Ending The Week On A High Note With A List

Today was my last day commuting from my apartment to my office — with a pit stop at the gym for a little spinning and butt exercising. More on that momentarily.

You've been good to me, old friend. I will love you forever.

For the past year and a month-ish, I have lived by myself and I have loved every day of it.

I loved the freedom.

I loved the space.

I loved the cleanliness.

I loved that the sink full of dishes never bothered me.

I make long lists and am not bothered by a sink full of dishes. My Type A-ness (haha, anus) is weird.

I’ve learned a lot in the last year. I’ve grown up a lot. And now, I’m moving on to the next great thing: shacking up with Brian!

This is Brian's "How legal is that lease we signed?" face.

It’s a very exciting time. I’m not at all nervous about sharing a bathroom. He should be, but I’m not.

He is, however, trying really hard to convince me that there’s something we should get in lieu of a couch…

These are the kinds of emails I receive during the day.

No, Brian. You can’t sit on a dog to watch TV.

The movers are coming tomorrow at some ridiculous hour like 7:30 AM. Brian’s idea. See how I’m already learning to compromise?

So yes, today my mind is filled with thoughts like, “Will that duct tape actually hold those boxes of glass together?” and “How pissed are the movers going to be when they show up and see I packed everything I own in Lululemon bags…again?”

But I also can’t help but think about how great this week has been. It’s been a good one, right?

Let’s talk about that.

In fact, LET’S MAKE A LIST ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!

Here are 10 Reasons It Was A Great Week In My World:

1. I was smart about running. More back pats please! MORE. As my shin/knee thing continues to act up just a little bit, I know that running every single day — even if it’s what I want — isn’t what I should do. And so this week, I resisted! And I’m convinced I will heal faster and come back stronger because of my wicked good decisions. In the meantime, I’m still foam rolling a lot, icing a lot, which leads to sexy legs…

No, I do not have a skin disease. Yes, this is what happens when I commute with an ice pack on my leg, underneath my legwarmers.

…and going to ART with Dr. Levine. Yesterday I got all electrostimulized, kneaded and shoved around. It felt so good.

You could say my legs resemble those of Gisele Bundchen. It happens ALL the time. So annoying. We're always getting compared. Other words that have been used to describe my legs include "tree trunk-like."

Also, Dr. Levine gave me a grade. His exact quote was, “You get an A+ for your IT Band.” I was so proud. I forgot how much I enjoy being graded and receiving report cards. No, I was never a teacher’s pet. Why would you assume that?

2. I rode a bike. I’m still excited about this. I miss my rental. She was so good to me.


3. Coach Cane referred to his wife, Nicole, as my teammate. I haven’t been out training with the City Coach crew for a few weeks since the sickness/pain stuff started going down. I hope to return soon, and in the meantime I still email Coach Cane at least six times daily. But I think it’s really, really cool that Coach Cane still considers me part of the team even though I’m on a little training hiatus at the moment. Also, you should read Nicole’s post about winning the Brooklyn Duathlon last weekend — five months after having a baby. She’s amazing.

4. Ryan and Michaela (my brother and sister-in-law with a baby on the way) got their baby wish book from the baby shower.

Cute and easy.

Ryan, my brother, says it’s “nice.” He’s really good with words. At the baby shower, everyone filled out these little wish cards I found online. Michaela isn’t into games that are annoying at baby showers (another reason I love her so much), so I thought this was still a nice way to get everyone involved and have something to show for the shower. You know, in addition to the presents.

This is my page. HI BABY! ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL?

I bound all the pages with ribbon and mailed it to them this week. It’s cute. Baby is due May 22, and then I get to be an aunt.

5. I talked to my dad on the phone this morning. That always makes me happy. He lets me bitch for 20 minutes without interruption, and then we work out my issues and then sometimes we talk about things like what we’re going to eat for lunch. Whenever I get off the phone with my dad, I find myself smiling a lot.

Dad, we go way back. We've always had good times.

6. I got a free pastry from Panera. Turns out, signing up for that little membership card has sweet perks that come with chocolate chips.

7. I actually went to yoga. I know, crazy. Last night I went to yoga. I still suck at it and I still laugh every time the instructor tells us to feel the pixie dust deep inside ourselves. But I’m also getting really good at crow pose and napping pose.

8. I made $25 by selling my microwave. Thank you, Craigslist, and thank you Susan W. for not being a killer. I was worried about that for like eight seconds last night when I gave my address to a total Internet stranger. But I guess sometimes situations like that work out OK…

Internet Stranger! Danger!

9. I went to Fancy Crunch this morning. I’m kind of loving this gym. It’s so clean and big and spacious and there are pillows everywhere. I don’t know why. Maybe if you want to take a nap in between classes or ellipticalling or something? That’s actually not a terrible idea.

This morning I did that weird spin class I don’t like, but I also did other things, like “glute strengtheners.” See how seriously I’m taking this “get better” thing? Twice this week I’ve done butt exercises where I lift my legs and pulse them and curl them and whatnot. It’s not fun and I don’t envy the people around me who have to witness these graceful activities, but if strengthening my butt cheeks means less pain in my legs, then I’m going to keep hamstring curling and glute squeezing. Also, side planking. I want to get better at side planking.

Planking planking planking. All I write about is planking.

I’m pretty positive I can hold a side plank for longer than a minute and a half, but I get bored and distracted and want to to go do other fun things, like drink from the water fountain and shower.

10. I feel healthy. I shouldn’t even write that down or say it out loud because it’ll come back to bite me in the Crohnsy butt. But yeah. Last night during yoga I realized that the twisty poses — like, you know, utkastasnata and hummusavana and I-can’t-believe-you-can’t-touch-your-toes-ana — didn’t bother me. Usually when I’m sick or I’ve been sick, poses like “rotated side angle in a lunge” or whatever makes my stomach feel weird and uncomfortable and unsettled. Last night, though, I felt fine. I wanted to die during upside-downish things because my allergies seem to be preventing me from breathing, but overall, health = returning.

And with that, I’m off to do work and daydream about packing tape.

The movers specifically said "everything in boxes, nothing in bags." I assume they are kidding. I'm a rule breaker.

DO YOU LIKE TO MAKE LISTS? MAKE ONE NOW: 5 things that made your week great. GO!



45 Responses

  1. I thought you WANTED to get a puppy??!! IF Brian wants one why would you NOT want one?! Please get one please please please PLEASE! And then post billions of picture of it everyday. Do it. You will not regret it. One of the best decisions of my life!

  2. Hope the move went well.
    Five awesome things this week
    1. I complete half marathon #4 yesterday
    2. THe fam came over for a BBQ last night
    3. Green Mtn Coffee Island Coconut coffee arrived in my shipment
    4. I got a cool painting at an auction on Friday night
    5. It’s getting warm again in VT

  3. Love good weeks! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. This week I..

    1. started a new job ( real person job = I’m a big girl now!)
    2. I ran my first 22 miler.
    3. I got to officially start tapering following #2
    4. My boyfriend made me superb pecan-crusted salmon. ( If I had to cook myself, I’d eat 16 handles for dinner.. I’m sure you understand)
    5. I did not have to move, for which I am grateful. I DID move 4 times in college though, so I sympathize on the packing and the process. GOOD LUCK!

  4. 5 things that made my week great:
    1. Sat next to Eric Ripert on Amtrak (so star struck!)
    2. Met Christopher McDougall and heard him spaek about his awesome book “Born to Run”
    3. Finding out I have spider beetles in my apartment (believe it or not this was great news, as I spent most of the week terrified I had bed bugs /dealing with that whole saga)
    4. Having my boyfriend step up as amazing super man in helping me deal with the whole bed bug scare (shady landlords, misinformtaion, stress/freaking-out-ness over itchiness, etc)
    5. Getting inspired by Grace’s blog to run the full CP loop last night for what turned into one of my best run’s in a while :). Yay for awesome bloggers!

    Hope your move goes great 🙂

  5. I love lists. Okay here are my five. 1) I got an iPhone, 2) The sun came out for a good couple hours in Seattle, 3) I cranked out a 8:13 min/mile average 7 mile run yesterday after months of leg funk, 4) I made a decision so that I can procrastinate moving across the country for two months, 5) My dad is driving from Minneapolis to Seattle so I can borrow a car for awhile and I get to see him!!!! Happy happy happy!

  6. Five things that were great
    1- spring break sunshine
    2- boxing class at my gym…nothing like an amazing beat down session to work off my anger
    3-dinner with my girlfriend eating pizza and drinking sangria
    4-finding new cross trainers
    5- running whenever I wanted this week. So great to run in the middle of the day

  7. I think a plank challenge would be a great idea! I’m in!
    Good Luck moving. I moved 2 weeks ago and am already trying to figure out how I can resign my lease for a cheaper price or hire people to box my stuff up and move it for me next time. Moving is my least favorite thing in the world, but having a new apartment with fun “room mates” is fun!

  8. wait so when you plank do you lean on your elbows or on your hands? like do you keep your arms straight? anyways…
    I ran really fast this week and I am very happy about that..
    And I ate way too much food but thats okay…im still coming down from my easter high!! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the link to NSQ’s blog. She’s an impressive person and athlete, so I love when she gets some attention. Of course now there’s a glitch in the website and it looks AFU, but i think it’s still readable.

    And of course you’re still part of the team. Remember that all I ever ask for is effort and a good attitude. We look forward to having you back out with the group.

  10. I am making lists like WHOA right now!! Feel like life is so chaotic right now, that it’s the only thing I can do to keep it all straight. I am excited for your move in with Brian!!

  11. Five things that made my week great;

    Reading your blog
    Signing up for my first 5k as a “runner”!! (I have one week to become a “runner”)
    Hair maintenance.
    Planting pretty flowers.

    Have a great move Ali!

  12. I started your plank challange a while back. Still not at 5 minutes but did hit 4 ONE TIME and not sure how. I’m hovering at 3:30 now. I’m wondering how do your elbows not get sore? Maybe it’s my carpet? But I always stop because I feel like I am getting rug burn.

    Happy Moving Weekend!

  13. Good luck with the move this weekend!! So exciting! I move at the end of the month and can’t wait to be through with it…me thinks boxes are the worst.
    p.s. That puppy is the CUTEST!!!!

  14. I tried to match your 5-minute plank last night. I was all full of hubris and piss and vinegar and made it three minutes and one second. That made it a great week because I was only two minutes short of your plank, so add up the three minutes I lasted and the two minutes I have yet to achieve and that’s five things.

  15. Puppy = better than couch

    Good luck with your move!

    P.S. Totally random and not related to anything, but how do you make your hair look presentable for work after running and working out every morning?

    1. I don’t. Seriously. I use shampoo like once a week. I always shower and wet my hair, but I do NOT make it look good. Today, for example? Ponytail and headband. I look like shit but I saved a lot of time.

  16. Good luck with the move! I did an NYC move recently and used Oz moving. They most definitely were not kidding about “everything in boxes” rule and charged me $50 for a huge box to put all my bags, luggage, lamps and various other items in. I actually didn’t mind. It would have been a huge PITA to buy and transport all the boxes to put all that stuff in, so instead the pain was in my pocketbook. So would that be a PIMP?

    1. The same thing happened to me last year! I used Oz, they showed up and were all, “Oh hell no, woman.” I had to pay for boxes and I didn’t even care because they did it all. Worth it!

  17. wait – i don’t understand why you can’t have a puppy AND a couch. Puppy needs a place to sit and cuddle, too!

  18. Great baby shower idea. I always love talking to my Dad too. He lives in Maine and I live in Wyoming, so it feels good to have those Dad conversations. I can’t wait to head his way in a few weeks!

  19. You forgot to include that you serendipitously ran into your friend at Flywheel when you and said friend can never seem to find a mutually convenient time to hang out. That must have been part of your excellent week, right? 😉
    I actually thought of you when I was at FW last night again, because I had Kinesio tape on my legs and it did look like a snake creeping up my leg. Scary. It’s prob good that you weren’t there.
    ALSO, good luck with the move! As you know, I just recently made a similar move. I was sad to leave my own little studio, but shacking up is fun! xoxo

    1. Holy crap, that was this week? That seems like forever ago. That WAS a major highlight. Thanks for not judging me too hard when I had to get Macgayvered into my locker. Oh wait, so did you… Idiots. LOVE YOU.

    2. HI KATIE!!!! I emailed you back!!!

      Al, you should definitely get a dog. Or, you guys can just come over and borrow mine when she gets here…

      Auction House date soon for the three of us??

      1. Ali, let’s be clear– you couldn’t get into your locker and I straight up forgot which locker was mine. But nonetheless, I agree-IDIOTS. I also agree Ali should get a dog and YES PLEASE, AUCTION HOUSE DATE STAT! I will start what will definitely become an epic email chain…

  20. Packing is my worst nightmare and I’ve done it so often. Last times was the end of it, and I’ve dedicated this current tenancy to getting rid of as much of my stuff as I can (& feel comfortable about) so the next move is not as stressful!

    Good things from the week for me include a very nice man fixing my broken boots for me and not charging me for anything more than a reheel, enjoying a ripe avocado every single day, buying & enjoying some new music, finding a good home for a bunch of clothes I no longer wanted & the sunshine that happened everyday!

    Have a great weekend! I hope your move goes great.

  21. (I want to point out I NEVER follow your instructions for “now you tell me …” etc because I’m too busy writing what I want to write.)

    GOOD LUCK MOVING! I’m pretty sure Brian asked for 7:30am since HIS FRIENDS ARE MOVING YOU. 😉

    I had a brief idea last night that you should initiate “Ali’s Plank Challenge” openly to your blog readers, where we all try to hit that elusive 5-minute plank. Just sayin’.

  22. Yeah for being a smart runner – I’m proud of you. 🙂 I know it’s SO not easy for you to pull back and not run EVERY day but you’re right – you’ll come back stronger and healthier for it. Go you!!

    PS good luck moving this weekend. On to new chapters and adventures together!

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