Monday. 9 AM. Get Sweaty. (And For Now: A Giveaway!)

Don’t say I didn’t give you advance notice.

A fresh box, ready for your sweat.

Same deal as before. Same colors. Same prices. Same sizes. Same website. Same “women’s shirts run small so order accordingly.”

Monday, June 18. 9 AM. Get your sweat ready. This will be your last chance for a while.

Any questions?

Oh, you want one now?

Sure, I’m into that.

How about a free shirt for one lucky, sweaty, hard-working athlete? Why not kick this thing off with a giveaway?

I’m offering up one short-sleeved I Heart Sweat shirt in whichever size you need (small, medium or large — no XLs this time, sorry).

Want one? Let me know!

As always, entering the giveaway is easy. No hoop jumping, no fire breathing, no mandatory Twitter following.

Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to sweat.

Maybe you like to run. Maybe you’re a fan of spinning. Maybe you enjoy getting really sweaty during your morning subway commute. I don’t know. That’s why you have to tell me.

I’ll pick a winner Monday at 9 AM. Good luck and have a very sweaty weekend!

(Do I win a contest for using the word “sweat” the most in a single post? I hope so.)



526 Responses

  1. Oh noooeees! Ali, are the shirts sold out already? I went to the website to order, and it won’t let me pick a size ?? Will you get another batch soon?

      1. It’s a hot item! Keep up the great work – from one runner to another, I love reading it.. everything resonates so well 🙂

  2. Favourite way to sweat is a good run or a body pump class. also love a bit of spinning. Love the sweat in general, unless its on public transport on the way to work, then the sweat is not so cool! Would LOVE and I heart sweat t shirt!!

  3. My fave way to sweat? It’s a toss up between running & lifting weights. Nothing better than lifting at the gym & freaking out the boys because I’m lifting in a skirt. ;D

  4. Running is my favorite way to sweat, but really I’m not particular about how I sweat–just laying out in the sun on a humid day and sweating buckets makes me happy enough

  5. I love sweating and spinning! I look like an idiot when I’m smiling, laughing, sweating, and keeping up with the instructor in the middle of class! 🙂

  6. I love to sweat in front of people when I’m nervous! Just kidding, haha I’m a huge fan of running and I love back workouts too. It’s a weird mix but to each his own right?

  7. My favorite way to sweat is by going for a long run with my speedy big sister! She pushes me! And inspires me!

  8. Bikram Yoga is the best way to sweat because it’s impossible not to. 103 degrees for 90 minutes. Not only does it give you the deepest stretches ever felt, but it’s a positive, enlightening mental experience as well.

  9. Favorite way to sweat is definitely spinning. Love how everyone is in it together for 45 minutes of hell-on-legs, love the music and of course, the crazy amount of sweat!

  10. I sweat by running, spinning, and swimming! Swimming is the best though because I can sweat without getting too messy 🙂

  11. Running ‘my Loop’ — down the Hudson then up the East River along the lower permiter of Manhattan – water that LOOKS clean at least (even a little sandy beach near S. St Seaport!), Statue of Liberty in the distance, under the bridges – it’s a great loop to both forget you’re in the city and remember how much you love it!

  12. pretty much everything makes me sweat, but my favorite way is to go for a run followed by some lifting and ab work!

  13. I am so excited that you have so many comments and people wanting your swag! I need a I <3 Sweat t because I had to give my old one away (too big!! sweet!)

  14. Favorite way to sweat is most def spin class!!!!! I am aching to try to new yoga and spin fusion class!!!! I have a feeling that will move into 1st place soon!

  15. Oh I should order one on Monday!! 🙂 My favorite way to sweat is by running, but I’ve been loving some new classes; yoga, BodyRoks & even Studio Barre/Bar Method.

  16. Let me preface this by saying I am an ultra sweater! So while everyone else is barely sweating in HOT YOGA, I’m borderline on being asked to leave bc it’s that gross/awesome! Best way to sweat it out in my opinion 🙂

  17. Running!!! There is no doubt about that. And yoga as well but that’s more of a supplement to me, and a way of fixing my work-a-holic brain once in a while…
    I never seem to get excited about going to the gym, but give me a pair of running shoes, a shirt (neon-color’s the best if you really want to get me going) and a race to train for and I’m all business 🙂

    And would so love to win one of those shirts… Hope you ship to Denmark!

  18. A great sweaty run, obviously! Though I also think a great hike is a fun way to get my sweat on as well….running has to take the cake.

  19. Tri training! So some days it’s swimming sweat, some days it’s biking sweat, and most often it’s running sweat.

  20. Hi Ali, I’m Lindsey G’s mom from Hamden – right next to QU. Can’t pick a favorite but I love to run, bike, kick box, take a dance class (25 years with Gloria Jean), etc. I just LOVE to sweat and would LOVE to wear your shirt around Hamden and LOVE your blog!!!

  21. I love you and your blog… you crack me up! My two favorite ways to sweat are dancing (ballet, jazz, tap.. any kind!) and running! I would looooove one of these shirts 🙂

  22. I love to run!!! run produces incredible amounts of sweat, there for I LOVE SWEAT!!!
    Running all the way. I have 14 mile run this Monday. Wish me luck.

  23. My favorite sweating activity changes a lot, but right now it’s short interval cardio sessions and bike rides! I’ve been out of the sweating/work out world for the past couple months, but am loving getting back in a routine 🙂

  24. after hating it for so long here I’m saying hot yoga! hopefully it will make running easier on a hot day 🙂

  25. Hrm. Can I cheat and say “triathlons”? Actually my favorite part of triathlon (and I’d tell you you were crazy if you told me I’d ever say this 7 or so years ago) is the run, so let’s go with run.

  26. Any sweat is my favorite sweat when I am looking to sweat! I like spinning cause I can see the sweat puddles. That being said, I hate sweating when I’m not trying to sweat, like in a dress on the way to a wedding. NOT SEXY.

  27. My favorite way to sweat is with ZUMBA!! Then following it up with some hip hop yoga. Feels amazing after both classes!

  28. Oddly enough my favorite way to sweat is while walking around Manhattan in the heat. At least I am seeing the sights of the city!

  29. My favorite way to sweat would be running; could be for personal exercise or include my job of keeping up with my k-1 special needs students!

  30. I sweat most while doing spin/rpm. I would love a sweatshirt. I didn’t go on my computer yesterday was busy with my kids and I missed getting a tshirt again! Bummer! Bad timing on my part.

  31. Weight lifting! Especially squatting since it helps with my booty popping skills. I’m definitely not the most attractive person at the gym because of all the sweat pouring from my body…

  32. Okay, so it isn’t ridiculously common but I love a good flow yoga class. Great for blood pumping. I keep dying to check to out bikram but i haven’t the balls yet (I’m worried about dying of heatstroke – I’m heat sensitive & a hypochondriac!).

  33. Had you asked me a month ago I would have said spinning for sure, but I think it may have to be running these days!

  34. Ali,
    My favorite way to sweat is to take a run down the country roads that surround our place! I’ll see wild turkeys, deer, all manners of songbirds, even sometimes a lone raccoon or skunk. All this and sweat, too!! It’s the best part of my day. Your blog is wonderful. I would like a size M, please. Thank you!

  35. Running, obvs. But spinning is a veryyyy close second! I also get way more sweaty during spin. Floor covered in sweat kind of sweat. It’s sweaty.

  36. I love getting sweaty in almost every way possible but my favorites are triathlons, rock climbing, and dancing the night away with friends!

  37. My favourite way to sweat is DEFINITELY a good run! A strong yoga class is a close second though!

    Can us international folks enter to win?! Assuming there’s still no international shipping on these bad boys 🙁 If I win, and it can’t be posted overseas, I will get it shipped to a friend!

  38. My favorite way to work up a sweat is by exercising with friends… whatever that ends up entailing. An exercise class, yoga, a run, a bike ride, a hike, some kayaking. When you have the opportunity to get a solid work out in while also enjoying time with people you love, its ALWAYS a successful sweat!

  39. My favorite way to sweat is on the treadmill (walking, running, tripping over myself…whatever). I also like to work up a sweat by jumping up and down after winning contests 🙂

    I do NOT like sweating on my commute, yet I seem to do so every single day. Why aren’t NYC subway platforms air conditioned like DC’s?

  40. most recently my favorite ways to sweat are a run through the park by my house or a long bike ride…i love warm, sunny weather and being outdoors!

  41. A nice long run on a meteorologically perfect – aka 70 degrees, mostly sunny, slightly breezy (for drying the sweat, of course) – day.

  42. Running, running, and more running! (And I’m not just saying that in hopes that it will get me closer to one of those great shirts! :)).

  43. i love a long run or a heavy duty spinning session. recently, though, i LOVE bike riding. i guess, which ever way doesnt involve pain or fever is good sweat 🙂

  44. I love a great long run… also love cardio classes at the gym on those days I don’t feel like getting my sweat on by running (gasp!)

  45. Hands down my favorite way to sweat is running. I run because I can and I run hard because it feels so good and so empowering. I love sweating it out!!!

  46. I love to sweat on my morning run, or during a bike ride. Really, I sweat everywhere because I live in sweat-city, otherwise known as Central Florida! It’s almost hot here year-round. Some folks dig that I guess, but I prefer my sweat to be worked for, you know like a good run like I already said. Anyway, yeah, I sweat a lot. 🙂

  47. I want one. Today I wore my blue one to the orthopedic doctor so he would know I was serious about getting healed and back to business!

  48. Due to my never ending IT band issues, lately my only way to sweat has been biking outdoors and using the elliptical!

  49. Love your blogs! My favorite way to sweat is definitely either running or ballet class. I love sweat!

  50. my favorite way to sweat is by RUNNING! and my second favorite way to sweat is laying out by the pool, in 90 degree humid heat, and drown in a pool of my own sweat. running sweat is amazing, my fat melting in the sun sweat is so not.

  51. Favorite way to sweat…hmmmm…. RUNNING in it’s many fashions aka running after children, running after school busses, running after rolling balls in the street (I live on the edge) running from the neighbor’s scary dog – oh and running in half and full marathons. I love to run, and love to sweat! Have a great weekend Ali!

  52. Sweating is awesome for so many reasons! I love to get sweaty during a run or boot camp or Crossfit, or really any way. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment even if those around me think it’s gross!

  53. Favourite way to sweat? At a BMF (British Military Fitness) session! It works for me because I can’t give up during a session…they notice when you walk away (especially because you’re wearing a numbered jersey AND your stuff is locked in a van!)

  54. My favorite way to sweat is spinning, especially speed work and sprinting, which is pretty much my favorite thing because you get to just go full on, balls to the wall, crazy on the bike. You pedal as fast as your little legs can carry you for 15 to 30 seconds depending on the exercise. And you do this about 8 times in a row with a 15 second break in between each sprint. By the time you hit the last interval, you’re panting, and the men in the room are all groaning (sissies!), but what a rush.

  55. Running! Fast or slow…I love it! I think my husband nearly killed me when I was injured. I was a mess!

  56. I have been biking to work these days! It may not replace running as my new favorite way to sweat, but really, I love it!

  57. I love a good sweaty run… but I’m also a big fan of swimming since the water keeps me cooler and even though I sweat I don’t notice!

  58. Definitely running! Wish it wasn’t so unbearably hot in Florida so I could do it without having to wake up at ungodly hours or wait all day for it to cool down a bit and then have it pour all evening 🙁

  59. Right now, laying On my friend’s dock. I have the afternoon off work, which never happens and I get to lay out, sweat, and get some cOlor.

  60. My favorite way to sweat is definitely running…going to be headed out for a mid-afternoon super sweaty run in just a bit! 🙂

  61. My favorite way to sweat is running! Obviously! 😉 I will run even after an early morning swim team workout. It’s just so relaxing and wonderful!!!!

  62. My favorite ways to sweat are of course RUNNING… bring on the Dirty Dash tomorrow. 4.5 miles through mud – woohoo. But also strength training and feeling STRONG AND EMPOWERED! 🙂

  63. I live in Texas so I basically sweat anytime I leave the house in the summer but my favorite way to sweat is running and yoga!

  64. My favorite way to sweat is saturday morning step aerobics, its absolutesly my favorite workout of the week!

  65. My absolute favorite way to sweat is pulling my two boys in their wagon around the neighborhood. Running is second!!

  66. I do love to sweat…and I love to sedate when I run….my sweat equals hard work, determination and my mantra “push through”!

  67. Running is my go-to daily sweat activity. But I’m learning to play soccer (at 22 years old, a little late) and I love to do that as well. However, for the best sweat, I’d have to say sand volleyball.

  68. CROSSFIT and RUNNING (esp trails) are my fave, cycling when i can’t do the other two and i would even resort back to swimming if all else failed (even though its pretty difficult to actually sweat when you are submerged, but not impossible 😉 )!

  69. Running obviously!! And spin class and zumba! But also doing Wii Just Dance with my best friends! It gets pretty intense!!

  70. Oh my favorite way to sweat is by running, of course, and then drinking a mimosa without showering. So naturally, I sweat there as well.

  71. Ok, while I totally love running, I have to go back to my original passion and say that my absolute favorite way to sweat is DANCING!!!

    Happy weekend!

  72. Picking a favorite way to sweat is like picking a favorite child. Or ice cream flavor. That said, I have been loving night-time runs!

  73. My favorite way to work out? Definitely running. But I never get the completely soaked in sweat every inch of my body is drenched effect unless I’m in brikram or the sauna!

  74. I love to sweat at crossfit – and that’s a copious amount of sweat… I also live in Australia and you don’t ship this far so… fingers crossed I get picked?

  75. Favorite way to sweat – dominating the finish line (or you know, falling across it) at a triathlon. Least favorite way (you didn’t ask, but it’s a bonus) – struggling to get my wetsuit on beforehand. Wore it for the first time last weekend and holy chickens- I was sweatier before the race even started than I was when I finished!

  76. My favorite way to sweat is RUNNING! I just recently learned that I!! I wanted to challenge myself, so I signed up for my first 5k and am so excited for the upcoming run, next month. I’d love to have and “I -heart- sweat” t-shirt….because I really do! I’m so happy high, when I finish a run/workout & am all sweaty!

  77. I’ll take a good sweat any way I can get it ( get your mind out of the gutter) but nothing feels as good as running! Horseback riding sweat is a close second because you get to smell like horses too! Sexxxxy!!!

  78. Running (obviously.) But the best part about these is that the logo falls right where I sweat the most. (Too much info? Oh well.) I <3 boob sweat.

  79. I’ve always liked these shirts, but I love them now that I realized a portion of the proceeds goes directly to CCFA! Way to run a line directly to my Crohnsing little heart.

    I love sweating doing anything! Except the times that it’s from being sick or if I’m dressed up for some occasion. Any other time? Sweat time! Sweat makes me feel healthy and alive.

  80. Running on Lakefront path in downtown Chicago! And sweating even more trying to avoid getting hit by all of the crazy bikers and tourists.

  81. Honestly, sweat is sweat. I don’t think I have a favorite. I love running, biking, hiking, lifting, swimming, dancing, yogaing, P-90xing … all of it! Anything that keeps me active.

  82. On my way home from the gym! Makes me feel like I kicked some serious butt when it’s still coming out of me!

  83. My favorite way to sweat today will be testing for my senior green belt in taekwondo. Yikes! On most other days it’s running.

  84. Seriously Ali, how come there are no shirts left just a few ours after your post? I think you should sell more. And ship them to Europe. You would be a very busy lady, and I would be a very happy one, who shows her love to sweat while wearing your tshirt! ha!

    I LOVE sweating while running!

  85. I <3 sweating while running! I also wore my Sweat shirt on my honeymoon in St. Lucia a few weeks ago while hiking in the rain forest. One of the guys on the hike with us saw the back and told me he had Crohn's, so we started chatting about the shirts and your blog. I think maybe he wants a shirt now, too. 🙂

  86. My favorite way to work out is my Warrior Fitness class. We’re a small group that meets MWF and if I win this shirt I want to give it to my awesome trainer! She has changed my life 🙂

  87. Recently, my favorite way to sweat has been yoga. I’m a little late to the party since I just discovered yoga last month -but now I go 3x a week and LOVE IT!!

  88. Holy crap there are a lot of responses already.

    My favorite way to sweat is by running and biking, but since I’m starting to train for my 1st tri, I’m going to learn to love sweating by swimming too even if it’s invisible.

  89. Traditionally, running was my favorite way to sweat! But, due to some relative overuse injuries, nowadays my favorite ways to sweat are swimming, cycling and yoga, with a smattering of running. 🙂

  90. I love a good sweaty run espcially an early morning run in hot and humid south florida always exciting and always sweaty.
    Happy Friday 🙂

  91. My favorite way to sweat is by chasing after cabs, almost getting hit by them and blocking you from taking them home instead of going to the bar. Also, thinking about a NOT eating a double chocolate chip cookie from Panera makes me sweat.

  92. Tabata, for sure. Doesn’t hurt that my instructor is adorbs and we wear matching I Heart Sweat shirts, either! 🙂 🙂

  93. My favorite way to sweat is probably Body Pump. I have been slacking on the cardio a bit since I found out that I am pregnant, I need to step it back up!

  94. I love to do Zumba!!!

    I may look like a fool, but I’m one sweaty, dancing fool if I’ve ever seen one!

    Happy Friday 🙂

  95. I love to sweat in all sorts of different ways, variety is the spice of life!! Running, spinning, yoga, bar classes and 30/60/90 at Equinox!

  96. Getting ridiculously sweaty is probably one of my most favorite things to do. My favorite way to get sweaty is by taking a hot yoga class or going for a run!

  97. My favorite way to sweat is probably Zumba or boxing. Both help me feel better after a stressful day.

    I’d want a large, since they run small! Thanks Ali! 🙂

  98. My favorite way to sweat is when we have to run around town to find my grandma after she disappears on a walk without telling anyone. Silver alert! Also, cheering for races is also a fun way to sweat.

  99. My favorite way to sweat is running outside on a warm day! I’m excited for the shirts to go back on sale!

  100. I’m trying to make running my favorite sweat inducing activity. Currently I’m pretty much just sweating all the time in this Texas heat though. I’m trying not to turn on the A/C for as long as I can……

  101. Running is my favorite way to sweat, and also the activity that makes me the sweatiest. Seriously I am a puddle by the time I finish. Crossing my fingers that I win because it’s my birthday!

  102. My favorite way to sweat is running, but I sweat the most in my second favorite way to sweat: hot yoga. Now running to the Bikram studio… that sounds like my perfect day! =)

    1. Getting ridiculously sweaty is probably one of my most favorite things to do. My favorite way to get sweaty is by taking a hot yoga class or going for a run!

  103. I’m sure breathing fire and running through hoops would make me sweet but I will take running. No matter if its a short run, long run, fast run or slow run, I always love the way i feel running no other work out can compare for me when I want to get my sweat on!

  104. Well, running is a given. BUT second closest? laying in the sun and getting a tan. LOVE to sweat and just enjoy the warmth and relaxation. #eventhoughtanningisbadforyou

  105. I love to sweat when I run. Especially in the summer heat, I find myself waiting to be soaked in sweat because I know I’ll be cooler once I’m sweaty. Sweat definitely cools you down when its hot outside!

  106. My favourite way to sweat is by playing hockey!!! Nothing like sprinting back and forth chasing a ball or puck!

  107. My favorite way to sweat is while wearing my I <3 Sweat shirt…. and by running, lifting weights, and spinning my heart out!

  108. My favorite way to sweat lately has been HOT YOGA! There’s just something about being in a forward fold and seeing the sweat from your cleavage fall on the mat. TMI? whatev, it’s FRIDAY!

  109. Favorite way to sweat: Running. Duh.

    Least favorite way to sweat (even though you didn’t ask) is tanning on the beach, in the hot sun, sweating off tanning oil.

  110. Do I have to pick one?? Running (second marathon coming up in October!). But also biking (spinning!), strength training, chasing after my dog at the dog park…

  111. I have been running competitively since 7th grade and now I’m 27 and expecting my first child! Still trying to run 2-3 miles 2-3x/wk…some days are a struggle & some days are amazing! I bet a I HEART SWEAT shirt would make most days of running with my little bundle of joy amazing! 🙂

  112. favorite way to sweat… stirring cookie batter too furiously?! but favorite way to sweat, athletically… biking!

  113. #1 – bronzing on the beach (hello, kiawah!)
    #2 – dance partyyy
    #3 – running – obligatory response but i feel okay about it since i’m actually running these days (miracles happen every day, my friend.)

  114. Ahh, so hard to pick! Fave way to sweat is running, followed by kickboxing and dancing 🙂 Have a great weekend all!

  115. RUNNING!!!! So glad you’re doing another order.. two of my running buddies have been wanting them (they saw mine=).

  116. My favorite way to sweat is running and then doing a yoga class or video afterward, because I have no discipline to stretch on my own after running. Perfect combination!

  117. Hooray! I was sad to miss the last selling of sweat…t-shirts! I love getting sweaty at a local place in KC – Fusion Fitness – the instructors hate you aren’t dripping by the time you leave!

  118. I love to sweat!! Running is the best, spinning is a second best. Heck, I even like sweating it out on a solo elip session at the gym!!!

  119. My favorite way to sweat when fun is the only objective– impromptu tag, dodgeball, basketball with friends… this type of sweat is usually followed by beer or ice cream!

  120. I ran my first 5K last weekend. So far, that was my favorite but that could have just been because I was pretty excited. But my ALL time favorite way, is probably sitting out in the sun during Camp Oasis with the kids in my Cabin. Its not super active but man, does it feel good!

  121. My favorite way to sweat is swimming, it’s like a shower and exercise at the same time. The perfect twofer. But I’m trying to get into running more, with my first half in September.

  122. My favorite way to sweat is running, although I’ve really started to enjoy weightlifting lately (I don’t even know who I am anymore ha!) Have a good weekend!

  123. I love to sweat while running… I love even more to sweat while winter running…. Don’t ask why…

  124. Would love to spread the “sweat” t-shirt love here in the city of brotherly love by wearing this t-shirt on our running paths throughout the city!! We need some of these awesome t-shirts in philadelphia! Would love to train for my first 1/2 marathon “sweat style” 🙂 have a great weekend!!

  125. My favorite way to sweat is usually running. But I’m giving my injured legs a break this month and have been hitting up some new classes at the gym. Step plyometrics last night made me laugh as I had visions of Richard Simmons dancing through my head…but have to admit, it was a fun and sweaty workout!

  126. I’d tell you my favorite way to sweat, but there may be children on here, so my favorite way to sweat is by vigorously mixing baking ingredients in a bowl.

    I also follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, printed this post and mailed it to my sister, made up a Twitter account for my Grandma and followed you, put this blog post in a bottle and threw it in the Atlantic, and made a press release about this giveaway.

    1. Nicole’s bottle actually washed up on shore when I happened to be at the beach. Does that make me eligible for the contest?

      1. You have to take a tweet a picture of my note with your verified Twitter account, tag me AND Ali as well as a link the blog. Then you have to instagram it as well with a picture of the CNN tower in the background to verify the time and date. Bonus entry if Grandma Grandma is in the picture.

  127. Running definitely gets me the most sweaty. I miss it since I’m on the injured list with a nagging calf strain… boooooooo.

  128. My favorite sweat is a run sweat (especially when I run by you cheering for the corporate challenge!). Soul Cycle is a close second.

  129. I Love to sweat during a good run! Though since November I’ve spent most of my time in a boot, first the left foot then the right. So, lately it seems the only way I can get sweaty is to crutch as fast as possible! Skinny legs, but my arms look great! 😉

  130. My favorite way to sweat is running! Normally running along the Charles River in Boston but this weekend I’ll be in NYC and get to sweat it out for some loops of Central Park which should be extra fun!

  131. so many ways to get sweaty 🙂 my favs are running (obvi) and biking (i biked to work for the first time today – and it wasn’t terrible!)

  132. BRICK WORKOUTS (long bike + short run).. they can be painful but I know they’ll helpwith my triathlons.

  133. Running! Oh how I miss it. 29 weeks pregnant and running, for me, do not mix. I’m so looking forward to lacing up my shoes and heading out the door again!

  134. Running, of course! Especially tempo runs. I used to be afraid of speed, but now I thrive on that adrenaline/endorphin rush from trying push myself to go faster and faster every time I head out for a workout.

  135. My absolute favorite form of sweating is running and my close second is Body Pump. My perspiration levels are out of control while running and nothing feels as good as an awesome sweat sesh.

  136. I love your shirts…hope I win!! Fingers crossed! 🙂

    I like to run. Oh and I am new to spinning and totally love it. Oh yeah, and also my group power strength training…I LOVE TO SWEAT!!

    Also, I was running a relay in NC a couple of weekends ago and saw one of your shirts..pretty cool! 🙂

  137. First let me say, that I am sweating over how excited I am about possibly winning an “I heart sweat” shirt! I have been keeping a keen eye out for this “sweat” shirt. My favorite way to sweat is running, but I also like to sweat while doing some hot yoga. And let me tell you, you sweat buckets in a 105 degree room!

    Looking forward to sweating in this shirt sometime soon!!!

  138. My favorite way to sweat will always be running, but being injured has helped me learn to love swimming cycling almost as much!

  139. I heart sweat! My favorite way to induce sweating would be a tie between running, and spinning, and hiking at breakneck pace up a mountain 🙂

    BTW, I went to the website and it won’t let me select a shirt size. Any ideas?

  140. After 5 months of being sidelined with a hip fracture I got to run 7 miles for my 27th birthday yesterday – my favorite way to sweat! There’s nothing like running!

  141. My favorite way to sweat has got to be dodgeball! Believe it or not, you can get pretty sweaty when you’re the last one in and trying to dodge those balls! So much fun!

  142. for 10 years of my life I was on a competitive jump rope team – I know, super awesome. So I must say that is where my love for sweat happened. So my favorite way to sweat is jump roping 🙂

  143. My favorite way to sweat is, definitely, running. However, specifically running with friends. I ran with a friend the other day for the first time in months and while she was a bit slower than me, once I got over the slower pace (and taking walking breaks with her when she needed them) I realized how much I love running JUST for the sake of running. Even without a watch I find myself worrying about time – so sweating with a friend was a nice break!

  144. Body Combat and running are my favorite ways to sweat! There is no greater feeling than a super sweaty workout!

  145. My favorite way to sweat is running. It`s sadly something I have trouble with right now because of injury. Close second is spinning which I`m doing tonight. Yay

  146. Yay for another giveaway! My favorite way to sweat is through running – I also recently started high intensity interval training and that’s been pretty sweat-alicious!

  147. My favorite way to sweat is running, of course, but does anxiously waiting for your blog posts count too??

  148. Running! Followed by bike-commuting. Except not really, because showing up at work super sweaty actually isn’t really my favorite way to sweat at all. But I do also like bike-commuting.

  149. My favorite way to sweat is working hard – whatever that may be at the time, jogging/walking, weights, yardwork. Sweat is good!

  150. I love to run but I also love to spin! My best sweat days are when I run to the spin studio, spin and then run home. And then those days are usually followed by a laundry day because of all the SWEAT 🙂

  151. My favorite way to sweat is running! Although, I’m a natural sweater, so I don’t have to try too hard to break one 😉

  152. My favorite way to sweat is through Body Pump classes…but my gym doesn’t offer them so I have to get creative and take advantage of them when I can! In the meantime, running and/or laying on the beach are close seconds!

  153. I love running! But I’m always, always injured — trying to look at that happily, in that it’s made me start cycling!

  154. I love sweating and I love that shirt! I already ordered one before and love it- even raced my half marathon PR in it a few weeks ago. So obviously my favorite way to sweat is running (especially in the summer).

  155. I love to sweat by running, hands down, HOWEVER, I’ve been in a leg cast for the past 5 weeks so lately I sweat doing any activity that lasts more than 5 minutes on 1 leg. My Target trips are devastating lately, haha!

  156. I’m just happy to have my health and the ability to sweat! So I take it ANYWAY I can; running, biking, Orange Theory workouts, Hot Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, weightlifting, and even the dreaded yard or house work! I <3 Sweat!!

    Have a great day!

  157. I AM SO EXCITED! I want one of these shirts so bad! My fav way to sweat is running followed by spin.

  158. favorite way to sweat = a nice long run! and Spinning too (I’m an instructor so I feel I feel obligated to throw that in there).

    Happy Friday!

  159. Fabulous Friday Giveaway! I’m so excited!!! My favorite way to sweat (hopefully, fingers crossed, wearing an I <3 Sweat tshirt) is RUNNING!!!!!!!!! Yay! Happy Friday and I really, really hope I win 🙂

  160. Favorite way to sweat = running with out a doubt. But if I can’t run I’ll take any kind of cardio available to get a workout in, evenid it’s just dancing around my apartment.

  161. Right now my favorite way to sweat is running, though as the weather gets more muggy and humid, swimming becomes my go-to sweat activity.

  162. My favorite way to sweat is RUNNING!!! Especially along the Charles River in Boston – happy place 🙂

  163. I love to sweat it out running!! I have 2 kids and nothing de-stresses me more than running. 🙂
    I would LOVE to win the I heart sweat shirt!! I would totally rock it in my next race with my hot pink CEP socks!!

  164. Running early in the morning!! Heck yes! (Btw, if I win, I’ll have my I heart Sweat shirt shipped to my mom’s in TX.) Have a great day, Ali! It’s bedtime for me now down under.

  165. i love sweat when i do long runs on a nice sunny morning and i’m drenched, but I also like sweat when spinning at 5:45am in the mornings on my day offs 🙂

  166. Favorite way to sweat is either running or spinning…or booty shaking. Ha, just kidding on that last one…maybe. I’m currently training for my first half marathon, so one of these shirts would be perfect for me to rock while crossing the finish line!!

  167. My favorite way to sweat is also running!!! Unfortunately, my knee has been acting up, so currently my favorite way to sweat is by strength training!!! Woohoo!

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