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Hey storm troopers!

In true “the week before the New York  City Marathon” fashion (remember the freak Halloween Snowtober thing last year?), there’s a heck of a storm blazing through the area. Hurricane Sandy is here, and she’s crazy!

But while the sideways rain and “don’t go up to your roof to watch or I’ll blow you down to the ground” wind may stop me from running as planned tomorrow, Sandy isn’t slowing down my enthusiasm for this race coming up on Sunday.


It’s Race Week!

Now, in case you’re just dying to know about my weekend, I will tell you about it briefly.

First, Brian and I were honored by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

Here we are on stage. We gave speeches and stuff. I probably should have planned something, but instead I just rambled. That’s more my style, anyway.

The night was fun and despite my initial hesitation, it really was an honor to be honored. Brian spoke before handing the microphone off to me, and that little jerk got me all choked up when he told the crowd about how we fell in love…and now I Crohn’s all the time.

No dress pockets = nowhere to put my hands. Hate that.

Also on Friday: Tyler modeled his Halloween costume. He’s a cow.


It was pretty great sleeping in on Saturday since I only had to run eight miles. I got ready slowly and eventually hit up Central Park, which was completely packed and absolutely beautiful.

OK so I actually took this picture on Sunday, but you get it.

The run was fine and uneventful. I ended up getting another pair of new shoes on Friday (at this point, I’m single-handedly paying a full salary for at least one JackRabbit employee…) and they’re finally, I think, the shoes I should be running in. I’ve gone down a full shoe size since the beginning of the year, and my feet feel good and snug — but not “I’m going to get black toenails” tight — in my new little size sevens. Ideally I would’ve had more time before the race to get used to the shoes, but whatever.

So glad I got to see these pretty trees in the park before the wind takes them down.

Brian and I did some heavy cleaning Saturday and then went to a dinner party with new friends. On Sunday, I ran some more little miles and cheered for the Poland Spring Kickoff racers in the park with Erica Sara.

The marathon bleachers! (Be nice to them, Sandy)

I spent the rest of the day Sunday with Coach Cane, Nicole and Simon. Oh man, Simon. He can crawl like a maniac and can even walk now. It’s insane. Coach Cane and Nicole gave me some always-needed guidance for the marathon. More on that later this week.

For now, how about some tunes for your downloading pleasure?

I don’t really anticipate listening to music for most of the New York City Marathon, but I do want to have the option of rocking out, especially on the Queensboro Bridge where I won’t have loud crowds screaming into my ears.

So here you go:

And how about a giveaway winner?

Congratulations, Alex!

Yay Alex! Now you will have a new Lululemon something to wear to the library!

Woo! You’ve won a Lululemon shopping spree…valued at $50! Go crazy with it! And also please email me at with your mailing address so I can get the gift card off to you as soon as Sandy lets me out.

(Most popular answers for what makes you happy, by the way, were puppies and coffee. Love those priorities, people!)

Have a great day, stay safe and get ready for a full week of reading “I’m obsessed with the marathon”-related posts here at Ali On The Run!



24 Responses

  1. LOVE that dress! Where is it from? Congrats on being honored. Also, hoping everything is going well for you. I was reading you and a lot of other blog friends on twitter talk about the storm last night and it sounded pretty scary!!

  2. Do you put your play list on “random” or do you just listen to it in order? It would bother me to have songs by the same artists grouped together, but I also kind of like the predictability of the order of my playlist.
    We share a lot of the same songs. I have to restrain myself from singing out loud, but on the 59th Street Bridge, when I get to the downhill portion, I just may sing out loud. 🙂

  3. I should be ashamed to admit the only songs I really recognise are “So Much Better” and the one from The Wiz…but I’m not! ;D

    I’m not running with my ipod but I do need to work out my pre-race list of things I want to have stuck in my head while running…

  4. I second the Florence and the Machine vote! I’ll bring headphones just in case I freak out in despair on the bridge. Can’t wait for a full week of “cooped up inside thinking of the marathon” posts to come 🙂

  5. i’m glad there is someone else out there with the same taste in music as me! I always get made fun of for the amount of Glee I have.

  6. I can’t believe it’s this week…I thought it was a little further away. How exciting…come on Sandy, blow over quickly!

    You need to add ‘some nights’ by Fun to that playlist!!!

    And oh you and Bri are gorgeous…how lovely to be honoured, you’ve definitely made more people aware of C&C through this blog, and the horrors of suffering from it. And you look lovely in that dress.

  7. The reason I don’t listen to music when running is, that I would probably stop and start dancing when a good song is on. And that would be awkward. Happy Marathon Week!

    1. I’ve totally busted out some arm dancing while running…the best was when I was listening to “You and Me” from the Book of Mormon and threw my arm out to the side with the line “Out of my way!” I mean, someone could have thought I was actually telling someone that…(except for there was nobody right there)

      1. haha, I would have loved to see that. As long as you keep running during the race, arm dancing is totally fine, and it might help others to keep going 🙂

      1. Brooks Adrenalines are the best! Have you tried the “minimalist” Brooks at all (PureCadence, PureConnect)? Stay safe in the storm and I KNOW you are going to rock this marathon.

  8. That’s a long playlist for someone not planning to listen much! Tyler looks adorable as a cow and I love the dress you wore to get honored. Congrats!

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