My Great Escape

This is a “15 Thing Friday,” if you will.

I had a post ready to go that ended up being just another “I have Crohn’s and I hate it so much every day lately” update. Boooooring at this point, right? And darn repetitive. And exhausting.

One thing that’s more fun than writing about Crohn’s and sickness and bathrooms is making lists! So that’s what we will do today.

1. I had this grand plan brewing for a few weeks. I was going to ship the April issue at work (“ship the issue” = finalize all the pages and send them to the printer, woo woo!) and then use up almost all of my vacation days to take two-ish weeks off. I was going to go up to New Hampshire to let my mom cook my meals, I was going to swing through Vermont to meet Lauren‘s new little friend and I was going to visit with my BFF Tyler.


I wanted to use my time off to relax, not think about work for a little while and just focus on myself and my health and getting back to life somehow.

But then it just kept being so cold, and I was over it. You understand.

Grey skies are gonna clear up…?

So I called my parents a few days before I was supposed to bundle up and head further north, and suggested an alternate plan: “Let’s meet somewhere warm instead.”


I figured if I could get on a plane and survive a three-day work trip to Minneapolis a few weeks ago, I could survive a plane ride to somewhere tropical.

My parents were on board. So we met in the Bahamas and the three of us spent four days doing absolutely nothing. It was fantastic.

Doing nothing. Dad is drinking Scotch.
Doing nothing. Dad is drinking Scotch.

2. This was supposed to be the “cheapest trip ever.” Flights were dirt cheap, plus I had a JetBlue credit that took the cost down even more. We stayed at a pretty lame all-inclusive resort (wouldn’t recommend it, though the beach was just fine), so we didn’t spend any money once we got there.

But, FYI, the Bahamas is an international trip. So you need a passport. And I realized two days before my flight that mine expired last year.

This is the line you wait in if you need a new passport ASAP. There are no bathrooms outside, FYI.
This is the line you wait in if you need a new passport ASAP. There are no bathrooms outside, FYI.

I was up at 5 AM last Wednesday to go to a 24-hour FedEx, get new passport photos taken, and then hoof it all the way downtown to stand in line for a few hours to get an expedited passport. The process was actually pretty painless — I made a few friends who would hold my spot in line every time I had to jump out to use the bathroom, which was four times — though it ran me $170. Ouch.

3. The trip did not cure me. Daaaamnit. I thought maybe the warm weather and relaxation would be the ultimate healer, but that wasn’t the case. Worth a shot, though!

This seems better than any side effect-filled drug, no?
This seems better than any side effect-filled drug, no?

4. I abandoned all forms of social media while I was away, and it was awesome. I had no desire to turn my phone back on and plug back in when my plane landed back at JFK, and I’ve been operating part-time in airplane mode since touchdown. Being out of touch has been very, very nice and I like it.

5. Since getting nice and ill, I’ve watched a lot of television. “Breaking Bad” lived up to all that hype, though “Scandal” frustrates me to no end. It’s so over the top. I find Olivia Pope to be pathetic (I can’t idolize a chick who sleeps with a married man, sorryyyyyy), President Fitz is disgusting, and Cyrus and Vice President Sally will always be Meredith Grey’s parents to me. But I’m all caught up and I’m still watching, so…I guess I don’t hate it that much. Plus, I like Abby’s hair.

I have also discovered “Say Yes to the Dress,” which I cannot believe is a show that exists. Are these people for real? The brides are so horrible and their friends and family members are worse. Yikes.

Another show I started watching is “Cutthroat Kitchen.” I love it.

Oh, and I know every commercial on TV right now. I hate the Humira, Stelara and Crohn’s disease ones. I like the State Farm one where the guy’s car breaks down on the highway and his mom shows up instead of his insurance company, because when the little kid goes “Dad, look who it is!” I laugh every time. I love that kid. He could kick the crap out of that lame “E-Hawmony” girl.

I should read more books…

6. Does anyone know if baggy jeans are coming back in style anytime soon? I’m over the skinny jeans, sausage-chic look. I just can’t pull it off. But baggy, classic Limited Too-style jeans with a nice, thick waistband? Let’s all get on board. Fashion people, make this happen for me.

This was a pretty standard sixth grade outfit for me: baggy Limited Too jeans (cropped out, boo!), a giant Elmo T-shirt (WTF?) and a leotard underneath because I had a 3:30 dance class every day after school and god forbid people aren't aware I HAVE DANCE LATER. Also the slicked-back hair, because DANCE LATER.
This was a pretty standard sixth grade outfit for me: baggy Limited Too jeans (cropped out, boo!), a giant Elmo T-shirt (WTF?) and a leotard underneath because I had a 3:30 dance class every day after school and god forbid people aren’t aware I HAVE DANCE LATER. Also the slicked-back hair, because DANCE LATER.

7. I like Ryan Seacrest. I think he is very professional and he is good at his job. He seems like a hard worker.

8. I don’t like monograms. People go crazy for that shit, but I like my letters to be in order. I don’t want one big letter in the middle. Can’t do it.

9. I also don’t like limos. They’re awkward. I don’t like sliding across all the seats to get in and out, and I don’t like riding sideways. Also, if you’re in a limo, you’re probably dressed up, and that makes it more difficult to shimmy in.

10. The lease on our apartment is up April 15. We will most likely stay, because after two years here we still have three boxes left unpacked, but we are entertaining the idea of moving, and we’re going to look at apartments on Saturday. They aren’t in NYC. Curveball!

I call this my backyard.
I call this my backyard.

11. Before I left for the Bahamas, I went for a walk in the park.

My favorite strip in Central Park! It connects my two happy places: Engineers' Gate and the spot where I filmed my JackRabbit commercial. Happy memories! Also it's a flat stretch, which is really nice during Central Park races.
My favorite strip in Central Park! It connects my two happy places: Engineers’ Gate and the spot where I filmed my JackRabbit commercial. Happy memories! Also it’s a flat stretch, which is really nice during Central Park races.

This was a big deal. I hadn’t set foot in Central Park since my last run, which was on November 28. Three months ago. Yikes. It was really really nice to catch up with Bernie.

On the bench with Bernie!
On the bench with Bernie!

12. It’s been more than a year now since my last haircut. My hair is such a gnarly mess at this point that I can barely get a brush through it most days. Top knots are my only salvation.

So much hair. Just don't care.
So much hair. Just don’t care. On this day, I had washed, conditioned, brushed, blow dried and straightened it. Hasn’t happened since…

13. Brian and I went on a date last night! It had been a while since this had happened. I’ve been sick, then I was in Minneapolis, and then he was on a work trip and then went to “bike training camp” in Arizona, and then I went to the Bahamas, and our trips kept overlapping and hooray for Skype and Face Time. Last night, Brian brought me flowers and we went out to dinner at a very lovely restaurant. I wore sweatpants and a headband and had to use the restaurant bathroom four times throughout the course of our meal, but still, we went out! Romance in the time of Crohn’s disease is not dead!

It's an old picture, and this is not what I wore out last night, but I was very sick at the time of this photo, too, so it all makes perfect sense.
It’s an old picture, and this is not what I wore out last night, but I was very sick at the time of this photo, too, so it all makes perfect sense. And in case you forgot what Brian looks like, here he is.

14. My blogging days are probably coming to an end soon. I loved blogging when I started and got to write about running and fun things all the time. But now life is a lot of Crohn’s and not much else, and that was never the plan, and writing about being sick isn’t much fun for me. I even bore myself most of the time, so if you’re still reading, I can only imagine how you feel! I have a few more things I want to say, but I’m feeling almost ready to retire Ali On The Run.

Happier times!
Happier times! Everything in bloom!

If/when I stop blogging, I will miss you, so I’ll make sure the apartment Brian and I find is big enough to accommodate all of us and we can have sleepovers every night. Bring ice cream…to go with all the melty cheese you all already promised to bring to our party. Because really, the best part of blogging is the making friends part (I’m very, very serious about that).

15. Something magical did happen on the last day in Nassau. Did I forget to mention this? Weird. It was monumental.

My parents and I went on little (seriously little, like five-minute-long little) walks every morning, but I was determined to do more.

The walks were so strenuous, we had to take breaks to sit on chair-swings.
The walks were so strenuous, we had to take breaks to sit on chair-swings.

So on the last morning, I set out to run one lap of this makeshift track I found near the resort.

I “ran” one lap, and then I went to the bathroom, and then I ran another lap! And then I went to the bathroom. I ran one final lap, went to the bathroom again, and then ran back to the resort.


Whoa, Rudolph! Yes, I wear a ton of sunscreen, and yes, my nose still burns on Day 1, every time. It's already peeling.
Whoa, Rudolph! Yes, I wear a ton of sunscreen, and yes, my nose still burns on Day 1, every time. It’s already peeling.

As expected, it was slow and weird and I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. But I smiled like a fool the whole time, which makes it a great success.

Go ahead and celebrate accordingly. I did, by drinking a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri by the pool later that day.

And that brings us to the end. Did you really read all that? Well hey, thanks! Be my best friend.

BE MY BEST FRIEND BY TALKING BACK: Tell me a random fact about you today! Join the fun! Make your own list if that’ll make you happy! I just love you and miss you when we don’t talk every day like we used to.



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  1. wow jealous of your trip to the bahamas!! I went to atlantis back in like, 2004, and it was amazing. Would love to go back some day.

    Random fact about myself: I was born in Paraguay in South America, and will be going back to visit this summer, along with going to Rio De Janeiro for some World Cup action!

  2. Alternate suggestion to quitting blogging: change your blog title to Ali on the Runs and just go with it. When you’re running and healthy again, drop the “s.” (Sorry, my IBS- which I’m sure is a treat compared to what you deal with everyday- has made me prone to poo jokes.)

    I would also be sad if you quit! Your honesty is refreshing, and you make a lot of “Friends” references.

  3. Please don’t go! I just adore you and your blog and look forward to the day when you are healthy many many many days in a row. I get it, but please. So You Think You Can Dance is starting soon. 🙂
    Also, can we still buy I Heart Sweat shirts to support Crohn’s research? I’ve been reading through your archives, and I want one!

  4. Hi Ali, I’m fairly new to your blog – but have loved reading all your posts. I think you’ve been such a great inspiration in the IBD community. I have recently started a blog where I write about my Crohn’s Disease and living with an Ileostomy and I’m constantly inspired by your upbeat attitude and honest accounts of what you’re going through. After reading most of the comments on this post, I can see how much people are really connecting to you. It would be really sad to see you go… 🙁

  5. If you loved Breaking Bad, you simply must watch True Detective. OMG… It’s fantastic!

    My blog is vastly different from yours- I started it to help me cope with grief. A year later, I am no longer in that terrible place, and I firmly believed that I had become boring, and should walk away. Thanks to the encouragement of some good friends, however, I now feel otherwise. I really believe that blogs are journals of sorts- a place where we can express ourselves- our joy, our pain, whatever. Journals and blogs should be a reflection of where we are at in our lives, and we never stay in one place. Life is constantly evolving. Your life has clearly changed since you started blogging, and there’s nothing wrong with your blogging changing to reflect that. We don’t read your words because you write about fun things- we read them because YOU are captivating- sick or not. All this to say that I hope you don’t stop blogging. You would be missed. 🙂

  6. OMG!!! No more blog? Holy crap, I LOVE reading anything u write, Ali!! Oh, and a fun (although weird fact) I also had that cool Elmo shirt (in my 20’s). I also have him tattooed on my left shoulder (he was my 1st). LOL So awesome that u ran, u continue to be inspirational, even though u don’t feel like u are. What kind of ice cream should I bring? Have u heard of the new Ben & Jerry’s core flavors? 😀

  7. As a mom to a daughter a year or two younger then you who has Crohn’s your blog has been a wealth of information and comfort and encouragement these last several years. I have been impressed how well you have handled your situation and you shouldn’t feel bad about being down about it now and again. Your followers are rooting for you and would love to keep up with your happenings. You will be very missed if you stop blogging.

  8. So first, I’ll say that I’m really sad you’re going to stop blogging. I feel like I’ve been on a long journey with you – I’ve been a reader since you’re first year I think! But I also think you are so brave for everything you’ve been able to be so honest about here. You’ll always have support here if you need it and we’re all rallying for you to be 100% healthy and happy!

    Second, your Bahamas picture is beautiful. I’m going to Puerto Rico next Friday for 8 days and I have SO MANY LISTS I can’t even handle it and I’m so excited, I could do cartwheels around my office.

    Finally, I totally get the whole hair slicked back, massive tshirt over the leo thing. #dancerproblems

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  9. Ali, I don’t run anymore, I I have zero interest in reading running blogs, but you are the only one that I kept in my feed! Love your style and attitude. I will miss you dearly!!

  10. I’ve never commented but wanted to tell you I love your blog and the way you write – it’s so darn funny – I don’t want you to stop blogging because I would never know if you and Brian get married! Hope that’s not weird but I just love your story of how you got together with him! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. I’m sad to hear Ali On Thee Run is going to be winding down, especially since you were one of the very first blogs I read and also partially why I started blogging. So thank you for that. I will soak up every single lastt post you’ve got coming, and I truly hope you can kick Chrohns ass, no pun intended.
    I’m glad you got to experience some sunshine and warmth, plus a little running to boot.

  12. I hope you get better soon and that you keep blogging. So what if you’re not talking about running. There are so many interesting topics besides running. You could fill every blog with Tyler pictures and we’d be happy! I’ll read whatever you want to write about.

  13. Ali, I just want you to know that I admire you and your blog so much! I All l I want is for you to GET BETTER! I am a GI nurse and thereby hate Crohn’s and its destructiveness! However, I have to tell you that I truly believe you are here to help people have a better understanding as to how life altering and debilitating Crohn’s can be! Nobody really understands chronic illness until they themselves are going through it or know someone who is. (Note, this is where you come in ;)) The effects it has on EVERY aspect of one’s life. This is not to say that you have to be the spokesperson for Crohn’s but maybe, just maybe, you are here to show others, “Hey I am living this and it is so difficult, but you know what, it is ok to feel frustrated, defeated and pissed off sometimes. And to show people that in the face of all of this adversity there are a few good days mixed in. Example, you kept on running those laps despite having to stop multiple times. Most people would have said screw it but you DIDN’T!! In fact as I read it, I actually thought, How in the F*** did she keep running?!! Who does that?! ;0) In my opinion, blogging (and social media in general) needs more realness and you provide that for us. In fact, you have inspired me to talk about things I NEVER would have prior to reading your blog. But really, what the hell do I know?

  14. Don’t stop blogging! You are not boring, you want boring, read my blog (seriously, it’s godawful).

    Side note: up until about a minute ago I had no idea that Brian produced my companies commercials. I was just on their site and saw the Jack Rabbit spots and pieced it all together. We haven’t met yet, I just took over here, but am working with Lizzy. Small world!

  15. Ok, here’s my list:

    1) No. You can’t quit blogging. Just NO!
    2) I wish I had been in the Bahamas this weekend instead of running around in the craptastic storm that hit CA. Aren’t we supposed to be all sunshiney all the time around here? Yes, I’m whining ‘cuz I’m a sissy.
    3) Did I mention that you can’t quit blogging? Ok, just checking.

  16. Love the list! I would also hate to see you stop blogging. Although you feel like you are boring, talking about being sick, you under estimate how much your story & the way you handle everything helps other people including myself. Best of luck!

  17. Hi, it always makes me sad to read when another blog is ending, especially one as great as yours. But I know it’s time consuming and it can be a major drag when you no longer have the passion to do it so I completely understand.

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you’re doing and know that you have inspired many people, including myself. Thanks and best wishes!


  18. You talking about not blogging makes me want to CRY.

    Dramatic? Yes. But your first marathon recap and basically ALL your posts made me fall in love with running, living, the whole she-bang of life. Adore everything about “Ali on the Run” even it sometimes it has to just be “Ali on the couch, hanging out, hating scandal and loving Grey’s Anatomy” (which, AGREE.)

    Other than that, I love all the bullet points. I’m SO glad you went on a trip and relaxed a little. You totes deserve it, and you are seriously looking great girl!

  19. Please don’t give up on blogging! Have faith that your life will return to normal eventually. This is only a season. Hang in there….it’s the marathon of life…

  20. I love lists too!!!
    1-I will seriously miss you blog…I get excited every time I see a new post.
    2-If there are sleepovers I will come all the way from Canada with yummy Canadian cheese
    3-I friggin love those state farm commercials!
    4-I am 7 sleeps away from a warm vacation
    5-Since you love dance (me too!) have you ever watched the australian show Dance Academy? (yes, it’s true I’m a total nerd)
    6-YOU ROCK and I’m so happy about your 20 minute run while away!
    7-I love your zebra pants…amazing!
    8-Amen on the 2 bathrooms thing…it’s a life changer
    9-Did I mention I will really miss your blogging but do understand why you feel you wanna take a break.
    10-Totally had the same oversized t-shirt except mine had Grover on it in 6th grade!

  21. Random #1: I took a trip to the Bahamas with my parents for spring break one year when we all needed a break. Nothing matters but the beach 🙂
    Random #2: I took a 2.44 mile walk in the rain today since I can’t exercise “properly” right now because I’m recovering from eye surgery. Gotta take what I can get.
    Not-so-random: I love that you smile so much.

  22. What I love about Olivia Pope – her wardrobe, especially the jackets. I’ll always be a Grey’s fan first and Chicago Fire is pretty awesome, I mean, firemen.

    I hope you don’t stop blogging completely but I totally get it!

  23. Well… I get it just like everyone else has said I’d miss your posts but i know how much it sucks to try to blog while you’re sick. I’m stocking up on cheese and fro-yo so let me know when you have a place that has room cause I’m buying footie jammies and bringing myself back to NYC (or wherever you are) so we can be Chronsing together. Or in dairy bliss. 🙂

    Hugs to you and Brian!

  24. We stayed at that resort too! It was a fluke 65 degrees everyday though, so I’m glad you had warmer weather! I hate monogram letter placement as well, and my mom has a professional monogramming machine and gives me towels ALL.THE.TIME with it! My random thing is True Detective it’s an AMAZING show and I can’t get enough of it!

    1. Follow up: saw your comment about Breezes, it was rundown when we went 5 years ago! But the beach was absolutely beautiful, although you usually enjoyed it sans a clean towel!

      1. WHAT THE F WITH THE TOWELS??? It was so beyond frustrating. We got into the habit of stealing them from the “fitness center” and stashing a ton in our dresser drawers so we’d never be without. Such a silly problem though, and EVERYONE was complaining about it.

  25. I hope you don’t stop blogging, I love your blog. I love it because even though you may feel you don’t have much to say, you still make it very interesting, Unlike other bloggers who do things that may seem interesting but convey them in a very boring or sometimes jerky way. I’m happy when i see you have a new blog up.
    Anyway, have you ever seen Awakening on HBO? It only lasted a few seasons but I found it to be very inspirational. It was wonderful. Also, Bored to Death (only three seasons). Those are the very best shows if you ever need to watch something new.
    My random thought is: Since I accidentally left my shrimp tempura sushi out all last night, if I put it back in the fridge, will the coldness get rid of any germs? The shrimp is cooked, do I really have to throw it away? Maybe I will just eat the rice. Or throw it away.
    Hope you feel better with new weather coming our way.

    1. 1. I don’t have HBO. Sad Ali and her sad cable package.
      2. Um…don’t eat the sushi.
      3. Am I too late? Did you eat the old sushi?
      4. ARE YOU ALIVE?

      1. I didn’t even get the name of the show right – it is Enlightened. You’d think I’d remember a favorite show’s name. You can also buy the episodes. Weirdly season one is double the price of season two on Amazon.
        I am alive also because the only thing worse than iffy shrimp is dry, hard rice.
        They need to give you a better sitting arrangement at that infusion of yours!! It looks like such a shitty chair, no?

  26. I totally understand if you want to stop blogging, but like everyone else, I’d be really sad. I’ve loved your blog for a long time, even on the dark days. But I’d get it totally.

    Your trip looks brilliant. Fab idea, just what you needed.

    1. You’ve always been one of my very best and favorite commenters <3 I'm not going anywhere just yet. So don't YOU leave MEEEEEE yet!

  27. I just went through the hardest week yet with Crohn’s. I was pretty sure I was knocking on death’s door a few times. I had my first few real night sweats where the flood gates opened up and I woke up like WTH!!!!! It made me think of you and your many posts about having to change the sheets in the middle of the night. I finally got my Humira starter kit in the mail after a 3 month wait, which is why I started Crohnsing so bad. They wanted me to wait for an RN to administer the loading way. I did all 4 myself. Good news, I feel a little better. I don’t mind reading your “I have Crohns and feel like crap” posts. It helps to know that we aren’t alone. I really hope you start to find relief soon!!

  28. Random fact: your blog is at the top of my blog reader… so of course I would be super bummed if you stopped blogging! I would understand, but still…. I just love your sarcasm and wit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this stupid condition will stop screwing with your life. btw, I have a friend with Crohns and she had a surgery which seemed to give her quite a bit of relief (but I’m sure you’ve looked at all of those options).
    Anyhow, it’s always great to see pics of your view in the city, since it is so different from my view in Ohio. Hang in there – and I’ll keep checking my blog reader for you! (not that I’m a creeper or anything. ha!)

  29. I also have Crohns and run. I love reading your blog and will am sad to hear you’ll be quitting. I totally understand thought and hope you find relief soon! It’s been nice knowing someone makes as many bathroom stops on a run as me!

  30. Like everyone else I will be super sad if you stop blogging, would hate not knowing how you were doing, as strange/stalky as that might sound! Great move going to the Bahamas instead of north, we are escaping CT soon for a few days in Puerto Rico #sosickofwinter!

    Random fact about me – I learned at dinner with my sister last night that she, my brother and my mom have all had pre-cancerous polyps….so I am now motivated to go schedule that colonoscopy I have been putting off….eek!

    Good luck with the apartment search and decision process!

  31. I kind of want to believe that Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy exist in the same world and Ellis and Thatcher were secret government spies or something.

    I’m always happy when a post from you pops up in my Feedly. I’ll be bummed if you leave, but I never delete subscriptions so I suppose I’ll be the first to know if you come back!

      1. AND Cooper from Private Practice is (oh crap I think you said you’re caught up, if not, spoiler alert) working for Sally. SAME UNIVERSE.

  32. YEAH for the run !! And I wish you lots of other ones in the near future.
    Even if I understand the reasons why you are thinking to stop blogging, it would be so sad. Ok, lately, it wasn’t about fun stuff, but, I assure you it was never boring. It seems to me we are in the journey with you. Yes it was fun when you were writing about fun things, but, life is not always fun and you shared that with us. It is brave and inspiring. And I don’t even have to say your writing is always so good !
    Also, how will I know about your future great return to running ? And about your kick Crohn’s ass medicine ? I don’t live in NYC so we can’t be BFF (2nd place after Tyler, of course 😉 )…. So… Yes, I would be so sad.

    Lastly, to add to the “what to watch” list : “Top of the lake”. It is weird but addicting.

    Have a good day 🙂

  33. It’s because of you that I learned about first of the month traditions and said “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” out loud to my mum, (and subsequently learned the response is “hare, hare, hare” – random!)

    So, with that in mind, your blog is clearly educational and it would be a travesty if you stopped posting. Also, how will we know when you get healthy and run a sub-3:30 marathon? Because this WILL happen one day.

  34. I will be monumentally sad if you stop blogging. I’m not sure how many people you touch by sharing your story. I love reading your running stories, but it’s the Crohn’s stories that keep me coming back. Don’t go. Don’t. Go.

  35. Bahamas was a better choice than VT because it so cold here. Have you watched Homeland or Suits? Both really good, especially for those of us who spend lots of time on the couch.

  36. everyone’s all like nooo don’t stop the blogging but i’m all like whaaat don’t leave new york! who will be your funny man? anthony doesn’t travel for people, myself included. and that’s the truth! so, um, don’t leave, k? 🙂

  37. I had a nurse take my blood pressure today just because I wanted to know what it was since I spend a lot of my day looking at other people’s vital signs. My blood pressure was 111/62.

    I’m still trying to get a nurse or anesthesiologist to give me a 500 cc bolus of fluids at work because I’m usually dehydrated and want to know what getting IV fluids feels like.

    Strange, I know.

  38. I’m so glad to hear you say that about Scandal! I watched the first episode and couldn’t believe that was the show everyone was raving about…

  39. I will definitely miss your posts, but I definitely understand. I remember finding your blog before my junior year of high school. Now I’m in college and I can’t believe just how long it has been. My fact is that I remember one post you did a while ago when you said you had no desire to do a triathlon. I thought I was completely with you until I somehow decided they might be fun. Soon enough I was on my school’s tri team.
    Thanks for the great posts these past few years!

  40. Random; My kid’s goat had a kid. It’s without doubt the cutest thing on the planet at the moment.
    Id miss your blog.

  41. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and as a nurse (and fitness enthusiast) it has really given me some awesome insight into the real life of someone living with Crohn’s. You are such a talented writer and I have enjoyed reading every word. Be well 🙂

  42. Random Fact: I went to a tiny house mixer last night and today I found an awesome empty lot for super cheap and am determined to build a tiny house. Related in that I might be moving at some point too!

  43. I could totally understand the desire to quit blogging — if for no other reason than wanting to be able to live and love and grow and struggle with your disease and survive and heal in private. I have loved your blog for a long time — it was the first blog that I started reading when I moved to New York City three years ago — but I know that, even if you decide to quit blogging, you will put your writing talent to good use elsewhere!

    And with respect to Scandal, I mean, can we all just agree that Fitz is the worst? He is seriously just THE WORST, right?

  44. Please don’t quit blogging 🙁 I look forward to reading your posts every time there’s a new one. I always hope they include you feeling better and running 🙂 I love hearing that you got to run. I know you’ll begin to feel better. Everything takes time even if it’s already been too long. If you do decide to leave us you should still update us on things every once in a while 😉

  45. Please don’t stop blogging!!!!

    I am obsessed with say yes to the dress! I became addicted during my trip to America last year. I was sick for 4 days straight in LA so got a good dose of trashy American reality TV we just don’t get in Australia. Love it!

  46. Aww I will be really sad if you stop blogging, but I also understand. It’s hard if it isn’t fun anymore! Your blog was actually what inspired me to start my own – you were the first running related blog I found. I hope that you end up doing exactly whatever it is you want! (and Olivia Pope = so frustrating)

  47. Ok a list for you!
    1 – Please don’t go! I mean, I would understand (I quit social media 3 months ago and love it), but I would also really miss your blog.
    2 – So jealous of your Bahamian vacation. I’ve been dying to escape this weather, but we just can’t afford the time/cost right now. 🙁
    3 – I did take a personal day today so I could catch up on the rest of my life…ran, yoga’d, ran errands, did the bills, did laundry, and deep cleaned our house (for 5 hours!). And now that those minor things are done, I just feel so much better about the rest of my life.
    4 – I’m thinking about getting a coach for this year. Did you like yours? I had a sfx last fall and I’m just getting back into things…but I want PRs in the fall. I could use some help.

    Ok, that’s probably enough list making. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I loved my coach! It was really helpful having one since I was training for my first marathon at the time and would’ve been totally clueless without his guidance and constant therapy sessions (poor guy). I think it’s important to work with a coach who understands you, your goals, your limitations and your mindset/attitude. If you’re a girl who’s motivated by tough love, get a tough coach. If you want someone who will pat you on the back after every workout and assure you that a “good try” was good enough, then find someone who will work with you in that capacity. It’s really important to have a strong working dynamic and, in my opinion, to genuinely like and respect each other. Wishing you many PRs this fall!

  48. Noooooooooo. I like your blog too much-I will be so sad when I cannot live vicariously through you and your accomplishments! I always hear you mentioning that you are jealous of others who get to run, so know that today someone is jealous that you could run. And yoga, ugh, my jealousy boils over. I’ve had a crazy leg injury where I’ve barely been able to walk for a month so run one for me!

    1. Noooooo, I don’t like that you have a leg injury 🙁 Ugh. I will carry you around. I will throw you on my back while I do crow pose. But seriously, wishing you a super speedy recovery and hoping you’re back at it all soon. <3

  49. Please don’t go!!! Random fact, I grew up with a pet skunk. She was sweet and would sleep on me but really; they are not meant to be domesticated pets.

  50. Seriously so happy you were able to go somewhere warm with people you love. Good decision! And I watched one episode of Scandal and wasn’t interested…so, with you on that I suppose.

    Random Fact: I changed into my soccer/basketball practice tops before school was out in 6th grade so people would KNOW I was a serious athlete. So special, so 12-years-old.

    Totally understand the blogging phasing out thoughts, but, like everyone else, it will be sad. You’ve always been my fave.

    Walks + running laps + vacations= vast improvement! Rooting for you.

  51. Don’t go! Your blog makes me literally crack up every time I read it. You are seriously HILARIOUS and it always brighten my day when I read your posts… even though you say that your posts are about you complaining, I don’t take it that way at all. Your posts are REAL. And hysterically funny. I love your sense of humor! I’d be sad if Ali on the Run was no more.

  52. Maybe we can just call it a blogging break? I understand your reasoning (though I don’t think all these people still reading your blog would be doing so if we found you boring…) but you can’t leave us now — how many people are anxiously awaiting the post where you finally feel better? I am so sure it’s coming — don’t quit us before then!

  53. Don’t quit!! On anything! You inspire many of us diseased colon folk.

    Also, Ryan Seacrest is very hard-working. I spent the day with him once, and although he was working on a shoot for my company, he was multi-tasking making calls about his radio show and Idol all while still being concerned and considerate for the crew that was on our shoot.

  54. Long time reader…but have never commented before. Just wanted to echo everyone else – understand if it’s time for you to stop blogging, but I’ll be sad to see you go!

  55. I love that you went on a spontaneous trip with your parents to the Bahamas! and I am equally jealous 😉 but you deserve it!! I love that you hate limos and the reasons why, I don’t mind them but I have to sit facing forward or it won’t be pretty, so I am not a huge fan either, or of the shimmy. I love cutthroat kitchen but my heart belongs to Chopped 😉 I sadly like SYTTD, but only bc it’s like a trainwreck, you just have to watch. and I am not even a ‘bride person!’ kinda weird. Anyway, I hope you continue feeling better and better and that you stick around in some way, insta, twitter, or here, love to keep in touch. XOXO

    1. SISTER!!! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU STILL READ MY BLOG. This comment was so exciting for me. I, too, love “Chopped,” which is further proof that I am a long-lost twin.

  56. Random fact: I used to have a pet raccoon (only because his mother was killed and he was too little to survive on his own) that preferred to eat scrambled eggs and sit on my dad’s hat. We had to release him into the wild once his raccoony antics got to be too much for domesticated living (read: he pooped everywhereee). His name was Rascal, and quite fittingly so.

    1. You’re so lucky. We had a raccoon living in our backyard/trash cans when I was little, but my parents wouldn’t let me play with it. Something about “Rabies,” I don’t know. I’m jealous you and Rascal had so many good times together.

  57. Obviously I will be way sad if you stop blogging, but I have a feeling I’ll still talk to you 🙂 If you do stop blogging, could you please promise me to send me pictures from our childhood every so often? Thanks! Speaking of childhood pics I need some of us for my Team Challenge page!! Otherwise I’ll have to post Will Smith from the green photo album. hehe Love you!

  58. Ali – I have been stalking your blog for months now, and while I don’t think I have ever commented before I felt the need to pile on and say please don’t shut it down! I check your blog daily for updates …. You’re a great writer and so thoughtful. Your determination is inspiring, and I am rooting that these new drugs kick in so you can get back to running and living life with fewer bathroom stops! Good luck with apartment hunting….excited to hear how it goes!

    PS Love your thoughts on Scandal. What a crock. But I still keep coming back each week to watch it. Can’t help it. What is up with that.

  59. Well, the Internets have spoken. You can’t stop blogging. 🙂 But seriously, I have loved following your journey and hope that you will continue, even if it’s sporadic.

    I can’t get behind Scandal. Olivia drives me nuts. She’s supposed to be so fierce, and yet she goes completely weak-kneed over a married man, a man who I really don’t even find all that appealing. Seriously, what does she see in him? I don’t know.

    Have you seen Parenthood? It’s on Netflix. It’s my fave right now. It might make you cry, though. I cry almost every episode. Not sure how you feel about that. OH, and if you’d like a comedy recommendation, there’s a show called Better Off Ted also on Netflix that is hilarious. (I realize you didn’t ask for recommendations, but anything is better than Say Yes to the Dress!)

    I’m so glad you got to hobble-run and hope there are more of those in your future!

    1. YES, THANK YOU. People are like “OMG OLIVIA POPE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!” And I’m like, really? Your spirit animal is a weak ho who pulls her phone out of the trash when her married lover calls? Patheticcccc. And the all-white outfits are kind of wearing on me. YES to Parenthood. That was my 2013 sick girl show! I love those Bravermans, especially Crosby, and I just want Joel and Julia to work it out. I also miss Hattie. Where did she go? Where is her college?

      1. I like Olivia Pope’s clothes and don’t see what the attraction to Fitz is. I do watch it regularly, though. It’s crazy over the top, but it’s TV junk food.
        I wonder about Haddie on Parenthood. She was back when her mom got cancer, but she never came back when her mom was running for mayor. She’s like the sister on Family Matters who went upstairs to her room and then never came back down.
        Apparently Haddie is studying in Cornell. Maybe she’s frozen in the ice. Max doesn’t even mention her.
        I hope you don’t stop blogging. Just post when you feel like it.

      2. I am super late seeing this reply, but it has always bugged me how Hattie completely disappeared from the show. They could at least throw in a courtesy mention of her every now and then. I know the actress who plays her really is in college, so I guess that’s why they haven’t brought her back. I did read something a while ago that she may be on one episode at the end of the season, so there’s that. And if Joel and Julia don’t work it out soon I may throw something at the TV!

  60. I echo everyone else. While I’ll understand….I’ll be sad if you stop blogging!!! Even your “I only write about Crohn’s” posts are inspiring and make me chuckle…something I totally appreciate 🙂

  61. I understand if you want to stop blogging but I always look forward to your posts. They are entertaining and you always look at the bright side of things. Your humor is great!

  62. You shouldn’t stop blogging! Your energy and humor are refreshing. You are positive in the face of a wretched condition, and I’m certain you inspire many people. You still do what many bowel-healthy people can’t do! Be proud and know that people enjoy your posts 🙂
    Take care~

  63. Like everyone else, I too will be sad…. but I totally understand if its time for you to stop blogging. I will still be a devoted Twitter follower!

    Random fact: I am injury prone and have torn my ACL, the same one, twice. Now that I have started more weightlifting, my joints feel better than ever.

    I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas. Do you mind sharing what you didn’t like about your resort? I’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive and need some pointers on what to look for in a resort!

    1. Since our trip was so last minute, we just booked a place fast…probably should have done a bit more research, but we went the cheap-o route. We mostly just wanted sun and beach. We stayed at the Breezes resort at Cable Beach. Everything was just super sub-par. The beach/pool chairs were really uncomfortable (everyone was complaining about them, not just us!), the food was meh, we had an impossible time ever getting clean towels, and the resort was just really run down. Lots of rust, dirty stairwells, etc. It just desperately needs to be updated and upgraded, because it’s on a nice beach location!

      1. Aw, that makes me sad about Breezes. I think I was there in 2002 (???) and it was a nice place to be, and we had none of those problems. It was on my list of places I’d go back to. Good to know it’s gone downhill since then. Sounds like it hasn’t been renovated since at least then!

  64. If you stop blogging I will be pissed at you for the rest of my life. Kidding. I understand why you may quit, but I’ve been reading from the very beginning and I love your blog and the way you write. Even the hardest posts.
    You make me laugh, smile, and think after each post.

  65. Ali first of all I will miss you blog if you would stop but it totally understand if you did.

    Secondly did you ever look into earthing / grounding?
    It may not solve your Crohn’s but could help you with some of the related problems.
    I had problems with night sweats and even sleeping and they completely disappeared (besides that they also bring my pain down).

    And Ali if this was you last post then all the luck in the world to you and keep on going.

    1. Thanks, George! I actually have had the night sweats for the past three nights, which is hugely encouraging (those suuuuuck). Yay! And this wasn’t my last post — I’m not jumping ship just yet! It’s just something on my mind. I’ll be back with plenty of word vomit soon!

    1. Me too! 🙁 I understand, of course, but sometimes just thinking of you keeps me going! I have IBS, which obviously is nowhere near as bad as Chron’s, but everything you say totally resonates with me. About taking trips, finding bathrooms, etc. I love that you keep such a positive attitude about it most of the time! It has helped me not to get so down when I’m feeling bad.

    2. I’d also be sad if you were to stop blogging. Understandable, since it’s supposed to be a fun hobby, but I appreciate what you’ve shared of your journey.

    3. I started waddling/jogging and found your blog – not gonna lie it has definitely helped me through the newbie feeling. I always thought of it as a mainstay in my blogroll – I’d be sad to see your journey end online – but know you you need to do things for yourself.

  66. Where are you looking at apartments? Because… my neighbors moved out of the townhouse next door (TWO FULL BATHROOMS) and they were weird and gave me their cat’s business card — and now the house might be available! Email me if you want info. Also, I’m glad you were able to run a little and go to the Bahamas!

      1. The #1 thing motivating me to look at apartments elsewhere is the promise of two bathrooms. My priorities are sad these days, but that’s pretty much it.

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