Thankful Things Thursday: Cold & Cheery

I somehow made it out of bed to run this morning.

I am still cold.

How did I do this for the last two winters? I remember running just about every morning last winter — always in shorts and the trusty legwarmers — and I don’t remember it being too dramatic. But it seems so much more difficult now. Or maybe I’ve just lost that gritty, tough edge I so totally had before…

Anyway, I’m still freezing. My three-minute hot shower didn’t do much to warm me up, and the steady breeze coming in through the office window isn’t helping the redness in my Rudolph nose go away. Oh and I don’t have an appropriate winter coat.

But hey, I ran. So that’s a good thing.

I was out the door while the full moon was still up and it was completely dark, but apparently this is the view Brian saw a little bit later. I guess it’s pretty.

Moving on.

It’s pretty easy to find plenty to be thankful for during the holiday season. People are generally in better moods it seems, and life is a little more sparkly. There’s a pop of glitter everywhere and you’re never far from some perky rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

My favorite rendition is the Ali Feller Bedtime Classic.

Brian hates it.

But I say: Abolish the hate! Embrace the love! Get grateful and throw confetti in the air!

With that big dose of enthusiasm, let’s celebrate Thankful Things Thursday.

UNRELATED LLAMA PHOTO FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT. They came right up to the fence to talk with me while I was home. They did not spit on me. They’re polite and classy llamas.

I’m thankful for online shopping. I’m almost done my holiday shopping and I haven’t walked into a single store. I’m also pretty sure I’ve scored free shipping on just about everything.

I’m thankful for hilarious Dance Spirit staff meetings where “getting together quickly to discuss cover lines” turn into 90-minute laugh-fests.

I’m thankful for my endless supply of Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons. My mom apparently collects (hoards) them for me and, sometimes so do her friends from school and aerobics and stuff. I never have — and likely never will — paid full price for anything at that fantastic home goods store. Why pay $9.99 for a cutting board when you can get it for $7.99?

Just kidding.

I don’t need cutting boards.

I don’t have knife skillz, after all.

But I do love a good discounted dish towel. So send me your coupons. Thanks.

I’m thankful for my health. I know, I say it every week and you’re sick of reading the same crap every Thursday. Guess what? I don’t care. (Love you.)

After this year, I never want to take my health for granted. I’m still feeling good going into this crazy time of year, and I’m so glad.

UNRELATED PHOTO. This is a picture of Team AliTyler playing Apples to Apples. I let him pick the card I’d play every time, and unsurprisingly we came in last place. Babies have no sense of irony or sarcasm. Just look at him judging the cards in my hand. It’s like he KNEW we had nothing and didn’t even bother trying.

Maybe the way this year is wrapping up is a metaphor for racing. Watch what I’m about to do here:

  • I tried to do too much at the beginning of the year. Race translation: I went out too fast.
  • Then I got really sick. Race translation: Going out too fast usually means you’ll blow up later in the race.
  • I kept being sick. Race translation: Mile 22 of a marathon will always hurt, but it’ll hurt even more if you spring miles 1–5.
  • I slowed down. Race translation: This is the same as what it means in life. No translation needed.
  • I got healthy. Race translation: Don’t be dumb.
  • I wrapped up the year with some solid racing, in good health, happiness, joy and deck the halls with boughs of Gu. Race translation: Always go for negative splits. Start slow and finish strong.

I just negative split the hell out of 2012. Ka-boom!

Went out easy. Finished feeling great. ON THE RACE COURSE AND IN LIFE.

God, I make so much sense sometimes.

I’m thankful there is almost always someone I can turn to in my life who will understand. Whether I need to vent about my morning commute, air out my inner crazies or bounce business ideas around (I Heart Sweat legwarmers, right? No? Yes?), I feel fortunate to have someone in my life to fill every selfish need I have.

I’m thankful Granny Smith apples always seem to be in season. I like them to be extra crunchy and face-puckeringly sour. I’ve had good luck with green apples lately.

I’m thankful I’m not training for anything right now. It’s nice to just run when I want to, sleep when I feel like it and never care about the pace or mileage I’m hitting. I’m hoping to try some of the classes I put off attending for the past two years at some point, like Physique 57, and I’m planning to take a break from running entirely for a not-yet-determined amount of time in December (a week? two weeks?). I still haven’t decided if I’m going to run a spring marathon or maybe train for a spring half marathon, but either way I know I need some solid time out of the Brooks before I do that, or else I’ll be on the fast track to Burnout City.

I went there once, and I hated it.

UNRELATED PHOTO. I will give you a smile and a high five if you can spot Second Grade Ali and correctly identify what I was for Halloween in 1992. Or 1991. I forget. I can’t always do math.

I’m thankful this year is almost over. I’m ready for a new one!

I’m thankful for giraffes. My obsession continues to escalate.

I found this tall friend in Mexico. Brian wasn’t down with the idea of “throwing away his luggage so we could bring home Mr. Giraffe instead.” He can be really selfish.

I’m thankful for pico de gallo. Jarred salsa makes me want to barf. Give me the good, chunky stuff without all the thick juice.

I’m thankful I get to see my family again in just a few weeks. Tyler will probably be walking, talking and doing calculus by then.

Here is a cute picture of Michaela reading to Bedtime Tyler. See how into it he is? That’s because he UNDERSTANDS THE WORDS. He’s so advanced.
And here is a picture of Tyler high fiving Baby Elmo. Childhood education is so interactive.

They grow up so fast.

I’m thankful for days when the downtown 6 train is uncrowded and efficient. Like today. The train showed up right away, it was practically empty and I got a seat. If that sets the tone for the day, I’d say we’re in for a good one.

So let’s get on with it.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone! We’ve almost survived the first full week back at work and I’ve just about finished digesting all the turkey. Way to go! Yippee hooray!

NOW YOU SAY STUFF: What are you thankful for today? Baby books? Elmo? Inky pens? Ballpoint pens? Highlighter pens? Mechanical pencils? School supplies? Three-hole punchers? Winning the lottery?



38 Responses

  1. I’ve never understood those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. They’re always showing up in my mailbox! And they’re ALWAYS for 20% off! Yet somehow I don’t think I’ve ever actually used one of the coupons, haha.
    And I’m thinking you’re the blonde girl dressed as a black cat in that photo…? Not gonna lie, the animal ears made me think of “Mean Girls” 😛

  2. I’m thankful for face masks. It was 3 degrees when I finished my run. I’d like to feel sorry for you running in shorts and leg warmers but alas, that is Alaska summertime gear, hee, hee.
    I’m also thankful for vegan muffins.
    P.S. I wear legwarmer over my tights and under my running pants in the winter. I wear so much that I can barely move! But my ankles stay warm, at least some of the time.

  3. That next week’s run is postponed – this means I didn’t have to decide if I’ll run it (or more likely walk) since I’m recovering from a double whammy injury.

  4. My grandma sends be Bed Bath and Beyond coupons from Minneapolis to Chicago all the time. And I get them in my own mail about once a week. They get me every ime with their “XX off if you spend XX amount” Some how I always seem to spend enough.

  5. I’m guessing you’re the cat? I’m partially basing this guess on the fact that that costume looks like it has a dancer’s leotard as it’s base… 😉

    I’m thankful that I’m finally getting geared up for the show I’m stage managing in a couple weeks. Too much of this rehearsal period has left me irritated, but receiving mic plots has made my organised little mind smile 🙂

  6. I’m also thankful for my health right now. After over 365 days of the worst Crohns flare up of my entire life which eventually lead to a hospital stay (thanks to a medication my GI put me on), I can’t tell you how much I love being able to do things again – like eat and go out without fear. I don’t know how long it will last but I’ve been enjoying every single minute of every day where I don’t have to deal with Crohns disease.

  7. I’m thankful for online shopping and especially right now!! Once I got over the “OMG this site has everything AND I can personalize it!” anxiety I was able to find some excellent presents!! WITHOUT stepping foot into a store!
    Yay for having wrapped all my presents before the tree is even up!! (not kidding)

  8. I’m thankful for all the Christmas albums I’ve saved on my computer at work. Things have been crazy and I’ve turned into somewhat of a Grinch, so they’re putting the jolly back in me!

  9. Hi Ali! I’m thankful for…your blog! It’s an awesome break in my work day to steal a moment and read your blog. Keep it up, it makes me laugh, and keeps me inspired to run (and beat your latest marathon time!!) 🙂

  10. I’m thankful for 44 degrees and sunny and heading out for a trail run with my son after school. Also, little plastic molds that help you to make your own chocolate covered oreos with designs on them. (If not for the designs, you could just dip the cookies and not need the mold, but the snowflake designs are pretty.)

  11. 1) I need to channel Ali from last year and man up and start running outside in the mornings. I signed up for a spring marathon and PM treadmill runs are totally miserable. At least in the AM I will get to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan.
    2) You should get Tyler a hoodie for Christmas and make him wear the hood. That’s a good way to ease him into becoming an emo/hipster baby. You might also suggest to your brother to start wearing skinny jeans and mr rodger’s type cardigans.. My brother does (he looks like an idiot) and its rubbed off on baby E. 🙂

  12. I’m thinking you are in 1991, rocking the yellow bow and….a dog in your arms? Are you dorothy from wizard of Oz? I get a smile and a high five either way.

    I use the BBB coupons for my SodaStream refills! Go SodaStream!

    1. Sadly no, the person you have identified is my dear friend Sarah Rhines. I have no idea what she was supposed to be. Second Grade Ali was a cat. Second row, rocking the unitard.

  13. I did one loop of Central Park last night and I think I was cold until this morning. And it is not even really winter yet. This upsets/scares me.

    I am thankful for my parents and that I can call when I am on a god awful commute and they let me complain away about how annoying it is. And they are so cute attempting to understand what city commuting is like.

  14. I’m thankful for my snack drawer at work because I never seem to make it from breakfast until lunch without getting hungry again. And I’m thankful that today is my Friday since I’m off from work tomorrow.

  15. Second grade Ali’s bangs are a dead giveaway! I’m thankful for this blog post because it told me that today is THURSDAY instead of Wednesday like I thought it was. BEST news of the day.

  16. I’m thankful for pink argyle compression socks so I don’t look like an 80 y.o. grandma when I wear them with shorts. And the Chanel No. 5 tester at Ulta.
    I’m guessing that’s you in the front row with the microphone. Debbie Gibson? Or Marie Osmond.

  17. I’m thankful that today ends this semester and it’s my last presentation!
    I love giraffes. I can’t wait until they can genetically miniaturize them and I can have one as a pet!

  18. I’m thankful that there is another woman out there who believes in getting grateful and throwing confetti! And for phrases like “deck the halls with boughs of Gu” ! Oh, and for my weekend tix to see Wicked, and for my DD being a brilliant college freshman coming home to her fab mother for Christmas. Not necessarily in that order. 😉

  19. It seems harder than ever for me to run in the cold this year too. What’s up with that? Maybe we will harden up my mid-December and start to enjoy being freezing cold. Or not. Either way, I’m thankful that it’s almost December and the end of my LAST semester of grad school!

  20. I’m thankful for more time with family coming up in just a few weeks! And 2nd grade Ali… first row with the microphone? Are you Celine Dion?

  21. I’m thankful for my winning Powerball ticket!!! Seriously: $4. Since it’s not enough to buy a bottle of wine, I’ll just trade it in for 2 more Powerball tickets. I can be happy with $40 M instead of $550 M.

  22. I hear ya on the cold weather. I ran outside all winter last year and it’s only November and I’m already complaining it’s too cold.

    I, too, am thankful that 2012 is almost over. Bring on 2013!

  23. You should look up the dancing with an ipod in pulic Christmas edition on youtube. It takes all I want for Christmas to a new level.

  24. I also love those BBB coupons, especially the $5 off ones. I loved how the NYC stores also sold toiletries, so I always used mine on things that are normally ridiculously expensive, like razor blades and Sonicare refills. Another favorite: Ulta coupons, which is why Ulta > Sephora.

  25. Totally thought the first sentence was, “I somehow made it to run out of bed this morning” and pictured you in a cape and wonder woman boots flying out of bed at top speed after the alarm sounded. Lol.

  26. I’m thankful for my supportive friends and family, the Newsies soundtrack and the holiday season.

    And Second Grade Ali was a cat. (or a mouse? i’m having a hard time determining the shape of the headband ears)

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