Thankful Things Thursday: Rainbowtown

You know those weeks where everything is sparkly and wonderful, and things fall into place and your whole life just feels so magical, like you’re riding around on a unicorn, with glitter on its horn, and you’re riding by rainbows and you’re eating a warm brownie and also maybe you’re a little drunk?


Those weeks are the best.

And you know the opposite of those weeks?

That’s more like the one I’m having.

It’s kind of like instead of a unicorn, I got stuck with a three-legged limping donkey, and instead of glitter on its horn, my donkey has a case of the Crohn’s and keeps spitting on me (my donkey is not unlike a camel, I suppose). Also, there’s no rainbow, just balls of hail filled with asteroids (WTF?), and in place of a warm brownie I am snacking on lettuce. Lame, healthy, tasteless lettuce. Maybe I still get to be a little bit drunk, though.

I’ll spare you the whining and complaining about how my foot hurts so I’m taking more time off running, and about how my jeans don’t fit, I over-committed myself this week (What happened to “Ali Says No” month?!) and my apartment is messy. I’ll also spare you the actual complaints and reasons I’m ultra-cranky today beyond the seemingly trivial ones.

Instead, I’d like to invite you along on my journey from Donkeyville to Rainbowtown.

Those are both real places, which I know, probably surprises you. But won’t you join me? We’re about to get all thankful up in this blog: Friends, it’s Thankful Things Thursday. Ka-pow!

Tyler hates having his feet tickled, but apparently it doesn't bother him when Brian does it. I call bullshit.

OMG what’s that? A photo of Tyler snuck into this post! Weird! I have no idea how that happened.

I’m thankful I got to spend a weekend with my family.

We are family and we are happyyyyyy! I wish Tyler would move to New York. Maybe someday, when he's old enough to walk...and get a job. This place is expensive.

This past weekend was so relaxing and, despite the 62 bug bites I came back to New York with, pretty perfect. Sometimes I feel like I live so far away from my family, but that’s mainly because I always end up in a “you can’t get there from here” situation. I’ve only found one airline that will fly from NYC to New Hampshire — the others have layovers in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Atlanta, and I’m confused about what kind of sense that makes — and it’s far too pricey for me most of the time. The bus and train only get me as far as Boston, so to get to New Hampshire where my parents live (what up, Contoocook?), it’s easiest to just suck it up and rent a car.

But man is it worth it.

Oh hey Dad! You're doing a great job mowing the driveway! Really really good work.

I’m thankful for surprises that show up at my desk when I’m having a craptastic day. The receptionist at work was like, “Is it your birthday?” and I was like, “No,” and then she laughed for like, 30 seconds. It was a really odd exchange. I’m still confused about it.

These smell good. And I even removed the plastic, because I'm classy.

I’m thankful for Cortizone 10. My bug bites continue to keep me up itching and scratching at night, but this cool cream liquid gel thing in a stick seems to help, if only temporarily. New life plan: Bring bug net everywhere.

TYLER, QUESTION, CAN I PLEASE BORROW YOUR BUG NET? Like, forever. Also, guess how many friends I made at this party? Zero. No one wanted to hang out with or meet the "weird bug net lady." Rude. They were probably just jealous. NBD.

I’m thankful for chips and salsa. Yes, there is a slight chance that on the drive to New Hampshire this weekend, Brian and I stopped at a fancy dining establishment because I wanted chips and salsa. And tacos. And a sandwich. And a Molten Lava Cake.

Chili's...BABY BACK RIBS. Which we did not order. But we got pretty much everything else.

Oh I’m sorry, was I complaining about my pants not fitting earlier? Weird, I have no idea why. My diet has been so healthy!

I’m thankful for long summer days. This time of year is the best.

Oh you've seen a photo like this before? Liar. Not on this blog.

It’s light when I wake up. It’s light when I’m ready for bed. It’s light all day when I sit in my dark office.

I’m thankful for delicious chocolate snacks, even if they are another part of the reason I couldn’t quite button my jeans this morning.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, PORTION CONTROL? Those words have no meaning. Go away.

I am always thankful for food. What a predictable trend.

I’m thankful for my awesome new accessory, courtesy of a stranger on the street. It is a slap bracelet, and I got it while walking along Fifth Avenue after work yesterday. This guy was like, “Do you want a slap bracelet?” and I was like, “IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?” He slapped it on me, I briefly wondered if it had any diseases attached to it, and then I went along on my happy little way.

Slap Bracelet View #1.
Slap Bracelet View #2.

I guess there’s a new Nike store opening or something, and the bracelet promotes that. The guy wasn’t just a creep. I mean, he may have been a creep, but he was just doing his job. And he gave me jewelry, so I love him.

What’s this?!

From the looks of this photo, I get the impression that Tyler can be a little bit judgmental. Look at those eyes...ever so critical. I wonder what he's thinking. Probably nothing, since he doesn't know any words yet. But who knows. The minds of babies are weird.

Another sneak attack Tyler photo! OMG I’m so sorry. This keeps happening!

I’m thankful for any minute of sleep I get these days. Last night, my legs were tired, so I took a quick epsom salt bath (not sure I get the hype, but I’ll keep trying), put on my softest PJs, wrapped my foot up in ice, and then I guess this happened:

This is not the "proper" positioning, to my knowledge. I am backwards. Or upside down. I don't know, but I know that my feet are where Brian's head usually goes.

I don’t care how I sleep. I’ll take it.

I’m thankful for my job. It’s a good one. I dig it.

I’m thankful the weekend is a day away. Hot damn, I can’t wait.

Oh look!

We’ve arrived in Rainbowtown! OMG it’s so great to be here. Welcome!

TIME TO CONTRIBUTE! What are you thankful for today? I promise, if you’re cranky, writing down a few things you’re psyched about will cheer you up. Think hard! Think about chocolate foods!



70 Responses

  1. Love your blog! I just started running (and so far hate it) but I hope one day I won’t as much. Well hate is a strong word. I don’t love running yet, we’ll put it that way! More importantly, WHERE did you get those dark chocolate mini graham crackers? I want to eat 800 of them right now. At 10:00 AM!

  2. What are the odds that the guy would give YOU of all people a neon slap bracelet about running (when you weren’t even running at that moment)?? That’s awesome!! It was made for you.

    Today I’m thankful that I get to spend the weekend at my brother’s apartment in Williamsburg (yup, Brooklyn). I’m particularly thankful that I didn’t get lost while driving there from my house in Staten Island!!

  3. The picture of you in the mosquito net is hilarious!!! I am super thankful today because it’s almost the olympics! I am loving these trials in all sports, not just running. I’m also thankful for the supreme court’s ruling on health care and for a visit from a nice boy.

  4. I’m thankful the wonderful state of Maine is close enough to visit frequently. ( I drive past Contoocook to get here.)
    I’m thankful for being able to run with my split.
    I’m thankful I have started swimming again.
    I’m thankful for mint dark chocolate M+Ms.

  5. I’m thankful for marathon training, the Queensboro bridge, and because my apartment has a swimming pool.

  6. i want to talk more about that receptionist’s awkward response to your non-bday flowers. how bizarre. (that made me laugh out loud.)
    im so sorry about your foot, ali. hang in there.

  7. I am thankful that the weekend is just around the corner. I am thankful I’m not the only really tired person walking around today.
    I’m thankful I’m going to the ballet tonight (ABT – Angel Corrella’s last day).

  8. I’m thankful for a job I love, even better that I have enough time at work to read fabulous blogs like yours. By the way, I recently started reading your blog and I looove it. You are so cute and funny!

  9. I am thankful for a pretty relaxed work week this week. It let me get caught up on life and do plenty of blogging and facebook stalking and planning fun summer things 🙂 I am such a bad employee, oops.

  10. I’m currently in the hospital after losing my colon to Crohn’s. I experienced Rainbowtown today after the doctor said I have the most stylish pajamas in all the hospital! Thankful for doctors that are not only experts in IBD but also pajama styles!

  11. Totally love the bracelet; very appropriate. I’m thankful today for a productive + successful work week. I am also thankful and excited to kick off my first week of MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!!! I am also thankful I got to start that training week by PRing substantially and hitting all of my goals for a 10K! Plus – amazingly – the race photographers got the best running picture of me EVER.

  12. I’m a bit cranky too; a job I was promised for the summer didn’t come through! Boo. Donkey poop. I’m thankful that I get the whole summer off to do what I want to do. Albeit with less money 😉

  13. Your bed is tiny. Don’t you guys get all frustrated and kick each other in the middle of the night? My boyfriend and I can barely squeeze into a queen bed without annoying each other.

  14. I’m thankful I’m seeing my Dr. today so we can make a plan of attack for my Crohn’s. Been on a liquid diet for 4 days and it is killing me. I guess that makes me thankful for real food, and wine.

  15. WHOA, that bracelet is awesome!!! I totally want one!

    I am thankful to have finished the marathon last week alive… I am thankful that my team won our kickball game last night – shut out game – and that we are holding our undefeated title so far this season!! I am super, duper thankful for Trader Joe’s and their snacks!!!! Have you tried the dried seaweed!?!? So awesome, healthy, and delish!

    Happy Thursday and happy almost weekend!

  16. I’m thankful my office has started having mini brie’s at breakfast time. Every day is a good day for cheese!

  17. I’m thankful that in just a few short days, I will be celebrating America on the beaches of Hilton Head Island, whilst wearing my American flag aviators. I’m pretty confident I will find a husband in those shades.

  18. I’m thankful that I’m almost done with the first four chapters of my thesis—and that my advisor thinks I’m “very much on the right track.” Huge, huge relief.

  19. 1. Thankful for three days off, after working 12 hour shifts the past three days taking care of others. (i.e. serious work hangover today!)
    2. Coffee! (see above)
    3. My best friend, boy toy returns home tonight after being gone a few days! <3
    4. Your blog!!

  20. Who needs jeans right now anyway? Summer is the season of breezy, waist-less dresses.

    This week I’m thankful that I finally got a job offer – after a year of unemployment. Yay!

    1. I’m wearing jeans to hide my hideous, scary bug bites from people! And my office is kept at a breezy 40 degrees all summer, I swear.

      More importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on the job! How exciting!

  21. hahah I swear in the summer when I can’t sleep I put my head where my feet should be and my feet where my head should be and I fall asleep right away. I have no idea why but I’ll take it!
    I’m thankful that it’s almost the fourth of july, my favorite holiday : )

  22. I LOVE LOVE that bracelet and want one! I love NY, and hope to run either the marathon or a half in 2013. Maybe we can meet up then, I mean if you didn’t think I was too crazy. 🙂

    I’m putting up my thankful things on my blog later today. Always love reading yours and everyone elses’ via the comments.

  23. First, I’m psyched that you referred to a slap bracelet as jewelry. Brava.

    Secondly, I’m psyched that as a n00b runner training for a half, I get to run further than I ever have almost every Sunday. This week is 5.5 miles and I’m looking forward to it!

    Thirdly, I’m SUPER PSYCHED that I completed my regular 3 mile run in UNDER 30 MINUTES this week. I realized it was a possibility and f’ing trucked it in the last half mile. It was awesome.

    Thanks for letting me share! You’re the awesomest!

    1. Congrats girl on your speed and good luck with your training!!!

      I clicked on your blog and noticed the app that you used shows your splits… What app is that?!?!? I think I shall download it today!

  24. I’m thankful that I got a random check for $8,700 in the mail yesterday as a “student refund.” LOL I have no idea but it’s ok.

    I’m also thankful for Obamacare, sorry haterz.

    1. Oh oops, I accidentally had my mail forwarded to your place. You’ll bring me MY check, then? My $8,700? THANKS, SUCH A GOOD FRIEND.

  25. I am having the worse morning so far and it is horrible and stressful and awful. This post made me stop and think about a few things. I am heading out to an event I always love and spend the whole year looking forward to. I have some hot tub time in the future. I have a box of wine for the weekend (yes very classy but NYC is an expensive place to live and I love my job a lot but it is not the career I have envisioned ). I have a wonderful boyfriend who I get to wake up next to everyday. I have some awesome food that I have packed to bring away. I have awesome Icebreaker clothing for this weekend. I have the best friends in the world who have made me smile today. I am not quite in Rainbowtown but I am slowly getting there, but it is a local train and delayed due to the MTA being evil!

    1. Um, you said “hot tub” and “box of wine.” Chin up, friend, life looks GOOD for you! But seriously, I get it, things can be great but they can also suck. Here’s hoping your crappy morning turns into a kickass weekend. Loved the subway reference, by the way. Haha. “We are being delayed momentarily due to train traffic ahead of us.” Hate that.

  26. I am thankful that I close on my new house tomorrow! The last two months have been extremley excitingly busy and I am ready for that to be done!!!! Have a good weekend!

  27. Ali..what is up with the sideways L sleeping position? Does that mean Brian slept on the floor? 🙂

    You didn’t actually divulge who sent you the flowers!!! But the interaction with the receptionist sounded so awkward that I cringed…

    As always, I’m thankful for your Thankful Thursdays! Have a good weekend!

    1. I DON’T KNOW WHY I FELL ASLEEP LIKE THAT. I can’t control it. I guess I moved eventually? When I woke up this morning Brian was, indeed, in bed next to me. I was also turned rightside-up. Somehow it happened. And the flowers were from Brian.

  28. I’m thankful for your post today, which let me know that I’m not alone in 1. having to scale back my running because of some unwelcome pain (so frustrating!), 2. maintaining a less-than-perfect diet lately, and 3. being too tired to clean my super-messy apartment. So good to hear I’m not the only one! Luckily, I do have lots of things to be thankful for, so I plan to be right behind you on the train from Donkeyville to Rainbowtown.
    Also, I’m super jealous of your slap bracelet — I LOVED those when I was younger!

    1. Meh, it happens. If I meet someone with a perfectly lovely apartment, always-healthy diet and pain-free body — and fulltime job — I’ll let you know. In the meantime, cheers to half-assing it all sometimes and going easy on ourselves!

  29. I’m so sorry you’re having a rough week…but your snap bracelet is amazing. I love that it says ‘run’, it would make me so happy too!

    I’m thankful:
    1) that we’re going camping in the Sierras this weekend and we’ll be paddling with toddlers and dogs in the river.
    2) that every day is a new opportunity to eat better. I ate Chinese dumplings till they came out my ears yesterday. Not feeling sleek this morning.
    3) for my husband, this morning. He’s fab.

  30. I’m thankful for big decisions that should stress me out but instead have been oddly calming. This could end by next week, but for now I’ll take it.

    I hope your donkey week continues to turn back into unicorn land. Or at least a Zedonk (a real thing, and funny looking – look it up!) which is about half way there.

    1. Also – I’ve read my copy of the Fitness Magazine that you’re featured in – do you want an extra copy of it for your file/scrapbook/mom/shrine?

      1. Haha I already gave my mom a copy and I have two of my own. Thank you though!

        And don’t you want to frame it for your own bedroom? No?

  31. I live down the street from Chili’s. My boyfriend chose to have his birthday dinner there. It never fails! And that molten cake? If the servers don’t bring it out at the exact right time or it has any flaws, they get to eat it themselves and you get a new one. That means Chili’s employees eat LOTS of molten cake. Interesting fact!

    I’m thankful for weekends away to see outdoor concerts, races, random distance races like 4.,81 miles that mean automatic PRs.

    1. OUR WAITRESS TOLD US THAT. Note to self: Become a Chili’s waitress. I would eat all the cakes. So much molten lava.

  32. I’m thankful for good blogs to read while I drink my coffee! I’m thankful for cross training to give my IT band a rest and I’m thankful air conditioning!!

  33. This week has been a bit of Donkeyville for me as well. Super stressed about leaving my job (which is awful). But today is the day! And although I’m getting bitter, death stares I made my co-workers cookies… and taste testing them at 9am this morning (don’t want to give them bad cookies, you know? precautionary measures!), and sugar-coating my insides, will make today better.

    Make these cookies. They cure everything.

    1. Yay! Congratulations on taking the next, exciting step! Good for you, Stacey. Also, maybe you bring Ali some of those cookies next time? GREAT. Thanks.

  34. 1. i freaking love that bracelet and i want one.
    2. i love your NYC picture – is that from your apt.?? beautiful. can’t wait to visit the city, still have never been since moving to balt.
    3. i’m thankful for dropping some mints into my coffee this AM and making an impromptu cup of peppermint coffee.
    4. i’m thankful that it’s thursday as well, and that i have blogs like you to laugh, bitch and encourage. keep doing your thing.

  35. I’ve been really stressed out about money stuff all this week, but you know what? As much as it sucks to be in a financial pickle, it’s one that is unpleasant but not unbearable. Many many people are in much worse situations. I’m thankful for that.

  36. you might not have made any friends at the party….but at least you didn’t make any enemies by hitting someone in the face (IN THE FAAACE…hangover reference) with a frisbee.

    1. That’s true. Brian made even fewer friends than I did, because I made friends with the lady who made the Peppermint Patty brownies.

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