A Bonus Piece Of Thankful

A bonus piece of thankful?

For the love of grammar, that is awful and makes no sense.

But it’s Friday, and it’s my first official Summer Friday (my office closes at 1 PM on Fridays between July 4th and Labor Day), so I won’t let disastrous partial sentences bring me down!

While I like to cram as much love and gratitude into each edition of Thankful Things Thursday, there was one little thing I wanted to separate from yesterday’s pack.

Since Brian and I moved in together back in April, I swear we’ve actually seen each other less than ever before. It’s impressive, really.

Hey stranger! I know you!

For the past month, I’ve managed to be asleep by the time he gets home from work every night. Then, I wake up and work out in the morning while he’s still asleep, and from there we overlap: I get home from the park and get ready for work to discover that he’s left for his own workout, and I leave for the office before he gets back.

We’re really really good roommates. The only way I know Brian has been at the apartment is because he has this adorable (false, it drives me crazy) habit of leaving the cabinets open. I come home from work most days and all the bathroom and kitchen cabinets are just…open. I don’t understand.


Brian has been working his bike-riding-butt off lately working on a project that sure, has required a few all-nighters, but that means a lot to me. So today I get to be thankful for it.

That TV is covered in moss! Cool!

Not long after we came back from running (er, suffering through) the Las Vegas Half Marathon, Brian was approached by a nice man named Stanley who has been participating in Team Challenge for a few seasons now. Stanley knew Brian owned an ad agency and was like, “Hey man, let’s chat.”

Blah blah blah, they talked, maybe they high fived, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

What I do know is this:

  • The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation was given a window at Rockefeller Center. They were allowed to use the window however they wanted.
  • They wanted Brian and his company to come up with the creative concept and design for the window so they could spread awareness about CCFA, Team Challenge and the Take Steps program. Also, it was a charity thing, so the budget was small and the pay was…non-existant. Pro bono, if you will.
  • Brian got excited about it. He worked really hard. We stopped hanging out.
  • There is now a big shark in Rockefeller Center. It has to do with Crohn’s disease.
  • RockeFELLER. My last name. Basically.

Any questions?

The shark is scary, but today he's excited because he gets to see Flo Rida perform on the "Today" show.

How much is that Brian in the window?

You know, like the little kid song? “How much is that doggy in the window?” Only it’s not a dog(gy), it’s Brian. I’m such a lyricist.

You can read more about the specifics and the concept of the display here. But basically, the shark represents the fact that Crohn’s feels like a bitch in my stomach, and it attacks your insides, and I think it’s pretty accurate. And cool.

So I’m bonus-thankful for a few things: I’m thankful people are working hard to continue spreading awareness for these diseases. That’s a big one. I’m thankful this display is up in the middle of New York City where lots of people will see it. Including Flo Rida.

And of course, I’m thankful this got done because of Brian. I know this post is gross and gushy and “get a room” or whatever, but he worked super hard on this, so I wanted to bring extra attention to the project.

I love orange laces so much. SO FLASHY. So vibrant.

If you happen to go see the window display (which you should, and I’ll go with you), take a picture on your phone or your camera or your pager and enter CCFA’s Facebook contest with the #ccfashark hash tag.

So you don't forget the hash tag...

You can win tickets to Newsies, plus dinner, and I want to enter, too.

So: Rockefeller Center. Crohn’s awareness. Big shark. Win a contest. Good job, Brian.


Can we hang out now?

In other news, today is a much-needed rest day. I had a long work event last night — my favorite event of the whole year — and I’m totally fried today.

Coworker Rachel, Some Girl With Bad Tan Lines, Coworker Margaret

It was nice to sleep in until the blissful hour of 6:30 AM. I even foam rolled. And I’d love to tell you I stretched, but I didn’t. I played on Twitter and Facebook instead.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead. May your Saturday and Sunday be filled with long runs, lots of sun and minimal shark attacks.



41 Responses

  1. What a wonderful guy! You’re one lucky lady!

    I live with the BF as well and he always leaves piles of clothes everywhere. And stockpiles t-shirts (but only wears approximately 5 of them) Sigh…haha

  2. Kudos and HUGE THANKS to Brian and his whole team at Bold Worldwide for creating this amazing display and spreading awareness about Crohn’s and colitis!!!

  3. I think ti’s a man thing they always leave cabinets open then I bang my head on them and curse out loud! Oh well it’s endearing right 😉 What a sweet thing for Brian to do! I think it shows how much he cares 🙂

  4. I leave the kitchen cupboards open all the time too. But so did my grandma. So maybe it’s genetic? 😉

  5. This is the cutest/sweetest/most awesome thing ever! If I could take a picture of it and vote I totally would! Good luck to Brian!

  6. I have come to the realization that you and Brian are both total bad a**es…Bad a** jobs in charge of companies, changing the world, fighting Crohns….call me impressed!

  7. The window looks great. Good job Brian. Also, thanks for the t-shirt. I was so excited to see your adorable handwriting on the package. I can’t wait for my run tomorrow to show off my sweat. Oh, my partner leaves the cabinets open as well, drives me crazy. I am trying to be less naggy, but seriously, just close the freaking door.

  8. Brian is phenomenal. Minus the drawer-opening habit. My boyfriend does the exact same thing, and it drives me certifiably insane. That’s a total hyperbole, but you get my point!

  9. “I’m thankful this display is up in the middle of New York City where lots of people will see it. Including Flo Rida.” hahahaha this just made my day!
    The shark looks amazing. I hope I lived in NY so I could enter the hashtag contest and well also to do a whole lot of other cool stuff.
    Have a great weekend ali!

  10. as amazing and supportive and un-selfish as Brian is…..now that he’s your roommate, he probably wants to find a cure for Crohn’s as bad as you do!

    1. Haha so sad, but probably so true. Poor guy hasn’t been allowed more than 10 consecutive minutes in the bathroom since we moved in.

  11. LOVE this! Wow, what a creative and fun display.

    Also, had to mention – drives me crazy when my hubs uses the microwave and doesn’t reset the timer back to the clock…like, it’s blinking and blinking and stuck at like :27 or something because he just opens the door before the timer goes off. AND LEAVES IT. Seriously, who does that?!

  12. Ali that is amazing! The window looks so great. Brian is obviously a gem 🙂 And so is my better half but he leaves all of the cupboards open too. It’s a dude thing.

  13. AMAZING!!! I don’t really have any other words… I think the design/work Brian did (coming from a Graphic Designer myself) and the effort to raise awareness for Chron’s (which I also happen to have) is truly awesome. You are a lucky lady 🙂

  14. Brian rocks and I want to go up to NYC just to see this display (and also eat my way through the city for you). My boyfriend also leaves cupboards open as well! Drives me crazy but I’ll keep him! 🙂 Could be worse…could be the apt door?

  15. That’s so sweet he worked so hard basically for you. He’s a keeper. Despite the cupboard doors! MY husband leaves his dirty socks ON the washing bin. Drives me mad!!! But we love ’em!

  16. Nice work Brian!

    Also, your office is awesome to close at 1pm every Friday during the summer! I’ve never heard of that!

  17. What a great window display Alli! I will definitely go check it out! I’m dying to see Newsies on Broadway (I love the movie-cheesy, I know)! The dance event you went to last night sounds pretty cool too! Happy Friday 🙂

  18. Really random remark, but OMG, my hubby leaves every single bloody cupboard open in the house as well. It drives me insane… That’s a whole different kind of lazy! But I feel better knowing that he’s not the only one. Have a great weekend.

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