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A [much much] longer post is on the way with all kinds of information about my life, like how sometimes after I give myself Humira shots I can’t really breathe for the rest of the day, but also happy things like how I had a few days of feeling mostly decent.

In the meantime, because I want to get these shirts the heck out of my apartment, here are the three (because that’s how many I felt like picking) big (I guess) winners from last week’s “I Heart Sweat” shirt giveaway:

This is a great life lesson and one I, too, learned at one point in life. This lesson is especially important if flash photography will be present. Thank you, Christine.
Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 12.39.30 PM
Very wise, Jennifer. Social media’s a real bitch and that comparison trap is a nasty place to find yourself. Avoid! Avoid!
Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 12.41.17 PM
Hahahahaha. Yes. WebMD is the devil. It once correctly diagnosed me with Shingles, but every other time I used it I either came down with SARS, AIDS or anything with a “two months to live, max” timeline.

Winners, hit me up with an email at aliontherunblog@gmail.com. Do it ASAP, like right now, as you’re reading this. Open your email in another tab in your browser. Draft the email. Then you can finish reading. (I promise you’re not missing anything in the next few paragraphs here.) Tell me what size shirt you want and send me your address and boom, you’ve got a present coming your way. Congratulations.

I’ve gotta say, this was the most fun giveaway ever. For me at least. I genuinely loved reading every single “this is my greatest life lesson” comment, even the ones that had typos and misused “your” and “you’re.” I’m not mad. This time. In the future, though, watch it.

Thank you for sharing your life lessons with me. Some were sentimental: life’s too short, life’s unpredictable, friends and family are crucial keys to happiness and when you lose your health, you seem to lose everything (yeah, man). Others were witty and wonderful, and many seemed unsurprised by the “75% of people get hemorrhoids at some point in their lives” statistic. Preparation H for everyone!

Finally, if you want an “I Heart Sweat” shirt, there are still plenty available and I’d love for you to have them so I can not have them here in my apartment! I’ve got a new couch coming and I don’t have room for shirts!

Here's the old couch, dragged out to the street at night like an unwelcome savage. It now belongs to the city of NYC...or its sanitation department. I don't know how that works. But finally, this piece of nasty is gone from my life.
Here’s the old couch, dragged out to the street at night like an unwelcome savage. It now belongs to the city of NYC…or its sanitation department. I don’t know how that works. But finally, this piece of nasty is gone from my life.

Have a perfect day. We’ll talk again soon!



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  1. I’m going to focus on the few days of feeling “mostly decent,” because I’m not in your shoes so it’s easy for me to do that. I’m thinking about you, especially when I watch So You Think You Can Dance, and wishing you well. I hope you are wearing one of your shirts soon for the exercise sweat aspect, as opposed to the night sweat aspect.

  2. Ironically I thought of those I LOVE SWEAT tshirts last night when I was standing on a bus with no air conditioning for over an hour and a half to commute home from midtown ( to staten island). I felt sweat dripping down my back and could feel my anxiety rise. I kept visualizing ice cubes and silently chanting I love sweat!!! LOL. So in essence…..you saved me! Thanks!

  3. I was going to order one a few weeks ago but didn’t want to be a bother and make you ship one to me when you are trying to get healthy so I waited. Of course there are no sizes left now. Hopefully there is a next time and I’ll order ALL the colours.

  4. Some of the shirts (ok, grey) don’t say out of stock but don’t have size options… Is it a tease or do you have a small woman’s grey for me?!

  5. Yay for the new couch! And yay for 2 shirts ordered for myself – I was sure none was left but happy to help and get them out of your apartment.

  6. Keep up with the getting better! I feel your pain; I just got over a pretty shitty endometriosis flare-up. I was IN BED from May 29-June 20. I also got to have surgery on June 11, which is always super fun. These stupid, no cure diseases need to get the hell outa here, no? I am looking forward to hearing more positive news from you soon!

  7. I happen to have my I heart Sweat tshirt on today – now I haven’t won, I’ll need to do some laundry! Darn.

    Hope you continue to breathe. Ugh, sounds grim. But I like the sound of a few happier days that you’ve had.

  8. You are brave – I think I would panic and hyperventilate if I couldn’t take deep breaths to calm myself down…

    Just ordered a shirt – continuing to send positive thoughts your way and to think of you whenever something feels bad/hard so I remember how truly fortunate I am….hope there are more and more good days ahead!

  9. Love that pic!!! So glad you are getting better, but whoa….not being able to breathe? I think the breathing thing is kinda important.

    That’s scary! Is that a side effect of the meds?

    1. I just can’t take deep breaths. Shallow breathing seems to be going OK! I asked the doctor when I was there today getting my IVs and she basically just said my body is working really hard right now to process the Humira, iron and albumin all in one day, on top of already being sick. She suggested NOT giving myself the Humira the same day I get the IVs, so I’m going to switch it up starting next week and we’ll see if that helps. In the meantime, just sticking with shallow breathing I guess!

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