs were wankers, but I’m team Lorelai + Luke ALWAYS.
    3. Thats a tough one. Oddly enough, brussels sprouts are a go-to of mine.
    4. Have thousands, but I most recently finished “Lost and Found” by Brooke Davis and loved it.

  115. There’s not a TV or movie wedding that sticks out to me.
    Team Jess.
    Team broccoli.
    Team old school Mary Higgins Clark.

  116. Rory should’ve chosen Jess. I think he respected her the most of the three guys.

    My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly. I’ve subscribed for forever.

    Favorite vegetable – I love so many, but my favorite is tomatoes, which are technically a fruit.

    The first wedding movie that comes to mind is Four Weddings & a Funeral, but then I also love the wedding scene in Love, Actually.

  117. LOGAN.

    I’m so sorry you are so sick. It sucks not being able to run when you want to. I am on week 5 of a metatarsal stress fracture and feeling SO melodramatic about it. When I see runners all I can think is “I USED TO BE ONE OF YOU.” My injury is obviously not very serious and is definitely short-lived so I’m even more impressed by your positive attitude. You will look back on this period one day – from a run – and feel so much better, I hope!

    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  118. I can’t answer 1 & 2, since I’m not big on movies and TV shows… But my favorite vegetable is red bell pepper, and my favorite book is and will always be Harry Potter (I guess technically a series of books)!

  119. I think rory should have ended up with jess. He changed in the end and is more mature so he would have finally treated her right.
    Feel better

  120. Rory totally should have needed up with Ligan, but not until she’s 30:). Glad she went and cheesed her dreams for a bit(ok too into this show!)

  121. The correct answers are:

    The episode when (Will &) Grace goes to her ex-fiance’s wedding and she inadvertently talks The bride out of (and then back into) getting married to The guy that left her at the altar.

    There’s always something wrong with any of those choices. I’d have to say Dean or Jess, but neither was exactly right. What about “Naked Guy”? Didn’t he deserve to be a boyfriend for a little bit?

    Tomatoes. Alfalfa sprouts. Bell peppers. Cucumber. Wait. Anything and everything you can put on a veggie sandwich!

    Maybe the “Anne of Green Gables” series?

  122. Err! My phone messed up!

    2. I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls! Horrible I know! (After my last baby I obsessively watched Hart of Dixie on Netflix, the baby before that I watched Secret Life of an American teenager) maybe if I have another (4th) I’ll watch Gilmore Girls!

    3. Roasted Broccoli!!!

    4. Llama Llama books are the best! You need holiday drama!

  123. 1. Does Sweet Home Alabama count!?!? Love that movie! I know she was married and planning a wedding to another guy, so no actual wedding involved but great movie!

    2. I’ve nev

  124. 1. The episode when Monica and Chandler go on their honey moon and the other newly married couple keeps getting all the free upgrades instead of them.

  125. 1) My favorite is the “how we met” stories from When Harry Met Sally, because I love the “how we met”s and always read them (aka Vows column and long wedding descriptions) in the NYTimes. And also the wedding scene from Sixteen Candles because it is so incredibly awkward and I love the 80s bring them back.
    2) Jess. Because Rory would have been bored with Dean and his niceness long term, and Logan is an entitled jerk. Jess might have also been a jerk, but he had legit bad boy appeal and wicked smarts.
    3) I went through a pretty significant cucumber phase earlier this summer and it was fantastic (slice them thin, shake them up in a tupperware with lemon and salt, you will be happy). Now I’m onto bell peppers, sliced. But don’t give too many to your dog or he might barf on the couch the next day.
    4) Literally the first thing I thought about this morning was the Babysitters Club. Specifically the book where Claudia designs/redesigns their logo and tells everyone you can only show a certain number of sides of a block (3?) at once and they’re all like “OMG CLAUD, YOU ARE A BRILLIANT GENIUS CAN YOU PLEASE PASS THE HOHOS FROM YOUR JUNK FOOD STASH?!?!?!?!?!?”

  126. I have also been re watching Gilmore Girls, and I think the ending was appropriate as is, but if I have to choose, I choose Jess after he wrote the book.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  127. Definitely Jess!!! I binge watched Gilmore girls when it came out on Netflix and all those hours wasted err spent lead me to Jess

  128. Not sure if you watch Little People Big World… but I cried watching both Jeremy and Zach’s weddings on TLC. Go watch.

    Favorite veggie: Asparagus

    Book: You by Caroline Kepnes or This I Know It’s True by Wally Lamb

  129. Favorite wedding related movie id Father of the Bride. Favorite book is The Lucky One by Sparks. A kids book that I really like that involves a wedding is The View from the Cherry Tree – suspenseful and fun. My fave vegetable is Asparagus especially roasted,

  130. So sorry to hear you’re not on the mend just yet:( Sending you lots of positive thoughts!!!

    1. It Takes Two when Kirstie Alley runs into the church and tells “Roger” not to marry Clarice. Gotta love MK&A.
    2. Rory + Dean = 4ever
    3. Broccoli
    4. Babysitter’s Club is classic. We are in total agreement about this.

  131. Wedding – in sex and the city when Charlotte marries harry and everything goes so wrong..but its just so right 🙂

  132. im sorry you’re still not feeling well. I’m a UC girl (remission currently) so I feel your pain and frustration!
    Love, love David and Donna’s wedding on 90210 and my favorite books are Baby-sitters Club, Sleepover Friends, and Sweet Valley Twins! As a grown up, I loved the Harry Potter books.

  133. I’m sorry you’re sick right now!
    1. The Wedding Singer
    2. Jess,
    3. Broccoli, roasted only
    4. Harry Potter forever ,

  134. I love that your favorite books include Llama Llama and Giraffes Can’t Dance. My son is one, so those books are definitely favorites around here too. =) I recently read Boys in the Boat and loved it. Highly recommended!

  135. 1: my best friend’s wedding, where Julia Roberts gives the bride and groom her song
    2: dean
    3: carrots, of the baby variety
    4. Boss by mike royko, if you’re into Chicago politics 🙂

  136. 1. Favorite wedding related TV episode is F.R.I.E.N.D.S the one where Ross is fine. No one gets married, but in Ross’s L-O-V-E love speech he mentions how extremely normal he finds it that Rachel and Joey are together and that one day they may get married and have children of their own. That counts, right?!

    2. Dean

    3. I couldn’t possibly pick just one…I seriously love them all. No, really. I haven’t found one I don’t like.

    4. Improper Bostonian, Women’s Running

  137. Hi!
    1. 27 Dresses…I have shamed myself
    2. Dean (also favorite winchester brother)
    3. Zucchini…can’t spell it but can eat it at all times
    4. Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, and any Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery 🙂

  138. 1. My Best Friend’s Wedding! love that movie and Julia Robert’s crazy curly hair.
    2. Jess FTW!
    3. Broccoli
    4. Recently read Girl at War and it was amazing!

  139. 1. “The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding” where Rachel’s dress is up her butt and she and Ross lead the wedding party in Copacabana…AM I RIGHT?
    2. DEAN!
    3. Avocado
    4. Anything by Emily Giffin

  140. My daughter is 3 months old and Giraffes Can’t Dance is her favorite book. She seems to love giraffes and always smiles when we give her the small stuffed giraffe we named Gerald.

  141. 1. Favorite wedding? Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family. Or Charlotte and Harry on Sex and the City.

    2. I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls, but apparently I need to!

    3. Favorite veggie is cucumber!

    4. Favorite book recently was Modern Romance. HILARIOUS.

  142. Picking the 2 I care most about:

    -Rory needs to end up with Jess. The other two, well, she really gets along with on a certain level, but she gets along with Jess on a soul level. need that. Rory + Jess forever.

    -best book is the Phantom Tollbooth. Start at age 7 and it gets better with time.

  143. When I’m Crohnsing, veggies are tough, but I have good luck with delicious sweet potatoes. Plus, they are healthy and make you look more tan!

    I had a flare before my wedding, too, although I didn’t know it at the time. It sucked, but my husband came down with a terrible cold, so he actually suffered a lot more. Keep trucking!

  144. Jim and Pam! They’ve been my absolute favorite couple in all the television lands.

    I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls…sorry??! Rory and her mom should just be bffs forever.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite vegetable lately and I just can’t figure it out. I think it’s rude to have to pick one. Why can’t we love them all the same?!

    Aaand always been a huge Harry Potter nerd. So there it is.

  145. The wedding episode that gets me every time is from Parks and Rec. Its beautiful and moving – I love you and I like you.

    Wishing you all the best in this tough time.

  146. My favorite wedding related TV episode is Kitty’s wedding on Brothers and Sisters. Also while I did not like Jess all the time, I think Rory and Jess were destined to be together! Love me some Gilmore Girls. Also congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

    1. Sorry – was so excited about Father of the Bride that I hit submit! One of my favorite movies of all time. Tried to make my dad play basketball with me the night before my wedding. But it was January, and we were in a hotel, and neither of us play basketball, so that didn’t happen.

  147. Ali I don’t even care about the shoes but I had to comment because I can’t believe you’re Team Dean. I didn’t even know there was a Team Dean. We were exactly alike until this very moment. (It’s definitely Jess.)

  148. 1) Carrie & Big!!!
    2) Dean
    3) Roasted Cauliflower!
    4) All the books! Novels, Memoirs, Archie Comics, People Magazine, Runners World 🙂

  149. Pretty much any and all wedding episodes on TV shows are great.
    The many weddings on how I met your mother

    The only magazine I get is Runners world and I love it!

    Feel better!!

  150. Feel better!! 🙂

    1) I have to agree that Grey’s Anatomy did weddings well- big fan of the Izzie and Alex wedding, and also the April/firefighter scene.
    2) Dean! I always go for the good guys.
    3) Artichokes!
    4) Time Traveler’s Wife!

  151. Asparagus all day, but none of that ridiculous asparagus in a jar that isn’t real asparagus stuff. Cooked on a BBQ with salt, pepper, and garlic: perfection.

  152. I know not being able to work out must suck, especially before your wedding, but if it’s any consolation you still look great! I suffer from migraines, and as a recently engaged person, my mom brought up the question “what if that happens on your wedding day?” AHHH. Anyways I know without a doubt your wedding will be amazing no matter WHAT. Because it’s you. And Brian.

    1. Favorite wedding – Monica and Chandler on Friends. Izzie and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy. Hell, Mer and Der’s infamous post-it note wedding. Christina and Burke even though it made me cry not in a good way.

    2. I always liked Dean. I’ve been wanting to binge watch this on Netflix!

    3. Romaine lettuce! Bell peppers.

    4. Gone Girl. Women’s Health. Cosmopolitan.

  153. Rory and Dean! I am rewatching on Netflix at the moment.
    I’m on a cucumber a day kick. So good on a hot day.

    sorry for the Crohnsing and hope something helps soon. I am all too familiar with the topical varieties. I am currently on a “foam” it is a joy to describe 😉

  154. Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie: does The Proposal count?

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan: going rogue – always wanted a Rory/Marty hook up

    Your favorite vegetable: Sweet Potato/all manners of Squash

    Your favorite book or magazine: Harry Potter #BacktoHogwarts

    Feel better soon!

  155. 1. Hmmm I did really love Jim & Pam on the office <3

    2. DEAN ARE YOU KIDDING? I don't hate Logan but I don't love him, and Jess got kind of weird sometimes. Maybe not any of them? Actually, my vote is Paris. Also, all of Gilmore Girls is on Netflix

    3. Broccoli!!

  156. I LOVED the little sister babysitter club books! I thought I was so cool when my older sister was reading the Babysitter club books and I would read the little sister books next to her!

  157. i think it’s actually pretty awesome that Rory didn’t end up with any of them. Romance is nice, but at times we have so much more to explore about ourselves and “the real world.”

    I hope you get to run again soon! Feel better!

  158. I LOVE me some tomatoes.. I could LIVE off of them! Give me a salt shaker and a garden full of tomatoes, and I’m set!

  159. 1) Monica and Chandler – but with it is all the planning leading up to it. (The phrase “Roses or Lilies?” is a part of every day dialogue with my friends. My movie vote goes to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    2) Aurghhh!!!! I don’t know!!! Because I just started watching Gilmore Girls a couple of months ago and I’m not that far yet!

    3) Broccoli all the way. It’s soooo yummy!!

    4) Since picking a favorite book is literally impossible for me. I will share my favorite wedding related books. Diary of a Mad Bride (which I reread every time a friend gets engaged) and the Queen of Babble books by Meg Cabot.

    Super excited about this give away – I would love to run with Care Bears!!!

  160. 1. Phoebe and Mike’s wedding on friends.
    2.Logan (but the real question is who should Lorelai have ended up with, Christopher?! Or I still love Max Medina!!)
    3. Cucumbers
    4. To Kill a Mockingbird

  161. I discovered Hokas last year and they are now my favorite shoes ever!!! I am so sorry you are sick right now :(. My cousin has Crohns and I always feel terrible when I see him not doing well. I’ll be sending good vibes that you recover for your wedding.
    And favorite wedding movie is prob Father of the Bride. Oh but I do love me some Julia Roberts in My Best Friends wedding too!

  162. 1. Donna Noble’s first Doctor Who episode! Maybe it’s not my favorite wedding ever, but Doctor Who!


    3. Steamed broccoli with butter

    4. Favorite book? eek! I don’t even know. I can read The Westing Game a hundred times, though.

    Thanks for hosting this giveway!

  163. 1. Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky on Full House (when he goes skydiving right before the ceremony and falls into a tomato truck)
    2. JESS. Super-smart and they could talk about books forever.
    3. Zucchini.
    4. Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

  164. 1. Definitely Monica and Chandler’s wedding in Friends.
    2. I think I would pick Dean…it’s such a hard decision though
    3. My favorite books (right now) are Me Before You and This is Where I leave You

  165. 1. The wedding that didn’t happen in “The Princess Bride,” of course. Wuv! Twoo wuv!
    2. I have not had remote control privileges since my kids figured out how to use the thing, so I’m not in the know on Gilmore Girls (sadly).
    3. I’ve been jonesing for some zucchini squash, lately, with cheese.
    4. Almost any book, as long as I can pronounce the characters’ names in my mind–I’m lost if they’re too difficult to say. Dr. Seuss rules. And the “If You Give…” series.

  166. I hope this doesn’t affect my chances of winning the giveaway… but LOGAN fan over here! (Although I am very happy she ended up with a career she loves in the show… WIN.)

  167. 1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Because I love windex and families that make mine look “normal”
    2. Definitely Jess. Dean was too much of a sad-sap, and Logan was just kind of an ass.
    3. Kohlrabi. It’s like jicama, but also more like an apple.
    4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

  168. Omg! I’m sorry poor pea; I’ve been following your updates all summer and have been sending all of the good vibes I can your way! I have my wedding set for next summer and it’s already stressing me out; I really hope that you feel better soon!

    As for these shoes.. I have been DYING to try them because they look like those platform shoes from the 90’s that my sister used to wear and I would get so jealous because they just looked so comfy and coool!

    Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie: Hands down, it’s always my big fat greek wedding.

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan: I’m going with Dean. I have this thing for first loves and they were just so awkward and cute.

    Your favorite vegetable: Currently eating my favorite: cucumbers! Can just eat them whole.. like a baguette or carrots or something haha

    Your favorite book or magazine: I love me some Harry Potter. Also reading a really interesting read called Into The Wild. Also my dad wrote a book called The Ghosts of Rapid Creek which is pretty darn good when I stop to think that it was my dad who wrote it. Strange.

    But seriously, keep the updates coming with how you are doing!

  169. Jess all the way! Logan as second and Dean definitely last. I can’t get through Jim and Pam’s episode of the Office without a box of tissues.

  170. The BEST wedding episode is when Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope get married on Parks and Rec. That might be because I would really love to marry Ben Wyatt. I mean if he was real….. Anyways…. Also, not Logan?! I thought he was the best! Dean would just stifle her greatness and Jess was nuts. But I think she found someone better then all three of them. Boy…I love TV.

  171. 1. Hard to pick — I love Jim/Pam from the Office, Leslie/Ben from Parks & Rec, Andy/April from Parks & Rec, Monica/Chandler from Friends
    2. Ugh, she’s too good for all of them
    3. Tie between Brussels sprouts and jicama
    4. New Yorker magazine

  172. Rory: I think there was a man in Rory’s future but we don’t know who he is. Some political reporter, perhaps?? This is something I have actually thought about a fair amount. Hmmmm.

  173. 1.) Murial’s Wedding

    2.) None of them! She is on to bigger and better things after college. Those guys basically all sucked. (Why did she sleep with Logan?? That seemed so out of character to me.)

    3.) Avocado

    4.) One of my favorite books from childhood was The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. You should like it, it has two giraffe sisters in it! The whole thing is a picture mystery you can spend hours and hours on.

  174. 1 – Friends wedding with Ross and Emily
    2 – Definitely Dean!!
    3 – Sweet potatoes
    4 – Right now my favorite book is The Nightingale

  175. My favorite wedding-related episode on tv is HANDS DOWN Jim and Pam. Second place goes to Chandler and Monica. Bronze medal to Dwight and Angela (but only because Michael Scott came back and made me sososo emotional).

  176. Ahh favorite wedding episode of all time is the office, Dwight and Angela. I know it’s weird, but I was rooting for them for eight seasons, and then they finally did it! And there were hay bales that GUESTS HAD TO MOVE THEMSELVES. Winning.

    Rory should have been with jess – he’s CLEARLY IDEAL.

    I love jicama, but I think green beans are probably my favorite. I’m also a huge legume person, although that’s neither here nor there.

    My favorite book right now is ‘divine secrets if the ya-ya sisterhood’ which always makes me cry like a baby.

  177. Your favorite book or magazine: I can’t lie, I love the Llama Llama series too! And I work with preschoolers so I have every excuse to read books meant for small children. 🙂

    I also have been running in Clifton 2’s and Challenger ATR’s since a couple months ago. Obsessed is an understatement.

  178. Favorite veggie is sweet potatoes.
    Favorite magazine: People Style Watch (don’t judge)
    Favorite Book: too hard to choose, but books to read with my kids are currently “Iggy Peck Architect” or “The Book With No Pictures”.
    Need to get on the GG train.

  179. 1. I am old enough to have seen Luke and Laura back in the day. Sorority house TV room was overflowing. ;o)

    2. I was always more of Team Dean girl.

    3. Pretty much anything but peas (or is that cheating?)

    4. Book I have read over and over, A Christmas Carol.

    And Gilmore Girls can cure most ills – made myself an “Oy with the poodles already!” t-shirt years ago to wear to the gym.

  180. Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie. The Friends episode where Ross says Rachel’s name.

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. I’ve never watched this show.

    Your favorite vegetable. Tomatoes. Ugh I forgot, they are a fruit…

    Your favorite book or magazine. Sweet Valley Twins.

  181. 1. It’s not the wedding but I loved Michael’s proposal to Holly. The whole episode. Nearly lighting the parking lot on fire, thinking the budget for the ring was 3 years salary as opposed to 3 months salary. I was so glad he got his happy ending
    2. I don’t think Rory should have ended up with any of them. I was glad she walked away from Logan. He sucked.
    3. Lima beans
    4. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

  182. Sweet potatoes are my favorite veggie ever!! I could eat them all day every day in any form

    Also, Father of the Bride is one of the greatest movies of all time

    Also also, I tried a pair of Hoka one one shoes on at a running store this weekend and they were like magic! Like fluffy clouds on my feet. I’m seriously considering trying them as my next running shoe

  183. I am getting married like 2 weeks after you, so I am in the thick of it. My current favorite wedding media to consume while making the laborious paper flowers that will be our centerpieces is a horrible show called Bridezillas! IT’S SO TERRIBLE.

  184. My favorite wedding episode was Pam and Jim. I especially love when Jim cuts his tie.

    Favorite vegetable might be broccoli? Carrots, green beans, and peas are close behind.

  185. Favorite Magazine is Southern Living
    Favorite Veggie is Asparagus
    Favorite Wedding Related Movie is Sweet Home Alabama!

  186. Prior to college I would say that Rory should have ended up with Dean. By the end of college, I would say Jess. I am with you, definitely NOT Logan.

  187. favorite book[s] – into thin air, one hundred years of solitude, everything is illuminated, the brief wonderous life of oscar wao, a constellation of vital phenomena…i could go on and on. obviously i don’t have one favorite.

  188. 1. I love all the TLC wedding shows!! I really miss 4 Weddings!!
    2. Unfortunately I never watched Gilmore Girls. I might have been too old?
    3. Brussels Sprouts
    4. Runner’s World and Real Simple

  189. I got strep throat a week before my first marathon and was in between moving so didn’t have internet or cable so I went through the entire 7 seasons (thank goodness I had found the complete DVD set at a garage sale years earlier!). I think she should have ended up with Jess, but not after a few years of each of them growing up a bit. If you want a fun podcast to accompany the episodes, check this out!

  190. 1- Jim and Pam wedding. Forever and always.
    2- I didn’t watch much Gilmore Girls. Wah, I might have just disqualified myself by saying that.
    3- CARROTS
    4- She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

    Also, I really, really hope you start to feel better soon. I’m pulling for you xo

  191. Ugh, I HATED the way that Gilmore Girls ended. I know she’s supposed to be all “independent don’t need a man”, but the end was NOT satisfying to me. I think she probably should have ended up with Jess though.

    Favorite wedding movie will always be Father of the Bride. Always cry. I haven’t tried watching it since getting married myself because I know it will wreck me more.

    Can’t pick a favorite veggie, because they are all too good.

    Favorite books are probably either the Anne of Green Gables series or Harry Potter 🙂

  192. Team Logan!! Please, please tell me you’re listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast. It’s hilarious and it is such fun to listen to as you re watch the series! Would love to win some shoes! Always!

  193. 1. Ross + Rachel in Vegas. No question.
    2. I always hated Jess, thought Logan was OK but arrogant and was totally Team Dean until he cheated on his wife. So I say she’s better off with none of them!
    3. I have a weird obsession with broccoli.
    4. The Great Gatsby. I’ve read it about 1,000 times.

  194. Monica and Chandler’s wedding will always be my favorite from Friends!!!
    So excited for the opportunity to win these – I have heard they are awesome!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Ugh I don’t think she should have ended up with ANY of them! If I haaaaad to choose, I’m team Jess. Once he got his head out of his a**, that is.

  196. I love all vegetables…minus beets (beets are vegetables, right?)

    Keep on keepin’ on Ali. Your attitude during this flare up is incredibly inspiring. You’ve got this!

  197. Um DEAN ALL THE WAY. Who’s better than Dean? Who could be better than Dean?

    And sweet potatoes (as favorite vegetable, not as Rory’s ultimate soulmate. Though, maybe…)

  198. Jess, for sure! *swoon* I don’t know why we even have a subscription to cable. All I do is DVR Gilmore Girls and watch them every chance I get. I’d save so much money by canceling cable and just buying the DVDs.

  199. I struggle with who Rory should have ended up with. I actually wish there was a way to create a guy out of Dean, Jess and Logan – because they all brought out different sides of her. Oh to dream about the future of a fictional character!

  200. Favorite Wedding movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding. Julia Roberts’ character is 28 and already a successful food critic, and her ability to wear trashy crop tops is commendable.

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan: Just not Dean. Between the floppy hair and the demands to attend his softball games, he’s a definite no.

  201. Sorry about how you’re feeling… hope this period passes quickly.

    I am for Rory + Jess… & feel that favorite vegetable is an impossible question, but choose beets because they are beautiful.

  202. I cry every time I watch Jim & Pam’s wedding. Every. Damn. Time. I’m way too emotionally invested in fictional characters.

    Team Dean, always.


    I read pretty much every magazine or book in front of me, but I LOVE to read Everyday with Rachel Ray, and my favorite books as of late are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Cheers to my elementary school teachin’ hubs for introducing me to those!

  203. I will answer them all because I overachiever…

    1. 27 Dresses and My Best Friend’s Wedding
    2. Rory + Dean 4EVA
    3. Brussels Sprouts
    4. I am an avid reader and have many favorite books but Nancy Drew will always hold a special place in my heart… and on my bookshelf- which are kind of one in the same.

    Get healthy, girl!

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and have binge read the whole thing. You’re an inspiration to me as I train for my first half marathon! 🙂

  204. Sorry you can’t run right now. I hope things get better for you soon. You are such an inspiration to others. You were the one who got me into Hoka’s and I am need of a new pair. My favorite wedding related movie is the Hangover. Incredibly funny!

  205. Wedding episode – oh my gosh I cry at so many now. Recently it was Steel Magnolias. The closer my “baby” boy is to adulthood the more I can feel myself in those letting go moments. UGH

    I adore carrots.

    This couldn’t be long enough to list my favorite books. I read read read. One of the best recent ones was Big Russ and Me by Tim Russert. I so miss him.

  206. Jim and Pam! So wonderful. Also because I loved Gilmore Girls, Rory should have ended up with Jess! Logan turned her into someone she wasn’t until she turned herself around. I was never team Logan. Ugh.

    Also on a side note, I bought my first pair of Hokas after your ringing endorsement and I LOVE them. The pricetag is a little steep for me so I’ve been trolling eBay for some in my size…

  207. I don’t think Rory should have ended up with any of those guys! I rewatched the series recently and liked Logan more than I did the first time around, but still. She needs to figure out life before committing to some dude.

  208. Bo and hope on days of our lives getting married!
    Never watched this show, sorry! But I still want the shoes! 🙂
    Asparagus, love it but my pee stinks so bad when I eat it!
    Favorite magazine is Us Weekly and Runners world!

  209. I can’t remember my last run either. SO let’s run together when you’re better.

    Your favorite wedding-related TV episode or movie LOVE ACTUALLY. I die when she watches the wedding video. Dead.

    Whether you think Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. I’m going to have to go with Dean on this one since I trust your judgement and can’t exactly recall the last episode i watched

    Your favorite vegetable. Brussels sprouts. ideally with bacon, so i guess then it’s really not a pure favorite

    Your favorite book or magazine. I could stare at elle decor all day and i have too many favorite books to list (i’m not smart i just can’t pick favorites)

  210. 1. Parks n Rec Andy and April. And Leslie and Ben. Both strange but awesome weddings.
    2. Hope my lack of knowledge about gilmore girls doesn’t prevent my hoka winning chances.
    3. cucumbers.
    4. anything by Melissa Bank. Unknown but awesome author.

  211. 1. Father of the Bride. Always.
    2. She definitely should have ended up with Jess
    3. Broccoli
    4. Any of the Harry Potter books. Or something by Michael Connelly.

    Would love to try out the Hokas!!! Such cool colors.

  212. So sorry you’re still mid-flare! 🙁

    1. Phoebe & Mike!
    4. A book that I’ve liked at all ages & stages – Little Women. Recent good read: Fall of Giants. I just realized I haven’t rated anything 5 stars on Goodreads in 2 years.

  213. Jess! I was late to the Gilmore Girls game (watched it a while ago on Netflix) and never fully understood how much I missed out. SUCH a good show!

  214. Oh! I’d love to enter the exclusive “Hoka World”! “Father of the Bride” is a classic wedding move. “Bridesmaids” is up there, too. And can “Steel Magnolias” count, since it’s tangentially wedding-related?!

    And, because I just finished Gilmore Girls, I have to weigh-in there, too — I’m thinking Logan. Dean was always whiny and needy and Jess was flakey.

  215. my current favorite wedding episode is when kurt and finn’s parents got married on glee- i have watched it an embarrassingly number of times on netflix (seriously- season2 epidode 8). it helps with the early morning treadmill runs.

  216. I think Rory should have ended up with Jess. However she needed another relationship between the one with Logan before it was right for her to be with Jess. They were all so young, but with time Jess would have been right.

    And yes, I ponder this far too often.

  217. My favorite wedding episode is the first one of Newlyweds with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson! I want to look just like her at my wedding 🙂 the groom could look like Nick too..

  218. Team Dean forever! I may be biased because I just restarted watching Season 1 on Netflix. I’ll stand by it for now, though.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  219. I just finished the GG series and I think Rory should have ended up with Jess, though I was very upset when she and Logan broke up. I’m sad that it ended after 7 seasons and kept thinking there was an 8th until Netflix told me otherwise 🙁

  220. Father of the Bride!! Bride Wars was on tv the other day and it is terrible and wonderful at the same time, I can’t stop watching.

  221. Favorite wedding: Dwight and Angela. One of my favorite TV episodes. A close second would be Andy and April on Parks and Rec.

  222. Out of all 3 Jess was the best match, but overall I think Rory would have found someone who would have the best character traits of all 3 of them.

  223. Why did Gilmore Girls have to end?! WHY UNIVERSE?! WHY?!

    I recently rewatched that show, again, and found myself sitting on the couch, all by myself, laughing out loud and reciting lines. I loved every minute of it.

    Anyway, Rory should have ended up with Jess.

    I love zucchini.

  224. I’m pretty sure Monica and Chandler’s wedding is one of my favorite tv moments… “unless you don’t want to. You go.”

    And I’m totally a cover to cover magazine reader…Runner’s World, Triathlete, Real Simple.

  225. 1) Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding: The Kim and Kroy Love Story (just kidding – Father of the Bride 1 &2, please)

    2) I’d like to see Rory end up with an auctioneer so they can both talk quickly to each other.

    3) I also love tomatoes. Those are ambiguously vegetable in nature.

    4) Just finished “Yes, Please!” by Amy P, which was pretty great.

  226. Rory should have ended up with Jess. He had her smarts and they had excellent chemistry together. SO SAD that show ended.

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