Thankful Things Thursday: Today I Ran & Picked A Giveaway Winner

Guess how many friends I made on the subway this morning?


Exactly zero.

I was the girl with the suitcase.

This is my suitcase. It is ripping in two different places. I guess I tend to overpack.

It wasn’t even a crowded train, but people still loathed the presence of my little brown bag on wheels.

I did, however, get to sit down next to a lady who was reading that book you’re all talking about, 50 Shades of Grey, on her Kindle, and I definitely creeped and read it over her shoulder. I guess I get all the hype. I read about two sentences and felt scandalized.

As you may know, today is a major holiday, and that is Thankful Things Thursday. Holiday is a term I use to describe made-up celebrations that occur weekly in the brain of Ali Feller. Play along, won’t you? If you’d like the day off from work in order to really celebrate, let me know and I will write you a note. Signed, Ali On The Run.

OK, let’s do this!

I’m thankful that at this time tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to the beach. They say April showers bring May flowers (I think “they” are the same people who make up stupid expressions like “It’s raining cats and dogs” and “Chocolate is not a dessert food”), but apparently April hotness brings May showers. So while it continues to rain in the northeast, I’ll be headed south to enjoy some festivities in the Carolinas.

I’m flying down to Charlotte tonight and spending the weekend celebrating May’s bride-to-be: my best friend, Becky!

Becky and me! Isn't she cute?

She’s getting married in two weeks (holy crap), and this weekend is, though I despise the term, bachelorette time! The great thing about Becky (OK, there are lots of great things, but I’ll just highlight one right now) is that her idea of fun is the same as my idea of fun: wake up, break a sweat, spend all day eating and laying on the beach with drinks, have a good dinner, be in bed by midnight. So that’s basically what we’re doing this weekend, with a bunch of her friends down in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. The weather, which I’ve been stalking like it’s a marathon weekend, is predicted to be in the mid-to-high 80s.

I’m thankful for tacos. In honor of Cinco de Mayo this weekend, I’d just like to point out that I really like Mexican food. Nachos, tacos, quesadillas and fajitas are my go-tos. No sour cream, please. That stuff grosses me out like mayonnaise.

I’m thankful for the pretty flowers that are everywhere right now. Springtime is here, people, in case you haven’t noticed.

This is the Union Square Farmer's Market. Isn't it nice? Don't you want to go there and buy stuff and fill your home with flowers?

I’m thankful every time I get a seat on the subway.

That being said…

I’m thankful for the people who give up their subway seats for little kids, pregnant ladies and the elderly. People who don’t do this are total A-holes. Manner up, society. What’s wrong with you? If I see a bunch of healthy-looking people taking up all the seats, and then spot a 16-month-looking pregnant woman standing, I observe. You’ll notice that all the sitting people are avoiding making eye contact with her. Suddenly, many of them happen to be “sleeping” or totally engrossed in that “Dr. Zizmore will cure your acne” advertisement. It’s disgraceful. One of my favorite things to do is call people out on it. More than twice I’ve been standing and asked someone who looks like they need a seat, [loudly] “Do you want to sit down? I’m sure someone will get up for you.”

I’m thankful for my new face washer! This little birthday present came in the mail yesterday and I’m wicked psyched to try it. I’ve been wanting one of these forever, and it helps that it comes in a bright, flashy color.


I’m thankful that in the midst of a kind of crappy spring, I have a new place to live, and I like it a lot. I’m finally all done with my old apartment — I’ve turned in the keys, emptied everything out and had the place “inspected” by my super. (He basically walked around, said something in a language I’m unfamiliar with, and then left. I’m going to go ahead and assume whatever he said translates to, “Expect your security deposit back in the next few weeks.”)

Things are coming along quite well in the new apartment, mostly because I’ve been out of town so Brian has been cleaning and nesting. I contribute by sometimes remembering to water the plants.

This is our plant. We bought it at Ikea and I may have quietly muttered something about it being our "love plant" and Brian either didn't hear me or ignored me. He probably just didn't hear me. Right?

But really, as I’ve gotten frustrated about various things — getting sick, getting injured, feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general — the fact that I love coming home kind of makes me forget about everything else. At least temporarily.

I’m thankful I spent some time with some old friends this morning, even if we didn’t have the greatest time together. Which old friends, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, let me go ahead and tell you anyway, because now is the part of the post where I transition from talking about SO SO SO HAPPY THINGS to talking about the fact that, yes, I’m still slightly injured.

These are my friends, and I have missed them:

Sneakers! With flashy laces!
Garmin! Without much battery life left.
Engineers' Gate! My goodness you are just as stunning as I remembered.

Yes, I ran today.

I gave myself a full two-week break — that’s even longer than the doctor initially suggested, which was 10 days! — and today decided to try out a little run to check in and see how things felt.

Turns out, I’m still injured, and kind of out of shape. It was my shortest and slowest run in as long as I can remember, and it felt like one of the most difficult. But I kind of didn’t care.

I was nervous to run today. Obviously I secretly hoped I’d lace up, hit the road and magically feel no pain. I wore my watch to make sure I didn’t go over five miles, but I didn’t plan to push the pace. Part of me assumed I’d warm up, get going and somehow settle into sub-8:00 miles.



You may think I’m naive or “stupid,” but I like to think of myself as simply optimistic and hopeful.

I figured you missed pictures like this, so I took one for you. You're welcome. Maybe you just moved into a new apartment and you need something to frame. I don't know.

I walked to the park so I could warm up a bit, and then did some dynamic stretching, which I never used to do. I started to run, first on the road for just a few minutes and then on the Bridle Path. My stride felt weird and my form just felt off, Kim Smith style.

Honestly, what ached the most were my calves, from that dang Harley Pasternak class I did on Tuesday! They’re so sore! So it was tough trying to dismiss that tenderness and focus on whether or not my hip and shin were hurting. And they were, just a little.

Part of me felt frustrated that I was slow and that after two weeks without running I am not magically cured. A much bigger part of me just felt so happy to be out there. I’ve missed Central Park so much, and though I don’t have plans to return just yet, I know that with some time, patience (I hate being patient) and smartness (I hate that, too), I’ll be back on the Bridle at a pace that’s significantly faster than today’s.

I’m thankful for GChats with LB and emails from Kristan. They are both pretty serious, majorly talented runners. They’re fast and stuff. And they’re smart. They also both happened to be injured right now, so I am reaching out to them constantly for advice, sympathy and to commiserate. They’ll give me tough love, they’ll tell me what I want to hear (sometimes) and, best of all, they can relate to being sidelined right now. The two of them have dragged me out of some pretty foul moods over the past few days, whether they know it or not, and I’m so grateful for that.

And it’s funny: I can give both of them all the advice in the world. Not about running, because that would be ridiculous, but just about making a comeback, about how everything will be OK, and reassuring words of that nature. I have so much faith in these two, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re both going to come back so freakin’ strong. I try really hard to convince them that that’s true.

So question: How do I take my own advice? I suck at that. I’m all, “LB, you should really do some core work and foam roll more and honestly you’re sooooo amazing and when your body is ready you’re going to run a marathon in like 45 minutes and set a world record.” To myself, though, I’m a little more, “Ali, you may never get better, so you should really work on developing some other skills and hobbies, like perhaps space. You could learn about space. Maybe find a way to go there. Call NASA. Reignite the space program.”

I’m thankful for all of you, too. Your comments, your enthusiasm, your honesty, your reassurance — it’s all wonderful and makes me really want to get better so I can prove something to myself and the rest of the world. I don’t know what I’d be proving, but I’ll figure that out, and it’ll be awesome.

And since I like you all so much, how about a giveaway winner?

This yogurt could be YOURS! Not this exact yogurt, but fresh stuff, straight from the kind people at Chobani.

Oh and by the way, my mom is pretty pissed that I eat yogurt now. She angry-texted me yesterday, and I have proof:


So sorry, Mom. SO SORRY I AM THE PICTURE OF HEALTH NOW. It’s OK that autocorrect didn’t fix the word “thoght.” Still love you!

The random winner of a case of Chobani is…

This means nothing to you, but it's proof that I didn't cheat!

I counted all the way to 105, and…

YOU WON GREEK YOGURT! And now the week is even MORE almost over!

Congratulations, Megan! Get your spoons ready and make room in your fridge — there’s some Chobani coming your way! Or at least, there will be soon. Email me ( with your address, please.

And thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. I loved your happy thoughts.

Now it’s time to bust out some work and then hop on a Delta flight down south.

Have a great day, everyone!

AND YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO: Tell me what you’re thankful for today! Remember, this is a REAL holiday, so take it seriously.



50 Responses

  1. It’s definitely not Thursday any more but now it is Friday and I am thankful for another successful week. And, this evening I am thankful for getting the most super-awesome sweat ever going!!! I ran and then did boot camp. Immediately followed by a cheese stick and lots of hydrating. It was amazing, so there is my Thankful Thursday on Friday!!! PS Congrats on your amazing new apartment and getting to go for a run!!!!

  2. yay cinco de mayo! Also I agree mayonnaise and sour cream are gross, and people love sour cream a lot, which makes no sense

  3. Have fun at the beach!!

    I’m thankful that I will be able to spend some quality time with the pool and pina coladas this weekend 🙂

  4. I am thankful that after all the years of hating running and never, ever, ever wanting to do it, I now love it. I am not fast but I am running.

  5. You’re going to be on Kiawah! I live in Charleston! If you feel the need to go on a very slow run or eat some Yobe…I’m officially your tour guide. Now that I’m done with being an internet creeper…

    I’m thankful for my boyfriend. It’s taken me forever to meet a truly great guy and it has been worth the wait.

  6. I have the mia! and I love love love it! The results, wernt overnight wowza (I even was a huge dork and took before pics of my face but had to delete them on my phone bc of an irrational fear that someone might see them). Anyways, 6 months later, I can tell a difference if I stop using it for a couple of days…once I start again face is way brighter and fresh looking!…

    Hope you are thankful for customer reviews? (sorry)

  7. I am thankful for the sense of humor on your blog (not kissing up, truth). I am thankful for the weekend coming up because I can use it. I am thankful for strong legs to run so I can clear my head. I am thankful for working with smart people.

  8. enjoy kiawah this weekend! i live in charleston, which is right next to kiawah. the weather should be perfect for the beach – you’ll have a great time!
    i am thankful for cinco and all of the deliciousness that comes with it.

  9. I am thankful that my friend from L.A. is visiting me all weekend. And that I have had some great work outs this week! And for Starbucks I indulged in today. Always makes a good morning.

  10. I’m thankful for my new fiance.. well he’s not new to me but being my fiance is new… AND I’m thankful you mentioned NASA. Did you see Enterprise fly over NYC?

  11. I am thankful that I got on base three out of four times at kickball last night. I am even more thankful that I did not get hurt while playing catcher. 🙂

  12. I am thankful for three day trial passes at gyms… REALLY nice gyms. I am thankful for eggs with avocado (and that I finally learned how to spell it).

  13. WOOHOOO you ran!

    Ahh, that is my ideal sounding bachelorette! I’m trying (very hard) to make sure my friends know that I truly truly truly just want a weekend with the girls to workout, eat yummy food and relax on a beach!

    I’m thankful for applesauce! I know sounds ridiculous but on this rainy, crazy work day dipping my leftover pork into applesauce for lunch is making me so happy! I should also be thankful for my fiance who cooked the delicious dinner for me to take leftovers 🙂

  14. Ali! So excited to hear that you’re coming to the Queen City for the weekend! You should convince Becky to celebrate part of Cinco at Cantina 1511 on East Blvd. The food there can’t be beat!

  15. I am thankful that my toddler told me last night that he loves me, for the first time. It was magical.

  16. Super thankful that my husband took me out to dinner last night after work…even though I had to get back online afterwards, it was a nice break.

    I’m also thankful for my cozy CrossFit sweatshirt, and that I work in a finance dept that looks the other way (maybe literally) when I feel like wearing my workout clothes to work.

    Happy Thursday! Have a lovely trip!

  17. I, too, am flying to NC tomorrow and that makes me happy. And thankful that my extended family attempts to get together like once a year! And have fun in Kiawah – I’ve been there before, so nice!

  18. I’m thankful it’s Thursday. I am beat. I’m going to run this evening and then I have personal training tomorrow morning, but then in the evening I’m going out. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that I don’t have any races this weekend, so that I can have a drink tomorrow evening.
    I’m glad your back running again!
    Have fun on the beach — may the weather gods bless your trip with sun and warmth.

  19. I’m thankful that my boyfriend agrees to play tennis with me everyday! Just waiting for him to get back from work now to hit up the court!

  20. I’m thankful for my new Asics. They are bright and purple and make my feet feel really, really happy when I’m running. It’s incredible how new shoes really do make me run faster!

  21. HA! You keep telling me great things about how awesome I will be one day and I’ll keep doing the same for you. Maybe neither of us will truly believe it, but I’ll feel better about the fact that a) I’m helping you in some small way and b) I’m hearing all sorts of great things about myself (and who doesn’t like that?!).

    Glad you were able to get back out there this morning, even if it was shorter and slower than you might like. Hang in there and keep being smart. Better to come back slowly than not at all…or something like that. My wisdom well is running a little dry these days.

  22. Who knew that discussions about The Little Mermaid and why we have our crying fits could be so inspirational to both of us? But seriously, so glad I could help make you feel better. I’m glad you were back out running today!! Your emails definitely keep me laughing and prevent me from getting down about being injured as well. And also teach me that I will not fall off the bike once I attempt spinning (but I’m not entirely convinced).

  23. Ha! I love that your mom is all pissed that you now like yogurt!! My thankful for today: teaching 1 or 2 barre n9ne classes today so far and a quick run for good measure 😉

  24. I’m thankful that my speedy friend insisted on running with me on Sunday as I attempted a come back of my own. It was embarrassing, and I think I felt better at mile 10 of the half marathon than I did at mile 2.5 of the dumb 4 mile race, but it was still nice to have a friend pushing me along.
    I’m thankful for fun wednesdsay nights and for gatorade on thursday mornings.
    I’m thankful for “The Book of Mormon” soundtrack. When I want to scream I listen to it and laugh and then life is OK again.

    Have a GREAT trip and birthday/bachelorette weekend!!!

  25. I am thankful for my run in the gorgeous and slightly warm weather today. I had that ‘I’m still sweating ‘ experience after my shower while I was getting dressed and I kindof loved it!

      1. I am thankful for this review, because now I am probably not going to waste my time reading 50 Shades of Grey, because I am not a fan of poorly written books. (Apologies if you are a Twilight fan, but I really felt like I lost a few hours there to reading crappy writing and vowed never to do it again, knowingly.)

        1. Ha! I second this thankfulness. I always wondered what the hype was about with 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. I guess I’ll never find out.

  26. That sounds like such an exciting weekend ahead, it is going to be beautiful (and hot!) in Charlotte! Your thankful things are great, I loved reading them all. Today I am thankful for a mother that comforts me when i am stressed out of my mind…haha.

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