No News Is Great News

I wasn’t going to blog today.


Not long ago, I made a promise that if I had nothing to say, I’d keep my mouth shut. Or I’d stop my fingers from typing. Whatever.

But then I realized: It’s kind of a good thing that I’m not dying to pour my heart out or divulge all my greatest secrets.

Wait, do you want to know one of my greatest secrets? OK, why not.

Sometimes, when I’m on my way home at night and I’m a little hungry for something sweet, I will stop in at Tasti D Lite. I will act super interested in the flavors of the day. I will look around for a minute, and then I will ask for a free sample of whichever flavor gets me most excited (usually something with the words “chocolate” or “peanut butter” or “this one is the least healthy”). I’ll chow down on the sample, look around some more and then ask Mr. Tasti D Lite Worker what time the store is open until. I smile, promise to come back in an hour for a full cup, and then never return. Sometimes I just want a little taste.

In the winter, I have been known to do this with soup samples at Hale & Hearty, as I trek from the gym to the subway in the freezing cold.

You can call me cheap. That’s cool. I can take it. I figure I give Tasti D Lite enough money regularly that a sample or two every now and then isn’t breaking the bank.

Now that you know a secret, back to my point, because I think I was about to make a point…

No news is good news. People always say that, and it’s not always true, but the fact that I have nothing groundbreaking or newsworthy (do I ever?) simply means I’m trekking through life just fine.

So what’s new in The Unexciting Land of Ali? Just a few things, I guess.

Brian and I hosted our first little mini party last week. We had a small, lovely group of eight for dinner, but we bought a kitchen table for the occasion, so you know we took it pretty seriously.

Kristan basically co-hosted the shindig, mostly because she arrived an hour and a half early so I put her to work. I sat around and watched "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" while she sliced cheese, poured wine and neatly arranged crackers. Next time you have a dinner party, I suggest you invite Kristan.

I’d say the party was a success. Brian made meatballs, people ate a lot and the recycling area was filled with wine and beer (and grappa) bottles by the end of the night.

If only I had the perfect hashtag for this photo...

Our kitchen is still a mess. No cooking has happened since last Thursday.

Mmmmmeatball sliders a la Brian. Gian refused to have a mini pickle (gerkin?) on his. So picky.
Sauce and mozzarella balls and bread for dipping

My eating lately hasn’t been the best. My jeans are slightly tighter than I’d like and I feel like I’m carrying a little extra weight around with me. Do I wish that weren’t the case? Sure. Is it keeping me up at night? Absolutely not.

Also, something weird happened yesterday: I craved — and ate — a salad. I hardly recognize myself anymore. I wanted something cold and easy and smothered in balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I MIGHT EVEN GET ANOTHER SALAD TODAY. I DON'T KNOW. WHO AM I? I love ham chunks in my salad.

Sadly my stomach didn’t quite approve of this lunch and I was feeling pretty rough for a bunch of hours afterward. But it tasted good, and I felt all healthy about my lunch choice.

Minus the two massive chocolate cookies I plowed through immediately afterward.

My sleeping lately has been pretty solid. I vowed to get more sleep, and I’m succeeding. High fives for Ali! Most nights I’m in bed by 10:30 at the latest. On Sunday night Brian and I literally sat around waiting for it to get dark enough for us to go to sleep. I am fully committed to being properly rested. Though I’m not loving the whole “it’s no longer light out at 5 AM” thing.

Yes, the view is lovely. But I prefer waking up when the sun is up. It's easier that way.

Work is going really well. I’m loving my new position and all the fun little things that come with it. I wrote my first editor’s note for the October issue the other day, and my boss returned it with exclamation points. And a bunch of edits. But exclamation points, too!

My little folder. Yay!

I was at a photo shoot in Brooklyn for most of the day yesterday, which included getting my own hair and makeup done. Oh yes, people, it was Ali Gets Her Headshots Taken For The Magazine Day. Guess what I’m not so great at? Posing for official photos.

I had to sit in the hair and makeup chair for like 20 minutes. I hated it. And the Kardashians do this EVERY day. It seems exhausting.

Guess what I am great at? Joking around in front of the camera and not taking any serious photos. Yes, I am a photographer’s dream.

I saw Step Up Revolution. Another perk of the job.


The movie comes out Friday, but I got a little sneak peek last night.

Do I recommend this “film?”

Um, probably not.

I laughed a lot and it is not a comedy.

It is, however, available in 3-D.

When did 3-D glasses get so trendy?

The dancing is fantastic, but the storyline is so painful. It’s a good thing the dancers are all so great-looking, because they are far more magnificent when they’re quiet and dancing, rather than speaking and “acting.”

Still, it was a fun evening with my coworkers.

Look at us, all VIP and shit.

Tyler continues to be awesome. He is awake often. We are best friends. I know for a fact that his first word is going to be “running” or “Brooks” or “Boston Marathon.”

That smile kills me.

Now let’s not forget that this is apparently a “running blog.”

Time to talk about that now.

My running is going mostly well. Yay, right? I recovered shockingly well after this weekend’s 55-mile bike ride + 10-mile run (on separate days). And also that Pilates class, which was fun and left me covered in sexy bug bites.

Remember when I could hold a plank for 5 minutes? Yeah I can't do that anymore. Sweet. I love getting worse at stuff.

Yesterday I was back out on the roads, the Reservoir to be specific, with the following workout:

  • 1-mile warm-up (turned out to be longer thanks to a bathroom stop detour)
  • 1 lap of Reservoir (roughly 1.55 miles) at marathon goal pace (MGP) + :15/mile (that’s a 9:00/mile pace — you’re welcome for doing that math for you)
  • 1 lap at MGP (8:45/mile)
  • 1 lap at half marathon goal pace
  • 1-mile cool-down

The first lap was easy. I kept having to slow myself down.

The second lap? Also easy. And I was excited not to have made any bathroom stops at this point. (I didn’t make any for the duration of the actual workout, which is happy news.)

The third lap?

Not quite as fun.

Well, OK, it was fun, but it was quite challenging for Not So Speedy Lately Ali.

Lap 1? Nailed it. Lap 2? Nailed it. Lap 3? Did not quite nail it.

I’m being ambitious with my half marathon goal pace. Maybe too ambitious? But I like aiming high, and last year I was actually in shape to use 7:45/mile as my HM goal pace. I never succeeded in racing this (big fail), but I based my training last winter off that pace, and I almost always hit my training goals.

A 7:52–7:58 isn’t that far off, so I’m not beating myself up. But this felt crazy hard for me. By the time I finished that lap, I was ready to barf/collapse/quit running. It was an awesomely tough workout, and I was happy I didn’t give up at any point, but I also wish holding a 7:45 pace for less than two miles didn’t feel so deadly.

But I’ll get there, right?


Today’s run was 6 miles at a pace that is slower than marathon goal pace.

It was nice.

My stomach felt gnarly, and I bathroom stopped my little heart out. Also, this:

A four-legged creature in the stall next to me. So yeah, I took a photo. No, I don't think I'm a creep.

So that’s my latest news. Or lack thereof.

A summary: My running is good. My bug bites itch. My job is keeping me busy and entertained. My kitchen is gross. My laundry is not done. My clothes are too tight. My sleep is swell. My nephew is cuter than anything that has ever existed.

Life is good.

NOW WHAT? I don’t have a big exciting question to throw out there today. I do always enjoy a good conversation though, so won’t you share your news with me? Basically just tell me about your life, since I told you all about mine. Or you could tell me one of your secrets, since I told you about how I shameless go to Tasti D for free stuff and break my promise to “return later.”



49 Responses

  1. Sleep lovers unite! Honestly, by 8 pm, I’m just like “alright, what can I do to kill time until it’s a socially acceptable time to go to sleep?” I am the worst 21 year old in the world, haha.

  2. Those sandwiches looked SO GOOD! Yum! I, also, loved your peach-colored top! My Life: Getting over pinkeye, buying books for college, eating fantastic pasta, working hard at Farmer’s Market, and watching Last Chance Harvey (love that movie).

  3. I went to see the Olympic torch relay on Tuesday, and I was shameless and didnt let children go infront of me as I didnt want to lose my good position. I got some good photos though! Free samples are totally acceptable! and 3D glasses are awesome, I had to buy mine at the cinema last week- not so cool to own your own pair!

  4. Ha, I love reading your blog it always brightens my day. I totally do the same as you but for free samples of hot chocolate in the winter and iced tea in the summer. I have a little look round the shop but really just checking the free samples out. Free stuff always tastes better!

  5. OOOOOOH this is fun…

    Secrets: My fave grocery store closed down and moved locations. If you went to the store before they closed, they gave you a members only card to use at the next opening…The card is FULL of perks – one free thing a month such as a pound of coffee, $15.00 gift cards, watermelon, etc… Anywho, I signed up for two of those cards by using two different email addresses, in return I get two free things a month for ‘Shopper Appreciation.’ I could feel bad, but I feel really smart instead… 🙂

  6. I totally get your Tasti D Lite habit. I walk by Trader Joes on my way home from the subway, and I almost always go inside for a mini cup of free coffee and a food sample. And then I leave. Hey, I’m poor and Trader Joes is not…

  7. THAT BABY CHILD. So cute. And, ha.. it’s like the fourth Step Up movie, I don’t blame you for LOLing. The first is one of my favorites though. Trueeee story.

  8. You can eat Tasti D Lite? I tried it about 70 times before I realized it did not agree with my tummy. Clearly I am NOT a quitter when it comes to iced desserts.

    1. Oh it doesn’t make me feel good. I pretty much always feel like crap afterward. I’m not so good at learning my lessons.

  9. I’ve been at the point to use the bathroom and have the dog with me. I didn’t take him with me, I asked a stranger to hold, luckily the stranger did not run away with my dog 🙂

  10. I’ve been trying to take spin during lunchtime. But then I can’t stop sweating afterwards at work and it’s not pretty.

    Saw you rocking out in Chisel the other day. Woot.

  11. I have a secret. I’m scared of running outside. Not so much scared but …??? Running in the dark seems dangerous for a klutz like me. Plus it’s so hot right now. I could easily run a (slow) 5K in November. Today? Not so much. 🙁 Wow – sorry for the Debbie Downer!!
    My most fervent wish is a 9 minute mileby this tiime next year. I’m at about a 10:45… or was.

    1. You have to bring her in the stall or someone could steal her! Totally acceptable. Just cover her eyes…or nose.

  12. No shame in the free samples. I’m all about it. Even if they roll their eyes at me (or you) when I walk through the door because I know. I’m biking a lot now in prep for a race in September. I raced last night in a local series, so, maybe I will shake it up and run today.

  13. I also hate that it is no longer light out at like 5am. I am a huge morning person and I like running in the sun, not the dark. Booooo.

    PS I am totally going to steal your idea of getting samples at ice cream places. Why have I never thought of that?

  14. I’m afraid of morning runs now. Even though I know I’m fine, and I do the same route all the time, and did it when it was even darker out, I can’t for the life of me get up and out recently. Who wants to come hold my hand?

    1. I’ll hold your hand and sing “You Can’t Stop the Beat” for you. Are you even more scared now?

  15. My gym’s hip hop teacher is actually in a scene of Step Up Revolution, so I sort of want to watch it.

    I am having trouble finding a good route for running. Well, there seems to be no routes around where I live with bathrooms. While, it’s not a necessity for me everytime I go out, I’ve had super close calls in the past so I am nervous about running long runs. TMI? Yes, of course.

    1. NO I WASN’T. She had dirty legs. She was a woman and I know because she was making lady grunt noises. Still not feminine, but a chick for sure.

  16. Did Step Up have an awesome dance sequence like all the previous ones? Totally makes it worth sitting through the other 4/5 of the movie. Also, has anyone else noticed how inappropriate it is that his hand is basically groping her boob in the poster? Just saying.

    1. Yes, that’s typical at soup places! How did you never know that?! I always sample at least two soups before I commit to purchasing. This is especially effective when “mac and cheese with beef” is an option. I know I don’t want a whole cup of it, but dang that little sample is tasty.

  17. Samples – isn’t that why they invented places like Costco? When I trained for my first marathon, we ran by a produce/ice cream stand on our long runs. The girls used it for their bathroom etc, but I’d get a spoon of ice cream every week 🙂 Sometimes, we’d go back for a cone. We’d just done what seemed like a bazillion miles so ‘deserved’ it! And I wonder why I gained weight for my first marathon…

  18. I do the same thing with free samples. A few years ago, Missy and I went from ice cream place to ice cream place getting tons of samples. It was a fun night. Also, salad is the thing I miss MOST from my pre-stomach sickness days.

  19. those meatball sandwiches look amazing. thanks for giving me an idea of what to do with my turkey meatballs in my freezer.

    i often go to costco simply to eat samples. usually i eat enough to make up a meal.

  20. Glad things are all going well, ali! l. Samples of ice cream are the best. If I buy a pint I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. Much more cost effective your way, I may need to start doing that!

  21. Good stuff all around, friend! Nice running! I thought of you last night when I attempted to use the tennis court bathrooms and they were locked. When are we running QB? xoxo

    1. Running the QB ASAP. Await an email. I’m excited we’re making running plans. YOU’RE BACK, KATIE B!

    1. I couldn’t figure out how to put it into words. There truly are none to appropriately sum up the amazingness that was Brian vs. Gian: Step Up 2 The Roof.

  22. I love getting samples, too, Ali! When I can’t decide what I want for lunch, sometimes I wander around Harris Teeter (grocery store) and sample fruit, bread and cheese – sometimes this is enough to not buy a lunch…

  23. 1) I ate salad every day last week in an attempt to be healthy. Keep in mind I hate salad and have literally never bought one in my life. I learned 2 things: I still hate salad, and salad is actually more expensive than a normal, tasty, filling lunch!
    2) you should make this blog about Tyler. I see his picture and can’t bear to keep scrolling because I want him to stay on the page.
    3) were you in the men’s bathroom or does that woman just have some seriously butch (and possibly hairy) legs?

    1. Haha! No, I was in the women’s room, I’m positive! Trust me, I know where I’m going — I can navigate those Central Park bathrooms blindly. Those are some funky legs, though. But I think they’re dirty, not hairy. I was clearly too busy looking at the pup, not the legs.

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