A WednesDAY In The Life

Haha. WednesDAY.

So this blogging thing. Eesh. I’ve been not awesome about it, which is sad (probably only for me) because I’ve had plenty to share.

I’m training for a marathon!

I have a coach!

This is Coach John! He's making sure I don't screw myself up too badly before October 12.
This is Coach John! He’s making sure I don’t screw myself up too badly before October 12.

I’m the healthiest I’ve been in, oh, three years!

I’m pretty happy!

But today, I’m here to share with the world a day in my life. Because why not? Last Wednesday, I decided to take very diligent notes throughout the day so I could divulge every little thought throughout my day. Or at least a few crucial points. Mainly garbage. With that preface, here is my rundown from Wednesday, July 23…

4:30 AM — Alarm goes off. Oh god, no. Immediately turn on bedside lamp so I don’t snooze. Lay in bed quickly scrolling social media on my phone. Email first, then Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In that order. Always in that order.

4:34 AM — Up and into the bathroom. For a while.

Eventually leave bathroom for long enough to turn on every light in the apartment and the news. Then back to the bathroom. Even at my very healthiest, this is standard Crohn’s girl life.

Morning core time. I have a moderately long morning routine (which is why I have 12-pack abs somewhere), but it’s shortened today because I have places to be. Skip glute work, save dips for later, and go right to abs. Today it’s 500 crunches. It’s a safe assumption dips and planks will happen later at November Project. Think about how crunches are like, the least effective of all the ab workouts, but do them anyway. Old habits.

No workout clothes are clean. Sniff test a few hamper items. Good enough to go.

The perils of working for a running store...
The perils of working for a running store…

I hate the smell of Body Glide in the morning, but I know the shower later will be rough without it. The joys of my “new, healthy body” = chafing! Everywhere!

One more bathroom trip. Hopefully.

5:22 AM — Out the door. Take trash and recycling with me as I go. See it’s no longer light out when I leave in the morning.

The sun'll come out...at some point probably.
The sun’ll come out…at some point probably.

Today’s workout plan is a few easy miles followed by a November Project workout.

I love that Central Park is PACKED by 5:30 AM. How cool is that?
I love that Central Park is PACKED by 5:30 AM. How cool is that?

5:30 AM — Running around the Reservoir. My happy place. I say that about a lot of places, but that 1.57-mile Reservoir loop really does feel like home.

I do not trust this lamppost one bit.
I do not trust this lamppost one bit.

5:32 AM — Swallow a bug while running. Gag a little.

5:35 AM — Signs of life! Finally see another runner. Oddly quiet in the park this morning. Runner is going the wrong way around the Reservoir. Dislike.

Stop to take a few photos for work. I do social media for my company, so I’m constantly taking pretty NYC photos to post on Facebook and Instagram.

ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK. I Instagrammed that.
ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK. I Instagrammed that.

5:40 AM — WTFlies???

5:53 AM — Need a bathroom. The tennis court ones are not open. WTF?

See the most amazing sunrise. The sun looks like a big, orange cookie. So delicious. Try to take photos. They don’t turn out as beautiful as real life.

It was so stunning in person, and it looks so stupid here.
It was so stunning in person, and it looks so stupid here.

6:08 AM — Bathroom stop. Annoying, but very necessary. Shakespeare in the Park, your bathrooms never let me down. Except that one time. People are already lined up for free Shakespeare in the Park tickets. Crazies.

Early birds catch the free stuff!
Early birds catch the free stuff!

6:11 AM — Time to head east. November Project time!

6:19 AM — Another bathroom stop, WTFFFFFF. So annoying. But thanks for being open, Panera. Realize I’m going to be late to November Project. The only thing for which I am never on time, I swear. I struggle.

Happy, shiny people in neon. Love this group so much. Join us!!!
Happy, shiny people in neon. Love this group so much. Join us!!!

NP workout is solid. We do a “figure eight” running loop, broken up by dips and lunges. I mostly stick with dips because I like them better and I’m lazy. This friend I’ve made at NP, Matt Powers, is a huge help during today’s workout. I’m a little tired, but he pushes me and motivates me, telling me to “push it on the straights,” and then looking back to check on me. He is such a wonderful force in my life right now, and I try to be more like him every day. Really. He’s like a giant burst of positivity and smiles.

Find meeeee! Hint: I'm not paying attention.
Find meeeee! Hint: I’m not paying attention.

7:28 AM — That’s a wrap on NP, and I have 8.2 miles in the bank for the day. Sweet.

Cute girls! Cute sweaty girls!
Cute girls! Cute sweaty girls!

Walk to 86th Street with NP friends. Do a quick check-in with Coach. Realize it’s getting late, so I run the rest of the way home.

NP = planking on the ground = permanent elbow/forearm roughness.
NP = planking on the ground = permanent elbow/forearm roughness.

Stop at CVS for chocolate milk supplies (I’m on a kick) and at the amazing Corner Bakery Cafe to buy a fancy scone for my coworker. “Can’t you taste these scones?” He ran 95 miles this past weekend. So he gets a scone. And so do I. Daily mileage rounds out to 8.5 miles.

7:50 AM — Finally back home. Time to make moves.

Walk in door. Immediately blast the AC. When Brian is away (he’s traveling for work all week), I never close the bathroom door, and it’s such a treat. The “I just came back from my run” routine is AC on, “Today” show on, shoes off, charge phone, scroll through Instagram, get a quick post up for work, make chocolate milk, sit naked on the couch with chocolate milk snack.

Hopefully you cannot see my reflection in the TV.
Hopefully you cannot see my reflection in the TV.

8:02 AM — Get in shower. Soundtrack is “phone on Shuffle.” A little Sarah McLachlan, a little Kate Havnevik (shout out to my obsessive “must download every Grey’s Anatomy song” days), a little Tiesto.

8:12 AM — Done showering. I have many types of showers: long shower, medium shower, short shower, quick rinse, sad shower, dance party shower. Today is medium shower. Shave legs (every day, no exceptions), but don’t wash hair (get it wet, rinse it out, but no shampoo or conditioner). Do you pee in the shower? It’s fine if you do. No judgments.

Super simple: a little under-eye stuff, a little "make my cheeks look not dead" stuff, and mascara. Boom roasted in 1.5 minutes flat.
Super simple: a little under-eye stuff, a little “make my cheeks look not dead” stuff, and mascara. Boom roasted in 1.5 minutes flat.

8:30 AM — Out the door with un-blow-dried hair, looking a bit sloppy for my liking.

8:33 AM — Finally make it out of the building. Damn elevator traffic. The perils of living on a high floor. Life is so hardddddd.

Today is an atypical day, work wise. Instead of scooting right to the office, I’m hitting up Central Park (again!) to take some photos for a work event later in the evening. I am not complaining.

8:54 AM — Still walking to get to photo location. Really sweaty. Bag is heavy. Hair definitely looks amazing. Skin is what we will call “dewy” and not “covered in sweat slime.”

8:58 AM — Walk past Shakespeare in the Park line. People are still waiting. And sleeping.


9:08 AM — Arrive at photo location. Maybe. I am suddenly confused. Take lots of photos anyway.

Not a bad workday.
Not a bad workday.

9:24 AM — Walk to second location. See a big film set being coordinated. Hear a familiar voice. See Jason Bateman!

K so fun story. Since the day we met, I have insisted that Brian looks just like Jason Bateman. He has resisted. Some people have said "meh, I kind of see it." So fancy THAT when I see Jason Bateman while Brian is traveling for work and I can just so easily replace him. So while J-Bates has a second alone on a bench, I walk over, say, "My boyfriend looks just like you!" And he says, "Your boyfriend sounds like a beautiful man." And I said, "HE IS! And so are you." And then I asked so kindly if we could take a photo together and he said sure and I snuggled up and now we're dating and I don't know how to tell Brian. It's so awkward, but it was a really easy transition for me.
K so fun story. Since the day we met, I have insisted that Brian looks just like Jason Bateman. He has resisted. Some people have said “meh, I kind of see it.” So fancy THAT when I see Jason Bateman while Brian is traveling for work and I can just so easily replace him. So while J-Bates has a second alone on a bench, I walk over, say, “My boyfriend looks just like you!” And he says, “Your boyfriend sounds like a beautiful man.” And I said, “HE IS! And so are you.” And then I asked so kindly if we could take a photo together and he said sure and I snuggled up and now we’re dating and I don’t know how to tell Brian. It’s so awkward, but it was a really easy transition for me.

9:28 AM — Take photo with Jason Bateman. Just another day.


9:32 AM — Got all the photos I need, plus a bonus shot.

9:34 AM — Decide today was a good day to keep an iPhone play-by-play.

9:36 AM — See a dirty diaper on the ground on the main drive in Central Park. What is wrong with people?

9:41 AM — British lady asks me for directions to the Apple Store. Love that I can give them to her.

Get on subway. Legs feel so sleepy. Marathon training!

9:54 AM — River of sweat aggressively flows down my lower back. Woman gets on subway wearing a cute maxi dress. Her hair is dried and curled, and she is drinking hot coffee. Nothing makes sense anymore. Effortless mystery bitch.

9:59 AM — Drop my phone as I get off the subway. I am effortlessly cool, too.

Commute westward from Union Square to office. The walk takes 5–7 minutes depending on my level of laziness. Everyone I pass is on their phones every morning. Today, that includes me. I am taking these notes.

10:00 AM — Catch my soggy reflection in the Taco Bell window as I pass. It terrifies me. I’m so beautiful. Keep moving.

10:04 AM — Arrive at work. Oh sweet air conditioning.

My office! Ish.
My office! Ish.

Dive right into all the work waiting for me.

11:07 AM — Weekly store manager’s meeting starts. This is the weekly meeting where the managers from the four different locations come together, plus some other people, and we talk about new items and sales and goals and marketing.

I have a key that opens that gate, and I'm terrified I'll actually have to use it one day.
I have a key that opens that gate, and I’m terrified I’ll actually have to use it one day.

There are seven dudes and two ladies at this meeting today. Very different from my last job which was all chicks, all the time. Also at my last job we had basically no meetings, and now I have lots of meetings.

12:40 PM — Meeting ends.

1:20 PM — Need lunch.

Get a sad salad from Chop’t. I never get salads, but today I want to be “healthy.” The topping selection is disappointing and the “bread” is a slice of limp pita. Luckily, coworker gets a brownie cookie from Potbelly, so when he isn’t looking, I eat most of it.

3:44 PM — Realize I have slacked on my daily diary here. It’s because I am very busy working.

4:12 PM — Stand up to get something. Remember I have severe underboob chafing. Whimper. Coworker asks what’s wrong. I say I can’t tell him. He says he lost a nipple running 95 miles this weekend. I ask him to show me. He says no. I do not offer to show him my wounds in return. I am glad we don’t have an HR department here. I don’t think I comply sometimes.

4:31 PM — Leave office to head to event in Central Park (for the third time of the day — a record for me, I assume!). Always pee before I leave, because it’s a long way home.

4:38 PM — Uptown 6 train pulls up as I’m entering the station and it’s empty and I get a seat! I still have underboob issues plaguing me, but at least I’m sitting.

I’m usually pretty glued to my phone during the commute, but I don’t want to drain my battery since I’ll need it all night and won’t have charging access. So I’m listening to music on airplane mode and am staring at people.

OH GOD I AM SO HOT THIS CAR FELT COOL WHEN I GOT ON AND NOW IT FEELS STEAMY AM I IN THE HOT CAR??? Nothing is worse than getting in the hot car in the summer. Also the smelly car. (If a train car is empty during a busy time, you didn’t “score.” Something’s up. You’ll realize it soon enough.)

4:48 PM — This has to be the hot car.

4:56 PM — Get off subway. Resist the Mr. Softee that is parked at my subway stop every single day. Immediately check email on phone. Think about how I need an unplugged vacation.

5:18 PM — Drop stuff at apartment real quick. Check email, do a few quick work things, accidentally eat an entire carton of jicama.

The world's most satisfying food.
The world’s most satisfying food.

“Friends” is on in the background. “James, James Brolin, are you sure?” Name that episode. I know you can.

5:32 PM — Back out the door for the Jack Cash Dash! It’s an event I helped coordinate and execute. We hid gift cards around Central Park and then posted clues about where to find them on social media. I was handling the social media aspect, and hiding some of the cards. I also had to run between locations, so add another half mile onto today’s total. It’s exhausting, but so fun.

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 5.50.57 PM
Hidden money!

7:10 PM — Tyler calls for some FaceTime fun, but I can’t talk. He asks, “Where’d Turkey go?” and it breaks my little heart. He thinks Brian’s name is Turkey.

7:24 PM — That’s a wrap on the #jackcashdash. Have a debrief call with coworker. We are super happy with how everything went.

7:36 PM — Quick FaceTime with Tyler! All he wants to know is “Where’s Turkey?” and I honestly don’t know, because he’s in Texas for work, so then Tyler jibberishes to me for a while and soon I have to hang up.

7:45 PM — Meet up with different coworker just outside the park. Walk for a while. Sit for a while. Chat for a while. See goats.


8:18 PM — Finally heading home. In a cab, on account of my laziness and exhaustion and lack of attention to credit card statements.

8:50 PM — Crappy dinner of chips and salsa and some buttered pasta. #nutrition I eat no vegetables and wish I had more jicama.

9:00 PM — Start working on some freelance stuff. Think about how I have taken on perhaps a bit too much and I am overwhelmed.

10:10 PM — Talk to Brian on the phone. Pick a fight with him for no reason other than the fact that I am stressed and that is obviously his fault. I am the best girlfriend.

10:17 PM — Best friend texts me. She is locked inside her apartment. Don’t know what that means, but am on my way to help. Luckily she lives close by. And I love her.

BFF throws her keys into the street from her fourth floor apartment. I am supposed to catch them? I fail. I run into the street to retrieve them. Also, it is raining.

Successfully get into BFF’s apartment. I am a superhero. My word, not hers, but it’s implied.

Haven’t seen BFF in practically a month, which is stupid. End up staying for almost an hour catching up, but still only scratch the surface of pertinent things we must discuss.

11:20 PM — Head back home.

Do a bit more work. Can’t function. Am starting to stress to the point of picturing myself back in the hospital with my Crohn’s problems. Think about all the stuff I didn’t get to today. Some work. Some extra work. Some personal.

Getting ready for the next day... (This is an old photo. I am not charging Brian's Garmin while he's away. Duh.)
Getting ready for the next day… (This is an old photo. I am not charging Brian’s Garmin while he’s away. Duh.)

11:37 PM — Say “screw it,” brush teeth, get into bed and pass out immediately.

So that’s a day for me. Typical in that it’s pretty go-go-go but is mostly fun-ish stuff. Atypical in the number of trips to Central Park and the extra late bedtime. Most weekdays I wake up at 4:30, but I try to be in bed by 10:30 PM.

Also, unrelated, but marathon training is going well and I’m not fast, but I want to be. And at the end of my run today, I fell on the sidewalk — my first running fall! — and I’m pretty nicely road rashed. Good times.

Do you have any questions? Sorry if this was so boring. You’re welcome if it was wicked entertaining.

Love youuuuu.



66 Responses

  1. I loved this post! Your life is pretty jam packed, and it was wickedly entertaining to hear all about a day in the life! Glad you’re back.

  2. Just had time to read this (bank holiday here!) and I laughed so hard. A weird but great post! Good to hear you are well enough to be back training.
    PS So jealous you met J Bateman.

  3. Love this post and can’t beleive how little sleep you have. i get up at 6 and have to be in bed for 10.30!!
    Also very green eyed on the amount of trainers you have. I have just got my first proper trainers (at least that is what my physico called them) and they are brooks and i love them. They cost sooo much but i love them.

  4. Its nice to know someone else has the same “social media” wake up routine as me 😉 and also has a similar routine from 4.30am till late jam packed. People say Im crazy I just think I am getting the most out of life! Thank you for making me feel normal.

  5. Seriously loved your Wednesday recap…it was wickedly amazing! Tried to find a November Project in Halifax, NS but apparently Canada isn’t cool enough to have one yet…not here anyway!
    Glad things are looking up! YOU ROCK!

  6. Wow, 4:30? I’m impressed. I thought I was pretty badass for running at 5:30, but you’ve got me beat! It’s awesome to hear about you in training and running again. Hope it continues to go successfully for you!

  7. I never comment but I am glad you are back! I keep checking for updates. Also, I’m exhausted just reading your post, I don’t know how you do it woman.

    1. Haha, well I don’t do it this intensely every day. Bedtime is usually closer to 10:30 than 11:30+, and I usually get to eat an actual dinner instead of sad chips.

    1. Noooo, no shame putting. Not every day is this wacky! This just turned out to be an exceptionally long day. I prefer slightly more mellow ones.

  8. shave your legs EVERY day??? haha, that’s crazy…granted I don’t have a boyfriend, but usually shave once a week. and then the best feeling is that silky smoothness after not shaving for a bit

  9. I now have more motivation to get up at 4:30. Thanks! As if 5:30 wasn’t early enough…I see that I can totally fit more into my morning! Glad you’re feeling good! Look for me on the Steamtown Volunteer line! Good luck!

      1. Yes please!!! I’m no where near ready to go after a full yet so I’ll be envious from the sidelines and cheer you guys on 🙂 Let’s totally meet!

    1. YUP. Crazy, right? It was cheaper to get a bundle package (land line + internet + cable) versus just cable and internet. Plus, we were CONSTANTLY dropping calls on our cell phones and it was so super annoying. Now I use a land line. So vintage!

  10. this exhausted me to read!! your days are jammed! and I thought mine were. heck! Nope 😉 I LOLed at this though too, you are hilarious! and yayyy for health and marathon training!!

  11. This was hilarious and made me laugh out loud at least 3 times. Good thing you didn’t tell Jason Bateman he looks like Turkey. And the running fall road rash will distract from your plank-induced forearm calluses.

  12. Since you asked, why yes, I do pee in the shower. I never used to, never even entertained the idea until I had kids…then when Baby #1 came along I had to multitask like a fiend, and peeing in the shower takes care of two things at once. Pee IS sterile, you know.

    1. I know, right? But I never want work to be the first thing I do on any given day. I neeeed my “me time” before I buckle down.

  13. Jason Bateman, Friends AND Matt Powers in one blog post!? Best ever 🙂

    – That creepy girl who actually used to work with Matt Powers and thinks he’s straight up awesome… as are you! 🙂

  14. Wow good for you for getting up at 430 AM! I cannot even imagine running at that hour. I’m all about the evening runs.

    The sun picture cracked me up. Just yesterday I saw this beautiful sunset and the sun looked big and orange…I take a picture and it looks absolutely nothing like it. damn.

    Very cool pic with Jason Bateman! I have never stumbled across a celebrity before but I’m sure I’d be starstruck haha. Where is that path in your picture you took for your photo shoot in Central Park? I live in NJ but sometimes go to NYC to run and I always want to explore new paths 🙂

    1. I see these people with BEAUTIFUL sunrise photos on Instagram and I don’t get it. Am I just a bad iPhone photo taker? Am I doing it wrong? Whatever. Stunning in real life.

      As for the path, it’s on the west side, around 72nd Street!

  15. Your day exhausts me! Question – what is this Shakspeare in the park?! Is it during the day? Why are people there so early… And sleeping?! Do famous actors participate? I just don’t get the big draw. We have Shakspeare in the park (Columbus, OH – woo!)… But clearly it’s not the same thing!

  16. I laughed at the stinky subway car and mr softee references. Yep. I concur.

    I never even thought of this but with all the runners that come thru your store I wonder if there is a community bulletin board (online or offline) with recommendations for sports injury docs. 🙂 I’m on the hunt for one. Thanks for making jackrabbit an even cooler store. They are lucky to have your creative social media mind.

    1. We are in the process of revamping our website (yay, much needed!) and one of the big features is going to be a directory of professional resources (physical therapists, orthos, etc.). Wish I could produce one for ya right now, but it’s coming! (In the meantime, I can personally recommend Dr. Mark Klion at Manhattan Orthopedic on the Upper East Side. He’s awesome, but doesn’t take most insurance, I think.)

  17. I loved reading about your day. Reminded me of my single days (no husband or kids) living in NYC. It is such an amazing city.

  18. Nice to see you’re blogging again. Your daily diary made me miss NYC very much but:

    1) How can you NOT love Chop’t?! It’s my favorite salad place ever.

    2) Jason Bateman – very cool

    3) I thought I was the only person who could eat an entire container of jicama. it’s yum!

    Happy training!

    1. I was soooo super bummed about Chop’t! I thought it would be awesome but I was so disappointed! You know what never lets me down, though? Jicama. Housed a pint today pre-lunch.

      1. i am with you. something ABOUT chopt doesn’t work for me. I think the lettuce is too wet. First World Problems, but we have so many salad choices in the 212!

  19. You rock! I’m a firm believer that I read things I need to hear and I appreciate your down to earth honesty. You made my day. Thank you!

    1. I read this comment to my coworker and he acted like it’s no big thing. Apparently this has happened to him like three times. “I was wearing nipple guards, but one fell off and I was too sweaty to stick it back on,” he said. I have tried to peek at his chestal area, but I’m worried about getting fired or arrested. He says it has “already grown back.” I don’t understand at all and frankly, without a visual, this story sucks. I’m sorry.

  20. I’ve been waiting for you to update 🙂 (Tried to figure out a less creepy way to say this and failed). I’m training for my first marathon currently, and your blog has been a great source of inspiration when frustrated/sad. 🙂

    1. It’s not creepy, it means we are best friends. YAY for training for your first 26.2! There is truly nothing like marathon #1. You’re going to love it. Enjoy every step of the way, from training to the finish line!

  21. “9:54 AM — River of sweat aggressively flows down my lower back. Woman gets on subway wearing a cute maxi dress. Her hair is dried and curled, and she is drinking hot coffee. Nothing makes sense anymore. Effortless mystery bitch.”

    Dying. Dead.

      1. I was also going to comment on “effortless mystery bitch.” It made me LOL. Every time I am in NYC in warm weather I am a sweaty, grungy mess. How anyone looks nice in NYC in the summer is beyond me.

        Anyway, I think you will love Steamtown. I haven’t done it but pretty much everyone I know has, and raves about it. Get ready for some serious downhill miles! I am doing the still-downhill-but-not-as-extremely-downhill Wineglass Marathon in upstate NY the weekend before Steamtown.

        1. Hahaha I’m so glad you all enjoyed my vivid description of this anomaly woman. I hate her. I love her. I want to be her but also I want to punch her. She set the standards too high!

  22. When Phoebe’s covering for Rachel and says she’s pregnant and James Brolin is the father. C’mon, at least give us a hard one. 😉

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