Ali On The Ride (Plus A Legwarmer Giveaway!)

OMG hi.

Today, I rode a bike.

Not a spin bike. A real bike, with those curly-looking handlebars and real gears that shift.

It was awesome.

Look at that form. It's stellar. Stellar Feller. Bike riding. Cool. And yeah, of course the photo is blurry, because I was going SO FAST.

I hope you are prepared to hear every single detail about my morning ride.

So remember on Monday when the hip/knee/shin/cholera doctor told me that maybe I should chill on the running slightly for a few days and engage in some lower-impact activities? As much as I wanted to slap and dismiss him, I decided to take his advice. He has a medical degree and, I know this is shocking, I do not. (I did, however, minor in Spanish, so if you need a translation for some Enrique Iglesias music, I can help you out. In fact, I’ll help you right now: Enrique is saying, “I love you, Ali, let’s dance, let’s shimmy, mambo, passion.” Always. That’s what he’s always saying.)

What was I talking about?

Don’t run today, be able to run forever. I swear I repeat this to myself 600 times a day. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes I call random strangers and whisper it over the phone.


No. I don’t do that. Anymore.

I love spinning, you know this about me. I love making my legs get all whirly in a dark, sweaty room with loud music. Really, I dig it. It’s a workout I’m very much on board with.

But the Wednesday morning spin class at my convenient gym is the one with the crazy instructor I’m not so fond of, and now that it’s springtime it hurts me to think that I can’t be outside in the morning.

The solution?

Rent a bike.

Isn't she lovely? I took her for a walk last night, before we were ready to get serious.

When I started dating Brian, I knew he was a cyclist. I thought that was cool, though I had no desire to straddle a bike myself. I’d stick to running, and he could engage in the groin-busting activities. All set with that, thanks.

Then Brian started running with me, and that was great, but now he’s back on the bike, training for a century ride (100 miles!) in June.

And lately, Brian has been suggesting I take my quads from the spin studio to the open roads. I believe his exact quote was, “For what you’ve been spending at SoulCycle, you could have bought a real bike by now.”

He thinks he’s good at advertising, but I see a future career in finance for him.

Last night I went to a bike shop conveniently located around the corner from my apartment, and I was all, “Hi, I want to ride a bike.”

The customer service man asked if I wanted a “hybrid or a something else I forget” and I said I wanted the one with the skinny tires and the fun handlebars. He found one that was cool and then brought me outside to “hop on.”

This is my bike. Here she is getting acquainted with the foam roller.

Let’s get serious for a second: I’ve been riding bikes my whole life. I grew up as part of a very active family, and we all had mountain bikes and we used to ride them all the time. We’d go camping and one time we went on a crazy bike ride through a river and my dad had to drag me through the water on my bike because I was small and really, Dad, biking through a river? That was a weird day, but I survived it. Becky, you remember this, right?

So I’m not afraid of biking by any means. I’m quite comfortable on a bike.

But these bikes are different. I didn’t plan to ride with the clip-in shoes, but I was still nervous about popping a tire (they’re so skinny!) and shifting gears, since the gears look and feel totally different than the ones I’m used to up in New Hampshire with the big bikes.

Also, riding in Central Park didn’t terrify me, but getting there, on the crazy NYC streets with the cars and pedestrians and runners who don’t look both ways before crossing the street — that was overwhelming to me.

I told the bike shop man I didn’t need to ride around his little bike shop area and that I’d “figure it out in the morning.” He seemed super confident that I wasn’t going to crash his bike. He also delivered the most dramatic eye roll of all time when I asked him if my helmet was adjusted OK and if it “looked cool,” when apparently I had it on backwards.

My bad.

Now I know.

One of these helmets is mine and one is Brian's. I will let you do the guessing.

The hardest part of the whole experience ended up being getting the bike into my apartment. I had to carry it up the building stairs, get it through the two double doors in the entryway and then up another flight of stairs and into my apartment that is currently a mess of boxes and crap. I’d say that entire process took roughly 16 minutes.

Around 9:30 PM — prime darkness time in NYC — I packed a little backpack and brought the bike outside to ride the 10ish blocks to Brian’s apartment. I was nervous at first since I still didn’t really understand how the shifting of the gears would work, but Brian said to just “ride with traffic and be careful.” So I did that.

And hey, 2nd Avenue subway construction, thanks for being so fun to ride around. That was cool.

I made it to Brian’s in one piece, though, and I was on an immediate biker’s high.

I loved it.

I was so excited to go to sleep and wake up and do a real ride.

Here I am carrying the bike up Brian's stairs.

Now we can talk about the actual bike ride. Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this point. I’m really excited. Bikes! Cycling!

Today was an “active recovery day” for Brian, so it was the perfect time for me to tag along. I basically said I just wanted to follow him, get comfortable and cruise around the park for a while. Of course breaking a sweat would be a nice bonus, but mostly I wanted to be hanging out outside, taking in Central Park a little differently than normal.

Brian hooked me up with front and rear lights and adjusted my helmet so I was all secure. I wore way more layers than I would while running, and I’m glad I did — that wind is chilly on the bike!

Ready to ride!

I don’t have cool bike riding clothes. I wore compression socks, capris, shorts OVER my capris, and a bunch of layers on top. Most of my clothes are packed for the move. This stuff worked just fine, even if I don’t look legit.

So then we started to ride. I followed Brian and he was very helpful with his hand signals and his instructions. He’d tell me when to start moving over and gave me plenty of notice before turns. So Brian, I guess if advertising doesn’t work out, and then the finance thing doesn’t work out, you can be a cycling instructor! You’re good at it.

As soon as we turned into Central Park I felt like a kid on Christmas and Hanukkah, which is accurate because growing up I celebrated both. Not because I’m greedy — because my parents had “mixed religions” and were diverse.

I had little fears — that I’d be the slowest rider out there, that I’d get in someone’s way, that I’d turn a runner into a speed bump — but they were eased pretty immediately. Biking is not as scary as I thought. It took me a a full loop of the park to get comfortable shifting gears, but eventually that started to feel second-nature, too.

I don't know if this is good form. I DO know that my outfit is uncool.

I loved the downhills and the flat parts, and I was psyched that each time I went up Cat Hill I was faster than the time before. I also didn’t find Harlem Hill terribly challenging, which is cool, but I also wasn’t breaking world records blazing up it.

I didn’t have the clippy shoes or cages for my feet, so Brian was constantly telling me to adjust my feet. Apparently I was riding too much with the pedal under my arches instead of under the balls of my feet. Or the other way around? I don’t know. I forget. I’m a terrible listener.

But what I do know?

I had a stinkin’ blast riding around Central Park this morning, and now I really want to own a bike. I’m sad I have to return my Trek to the store tonight.

Riding with Brian was also a great way to catch up. We’ve had a crazy busy couple of weeks and haven’t seen too much of each other, so it was fun to ride together and chat.

By “chat” I basically mean I was asking, “Is my form OK?” every two seconds, and Brian responded by singing lines from “Party Rock Anthem.” I guess our relationship works because we are such good communicators. Always on the same page.

Thanks for teaching me how to cycle, Coach Brian! You're hired. You are allowed to buy me a bike now. I would be OK with that. Thank you in advance.

We ended up covering 18 miles in a little over an hour. I don’t know if that’s good. It was a recovery day for Brian, so I’m going to go ahead and assume I am a “slow and/or average rider.”

I didn’t get back to my apartment smeared in sweat like after a hard run, but I did feel giddy happy and all blissed out and stuff. Plus, biking was way easier on my stomach. Even though I’m mostly back to “whatever normal is” in that area, sitting on a bike is much gentler on the insides than running. On the crotch-area? Not so much. Ouch.

It was fun doing several loops of the park and getting to see so much, though, despite the bit of crotchal pain. Definitely a nice change of pace that I would love to make part of my regular routine.

Question: Does anyone have, like, $1,000 I can borrow so I can buy a fancy bike? Also, I won’t really be borrowing it, because I don’t intend to pay you back. Let me know! Great, thanks.

And now, because I am clearly in a wonderful mood (Remember when I was a crazy bitch on steroids? That was fun for everyone!), how about another giveaway?

It’s chilly in NYC today, so maybe, regardless of where you’re located, you’d like some legwarmers to keep you cozy?


I love these legwarmers. They’re wicked soft and cozy and they are obviously stylish because they have multicolored polka dots on them. They are new, unworn, sweat-free and straight-up delightful. They are also versatile, as you can see. You can wear them running. You can wear them to and from the gym. You can wear them to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. You can wear them to an ’80s-themed party. You can definitely wear them to a black-tie wedding.

Want ’em? Let me know.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell me you want the legwarmers. That’s easy enough, right? I’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 AM. Good luck!

BONUS ENTRY: If you buy me a bike, you automatically win the legwarmers. Such a good deal, I know.



217 Responses

  1. I totally want the legwarmers! I would wear them to my college dance audition in two weeks to bring me good luck. Love this blog. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Clearly needing legwarmers for my barre class addiction and to make half marathon training that much more awesome!

  3. I didn’t know legwarmers existed post-80’s until I started reading your blog! You must get them at some exclusive store and I’m too lazy to find it, so I hope I can just win these.

  4. I’d love the legwarmers! I also think your comments should learn the word legwarmers. It is clearly an important word in the aliontherunblog dictionary and definitely should not be red-underlined. Just saying.

  5. There are three reasons I want the legwarmers. First, today on my run it was 45 degrees (FINALLY WARM) and I was thinking I want to wear shorts… but I did not want to be cold… legwarmers would have solved that problem. Second, I hate shaving my legs and it is light out sort of in the mornings so my leg hair might freak people out and with legwarmers I still don’t need to shave. Third, I already wear my hair in a side pony tail on my runs sometimes so I’ve already got the 80 fab going

  6. I want leg warmers!!!!! I also want to look as awesome in a bike helmet as you guys do! Biking sounds fun! I miss the warm weather we are having the Cleveland decided to replace with snow today. Hopefully soon we will all be biking happily!

  7. I’d love those legwarmers, partly because they’re adorable, and partly because I want to see the confused look on my boyfriend’s face. I can hear it now… “Are those socks that don’t go down all the way? Pants that don’t go up all the way?”

  8. How tall are you? I’m actually thinking about selling my 2007 Trek Madone WSD for an upgrade (I’m moving somewhere flat and might switch to a TT bike, since I do triathlons). The hitch is that I’m in the Midwest, and I have no idea what it costs to ship a bike.

    1. That’s so awesome of you to offer! Though I think I’d probably end up paying more to ship it than I would to buy one here in the city. Thank you though! Very cool.

  9. I want to win the leg warmers because it’s still cold in Upstate NY, but I wear shorts regardless!

    You look so speedy on that bike!

  10. Ali:

    I found your blog after reading about Emily’s blog in Fitness magazine. I LOVE the legwarmers–even my 8 year old likes them!!

  11. I would love some polka dot leg warmers please!

    I am actually going to look for a bike tomorrow. I have my eye on a Trek. Do you know what model you were riding?

    Love your blog!

    1. I have no idea what model it was. I was too busy putting my helmet on backwards. I’m sorry! I’m no help.

  12. Those legwarmers are awesome! I want.
    It was cold (well, whatever we consider “cold” in the South) in Nashville today too!

  13. I LOVE POLKA DOTS. Yes, that needed to be in all-caps because I really want those legwarmers.

    Also, I now want a bike, too. Even though the last time I rode a bike (in college) I somehow forgot to brake and completely freaked out. I could re-learn though, right? Maybe?

  14. What a coincidence…I pulled out my bike for the first time in 2 years today. Legwarmers would be awfully nice on my commute to work 🙂

  15. Hey Ali! I would LOVE your leg warmers! And I have a VERY random question.. but I’m a runner and I want to do a marathon one day. Do they give medals out to everyone or just the first couple of people? I thought you might know since you are a marathoner! 🙂

  16. Aw you are so cute!! 🙂
    Well, obviously I want the legwarmers!! 😉 I tried to get someone to buy me some for Christmas but apparently NO ONE sells them… 😛
    Anyways they are pretty cool.
    …And I wouldn’t worry about not looking cool while biking. I rarely look cool when I’m biking. My main focus is STAYING WARM! Seriously? Why is everything so much colder biking??? Grr.

  17. Those legwarmers are awesome! I just gave away my bike. Riding it made me and my vagina want to cry. Too much? Sorry!

  18. My husband is a cyclist and I’ll go riding with him occasionally and feel really badass. But I still have to holler up at him when we approach a hill to ask which gears I should be moving where!
    “The gear on the left!”
    “RIGHT?!” LEFT?”
    “Big or small!”
    “Okay. Hill’s over. Now what?”
    That is what our conversations sound like when we bike ride.
    More power to you Feller.
    Oh yeah, I would not mind polka dotted legwarmers either.

  19. Gears, schmears. Just do what I do and never change gears. Some people say I’m stuck in a “hard” gear, I say it is making me stronger!! My only fear is that if I ever accidentally change gears I’m screwed.
    I think I need the warmers just so that my pants don’t get caught in my chain and send me flying.
    Bike expert right here.

  20. I am just starting to ride as well. I got a fancy (aka expensive) bike a few years back and have only ridden a few times. Thsi will be the year (especially if I win the leg warmers!)

  21. I’d love a pair of legwarmers! Polka dots are my favorite too! I haven’t worn a pair since I was a kid, but I feel like once I get a pair they’ll become my gateway legwarmers and I’ll start wearing legwarmers everywhere.
    I’m planning to start biking a few times a week with my husband, he loves it and his knees hate running. I don’t have a fancy bike, but my little diamondback and I have been together for a long time now and she’s still kicking.

  22. Who wouldn’t want legwarmers?! I sure do! You could buy my bike for less than $1000.. it’s 3 sizes too large and almost has ape hangers, you know, like a motorcycle. It’s awesome… 🙂

  23. I’m pretty sure, with these leg warmers, I will meet my future husband. They’re definitely necessary for husband hunting while sweating.

  24. I ride my bike in the mornings and even now during spring it can still be in the high 30s or low 40s at 7am. I, of course, don’t own ‘biking gear’, but I have lots of running gear! So I wear my winter running tights on my bike. Sadly, my calves still get really cold. I looked all over the nabe (uws), but I couldn’t find any leg warmers I liked. So I took an old pair of those super soft and fuzzy socks (mine are neon green) and cut the toes off. Presto: instant leg warmers – just don’t look too closely. Give me some leg warmers or at least tell me where to buy them!

  25. I’ve never owned leg warmers before. I would like them, plz. Thanks.

    Also, riding a bike looks like so much fun. I haven’t done it in years… except at the gym. Just got to get my priorities straight.

  26. Ooh ooh ooh! I was just thinking the other day how I truly need a nice pair of leg warmers if it’s going to continue to be all ’80 degrees one day, 12 degrees the next’ while I train 🙂 These are adorable!

  27. I would like those leg warmers so that I can look super cool while smoking my ex boyfriend in the same race we’re running next weekend and reminding him of what he is missing.

  28. I want them! They are so cute and polka-dotty!

    Glad you had a successful bike ride – sounds like a lot of fun.

  29. I love the leg warmers and I want them! It will help me live out the fantasy that I am a star dancer of the 1980’s. Send me them, and I’ll include the picture of my 5-year-old dancer self in a neon and silver outfit, complete with blue eyeshadow and a mullet, to convince you this was my lifelong dream. You know you want to see that dynamite image!

    I echo everyone’s recommendations about getting a bike on craigslist; you can find some gems.

  30. I love, love, love legwarmers and those are adorable!!! Without a doubt, I would be the snazziest person running through my neighborhood.

  31. I would love to wear these legwarmers to a wedding I’m attending this Saturday! What great timing for your giveaway.

  32. I am dreaming of the day I can ride outside again. 18 mph for first time out, without clipless pedals, is definitely speedy!!! Of course I want legwarmers. I wore them all winter to cover my fabulous scar. And draw attention to said scar!

  33. I would love to have those legwarmers for running in the spring and fall when it is still just a little chilly. I HATE running tights. They are just not comfortable!

  34. Awesome ride! I think 18 miles in an hour-ish is speedy, but I’m the one crawling at 12 mph through city traffic (or, let’s be honest, 6 mph up a San Francisco hill) so I’m probably not the best judge.

    Also, heck yeah I want some legwarmers!

  35. I want the leg warmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I love bike riding in CP, such a high. and to the bridges up and down the west side highway.

  36. I would love to win the legwarmers. And I’m super afraid of road bikes. The tires are so skinny. If I hit a bump, I’d be flying over the handlebars.

  37. I have been obsessed with legwarmers since I started reading your blog last fall/winter. We don’t have a lot of selection here in the South, so I would love to win these!

  38. I want those! It’s cold up here in Toronto. Leg warmers would make my life so much better. Plus I work in the arts and can wear such pretty things in the office.

  39. leg warmers please please…
    cute post… i can’t imagine riding a bike on the streets of NY City.. i have only been once and it made me very nervous…

  40. I LOVE legwarmers! and these ones are super cute and fun! 🙂 i’m jealous of your bike riding escapade….my bike has a flat tire so I can’t ride it :/

  41. Love you’re blog. You crack me up, daily. My co-workers even look at me funny because I sit at my desk laughing at my computer.

    My co-workers also make fun of me for wearing leg warmers. I guess they haven’t received the memo on how awesome / comfortable leg warmers are. I need to remind them that we live in Wisconsin and it is cold here. Leg warmers and the occasional two pairs of pants are a must!

    I “borrowed” more like stole my moms bike last year. I have used it a grand total of once. She keeps asking for it back, but I refuse. I bought a helmet and everything. I swear, one of these days I am going to ride it to and from work. After reading todays blog, it will be sooner

  42. You two are so cute! Legwarmers would be fabulous, given it’s gone from 70 to 30 degrees in the last few days – and the polka dots make them look SUPER FAST! I am currently recovering from a 3 hour bike ride which rocked my world- it was so much fun, but learn from my mistakes – if you’re going to start riding a lot, invest in some really good cycling shorts. Otherwise the ‘crotchal pain’ goes from slightly uncomfortable to DEFCOM 1.

  43. Ali! I want the legwarmers! Polka dots are my favorite!

    Ps…I ride a Cannondale Synapse Feminine 7 bike that I absolutely love, and when I bought it, it was the previous year’s model so it was decently priced! I’d check some of your local bike shops for older models They are often priced better (as in more affordable) and ride just as good!

  44. I’d love to win these. I don’t own any cause hubs thinks they look silly and I can’t justify buying them on our tiny budget when I have perfectly fine tall socks. But if I won them, i’d wear them all the time!

  45. Ha! I always have wanted to learn to ride (okay, like you I know how to ride a bike, but more like the type I had when I was 12), but NYC streets scare me and I’m afraid of getting to central park so have never bothered to pay even for a rental!

  46. Wow, even I want to buy a bike after reading that 😉 I DO have one, but it’s not a cycling bike like that one! How much was it to rent?! Guess I could google it too, huh? Sounds like an awesome morning! And good luck to Brian on the century ride. wow!

    1. Most places in NYC were like $15 for an hour or $60/day. Not terrible, especially if you just want to test it out before investing!

  47. I just moved to the west side and have been running on the West Side Highway every morning! I think the polka dots would be great addition to the West Side! I promise to get them nice and sweaty.

  48. I want the legwarmers! I’m about to transItion onto a bike too! I can imagine my attempt won’t be as successful!

  49. Who DOESN’T love polka dots? Legwarmers are the best!! And cycling! Though I only cruised around CP on my hybrid when I lived there, not on a fancy-schmancy road bike! You are the coolest.

  50. Yay legwarmers, I’d love them!
    I’d also love a bike…I’m super scared of riding it on the streets in Chicago, but it seems like such a fun and convenient way to get around!

  51. Hi! I would love the legwarmers — they’ll help me look as cool as you on the bike! 🙂

    so glad you loved cycling as much as I thought you would (I’m the one who tweeted about being #soexcited). it’s the BEST – i always start out nervous, and end up high on endorphins, or maybe just on feeling like a kid again. WHEE!

  52. I want to win the legwarmers because it took me 5 minutes to put on my compression socks yesterday, and those look easier and more fun to wear. (I know legwarmers do not equal compression socks, but I don’t care).

  53. I’m trying to get over my NYC biking fear. (Drivers are ruthless and I’m uncoordinated = bad combination). Glad to hear it was a good time for you!

    Oh and I sure would love those legwarmers! The legwarmer society (Is there such a thing? There should be.) should absolutely pay you royalties because I am now a legwarmer fan strictly because of you!

  54. Good morning! I would love those leg warmers – they look super cozy (and fashionable, duh). Also, I’m saving up for a bike too! Mine’s mostly to get around the city (meaning DC) easier though..

  55. Those leg warmers are AMAZING, WANT! They not only remind me of my childhood wardrobe, but also dippin dots, oh sweet ice cream of the future. Its monsooning in LA this morning and nothing sounds better than some cozy, comfy legwarmers.

    Congrats on your biking adventure, sounds like it was a success. I love biking, especially mountain biking, I can’t wait to go in the Sierra Nevadas this summer. And when biking at 11,000+ft what do you need more than oxygen? Really sweet polka dot leg warmers!

  56. You’ve had a taste of cycling and now you can never go back! Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    And don’t worry about not having all of the right gear, you can be a Fred with me 🙂

  57. I also am lately a biker (due to injury that prevents me from running). Sure even though I am old, I would wear your leg warmers and winning something would cheer me up. 🙂

  58. I’m impressed you got on the bike! Riding in Chicago is like taking your life into your own hands…even on the lake front path, I’m always afraid I’m going to take out a roller blader. (I won’t even go into the fact that they’re rollerblading…b/c I’m secretly jealous.)

    ANYWAY, go you! And those legwarmers look super warm…and Chicago’s not super warm at all, so I would LOVE them!

  59. I’m pretty sure those leg warmers would be perfect attire for writing and defending my thesis. In fact, they are so cool they’d probably consider doing it for me. And I definitely would not object to that either.

  60. I love polka dots and buy them whenever I have the opportunity. I’ve also been inspired by your leg warmers since I started reading your blog and have already bought myself two pair – I need to round out my collection with polka dots!

  61. Biking looks like so much fun. I am terrified of doing it in Boston, but I think this summer I need to get over that.

    Also those leg warmers are gorgeous! Would love to rock ’em.

  62. Love, love, love those warmers. I think they would live happily ever after on my legs. Pick me, pick me! (too much?)

  63. I would love the legwarmers! It sounds like you really do need a bike – I probably do too, but who has room for 2 bikes in an NYC apartment?

  64. Legwarmers – yes!
    I used to ride my bike around and around my block when I was a kid. It took me a long time to get used to a particularly tight turn on one end of my block – I wiped out a few times there. I was banned from the bike for a week at some point so my scratched up knees could finally get better.
    I made a half-assed attempt at training for a duathlon once. I bought a Trek (still in my basement). I insisted on using the clip in shoes, but was so horribly uncoordinated that my rides would go well, but when it came time to stop, I’d crash. One time I finally figured out how to coordinate stopping, but then the leg of my pants got caught in the gears for the chain! I came crashing down to the side – like a cartoon. Ladies walking in the park pushing their kids in strollers asked me if I were okay. 🙂
    I should get the bike out again, but I do not miss saddle soreness.
    Have fun on your bike!

  65. Good for you for braving the NYC streets! I’m scared to ride around DC…and so my beautiful road bike has been sitting untouched in my bedroom for almost TWO years. Maybe I’ll take it out this weekend…
    PS: I want those legwarmers!

  66. Ah love bid riding! My boyfriend also got me into the sport and (however, he is a super hardcore cyclist..not I…YET) I actually bought a fancy-schmancy road bike from an online shop called and it was just about $450 with shipping and everything!! According to my boyfriend it has all the same specs and components as the normal Trek bicycles its just cheaper because it doesn’t say “Trek” on it! Really and it turned out to be a GREAT investment! I’ve already done 2 duathlons on it and it has been worth every penny. I know i also couldn’t afford a 1000 dollar bike and this is perfect so definitely check out that website and women’s road bike!! good luck! ps love to read your blog- you make me lol at my computer

  67. Isn’t it so fun that you can go so much further faster on a bike as compared to running. And it’s a bit more enjoyable too. I still love my long runs more than my bike rides, but riding is definitely a good supplement to running.

    Oooh and the legwarmers are sooo fun!!!! Loooove polka dots!!! Put me in to win em please:)))

  68. I loved reading about your riding adventures!! I am an amateur rider who takes their mountain bike out on the road and thinks she’s badass (read, she’s not). I go on 15 mile rides but the mountain bike is SO SLOW, I desperately want a road bike! But in consolation, I would love a pair of leg-warmers 🙂

  69. So cute! I want some pokey-dots!

    PS – you should definitely consider saving up for a road bike. Not only are they super fun (there really is such this as biker’s high!), but I have seen a huge improvement in my running since I’ve started riding outdoors. Helps strengthen your glutes or something – that helps w/hill running, especially.

  70. The first time I went on a road bike was my triathlon (way to be prepared, Laura.) Every time I turned on the race course, I kept repeating, “Please don’t fall over! Please don’t fall over!”
    PS. I want the legwarmers! I was thinking of you and your legwarmers this morning when I was freezing my legs off in shorts at 6AM.

  71. Me! Me! Me! I want them!

    P.S. Check Craigslist for a bike deal – my bf got me hooked on biking a few summers ago and helped me find an awesome slightly loved bike 🙂

  72. Great job on the ride, Ali! Lines from party rock anthem can be a response to just about any question..

    I want the legwarmers!!!

  73. it just so happens that i DO have a black tie wedding this weekend…soooo looks like im in the greatest need of these bad boys! just sayin…

  74. Nice job on the bike! You should try the clip in pedals. Scary at first but worth it!

    If you’re going to wear legwarmers, they should be fun, right? I love these!

  75. I have been wanting to come and steal your legwarmers for months..maybe you should just give this pair to me and we will call it good. OH and Bri can buy me a bike too. 🙂

  76. I totally need leg warmers. I rode a bike recently with a kiddo I work with. I was afraid, and my bike didn’t have break. I should have been afraid

  77. I want them! Very jealous of your bike riding — I’m a horrible bike rider and fall all the time (if I manage to get moving at all), but I really want to get better!!

  78. It’s definitely time I add leg warmers to my wardrobe. They will so perfectly match all of my neon 🙂

    Glad you aren’t scared of biking anymore; what a natural!

  79. I want them! Very cute. I rented a bike a few years ago and rode the loop and was TERRIFIED at every down hill, so I went as slow as I could. I am really bad on wheels down hills, as evidenced by a traumatic rollerblading story as well.

    1. Dori, we have to take care of this fear. Biking is the best. I know because I steal my boyfriend’s sister’s bike constantly and ride around CP. It sounds ridiculous, but the best part is just GOING WAY FASTER THAN YOU CAN EVER GO BY RUNNING.

      Oh, and duh. I want those legwarmers. Me, please. Or, you know, whoever wins. 😉

      And Dori! Bike date!

  80. That’s awesome! I LOVE biking too (and can’t afford a gym, so that’s a plus) and biking in NYC is the best! You can go such cool places on a bike that would be too far to run to. My favorite is the time my Dad and I biked to Far Rockaway.
    Oh, yeah. I would love the legwarmers! Polka dots are totally my thing.

  81. awwwww

    Love legwarmers, is a fancy way to cover your legs and grab people atention, without shouting: look at me or get out of my way
    the legwarmers do all the work.

  82. I want the leg warmers!!!! I’d buy you a bike, but unfortunately I didn’t win the lottery last week.

    Let me repeat, for good measure… I REALLY… really want the leg warmers.

  83. The first time I got on a real bike and not a spin bike I had the same reaction. OMG THIS IS SO FUN AND I CAN FEEL THE WIND GIVING ME WINDBURN ON MY FACE.
    I also got pulled over by cops the first time I rode on the streets. Because apparently even if there is zero traffic, you still have to stop at the red lights. whatever.

    Love the polka dot legwarmers. Want!

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