Greetings from my home for the week: Mount Sinai Medical Center.

This is not my apartment. This is not my happy place.

Guess what? It sucks here and I hate it. But I’m trying to suck up the “hospitals are so depressing and I miss my bed and I haven’t showered since Wednesday” feeling and tell myself that being here is for the best.

Checked in and slightly less thrilled than before. But I have my own pillow and blanket.

A little background info…

By now you probably know that I’ve been sick for a month. A month of stomach cramping, a month of painful bathroom runs and a month of trying to tell myself “it’s not that bad, this will pass.” My “good days” were far from actually being good and my standard for a decent quality of life had gone way down. So when I saw my doctor Tuesday night and told him the high dose of steroids he had me on had done absolutely nothing — not a single sign of improvement — he decided to admit me to the hospital.

When you get admitted, you get these badass wrist monitors. I feel like Lindsay Lohan. Except that I'm sober. But yeah, it's a GPS tracking device so I can't escape.

Yes, I cried.

It wasn’t like, “Let’s bring you in for some tests in a few days when it’s convenient for you.” It was, “Go home and pack a bag, we’ll get a bed ready for you and you’re going to be in there for a little while.”

No I will not wear your ugly hospital gown. I'm fine.

Dr. Super Nice said that because I’ve been flaring so much this year, I may have developed new areas of the disease in my body. He said it’s clear I’m immune to the steroids, and on top of that I’ve likely developed an antibody to the Remicade infusions I’ve been getting every eight weeks.

In other words: What we’re doing isn’t working, so let’s figure out another plan. He told me that I “failed outpatient therapy,” which seemed like an insult. WTF, doc? I’m not a failure. I’m trying to be awesome.

Dr. Great said I’d get a bunch of tests while I was in the hospital, including an MRI (to view the small bowels) and a colonoscopy (to see all the other stuff up close). From there we’d determine a plan of action to treat this damn thing and get me back up and running (no seriously, remember running?). He also said resorting to IV steroids might be an option. He told me to “bring an iPad” and then asked if I had any questions, and I asked if he would give me money to buy an iPad. He laughed, and I still do not have an iPad. WTF?


I left his office Tuesday night feeling relieved that we were going to start all these tests and knowing these are the right steps to take, but also feeling totally overwhelmed. Remember that whole “I have a job” thing? And the fact that I have a wedding to attend on Sunday and nothing to wear? And also “So You Think You Can Dance” is on on Wednesday nights and what if I can’t watch it in the hospital? Major concerns.

But I went home, packed a bag, washed my hair (that seemed important at the time) and waited for the hospital to call.

Brian and I got dinner, and by 10 PM I still hadn’t heard from Mount Sinai. No beds for Ali. So I went to sleep. I was all anxious and stuff.

The hospital called early Wednesday morning telling me a bed was ready and I could be admitted. So off I went, Brian in tow, feeling like I was checking myself into rehab or something.

This is the best-documented hospital visit EVER. Here is a photo of Brian and me in the admitting area. We had time to kill.

Check-in went fine and eventually I was brought up to my room. I had a roommate at first (Sheryl, but she got to leave, lucky old lady) and got set up with an IV (“I’m giving you the big needle so it might hurt” — and it did).

BOOM, check out my IV. I still looked alive at this stage. Today, not so much.

I got moved to a private room, which was great, because no one should have to be my roommate while I’m prepping for a colonoscopy. They also started me on a clear liquid diet, which is super delicious.

Brian was SO jealous of my lunch.

Since I got here, it’s basically just been a lot of waiting around, a lot of frustration trying to get the doctors to explain to me what’s happening and a lot of letting people poke me. I’ve had IVs, I’ve given blood samples, I’ve given stool samples (gross) and I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests. Seriously, these people love making you take pregnancy tests.

Gotta say though, I look pregnant. I’ve been pumped with such a massive volume of liquids since getting admitted that my stomach is hugely distended.

After sitting around all day Wednesday, the nurse told me I was getting taken down for an MRI. I asked how long it would take (“about an hour”) and if I had to do anything to prep for it (“nope!”) and basically Nurse Kiki lied to me about everything.

The MRI was awful. I’ve never had one before, and I wasn’t worried about the loud noises or the spaceship-like small space. It was awful because I had to drink three huge bottles of barium to prep for it, and that shit was disgusting. It made me so bloated and uncomfortable. During the procedure, they wrapped a big coily strap around my stomach to track my breathing, and it was pushing on me and it was uncomfortable. There was a lot of “take a deep breath in — breathe out — now hold it” and do you know how hard that is when you think you’re going to pee barium on the table?

The MRI took about an hour, and I expected to feel fine when it was over, but turns out, I did not. I was so nauseous. There was vomiting. I keep getting more attractive by the day, which is fun for everyone.

Brian put medicine containers on my eyes. We had to entertain ourselves.

I didn’t get back up to my room until almost 10 PM, and I totally lost it when I came back to see Brian and my friend Lauren waiting for me in my room.

Snuggling post-MRI. Hospital beds are so cozy!

They have been here almost the whole time, and they’ve made everything so much better. The nurses and doctors don’t seem to care about me a whole lot, but these two crazy kids have kept me entertained and mostly happy.

Love them. Love them so much.

I didn’t sleep very well Wednesday night, because hospitals are loud and there’s too much beeping, and Nurse Migel woke me up at 5:55 with breakfast…

The worst breakfast of my life.

Not quite cereal. Or oatmeal. More like poison.

He said I had to start drinking the colonoscopy prep juice, which is the worst thing ever. I really can’t comprehend how we can go get pictures of Mars and we can make cars that run on electricity (electricity!) but we can’t find a more pleasant way to prepare for a mildly invasive procedure. Blows my mind. This crap is vile.

I started drinking the stuff like a total champ. I downed a bunch of cups of it at first and was confident I could get through the entire half-gallon. But eventually I slowed down, and then I just couldn’t get going again. Brian tried to motivate me and help, but at one point I took a sip and barfed it right up. So I was done with that.

Brian wanted to get his vital signs done, too. My blood pressure is better than his. Mwahaha. But I'm diseased and he is not, so ultimately he wins.

And because I couldn’t get any more liquid down, we had to resort to…another method.

The enema method.

Do you know what’s slightly more unpleasant than a too-tight MRI strap and barium and a liquid diet and colonoscopy juice?

Getting an enema.

Nope, let me correct that: Getting three enemas.

I don’t think you need many details. You’ve been through enough.

At one point yesterday morning I saw a great doctor who works with my doctor. He noticed my Team Challenge jacket and was all, “Team Challenge! Awesome! I do half marathons, too!” I loved him immediately.

And then there was more waiting, because my colonoscopy wasn’t actually going to happen until 4:00. Also I wasn’t allowed to drink any water. Sad Thirsty Ali.

I watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 during the day, which is the best season because it’s the one with Denny, but it’s also the worst season because it’s the one with Denny, and I don’t know if you know this — spoiler alert — but Denny dies. And it is tragic. It ranks up there on the sadness scale along with Stepmom, My Sister’s Keeper (yes, I have sophisticated taste), the episode of “The OC” where Ryan Atwood decides to go back to Chino (awful decision, because Teresa sucks and the Cohens are the greatest family of all-time) and that feeling you get when you take the last bite of something really delicious and then the food is done. Anyway. Grey’s Anatomy. Lots of it.

By 2 PM, all I could think was that I would gently kick a puppy for some solid food. My cravings included a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a Levain Bakery cookie. I wouldn’t kick a golden retriever puppy, but I would kick most other kinds of puppies in the name of chewy carbs.

The colonoscopy itself was fine. I waited in the holding room for two hours before they actually took me in and I made friends with a nice old lady from the Catskills named Gloria. Gloria was once in a coma for six days. What a trooper.

Once they brought me in, I remember laying on the table, getting the IV from the anesthesiologist and then waking up back in the holding room. I do not remember a single thing from the procedure.

I do, however, feeling very very very very happy when I woke up. I remember not shutting up, and I remember being excited that Gloria was recovering next to me. She told me I was “being very chatty,” and I vaguely remember asking her if she wanted to do karaoke.

She didn’t.

I got wheeled back up to my room — at which point I recall singing “They see me rollin’…they hatin’…” and Brian and Lauren were waiting for me with food, and then I was happy.

GORGEOUS. I have a dragon.

Now it’s Friday morning of what was supposed to be my glorious long Labor Day Weekend. Instead of spending it shopping and playing and running, I’m in the hospital.

I’m optimistic that the worst of this is behind me now. I hated the MRI and I hated prepping for the colonoscopy. I hate being propped up in a bed all day and being poked and prodded and examined every hour.

The whole thing is exhausting.

Some of us are sleepier than others.

I’m waiting for my doctor to come give me the results from all the tests and tell me how the heck he plans to fix me.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If you need me, I’m at Mount Sinai, rollin’ and hatin’.



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  1. You’re such a trooper! Your posts are always so refreshing and optimistic – props to you! Also your hair looks really nice (especially in the first couple of photos;) I can never get my hair to look like that!
    Best wishes to you!

  2. I just read your last two posts back to back, and I was amazed by just how much changed in a couple of days! I hope the tests have provided a lot of insight and you’ve been able to start a treatment that is working. I’m REALLY sorry about the enema…I had to get one for a CT scan (after drinking that nasty barium crap, they had to shove some up my ass, too) and it is most definitely not pleasant! I’m glad you were able to have a VERY successful century ride before all of this happened!

  3. Ali,
    It struck me the internet is a weird place. I have never met you but I follow your blog and am genuinely sad to hear your news. I am sending positive thoughts your way.
    Awesome job on the century ride last weekend. I hope to do the 2 day MS ride next summer. Take care.

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts. You always inspire me to get out the door and go running. Though it’s in Michigan, I work at a humane society and can send you endless pictures of puppies (who are in need of awesome runner moms) if needed.

  5. Oh man, Ali. I am so, so sorry as that sounds awful. You’ve got a good POV and Brian is there with you. My dad always says, “Shit will happen to you. It always does. It’s just how you handle it.”

    And you’re handling it like a champ. Get better soon!

  6. Ali, I’m so sorry you’re in the hospital. Crohn’s in the hospital totally sucks. Barium, enemas, needles, liquid diet, GoLytley – it’s all awful stuff. Thank God they gave you your own room though and that you have some awesome friends to cheer you through. When I was 21 and first diagnosed with Crohn’s, I had to take GoLytely prep…with a roommate in suite (would it kill them to flavor that stuff? it tastes like pure gasoline). My roommate was an elderly woman who had just had her foot amputated, and her family visited her until like 11 at night until I told my nurse there was no way i was going to start drinking my cocktail until her fam went home. I think they put us together because she couldn’t walk around or anything so we didn’t have to share a bathroom. She moaned in Spanish all night, and I threw those cups of gasoline back like a frat boy drinking shots. Oh, and my night nurse was a transvestite who wore a ton of orangey face makeup and bright pink lipstick. I hope Dr. Wonderful gets your meds straightened out, that you feel better soon, and that you get that cookie.

  7. Ali, i was starting to get depressed when I couldn’t read your posts every morning before I “officially” start my work day. I am so sorry for what you are going through but I hope you get answers soon and feel better and get to run again soon!!! Also, Pancake says thank you for not kicking golden retriever puppies.

  8. Ali!

    I died laughing when you started singing “they see me rollin..”, your sense of humor is uncanny and wil carry you far in life. I know it’s tough, tough, TOUGH!, sitting in that hospital for so long and wondering why they even want you there. I pray, sing, meditate (whatever), that this is hopefully a journey that will give you answers, hope and peace with your illness.

    Your blog is awesome, we’re all pulling for you!

    BEST wishes 🙂

  9. So sorry it’s been so rough. Sorry also for the late advice, but after also having had a colonoscopy and going through the prep, my words of advice are: don’t fart. That’s all. Love you, NSQ

  10. Man girl, I’m so sorry you’ve been going through all this. I just got diagnosed with Crohn’s. I have to say, reading your optimistic outlook on things helps an awful lot 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs. Feel better soon!

  11. I’ve been tap water enemas until clear. I’ve bowel prepped a quadriplegic and someone with a bladder-rectal fistula. It’s never a delightful experience, that’s for sure.

    Let me know if you need a nurse (in an isolation gown?) and hopefully they figure out something!

  12. I agree with you 110% about Grey’s Season 2 and when Ryan went back to Chino on the OC. Horrible idea.

    Anyway. I am running the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach tomorrow and will be thinking of you when I want to quit. I’m sure you would kick puppies to be in my shoes and I should be greatfull for my health.

    You make me laugh. Feel better. Keep on rollin’

  13. Poor thing, hope they find out the best cure. I’ve had all those tests done myself, with a “barium enema” and a defecography (yay!!) thrown in for fun… let’s say you just stop beeing shy.
    BTW, I must be really tired because I read that “By 2 PM, all I could think was that I would gently LICK a puppy for some solid food”. You still managed to make me laugh 😉

  14. UGH, colonoscopy juice. It’s almost impossible to drink that much of ANY liquid without throwing up. Good thing Grey’s Anatomy is there in our times of need.

  15. UGH! So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling better, but hopefully with all the poking and prodding they will fix you up in no time! I too have had to give a stool sample, I would have to say dropping a deuce in a bed pan is not one of my highlights in life. I about peed my pants when I read that you started singing ‘They see me rollin’ in the wheelchair. Fantastic! Despite such a terrible thing you are going through, your attitude rocks. Keep on keepin’ on!

  16. Hope you feel better soon! And I hope they find the source of all your issues soon. Those tests are just awful! I had my own experience with the lovely MRI machine and the nasty barium drink. Ugh!

  17. Ali – I’ve said this before but I just want to say again how wonderful it is that you document all of this for other folks out there with IBD. I was supposed to be admitted a few months ago (they decided not to because they said I would go psycho on IV steroids) and was just all weirded out about it and you documenting your experience like this is just so helpful for me and I’m sure so many others who may not know anybody else who shares their experiences, while at the same, you’re just such a positive, brave, witty and inspiring reference – talk about a run-on! So thank you. Feel better soon.

    1. Yes^^ this!!
      I have uc but you are such a positive role model for the IBD community.
      I’m sorry you are in a rough patch right now but you are in the best place to start healing.

  18. I’ve been there in the hospital before because of a dumb Crohn’s flareup! Lots of steroids later, I finally got better. Feel so much better soon! Reading your blog always makes me feel so much better. xoxo

  19. I hope you feel better and are discharged really soon. Mt Sinai is an excellent hospital, I’m sure they’ll fix you up right quick!

  20. I hope they get you all squared away soon.
    Testing sucks, especially MRI’s. Did they give you the shot during that makes you feel like you’re going to wet yourself. Yeah, that one’s fun.
    You’ll be running again soon.

  21. Seriously: Riding dirty, the OC, Grey’s/denny, Chino, and Stepmom in one post?! Your search feed is going to be hysterical. Still praying for you, sorry that you’re in the hospital. Do they allow puppies in? I could try to sneak my little guy…

  22. I know this isn’t a funny post, but I guffawed at your “kick a puppy” comment. How inappropriate, I know.

    In all honesty, this blows and I hope you get some answers/feel better ASAP!

  23. Hey Ali, you have a UK fan (probably a number, but I don’t know how many). I’ve been lurking and enjoying your blog for the past few months. Felt I had to send you some get well vibes from over the pond – hope that all these investigations help you get well soon.

  24. omg i can’t believe it’s all gone so wrong! wtf man. someone needs to cartoon your misadventures, and those medical doods need to get you patched up and back to marathon training…tho, if you do nothing but lie in bed between now and november, you can still run it with me waaaay in the back on nov 4 😉 and probably still beat me, really! so let that cheer you up 🙂

  25. Ali! SO sorry that you had to go through all that! Way to go in making it all humorous. Hope you get feeling better soon! Praying for you!

  26. TERESA TOTALLY SUCKS. Not as much as Rebecca though…Sandy’s ex who tries to get in the way of him and Kiki. And the second season is totally the best, particularly because of Denny. DENNY! Remember when they brought him back in that heaven-esque episode where Meredith “dies”? Weird.

    Oh Ali, sending you nothing but positive, happy, hopefully-running-soon thoughts your way. You’re one tough cookie, and you deserve several cookies. Please go get them.

  27. I’m so sorry to hear about your hospital stay!! I work in Radiology so I totally understand the not-so-pleasantness of everything you are experiencing – especially the enemas. I hope you are back on your feet ASAP. Your brooks probably miss you a lot!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & WIne

  28. Gotta say this one made me cry a little. I know the feeling of the hospitalizations, endless tests, not sleeping and not showering. It is, absolutely, the worst and I’ll say some prayers that the good doctors have found out WTF is going on. It also makes me realize that I clearly need to raise a crapton more money for Team Challenge so we can stop being admitted to the hospitals! 🙂

    Hugs to you Ali!

  29. Well none of that sounds very fun. On the bright side, your friends and boyfriend are super wonderful, and goodness maybe this will really help “get up and running again.” I really hope that you feel whole sometime soon.

  30. UGh .. so sorry you have to go through this Ali. Enemas & IVs & hospital stays are no fun. Keep your eyes on the prize ( a new plan to treat the Crohns) and be thankful for a doc who really wants to get thigns working for your body, not against it. Take care, thinking of you. You will get through this. Emma xx

  31. After your last post I am not surprised you are in the hospital. At least they can fill you with hydration and nutrients and FORCE you to rest. I am so sorry. The team pitched in and got me an ipad when I was in the hospital (life-saver). At least you can watch tons of programs on the computer these days! Please rest and don’t let those nurses wake you up to much. I am glad Brian is by your side through this….he seems like an amazing man. Please email if you need anything…advice, someone to talk to etc. I have started a flare this month too and am doing everything to not land back in there, but same thing….the prednisone is not working so much anymore ;(. Care about you and thinking of you lots. xoxo


  32. Get well soon, Ali! You’ve been through so much and I really hope they can get to the bottom of this super fast. 🙂

  33. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you’re in the hospital, but I hope this means you’ll get the help you need to prevent more flare-ups. And it looks like you’ve got a troop of great people helping you through this =)

  34. I was so worried when I didnt see Thankful Thursday- HOPE YOUGET BETTER SOON!!!!! 🙂 PS: I live upstate but you can hang with my golden retriever anytime

  35. I’m so sorry to hear about everything you’re going through. It sounds terrible. But I’m impressed by how well you’re handling it. I’d be a mess!

  36. Ali!! I’m so sorry to hear! Keeping all my good thoughts and prayers for you to get fixed up and the eff out! Hang in there kid. (BTW, now that song will be in my head for the rest of the day…great throwback).

  37. Does it make you feel better to know that I’ve given many an enema for colonoscopy prep? Yup, i’m a health worker…

    Anyway, hope the docs keep you in the loop. feel better 🙂

  38. I hope the doctor gives you good news and comes up with a plan to fix you Ali! In the meantime if you are looking for more tear-inducing medical drama you should check out NYMed on It’s a reality show about hospitals in New York. The most recent episode featured an 18 y.o. boy with Crohns. Hope you feel better soon!

  39. oh nooooo this makes me so sad for you 🙁 What a rough rough week, but what a troop of support around you. Brian is awesome, what a guy, and you are doing everything you can to hang in there. We are all here supporting you virtually. Get better soon Ali! XOXO

  40. Sending you so much love (and puppy kisses!) from Vermont. Keep hanging in there friend. When you are feeling better, I am coming to NYC for the most epic cheeseparty of all time. xoxoxo Buckconkaedy

  41. I hope they get you figured out soon. I sometimes mix the colonoscopy prep with sprite for my patients for the first 2 cups or at least while they are still on clear liquids. If they have warm blankets on your unit you should def ask for them at night. Sometimes it seems to help my patients sleep (when i’m not waking them up for vital signs, meds or iv’s 🙂 feel better soon!

  42. I’m so sorry you had to be admitted to have all this testing done. But, with some luck once your doctor gets all the test results, he’ll be able to come up with an effective plan for care for you.
    Clearly your doctor is waiting for the announcement of the new iPad (rumored to be a smaller sized to be more manageable) before he gets it for you. 😉
    I’m glad you have Brian and Lauren there to support you and keep you company. They’re real keepers.

  43. Oh Ali.

    When are you allowed to have visitors?

    The pictures of Lauren/Brian cracked me up. I am worried for you and hope that you’ll be better soon, and that the doctors figure out what’s wrong. I also completely sympathize with the multiple pregnancy tests. It’s all you can do to scream “I’M SERIOUSLY NOT PREGNANT!”

  44. Oh, Ali! It’s me, your friend Allison who got all in your biz about your bedsheets. We’re bonded by the best name.
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m hoping for the best for you. I know you’ll be back in action soon. In the meantime, it’s heartwarming to see how much support you have. Brian, friends like Lauren, and your awesome family are going to make your road to recovery seem a lot shorter. 🙂

  45. Oh Ali.

    When are you allowed to have visitors?

    The pictures of Lauren/Brian cracked me up. I am worried for you and hope that you’ll be better soon, and that the doctors figure out what’s wrong. I also completely sympathize with the multiple pregnancy tests. It’s all you can do to scream “I’M SERIOUSLY NOT PREGNANT!”

  46. Oh Ali! Sending you hugs from Chitown! BTW: I also got really chatty when I went under… I wish I had done something cooler… like rap. THEY SEE ME ROLLIN’! Classic. 🙂 And so glad Brian and Lauren are there! Being sick is depressing enough, but being in a hospital room alone is maybe one of the saddest things ever!

  47. Oh Ali, I’m so sorry. GI procedures don’t tend to be fun and time spent in the hospital is even less fun. I know I’m always counting the hours until I get out…Do you know how long you might be in? If they have to give you IV steroids, is it possible you can have them at home, if they set things up with home health? That would at least get you out of the hospital. Wishing you all the best — I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  48. Will be thinking of you this weekend and sending you happy healthy vibes. Oh and I saw you on that dance show on Oxygen…just runnin’ thangs! Hope you get well very soon!!

  49. Ohh no! I hope you feel better. But i am glad you have very entertaining, fun, and sometimes sleepy company! Looking forward to hearing good results and a great plan forward.

  50. I’m so sorry! And so glad at the same time that they’re going to sort this out properly! And I’m glad you have such lovely people to look after you. Something had to be done, I’m glad it’s being done for you!

    And Denny. Oh I loved Denny and his crinkly eyes!

  51. Ali,

    I know it must suck to be spending a holiday weekend in the hospital, but you are getting the attention you need. I hope that your care takers find a plan that works for you and I admire your strength for sharing this adventure with us. Looking forward to your updates and three cheers for Brian and Lauren who are keeping you company and your spirits up!

  52. Last night going through my google reader, I thought, “wow, Ali hasn’t posted in awhile, I hope she is all right.” Oh the internet, making strangers feel like friends. Anyway, I am sorry you are in the hospital but am glad you are on the road to recovery!

  53. Hope you get some positive news from all the tests! Thanks for sharing. For all the rest of us Crohnies it’s comforting to hear about other people going through the same thing. I may be starting on the good ‘ol Remicade infusions soon as well…scary stuff, but your blog makes me happy!

  54. You are so strong! Keep it up!
    I hope that you feel better soon because you have been feeling bad for more than long enough!
    I also hope that with the new doctor and all of the testing there will be a new solution that is more effective.
    Good luck and stay strong!

  55. Yikes, Ali, not much of a weekend getaway :/
    Good luck with your tests, I really hope you get some relief soon! Seems like you’ve been on a wild ride with this stuff lately, but hopefully this hospital stay helps sort things out for you. I know you’ve got places to go and great things to do! Everything will work out in time and I’m crossing my fingers for you that time is here.
    Feel better lady!

  56. aw no I hope you feel better soon! I recently had a colonoscopy and the prep is most unpleasant thing ever. Hang in there!

  57. Oh my goodness Ali, I was hoping you were off on a great Labor Day vacation somewhere. I’m so sorry you’re being held hostage, but on the upside it’s wonderful to hear there are still doctors out there who are proactive and don’t tell you just keep popping different kinds of pills and “too bad” if you aren’t getting better. I hope they figure something out soon and you get to enjoy part of your long weekend. Big ups to Brian, what a trooper. It’s hard being the person there for support, I’ve been there. Good luck chica, feel better soon!!!

  58. I am so sorry it got to this point. And I KNOW about the colonoscopy prep. The last time, I thought I was being so smart by choosing the pill prep. Uh, yeah. Not at all. It was even worse and MORE nauseating than the liquid. It was absolutely brutal. Hopefully you won’t need one for a long time. I really hope you feel better very soon.

  59. Sending all of my good thoughts your way! I hope you get a gorgeous dress and make it to the wedding (magically cured, of course).

    But in all honesty, I am glad your new doctor finally took some more action. It’s about time.

    Good luck Ali!

  60. I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this. I’m sure that soon they will have answers and you will be well on your way to the road to recovery. Hang in there and keep up that positive attitude! You rock!

  61. Oh no. I hope having you held hostage there means they will be making you feel better stat. My sis-in-law is a nice radiology nurse at Mt. Siani (Jeanok Youn) so if anybody pulls any crap – or more enemas – she’ll come punch them out for you!!! Hang in there. And I highly recommend Dexter for entertaining Netflix-streaming.

  62. Hi Ali! I hope you feel better soon! You’re so strong to be sharing your journey and it’s so much appreciated. I’ve been following your blog for about a year and love your energy and passion for life. I hope you get better soon so you can get back to doing the things that make you happy!

  63. I hope you get answers, feel better and don’t have to go back for a very long time! Hospitals are no fun…. 🙁

  64. Oh my goodness. What a way to spend the last few days. Bodies are weird things. I hope you get some answers after all of this!

    But know that you have internet friends rooting for you (and for Dr. Awesome to figure this out asap)! I hope you get home soon!

  65. I was wondering why there was no thankful Thursday post! I really hope you start feeling better, the doctors figure out how to help you and you are feeling better soon! Keep Rollin’!!!
    That is my favorite part of this post, you crack me up!!! But seriously, get better soon!

  66. So sorry to hear you’re going through all of this, Ali! Sending well wishes your way. But if it’s any consolation, you’d probably win the award for most entertaining patient with your mad singing skills!

  67. Oh no! Being unexpectedly admitted to the hospital is the worst…especially when it involves colonoscopy prep! That was how I spent a holiday weekend in the spring, only my friends were much less creative with their entertainment repertoire! 😉 I hope you’re feeling better (and get to shower!) soon.

  68. Boo!! I hate hospitals – so sorry you have to be there. I haven’t been in the hospital for my Crohn’s in a couple months…but it still feels like yesterday ::shudder:: Let’s hope your new doc can find some kickass new meds for you 🙂

  69. Thinking of you!! I made a visit to the ER on Wednesday myself… but I think it’s just Stress not Chron’s. Hope they get you feeling better soon 🙂

  70. Oh Ali! I am so sorry you are having to endure such a crappy situation! I hope that the time you spend in the hospital will make things better!!


  71. hope you get your ticket home soon! i’m very jealous that you have a private room. roommates in hospitals aren’t always pleasant… my last hospital roommie woke me up throughout the night to help her find her clicker amidst the tangle of sheets on her bed. awkward.
    hope dr. great has some good news for you pronto!!

  72. Oh Ali, I’m so sorry you are having to go through all this! You’re right, hopefully the worst is behind you now! And at least you wouldnt gently kick a golden puppy 🙂

  73. I hope you feel better soon, Ali! My husband was just in for a week for a Crohn’s related issue…hospitals are the worst. You always need time to recover from being in the hospital – they aren’t very restful places. Thinking of you!

  74. I thought the same thing…where is Thankful Thursday’s post?! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I have to tell you…I love it! It makes my day. Your posts are genuine and hilarious. I hope your doctor figures this all out so you can return to running soon!

  75. Oh man, you poor thing. I’m SO sorry you are going through this yet again…I hope they figure out a solution to get you healthy again and FAST. Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes, ok??

  76. I was thinking about you this morning, hoping everything was OK. I’m so sorry this is happening now and I hope they figure out a new improve game plan that will work. So here’s to hoping you’ll feel better soon!

  77. That GoLytely stuff will make you do anything put “Go Lightly.” I hope they have “advanced your diet, as tolerated” today!

    Feel better, Feller! Make sure you watch Dance Moms, too…

  78. So, I woke up this morning and thought: Today is friday! Yesterday, was Thursday. There was no Thankful Thursday Post from Ali yesterday. Now I know why. Get better soon!

  79. Ali….

    So, so sorry to hear you’re enduring all of the fun that comes with being in the hospital. However, it sounds like you have a great doctor who actually cares about you and your health and an amazing boyfriend and best friend to keep you somewhat sane.

    Here’s to hoping there are some good news from your tests!

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