Thankful Things Thursday: Woo!!!!!

Can you handle all the exclamation points?

Hello, and Happy Thankful Things Thursday!

Sometimes I keep a list during the week of things to be thankful for when the “holiday” rolls around. Other times I just wing it. You can probably tell the difference most weeks.

So this week has been one of those weeks where I kept feeling big, sharp pangs of “OMG so grateful right now,” and so I, naturally, kept a thankful list handy at all times. It’s quite long, and the first thing on the list is “No allergies!”

Yeah that’s right, I made it this far into spring without a touch of seasonal allergy nonsense. I was so psyched to kick off today’s post by telling you about how I’m so strong and so immune — and then this morning I woke up with my throat basically closed and making coughing sounds that would best be described as “F-ing gross.”

I guess we’ll skip that one on the list, then.

Onto the next, and on with the thankful-tivities!

I immediately regret trying to coin the phrase “thankful-tivities.” I thought it would be catchy. I’m not going to delete it though. I need to learn from my mistakes.

Here we go!

I’m thankful I’m feeling like myself again. This is the big one this week. For weeks, I wasn’t myself. I was in a funk. I was sick. I was sad. I was angry. I was irritable. I was basically all the side effects of the scary medicines you hear advertised during the day on SoapNet. I was a monster. But really, I just didn’t feel like Ali. I was so up and down, and yeah I’ll blame a lot of that on getting sick and being on a high dose of Prednisone, but I just couldn’t shake my piss-ass mood.

Now though? I’m BACK!

Do these Steroids make my face look puffy? Ashley Judd? Let's discuss.

Yesterday while we were bike riding, Brian even said that I finally seem like I’m “back to being Ali.” It feels good to be regaining my health — the stomach has been pretty chill the past few days! — and just feeling mostly excited and psyched about life all the time. That’s the way to live, man. It’s wicked fun. Try it.

I’m thankful I’m mostly packed!

Getting there! Brian does not think the Moulin Rouge picture fits with "what we're going for" in the new apartment, and I agree: A life-sized photo of Enrique Iglesias is MUCH more appropriate. ON IT.

I have a lot of work ahead of me tonight and tomorrow before Saturday’s big move, but by packing a few boxes and bags each day over the past few weeks, the whole moving thing hasn’t felt too stressful.

I’m thankful I’m moving in with Brian. I knew this ambitious spring would be stressful, and it became even more so with the whole nonstop illness and “injury” thing. But moving is exciting and I can’t wait. It’s going to be fun. I’m totally going to cook all the time and be domestic.

HAHAHAHA just kidding. I’m going to be exactly the same. I’ll probably even cook less.

I’m thankful Cadbury Mini Season is over. I know, it’s weird that I’m thankful for that, right? But I really went all-out with the a Mini Egg binge this year, and I was sugar crashing hard every day. It was fun while it lasted.

I’m thankful for Home Depot. My mom is so pissed about this one.


When I was in sixth grade, my parents were building our house (well, they weren’t, technically, but some guys with nail guns were and three of the construction workers shot themselves with nail guns in the process) and we had to go to Home Depot all the friggin’ time. I hated it. HATED IT. But now? I think it’s a magical land with many fixtures. I think it’s great.

Home Depot in Manhattan is different from Home Depot in Concord, NH, but they are all glorious I suppose.

I’m thankful for this llama shirt.

THE LLAMAS ARE IN LLOVE AND THEY ARE KISSING! Nothing is cuter than that. Nothing.

I really want it.

I’m thankful for Target. Brian and I went there this weekend, because we are domestic adults embarking on cohabitation, and we bought a shower curtain. It was pretty wild. I took a photo:

I said "Brian, let me take your picture in front of the Target sign. It's for the blog." And he said, "OK." Cool story.

I’m thankful I gave up tanning after college. I also gave up eyebrow waxes and haircuts, but that’s purely financial. Tanning is gross. Don’t do it. While I was cleaning out my apartment crap, I found my old Q-Card, which was the fancy thing you tried to convince your parents to put money on “for books,” when really it was for “the strawberry juice in the cafeteria that mixes well with Smirnoff.”

According to my Q-Card, I was swiping in a few too many times at Tommy’s Tanning. Tanning will kill you. Please don’t do it.

That is scary. That skin color is not natural for me. I'm much more of a "pale slash olive" tone.

I’m thankful my dad is getting good use out of his backyard toy. When I was in New Hampshire, my dad was all psyched about his “motion sensor” camera that would take pictures of any goings-on in the backyard. Up until that point, the “goings-on” had consisted of him cleaning sticks out of the woods, which is an activity he likes doing on the weekends. OCD doesn’t run in my family.

But yesterday I got an email from my dad with the subject line, “Visitor,” and I knew something exciting had happened up north.

Do you see it? It's a bear.

Dad, I’m so happy for you. Your investment is officially worth it.

I’m thankful for bike riding! Remember yesterday? Remember how much fun I had?

Check out my sweet headlight. Brian said I "needed it." Also I have devil eyes.

I can’t wait to do it again.

I’m thankful last week’s 5-minute plank wasn’t a fluke. I did it again last night! I just wanted to be sure I could.

This is proof. I swear I planked for 5:01.3. I didn't just run the timer and take a photo and do other things in the meantime, like nap. I PLANKED. The whole time.

Great success! That’s what Borat would say. My core is killing me today. I love that. When I cough, you know, from the allergies, my stomach gets all contracted and spazzy and I think I’m dying, but really I just plank a lot.

I’m thankful for the best run ever today. Maybe not the best run ever, but it was great. I loved it. I hit a new pre-work personal distance record, I kept my pace comfortable and I felt so good the whole time.

You know I love a good post-run Garmin photo. The run didn't exist unless I have the photo.

It was a gorgeous morning in Central Park and I would love to show you photos of it, but I was too busy running. I didn’t stop a single time. No bathroom stops. No picture stops. No water stops. Just running. Perfect, happy running.

I think running every other day is the key right now. Yesterday I bike rode and, confession, did a spin class last night. I couldn’t resist. Don’t yell at me. I took it pretty easy and didn’t go crazy and it didn’t hurt my leg at all. I just needed some quality time with my favorite instructor. That should not come as a surprise.

So yeah, by this morning my body was feeling a little fatigued. A little sleepy. A little “I’ll hover around a 9:30 pace and be totally cool with it today.”

But then I started running, and it was fun, and 10 miles just sort of happened.

These are splits. They tell you how many miles I ran and the pace at which I ran each of them. Mile 3 had Cat Hill. I loved it. Meow.

Those are not as inconsistent as I thought they might have been. I am happy.

I love running! I don’t know if you knew that about me. I don’t usually mention it.

Finally, I’m thankful you all like legwarmers as much as I do! The polka dots were a hit I guess. And the winner of the legwarmer giveaway is…

Winner, winner, legwarmers at dinner!

Congratulations, Lindsey! Email me at and I’ll get you hooked up with some stylish legwear.

AND NOW COMES THE PART WHERE YOU CHIME IN: What are you thankful for today? A happy morning run? A Boston Marathon in your very near future? Taper week? Your secret stash of Girl Scout Cookies? Claritin and Allegra? Bed, Bath & Beyond? Right angles? Tell me. Let’s be psyched together.



38 Responses

  1. I am thankful to be home, visiting my parents in Miami.

    When I was younger, I hated Home Depot trips too. I used to play with the paint sample color cards just to keep busy. Now that I’m older, I can see why my parents liked it better than Toys R Us!

  2. I am thankful to be in Chicago with 6 other IBDers/ostomates for some serious blogging/vlogging/networking/friendship awesomeness. I am also thankful that the rest of the girls just entertained me reading half of your blog entry to them amidst fits of laughter. Thank you for being you, Ali!

  3. haha you crack me up. i love the llama love. today, i’m thankful for my parents and not pressuring me into a certain path. gosh they rock!
    anyways, i’m glad you’re starting to feel like yourself again and good luck with the move this weekend!

  4. I had the BEST day!! I don’t know where to start. I got an iPhone, a major upgrade from my 2 year old Droid!!! So fun! My sis will be back in the country in 4 days after a month of Peru. I don’t get to see her but I get to hear her voice! And my parents are letting me, their unemployed 26 year old daughter, borrow a car for awhile. AND the best part is my dad is driving it out to me and I get to see my dad in a couple weeks!!! I love your Thursday posts!! Thanks!

  5. Always enjoy your up beat posts! I’m thankful for coffee shops that are open before 6 am. I’m also thankful that I love running even after being awake before 5 and on my feet all day long 🙂

  6. Smart girl to give up tanning. I now think people who are really tan look unhealthy. I did way too much tanning when I was younger. Wish I hadn’t but I don’t anymore. I guess I’m thankful I finally figured that out.

  7. You are my early morning running hero. For real.

    I’m thankful for my awesome co-workers. We had a rough week at work—lots of emotional goings-on—but we got through it and we did it together.

  8. Happy for your run this morning! I loved my morning run, too! It was only 3 1/2, but I did the middle 1 1/2 at a faster pace then my normal shuffle and it felt great! Happy happy run day!!!

  9. So happy for your long run this morning! Oh and you are one wild woman for that 5 minute plank. I will catch up to your plank awesomeness one of these days 🙂

    I am thankful for sushi lunch and happy hour time with my friends tonight!

  10. 1 mile before work is impressive- 10 miles before work is officially overachieving, in a good way, of course. I’m thankful that I work in an office where sometimes people bring in delicious mint-chocolate brownies, but not a lot of people eat them because everyone who works in an office is constantly on a diet, except for me. I had 3 and it was totally worth it.

  11. I am thankful we get to find out if we’re having a girl baby or a boy baby in less than a week. I cannot handle waiting any longer!

  12. I am thankful I have friends that are NOT embarrassed when I use my own tortilla chips at a restaurant when ordering hummus, babaganoush, and questionable “chunky red Turkish dip”

  13. Motion lights – oh man!

    When I was younger my grandparents had one installed. My brother and I use to play the see who can get closer to the house without setting the light off game for hours…HOURS I tell you.

  14. Hahah love that llama shirt. Morning run (or spin classes) make me happy! I got in a 10 miler yesterday morning, which is a miracle because I NEVER used to be a morning runner until a few months ago. I’m also thankful for graduation and marathon time in just over a month now!

  15. Ummm nice work on the A.M. 10 miler. I used to get really proud of my 8 milers before work (back in my hard core running days). I loved feeling like a smug badass all day! I’m thankful that I was able to leave my APT and return to work today, even if the commute included a cold sweat and a near fainting incident on the subway.. Not thankful that I am most likely going to have to skip out on running the half I’m signed up for at the end of the month. Not sure these lungs will be ready for 13.1 in 15 dayz. WHAT HEALTHY 29 YR OLD GETS PNEUMONIA?!

  16. I don’t see a hint of Ashley-Judd-style-puff there! 😉

    I am thankful for being able to sleep in today. I am thankful for my appointment with my trainer today, or else I wouldn’t feel like dedicating 30 minutes to core-killing goodness.

    Sidenote: Watching Rachael Ray right now & she is making tzatiki sauce! In case you feel like being all domestic 😉

  17. Yeah for happy running Ali!! Obviously that is the first thing I’m thankful for today. I get the pissed off Crohnsy Ali (trust me I *get* it) but I like happy running Ali. That Ali makes me want to get up and run so I an try and be as happy. (Confession: It usually works cause I’m on top of the world today)

    Had an early conference call so I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in a training run (Week 6 of training to run a 5K) but I dragged my butt out of bed and pulled on my long sleeved UA shirt and some capri’s, grabbed a dog/leash and hit the road. These were the longest intervals I’ve done and I wasn’t sure I could do them but I did and I was even pretty consistent so my garmin wasn’t screaming at me like normal to slow down or speed up. Yeah!!!

  18. Most of my past thankful Thursday comments have mentioned food. I will not break that streak. I am thankful for a double dose of free food today – lunch at my favorite all day breakfast place, and then pizza for dinner. I’m thankful for getting my lazy butt out of bed for a good 9 miles this morning. I’m thankful for pretty purple sweaters that are Christmas gifts from cousins. I’m thankful for good stretching that clears out some pain. Not all, but a lot. I’m thankful for the distance between me and some of the people I work with because if I could reach them I surely would have my hands around their throats. Hmm…can’t end on a negative thankful like that. I am thankful for my 5K coming this weekend – and that I get to go to the Boston Marathon expo to pick my stuff up for it! (Yes, I’m doing the Boston…5K)

  19. I am thankful that I am home in Ireland right now, for the first time in 18mths. WWWOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! ps- that llama t shirt is tres cool

  20. I’m thankful for mangos. I had one with dinner last night and it made me feel like I was in a tropical place, even if it was just for a second. I’m also thankful for being smart and taking Marathon Monday off to watch the runners! I can’t wait to make a sign! Maybe I’ll add glitter a la Ali!

  21. I also love that llama shirt! How cute! And I love Target, good pick! I am very thankful that I am tapering this week and that my marathon will soon be here! I’m only thankful for that because the sooner it comes, the sooner I can lose the nerves. Have a great Thursday!

  22. I’m thankful that even though I live in MA and for some reason do not get Patriots Day/Marathon Monday off like everyone else in the state, I took a vacation day so I can go watch/cheer-like-crazy at the Boston Marathon for the first time. Beyond excited 🙂

    And happy you are finally getting back into those awesome-feel-so-good runs! Yayy for you! If you have any good tips/running routes in NYC I’d love them, I’m visiting my college roommate this weekend (she lives about 2mi south of central park) and am SO excited to run in NYC!!

  23. I am thankful to be running my 3rd half marathon on Sunday and am thankful that Passover ends on Saturday, so I can properly carb-o-load on Saturday night before the half.
    I am thankful I have fall allergies instead of spring.

    I am thankful you do thankful thursdays, its makes me happy on Thursday mornings!

  24. Hmm

    I am thankful I blow dried my hair today.
    I am thankful for iced coffee.
    I am thankful that my ferritin is low so I have a reason to be tired.
    I am thankful that I made it through my tempo yesterday and didn’t become a head case.
    I am thankful for tulips.
    I am thankful for Robin’s Eggs.

  25. I’m thankful a long stretch of stressful weeks at work are coming to an end soon. It’s like I’m nearing the finish line of a race, I’ve got nothing left in me and I want to vomit, but the balloons are in my sights. And they’re so, so, pretty.

  26. Aaahahahahaha. Home Toilet. Wow.

    SATURDAY WOOP. Can’t believe you and Dori are moving on the same day! Kindly alert me if you need help color-coding, organizing, or alphabetizing. I AM REALLY GOOD AT ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    Today I’m grateful my legs are sore. It means I worked hard yesterday.

  27. 10 miles before work? That is awesome and impressive, and your splits are fantastic. Love the bear picture your dad took. And I too love Home Depot these days (as you know since I saw you there). And OMG your tan! Ha!

    I am thankful to be moving out of an apartment with dead cockroaches lying around and into a nice, clean, new one on Saturday.

    I am thankful to have all my clothes and things in one place, inside actual closets.

    I am thankful to have tomorrow off work to do all the things I still need to do.

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