Take My Sweat (It’s A Giveaway & It’s Not Gross)

Do you know what I want so badly right now?

I want to use my damn mango soap.

Look at it in the shower, so sad and upside-down. It hasn't been touched in months.

Back in June, I was interviewed by Women’s Running magazine (no, I don’t know why they wanted to talk to me, either — probably because 8:30 miles are the new “elite” status), and the nice ego-boosting people over there asked how I like to reward myself for a good training run or race.

My answer was not ice cream (in healthier times that’s a daily meal staple, not an “indulgence”) or getting a massage (too poor). My answer was this:

Yes. I reward myself with cleanliness.

It’s true: I love my sweet-smelling soap. I come back from my run feeling all amazing and on top of the world and in a state of “I can do anything except foam roll.”

And then I shower, and it is splendid.

It’s fruity and it’s happy and it’s a year-round treat.

But I haven’t used my mango soap since February.

The last time I used it — yes, I remember — was after an 18-mile training run in preparation for the Eugene Marathon. It was an awesome running week for me.

Since then? The soap has gone un-lathered.

I’ve been using my “regular” stupid-smelling non-special soap every day instead.

My showers are unremarkable.

And I really, really miss getting to get all mango-y after I sweat.

So in case you were wondering, no I still have not been able to run. I’ve wanted to. But after four days on steroids, I feel no improvement. I’m just as sick today as I was on Monday. I’m still keeping my “the steroids will take time to kick in and you’re probably not going to die” mentality, but it’s tough. I’m used to Prednisone seeping through my body immediately and giving me pretty instantaneous relief.

Not this time I guess.

I did make it to another spin class with Matt last night, though I had to bolt to the bathroom during one of the climbs. Do you know what’s not embarrassing? Running out of the dark room mid-spin and blasting everyone with sunlight from the open door as you make a mad-dash for the locker room. No one gets mad at the temporary blindness, don’t worry.

And this morning, after a long long time in the bathroom, I got myself to Central Park for a short and slow bike ride.

Biking is nice. It’s a good alternative and it’s so much gentler than running.

But it’s not the same.

And it doesn’t earn me mango soap.

Needless to say, it’s been an un-fun week for me. It’s not just the not-running stuff — I haven’t really been able to get through any of my “normal” daily routines. I’ve been taking cabs to work every day because I’m so paranoid about being stuck underground on the subway (I think I just heard my debit card weeping from inside my wallet), and my coworkers now know that if they need me and I’m not at my desk, I’m in the middle stall in the bathroom. So professional, right?

My stomach isn’t improving from the steroids, but I’m already feeling the side effects: restless nights, difficulty falling asleep to begin with and puffiness and bloating. I’m at my most beautiful right now, that’s for sure.

The highlight of my week has been watching the video of Tyler rolling over for the first time:

TYLER, YOU ARE SO IMPRESSIVE. I'm so proud of you. What are you going to do now that you're on your stomach? Is this what parents call "tummy time?"

He has a stronger core than I do. Pathetic.

Now, just because I’m a bit of a mess doesn’t mean I don’t want to do nice things and be all “hey have free stuff!”

So how about a giveaway today? Making other people happy tends to perk me up, so please allow me to make your day…if you’re into it.

Who wants one?

Yeah, I may have stockpiled a few of these babies for days like today. And since Brian’s kind smiles really imply “please get these shirts out of our apartment ASAP,” I’m thinking it’s time to give one away.

I only have small, medium and large women’s short-sleeved shirts available. Sorry dudes. (You can still enter, Gian. I know you want to, and I totally think you can pull of a women’s small. What size do you think Meb wants?)

So if you win, you’ll tell me your size, and I’ll tell you which colors I have available. It’s not complicated.

Entering isn’t complicated, either. It never is.

WANT TO WIN AN “I HEART SWEAT” T-SHIRT? You have two comment options (choose one — you don’t get an extra entry for commenting twice):

  1. Leave a comment with a happy (even better: funny) thought that has nothing to do with running, sweating, Crossfit, marathons or athletic goals of any kind. If you say something like “My happy thought is tomorrow’s 18-mile training run!” I will disqualify you on account of making me feel sad. If you leave a comment about a time you went running and crapped your pants on the side of the road, that is allowed.
  2. Leave a comment telling me something you hate. Again, it cannot have to do with running, physical activity or anything along those lines. It can, however, relate to Stonehenge, hairless cats, stingy topping-givers at Tasti D Lite or bug bites. Have at it. Be creative.

I’ll pick a winner at 9 AM EST Monday, August 13.

Good luck and have a great weekend!



489 Responses

  1. Hate taking NYC buses. And tourists stopping abruptly upon exiting the subway station to gawk and think so that I slam into them.

  2. Happy Thought: Our goddaughter, Emersyn is visiting us this weekend (she’s only 3 months, so her parents are here to) And I’m so excited to cuddle her all weekend!

  3. I’m sorry I’m just now reading this because I have been wanting one of your sweat shirts since your first giveaway! Ugh! One of these years…
    Anyway, I have my own ritual. I have this amazing pepperminty face scrub with little beads that I can only use after a Saturday morning run/workout. If I don’t go, I don’t get to use it. I thought I was alone in that crazy ritual. Glad to know I’m not 🙂
    Hope the pred kicks in soon…it sucks when you get the side effects first. I still get random mood swings even though my colitis flare ended last winter and I’m off the steroids. Anyway, hope today is happy for you!

  4. My fun thing has a hate-filled gooey center. I was a huge Sweet Valley High fan when I was a kid. Lovedlovedloved reading each new book. Francince Pascal just came out with “Sweet Life,” an exclusive e-serial for the Kindle & other eReaders. This has been the best 6 weeks in my reading life for awhile. Until today with Book #6. TERRIBLE ending. So the candy coating was great, but there’s a hate-filled gooey center of my happy candy. 🙁

  5. Happy thought: Winning an I Heart Sweat shirt! (lame, but it gets lamer…) Something I hate: Not living in the US and so not being able to buy an I Heart Sweat shirt! 😉 Told you it got lamer. I so hope all this love is cheering you up, though! You put smiles on so many peoples faces!

  6. I hate when a guy decides it’s a good idea to wear running shorts to yoga class and go shirtless! Really don’t need to see all that!

  7. I hate that I had to set my alarm for the first time tonight in six weeks. Summer is officially over. Back to work tomorrow!!

  8. a happy thought?? sitting around the dinner table with friends for hours and only thinking it was 30 minutes 🙂

  9. I hate cooked tomatoes. I hate how they smell, I hate how they look, I hate how they taste. Yes, I have strong feelings about this.

  10. I hate that my new office building doesn’t have stairs. Well, they HAVE them, but they’re for emergency situations only. Seriously? I would so much rather take the stairs than the elevator…but I probably don’t want to be THAT GIRL to set off the alarms. 🙂

  11. This should make you chuckle… My 4 year old daughter tried Swiss cheese the other day and said she didn’t like it… That she likes Taylor Swiss (Swift) songs, just not the cheese!! :). My own happy thought is that soon Dunkin Donuts will have their pumpkin spice coffee again!! Woohoo!! 🙂

  12. Happy/Funny story: One time when I was like 10 we went Ice Skating. I was pretending that I was in the Olympics and I was so engrossed in my pretend world that I didn’t realize the zamboni was out on the ice and NO ONE ELSE was on the rink. The zamboni was chasing me down. It was an Olympic Nightmare 🙂

    Second happy thought: winning a I heart sweat shirt since everytime I try to buy one it’s already sold out of my size/style/color.

  13. I love that when I get my baby to take a nap, I’m going to sit down in a sunny window with a margarita and Mindy Kaling’s book. Housework, work work, errands, and everything else can wait!

  14. I love traveling! I just got back from a lovely trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But I hate flying coach–I threw up on the plane on the way back!

  15. Happy Thought: The iced coffee I made this morning was better than Caribou and it didn’t cost $4. Yep, zzzz snooze fest, I don’t care, its the little things.

    Hate Thought: Hate is a strong word, but if I could hate anyone it would be the guy who laid on his horn this morning while I was in the crosswalk and the little blinky man said I could be in it. Oh I’m so sorry I had to walk across the street, how dare I? Hate his face. Not really, he just sucks and I don’t know him, so I mean maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he was in a hurry. I don’t know, he shouldn’t lay on his horn, its rude.

  16. I really hate spiders! Absolutely cannot stand them. They terrify me beyond anything that’s healthy and I don’t care to do any of the stupid therapy to end my irrational fear b/c OMG THEY MAKE YOU HOLD ONE!!!!! However, yesterday as I was walking into work, I saw a guy getting on the Metro that had a t-shirt saying “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…and spiders.” I could not have been more excited by the shirt…except that there was then a picture of a spider on it. Um, for a shirt designed for arachnaphobics, maybe the spider picture should go!

  17. Happy thought:How happy my wife would be if she got this shirt.
    Something I don’t like is more guys don’t comment on your blog. Your thoughts are priceless 🙂

  18. I hate getting work e-mails that are full of grammatical errors. It might be the former copy editor in me talking, but it makes me cringe . . .

  19. Happy thought: It is still the weekend. OUt of all things that are lovely and happy, the weekend is my favorite.

  20. Happy thoughts; it’s the weekend, sharing laughs with family, and hearing my kids say the most hilarious and/or sweet things. LOVE those shirts!!!

  21. I hate when people (even friends!) ask you if they can use your chapstick.. why sure why don’t you just spit in my mouth!

  22. My 4 year old neighbor told me that he didn’t fart the dump truck went up his butt. It made me think about the logic of a 4 year old.

  23. My happy thought is that Shipyard Pumpkin has come early this year. I don’t care that it’s only August. Pumpkin is great ALWAYS!

  24. For instant happiness, I recommend googling “babies playing with puppies.” Here, I did it for you: http://bit.ly/P9nT34

    I hope this helps 🙂
    Sometimes I have to do this several times with various animals to get through the work day. That’s normal, right?

  25. I love being from Maine. It’s the sort of place people visit and wish they could live for the natural beauty and succulent seafood. I am proud to say I’m from Maine.

  26. I HATE getting poop in my pocket at work! (especially when my cell phone is in there) I guess I should explain I’m a vet tech, it happens!

  27. I’m happy because I just started a new job where I actually get appreciated. I really didn’t know what I was missing in my old job! All of the support and encouragement is overwhelming sometimes. These days, I look forward to going to work and it doesn’t give me stomach ulcers like the last one!
    Another thing that makes me happy? My hot hot supportive husband who may or may not do a dance when he leaves the bathroom (TMI?!)
    You are seriously the best, keep at it gal!

  28. So mine is happy, because I got up the courage to go to the dog park by myself with my dogs after my boyfriend broke up with me last week. My dogs used to play with his dogs and loved it. I was feeling great, being around people and all, rather than at home crying into my pillow. The bad thing was my little dog felt the need to ” protect” me from all of the dogs who just wanted to play with him. We were there to socialize, make new friends! Not snarl at them. I was so embarassed. My other dog just kept barking. Not a success, but we were there, in the world, doing something, regardless.
    Ali, let yourself use the soap. You’re out there, spinning, cycling, doing stuff, when a majority of people might fold and be sedentary or afraid to take a group class for fear of having to leave in the middle in your situation. It sounds like you are doing amazingly well and maybe you deserve mango soap for getting yourself out there. I dont really know you,but from what I’ve read on your blog I’m guessing in your normal state you would be doing those long runs. If you know you’re pushing yourself to your current limit, then treat yourself! That’s my soapbox. Love your blog, btw. 🙂

  29. Happy Thought: Today I drove around town with my windows rolled down singing along to Ray Charles’ “I’ve Got a Woman” and it was awesome .

  30. Happy thought: Margaritas and carne asada tacos. Its damn hot in Cali right now so I need an ice cold drink and some good meat!!! I wont mention why I need all the meat bc you might disqualify me. 😉

  31. Craving frozen yogurt (doesn’t happen often) instead of salt or fried food and eating it on a perfect summer night!

  32. I hate that I tried a new exercise class (tabata) this morning and had to leave half-way through to go to the bathroom! I love this blog!! It makes me so happy to read about someone else who knows where all the bathrooms are on their favorite run.

  33. Ummmm…picture this as my happy comment: Lola is sitting on my lap literally staring at the computer screen while I read your blog post. She says, “Ruff, ruff, ruffff, Ali, ruff.”


  34. I hate when my room is a mess.. piles everywhere (like it is now) and my happy thought is how I will feel once I get it all cleaned up!

  35. I believe Hate is a really strong word, which I try to never use…what I strongly dislike is at Chiptole and they are stingy on the quac when you are already paying $2.07 extra for a chicken burrito.

  36. Happy Thought: In two weeks I will be on the beach in DE, Bethany Beach with my family and two little cousin, 3 and 7 months!!! We rent a house and spend every minute on the beach!!

  37. Happy thought: Peaches, plums, cantaloupe, and grapes were all super cheap at the grocery store this week, so I bought tons of fruit and have been enjoying it all week. I love summer produce!

  38. I am happy that I threw my husband a really awesome surprise graduation party last night – it was a huge success and I’m pretty much “the best ever.” But I hate that another party-goer grabbed all my leftover cake on the way out and now I can’t eat cake all day today! :-/

  39. I secretly enjoy making people feel slightly awkward in elevators. Lots of people, small space filled with dreary lighting and mirrors. I’m still waiting for the perfect mix of strangers to accumulate in the work elevator one morning, so that I can just turn around as the door closes and say, “so now that I have you all gathered here…” 🙂

  40. I hate looonnnngggg work meetings in rooms that have zero cell reception=no entertainment for two hours. Thank heavens it’s the weekend!

  41. My happy thought is that I get to hang out with my puppy all weekend! I love your puppy photos — hope you can get one soon!

  42. Happy thought !!!

    Pop chips in the uk !!!

    I hate…

    People who try to push me down so that they feel better about themselves !! Proper morons !

  43. I love long, chilly fall days. I hate the weather this summer—100+ degrees every day. I am hoping that we have a really long fall full of chai tea, thick sweaters, homemade waffles, and crunchy leaves!

  44. Happy thought? It’s Saturday and it’s raining, which means I don’t have to feel like I’m squandering a nice-weather day to sit in the TV room and watch Friday Night Lights for hours!

  45. I’m happy that it’s the weekend and I have no real plans, just relaxing!

    I hate spiders! They come out of nowhere and why does there seem to be more this year? yuck

  46. firstly can i say that i love sweat – and just to prove it – my happy job today is spending the day in the kitchen cooking up all of the fruit and vegetables that i picked from our garden this morning – that makes me very happy! tomato sauce for pasta, grilled aubergines, plum jam and cucumber salad – it all brings a great big smile to my face.

  47. My Happy thought is that my bestest friend in the whole wide world just moved closer too me! Instead of being about 12hrs away she is only about 4hrs! Life just doesn’t get any better than that!

  48. I hate….that my parents are flying back to California in six sleeps time and I have no idea when I’ll see them again.

    But my happy thought is that tomorrow I get to show them Yosemite and they’re going to be blown away.

    A t shirt would make up for the temporary loss of my parents 🙂

    You may be bummed about the way you are feeling, BUT you can have frozen yogurt for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all of those in between meals because you don’t have to worry about upchucking it when your tum bounces up and down as you groove into a 3rd mile.

    You can have one or two (or five) extra skinny girl margs/glasses of wine/straight up longin’ draught beers.

    You can sleep in (if you want)!

    You can spend the time making Brian foam roll you/give you a massage/watch him cook you food/being a total laze-case.

    Lastly, you can get back to what you love, when you’re body is ready to tackle the world. Give yourself time to polish, then let you diamond shine, girl! 😀

  50. Happy Thought: my landlord gave me his daughter’s old desk for free tonight! I had been planning on purchasing a desk, but now I don’t have to 🙂

  51. I love cuddling with my 9 month old puppy! He’s a rescue and so cute/funny looking. He always cheers me up. AND he loves to run with me!

  52. Happy thought is that my boyfriend may have invited 3 professional chefs over for dinner and left me to do most of the cooking, but I survived and even thrived!! All you need to make is chocolate cake and people will love you.

  53. That moment when you already feel exhausted and sort of “blah” (and maybe a little cranky) and someone says to you, “Hey, you look tired!!!”


  54. This isn’t necessarily a happy/funny “thought” but this website has had me laughing for at least an hour: pointerpointer.com

  55. Almost embarrassed to write this but I must not be since I am but happy thought is that my daughter (who is five months) hadn’t went #2 in two days that I thought it was so cute that she finally did tonight while I was feeding her. The look in her face was pure happiness and it made me happy….until I realized I had to change the diaper. Oh well it still made me happy that she was happy.

  56. I am an over-achiever and will list three things I love:
    *Hearing my 3 year old use the word “stupendous” in her every day conversations.
    *Frozen Yogurt
    *Seeking my passion, even if it means going back to school when I am 31….

  57. Happy thought: Took my GMAT today and did pretty well! Now it’s time to sit on my butt and eat ice cream sandwiches. Yum.

  58. It’s a happy day! My 22 year old baby boy is coming home today! This is his first summer not at home and I am looking forward to a hug and seeing his beautiful smile!

  59. (I think) Funny thought: I have now seen the same woman strolling down 3rd avenue around 72nds street at least 5 times. No, this is not in itself remarkable, other people do live here and have a similar grocery store schedule to mine. What is remarkable is that this 60-something year old woman has electric yellow hair. I don’t mean bright blond, I mean bright yellow; brand new highlighter before it fades, shocking yellow. What I want to know is, does she ever look in the mirror and say, “Yup, great hair day?”

  60. My happy thought is that this weekend will be spent with family, drinking copious amounts of beer and wine, and floating down a river in tubes.

  61. My happy thought is the look of glee when i give my one year old twin girls their SECOND mini s’mores during dessert!!

  62. My happy thought is that I’m going to be an auntie in November! I’m 7 hours away from where baby will live, but seeing how you Skye and text and send pics with your brother make me realize I can still be close with my family AND the baby after he’s born 🙂

  63. I HATE deer flies. The suckers bite (which hurts a lot) and then they chase you – for MILES. I have quite the obsessive anger with them… and I avoid certain areas of my town for June-September because of them.

  64. Happy thought: I just found some forgotten about ice cream in the freezer. Thought my husband had finished it a few days ago. WIINNNNN!

  65. I hate that I can pretty much guarantee a child will come down with some kind of illness (this week was strep throat; thank you very little) whenever my husband travels. Double bonus hate when it’s a work day and I have to call out of work.

  66. Happy thought (never posted before, but feel the need-to because I want you to know I’ve been where you are): finally, for the first time in 2 1/2 years, being in remission. That includes a wedding, honeymoon, 2 half’s with Team Challenge, being pregnant for 7 months – before the meds kicking-in (or my body kicking it out). I’m so grateful to be able to have a sample at Trader Joe’s without feeling my face get hot and running to a restroom. Sleeping at night without having to “go” is amazing too.

  67. Before I even finished reading the “rules” to commenting, I immediately thought I HATE mosquitoes. Bug bites. All bugs. Why do they exist again?

  68. happy thought: another lululemon just opened within walking distance of my apt! don’t mind if i do…
    not so happy thought: finally got my butt to the lulu yoga in bryant park last night. it started raining at 5:55 for the 6pm class. fail.

  69. I am happy because in a few days my husband and I are traveling to Iceland on vacation! My husband has never traveled internationally before, so we can’t wait!

  70. I love the idea of entertaining myself reading all the -happy thoughts/funny stories-comments in this post but I hate the fact that they are 349!!! …so far.

  71. I’m happy that my eight-year-old daughter’s tooth extraction today was quick and and easy and she was smiling again five minutes later. 🙂

  72. Happy thought: going to a house in the mountains for the weekend with my best friends/book group.

    Something I hate: when people let their kids put stickers on the insides of their car windows.

    P.S. Do you really hate Stonehenge?

  73. I am LOVING my fave frozen yogurt combo at TCBY (the country’s best yogurt—no Tasti D Lite in the Midwest!!!) flavors Golden Vanilla mixed with White Chocolate Mousse!! I could eat truckloads of it!!!:)

  74. Going through my own flare-up now, so totally feeling your pain. I had my own Crohn’s moment walking across campus today…having to run into the engineering building to find a bathroom. Thank goodness for school not being in session yet and for bathrooms on most every floor of every building I am near. And so glad there was no one on the floor of the engineering building today.

  75. My happy thoughts all relate to my nephews. Recently I took my two year old nephew to the bathroom at a park…knowing he was going to pee all over the toilet, I insisted that I go first. Such a good aunt, I would rather he pee his pants than have to hold my own. Anyway, as I was going potty, he stood behind me closest to the wall and asked, “Do you pee from your but?” Um, no I don’t. I told him no. His response, “Well mom pees from her butt.” GREAT! He was confused as to why I don’t have a “tail” (what he calls his man parts) and why I don’t pee the same way. Sorry kid, I am not about to explain my parts. Still makes me laugh. I am glad that I don’t have a tail and you tell others though.

  76. I was babysitting today and brought the boys to my house to play with my dog, because they’re obsessed with her. One of the boys threw the ball really high and my dog did a backflip and caught it! She’s crazy and I’ve gotten her close to doing one before when playing fetch or squirting the hose in the air but this was the first time. I’ve never seen those kids so excited, it was awesome! So I might have to enter her in the puppy Olympics (which comes on animal planet and is awesome).
    I really like your blog and your attitude about things. I hope you feel better soon, GI issues suck.

  77. Today I was walking down the hallway and tripped over my own feet. I completely wiped out. I’m so glad that no one saw that, but I was laughing so hard after it happened.

    And one of my favorites.. We had an apartment where the stove wouldn’t work well (only a little flame). We called the landlord, and he said there was a world wide gas shortage. Come to find out, there was a valve that was closed outside the window, but I will never forget the worldwide gas shortage claim 🙂

  78. I was babysitting today and brought the boys to my house to play with my dog (they’re obsessed), and one of the boys threw the ball really high and my dog did a backflip and caught it! She’s crazy and I’ve gotten her close to doing one before when playing fetch or squirting the hose in the air but this was the first time. I’ve never seen those kids so excited, it was awesome 🙂

  79. i HATE small airport bathrooms, but I love that everytime I see one now, I think of you and your post about small bathrooms. I also love that I found a big one in London Heathrow and contemplated taking a picture

  80. Hi Ali!! I really hope that you are feeling better. it sucks to be sick. I hope this makes you smile: My friend’s landlord is a real idiot and was called to their apartment because their shower was not draining. They told him that the issue was probably too much hair in the drain, and when they came home, they found a huge bottle of Nair in their trash. NAIR!!!!! He asked for “Hair Remover” at the store… and he got his wish. HAHAH I still die everytime I think about it.

    Feel better 🙂

  81. I hate the fact that having Crohn’s means that you may love the food, but it may hate you. And no one understands.

  82. I hate that it is Friday and sunny but I am stuck inside writing a never ending final paper. Booooo. Good luck bike shopping!!

  83. I hate that I’m at work and just got a text that said “Just had an hour massage and two hour nap”. Neither things which I can do today or really ever!

  84. Would LOVE to get a shirt!! I HATE with a passion the little black stems on the bottom of a banana! It freaks me out and I have to scrape it all out before I’ll eat it.

  85. This joke made me happy today:
    Q: what does a nosey pepper do?
    A: Get jalapeno business!!

    Hope it makes you smile too 🙂

  86. I hate when your 3 cents away from getting a free froyo! So at a place by me, if your froyo rings up to be $5 even, you get it for free. $5.03 = unhappiness (but still sort of happiness because I love froyo)! Seriously though, what is that one chocolate chip?!

  87. My happy thought is the fact that I officially begin CIM training tomorrow!! (This may also be my equally unhappy thought once I approach peak training miles)

  88. Happy/Funny thought of the day: a week from today I leave on a trip to Panama. I’m going to a remote island and going to volunteer at a preschool and bring crayons and books and warm fuzzies (maybe some actual fuzzy Pom poms?!) I’m also looking forward to seeing the Tucans!

    Biggest annoyance? My boyfriend who reminds me that everything I want to bring wont fit in my backpack I have to carry.

  89. My 4 year old is also anti-foam rolling! I just walked into the living room and she was stabbing my foam roller with a pencil! Does that count as a happy thought?! 😉

  90. My happy thought is that college football season starts in 3 weeks and I will get to reunite with some of my friends that I only see in the fall!

  91. I hate when I have been in the restroom for a few minutes, and realize I’m out of toilet paper. Damn you, Crohn’s!

    ps – I think you should use the dang soap. You may not have earned it running, but you sure have earned it with these constant flares. You deserve that soap. (now go buy yourself another bottle of it!!)

  92. Something I hate: the team admin acting like 1. she’s coordinating the upcoming office move all on her own, 2. harping on and on about it all day, and 3. acting like it’s the hardest task in the world.

    My reaction (/happy thought of the day): http://i48.tinypic.com/28vq3pk.gif

  93. Happy thought:
    (I’m really having trouble coming up with one right now, and that concerns me, but is also why I picked this one instead of the second option) ….
    I got to videochat with my grandparents last time for the first time ever. They were wonderfully amazed at technology and I was able to show them my little bitty NYC studio apartment. Then they were absolutely floored at how much it cost to rent, but whatever.

  94. Like you, I’m temporarily sidelined and won’t be running this weekend, but I’m happy that I will have extra time to enjoy other things and since I haven’t been running, I have less workout clothes to launder! I’m happy that kinesio tape c omes in all sorts of nice colors (KT Tape) and patterns (Rock Tape). I’m happy that the socks I bought at the Jack Rabbit booth at the Ironman Expo are really nice. I’m happy I’m going to dinner tonight and I can have a drink if I want to because I’m not running toomorrow, so I don’t have to worry about how the drink would affect my performance. I’m happy I found out that Mrs. Fields is 2 blocks and 2 avenues away from my office.

    I hate it when people use bad grammar or spelling in an ad because they think it’s cute. It’s not. It’s annoying.

  95. Happy Thought: As of today, I am on vacation from work until August 20th. It’s a staycation, which is fine with me….spending time relaxing with my hubby all week! 🙂

  96. When I brought my bag in from the store today, my dog rooted through it until she found the rope toy I bought her and she pranced around the house like it was something to be shown off. Gave me a smile!

  97. Funny thought… While golfing with my mom earlier this week, two older gentlemen in a golf cart passed us while we were on the green. They waved; I waved back. The next thing I knew, they had turned over a bridge too sharply and tipped their cart sideways into a three-feet deep creek. Since they were OK and uninjured (only the golf cart suffered traumatic injuries), it’s OK to laugh about it now, especially because of the driver’s excuse about why he wasn’t paying attention while turning: “You don’t ever see two women out on the golf course, so I just got distracted.”

  98. Happy Thought – my birthday is in two days and any day that is ALL about me makes me happy.
    Hate – snakes and the fact that they exist in this world to give me creepy thoughts and dreams.

  99. Not my entry……use the damn mango soap! You don’t have to run 18 miles to earn it. You can come up with something else for a reward for that but use the soap you want every day!!!!

  100. happy: someecards.com. hilarious inappropriate things that are so on point and true that i can’t help but laugh out loud. and if you are ever sad, just google “happy dogs” and click on “images”. (seriously, try it, it’s wonderful).

    hate, hate, hate: that we have an office “candy bowl.” why can’t we have an office “fruit bowl” or “almond bowl”?!

  101. I just got back from a trip to Colorado. On this trip, my whole extended family gathered to celebrate my Gramie’s 80th birthday AND my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. We had a special dinner in honor of the two of them and you could tell they were so moved to see everyone there to celebrate with them. My grandpa, who is very stoic and man of few words, was brought to tears at several points during the dinner. It made my heart melt. Such a wonderful, happy moment! So my happy thought for the day…it’s moments like this in life that make you realize that life is about the people you share it with. 🙂

  102. I’m one of the lucky ones that gets Friday’s off in the summer, but today is my last Friday! It’s also not even one I can enjoy outside thanks to the downpour. It’s still a Friday off though so I’ll stop complaining now.

  103. I LOVE the fact I will be heading home in THREE WEEKS for my birthday 🙂

    I am not so happy (trying not to use the word hate 😉 ) about the fact it is Friday and I will probably be in the office until 8pm tonight and then back to work (at home) first thing in the morning 🙁

  104. Happy: Having a job now that I don’t dread going to in the morning. It is a huge change from the depression my last job caused. I feel great!

  105. My dog makes me insanely happy. I’d post a photo, but I’d be afraid you’d track me down and steal him, he’s that cute.

  106. I love your blog and seriously appreciate your honesty and candidness. I HATE driver’s who throw there cigarrette butts out the windows of their cars! How rude! I’d like to go road rage on them! 😀

  107. I hate steroids and I hate Crohns attacks. But I love feeling blessed that I have Crohns because I have been connected to so many amazing people from the CCFA… Like you!!! Thank you for your inspiring blog!

  108. Something I hate: stingy topping givers at Tasti D Lite. You are so right. This may be something only NYers understand. This is why 16 Handles will always have my heart!

  109. I’m happy my company is actually paying overtime this weekend for salaried employees!! I usually work over 40 hours anyways and get nothing extra, but this weekend I will get an extra $100! 🙂

  110. Happy thought… I’m getting married a year from today!

    I hate that natural peanut butter has a half inch of nasty oil on top.

  111. Funny story. One night while in college, I decided to be all tree-hugger-green-earthy, and decided to ride my bicycle to the bar. This was a terrific idea, until the ride home. I was cruising along, feeling refreshed with the wind blowing through my hair as I sped down a dark street. All of a sudden, I see a parked car on the side of the road and veer toward the center of the road when BAM—I’ve hit something and fallen off my bike. I’m thinking I must be totally intoxicated to have hit the car, but, oh no, some damn child left their bicycle in the middle of the road and I rode over it, and fell in the process.

    I did check the child’s bicycle to make sure it was not broken and moved it to the curb and out of harms (and intoxicated college students’) way. I rode away so quickly, scared that someone would be awake a 2 AM and witnessing my antics.

  112. Happy Thought — I’m going to VA Beach tomorrow for my good friend from high school’s wedding!! So excited to travel to a place I’ve never been 🙂

  113. As much as I love summer I am really craving Fall and I love the smell and the colors of fall. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts, so comfortable!! Plus both of my babies were born in October, the 24th and the 31st, Halloween baby!

  114. Right now, I hate people who say “we need to talk.” But then they don’t tell you what they want to talk to you about, so then you’re freaking out until you can talk to them, and then it end up being something totally stupid like ‘can you do the dishes?’ COME ON.

    Also, here’s a weird YouTube video that might cheer you up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11xzmHP13fY

  115. Something I hate: I hate when people ask if they can share my chocolate milk, and I have to say no. And then they drink some of it anyway, so then I have to cut them.

    For some reason, it always ruins our friendship. I don’t get it. *shrugs*

  116. i am a little in love with the phase of life i am in right now because i am PREGNANT and absolutely, 100% not allowed to go on a long or hard run. it’s doctor mandated! i thought i would go nuts, but it’s been so great to just elliptical in the mornings (30 minutes, tops), and then feel like i got my sweat in. seriously. it rocks. i don’t even feel guilty about not running these days! just happily, blissfully pregnant. pass me more ice cream, please! and a sweat shirt for when i hit the pavement after this little person makes his/her grand entrance into the world 😉

  117. My happy thought is: I have amazing coworkers- they made me laugh so hard today my eyes were tearing. ( we were talking about how I had a therapy session with my dog last night)

  118. On Sunday my friends and I are going to Spenard Roadhouse (in Anchorage, Alaska) to partake in the bacon of the month. What is that, you ask?

    This month, it is sweet potato tater tots topped with peppered bacon and prosciutto, melted cambozola cheese , and a rosemary chive creme fraiche.

    I’m quivering with excitement right now.

  119. Today I hate cancer. An amazing man and writer, David Rakoff, passed away last night from Hodgkin’s Disease. And a friend of mine since elementary school who has been battling cancer since age 16 has been given six months to live.

    Sorry to be such a downer but dude, cancer sucks.

  120. I’ve avoided red wine like the plague ever since I had an allergic reaction at age 15 (…don’t judge, it was a parentally-endorsed glass at dinner). Last night, 11 years later, I gave it another shot… and didn’t explode in itchy hives!! Allergy outgorwn. A whole new world of possibilities and red-stained teeth awaits me. 🙂

  121. I LOVE my breakfast. Every day for the last 4 or 5 months I’ve had exactly the same thing (which some people say isn’t healthy, but because it makes me so happy I say to them: go to hell.): oatmeal, honey, raisins, peanut butter and a banana. It is perfection.

    I also love taking risks, but don’t always have the courage to do so. Today I did so. CELEBRATE!!

  122. I’m gonna go positive on this one: they’re extending Baltimore’s Restaurant Week by several days, so I think I’m going to take advantage and try (another) new place—for cheap!

  123. I don’t want to be a total negative Nancy here, either, so I want to leave a happy one, too.

    A happy part of my life would be my animals. So basically, they are hilarious. My dog is a basset hound and she is just a silly looking girl to begin with. Sometimes she goes into this weird crazy dog mode and runs back and forth through the apartment with her derpy face flopping everywhere as she makes these growly sounds. She’s not chasing anything or playing with any toys – she just likes to run back and forth throughout the place sometimes making hilarious basset hound noises.
    Or she’ll just come up to me when I lay on the couch and put her head on the cushion and stare at me with those big brown eyes of hers, waiting for a pat on the head. Sometimes she’ll just chill at my side and keep me company. She’s really a great friend to have around.

    My cats are pretty awesome, too. One in particular likes to have conversations with me: “Kitty!” “Meow!” “Kiiiitt-tty!” “(louder meow)” “How are you doing?” “Meow!”. This can go on for quite a while, until I run out of questions anyway.
    My other one is weird and likes to chase her tail and rocket speed. She’s also fond of trying to catch the light beams that come in from the window. She’s also got the cutest little face in the world. It’s actually kind of funny how cute it is considering she is the spawn of the devil most of the time. 😛

  124. Happy thought – I will be relaxing at a spa resort in NC with my mom and sister-in-law this time next week – yippee!!!

  125. I love that Ryan Lochte can’t speak the English language intelligently. He may have gold medals and good looks but at least I can out-speak him. TAKE THAT, LOCHTE – JEAH!

  126. My happy thought is helping my boyfriends dad bring a baby cow from the field he was born in, to the main barn so we (they) can keep a close eye on it.
    City girl meets farmer step-parents = learning new stuff every day

  127. So I kids live in the “gay” part of town and one of my neighbor’s wifi is named “The Gaybors”. Still makes me giggle.

  128. Tonight I’m going to meet with my best friend (who I haven’t seen in weeks) to catch a movie at a theater where bringing your own wine is allowed (and strongly encouraged) and the thought of our lady date brings a smile to my face!

  129. I mean, a free shirt would definitely be cool and all, but even still… Can I just say that I HATE CROHNS. I am also going through a really bad flare up… and was told yesterday by my doc that I basically don’t have a lot of options left before the big S.

    I’m back on steroids, too, and I do know they can take like 10 days to give the full effect but I want relief NOW. I’m also not looking forward to turning into a crazy bitch for the next month or so.

    Those aren’t the things I hate most about Crohns, no. The things I hate most about Crohns have more to do with how it takes away the simple things in life that make us all human – eating, sleeping, going out and having fun. Crohns is a parasite on my life right now. I can’t remember the last meal I truly enjoyed (or wasn’t nauseated at the thought of eating), or the last time I slept an unbroken 4 hours, or saw ANY of my friends (going poop every hour isn’t exactly convenient for me or the people in my life right now).

    I wish I were as strong as you, Ali. I am so inspired when I read your blog because I can relate to you so well and I just hope you get better so you can get back to all the good things in life.

  130. I hate it when a storm hits and the electricity goes out for hours and I’m one of the only people in my dorm when it happens…This is the stuff horror movies are made of!

  131. Today is farmer’s market day! So I get to buy the most delicious tomatoes on earth and eat them all with lots of salt. Summertime food makes me happy!

  132. Happy: I have nothing to do this weekend and I’m SUPER excited about it. Now I need to get motivated to do something other than shoving my face with ice cream. But that’s not such a bad thing right??

  133. Today I saw a puppy with a frisbee. And another puppy wanted the frisbee. So puppy #1 dropped the frisbee and gave it to puppy #2. My heart melted. Then they chased the frisbee together and wagged their tails. Then it started to rain. And the puppies didn’t care. We should all be more like puppies.

  134. My happy thought is that it is Friday! And that the weather this weekend is supposed to be about 15-20 cooler than it has been any weekend this summer (seriously)! I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my husband and the dogs outside.

  135. I hate having to ‘train’ college freshmen on how to walk on a sidewalk; ‘sorry you and your new 3 BFFs do not need to walk side by side…I need to get to work and will walk into you if you are taking up the whole sidewalk’

  136. My boyfriend is kind of short, so when he ticked me off last week, I bought 5″ platform heels. The shoes make me happy and looking back on it, it’s a little bit funny.

  137. my happy thought is that this weekend will definitely have some pool time in it. and that since it’s the pool, i can disguise my insane sweating from 100+ heat with a dip in the water. if i can follow that up w/ some fro-yo, i might just be in heaven.

  138. Something I hate… My very least favorite sound in the entire world is that of someone clipping their fingernails or worse their toenails!!! I get shivers thinking about it! As a child, there was someone at my parents church that would clip their fingernails behind me every single week… WHO DOES THAT?! They must have been going after the whole “cleanliness is next to godliness” saying and figured it worked best in a churchy setting.

    Anyway, to this day I make my husband clip them outside, and I have a hard time clipping my fingernails. I would rather just maintain them by fileing or I nervously biting them… All gross but at least I dont have to listen to that clipping sound.

  139. HATE: the olympics are almost over! now I have no excuse to make a butt imprint on my couch and scream at the television.

  140. Happy thought: I discovered the amazingness that is the Boyz II Men pandora station. Seriously, it will make your entire life better. Do it.

  141. I hate hate HATE the word irregardless. HATE. It’s not even a standard English word, and it sounds stupid. Regardless just sounds so much better. HATE.

  142. My happy thought is about swimming. I’m so glad I got over myself and registered for an adult swimming class. Before the class I could get across the pool in an awkward crawl/doggie paddle. Now I can actually swim and not gasp for breath as I go. I’m sure to be recruited by an elite swim team any day now.

  143. My happy thought: The weekend is less than 4 hours away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for 2 days of not getting up at the crack of dawn!

  144. My happy thought is the Ritz Carlton gym in Maui, HI. Only because it has a “funny” story with it. My husband and I were happily vacationing there without kids, on our last day we went to the gym for a quick run. (Quick for me still meant really slow) We were in the process of training for our first half marathon (which turned out to be a disaster of planning). We had heard earlier in the week that Apolo Ohno (the Olympic Speed Skater) was also staying at the hotel, but we had yet to spot him. While I was running on my treadmill (with headphones on) I heard a very loud woman talking to Apolo about how great of an American he was for winning so many gold medals. I instantly got excited just to catch a glimpse of this amazing athlete. However, I looked at my watch and realized that we had a very short time to return to our room, shower, get checked out and get to the airport. My husband decided that he NEEDED to get some Ritz Carlton cucumber water despite my nagging to hurry up. While impatiently waiting for my husband to enjoy his water I looked up to see Apolo Ohno staring right at me! I didn’t know if I should wave, give a head nod, or walk over and say hi, so I just didn’t make eye contact. I hurried my husband along and got into the elevator. Some other guests also got in the elevator this woman gave me a disgusted look, I looked down and realized that I had sweat completely through my shirt. How embarrassing! That’s why Apolo was looking at me, he probably thought I had put in such an amazing workout, little did he know, I had only ran 2.5 miles, I just sweat buckets! But now I have such fond memories of the Ritz Carlton gym.

  145. I hate when its gloomy out all day, but of course it doesn’t start raining until I’m walking home with my computer, gym bag, etc. I’m still drying out from yesterday. FML.

  146. ruinedchildhood.com
    You will never look at the shows of your youth the same way again (in a funny way). Also on Sunday my pet bunny and I will be celebrating four years together! 🙂

  147. My happy thought is that a 16 Handles is opening in Boston in November and after seeing it on your blog, I am counting down the days until it does!

  148. My happy thought – My dogs got baths the other night and they are so soft and fuzzy and they like to cuddle. SO MUCH FUZZY. The only athletic thing they do is sprint up the stairs to poop in my bedroom. I still love them though.

  149. I hate crohns disease, im in the beginnings of a flare and havent had one in years..i hate hate hate you crohns! other then that i hate summer is winding down ;(

  150. Alarms. I hate alarms. I walked into work this morning and the alarm was blaring. And then someone figured out how to urn it off before the fire department could get here, to no oogling hot firemen for me. grumblegrumblegrumble

  151. I have a great story that will make you feel better- When I was in High School I used to go tanning- I was tanning this specific day my sophomore year of HS for the winter ball.
    However, I also had a fainting disorder. As you can guess – tanning and fainting disorders don’t go hand in hand-
    and YES- i fainted in the tanning booth. and I was naked. And the people who worked there thought someone was having a seizure so they opened the door and I fell out…naked. and woke up with the firefighters surrounding me (and none of them were even cute- all old!) It was a day ill never forget (and the day that got me to quit tanning forever…)

  152. My happy thought is….It’s Friday!! I get to go home and spend the rest of the weekend with my beautiful dogs and of course my handsome husband. My favorite thing to do…..Sit outside, read a book , or read blogs, and have both dogs on either side of me, relaxing!!

  153. I’m happy that I’ve recovered enough from having my appendix out that I can laugh without causing serious pain. Because not having to chase every laugh with two Aleve is a good thing, right?

  154. Happy thought: I wore Depends in my third trimester of pregnancy. I peed whenever I wanted to, it was amazing! When I tell my pregnant friends to try it they look horrified, probably because they are floored by my genius. I am thinking of inventing a Depends for runners and launching a campaign to make adult diapers cool. Maybe I can co-brand them with Mizuno as part of their Mezamashii project. We can give 10% of our revenues to the Crohn’s Foundation. Let’s do it! Running diapers will make EVERYONE happy!!

  155. My happy thought after a clusterfuck of a few weeks: My dad is slowly on the mend from heart surgery this week. Out of ICU today and already friends with all the nurses on the floor. Sweet….

  156. I hate packing!!! I love my new apartment but I want to fast forward to a month after we move in when everything is organized!!!

  157. I hate rainy days at the beach. Plus side –
    we were able to get the Jet-Skis out this morning before the skies opened up!

  158. This week I’ve been enjoying eating all things bad for me that I usually try to limit (which may or may not have to do with me celebrating the end of my intense tri training after my race last weekend… sorry Ali) but I took is as far as getting Pizza Hut’s garlic bread pizza. It. Was. Disgustingly. Insane. I ate way too much of it then became immobilized on the coach in an Olympics-watching coma. I have no regrets.

  159. I hate scary stuff. I don’t appreciate lying awake at night thinking that every little noise in my apt means that it’s haunted. But I might go on a haunted mansion tour tonight because it’s Louisiana and there’s nothing else to do.

  160. Happy thought: it’s almost the weekend, which means webcam time with my nieces!!! (it’s hard to do during the week since we’re on opposite sides of the country…darn time zones!)

  161. Happy thought: my boyfriend and I are moving to Seattle, TODAY! I’m literally sitting in the car while we drive across four states to reach our new home by Sunday 🙂

  162. Due to not being able to run this week myself, I have found the time and restless legs allowed me to rearrange my closet, scrub my refrigerator and start about 9 DIY projects and now I have the weekend to complete them! Who knew there were so many little projects to be done when I’m usually off running?

  163. My Happy Thought of the Day is about my hometown bagel shop. It has THE best, melt-in-your-mouth bagels (there must be something in that Jersey water that doesn’t include pollutants). I fully plan on eating as many as I can when I go home this weekend!

  164. Happy Thought of the day, my niece and nephew. The things they do and say just kill me. My nephew just learned to say no, and he just goes no, no, no smiling the whole time because he has no clue what it means. During a tea party last night my niece asked if I wanted Pinot Grigio Tea. No idea how she knew the name of the wine we drink but I couldn’t stop laughing. Hopefully Tyler makes you laugh a lot!

  165. My happy thought is OMG MY RING IS HERE AND NOW MY ENGAGEMENT IS REALLY REAL TO THE WHOLE WORLD. On repeat. For the last 12 hours and showing no signs of stopping.

  166. I love the gigantic piece of lime cheese cake I had today….first piece of cake in a month and it was so worth it. Great way to kick off the weekend.

  167. happy thought: I’m playing hooky at work today and going to brunch and manicures with a good friend who is leaving soon for the east coast.
    thing I hate: when friends switch coasts!

  168. funny story about my dog My Boston Terrier, Ollie, has a blanket that he drags around the house. He gets a little panicked when he can’t find it and get SO excited when he sees it again.

  169. And things I hate: people who leave shopping carts in parking spots, people who unnecessarily take up two seats on the train, waking up before my alarm, tomatoes, mayonnaise, mint-flavored things that are not gum or toothpaste.

  170. 1. My happy thought:

    Yes, it may not be my thought but I am obsessed. Who needs to gym when you can watch 15 year olds out shine you on tv?

    Hate: That it is Friday and I am the only person on my team at work. Our lights are on a sensor because the Army wants to be green and I keep having them turn off. I dont love sitting in the dark but I suppose I need to get up more often to set the sensor off. Pretty sure sitting in a dark giant office by myself is not just something to hate but something that can make me seriously depressed.

    …and as I wrote this the lights went out.

  171. Happy Thought: My 2 year old niece, in an attempt to get me to follow her around last night, says with more authority than I can even muster, “COME BOY!” What do you say to that? All I came up with was “Aunt Tina is a girl, but ok.”

  172. I am happy today because I slept late and made chocolate chip pancakes with my son. School starts soon, so this is one of our last relaxing mornings. We watched synchronized swimming, which I began to mock before I actually watched and became impressed. Also, hooray for the Women’s soccer team! Go USA!

  173. I’m generally not a complainer, but here is something I hate: flight delays that result in missing connecting flights. I spent all day in airports yesterday!

  174. Happy Thought. – My friends 8 month old twin babies are so cute, they already have their own language, and tell each other to chill out when the other is having a meltdown

  175. I’m so happy today is Friday, and this morning I was able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air while laying in my amazing bed for an extra 15 minutes. Pure bliss.

  176. Happy thought is football season, cooler weather, apple picking, and every fall color. I want to wear jeans. I want school and dance to start for my girls…and preschool and gymnastics to start for my son. And I’m predicting (I’m a pretend psychic….not to be confused with crazy psycho) that by August 20 you will have an amazing turn around and finish 2012 symptom free!

  177. Today is National S’mores day so we all need to get elbow deep in chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows!!!

    Also, whenever my friend’s 4-year old son sees me, he says “Hello Cupcake!!!” and insists on my calling him ‘Cookie.’ It always brightens my day 🙂

  178. My happy thought is that I am road-tripping with my husband this weekend, and he has no problem eating chocolate covered almonds and singing Carly Ray on the top of his lungs with me the whole time! Almost as cool as Brian’s jazz hands! Also Ali, I wish you a speedy recovery : )

  179. I love that it’s beach season! I’ve been alternating my weekends and vacation days between the Hamptons, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

  180. Happy thought – dipping Tim Tams (Aussie sandwich cookies) in hot chocolate, biting a tiny bit of each end off, and then drinking the hot chocolate through the sandwich cookie!

  181. (:
    I scored a 40% off Gap friends and family coupon yesterday. I would totally pass it on to you, since retail therapy is the only way to go…except that you live sooooo far away. And I love shopping sooooo much.

    I’m bummed that I still am not a Banana shopper. I graduated from Old Navy, but I’m stuck at the Gap level. It’s kind of like how I shop at Ikea and not Crate and Barrel.

  182. Happy thought: 98 freaking degrees is getting back together & performing on the Today show next Friday… My 8th grade dreams are coming true.

  183. I’m happy I get to take my daughter to a pool party tommorow and get my tan on while my husband and son get to finish the rock project in the front yard (one one that has been taking him all summer) getting there sweat on!

  184. Happiness is being able to walk into any grocery store and buy Biscoff cookies instead only being able to get them by flying on Delta Airlines.

  185. Happy thought: a coworker brought in bagels this morning and mine was DELICIOUS.

    Also I’m still excited about the US Women’s soccer gold medal win yesterday!

  186. Would love one of your Sweat shirts! I’m excited to see the Lion King tonight! “Look, sometimes bad things happen, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So why worry?” – Simba

  187. My family has been on vacation the past couple weeks. The way we show affection is through verbal abuse. My cousin and I were telling each other we stunk, and my brother was going to say something about there being a dead raccoon in the house. The only problem is he said raccoon really weirdly – like rac-COON. We mocked him thoroughly for it then and for the rest of his vacation. If I have my way we will remember to say rac-COON that way every time we are together.

  188. My happy thought is that Fall is around the corner!! Football starting is the sign of crisp mornings, falling leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, my birthday and wedding!!

  189. My happy thought is that today I get to see one of my friends from undergrad for the first time in probably 3 years!!!

  190. And I HATE people who use instagram to promote their blog. Don’t take a picture of your computer screen… Instagram is for cool pictures…not weak self-promotion.

  191. I hate cats..in general. Hair, no hair, doesn’t matter. Puppies are a completely different story though. All puppies are cute puppies and the best things ever!

  192. Happy (embarrassing) story: Yesterday I was in a lunch meeting with my boss and two other co-workers. I was nomming on my typical salad, NBD. Then out of nowhere, someone in the next office over screamed, “ERMAHGERD!” I lost it, and salad flew everywhere out of my mouth. I keep it classy.

  193. Happy thought – the nice feeling of the warm sun when you walk out of your freezing cold office building for the day. 2 happy thoughts in one – leaving the bldg & the lovely warm sun!

  194. Want a sweat shirt so badly–>what I hate is the Olympic Spoilers and not being able to flip the channel quick enough!

  195. Two-for-one, Ali – something I hate: jury duty. Though it’s interesting, it’s sucked the last two weeks of my life that I’ll never get back into a black hole. On the bright side, my happy thought is that I’m DONE serving my time and am stoked to enjoy avocados, sunshine, fruit and relaxing this weekend. 🙂

  196. Hrm… something I hate… I really dislike those folks who ride the bus or the el (I’m from Chicago) and don’t take off their backpacks when they stand in the aisles… so I end up getting hit in the face with a backpack repeatedly if I’m sitting nearby…

  197. Happy thought: Any day now I will get to trade this huge belly for a squirmy brand new baby. If only he would decide to come out and play already!

  198. happy thought: i have 2 avocados that are close to ripeNESS and im excited to eat some slices with something.

    side note: not sure about crapping pants but i have full on peed my pants. i was laughing, slipping on ice, and i guess my bladder became uncontrollable. I then had to ride a shuttle bus after. CLASSY!

  199. Ha, I love the rules of this giveaway! And I am SO EXCITED for wine tonight. And SO EXCITED for open bar at a wedding tomorrow (wow, I sound…alcoholic). And I HATE Justin Bieber. Like whoa. With a passion. He defines tool bag. 😉

  200. Yeah, I so wanted to give you a happy comment. But you know what I hate? My own impatience and how it makes me take initiative even when I hate it and should just let go.
    I just got back from a 3 hour (ugh!!) workshop organization meeting and this is how it went towards the end:

    Person A: Soooo… should we… send out e-mails… to HR people?
    Jana (mentally twiddling thumbs): Yep.
    Person A: Soooo…. should we… maybe send out the same e-mail… to those people?
    Jana (getting impatient): That’d be good, yeah.
    Person A: Soooo… should someone then maybe write this e-mail and send it to the others.
    Jana: Yeah? (thinking ‘Better than sitting here for annnother 3 hours, trying to craft this e-mail…’)
    Person A: Soooo… who sh—
    Jana: ALRIGHT, I”LL DO IT!

    Do I sound like a horrible person who just likes to be needed and in charge? Yeah, didn’t think so. 😉

    (Huh, cathartic.)

  201. Your nephew is adorable and your blog is so down to earth! Happy thought…my husband and I are going to NYC next weekend without our kids. Yay!!!

  202. Goddammit you stole my story.

    Ok here’s another one: last week, I was walking to my car in Newark. My lot was next to this homeless shelter/soup kitchen/mission thingy, and there were frequently folks outside it who were not exactly shady, but kinda down on their luck. So as I am walking, there is one man outside, and he notices that I am digging around in my bag for my car keys. Here is the monologue that followed:

    “You lost something? If you lost it, you better find it, or else someone’s gonna take it!” (I realize I actually don’t have my keys and turn back to my office) “That’s right girl, you gotta backtrack!”

    For some reason, I found this hysterical.

  203. I’m going to go with funny (kind of gross?) story about running. Last year during the last loop NYRR Tune Up (3 central park outer loops – I find it especially brutal) I was feeling so exhausted, hot, and ready to be finished. All of the sudden I felt this refreshing misty spray of water and was really enjoying it. Only after a few minutes did I think to wonder where this refreshing, misty spray was coming from, since it wasn’t raining and I wasn’t by any water stops/hose. I realized it was sweat, spraying off the ponytail of the girl running in front of me. Ew. I’ll enjoy of own sweat cooling me down but I dunno about a random stranger’s.

  204. Yesterday, my boyfriend went out and pulled some weeds from the garden. Then he went and peed, rubbed his face, etc., unknowingly having gotten into poison ivy out in the garden. As I’m sure you can imagine, he is not having a very fun day!

  205. I hate when people are so lazy to leave their grocery cart in the middle of the parking lot ( as opposed to the cart corral). Problems in suburbia!

  206. Happy thought: french vanilla froyo with rainbow sprinkles, covered with hot chocolate sauce with a big ol cherry on top!

  207. Happy thought: I’m leaving tomorrow for my “happy place” up on Lake Erie (Lakeside Ohio, not Put-in-Bay :)).

  208. You know what I hate – condensation. Yep, I hate the process of of matter going from a gaseous phase into a liquid phase. But only when it happens to beverages – not in nature generally – condensation can make grass smell lovely in the morning (happy thought). Back to hate, it causes puddles of water every where I set my cold water bottle down. It forces me to use coasters or ruin my coffee table. It gets water all over my hands when I pick up a cold glass. Its just generally annoying.

  209. Happy Thought: I get to meet my nephew Cody for the first time this weekend! He’s my 6th niece/nephew! So much fun to see them all together.

  210. Happy thought of the day: I’m glad it’s Friday and I can spend the weekend playing with my foster puppy – a 4 month old black lab/hound mix that is just the best puppy ever! (Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area want a puppy??) I don’t mind picking up the poop but I HATE fishing out of her mouth all the chewed gum, cigarette butts, and whatever other trash she decides she needs to eat on our walk around the apartment complex.

  211. My happy thought is water polo. Seriously, how?!!! Any sport that you can “kick the crap” out of your opponent is entertainment in my book.

  212. Happy thought: I’m going to spend all weekend at the beach with my four best friends from college – because of grad school and living abroad we haven’t all been together in two full years!

  213. This is a funny story about a bike ride I went on last weekend, so feel free to laugh. I was riding my bike when a black bear ran across the street and knocked me off my bike onto the pavement. True Story.

  214. I hate gum. It’s disgusting that something stays in your mouth for that long without being digested. I hate when people put it on the side of their plate before eating. As a teacher, I would touch the underside of a desk (accidentally, of course) and literally gag. I hate people who chomp it, play with, crack it. CAN’T.STAND.GUM.

  215. I hate that everyone in my neighborhood that has a dog seems to not want to pick up the poop. I hate it both because I do not have a dog (and want one and would pick up the poop) and also it is unpleasent having to hop down the sidewalk to avoid it.

  216. Hi Ali,

    Love your blog! I hate (HATE) crowded subways. Not regular crowded, but when you don’t have to hold onto anything because you are so close to other (generally gross) humans! Hope everything gets better for you!


  217. Happy Thought: My brother driving 10 hours from Michigan to come visit me this weekend! To think we fought endlessly a couple years ago… 🙂

  218. Happy thought: Going away this weekend to my family’s lake house (aka my favorite place on earth) to swim, boat, eat, drink and hang out with my mom.

    Bonus, something I hate: Grit on my produce from the farmers market. Yes i KNOW i need to wash it and i do, but it takes so many PRECIOUS MINUTES and drives me insane. First world problems, i am telling YOU.

  219. Can it be a love/hate?

    Going back to teaching this week- I absolutely love summer, working part time, having lots of time to chill so in that sense I HATE the thought of going back to ‘real’ work. However, my students, coworkers, being on a good schedule/routine I LOVE so in that sense I’m looking forward to it!

  220. Something I hate is that my current boss is incapable of any positive reinforcement. if she gives you any feedback at all, it’s negative and harsh.

  221. Omg, I HATE bug bites! I don’t know what’s with the mosquitos this summer, but every time I go outside they attack me. And they attack me in little clusters. For example, my left calf has five giant bites on it. So not pretty. And so itchy.

  222. Happy thought: I finally found a self serve frozen yogurt joint in my new city and fully plan to indulge over the weekend!

  223. My happy thought this week: While watching the Olympics, I thought of my dad doing the rings in gymnastics after that older guy did the rings. Did you see him? I was dying laughing because I just pictured him hanging there, sounds so mean but he thought it was funny too!

  224. My happy thought this morning: I am a teacher, and I start back to school on Monday. As I spend one of the last laid-back mornings with my children, I feel incredibly blessed to have a career which allows me to snuggle with my loves, eat cinnamon toast crunch, and laugh at the antics of spongebob and patrick for two months of the year.

  225. Happy thought…I’m so glad its a rainy Friday so I can just be lazy once I’m finished with work. Hate: I went to the dentist yesterday and they ended up scheduling my next cleaning for February 14th…now that is really something to look forward to!

  226. I already have a shirt so no need to enter me. (in fact give it to the girl who left the corgi website above.;)) but I have a funny, dog related thing. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my pup was sitting next to my head staring intently at me, wagging her tail. When she saw my eyes open she jumped on my chest, gave me tons of puppy kisses and then zoomed back under the blankets and snuggled up again. She is such a weirdo.

  227. Happy thought – thinking about my first trip to 16 Handles last weekend. Why did I wait so long?
    I hate this humidity. And I hate how my hair looks in this humidity. Somehow manages to look frizzy even in a pony with a headband.

  228. I’m happy because my Sunday plans involve getting my hair trimmed, highlighted, and moroccan oil treated, and then deciding whether to go to the outlet mall or lay out in the sun. Tough decisions! 🙂

  229. Something funny: Hubby and I slept in instead of working out Thursday. Hubby gets Lambeau Puppy out of his house (crate) and snuggles. Lambeau puppy jumps out of bed, husband says he’ll have an accident. I say nah, I’m sleepy, snuggle silence! Puppy comes back. Phew. Husband wakes to prepare for the day in the kitchen…and steps into a pile of Lambeau’s NUMERO DOS ACCIDENTE! So my question is: HOW DID HE NOT SMELL THAT NASTY STENCH? Serves him right 😉 Hope this made you laugh…I laughed well after I cleaned it up. BLECH.

  230. I’m loving that I just heard a live version of Benny and the Jets on my pandora at work today. B-b-b-Benny and the jetz 🙂

  231. My happy thought is that I’m so happy I live near a Tasti-D-Lite that lets me apply my own toppings! No stinginess here!

  232. I’m going with a happy thought for you today, Ali. My fantastic, relaxing, tropical cruise vacation is four weeks away! Very exciting. Very happy 🙂

    Please feel better soon… steroids go to work!

  233. My happy thought today is that it’s almost the weekend and I enjoyed sleeping in to the sound of rain:) Feel better soon!!

  234. Hi Ali,
    I hate that I have a tummy that does not like dairy and does not tolerate rich foods very well and so while I did indulge in an amazing feast my mom made for my bday last weekend it went right through me and so instead of being in the pool with my 6 nieces and nephews I was in the bathroom FOREVER…. I FEEL your pain.

  235. My happy thought is Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING that will be coming out soon!!! It means Fall is coming, and that means hoodies, football, crisp leaves, bonfires, and all things crisp and tasty.

  236. My happy thought is that I’m quitting my job at a very popular coffeehouse today to go to grad school full time! Also I hate when people don’t load the dishwasher to my specific requirements

  237. I hate that this morning someone on the ground floor of my building decided to cook seaweed, rotten fish, or something that smells equally as disgusting and left her apt door open so that the smell could travel all the way up to my third floor apartment. Mhmmm, good smell to wake up to.

  238. Happy thought: I just tasted pita chips with nutella this week. Amazing! Now I can’t stop daydreaming about it.

  239. I hate that several of the guys in my office have adopted the habit of wearing Birkenstocks to work. I know it’s summertime at a university and there are no students around, but… stop it. Just stop it, hippies. Wear some real shoes.

    I may contract a pedicurist to come to the office and ambush them.

  240. Happy thought: My father is driving up from Maryland to spend the weekend with me rehearsing our Father-Daughter dance for my wedding. He created the whole routine and apparently it includes starting on opposite ends of the dance floor, wearing “cool” sunglasses, and jazz hands. Ok maybe not jazz hands, but it’s going to be a blast 🙂

  241. My happy thought is that I get to meet my kiddos for the school year on Tuesday, and am excited to watch them learn!

  242. I absolutely hate people who talk too loudly on their cell phone, or any phone for that matter. We do not all need to know about what you did last night or what so and so was wearing! Phone conversations should be quiet!

  243. My happy thought has been starting 5am CrossFit this week. I love being able to knock my workout out of the way early and I love the challenge that CrossFit brings!

  244. I love the days when I have the time to sleep in without feeling guilty about it. (and I hope your medicine starts working soon!)

  245. i hate that my puppy is not feeling well…. and crying to wake me up in the middle of the night to go out to poo lots 🙁

  246. There is no where to stop on my run anywhere except the side of the road, a busy suburb kind of road. I used to try and make it home until I crapped my pants trying to make it home. It was a school so the buses were out. I even got to pass a lady walking her dog. At least I had black capris on. Now I just find a spot on the side of the road and hope that no one is watching and calling the cops.

  247. my happy thought is that a rainy summer friday = nap time in just a few hours. after lunch, obvi. and i’ll probably sweat through it since my little apartment is always 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. but it’ll be wonderful

  248. After going to the gym last week, I headed back home on the subway. I quickly realized that the car I picked had NO air conditioning, which added to my post-workout sweatiness to the point that I was THAT girl that had a puddle under her on the subway, and everyone else avoided me.

  249. i hate that weekends are only 2 days. come on now. who created this calendar? obviously it was someone who doesnt work in corporate america. or else they would have created 3 or 4 day weekends.

  250. I hate thieves! Someone broke into my house on Monday and now I feel violated. I just want home to feel like home.

    and I hope you feel better soon.

  251. I hate people who take the elevator to the 2nd floor. It’s one flight, people! It’s good for you! And I will give you the stink eye to prove it. (To be clear, applies to able-bodied, non-stroller or grocery touting people only. I’m a nice person, I swear.)

  252. Ali!
    What’s making me smile is that I successfully got from Milwaukee to Midway (which is apparently not the same as O’hare. Oops) in time for my flight home to Michigan! And tomorrow I get to see a great friend get hitched.
    Feel better!
    Ps im a small or medium!

  253. I really want one of these shirts..I am willing to pay for one!

    My happy thought is that my husband and I are both taking a day off today and spending a great 3-day weekend together doing things like outlet shopping and eating great food!!

  254. I dragged myself to work an hour early every day this week (brutal) so that I could take a half day today. At exactly 12pm today I am going to run from the building singing and that is going to make me pretty damn happy.

  255. Happy Thought: I’m moving this weekend! And one of my new roommates is puppy-sitting, so I’ll have an awesome dog to play with for a while!

  256. My happy thought is watching my dog and cat play this morning like little kids….. “Dogs & Cats, living together…. mass hysteria!” ~ Dr. Peter Venkman Ghostbuster

  257. I’m scheduled to defend my Masters’ Thesis (which I have been working on for 4 very long and occasionally hateful years) on Monday! AND THEN IT WILL BE DONE.

  258. I got an email yesterday on a Chritian dating site that started with “I love your smile but can tell you’re trouble,” and ended with “I know you’d make a good wife and mom, and would really draw people into my congregation.” I still can’t decide how I feel about any of it, except maybe “trouble” isn’t the best way to compliment a girl?

  259. Happy Thought (also slightly embarrassing):

    When I ran my first half, I got to the start line plenty early (after consuming 8 oz of coffee and a bunch of water). Not ONCE did it occur to me to stand in the horrifically long line to use the porta potty.

    About a mile or two into the race I realize I have to pee. There weren’t ANY porta potties along the race course and by mile 10 I was peeing with just about every step. That was wicked awesome.

    And something I hate: the stupid hot weather in Texas. It’s supposed to be 103 today. 103! And with the heat index it is more like 115! No running outside for me.

    Hope you have a happy weekend.

  260. Happy thought: I get to see my niece and nephew this weekend! They live in Omaha, and I’m in Fargo, so it’s going to be a happy weekend!

  261. Well I guess I’ll be the first to leave a comment in response to #2…. on the topic of Stonehenge, I strongly dislike the fact that although I was in Manhattan for Manhattanhenge this year, it was cloudy!!! Womp wompppp.

  262. Happy thought: the worlds largest bag of sour patch, just for me (even if i burn all my taste buds off in the process of finishing said bag)

  263. I hate when drivers leave their blinkers on!! Are you changing lanes or aren’t you?!!? Road rage? What’s that?

  264. My happy thought is thinking about my boys, who are 3 and 5, running after each other in the apartment. One of them pretends that they are a Triceratops pinata and the other tries to bash the pinata open. It’s good times in our house.

  265. I’m going kayak fishing with my hubs tomorrow instead of exercising. I’ll probably eat a bagel afterwards to reward myself for my hard work.

  266. My happy thought is that it is Friday because what I hate is being at work! Even better – we are getting a break from the heat down south so I can actually spend some time outside this weekend without melting!

  267. Tomorrow I will be drinking homemade peach sangria all day with one of my best friends in the world. Can’t wait!

  268. i hate when i see people in my apartment building and i have to be all “hey how are you” when i’m really thinking “you suck for living on a lower floor than i do. it really is SO great to see you while i huff and puff up all 3 million stairs to my penthouse shoebox.”

  269. My happy thought is that the five 4-foot basil plants in the garden will supply me with enough pesto to last through winter. You want? I can definitely send you some, ‘cuz it’s food and doesn’t go bad in the mail or anything …

  270. Happy Thought: It’s the middle of August, so hopefully we’re at the height of the Texas heat wave and hopefully it will only go down from here 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy! I don’t know you, but you just made my day. Thanks. 🙂
      Hi Ali! Here’s a funny story for you. One time I went to a concert alone (what a weirdo) and picked up some fly ladies. Maybe you know them?

  271. Happy thought: its Friday! Hooray! I can wear pjs all weekend if I so choose. And I’m looking forward to the farmers market tomorrow morning. Something about fresh produce makes me happy

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