Thankful Things Thursday: For The People I Love

Hello, and welcome to Sappyville, USA.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to name it Sappyville or Saptown.

Either way, I’m feeling sappy this morning (sappy doesn’t sound like a word anymore!), which makes celebrating Thankful Things Thursday pretty easy and simple.

Spotted on my morning walk to the bus.

Today I’ll keep it brief: I’m thankful for all the people in my life.

I’m thankful for my family.

My Christmas present for my dad this year was a hug. He wanted me to "save money." I think I did a good job delivering.

I’m lucky: I have two parents who don’t live too far away and a brother and sister-in-law who are about to have a baby. Well, she’s having the baby. Ryan will likely be passed out in the corner of the room while Michaela does the work. My family doesn’t do so well with hospitals and blood and stuff.


I’m thankful for my friends. Friends I’ve known since we were models for Limited Too (yup, that happened) and who are about to get married…

Becky, should we wear matching sweater vests at your wedding? Probably. They were cool in eighth grade, they're cool now, and Chandler Bing would definitely approve.

…and friends who spent four years throwing back Franzia and ordering pizza for me at 4 AM.

It was Friends & Family Day, and my parents couldn't be there, but my best friends could. Family? I think so.

I’m thankful for the people I’ve met in the past year.

The people who have shaped me as a runner…

Nicole, Coach Cane and Simon. The most athletic family you've ever met? YES.

…and the people who have made me laugh constantly along the way.

And that makes two bunny onesie photos in this post so far...

There are people I’ve only met in person a few times, and who I’m trying desperately to convince to move to New York…

OH HI, THE WEST COAST CALLED, IT SAYS LEAVE. Plenty of room for you in my apartment. Brian says it's fine. Janae, there's room for baby, too. Don't worry.

…and there are people who agree to run with me at 5 AM, “before it gets too hot,” and who have supported me more than I ever expected as I do weird things like raise money and run marathons and play trivia.

Thank you for loving sweat as much as I do, and for letting the world know.

I’m thankful for Brian, who has seen me at my best…

Well, we all know how Vegas turned out. Oops.

…and at my very worst (stomach flu + Crohn’s + a small studio apartment = bringing the relationship closer than ever), and continues to date me and live with me. I think he’s a keeper.

Most of all, I’m thankful that I tell these people how much I love them every single day. I find comfort in knowing that each day, these people can go to bed knowing that Ali On The Run — none of them actually call me that, because it’s so formal and stuff — loves them and cares about them. I pretty much doubt that last night each of my friends and family members went to bed thinking, “Wheeeeee Ali loves meeeeeeee! Goodnight!” but you never know.

When sad things happen, people always remind you to “tell the people you love that you care about them every day.”

So yeah. Do that. Do it today, and then again tomorrow. Don’t leave people guessing.

And call me maybe.

YOUR TURN: What are you thankful for today?



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  1. Yaay! I love Thankful Things Thursday! This week I am thankful for:
    1.Auditions–yes they are tough, and potentially embarrassing, but every one of them provides a great opportunity to use my skills.
    2. Mangoes– love dem fruits!
    3. Your blog–always very encouraging. Thank you.

  2. Limited Too!! I “modeled” there too! hahah I think mainly I just handed out flyers in the front of the store. Once we had a fashion show. HA love it!

  3. Thankful that
    (1) it’s Friday!!!
    (2) opened your post this morning and it light up my day! Good start to the day.

    Thank you Ali.

  4. This might be my favorite TTT post you’ve ever done. Love it.

    And I’m thankful that my long-distance BF is coming home tonight. I haven’t seen him in over three weeks and that’s far too long!

  5. Limited Too model pics NOW! Gosh that store was the coolest, I remember all the bright colors and the cool chairs in the dressing rooms. I’m thankful for thankfulness, and I am thankful that every week you remind me to appreciate all the things I do have. Because even when I’m all “woe is me, I hate everything and everyone,” things could always be a lot worse, and in fact I have a lot of good stuff going for me. You help me remember this, and for that I am thankful.

  6. AW! You’re so cute!!

    I’m going to steal your answer and say family! My father in law just decided to run a race in two weeks with me (well, he’s running the 10K and I’m running the 25K and we’re not the same pace, so we won’t really be “running together”, but you know what I mean)! I love that my in-laws are so supportive!!!

    Oh, and I’m also thankful for chocolate chip teddy grahms today. They are seriously getting me through these last few hours of work. 🙂

  7. This week, I am thankful for:

    1) Well fitting bras!! I got new ones recently and my chest feels so much happier.

    2) Washing machines. I am never on top of my laundry and I am so glad I live in the age of washing machines.

    3) Watermelon toe nail polish because it makes me so happy.

    4) Profoot insoles which I am promised will make all aches and pains go away. Flying through the post to me at this very moment.

  8. I have been reading your blog for about a month now, and I honestly look forward to each new post! I am so thankful that you are able to offer a fresh perspective of the things that are truly important in life…

    I am thankful for my husband, thankful for getting married so young (21) and still being in love after almost 7 years, I am thankful for my sisters, friends, my two doggies, being active, reaching goals, even not reaching goals but still making an effort to try, and I am so thankful for new beginings… Thanks for helping me reflect on this rainy Seattle morning… Sometimes procrastinating from work is a good thing. :0)

  9. Ya know? Being thankful seems so no-duh sometimes, but it’s completely not, is it? It’s so easy to do the opposite and assume those around us know we love them and care for them and think of them, but it’s not an assumption. Everyone loves to feel appreciated and I love this post in that it really does show thanks for all those around you that touch you from IRL to virtual! Well put (and love that pic of you and Brian!)

  10. I love your thankful thiings thursday posts! no matter how sappy they are, they always give me the perspective I need. So I’m thankful for YOUR BLOG and YOU on this Thankful Things Thursday 😉

  11. Wait – they don’t go to bed with their last thought thinking of you? What is wrong with them? Time to consider new friends/family, if they’re going to be that selfish.

    Today I’m thankful for energetic workouts that fuel my brain and get me pumped for work. I’m thankful for feeling incredibly strong and balanced. I’m thankful for sunny days, but would love for just a little higher temps over the weekend so I can try to motivate my lazy butt to not stay inside all day. I’m thankful for leopard print flats because they are made of awesome. I’m thankful for my sense of humor that will keep me going when times look rough. I’m thankful for the nice and funny people I get to work with. I wish I could be thankful for my free lunch today but things are busy today and I couldn’t get out for it. That’s alright, though – free lunch has not been the best for my waist recently. I am thankful for the weekend coming with nothing planned. Sunday will be a full day of rest!

  12. Oh my gosh this totally reminded me of the days of shopping for SMILEY FACE things at Limited Too. Smiley faces were SO in. Ridiculous!

  13. I am thankful for my friend Emily who didnt leave me AT ALL during our marathon on Sunday, we crossed the finish line holding hands because we are super cool. I am also thankful to all my friends and family and coworkers who came to watch, supported me during training and sponsored me and helped me raise over £3000 for MIND. I am also thankful for you Ali for making me laugh on a wet thursday afternoon… and most afternoons actually!

  14. And I’m thankful for my NYC buddy who is constantly tempting me with impromptu trips to NY and keeps me laughing via all of her blog posts 🙂

  15. Ali! Of course we all love you!!!!! 🙂
    I’m strangely excited for the arrival of your first nephew/neice. It’s fun being an aunt. You get all the fun of playing with a baby with none of the sleepless nights or stinky diapers. Little baby cheeks are such wonderful landing places for auntie’s kisses…. 🙂 <== I think I'm sappy this morning, too.

    And, yes… let's see those Limited Too! photos. 🙂
    I think the matching sweater vests should make an appearance at Becky's shower or wedding rehearsal. The whole bridal party should rock them.

  16. I’m thankful for my super sweet friends and waking up in the morning, even though I don’t really want to because the alternative is death.

    I just woke up. You’ll have to excuse me.

  17. This is a great reminder! (And “Call Me Maybe” has been on repeat in my office for the last two weeks. AMAZING.) 🙂

  18. So I love all your posts (obvi), but today really loved the post. I’m been hating on my job and my lack of being able to find a new one (in both NYC and in Chicago – wahhhhhh) and needed to be reminded of the other stuff in life. 🙂 Oh also, my sister and I also “modeled” for Limited Too. I mean, how cool were those hooded rugby shirts, worn under the LTD sweatshirt, with the matching scrunchie?! Ahhhhhmazing.

  19. My coworkers play Call Me Maybe maybe 1,000 times per day and have not played it yet today. Thank you for ensuring that song will NEVER leave my head. Ever.

  20. I personally think majority rules and you need to come WEST! Haven’t we already had this discussion? You know, promises of puppy runs and such.

  21. This was a great post! Made me smile and think about all of the people that I am thankful for too. Today I’m thankful for some serious sunshine and I can’t wait to get out there and run!

  22. I’m thankful for my family, I’m thankful for my friends, and I’m thankful you posted the photo of me in the kickline sweatshirt and dress pants. Probably my best look yet. Also, you still owe me a sweatshirt.


  23. I’m thankful for technology, and Skype, because it allows me to keep in contact with my family who live all the way in California… and I live in Amsterdam 🙁

    I’m also thankful for blogs for bringing virtual friends together in real life!

  24. I am thankful for a great 4 mile run yesterday! Such a good reminder to all of us for tell everyone we love them. All too much we take things for granted.

  25. Do you have pics from when you modeled for Limited Too?!? I loved that store when I was younger – we lived overseas so visiting over the summer to the states, it was a highlight to visit there 🙂

    Today, I am thankful for health and no injuries as I train for marathon #3.

          1. I liked the sunflower stuff but REALLY shined (shone?) when I was wearing the pansy stuff. I had pansy overalls and they were shorts overalls and THEY WERE AMAZING. If my mom gave those away I’m going to be so pissed…

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