All I Needed Was A Long Weekend

Tyler says hi.

Here is Tyler, hanging out with his puppy friend, Patrick.

At this time last week, I was a bit of a mess.

I was Crohnsing hard, I couldn’t really eat and my night sweating had nothing to do with humidity. My fever climbed well into the 100-degree range and what was happening in the bathroom every five minutes was, well, disgusting.

But now, one week — including a glorious three-day weekend — later, and it’s like I’m a new person.

I’m still sick, I suppose. My stomach is most definitely not back to normal and I’m slightly uncomfortable, but my habits aren’t as God-awful as they were a week ago. I can leave my apartment without having panic attacks about where the closest bathroom is located, and I’m not afraid of getting on the subway.

I could credit the Remicade, or the juicing. But I’m going to go ahead and say it was the long weekend that got me cruising back onto the right track.

The fact that it kicked off with a massage on Friday night may have helped, too.

While everyone in New York City seemed to flee the streets of Manhattan this weekend in search of beaches and fancy places, Brian and I were two of the few who stuck around — and it was awesome. We had the city to ourselves it seemed, and we took advantage without overdoing it.

I did some spinning, and more excitingly (for me, at least), I did some running!

Oh Reservoir, I miss you so much sometimes.

The great thing about the weekends is that I don’t have to rush to get my run in. During the week, I have to be up and out the door quickly, which never really bodes well for my stomach and usually means I’m bolting for a not-likely-to-be-open Central Park bathroom before I’ve even covered a warm-up mile.

So on Saturday I was psyched that my stomach felt kind of calm by mid-morning, and I seized the opportunity. I did not care that it was already 90 (million) degrees outside. I didn’t plan on hitting a certain distance, and I knew it was a good idea to take it slow and just see what happened.

The result? My legs felt pretty fresh, I  had no shin pain, I only needed two bathroom stops, and I knocked out double-digit miles.

After lots of time off, I am mighty happy with these splits.

I rode my runner’s high for a long time. Like, all weekend, in fact. And I ran on Sunday and Monday, too. Shorter and slower, but I still ran.

And I ran into friends!

Look at that hot mom!

Nicole (“Mrs. Coach Cane,” AKA my hero and my idol and the author behind this post that you absolutely need to read) was out for her long run with Simon in tow, and she convinced me to tag along. Tag along means “try to keep up, Feller,” which I did, barely. Also, let’s talk about her abs.

I asked Nicole how she’s “so ripped,” and she told me she doesn’t strength train at all. Instead she credits her OMG-so-awesome physique to speedwork. Note to self: Run faster, have six-pack. Sounds easy enough.


In between running and spinning, Brian and I made our way to the movies (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which I actually kind of really liked because I’m easy to please and think Elizabeth Banks is fantastic), to Bed Bath & Beyond (we know how to rage), to a food festival at Madison Square Park and to brunch by the river.

Brunch with a view! Dining at Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant. Yum.

My favorite part of the weekend was hanging out with Nicole, Simon and Coach Cane for the better part of the day on Sunday.

Coach Cane was like, “I will give you a bike,” and I was like, “I’M ON MY WAY.”

OK so I’m just borrowing the bike, so I can figure out what I like and not have to spend money renting one until I’m ready to invest. Coach Cane wanted to help, and I’m not going to say no to that. Also, picking up the bike meant spending an afternoon with Simon, who isn’t exactly amused by me, but is BFFs with Brian.

They had a three-hour starting contest and Simon won every single time. Also, check out those buff arms! Little dude is bulking up.

I was super excited to test-ride the bike, so I took it out for a little (slow) spin yesterday, and then again this morning.

I love it.

And I love biking.

This is my borrowed bike! And my helmet, that I purchased!

My next investment absolutely needs to be bike shorts, because after many days of spinning and real bike riding, my crotch is kind of broken.


But it is.

In conclusion: I relaxed a lot this weekend, and I swear that’s why I’m starting to feel better. There’s still work to be done, and I’m still figuring out which foods I should and should not eat. But more importantly, I’m realizing just how important it is for me to learn to chill.

This was me yesterday, indulging in a cab ride because my legs were too tired to walk. Yes, I was slightly bratty. Yes, the cab ride helped my mood. Fair trade.

I don’t need a beach or a vacation to curb my stress — though those things certainly wouldn’t hurt if someone would like to finance such activities for me. I just need to prioritize and relax and not be a crazy bitch.

Don’t be a crazy bitch.

No one likes a crazy bitch.

Except Crohn’s. Crohn’s friggin’ flocks to the crazies.

Thus, don’t be crazy, don’t have Crohn’s.


You’re welcome, science.

And how about a giveaway winner? After a record number of entries — for me, not for actual all-time giveaways in all the world — has chosen a winner!

Yes! I only have to count to 67! Win for Ali!

Congratulations to the winner of the Saucony Ride 5 really really bright and awesome sneakers!


Anna, you can now rock your Sauconys as you Body Pump your little heart out. Shoot me an email, please, at with your mailing address and I’ll get you hooked up.

Thank you to everyone who entered! It’s good to know you like and want free shoes. I’ll keep that in mind.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope everyone had a delightful long weekend! Tell me about it! Highlights?



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  1. Cycling is a seriously awesome sport! I currently an unable to sit comfortably on my bike after a rather unpleasant surgery in February, and have been pleading with my surgeon to please fix it so I can enjoy the summer. Regardless, if you’re looking for bike shorts, I highly recommend Castelli. They are by far my fav. Really you could buy whatever brand you want, but don’t cheap out on bike shorts, your butt will thank you. Also, the other cool thing about cycling, cool cycling jerseys. has tons of cute women’s jerseys. 🙂

  2. Love that you used the word Crohnsing, but sorry that you had to use it/make it up/invent it. Glad you’re feeling better. And please tell Nicole that I used to do a lot of speedwork and never, ever had abs like hers (not fair!).
    P.S. Both of the babies seriously rock.

  3. Wow, Mrs. Coach Cane has amazing legs! yay for borrowing a bike. I bought a cruiser, it fell over in my living room, I proceeded to stub my foot/toe and most likely broke a bone..I cried and my 5 yr old told me if I was going to cry and carry on, I needed a nap, I should have listened..I love naps

  4. I ran the Happy Girls Half in Bend Or. Injured and ran my slowest half time ever, but I finished. Without walking so there’s a plus. The rest of the weekend was spend with the hubs eating and drinking so that was nice.

  5. I’m so jealous of your double digit run, but equally excited for you! Such a good feeling to get back into the swing of things. Completely agree on how necessary a three day weekend was—my highlight was getting my ass kicked by my MOTHER in an Insanity workout. Those DVDs do not lie. Also, THOSE ABS.

  6. Photos of both Simon and Tyler — what a treat!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    “Don’t be a crazy bitch.” — funny.

    1. Haha yeah, he doesn’t quite have the core strength to hold himself up yet. He’ll get there. Nicole will help him. Hehe.

  7. That’s one hot mom! She looks amazing! And makes me feel a lot better about my fears of loosing my body completely when I have children… Which is probably one of the things I worry the most about when it comes to having kids – crazy.

    It’s funny how sometimes just a few days of relaxation can feel like weeks of vacation and just make you feel sooo good. Every work-week should be 4 days only 🙂

  8. I’m glad you’re feeling better, friend! Yayy for a good double digit run. And, Nicole’s abs are amazing. let’s do speedwork together! I have some good new workouts from pseudo coach John. I think I’m still hungover from Sunday night, but I’m ok with it. Drunk Kelly is fun.

  9. I love holiday weekends in NYC when everyone disappears. I made a (less than) triumphant return to the East River path after a 2 month sabbatical (I know…. I know….) and though I felt like I would, I didn’t die! hooray! And I had one of the best ice cream cones of my life.

    1. Hooray! And hey, you have to start back up somewhere, right? I like you. I want to know more about the ice cream cone.

      1. Well…considering death was the other alternative, I guess “somewhere” is better than nothing 😉 I like you, too (It’s been too long!) And I’m a little bit hesitant of divulging ice cream details only because I’m afaid Brian will get all mad that I’m luring you back into the dark side of froyo/ice cream and away from the magical juices….but my loyalties are still to you, so it came from Ample Hills in Brooklyn. Flavor = Salted Crack Caramel. On a cookie cone. Enjoy!

  10. Those abs are amazing. I’m looking at my baby flab and feeling disgusting!!

    But anyway, my favorite part of the weekend was our Eurovision Song Contest party and this amazing cocktail I made!!!

    Thus no abs, eh?

    1. Cathryn, no no no. There is no feeling bad about yourself. You have a beautiful baby and are getting out there. Good for you. (Plus, you see more stuff there than anyone else does). If I really wanted to make you feel better, I’d send you a shot of my feet. My second toe is a bald head–no toe nail. I’ll spare everyone the ugliness. But as ugly as my feet are, they rock for getting me from point A to B. And I guarantee you my feet are uglier than your baby flab. Take comfort in knowing that my feet are not feet for exposure while every part of you is. Be kind to yourself (as kind as Ali is to always promoting me and saying nice things, sweet woman she is!) and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Best, NSQ

    2. You’re insane. There will be no “feeling disgusting” talk here. Something tells me that baby of yours looks up at you and sees a strong, hot mom, not “flab.” No more crazy talking, deal? High five.

  11. I went to Cancun and it was so relaxing! I also got a massage and I had the dead skin on my feet eaten by tiny fish, which was an experience. My chronic acne started to clear up after just one day there so I think stress is part of the cause there too… not sure how to fix that. I’m glad we both had relaxing weekends with massages!

    1. Maybe it’s the sun, too! My skin always clears up when I go on warm vacations. I usually expect to break out from the sunscreen, but the sun seems to help. So glad you had a great trip and got to relax! Sounds divine!

  12. Read her blog post (thanks for the link!) and if her less running but speedier times is attributed to running with fast people then you should have “sick nasty” abs after running with her! Power of association, right?!

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