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Hi! My name is Ali and I blog about running, Crohn’s disease, and life in NYC with a side of sarcasm at Ali On The Run. I’m 29, and I’m a writer/editor doing digital marketing for a running company and taking on a load of freelancing on the side. I enjoy llamas, giraffes, yoga, and foods with little to no nutritional value.

Just some pleasantries, in case you’ve forgotten about this place on the internet. I know I had for a while.

I haven’t sat down to write since the New York City Marathon, in part because I haven’t had much time, and in larger part because I don’t have a whole lot to report.

But here I am! And here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to and what’s been on my mind…

Winter is kicking my very chilly bum. 

I didn’t run for the past two winters in a row because I was sick and quarantined to my apartment (specifically the bathroom part of my apartment). I did take a zumba class at L.A. Fitness in Pennsylvania with my entire extended family last Thanksgiving, though. That was really super special.

Anyway, this week the climate shifted from fall to winter, and hot damn! Or rather, cold damn!

I’m remembering that winter running can be horrible! It’s so cold! And so dark! And so hard to get out of the warm bed in the warm apartment in the morning! Didn’t I grow up in New Hampshire and shouldn’t I be really fine with this, especially knowing it’s going to get so much worse? But I don’t have the proper gear, and proper cold-weather running gear is expensive, and I would rather spend my money at Potatopia. Every day. Soldier on.

The other thing about winter is that it is harder to spot pregnant ladies on the subway. I very often get a seat on the subway during my commute based off the stops at which I get on and off. There are almost always available seats and I love taking them because I’m lazy and love to sit.

Of course, I do have excellent manners and will always look around for people who need the seat more than I need the seat, such as olds, youth, people with canes or crutches or stress fracture boots, or, of course, pregnant ladies. I don’t care if you’re six seconds along (yeahhh, girl) or 10 months and mid-contraction: I will give you my seat. But just let me know you need it. Because it’s winter, and everyone is wearing bulky coats, and I can’t always tell if there’s a baby under that trench. So do me a favor, because offering up a seat to a lady who looks pregnant but isn’t pregnant is mortifying for everyone. Give me a heads up and I’ll give you a seat. Anytime.

I keep up with the Kardashians. I hate myself for it, and Brian complains whenever it’s on (“turn this shit off”), but I like Khloe and I love Kendall. And secretly Brian loves Lord Disick and thinks he’s “hilarious.”

I haven’t been “home” to New Hampshire since last Christmas. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing those lovely llamas next door, and it’s a little sad. And I won’t be home for Thanksgiving, becauuuuse…

My parents are coming to me for Thanksgiving! My brother and his wife and the cute kids will be with Michaela’s (my sister-in-law) side of the family for Thanksgiving (they rotate, as I’m sure many of you marrieds out there do), and I didn’t want to trek up to the north country, so my parents are coming here, and we’re going to cook a little dinner in my little kitchen. I will also be running a Turkey Trot in Prospect Park on Thanksgiving morning, and my parents are going to cheer, because standing in the cold while I half-ass five miles sounds fun for them! Or actually because I told them it’s a new mandatory tradition.

Here is Tyler.

He is now 2.5 years old and he loves Elsa from Frozen. He insists on wearing a hoodie on top of his head at all times, and draping it over his shoulder and petting it and calling it his “Elsa hair.” Naturally I find this amazing.

Here is Abby.

She is three months old and she likes sitting and smiling and negotiating important business deals with her high-profile clients. And pooping and spitting up.

A Christmas song (“Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson) appeared on my playlist on shuffle last night and I didn’t turn it off. And I kind of enjoyed it. Last year, I was so sick during the holidays that I felt very little joy. This year, I’m practically bleeding glitter and bows already. It’s so good.

I’ve been doing a decent amount of freelancing lately.

And also a few videos for Fitness

But on that note, I’ve fallen into that trap of not being able to say no to anything. I was so good about this for a while, but now I’m healthy and I want to make people happy and I want to be involved and I like to do stuff. So my calendar is slightly too packed and my recently reinstated To-Do lists are getting a little too outrageous. It’ll pass.

I can’t stop with the string cheese. I eat so many string cheeses every day. I don’t think I trust people who bite directly into the string cheese and don’t make it stringy. It takes me about six minutes to eat a string cheese, while Brian always finishes his within 30 seconds.

This. Yes to this.

I unsubscribe from the Anthropologie newsletter every day, and yet every day, there it is, in my inbox again. How do I make it stop? I am not at all interested in those farmy, hippie but sometimes cute clothes. I don’t want that newsletter. I unsubscribe but it keeps appearing. The internet is hard.

I was getting ready to go to a party the other night, and I was like, “Hey, jeans! I remember those! I should wear jeans!” I tried on every single pair I own, and not a single pair fit. I had a bit of a meltdown because yes, even without weighing myself I know that I have packed on a few in recent weeks and months. But also: In every lady magazine every month, there are articles assuring all the little princess readers that “no way, running totally won’t bulk up your dainty legs, pinky promise!” And I am here to offer a rebuttal.

Here is Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

Exhibits C, D, E, F, and G will remain unseen to the public eye. But trust me, I’m bulked, and while some of that is owed to the Nutella crepes I’ve been inhaling, part of it is also on account of multiple marathons this fall and some brutally high mileage. Also I should really clean up my diet.

However… I’ve been cooking a ton lately! Now before you get impressed, let me remind you that “a ton” for me is equivalent to once a week or twice a month. But I make enough so that I have leftovers, that way it is basically like I cook daily-ish. Anyway, I made those Tacos al Pastor from the Runner’s World Cookbook, and I made this soup. Both were deeeelish.

The giveaway! I didn’t forget. Here’s your Runner’s World Cookbook winner:

Email me, BFF. Hook me up with your address and I’ll get you your stuff. Consider it an early Christmas and/or Hanukkah gift! Or let’s go with birthday present to be safe. Unless you’re a leap year baby. Whatever, it’s a free cookbook, and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I love you.

I’m going to Hawaii for 10 days. Thank god. Aside from all the fun and sarcasm I’m throwing around here, I’ve actually been in a bit of a funk lately, and I need a break in a major way. The past year has been a little intense, and I am overdue for an escape. I haven’t taken a proper vacation in two years, so I’m beyond excited for this trip.

You may recall that I was supposed to take this trip last year! Brian and I were going to Hawaii for a wedding, but that was during my “rock bottom.” So he powered on without me (aw, poor guy, had to go to Hawaii alone, such sad) and I went to New Hampshire so my parents could take care of me.

In order not to lose my entire flight credit, I was able to pay a re-booking fee ($100 or $150, I think?), but I had to re-book the flight within a certain time period. Of course, being sick at the time, it was hard to know when I could reschedule the flight for, because who knew when I would ever be healthy again. I picked a 10-day period as far in the future as they would allow, and now here we are! It’s kind of unbelievable to me.

Brian put together a kickass itinerary for us — we’ll be spending the first five days in Honolulu and the second five days in Maui — and I’m so excited to get away, relax, and leave my phone in the hotel room. Plus, it will be warm there. And I will probably never come back.

In the meantime, all I want to do is lay underneath a blanket watching “Scandal” and “Parenthood.” I really hate that they’re both on past 7 PM, which is my desired bedtime these days. I kind of hate Olivia Pope, and I love Abby, and I’m sad that David Rosen is sad now (spoiler? not really), and I really wish Julia would stop being an asshat to Joel because sometimes people make mistakes and she needs to forgive!

I also wish Lorelai and Everybody Loves Raymond would stop existing. I care so little about that relationship and storyline. I am excited for Amber and Drew to co-parent her baby, and also for someone to steal that baby in the night because Amber never locks her sliding apartment door. That got dark, and I’m sorry, but I told you this post was about what’s on my mind, and what’s on my mind is that Ryan is going to show up and steal Amber’s baby and bring it to the army with him. I hope Haddie/Hattie comes back for the finale. She would really get along with Dylan. Meanwhile, Max is allowed to do whatever he wants with no repercussions. “Hey bud…” is not a punishment. It’s more like a hug.

That’s about it for me! Thank you for still being my friend even though I go absent for long periods of time and then want to come back and act like nothing has changed. (I’m also a bad pen pal, just a heads up on that front. I’m decent via text, and I’m an excellent cuddler in case you’d like to just be real life friends. I have two copies of the Pitch Perfect DVD.)

PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT SCANDAL AND PARENTHOOD. Or the Kardashians. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be ashamed. Remember Rob? Do you think Rob Kardashian is somewhere with Hattie/Haddie, plotting world domination and talking about the pressure of being a part of an overbearing family?



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  1. Looks like you’ve been up to a lot for not having a lot to report…lol

    KUWTK – I hate what they stand for but I understand that they’re entertaining. It’s the best show to watch while at the gym. I hate myself for it too.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Julia is really pissing me off. Look at JOEL. You’re seriously going to date that annoying lawyer over your lovely husband JOEL? C’mon Julia. COME ON. And yes, Amber has got to start locking her apt.

    Also I am SO sad David Rosen is sad. That was the worst! Although I did love when Abby made out with that guy. She needed that.

    I think something seriously bad might be happening to Rob. Like, too serious for reality television. Why else would he have disappeared?!

  3. I will openly admit that I watch very little television yet the little that I do watch is KUWTK. Can’t get enough. Even worse to admit? I like 90 day Fiance on TLC. It’s so bad that it’s good lol. I hate putting on my jeans! Rarely do it and yeah, our legs change from running. Even if they don’t bulk, they change so our pants fit differently or not at all.

  4. I’m sorry I eat string cheese the wrong way. 🙁 it’s equally delicious and I like “chunks” rather than “strings.” My hubby and I are visiting NYC the weekend before Christmas (my first time, I’m a virgin!) and we’ll definitely have to swing by Potatopia for lunch. I’m so excited to see EVERYTHING there!!

  5. TOTALLY AGREE about Parenthood! Totally not acceptable that Max’s “punishments” are basically just “hey wait, no, don’t do that… or do, I won’t stop you.”

  6. I spent one Christmas break unsubscribing from every store email. You name it, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, etc, etc. Do you know NOT ONE actually unsubscribed me. I gave up and now I just delete about 100 emails daily. I laughed when I read this post.

    LOVED your Runner’s World piece about NYCM.
    Have a great Hawaii trip. You DESERVE it. =)

  7. Glad to see you’re back and so jealous of Hawaii. i am suffering through 8 days of inlaws right now and thankfully at work right now! I was able to catch up on latest episode of Parenthood and so agree with you on Julia and Joel. That Chris guy is a tool! I disagree about Raymond and Lorelai–think it’s ok but if there were more episodes i believe that ex-wife could cause problems between them. And definitely agree that Max gets way coddled…definitely would have been punished for the flyer distribution thing!! Ok off my high horse…

  8. AH PARENTHOOD! I’m so sad it’s ending..every time I watch an episode I realize I only have so many left! Pulling for Julia and Joel. I just love him! And on another note I’m glad you are feeling well!!

  9. So glad to hear everything is going so well!! Can’t wait to hear all about Hawaii…sooo jealous! I love it there, and there is really nothing better <3

  10. Hi Ali! I never comment, but today I read and closed your blog and the whole day I’ve been thinking…. You are going to Hawaii and he could propose and you wouldnt be able to say no!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! I know I should shut up!

  11. FLIPPING HECK, I WON YOUR BOOK!! Thank you for the really sweet comments and also for the book, I’ll email you now before you do another draw and give it to someone else!

  12. It makes me sad how boring Parenthood has been this season, since it was my favorite show for a while! “Raymond” totally reminds me of Gilmore Girls Luke, only Luke was more funny than annoying. Also, what’s with Lorelai/Sarah and all the short-lived engagements? Lastly, Julia and Joel totally should get divorced, it’s more realistic, people!
    Also, gotta love the South/Central Time, where these shows are on at 9 p.m. instead of 10.

  13. It doesn’t matter that time goes by in between your posts because your posts are, by far, my favorite ones to read. We have friends that live in the city and I eat at least two of the double chocolate cookies from Levain in 24 hours every time we visit. I’m so happy you continue to be healthy and are taking advantage of it by saying yes to everything. I have ulcerative colitis and get the way it plays with your mind. Have an awesome trip!!

  14. Ali, glad you are in a place where you can say yes to too much, better than not being able to say yes at all. I am an all the time reader and fellow crohnsie but an infrequent commenter. I felt for you when you weren’t able to get to Hawaii last time around. I’m fortunate enough to live on Oahu. Try Makapuu Point for whales (I saw some there last winter) and Waimanalo Beach for some serenity. Avoid the roads in Honolulu at rush hour for fear of spending more of your vacation in a car than on the beach and if you need an IRL friend while you’re here, I’m all yours. I’ll bring the chocolate chip pancakes and Mac and cheese.

    1. YOU GET TO LIVE IN MY VACATION PLACE?! That is awesome. And YES, so excited to see some whales! Good tip about the Honolulu roads, thank you! We’ve got our little itinerary all mapped out. I should probably send it to you for approval.

      1. Send it on over, I’ll give it a looksie. I am just so happy for you that you finally get your vacation. 🙂 Depending on when you are coming you might be here for the Honolulu Marathon!

  15. You need to check out this podcast from WNYC, called the Sporkful. The tag line is, the show “is not for foodies, it’s for eaters”. They did a recent episode about the right way to eat string cheese. Spoiler alert: you’re right and Brian’s wrong.

  16. Kardashian talk: I have never seen the show, but I am half Armenian and it’s actually true that we all have big butts. It’s in the genes.
    That’s all I’ve got on that topic!

  17. Ummm…HELLO! Talk to me about this potatopia! Seriously never heard of it but am now craving everything on the menu! AMAZING!
    Also…although I live in Canada I feel we could totally be friends since I too love nutella (and for the record there really is no such thing as too much!), string cheese, Pitch perfect, dancing and frolicking in general, and potatoes! Not to mention if I could live in NYC I would, it’s my favourite city.
    I was SO glad to see a new post up and read it immediately, laughing out loud at certain parts (love the sarcasm and sense of humour)! Have a fabulous time in Hawaii, live it up and enjoy….from one bowel issues girl to another…live in the moment!

  18. Ali I looove that tank you are wearing with the november project logo in the photo of you as blue steel. and your modeling face is on point. where is the tank from?

  19. This was a fantastic post – I could never forget your blogs! I hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii, and I kind of now want to watch Parenthood again, and apparently I should watch Scandal.

    ANDDDDDDD Pitch Perfect is amazing (have you seen the trailer for the second one?)

  20. Totally agree with everything you said about Parenthood, especially the “hey bud” bullshit. I love the mom and she annoys the hell out of me.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed this post. You’re funny.

  21. I am so worried that Julia is really going to divorce her perfect husband, too. And I am sick of Max and, to a lesser extent, his entire do-gooder immediate family. But I kind of like Lorelei and Raymond, and he had better not dump her to get back together with his ex-wife. Also, I am fascinated by Amber’s fashion and makeup choices.

    Also also, I am running a half-marathon Sunday for which I’m not really prepared. I am planning to run the first mile “comfortably hard” and the next twelve at varying gradations of “miserable”. Please think fast thoughts for me…

      1. Thank you! It worked! I know you want to hear all about it.

        I came out psycho-fast (okay, psycho-fast for me), coming very close to setting new PRs for the first 5k and 10k. But I was struggling by mile 7, and after a big hill at mile 9 I never recovered, and I limped through the last three miles.

        The result? Hideously positive splits and a 90-second PR!!

  22. Ah! I completely agree about Lorelei and Ray. I didn’t invest in this show for all these years for the very last season to be devoted to his emo, obnoxious, hormonal, ungrateful daughter that we’re supposed to care about! Amber should also try and bathe before the baby comes. I think the last time she did was like season 3.

  23. Ugh! I’m the complete opposite. I love Olivia, I can’t stand Abby. But most of all I HATE FItz. He is so whiny and boring. Jake, though. She needs to lock that down and run away with him. Have you watched How To Get Away With Murder yet? So good. Shonda Rhimes knows how to write some dramaz.

    Have so much fun in Maui! So jealous. It’s freezing here and I am tired of freezing in the dark at 5 am every morning while running.

    1. You can’t stand Abby?! Her hair is so lovely and she is just trying to get out from under Olivia’s whiny shadow! Olivia is selfish. You don’t get to “choose me,” you’re not Kelly Taylor. PICK JAKE. Duh. And no, I don’t watch How to Get Away With Murder. Maybe I’ll download some episodes for the looong plane ride!

  24. If only we could be IRL friends….we could talk ALL about Parenthood and Pitch Perfect. Like, why does Lorelai hang out with Raymond and his crappy daughter and weird ex-wife? I don’t like that storyline either–they are boring. Max has been tough to like this season (not that he’s ever been a favorite)…no one talks about Haddie/Hattie–when she’s not there do they act like she doesn’t exist to them?!? That’s sad! How are these people able to afford these crazy homes they live in in CA? Not possible for how little work any of them seem to do! Ugh….maybe I should quit watching that show, but then it’s almost over and I need to know how things wrap up! Anywho–glad you are happy and sunshine and roses now….I’m totally jealous of your Hawaiian vacation–take me with you (from the frozen tundra of Western Mass)!

    1. I would love to be IRL friends and to discuss these things while sitting on my couch. Do you want to come over later? You can also help me dust and vacuum. THAT’S WHAT IRL FRIENDS DO.

      1. I would totes come over and sit on your couch (with Selena Gomez, naturally) but I am in Western Mass–not so convenient to NYC, but also not SO FAR away either! Also, I don’t like dusting OR vacuuming, so that *might* not happen, but we can still be IRL friends and just ignore the chores a bit longer! Who needs a tidy home when you have friends?!?

  25. I also hate Chambers Academy. Max is being such an unacceptable creep and it needs to stop. I don’t care if Julia prefers the hot lawyer to Joel. Joel was the one to overreact in the first place. I also want Drew to dump his new girlriend so he can focus on Amber and the baby. And I hate Raymond. Wow, maybe I should stop watching Parenthood? I miss Haddie/Hattie.

    And I don’t watch Scandal because whisper yelling is not a plot device:

    1. YES, Max is totally out of line because his parents don’t discipline him! Instead they’re all “Hey budddddd” and that’s it. Shame!

  26. Your legs are badass, and probably why you’re so good at running. My legs are terrible at having muscle, and amazing at getting stress fractures, shin splints, tendonitis, and other mystery ailments that all probably come from muscle weaknesses and imbalances. Then there’s my running buddy who complains about her “thunder thighs,” and then does things like qualifies for Boston, injury free. So while I’m sure you’re already rightfully proud of your legs, this is just a reminder to continue being proud. PS. I’m totally with you about the Nutella thing. My Google search history has a lot of things like “is it bad to eat an entire jar of nutella in one day?” and “how much nutella is too much nutella?”

    1. I hope Google responded “There is no such thing as too much Nutella” or you just got an error message. Because come on. (And yes, hate the thighs for being so huge sometimes, but pretty darn appreciative that they get me across those start and finish lines!)

  27. Yay you’re back!! And we love all the same shows – let’s be friends!! Oh please Zeek can’t die I’ll be sobbing! And I just can’t with Max!! I feel awful. :/ Do you watch Sons of Anarchy??

  28. Sometimes I’m like “NYC looks fun and all but really, I have everything I need right here in San Francisco” and then I find out about an all-potato restaurant. Damn.

  29. I’m so creepy but I read your blog and so wish we could be friends IRL. Pitch Perfect is my favorite and I will be buying advance tickets to the sequel. 🙂

  30. YEAH!! You are back!! I read your NYC Marathon recap on Runner’s World and loved it. Well, it’s not that surprising as I love the way you write here.
    As I am French, I have never watched the Kardashians. Now that I am in the USA, I could… BUT I don’t allow myself to do that… I may like it and feel bad about myself for loosing time watching things like that. Soooo, don’t tempt me!!

    Also, I have to say I realize I am glad to be in California. My running shorts and T-shirts are still (and will always be? who knows!!) in full force. I can’t even remember how I managed to run in Paris, in the cold and the rain and the snow. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!! (ok… calm down)

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know about my first marathon (I left a comment about it on your NYCM recap, I don’t know if you remember) but couldn’t manage to reply or submit a comment anymore. Which was sad and frustrating because I wanted to share my happiness with EVERYONE 🙂 Well, it went super super well. I LOVED it. It was an incredible experience (I shared it on my website) and it only took me 5-10 minutes after crossing the finish line to want to do another one. And, now, I am depressed because of this little thing called post-marathon blues. I need to find another challenge!

    Have a nice break in Hawaii!

    (and, YEAH, for Cathryn who won the cookbook. I had the chance to meet her and she is TRULY a really really nice person.)

    1. Oh my gosh, yes!!!!! You did it! I LOVE that you immediately wanted to sign up for #2. That is amazing. CONGRATULATIONS on your debut. I am so happy for you and cannot WAIT to hear which one you decide to do next!! <3 (Also, the post-marathon blues = totally real. I get them every time. It passes. Promise.)

      1. Thanks!! I don’t know the next one BUT, in April 2016, I may run a little marathon better known as the Boston Marathon… I DID A BQ!! O.M.G. (Sorry, but only the American runners can understand! And, now, promise, I stop bothering you…)

  31. I can’t/won’t talk to you about the Kardashians, but I WILL talk to you about Maui. We went on our honeymoon this past July, and you are correct: you will never want to come back. I have never fallen in love with a place like I fell in love with Maui, and, shocker of all shockers, Baltimore just didn’t do it for me anymore once we returned. HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER. And eat a banana cream pie at Leoda’s. Or seven.

    1. I WILL EAT SEVEN PIES FOR YOU. Even though I don’t like banana. I’m doing it for YOU. To help preserve your memories. You’re welcome. I am so selfless.

  32. You are going to Hawaii at a great time, you will get to see the whales! They migrate back over the winter and you can see them hanging out and doing what whales do. I am so jealous, we went to Maui last year and it was amazing! Eat some Dragon Fruit for me, its like a cross between an apple and a kiwi. Oh and while you are in Maui eat at Star Noodle…trust me, best steamed buns ever and get the donut things for dessert!

    1. Yes! Whales! I love whales! And thank you for all the great suggestions. Will definitely add them to the itinerary! I will eat 12 Dragon Fruits for you.

  33. Damn skinny jeans. I packed mine up in a tupperware and stored them after I gained my running weight. Muscular is waaaay hotter than skinny-fat, in my opinion! I hold my breath during the Joel-and-Julia parts of P-hood. And cry. Love Amber. Want Raymond to go away too! Kinda bored by the school story- would rather something juicier for the final season! And they’d better not have grandpa die! I’ve watched the Kardashigans a few times- if I had to pick one, Khloe is bearable. That’s all. Keep running and eating- you look great!!!

    1. Yes, I just don’t care at all about Chambers Academy. Someone is definitely going to die. They’re obviously setting it up to be Zeek, but I’m really worried they’re going to throw us a curveball and have Crosby die in a reckless motorcycle accident. SUCH STRESS.

      1. I love Kristina Braverman, but OMG she is the WORST principal in the history of the world. Seriously, it makes my eyes and ears burn.

  34. THANK YOU. I gained weight marathon training and most of it is in my tummy (that’s my eatings fault) but my thighs! They get bigger with high mileage marathon training. Ugh. Jeans not fitting makes me cry, haha.

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