Feller Family Fun On The Run

Guess who I hung out with all weekend?

IT'S TYLER! Just in case you forgot.

So remember last weekend when I was like, “Hey everyone! Guess what?! This was the best weekend ever in my whole life!”

Well, fun little fact, this weekend was like last weekend on steroids.

Only…not on steroids. Because I’m done with those things. But you see where I was going with that, right? I was saying that this weekend was even better than last weekend.

Tyler is 4 months old and Grandmom is 89 years old, and the rest of us fall somewhere in between.

I got to spend a solid 48 hours with my entire big crazy family. It’s been eight years since we were all together so this was clearly long overdue.

This photo is blurry. WTF, Photographer Brian? When I made a comment about how he "does this for a living," Brian was all, "Um, actually no...I don't...I work in advertising. Do you even understand my job?" But by that point in the conversation, I had already lost focus and was looking for the lady with the prosciutto-wrapped-melon tray.

But as you know, all good stories — or blog posts — start from the beginning, and this weekend started Friday morning. Let me take you back to that time.

I ran 18 miles.

Yes, 18 glorious, beautiful, all-by-myself-in-Central-Park-except-when-Brian-rode-by-on-his-bike-and-cheered-for-me miles.

My plan was to run on the West Side Highway, but then somehow I didn't do that at all.

My plan was to run the first 10 miles at a 9:15 pace, the next four miles at a 9:00 pace, and the final miles at marathon goal pace (8:45s).

I know you’re sitting there wondering, “Ali, how did you do? Did it go well? Did you achieve your lofty goals?”

Well yeah. Yeah I did. I wouldn’t have called this run “glorious” and “beautiful” if I’d sucked at it.

Nailed it. Basically nailed it. Good times.

I remember the first 10 miles going by pretty quickly. Breaking up the run into pace sections really helped 18 miles seem like, well, not 18 miles. I’m not afraid of some serious distance, but for the first 10 miles I was basically just excited to get through section numero uno so I could give the faster paces a shot.

I fueled for the first time since…February…so that was good. Now that my stomach is feeling cool again, I figure I should think about the whole “marathon day what I want to eat on the run” plan. I went with Honey Stingers Fruit Smoothie chomps or whatever they’re called, and I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of them for #proof. But you probably know what they look like. They’re fruity and delicious and they digested wonderfully.

While we’re on the topic of digestion — which, let’s be honest, we usually are — here’s another fun fact for you: I ran all 18 miles without a single bathroom stop.


For the first time in OMG so long, this happened:

Elapsed time and moving time are not 45 minutes apart. MAGIC HAS HAPPENED.

When I was Crohn’s flaring, I would attempt long runs, and eventually they’d go OK, but those first few miles were always notoriously difficult. By “difficult” I mean I was bolting for bathrooms with crazy urgency and spent more time behind a stall door than I did cruising around the Bridle Path.

But not on Friday. On Friday, I started running, and then I kept running, and then I still kept running, and then I had a little snack while I kept running, and then I stopped quickly for some water, and then there was more running, and then some more on the run snacking, and some more water fountaining, and then I ran a little faster and then I was home and I was done.

There’s not much more to be said about this run. It went really, exceptionally well, and even though I’m trying not to think too much about the marathon (No Pressure No Stress Ali!), this little skip in the park was a bit of a confidence booster.

After my run, I had just enough time to take the wimpiest ice bath ever…

I realize an "ice bath" is supposed to "contain ice." And I tried. But it melted instantly. So I just kind of hung out in lukewarm water for a while. Solid effort, though.

…foam roll for eight seconds, pack a bag and hit the road with Mom and Dad Feller. Brian came along, too.

We road-tripped our way to Princeton, NJ, for a big ol’ family weekend.

Two of my favorite dudes. Tyler is my ultimate favorite though. Sorry, guys. CONTAIN YOUR JEALOUSY.

My cousin Mathew got married, and it was the best wedding ever. Really. The best ever. And I’ve been to a lot of weddings.

The wedding was great because Mathew and Cristina are super in love, but also because the cake was chocolate. TAKE NOTE, FRIENDS WITH UPCOMING WEDDINGS. If you want a shot at "Best Wedding Ever," get some cocoa in your cake.

I realize you don’t actually know Mathew, or the members of my extended family — or, I guess, me — so I won’t bore you with all the details about what we ate and what the table numbers looked like and what song was playing as Bridesmaid #7 walked down the aisle.

Cousins! I'm the youngest. And I act it.

I will, however, tell you that this weekend, wedding or no wedding, run or no run, was exceptional because I was with my family. It’s cheesy, I realize that, but we’re just not together enough and I’m so glad I was feeling healthy enough to have a blast and to tear up the dance floor.

He taught me everything I know, plus he taught me how to have sweet dance moves.

Also, the DJ played Gangnam Style. I told you it was the Best Wedding Ever.

Also, my best friend was there.

Here is Tyler in his Baby Tuxedo. I carried him around during the pre-ceremony cocktail hour but people kept thinking he was the love child of Brian and me, so I handed him off pretty quickly. He's cute but let's avoid that confusion for now.

Tyler was a hit. I decided he needed to be fancy, so I bought him a small-sized tuxedo outfit.

Babies have the best lives, though, because Tyler got to be classed-up for a while, and then he got to change into pajamas.

Tyler, you have an awesome life. You got to wear fuzzy PJs to a wedding. I have never done that.

Of course, all good parties have after parties, and we did that.

First on the bus…

SO MANY PICTURES OF YOU IN THIS POST, DAD. Do you read my blog? I'm not sure. Circle yes or no.

…and then back at the hotel, where my dad, as always, championed his “I can drink a beer on my head, can you?” game.

The man. The myth. The legend. The drunk guy on his head.
Any doubts my family may have had about Brian were dissolved on Saturday around 1 AM when this happened. Successful upside-down boozing = you're in with the Feller fam.

All in all, an exhaustingly spectacular weekend with all of my favorite people.

See? We are all exhausted. Looks like someone partied a little too hard this weekend.

Now I’ve got one day of in-office work to knock out before I’m on a 6 AM flight (gross) to L.A. until Thursday night for a quick work trip. Watch the “So You Think You Can Dance” finale Tuesday night, kids. I’ll be in the audience somewhere.

Oh, and I’m all out of mango soap. I used up the last of it Friday morning in my “I just ran 18 miles” glory.

I have a feeling that with a handful of long runs left before this little marathon, I may need to invest in some more special fruity soap.



30 Responses

  1. Holy cow! You’ve been feeling terrible then you just bust out 18 miles. You are amazing!

    And your family seems incredible 🙂

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  2. It’s the start of the wedding season for me too! The next couple of weekends will be wedding receptions etc.

    Glad to hear that all’s well and dandy with Crohns and you.

  3. Looks like a great weekend. Such good news about your 18 miles. I am curious if someone is holding Brian and your father on their heads as they do the drink upside down thing.

  4. What great news about the run with no bathroom stops (!!), and Tyler couldn’t be any cuter when he yawns. By the way, I’m super jealous you’ll be in the audience of So You Think You Can Dance. Can you tell Cat Deely I love her…in a purely platonic non-stalker way.

  5. Yay for 18 glorious miles. 🙂 Definitely get some more fruity soap. You will have more opportunities to reward yourself.

    Tyler is so adorable.

  6. Oh my gosh, SOOOOO awesome on that run! WOW! Great job, can’t believe you can be sick for so long and already back to THAT! Congrats! 🙂

  7. The baby tuxedo is genius! Great job on the solo 18! I was out for 14 yesterday… I forgot how lonely running solo can be! I also love those honey stingers. I think they’re one of the few things that taste pretty normal and don’t make my stomach FREAK OUT. Oh and my ice baths usually look like yours. Ha. It’s the effort that counts, right?

  8. 1.) I love that you’re back to feeling yourself and back in love with training. I’m running the Hartford Marathon on 10/13 so it’s nice to read someone else’s experiences who’s training sched. is similar to my own.

    2) I am now going to attempt upside down boozing as a party trick. How have I never seen this before??

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