Change Of Address

Oh you thought you were sick of my sunrise photos before?

Well I have a new home, and now I wake up to this:

Oh hello, East River. How lovely to wake up with you.

I’m a little bit obsessed. Waking up is fun!

So, I moved this weekend. I’m all Cloud Niney today, which is a term used to describe “happiness and also a lack of sleep.” I know because I looked it up in the dictionary of real words.

Let me take you back to the beginning — Friday night — because that’s where all good stories start, and obviously a story about how I moved from one apartment to another is groundbreaking. No one has ever done that before. Except me. So I’ll tell you how it was done.

I took a half day on Friday, which was a great idea. I packed up the last of my crap and did very important things, like ordered macaroni and cheese for dinner and cleared the last of the recorded stuff off my DVR.

I watched my recorded coverage of the New York City Marathon and realized just how much the year I spent in my apartment living alone revolved around running and marathon training. I kind of love that. I got a little nostalgic watching the marathon, and had actually forgotten that the Run For The Rabbit commercials aired about a billion times throughout the “show.”

A marathon on TV, a foam roller and a hula hoop. Clearly an athlete lives here. Also a Moulin Rouge poster.

I thought I might feel sad about my last night in my apartment, but I really didn’t. The closest I came to crying all weekend was when Brian suggested I get a new toaster that isn’t the size of a baby elephant. Rude. Also, it’s kind of broken and from 1992. But still, rude.

I went to bed Friday night feeling happy about the time I spent in my living space but so ready for what was next: moving day!

In fact, I woke up at 4:50 AM Saturday because I was, literally, too excited to sleep.

And when you’re too excited to sleep but your entire apartment is packed, you do the obvious thing: sign up for a 6:30 AM SoulCycle class.

It was a great way to kick off moving day, and I liked taking one last stroll down my street.

I was basically skipping at this point. Sorry I didn't take a self portrait. Next time. On it.

I sweat like a crazy person during class and then rushed back home to shower before the movers arrived.

Goodbye, street. I have loved you. Also, this photo is not blurry, you are just drunk.

Along the way I said goodbye to things, like the place where I was supposed to throw out my trash…

You need a lock to get in there? Forget it. Lazy Ali does not approve.

…and the place where I actually threw out my trash.

Oh there's no lock for the trash at the apartment building next door? Excellent. I'll leave my things there, then.

And then I packed up the very last of my things, like the food from my refrigerator, my comforter and my wet shower towels, in a box marked “unpacked immediately or things will start to smell.”

I’m really good at labeling boxes in a specific way.


I’m apparently not good at packing, though, which I was reminded of all throughout the day.

Yes, the movers DID love loading up their arms with Vera Bradley bags and carrying them out to the truck. I KNOW BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME. But I guess they told Brian something different.

The entire move went really smoothly. Hiring movers is the best thing you can do in NYC, I assure you. They made everything go quickly and efficiently, and I am a big fan of efficiency. You know this by now.

They were so nice. I loved the movers. I wonder if they loved me back. Probably not, because of the bags...

I would say that I was “moderately helpful” during the move. I did things like offer Starburst (it was 9 AM) and hula hooped, you know, for entertainment purposes.

I also offered to let the movers try the hula hoop, but they said "no thank you." Actually I think they just ignored me.

A few moving tips for you:

  • Pack in boxes. Just do it. You may think that throwing your stuff in open top bags is convenient for you, but really, it’s going to get tossed around in a truck. Just get the boxes. Get them at Home Depot. They’re cheap there.
  • If you own dumbbells, maybe just carry them to the new place yourself. I decided to pack mine in a box, and one of the movers looked at me like I was a moron and said, “Oh good, you packed the 10-pound dumbbells in here. Great!” He was my favorite, but I don’t think that I, in return, was his favorite.
  • Offer the movers bottled water and they’ll like you. Offer three movers a single bottle to share and they won’t like you at all.
  • Have scissors handy all day. The best thing I did was keep a pair of scissors in my bag and/or my hands at all times.
  • No, your boyfriend doesn’t want to wear matching “moving outfits.” You can ask, but you will get a blank stare or eye roll in return. Make sure he has legally signed the lease before you ask this question.
  • Stay out of the way. No one wants to try your Shake Weight. People are busy doing actual work.
"Brian, take my picture in my apartment!!!" That's what I said. You probably predicted that.

And then, my apartment was empty — except for, you know, every single piece of furniture that I owned and don’t want anymore — and it was off to the new address a few blocks north.

Goodbye, sweet little studio.
Who wants a dresser? Or a bed? A desk, perhaps? A chair? A couch? (You don't want the couch. It's gross.)

The best part of the day was walking into the empty new apartment and thinking, “This is my new home.”

The next thought was, “Holy crap, how are we going to fit everything in here?”


So you know how moving goes: The movers loaded up the freight elevator — elevator building! upgrade! — and then started bringing the boxes into the apartment. As soon as a box came in, Brian and I busted it open and started unpacking. Again with the efficiency.

This is a more accurate depiction of how the "unpacking" went on my end. Yes, I changed into shorts and compression socks because I was WORKING SO HARD.

Eventually everything was in, everything fit, and I was so friggin’ tired. The great news is that Brian and I have very similar styles and tastes, and we both like clutter-free living. So setting everything up was easy and we were both very agreeable.


Brian says I am a “hoarder.” I do not agree. He looked at my closet — “my closet” somehow turned into me taking over all three closets, oops — and noticed that, “I’ve never seen you wear any of those things.”

Really, Brian?

My excuse for owning a lot of clothing is that I like to look nice for him, you know, if we go on a date or to a water park or something.

His response was something along the lines of, “only wearing workout clothes all the time anyway.”

I don’t know. I had stopped listening at that point.

So, Brian, you may call me a “hoarder” because I own 16 spatulas, four sets of sheets that don’t fit our bed and at least 12 shirts with the tags still on, but I say I’m simply a hoarder of memories. You can try to argue that, but you will not win.

Also we have plans tonight to “go through some of my stuff” and “see if there’s anything we can get rid of and/or consolidate.” I’m really looking forward to it.

We unpacked right up until about 4 PM, at which point Brian realized he hadn’t done his long training ride for the day. He was sleepy. So I got all Coach Ali on him and was like, “Yeah, you can nap, or you can get your ass on that fancy bike of yours and go ride for two hours. That will wake you up better than 45 minutes of being horizontal! Go go go!”

Translation: “Brian I’m going to go rent a bike, can I come ride with you?!”

And so we did.

We took a two-hour packing break and I went for my longest bike ride ever: 30 miles!!!

Cyclists always post pictures of this little red lighthouse, and I finally got to see it for myself!

This ride was amazing and I’m officially hooked on biking. I felt so strong the entire time and, according to Brian, I kept up just fine.

OK well there was one point where we had to go up this really really steep, winding hill, and I pushed down with one foot and kind of just tipped over, and then ran my bike up the rest of the hill. Totally fine. I’m sure that happens to everyone.

Seriously though, this was a great way to break up the day and despite the fact that Central Park was a mess and I almost ran over several small children (WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?), it was a wonderful time.

And then we unpacked more, ordered Chinese food, drank great wine and passed out by 11 PM.

Productive day?

I’d say so.

Hi Brian! Good job moving!

But on Sunday, I was too excited to sleep again!

Also my allergies were ruining my life, but I was pretty psyched to wake up in the new apartment with the new views and the new everything.

Good morning, NYC!

And what do people do the day after moving and not sleeping and going for a 30-mile bike ride?

They go running.


I wanted to do a long run — specifically, 15 miles, because it was April 15.

Just kidding. I didn’t realize that coincidence until today. Dang it.

But I did want to do a long run, so I suited up and set out for Central Park.

Fun fact about the new apartment: It’s all uphill to the park. And not a little gradual climb, a bitch of a hill that is entirely unavoidable. So I guess…built-in hill training from now until forever? Excellent! I can feel my husky legs getting huskier. Bring it on.

My expectations for this run were very low. I’m coming off a week of many workouts and not much sleep, plus I’m still nursing a bit of the shin pain, so I didn’t want to go too crazy. I told myself that if it hurt, I’d stop. No sense in going crazy and potentially hurting myself…more.

I started running alongside the MORE/Fitness Half Marathon, which was lots of fun. I kind of half-cheered for the runners as I was alongside them, but I was also focused on staying out of their way and out of the way of the bikers on my other side and basically my goal was not to die.


As for the 15 miles?

Meh. They were OK. I started out too fast, naturally, because I am trying to really lock down my title of Queen of Positive Splitting. But really, I started with the race, so I was fired up and having fun, and I knew I’d slow down eventually, which I was OK with.

These are splits, you know, for running proof and stuff.

Let’s talk about miles 13 and 14 shall we? At this point, I was on the west side — not near where I live — and started to feel super tired. Remember those 30 miles the day before? Yeah, those weren’t doing me any favors at this point. I told myself I could call these “cool-down miles,” and I ran up on the Bridle Path. But really, I was just fatigued, so I slowed down for a little while.

But then I had one mile to go, so I picked it back up slightly and then I was back home! At the new apartment! Where I cooled down up on the roof!

I could get used to this. In fact, I think I will. Also I love Golden Grahams.

I really should have spent the rest of the day being as lazy as possible, but instead I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond (fell asleep on the bus getting there — oops), unpacked almost everything, did my first grocery shop with a big kitchen to return to, and then Brian and I had friends over for dinner last night.

I will invite you over for dinner, but I will not pay attention to you because I'm too busy looking at the view.

And then I slept for five hours.

And then I did a little shakeout run this morning.

It was slow. It was 7.35 miles — a stupid distance, because I haven’t quite figured out a sensible, even-numbered route yet — and it was perfect.

I have no complaints today.

OK I guess just one: I’m not in Boston cheering on all my crazy runners friends out dominating the Boston Marathon. GOOD LUCK to all of you out there! Race hard, run happy, finish strong, hydrate. That’s marathon advice from an expert right there.

Happy Monday, everyone! Cheers to a great week ahead!



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  1. Congrats on the move! Sounds like your apartment is phenomenal (great view and a rooftop?! so great!). Any tips on selecting a good moving company? I’ll be moving apartments soon as well and I’ve heard horror stories about people getting scammed in the city.

    1. I’ve had good experiences with Oz Movers and Rabbit Movers. I swear by Yelp! Happy moving! Good luck!

  2. Hi, my friend Ari told me about your blog. I just found out I have Crohn’s about two weeks ago. After about 3 months of excruciating pain, I finally had a colonoscopy, and had a very clear diagnosis. What a comfort to find a happy, healthy woman with Crohn’s. It is very inspirational as I go through this process.

  3. Double date at Bear Mountain water park this summer. It’s on [I hope Brian’s cool with stranger-danger, too]!

    I’m impressed by your energy. (and obviously your box labeling skills)

  4. Um, WOW. Seriously??!!! You moved all your stuff, you unpacked said stuff, you biked 30 miles, AND you ran 15 miles?! You are officially my hero. CONGRATS ON THE NEW PLACE!

  5. True story: I’ve never wanted to move to NYC until I started reading your blog. And now I want to move into your new apartment. I promise I won’t because I think that might be weird, right?

    Congrats to you guys!!

  6. EEEEEEE! How exciting! Congrats on the big move, but you need to tell Brian to get out because I’m moving in too. K, thanks, bye.

  7. Your new view is amazing and I’m glad moving went well. I went and spectated the Boston Marathon today and it was HOT HOT HOT. The runners out there were amazing and we watched at Mile 24 and they were still pushing, but it was definitely tough!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  8. I really enjoy the fact that you posted three pictures of the view, four including the one with you in it. I ended up with a stellar view when I moved last summer, and I think everyone I know was texted at least ten shots of the same spot. Congrats on the joint-living! It’s definitely an exciting feeling, have fun!

  9. So jealous of your new view! I bet it will be seriously beautiful as spring progresses and then I can only imagine in the winter when it snows! I’m sure you kept your movers entertained:)

  10. Congrats on your new apartment! The view you have is AMAZING!
    I’ve been waiting for this post since Friday, haha. I love moving day as much as you, and I couldn’t wait to read how you tell the story with your sense of humour.
    I wasn’t dissapointed!

    Enjoy the new place!

  11. Congrats on your move Ali! Great view!! I’m so inspired by your dedication…30 mile ride and then a run? Inspiring! You’re a breath of fresh air! Have a great day!

  12. I hate moving. Next time I move, I am definitely getting movers!! Best investment ever, especially in NYC I can imagine!! Bet it was awesome to wake up in your new digs!!!

  13. love that you guys moved this weekend – the weather is looking a lot more fun this time of year, which I have a feeling will make you love your view/place/life every single day in an exciting way that just doesn’t happen in January in New York, you know?

    Also – love your attitude about the built in hill training. I need some of that in my life. Both the hill training, and the attitude.

  14. You know what I see out my window? My neighbor’s stupid maroon camping van that has a 6 inch lift and off-road tires. He’s ready for the zombie apocalypse.

    In all seriousness, congrats on the new (and beautiful!) place and the sweatastic weekend!

  15. Dude that is an EPIC weekend! So awesome!
    Where do you rent your bikes from? I really want to cycle some, but I have no idea where to start in this city. Any suggestions would be great (you don’t have to do specifics if you don’t want to, obviously).
    And FABULOUS views! Glad you’re feeling better!

    1. I rented mine from Danny’s Cycles on 87th & 2nd. Most bike stores rent bikes in addition to selling them — Google helped me!

  16. Congratulations on your new apartment Ali!

    I read your blog all the time and love how positive and energetic you are. This is my first time commenting, but I was running that half marathon yesterday and it’s kind of funny knowing that maybe you passed me (most definitely passed me…I was running more at the pace you thought was slow!) at some point!

  17. It would have been cool/funny to have ran into you while running the More/Fitness half yesterday! Glad you had a good 15 miler – I managed to just barely PR which is great considering the whole being injured thing. But that dang Elizabeth Hasselbeck is fast and finished a few minutes before me! I secretly really wanted to beat her.

    1. I WOULD NOT HAVE KEPT UP WITH YOU. Good joke. Congratulations on the PR! That’s awesome. Next time beat Elizabeth, though. 😉 You’re fast and impressive and I like it. Awesome race!

  18. glad the move went smoothly! Good luck with that whole consolidation thing… maybe Brian should get you frozen yogurt and wine for cooperating…

  19. I am sitting here at work (obviously be super productive) and can’t stop staring at your view. That is GORGEOUS! Congrats on the move!! 🙂

  20. I was in NYC for the 1st time this past weekend, and loved getting to actually see central park. It made me quite jealous that people get to actually run there on a regular basis! It’s beautiful:) I’m glad that your move went well, and i hope you enjoy that amazing view you have!

  21. I love your blog, Ali. 🙂 I stop by every night (its night in Singapore when you publish!) and your posts always make me smile!
    Hope you have a good day today!

  22. When is the housewarming/rooftop party?? I am sad you’re a little farther away but very excited about your new place.

    Also, nice running! But I’m kind of jealous of your biking – you get to see more cool stuff and go farther when biking. Too bad i’m still too scared of falling and maiming myself

    Is the (peed on) bed still up for grabs?

  23. Hiring movers is 100% the best thing you can do for your sanity… on another note, you seriously are leaving all that furniture? I assume its being sold via craigslist, right?

    1. I’m selling some of it, getting rid of some of it. A few of the pieces (the desk and the couch) are in ROUGH shape!

  24. YAY congrats on the move! Are you still on the UES? I dream of the days when I will have an elevator building. However, we bought our apt, so they will have to be just dreams for a VERY long time. Going up 5 flights is a good workout – what I tell myself daily.

    You had a super busy weekend! When I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) – I took over a full large dress, half armoire and 3/4 of a closet. We had the hoarding clothes discussion as well. I like options and completely sympathize. good luck with that. 🙂

    1. Yes, still on the UES! I moved, like, six blocks. Hehe. Thank you for supporting Operation Closet Takeover.

  25. APARTMENT TOUR STAT! That, or HOUSEWARMING, STAT. Either will allow me to continue my new hobby of gazing wondrously at apartments that you can afford when TWO people who are dating cab pay together for a place. SO COOL. And so happy for you!!

    I don’t know how you feel about Disney music, but know that the Disney-themed SoulCycle class yesterday was magical (ha). Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin … all there.

    Is your toosh sore from the 30-miler? I couldn’t walk after last year’s TD 5-Boro Bike Tour. Poor toosh.

  26. Congrats on the move!!! I move next weekend (omg maybe I should start packing) and cannot wait to wake up in my new place…this post made me so excited for it!
    Nice work on the bike ride and long run! So impressive. I definitely need to try a SoulCycle class asap.

  27. I was up at 4:30 am on Saturday from excitement/nerves/still needing to pack too! Sounds like your moving experience went MUCH more smoothly than mine (which is now resulting in disputing credit card charges – long story) but YAY for new apartments with gorgeous views! I love how you have a view of Andy’s old building. I can see the Hudson River and Manhattan from my apartment along with a tennis court that also has a basketball hoop and a playground and a big highway ramp thing. I’ll have to post some photos.

    I cannot believe you worked out TWICE on moving day! And unpacked. Wow. I have so much to do and I’m overwhelmed. But I am so happy to be in my place.

  28. Your view is glorious. Congrats on the move! Though my real point for commenting is to point out the fact that you finished 15 miles 4 minutes faster than I finished 13.1. Ugh, I’m a slow poke. (Though I did run an extra 2 to PDR before the race … woo for 15 on April 15!)

    1. False. You are NOT a slowpoke. You’re a badass who signed up for a half marathon on a whim, CRUSHED IT and ran a PDR. I’m so impressed with you. Don’t call my friend Stacy names! (Seriously, congratulations!)

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