Thankful Things Thursday: The Difference A Day Makes


Today is better than yesterday.

How about that?

Let’s talk about it in grateful form, because today is Thankful Things Thursday.

Yes, happy holidays to you and yours.

I’m thankful I feel a little better today. Will it last? Ha. Probably not. But maybe. The whole “my stomach is so full and bulky and bloated that it’s hanging down over my knees” feeling is gone, which is awesome, because that was bringing me way down. I still didn’t feel awesome last night, but I woke up this morning feeling like someone had basically deflated me. I’m like a Crohn’s balloon or something.

Obviously I’m not sure why I’ve improved slightly today. I did try to avoid dairy yesterday and I didn’t eat many vegetables. My dinner was a hearty bowl of plain white pasta with some olive oil, garlic and black pepper. No veggies on the side. Just straight-up Carb Heaven. Maybe that helped. And this morning I had oatmeal for breakfast, and so far that’s sitting just fine. Excelente!

That’s Spanish for “I’m wicked psyched I don’t look like I’m housing a beach ball underneath my shirt today.”

I’m thankful I got to be Ali On The Run today!!!

Sneakers, back in action!!! And yes, Brian, my sneakers do "go in the corner" like that. I personally think they look better on display than tucked away neatly in a closet.


Every time I get to run lately I feel pretty lucky. Today was one of those days.

I went to bed last night with a plan:

  • Wake up in the morning.
  • See how stomach feels.
  • Hope to run.
  • Know that running may not happen.
  • Still hope to run.
  • Gaze longingly at running shoes.
  • Hop on bike instead.

But hey guess what?

I didn’t ride “my” bike today.

No no.

I friggin’ ran. Because I could.

My run was not fast. My average pace was probably 8:45 or so, and I covered seven miles.

My run was not easy. There were times on the slightest inclines when I was huffing and puffing a little more than I may have liked. But I kind of didn’t care. I was running, and I wasn’t running to the bathroom.

I did have to make a Starbucks pit stop on the way to the park, but once I started running I was OK. No further stops needed!

It was a perfect running morning — breezy, not too hot, lots of happy people running and riding — and I am so happy I got to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to getting back in running shape, because right now it feels harder than I’d like. But I know that will come eventually, and in the meantime I’m trying to be aware of my pace but not really care about it or, for once, over-analyze it.

I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life who, even when I’m at my worst, can give me some perspective and make me feel so much better.

You just can't have a bad day when you're playing with a half-naked giggling baby. I'm referring to Simon. Not Brian. Brian doesn't giggle.

Is life hard sometimes? Sure. Can it pretty much always be worse? Um, yeah. Does the good stuff usually outweigh the crappy stuff? Yup. At least it should. That’s the way I try to look at things. And I love that there are so many people I know who maintain the same outlook.

I went through a phase a few months ago, when I was first starting to feel sick and injured, where I was overcome with negativity. Everything was the worst. Everything sucked. Everyone was ugly. Everyone was mean. But eventually I realized that was a shitty way to live. It was exhausting. Happy living is so much more fun and, truthfully, it comes more naturally to me.

See how happy we are?! Hi Mom! Hi Becky! Becky you are married now!!! I like your painting. (Becky won the third grade art contest. Her picture hung in our elementary school, where my mom works, for years. My mom gave the painting back to Becky as a bridal shower gift. Becky loved it. She's basically Picasso.)

Really though, happiness and positivity are contagious. When I spend a lot of time with crabby people, their energy works its way into my Crohnsed-out system, and then I get all worked up, too. I try to avoid that a little more now.

Sarcasm is not included in this thought. I always welcome a heavy dose of sarcasm in my life.

I’m thankful I have laundry in my building. I don’t do laundry often enough to begin with. If I had to take my smelly stuff outside to a laundromat it would certainly get done with even less frequency. It’s a luxury I appreciate.

I’m thankful Tyler is getting so huge. Yeah, he’s 6 pounds 2 ounces. In other words, he’s a monster. So big.

Tyler gets all the best outfits.

But really, I’m happy Tyler is home from the hospital and doing well. I miss him a lot.

I’m thankful for Newsies on Broadway. It’s awesome and you should go see it.

"Listen, Newsies boy, this is what you need to know about dance. Let me demonstrate some moves for you."

The cast is so talented. The boys are so sweet. You will love it. You might cry. Not that I cried or anything…You know me, I never cry at stuff. Also, I sing “King of New York” in my head while I’m walking to work sometimes. I’d say that’s normal.

I’m thankful my summer calendar is wide open. I’m trying not to make plans. Plans = Busy Ali = Stress = Crohn’s. I will only commit to plans I’m really really really psyched about. This includes trips to Six Flags, the beach and basically anywhere I have a friend with access to a pool. If you have a pool, call me maybe. Let’s make plans. I’m ready to commit.

Oh you have a beach house? LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS.

I could go on and be cheesy and stuff, but in my possibly-brief moment of health, I’m feeling grateful for just about everything. I’m thankful for my family and my friends who have all been really patient with me as I’ve been sick and miserable, and I’m thankful that any people who think I’ve been bitchy and annoying have only shared those feelings behind my back instead of to my face. Hehe.

I know getting back to total health may be a constant struggle, but that’s kind of the nature of this disease. I also know that getting my running back to where I want it to be may not be easy, but I’m ready to take that on. My foam roller is on stand-by.

Until next time…

SHARE YOUR THANKS: What are you appreciating today? Good food? Great runs? A healthy body? A cute new bathing suit? I literally want to know every single thing you are happy about.



46 Responses

  1. I’m with you on the summer plans. I always make too many plans and that instead of it being fun, it’s more stressful to get it all done. Luckily I have a pool in my backyard so I don’t even need to commit to anyone for that. 🙂

  2. It’s Friday over my end and I’m glad to be able to leave the office at 7pm! It was rough after finishing yesterday’s meeting at 9:30pm. Hey, it’s the weekend! Yay!!!!

  3. I’m thankful that tomorrow morning I’ll be hopping on a plane to go run the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon this weekend!! Here’s to hoping that I make it through my 3rd marathon safe, sound, and healthy!

    And here’s to hoping to continue on the upward streak towards health too!

  4. I appreciate that today was pay day for me. I don’t appreciate that I had to do the grown up thing and pay my house insurance, car insurance, natural gas and hydro bills though.

  5. I <3 Sweat is going to be reppin' for Team Challenge this weekend at the VA Wine Country Half! Not gonna lie I've been having Crohn's issues the past few weeks during my runs and haven't had a really good long run in about a month. Starting to get more nervous about it. But I figure, who will understand better than the rest of the Crohnies? However, if it rains I WILL shoot someone. I just want to get through the whole thing and have a good time. Then PR the crap out of the Nashville Womens.
    Here goes nothing. Hold on to your butts.

  6. I’m thankful for sunblock in spray-form that I buy for cheap at Trader Joe’s!

    I’m thankful for athletic coworkers that crush other teams in our company softball league.

  7. I am super thankful that the Duane Read across from my office has single serving sizes of Rice to Riches’ rice pudding. I really needed something this afternoon and it hit the right spot. 🙂
    I’m thankful that the humidity is gone and it’s sunny out.
    I’m thankful that the weekend is almost here.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  8. I’m appreciating the great 5th marathon I just ran this past weekend, injury and drama free. It was a great race and I will cherish the memories. Also thankful that my husband was able to run it as well – it was his first and he was battling some injuries – but he made it through a-okay!!

  9. I’m happy that after a month of plateau-ing, I finally lost 2 lb this wek! Also, we have a 4-day weekend coming up thanks to Her Majesty. 🙂 Also very glad I found this blog. 🙂

  10. I am thankful that, while working from home this morning, I discovered the adorable fourth grader wearing a Hawaiian shirt on the national spelling bee. My Grinchy heart grew several sizes.

  11. We have a pool and you are always invited to come use it. Maybe we could work out first and then jump in! I am very thankful for my wonderful family.

  12. I am thankful that I have my amazing dog to run with me. She’s the best running partner ever and motivates me on my not so great days.

  13. I am also trying to go as planless as possible!! Funny, I keep seeing a trend in some blogs of late along the same lines…I wrote on this yesterday. Let’s go planless! Yay for runs!

  14. OMG I am THANKFUL that I RAN yesterday, seven miles, without the crap-legs and injury flirting feeling I’ve had for a month. AND AND AND one day later they STILL feel okay, tired, but OKAY!! HAPPY RUNNERS REJOICE

  15. I’m thankful for your smile which always makes me smile. It’s so genuine! Thanks for the great blog.

  16. I’m glad you are kicking the negativity out of your life! I’ve been working to do that for years and I feel sooo much better because of it.

    I’m thankful for peanut butter and chocolate puffins. I’m thankful that I can walk to the train from my house. I’m thankful that I only have maybe a year at this crap job left.

  17. Newsies was seriously one of the best parts of my recent NYC trip. They made the musical more awesome with some subtle changes (love the changes for the female lead) while keeping the same spirit as the movie. Oh yeah – and hot boys, always good. I’m thankful today for running hard and enjoying myself, even if I don’t hit the exact time goals or have to walk for a bit. The heat will get to me now, I have to adjust!

  18. I do not have a pool. However, I’m concerned that your list of plans does not include “visit the Green Mountain state and eat lots of cheese.” How is this not a top priority?? Please fix this immediately.

  19. YAY for running today! I’m so happy you got to enjoy a run on the best day of the week. I’m grateful that one of my closest friends is coming to NYC with her daughter to visit me today. I’m thankful our activities for the day include a trip to the Central Park Zoo and Dylan’s. I’m thankful for yoga and pigeon pose this morning and the strength to listen to my body and not my mind today, which said RUN. I’m thankful that my parent’s house is only 30 minutes outside of NYC and they have a pool, which, of course, you are welcome to enjoy too! It’s not at all strange to finally meet IRL at my parent’s house, right? Finally, I’m thankful for your post and making me think of all the things I am thankful for today 🙂

  20. I’m thankful I have a new nephew Peyton (born on Sunday), I’ve had a awesome weekend camping with my family, I’ve been on a staycation from work!!

  21. In ten minutes I will be thankful that I am getting on a plane to go to DC for a girls’ long weekend. For the moment I am a little heartbroken about leaving my toddler son.

    But in ten minutes I will be SOOOOO thankful.

  22. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Hope it stays that way.

    I’m thankful that my graduate program is offering my hardest, most work-intensive course over the summer while I’m not teaching. While I’m not psyched that the next six weeks are going to be spent in a library, doing research (instead of by the pool, napping), I am very, very thankful that I have absolutely no other responsibilities and can dedicate myself to writing my thesis.

    I’m also thankful that it’s a co-worker’s birthday and we’re having brownies at lunch. Yes, really.


      😉 haha. I’m thankful I’ve been resting appropriately post-Brooklyn-half. My plan is to take another 3 weeks off of running, mostly, and then kick back in with NYC marathon training!

  23. I am happy about my new husband (it’s almost our 1 month anniversary!), being able to do the Runner’s World Run streak! (atleast 1 mi a day) as I’ve hit 16 mi so far since Sunday which is a record for me!, let’s see…good changes happening here at my job (=less stress), our at-home reception next weekend!, white jeans being in style right now!, and a deal I made with a friend to cut down on sweets…we’ve made a pact and we’re stickin’ to it! It’s bikini season!

    Glad you’re feeling better Ali!

  24. I’m glad its warm out and I got to go swimming twice this week at the lake!
    I’m happy I already have tan lines!
    I’m SUPER PSYCHED I’m registered for my first trail race (17km run, with over 880m of total elevation gain). Game on mountains!!

  25. I’m happy about making my own schedule, eating healthy again after being on vacation, and how awesome I feel working out again after running my marathon last week!
    Congrats to running again this morning.

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