The Upsides To Being Injured


Are you new here?

Allow me to brief you: I am Ali.

Here I am at my most beautiful: A weekend morning around 6 AM, wearing blue shiny shorts (they are awesome) and sporting hair that hasn't been brushed in at least a week. Pleased to meet you.

My daily intention is to write about running. I friggin’ love running. Currently, however, I seem to be slightly injured. I have this hip thing, and this shin thing, and I’ve finally recognized that these “things” are not, in fact, things I should “just push through.” So the running chatter is at a minimum right now. You should stick around, though, because I may be a bit broken but I’m still super psyched about life.


Why could I possibly love life when I’m not starting my day with sweaty loops of the Reservoir?

Well, it turns out there is a world beyond Central Park, and even though I’d much rather be throwing down some miles than icing my shin and doing yoga, I am finding a few ways that being injured has actually been good for me.

OMG so positive. It’s the best way to live. Promise. Try it.

So now let me tell you about those ways in which being injured is the worst thing ever but is also not the end of my world.

I’m finally resting. Write this down: Yesterday I took a rest day. A real, legitimate rest day. Not an “I’m resting today but by that I mean I’m going to spinning but I promise I won’t turn the resistance up too high.” Not a rest day with “five slow miles.” Nope. A rest day where I took good care of myself and let my body start to truly recover. I did do a little Yoga On Demand, but it was something like 20 minutes long and I was clearly more concerned with getting pretty (pretty awkward) photos for proof than actually maneuvering into Downward Dog.

I think my hips should be more even. I also think those boxes behind me should be unpacked...

I spent a lot of time yesterday stretching, foam rolling, Stick-ing the heck out of my legs and generally just relaxing.

I actually brought gym clothes to work yesterday, but when I left the office to head to spin class, I thought better of it. I knew a rest day would help me more than spinning, and so I went to Home Depot instead, definitely did not stop at Lululemon to buy a new outfit (someone told me that’s what you’re supposed to do when you can’t run — I don’t remember who, but maybe it was Ghandi…yes, it was definitely Ghandi, God of Sweat and New Outfits), and then went home to eat a nutritious dinner of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and multiple brownies…with whipped cream.

And I stretched more and stuff, and iced my leg.

ANOTHER PHOTO OF ALI. Brian, can we frame this one for the apartment? It would look good on that kitchen table we talked about getting. "Hi guests, welcome to our home, here is my butt in the air."

Then I Googled things like, “Can you die from shin splints?” and “The difference between shin splints and a stress fracture” and “What is the ideal amount of time to microwave a brownie for optimal warmth and gooeyness?”

And then I went to sleep, and then I woke up this morning with the intention of going to the gym for a spin class.

But then I went back to sleep instead.

See how good I am at resting now?! Ali On The Bed. Ali On The Couch.

I got some extra sleep and then stretched, iced and did Ultimate Glutes On Demand. It was intense. Eight whole minutes of bum-squeezing activity.

So yeah. I’m resting. I’m taking it easy. I’m not setting foot on the Bridle Path again until I’m sure it’s the right thing to do. Yesterday will mark one week without running and while that makes me sad, it also makes me think that I’ll be able to run much longer in life because I took it easy for a few days.

Please pat me on the back now for making such mature decisions.

Now please stop rolling your eyes.

I’m spending ample time in my apartment. I’m in this new place and it would be a shame if I spent all my time elsewhere, right? I like being home. I like that it feels like home. I like my roommate. It’s a fun place to hang out. Come over sometime.

This room is a work in progress...

I’m completely crushing my To Do list. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish when I’m not spending all my time cruising along East Drive! I’m getting caught up on overdue doctor’s appointments, sending overdue emails and actually crossing things off. High five!

I’m so much cleaner. Normally I wake up, I run, I realize I’m pressed for time, I shower super fast and then I do something ugly with my hair and attempt to get to work on time. But now? I have all the time in the world in the morning. I have now blow dried my hair two days in a row. Today I even straightened it and wore a dress to work. So not only am I really really fancy, I am also clean. You’re welcome, coworkers and people standing near me on the subway.

I can focus on other areas. Ever since Coach Cane first mentioned that my various injuries could be a result of “weak glutes,” I’ve focused on toning up that particular area, among others. I’m trying to keep weight off my legs as much as possible (good thing I can fly), but I still like being active. So I’m lifting.

Here I am with Craig, the most fabulous instructor ever at Barry's Bootcamp. He kicked my ass — and arms — so hard on Monday that my biceps and triceps are still sore today. I dig it. And no, I don't travel with a hair brush.

I’m planking. I’m crunching. I’m yoga-ing. I’m tricep dipping. I’m attempting to get all jacked up and buff so the rest of my body is strong enough to support my eventual, glorious return to running.

I’m making new friends. Specifically the Fitness On Demand guys.

Nice butt. Hi.

They are peachy, though our conversations are a little one-sided. I ask Mr. Ultimate Abs how his day was, and his response is always the same: “8 more counts!” That doesn’t even make sense. That doesn’t describe a day.

I never thought I’d be one for at-home workouts, and I typically hate fitness videos. But these little On Demand discoveries are only 8–30 minutes long, and they target specific areas, and I can modify stuff, and I can do them without wearing a bra if I so desire.

Last yoga-ish photo. Promise.

So thank you, On Demand, for being free and convenient and surprisingly fun. For now.

I’m catching up on sleep. I can typically function just fine on five hours a night. But without morning runs, I get an extra hour or so, and it’s quite nice. I also get to see the sunrise from the comfort of my own bed, and you know how much I like sunrises.

GOOD MORNING, EAST RIVER! How are you today? You look nice and calm.

Honestly, as much as I would have rather run than sleep this morning, it did feel really good to crawl back into bed and get some extra horizontal time. I woke up later feeling far more refreshed and ready to start my day. I usually get that feeling from running and sweating and kicking my own butt, but I guess this is the next best thing.

I’m gaining perspective. Being hurt sucks. I’m constantly panicking that I’m done running forever, that they’re not shin splints but rather the onset of a stress fracture, and I just miss my regular routine of being out running and then forcing people to listen to me talk about each mile and each split and how every single step felt. That’s the way I like to live, and it’s frustrating that my body has its own evil little plan that’s preventing me from doing what I want.

But being without running — even though it’s only been six days that feel like a lifetime — has forced me to take a look at my life and evaluate all the things that are good and that make me happy beyond running. Though I’m trying to ease up on the workouts in general, there’s still plenty I can do, like those fancy On Demand workouts, and upper body stuff, and even spinning, which the doctor said was fine “as long as it doesn’t hurt” (it doesn’t).

I still have everything else in life that’s going just fine, and I know I can’t let my lack of running erase all that from my brain.

I still have a cool apartment that I’m excited about.

I still have friends who let me complain about not running and continue to GChat me day after day.

I still live in the best city ever.

Sorry, New Hampshire, but this is better.

On the first day that I couldn’t run, I was devastated. I freaked out and was all, “Woe is me, my life is over, I’m a whiny brat” (whiny brat part still kind of true). Having never been injured before, I didn’t really know what to do. But now that I’m a few days into the recovery process, I realize that while running is a huge, amazing part of my life, it’s not the only thing that defines me.

Without running, I’d be super sad. But the past few days have taught me a lot about my body and what it can handle as well as about my overall outlook toward running, exercise and mental and physical health.

I’m basically a philosopher now. I have all the wisdom.

And by the way, the ideal amount of time to microwave a brownie is 30 seconds. Any longer, you’ll burn your tongue right off. Any less and the middle won’t be fully warmed.

Now you know.

AND TELL ME MORE: Ever been injured? Tell me every single thing you learned from the experience. Let me learn from you.



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  1. I’m very sorry to hear that you’re hurt, but am glad you aren’t just “pushing through..” been there, done that and it never ends well.

  2. I’ve been out of running for about two months, injury sucks. Even the elliptical started hurting my back, so I gave up any form of cardio in return for complete rest in hopes that it’ll make my back better. Nothing yet, although it does remind me (and everyone who has to deal me when I’m not running…) how much I love running.


  3. Yesterday I was diagnosed with a mid-femoral stress reaction. 6 weeks, no running. Haven’t really learned anything yet except that I’m annoyed. But glad I didn’t push it so far that it turned into a fracture.

  4. It always amazes me how well you can function on so little sleep. Teach me your ways!

    Anyway. Injuries suck but I find that preventative yoga is the best. I now refuse to train for anything longer than a 10K without doing yoga at least once a week. I ran my first half marathon with a hip injury because I am DUMB.

    Keep icing, foam rolling and yoga-ing! Really the only thing that heals an injury is time … even though it sucks not to run, it will be so much better to run when you’re completely better!

  5. Good luck Ali! I am in physical therapy for my IT band right now and haven’t been able to run since April 1st. Apparently, lucky me, I have a really bad case of it and the orthopedic surgeon thinks I’ll be out for another 4-6 weeks. My normal injury is stress fracture of the shin so this is IT stuff is new to me. The rest and recovery part is always frustrating, especially when you talk to people who never have injuries or who think you should just ‘try harder’ to be a better runner.

    Anyway, you know you’re doing the right thing by resting and letting your body recover. I hope you’re back out there soon. (And PS, I used to live in NYC for 3 years and your posts are making me miss it!)

  6. You forgot to say that you still have Brian, who surely cooks you something amazing ever day and takes care of you.

    Never really been injured but I can say I am not such a long distance runner as you are. Plus, I do not get up at 5 am to run…
    I do rest days several times a week, so catch up with life, to cook for my husband, to do other things (like watching TV shows, taking pictures of baking, maybe some crafty stuff).

    Take is slow so you recover better. The more you stress your injuries (even with spinning classes) the longer it will take. That’s what you DON’T want. So, less now to get back sooner.

  7. I ran the marathon/ hobbled my way through the last few miles with a hamstring tear and IT band injury. Not the best idea because I am still paying for it half a year later.

    Look in the mirror every day and say “I’m injured, not lazy.” Your body needs rest to heal.

  8. It feels like I’ve been injured more than I haven’t been injured since starting to run! That’s not exactly true, but it’s close enough. Still, I keep coming back, hopefully stronger and smarter every time. I just made a plan with my physical therapist today to take four weeks off running after my upcoming race and before marathon training, and somehow just having that plan has made it more OK — there’s no pressure to feel better sooner than that. Of course, there are no guarantees that I’ll feel better after that month, either, and that’s the hardest part, but I know I have a lot of things I can do while I’m not running that will make me more likely to kick ass when I’m back. My core will be rockin’, that’s for sure.

  9. I’ve run 2 miles in the past 10 days and it has been wonderful!! Yesterday I drank 2 margaritas and bought crazy yellow shorts from GAP. Instead of running. Good choice, I promise.

    But I DO know what it’s like to be injured and I know it’s tough, but good for you for being smart and taking a rest day. I am proud. <3

  10. well, I’ve never been injured (knock on wood) but I have been doing yoga and feel pretty good about that 🙂 Glad you’re still loving life Ali!

  11. Sorry you’re injured, but good job resting! I know injury well, unfortunately : ) I’m starting to almost not even mind it anymore. It slows me down, gives me perspective, and makes me appreciate my body THAT much more when I can actually run.

  12. Hmm, injured, let me think…YES. 4 months basically off running (nov-feb) due to bum IT band.

    Physically, I recommend finding something else you like, which you’ve got down pat – spinning, yoga, chisel, etc.

    Mentally here are a few things I’ve learned:
    – the first 2 months were the hardest, then my mind and body got used to my “new normal”
    – putting timelines got depressing and realistic ie “I will be running 5 miles continuuously by Jan 31” — you can’t force your body into anything
    – You will appreciate running so much more after months off, it will mean more to you, and self-induced pressure might be less because you’re thankful to be back

  13. Hey Ali!

    I’m a good friend of Maeve’s and she gave me the link to your BLOG thinking I would enjoy it…and I do! I think you’re a great writer: very fun, energetic, and witty. I’m a fellow runner that hits the Reservoir too but definitely not early like you (I go at lunchtime) but my morning M86 might pass you on your way out of the park! I hope you don’t mind me reading some past journal entries and catching up on everything.

    I’m sorry you’re injured but I promise you, more rest days will work in your favor. I broke my foot two weeks before my wedding because I upped my mileage too fast and it just gave out. Maeve had to wrap my foot on the big day and Das Boot (what we called my giant cast) came along just in case I needed it. It took one month in a cast to heal and then two more months before it stopped tweaking during slow runs and Zumba classes. I baby my foot now, ice it after every run and will pull back anytime something else mysteriously starts hurting. You have the right idea though, yoga and strength training keeps you in the game and you’ll be beyond ready when it’s time to hit the pavement again!

    You’re a total rockstar! 🙂

  14. Glad to see you are resting, I look forward to reading more adventures from Ali on the Couch 😉 Stay positive and you will be back running in no time. Luckily I haven’t been seriously injured but I have had problems with my feet which kept me from running but when I let my body rest I came back stronger than ever. Enjoy the rest while you can, your body will thank you.


  15. I think the best part of having an injury is how you feel when you accomplish something once you are healed. I had knee surgery a couple of years back and had to give up my beloved running for a LONG time. Probably about 2 years until I felt comfortable running again. When I did start running again I completed my first real race, only a 5K, but the feeling was beyond anything I can describe.

  16. I’m currently dealing with IT Band bs – but my worst injury was dance related. I ended up tearing ligaments in my left foot because I rolled my ankle, ignored the pain for a month and kept dancing (yay!) Eventually all that damage turned into a super fun stress fracture across the top of my foot. All in all I was out of dance for probably two years, when if I’d just listened to doctors and rested and let myself heal in the first place it probably would have been a lot easier and less painful. Lesson learned? Doctors are smarter than me. Sometimes.

  17. I totally understand your ‘mental anguish’ over not being able to run but really wanting to run. On Monday, half way through my run my foot started to hurt, so I stopped (and gave myself a pat on the back for being smart and not pushing the ‘ouch’ feeling). I took yesterday off from running and made a plan that NO MATTER what I am not going to attempt to run until Friday. I had to write myself a note and stick it on my door so I won’t be tempted to ‘test’ my foot out. It is feeling pretty good today, and it is hard to to ‘test’ my foot for a few easy miles…but like you I am going to stick with the plan of a little time off now so I can run lots later on! But it is very hard!

  18. I’m coming off of 8 weeks of rest/cross training for patellar tendonitis. it really wasn’t so bad. I kept going to the gym, but walking or spinning instead of running. and I skipped my saturday morning run with my running group. that did make me sad.
    Today was my first day running at the gym. I took it easy, and did a walk/run combo. I felt (as you said the other day) like a caged animal. I didn’t want to stop running.

  19. I feel like I am ALWAYS Injured. Ankle tendinitis, shin tendinitis (there’s a fancy word for the tendon that I never spell right. Peroneal? Proneal?), and now something I have diagnosed as the ever-scientific “Crunchy Knee.” Not being able to run is frustrating, but after trying to run through the shin tendinitis and being stuck with it on-and-off for NINE MONTHS, I know that a little rest goes a long way. It’s also given me a chance to get back to other forms of exercise I had forgotten I really like — namely, spinning and pilates. I’m contemplating investing money in SoulCycle and/or Flywheel to mix things up even further…so maybe I should say that being injured is mostly EXPENSIVE.

  20. I am suppose to do a half marathon next Saturday and I’ve been having some monster calfish pain so I started PT yesterday to see if we can hook me up to run the race or not. I can run and the first mile or so is achy then it gets better and hurts if I stop to walk for a few steps… then feels good once I get all stretched out and stuff… then the minute I sit for a while and go to stand the ache is back. So there’s my “injury?” It sucks.

  21. I’ve been dealing with a yet to be diagnosed left hip/leg thing for two freaking months. I’m back to running a very little bit but it’s not great. My chiropractor has been trying to get my pelvis and back into alignment which I think is a huge part of the problem. I’ve been doing a ton of yoga and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dave Farmer’s power yoga podcasts. They are free on iTunes, anywhere from 60-90 minutes long, and you will DEFINITELY SWEAT. I love them. They don’t have music, but I usually play the podcast from my computer and play music from my phone. DO IT!

  22. I’m so glad my injury is finally over!
    I slipped on the floor and fell on the kitchen counter (nice pointy corner right in the middle of my back). Ouch. (I’m aware that it is a super lame injury..) Anyways, the muscle that runs down my whole back was so crisped.
    I study sports science so I have 10 hours of practice each week; gymnastics, badminton and athletics (high jump). Needless to say gymnastics and high jump were horrible for my back! I didn’t rest because I didn’t want to fall behind. Oh, I also went skiing each weekend or else my recent move to the Alps would be totally useless…
    The pain lasted 2 whole months because I would get maximum 1 rest day each week. I finally managed to take 3 weeks off university gym class (booya for phys ed when you’re 22!) but still skiing each weekend, duh!
    My back is finally back to normal and it’s great. Although my technique took a blow during those 3 weeks, I’m no longer holding myself back because of the pain.
    I get how hard it must be for you to just “sit back and relax”, but it really is the best thing for you! Once you get back to running you’ll just be that much happier!
    Enjoy the extra sleep and extra time in your new apartment!

  23. I am having a similar issue. i keep feeling like I am fine, I can push through this and then I start limping again. I know that I need to be smart and just take it one day at a time but I don’t want to!

  24. I just ran my first marathon in London on Sunday (and loved it!) but my training was absolutely blighted by injury! I’ve been running for 2 years and thought I knew it all, but man I was wrong! Luckily I have an amazing physio who helped me get to the start line, but it was one of the most stressful experiences of my life and I was NOT a nice person to be around when I couldn’t run. Now I feel like I’ve learned a lot about my body and how to take better care of myself, and I’m determined to have a better experience of training for my next marathon in October.

    I know just how soul destroying being injured can be, but trust you’ll get better. These things happen, even to the elites, so I try to draw strength from that!

  25. I was injured earlier in the year and it was horrible! WEll in the moment it was, now I feel kind of silly for freaking out so badly. I was out on and off for about 3 months. It started as a hip thing, and then when that healed I strained my calf from trying to get back into it too fast. All in all I learned that running isn’t life, that I am so blessed to be able to do it MOST of the time, and that my body needed the rest to be able to come back stronger. I learned to appreciate strength training, and to embrace cross training and rest days. I am now an AVID foam roller, and I listen to my body instead of my training plan. Try to remember that a week out of the scheme of things isn’t that long and you would rather rest now than stretch this out even longer! You are awesome- I love your attitude!! you really make me want to move to new york!!! Praying for you!

  26. I’m going through almost exactly the same thing right now. I tried to push through some injuries, but it’s not happening — I just officially pulled out of a half marathon for next week. And now I’m trying to figure out how to get myself strong without the running. I mostly have plans for lots of elliptical work, pilates, yoga, and strength training on my legs. My goal is to take the time to heal, but in the meanwhile, become a lean running machine — so that when I do get back to running, I’ll be strong enough to avoid injury. That’s the plan anyway. Would rather be out there running, but trying to think long-term here!

    Anyway, good luck with everything, and thanks for sharing your struggles!

  27. Two things:

    1 – RESTING IS AWESOME! Embrace it, seriously. I friggin look forward to my rest day like WHOA these days. by the time I get there, my body is nice and sore and worked and I LOVE giving it a break now. The day after a rest day always means a killer workout with a nice fresh body to boot. Kinda nice.

    2 – injuries breed perspective huh? Even relatively minor ones like yours, works wonders for the mind, particularly for us runners who are typically so easily wrapped up in “running is awesome, I wanna do it all the friggin time” and forget that running is still a priviledge, bottom line.


    Ps. my downward dog looks just like yours, my heels do NOT go flat on the floor, tight hammies like WHOA. Been trying to do yoga at home at least once a week too, neeed to lengthen things out a bit up in here!

  28. I’ve never been seriously injured and taken forced time off. I’ve taken a few full weeks off each year, however, due to being on vacation or recovering from a marathon.

    I know you say spinning doesn’t hurt, but it might do you some good to lay off of that as well for a week or so. I’m no expert, but I can’t see how four spin classes in one weekend would speed up the recovery process! Just my two cents because I really want to see you rub your sub-4 marathon this year. 🙂

  29. Okay, I have to disagree – Boston is the best city in the world. I’ll let you slip this time, but I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

    Other than that glaring error you’ve got the right perspective. If you are afraid of developing stress fractures, don’t run. For now. Good job.

    I ran my first half injured. I pulled something in my groin November 2010; I ran the race in January 2011 still in pain. I don’t think I learned much from that, but what I am learning right now is that runners often have pains. It’s learning when to run through them and when not to that is the difficult part.

  30. My back is hurted right now, and not running or exercising is killing me, cause Well, what else am I supposed to do? It hurts if I do run or exercise… after I’m done. Which really doesn’t do me any favors.

    That said, I have a 5k this weekend, so that’s happening.

  31. I am so proud of you for being smart and listening to your body. I’ve recently (the FIRST time being sidelined in 3 years of running marathons) strained a muscle in my hip flexor and it has actually been very humbling to deal with. I have been able thankfully to cross train thru it but the past couple of weeks with NO running has been tough! I hope to be back at it soon. And I know you will be too. Just be patient with yourself. Your body will thank you and reward you for it. You will be back in the game soon, girl. Hang in there.

  32. Weak glutes here too – wahhhh. Actually , my coach says that I have a weak posterior chain – ouch! I have to do these silly exercises every single day, fancy stretches every single day, as well as rolling and sticking my whole body just to keep me running. Continue to rest and you will be back out there again soon!! I’ve had a stress fracture in my life before and really the only thing that helps is rest. It’s hard to take, but it is WORTH IT in the end! Head up!

  33. I know injuries are the worst, when I was injured last year I hit an all time low. But then I coaxed myself out of the funk and tried new things. Honestly, my injury made me a smarter and dare i saw it BETTER runner. I am smarter with my workouts and now include more strength training which has given me power. It is rough at times but so worth the rest.

  34. I’m one of those people that ends up getting injured quite a bit. Once I start feeling good, I get all super excited about running, and somehow over-do it. BUT, I have learned that rest is incredibly useful. If I have to take a week off of running in order to be able to run strong the week after, then that’s what I’ll do. Oh, I’ve also heard that dark berries are great for inflammation, so throw some of those on your brownie next time! Brownies & berries – the ultimate healing combination!

  35. I’m not sure it really counts as an injury but I am currently sporting the WORLDS MOST DISGUSTING AND PAINFUL blisters on most of my toes after a marathon on sunday. I currently can’t put shoes on, not even uggs, so running shoes are a no no. Its so much fun wearing flip flops in the rain with people staring at me thinking I am a lunatic as I hobble past…

  36. Workouts On Demand are lifesavers, in my humble opinion. Glad you discovered them!

    And yes, I have been injured. After my first half marathon, I developed a fun (read: awful, painful, miserable) hip bursa. It hurt to sit down and stand up. It hurt to lay down on my side. It hurt to pretty much do anything that you use your hip for which is…well…mostly everything. Like you, I had to smarten up and rest and ice, but I also needed better fitting running shoes. After a few weeks, I felt way, way better!

  37. yay for continuing to be smart! Sometimes i feel like being injured is one of the only times when I’m forced to actually think: “oh yeah, my life is still pretty good without running. DUH.” that really helps, because there are so many other great things you CAN do. And the best part is that injuries are only temporary, even though it seems like forever now, it’s not.

    If you need another new outfit (or some shoes!) come visit me soon because i miss you!

  38. Yes, you’re right about your hips. Square your hips, flex your foot, point it toward the mat. (sorry, those are my cues as a yoga teacher). Your foot doesn’t need to be the highest it possible can be :). Positive attitude! So, I went from not being able to run, to falling in love with yoga, to now not being allowed to do yoga, but am allowed to run. Oh, the circle of life!

  39. I am like you I have the hardest time resting. I always feel like if I just do a light run, or an easy strength class its a “rest day”. But it’s not the same- some days you just need to listen to your body and really rest. Usually for me when it hits that point I need a good 2-3 days rest.

  40. Focus on things that make you happy rather than what you can’t do. Do them. Lots. Ice and elevate under your desk at work (an empty garbage can turned upside down makes an excellent prop for this!) If you go to the gym in a boot or a cast people will be confused, impressed and potentially scared (but don’t get to this point!). If you are rolling down the street on a rollabout, people will also be confused and potentially scared (don’t get to this point either!) but it will make for some excellent stories. Wear gym shoes as often as possible so your legs are well supported. Eat cake and ice cream often – they heal all ailments.

  41. While I was reading this I was also using my lacrosse ball to kill the demons in my legs. My goal this week is to get to 3 pain free miles. I’ve learned through this whole experience that I can’t make my body do anything. I can push my mind and get further, but if I push my body more than it is ready for (oh, and then neglect it) then it is going to push back big time.

  42. I think alas you are being wise. I got PF after my half in Feb (I have mentioned this, sorry) but it only healed up after I got a virus and couldn’t run for 10 days. Then miraculously, better!!

    Also, I broke my leg skiing about 5 years ago. The thing that got me mended quickly was a commitment from my work to take a month off in May to cycle across the Alps. So you need a target – something to aim for when you mend!

    Wisdom courtesy of a Brit in California. You’re welcome. 🙂

  43. I’m on my second stress fracture and all I can do is swim. I felt terribly sorry for myself and for my missed races, but now I’m looking at it as just a “break” from running to explore other things, get better at swimming, read more, clean more (yeah right) and now I know I’ll appreciate each mile even more.

  44. I must have the same injury you do…and for the exact same time! I have a strain in my right hip flexor from it overcompensating for my weak glutes!

    We’re like twins. Running injury twins….

  45. I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again…rest longer than you think you need!! You know the story, but here’s a refresher: training for Chicago Marathon, thought I had shin splints so I kept running (two 18 mile runs) and ended up with a severe stress fracture and was on crutches for two months and out of running for EIGHT MONTHS!! You do not want to experience this!!

    I’m so proud of you for taking some rest days!! Definitely do not push through the pain, heal yourself so you can continue to run!! Hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

  46. Stay positive!! Even stress fractures is not the end of the world 🙂 I had them, had a cast, had to take a long time from running, and then once I was healed, started running again and life was all rosy. 2 weeks is, from what I’ve gathered, the magic number. Do shin exercises, stretch, ice, and cross train, and I bet after 2 weeks you’ll be on the bridle path again.

  47. Injuries stink! I’ve been nursing tendonitis in my left foot from stupid shoes being too tight back in March. I miss speed work… BUT (lol big but) crosstraining is so fun…spinning…yoga…will make us stronger once we’re ready for running again. Playing it smart will help run longer down the road, holmes 😉

  48. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference during an injury. I was recently out from running for 6 long weeks do to shin splints. I swore I had a stress fracture, but the PT and doc were sure it was just shin splints. After weeks of PT I finally was able to run again. Now, after four weeks I’m working back up to some decent mileage. If you’re worried about being out for awhile try some pool running. It will keep your running fitness in check!

  49. First off- downward dog pics!? Remind me to ask my BF to take pics of me in these poses. Then I’m framing and giving them to him for his birthday… Surprise!!

    I sprained my foot pretty severely in college and couldn’t play field hockey for about a month. Like you said it sucked, but it helped me put a lot of things in perspective and appreciate what I could do before my injury and just how hard I could work to come back from it. Also I met my boyfriend because of this injury … Fate? I think so haha, but anyways good for you Ali and taking care of yourself!

  50. I was injured last summer and my knee pain stayed until early this year. What I learned the most was that injury does not mean that you’ll never be able to run again. Or walk. I was convinced I could never run again, but I run now, so I guess I overreacted “just a little bit”.

  51. When I first got into running years ago, I was stupid and didn’t know the first thing about proper footwear. 3 miles a day everyday for 6 months on 6 year-old shoes = tibial stress fracture. Mine was bad. Real bad. Like, 1 inch long monster. I had to stay away from running for 4 months. I learned a lot in those 4 months. I read up on running and learned more than I ever would have without the injury. I focused on cross training and fell in love with weight training. You’ll get through it. Remember, it’s temporary. Good luck Ali!

  52. I’m also out right now, I fractured my fibula in January, and then had a surgery that delayed my fibula healing and now I’m still not recovered from either. I have learned that I need hobbies that don’t include working out (blogging), and that shopping at Lululemon for new workout clothes even though I can’t run still makes me feel better. 🙂

  53. The first photo makes me think fond things about our early weekend mornings together.

    Also, if Brian doesn’t want to frame that picture, I DO. Send it over. My new apartment needs decorating.

  54. I’m unable to exercise in any form right now, and while it’s driving me a bit crazy, I feel like there are so many more hours in the day without driving to the gym, spending 1-2 hours, driving home, and showering for a second time.

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