Making A Bad Day A Good Day (Plus A Very Sweaty Giveaway!)

I woke up this morning with the sun, and by “the sun” I mean “my stomach went ape shit at 5 AM, long before the sun rose, and so I got up.”

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Or should that say “happy morning and Good Friday?” Also Passover.

So today started the same way yesterday ended: in a blind fit of uncontrollable, angsty ‘roid rage. Who’s tired of hearing about it by now? Oh right, me too. But stick with me, or I’ll punch you square in the neck.

Back on track: I woke up wanting to work out but knowing I should not run. I’ve still got the leg pain, in spite of another glorious ART session last night.

This is a flattering photo of my leg during the electric stimulation process of my ART session. It makes me all twitchy and I like it.

And a solution presented itself! Spinning! At my gym! Not an expensive SoulCycle class, not a far trek from my apartment. Just a simple “pack your bag and go” class conveniently located between my home and my office. Brilliance! Good morning!

I packed my lunch (I’m so awesome at that now — it’s going on two days in a row, so please give me a medal and back pats), threw some jeans and a T-shirt in my bag and stole a seat on the downtown express bus.

Really, I stole a seat. My MetroCard is expired.

The bus ride was jolly and I was at the gym entrance in moments.

But oddly, the gym looked dark. And oddly, there was a sign on the front door saying “We are closed for renovations.”


Sometimes I angry Tweet before 6 AM for no one's benefit but my own. Sorry about that.


You can imagine what this did for the perky mood I was trying to set for the day.

I stewed outside the gym door for a minute and weighed my options.

I wasn’t going to go back home. Going back uptown would be stupid, and what would I do there? I couldn’t run, because it would hurt, and I’m trying to be smart for at least one hour out of every day moving forward. I also didn’t want to go to the office at 6 AM because, really, why would I do that?

But then I was like, “Hark! Alas there is a Crunch Gym just a bit further downtown! And HARK again! I bet they have a morning spin class!”

I took out my handy smart phone which is, indeed, quite smart, looked up the gym’s location, learned that it just opened, and it did happen to have a 6:45 AM spin class.


That’s “Thank F-ing God or I was going to be super pissed” in Spanish.

So I got back on the bus, took it two more stops south and found myself at a very fancy Crunch. Apparently Crunch just took over this former Club H location, and it is swank, man. I felt like a cool Equinox member, only paying a fraction of the price.

This is the entrance to the locker rooms. Yeah, I took a photo. I was THAT excited.

But yeah, about the way this morning was going.

I got myself to a gym, which was great despite it not being my original plan. I often don’t do well with change. I didn’t really understand the sign-up process for the spin class, the people at the gym seemed like they woke up for a fashion show or speed dating rather than a workout, and I was in unfamiliar territory.

I kept saying, “It’s just the drugs. This mood will pass. It’s OK to let every single thing in this pretty little world piss you off to the point of bat swinging.”

I put my stuff in the locker room and looked at the fancy showers.


“Those are nice,” I thought. “A post-workout shower in there will cheer me up.”

I wanted — needed — a personal win today, and not a win granted upon me by someone else. I needed to work for something on my own and achieve the shit out of it so that, in the end, I could unabashedly give myself all the credit in the world.

I’ve let so much bring me down this week, and while I’d love to place blame on the Prednisone cruising through my bloodstream, I know there comes a point where I need to just take control and maybe tame my emotions a bit. That point came this morning.

This morning, I went for the personal win.

I couldn't find a 6 AM knife skills class, so instead this happened.

This morning, I did my 5-minute plank.


I imagined doing my 5-minute plank on a stage with an audience, under a disco ball with music playing and motivational clips from Center Stage dancing around me. When the stopwatch reached the 5-minute mark, Celine Dion would emerge in full sequined attire, serenading me, while a photographer snapped my photo to be framed for all and included in the presidential holiday card. Or in a Playbill somewhere, maybe.

Instead, I propped myself on my forearms, started the timer and just hung out for a while. I didn’t have any music to listen to (my headphones were “reserving” my spin bike) and I didn’t bother reading Tweets on my phone to pass the time. I just planked.

By the 3:30 mark, I felt solid.

When the clock reached 4:00, I started to shake.

At 4:15 things were burning, and then, magically, I had planked for five full minutes.

I came down and there was no photographer. No Celine. No fanfare.

Just me, my happily exhausted core and a New Year’s Resolution crossed off the list.

I went into the spin class — which was being taught by my all-time least favorite instructor — with a new mindset:

As my wise friend Celine would say, "A new day has come."

A few things didn’t go exactly as planned this morning. Big deal.

I have the whole rest of the day to be awesome. And I’m the only one who can control that.

With one plank — one goal — my mood improved immensely. Maybe it’s silly, and maybe it’s childish, but it worked for me.

I spun my heart out, worked up a great morning sweat, and practically pranced to work for the first time all week. My office is closing at 1 PM today for the various holidays. I really can’t complain about things. Also, the sun is out. Also I’m moving soon.

Also this:

Do you need a translation? I thought you might. It says "Shape mountain is pretty." The word "mountain" used to have an "L" in it, but I believe it was removed in 1994.

Yes, First Grade Ali created “Shape Mountain,” and she thought it was pretty. Nay, she knew it was pretty. My question is, what did Mrs. Lapree think? Because I can only see her comment as far as “You think up the…”

Fill in the blank…

  • …most creative things.
  • …best mountains.
  • …dumbest shit.

Finally, because I’m in a good mood, how about a little giveaway, just for the heck of it?

Stick not included. It's merely a prop.

Who wants it?

UP FOR GRABS: One long-sleeved women’s I Heart Sweat shirt, size small, color “rouge.”

TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell me you want it. Tell me something cool. Make me laugh. Whatever you want to do. I won’t make this difficult for you.

GET A SHAMELESS BONUS ENTRY: Cast your vote for Ali On The Run in the Fitness Blog Awards! I’d love to win and in the final days of voting, I’m in second place. So close! Voting takes a minute, but if you cast yours, leave an additional comment to let me know and you’ve got yourself an extra entry.

From Young Ali & the Crayola Easter Bunny, have a wonderful weekend!

No really, Mom, that hairstyle was a GREAT idea. I'm going to recreate it later. I swear.

Take good care of yourselves, friends. And if you’re having a crappy day, you’ve got plenty of time to turn it around.



378 Responses

  1. I want a shirt because I want to show off my love of all things sweaty and inspire other people to get sweaty, too! Please make more shirts!

  2. I’d love an I {heart} sweat shirt, because not only do I love to sweat…. runners in Austin, TX need to see these! So cute! I’d love to show off your shirts and convince my running and gym buddies they need one! 🙂

  3. Hopefully it isn’t too late! Or you could put an extra shirt up for grabs just for me!

    I want this shirt so that I can “represent” sweating all the way in France! I moved here last year (Im from Canada), and people constantly compare me to a hamster (in it’s round running thingy) because I run.
    People here don’t run and train in a gym, they do sports (mainly soccer and handball, bleh).
    Ill proudly wear this shirt when I run around this beautiful lake,, MUCH better than downtown Montreal!

    Oh, and I bet I would get a kick out of frenchies trying to read the shirt. «Sweat? Vat iz sweat? A city?» (referring to the I <3 NY tourist shirts).

    That's why I should win the shirt! (It could be shipped to Montreal instead of France, how convenient!)

    On a side note, congrats on your blog! Your writing style is great and you're very inspirational. I hope that you will fully recover soon to kick some marathon butt!

  4. I love this shirt! I want to wear it the weekend I go to Chicago in October to run my first marathon! 😀

  5. I would LOVE the sweat shirt. Mainly because I am an international reader and have not been able to buy one! This may make me illegible for winning the prize I have just realised… But I’ve typed the comment now so what the heck! I would really love it!

  6. I want it. Interesting note: you have made me want 16 Handles froyo so badly that I have actually inquired about franchise opportunities in my area… primarily so I can eat the yogurt myself.

  7. Give me that GOD DAMN T-SHIRT or else!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Sort of.

    No I really want it because the rouge will be perfect to accent my cherry lip gloss. And then I will bring all the boys to the yard. Duh.

  8. Hi Ali! I have been following your blog for many a month, and I just love reading about your latest adventures. I would love to win the shirt, and I am running my fourth half-marathon in May. I would definitely wear the shirt during the half-marathon, and send you a picture! I am hoping to break 2 hours for the first time. Hope you have a great day!

  9. Ali- I just want you to know that, as I was siting here reading all your blogs that I missed this week while I was out of town, my dog came in and puked on my bed. But then I got to the part about your teacher’s comment on your artwork, and I laughed until I cried. Really. Thank you for this lovely (as usual) and hilarious post.

  10. I WANT THAT SHIRT! I’m a fairly sweaty person, thus, I need this shirt to let the other people in my yoga class, other runners on the trails, or just people on the subway, that yes, I am sweating and I <3 it.

  11. And I voted for you….I have a good feeling that you’re gonna win that thing….people feel incentive to vote for you when you’re offering them a shirt!! 🙂 just the way it is!

  12. Well I want the I <3 sweat shirt just to wear around and then randomly tell people! BOOYAH I won this awesome shirt! 🙂 And then i might gloat about my running skills. not that I need a shirt to do that! 😉
    Anyways, I hope that you are feeling better.
    And that you had a good easter! 🙂 I know I did…what with all the sugar I thought I was going to barf by noon.
    I didn't.

  13. Spin addict/wannabe runner and I have my first 5K coming up (ack!!) would love to have this to wear!!!

  14. I love that shirt! and I just got back in to running (after various injuries finally healed) so I’d sport it running all around the city =)

  15. I want the shirt!

    I started reading your blog a few months ago when I was doing the Couch to 5K program. I love it — you got my vote!

    Something cool/disgusting/intriguing that I just discovered: there is a 5K this July in Burlington, Vermont called the Ben & Jerry’s Brain Freezer 5K ( A mile and a half in, you have to finish a full pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and then finish the second half of the race. I think this is one of those cases when combining two loves (running and dairy) don’t mix.

  16. Your twitter picture is so gorgeous! Every time I see it, I get so jealous — I want your hair!!!

    And I also would love an I <3 Sweat shirt!!

  17. Voted for you! Although the ticker on fitness hasn’t moved from 401 to 402 yet, and the impatient competitive me is like, c’MON!! 🙂

  18. Yay! How excited would I be to win an I <3 sweat shirt? (A: Very). First, I <3 sweat. Second, my size was all sold out by the time I got to the SBTB trivia night. And Third, I could wear the shirt and pretend I'm as fast as Ali and Emily, and as funny, too! 🙂

  19. Oo I’d love that shirt – just finished my first half marathon and i need some reminders that I still love sweat!

  20. Are you SURE you don’ t have a medium Sweat shirt hiding somewhere? Us Canadians would LOVE some I’m sure 😉

    Congrats on the 5min plank! I can’t even hold one for 2 minutes!

  21. Ever since I got a short sleeved I LOVE SWEAT, I have been wanting long sleeved one also! Love the color also!!! 🙂

  22. I want a pink “I <3 Sweat" shirt very very badly indeed, so this is me entering your contest woo!!! Have a great holiday weekend, Ali!

  23. I want the shirt! Mainly because I am in law school and law school blows. A new shirt would really turn my day/life around!

  24. I tried to order a shirt last time but was too late. I would live to wear this is in my next race and show off my sweat in Philadelphia

  25. I want an I love sweat shirt so when I wear it to work and when my 3rd grade students say “you love sweet?” I can teach them the difference between sweat and sweet…3rd grade Ali would approve I’m sure!!!

  26. I love sweat! Which is a great thing, considering I’ve been having night sweats every night of this pregnancy.

  27. I want to win! Also, since I’m commenting anyway, I love your blog- you are one of the few bloggers i read who can actually really write. Great job on making each post worthwhile and not seeming like your posting cause you have to!

  28. ALI! I’ve been reading your blog for ages (I actually feel like I know you, creepy hey). I’m training for my first half marathon in May and love reading about someone who loves running as much as I do. I also recently had a friend who was diagnosed with Crohn’s so it’s nice to hear about someone who has been able to deal with it so positively. I’d love the shirt, to give to her for some inspiration, but obviously I don’t expect to win, since I’m all the way over in Australia! Keep up the funny posts!

  29. I’m three weeks into sticking to every workout I plan, not making any excuses (including buying boy’s large socks at the Y and stretching them over my feet the day I forgot:)) in an effort to become a runner/”sweater” 🙂 Body Pump and running have become my new friends, despite 24 pins in my legs! I will run my January marathon, and a reminder shirt would make my day:)

  30. Thinga that are cool: spending my Friday. Ight eating chocolate chips out of the freezer after a two hour nap while reading blogs (like yours!) that make me smile. I love sweat and would love that shirt! Hang in there–your positivity is inspiring!

  31. I’ve been wanting one of your I heart Sweat shirts and they are always sold out in a small by the time I want to order! 5 minute plank, so impressive!

  32. I’ve wanted to leave you a comment for a while but for some reason never did. Today’s post encouraged me to finally do so. Here are some of the things I’ve wanted to say:
    1. You are fabulous and so is your blog. I’m fairly new to it but I think you are hilarious. Love the sarcasm.
    2. I have the same obsession with puppies as you do. It’s a total coincidence but my dog is also named Ali and today is her 2nd birthday. She is the best running buddy ever and I love her more than most of the people I know.
    3. I live in Eugene and am running the Eugene Half Marathon (my very first distance race). I was a little sad that you pulled out of the marathon but think you made the best decision for you. I’d love to represent you in Eugene with a I heart sweat shirt since you can’t be here.
    4. You were in first place when I voted for you today. I’ll be sure to vote for you again tomorrow from all of the different computers in my office.
    5. Thank you for your motivation.

  33. I love the shirt – message & color & long sleeves! Ran my first half in March and pray I’ll be able to run for a long, long time!

  34. I would love to rock that sweet sweat shirt b/c I truly sweat a lot.. glad you could find a gym to get to, I really hate when things try to keep me from my workouts, like forgetting socks, or the gym being closed bc they loose power. I once borrowed my male coworkers work socks bc there just would be nothing to stand in my way of a sunny afternoon run!

  35. I would love an I <3 Sweat shirt because I have amnesia and would love a daily reminder to get me out of bed and hit the streets!

    PS totally kidding I do not have amnesia, but would love the shirt!

  36. Pick me because I only have 2 long sleeve dry fit shirts and need to round out my collection 🙂 PLUS I luv my I <3 sweat short sleeved one!

  37. i want, i mean neeeed this shirt.. because really, who doesnt love to sweat?! plus, i ripped a hole in my fav running shirt, so i need a new fav 🙂

  38. I <3 that shirt and would love to be able to where it to PT while I rehab my newly reconstructed ACL because damn it, I am going to work up a sweat getting that knee back into shape. And holy amazing 5-min plank! You are a rock star.

  39. PS – I voted for you a million years ago. And I’m not a size small, but I’d love to share the ‘I heart sweat” love with my amazing BFF. 🙂

  40. Way to go turning your day around! I would love that great shirt because, well, I sweat a TON and it’s a great-lookin’ shirt! Have a very happy weekend!

  41. What up 5 minute plank?!?! Rock on Ali!

    Today I made a bad day a good day by punching things. 🙂 Couldn’t start my weekend without my boxing therapy session!! (have you ever tried boxing? Might be an awesome way to channel the ‘roid rage… just sayin’!)

  42. I Heart Sweat almost as much as I love reading your blog (and that is a lot!) Please make my day and gift me this amazing shirt 🙂

  43. Ali- I won’t try to woo you with a witty line. I just want that shirt because it’s f***ing awesome.

  44. holy mother of comments. I am not going to win, but I will try. This is totally random, but per a recent reference to Full House, don’t you think the word “nerdbomber” should come back? I love DJ. Hope you are resting the leg at this very moment 🙂

  45. Hm. The shirt IS lovely and I would like to add it to my running wardrobe because a) it would make me smile every time I wore it, and b) sending it to me would cause you to send a package to the midwest where we are having a severe package deficit. But, shirt or no shirt, I love the way you write. Thanks for sharing your energy!

  46. Good thing. I just adopted a pretty new kitten. Sad thing. She is extremely timid. Help me!

    A good run will cure this right?

  47. I want to win the shirt cause I just signed up for my first marathon!! It will give me something to look forward to wearing while training!

  48. I want the shirt, because I don’t really heart sweat, but I love the way it makes me feel after. Maybe wearing this shirt will help me appreciate the during part too!

  49. My business writing professor said “You’re not normal, Cassidy.”

    (He was revising my cover letter and letter referring to me inordinate amount of leadership experience, but is was funny regardless.)

  50. Wowee, what fancy pants bathrooms! Looks like a place that wouldn’t be too bad to be when you’re having some Crohn’s issues!

    I’d love to win the shirt. This weekend marks one year since my last double-digit run, and even tho I’m relegated to walking while my leg is (hopefully) fixing itself, I still need everyone to know that I <3 Sweat!

  51. I would love love love love that shirt! I found out 2 weeks ago I am gluten intolerant so life has been a big adjustment recently! Good news is that I’ve already lost 7 lbs and am back on my way towards wearing a small! I think this shirt would be a perfect pick-me-up treat right now and celebration for finally figuring out why I was sick and being on the road to good health!

    Plus I voted for your blog 🙂

  52. I want the shirt! Such a fun color! Sorry about your bad morning. I would have been pissed too! If it makes you feel better I had sinus surgery yesterday so I won’t be able to work out for a while 🙁

  53. I realllllly want the I heart sweat shirt because every time I try to order one they are sold out… Leading me to believe that they really are fabulous! Also, I would Love to wear it in my upcoming half marathon! And lastly, I went to UNH with someone named Deke and I wonder if he is your old flame?! As you can see, I clearly need the shirt!

  54. Ooooh I would love that shirt…and to strike that pose while clutching my “stick” just like that!! I also went to a spin class this morning for the first time in months! It.was.awesome.

  55. Here’s my funny:

    I had just returned from my 6 mile run (sorry….) where I had fallen, skinned my knee, managed to lose my sweaty band in the fall so hair was all over the place, covered in dirt and yes, had stepped (or slipped?) in dog-doo; Darling daughter 5 (she has Down syndrome so this is why it is mostly so cute) comes running up to me as I am crying coming through the door and says with a huge smile on her cute face “MOMMY YOUR BACK, you sinky (stinky) but booful (beautiful) Mommy….” Bad morning turned right around.

    Feel better Ali! 🙂

    Oh and I’d love the shirt it is super cute and NICE color!

  56. I already had voted for you! I need the shirt because well..I’ve lost 62 pounds and my other I love sweat shirt doesn’t fit anymore!! (Just kidding about the other shirt but serious about the pounds!)

  57. I want to win the shirt!!!!! Here are my enumerated reasons for wanting it:
    1. I don’t have any of your shirts yet and really would adore one in this lovely shade of pink which makes me happy just looking at it. You can’t be sad wearing that color.
    2. I have been reading your blog for about two months and it’s literally become part of my daily regimen.
    3. I’m a newbie runner and a pink sweat tee will motivate me towards new goals.
    4. We worked at Sidestreet together serving up beer and wings like no other waitresses every will. (” no, YOU refill the cole slaw!”–> most disgusting job ever)
    5. I hurt my hip and it’s making me sad. Tee shirt equal happy pity feel sorry for me present:)
    6. As you an tell, I like lists as much as you . Sometimes when I make a list, I will add things I’ve already done that day so I can then cross them off and feel even more productive. I’m not sure why this warrants winnig a shirt but it feels important

    In summation, please let me be the winner

  58. I want the I <3 sweat shirt because well I like to eat and in order to enjoy what I like to eat, I need to sweat a lot. The cycle repeats and my insane drive continues this process:) Also, need the sweat to keep up with the candy intake lately:) YAY! Happy Friday!

  59. I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOUR PLANK. I’m still struggling at 2:30 or so…but I like your idea of reading tweets while planking. It’s all about distraction.

    Also, I would really really really like a sweat shirt, simply so I can wear it, sweat in it, and be the very literal example of “practice what you preach.” Also that color is my fave right now.

    Have a great weekend!

  60. My dog is on prednisone since november. Trust me I know what steroids can do. I think I deserve the shirt for not killing him 🙂

  61. I want that shirt!! I heart sweat so much! I sweat like a crazy fool when I workout. So much it’s kinda embarassing. On any given typical long run I lose about 5 lbs of water and that’s even when it’s 10 degrees outside. I hope you have a great weekend!

  62. Um, I would like the stick because I currently use the top half of a broken golf club as a stick….I’m really classy. And that shirt is awesome!!!

  63. I’d love the shirt! I’ve pestered you in the past (really, I think it does qualify as pestering) and then didn’t get one in the last shipment! Bummer.

    Funny story? Got one for you…

    I lived in Germany for a year and the house I stayed had a yard that backed up right to a forest. A wild forest. With mice, birds, deer, and other things that live in forests. Like WILD PIGS. I kid you not, boars lived in that place.

    So one night I was a town over having a girl’s night with friends – dinner, a bottle or four of wine, and some Bailey’s to wind everything up. At 2am I decided that walking four miles home was a great idea. In the dark. In the middle of winter. THROUGH A FOREST WITH WILD PIGS.

    And did I mention that I’m scared of the dark? ‘Cuz I am.

    I start walking home. The first 1.5 miles are fine – well-lit streets, a few cars going by. Then the last 2.5 miles of dark, wintery, wild forest are looming in front of me. In my drunken stupor, I determined that the walk wouldn’t be as bad if I sang Disney songs. So I sang. Loudly. Very very loudly.

    So I’m singing, and walking, and singing, and walking. Not a wild thing in sight. And then it hits me – I’ve got to pee.

    No big deal – there is a friendly tree RIGHT THERE! I drop trouser, still singing my Disney songs, prop my head on my hands, and look straight ahead.

    Straight at a WILD PIG. Who just kinda sat there looking at me like I was crazy. I’m guessing that German Wild Pigs don’t usually come across drunk Americans singing Disney songs while peeing against a tree. But I could be wrong.

    I finish my business. Still singing. Pull up my pants. Still singing. Walk the rest of the way home. Still singing. With a WILD PIG following me.

    I got to my front gate, opened it, walked through, closed it, and wished the pig a good evening.

  64. for some reason this is my go-to joke. it is terrible, but never ceases to make me laugh:

    a string walks into a bar, and saunters up to the bartender “vodka on the rocks, sir!”, he says. to which the bartender repiles “i’m sorry, but we don’t serve…your kind here.”
    sad and dejected, the string walks out of the bar…the has an idea! (insert little lightbulb over string’s “head”) it ties itself up in knots, and messes up its top, then struts back into the bar. “vodka on the rocks!” it loudly proclaims. the bartender looks confused “weren’t you the string that was in here a minute ago?”. the string replies “nope….((((waaaaaaait for it)))) i’m a frayed knot.”

    bam. that just happened.

    i would also like that shirt, pleaseandthankyou.

  65. Hey Ali! Would love that shirt bc I ordered one before and it’s sadly too big! Also love your blog and the awareness you bring to crohns!

  66. Ahhhh! I’ve been reeeeeeaaaaaly wanting an I heart sweat shirt!!!!!!!! I am about to go sweat my ass off on my first treadmill long run, or dreadmill as I call it. I want to get it in so I can enjoy Easter weekend so I’m heading to the gym with friends. Can I just write I heart sweat 100 times. I hear sweat…I heart sweat…I heart sweat…

  67. I love the use of the word “Hark!” today! Bringing it back from the midevil times? (Is that when they used that? I don’t even know.) also, my HTC Nuun application features an “I love Sweat” Shirt! Shout out to Ali!

  68. hi! I want a shirt please! It’d help turn my day around…I’m nursing a massive hangover after making numerous bad decisions last night (including but not limited to texting a client and saying “you poop in your pants”). I don’t know why I said that but it’s making for an AWKWARD day in the office…

  69. Whoa a million people want this Shirt, including ME!!! Congrats on your 5 minutes! Now let’s have a REAL competition and see who can eat the most Cadbury eggs in 5 minutes.

  70. OMG! I would love to win a sweatshirt! I wanted one of your shirts when you sold them before but they sold out so fast!
    few things: 1. a workout is never considered a work out in my book unless you are dripping in sweat- love it! 2. I want to wear this sweatshirt to the Pittsburgh Marathon- I have been trying hard to qualify for Boston and this shirt may be the good luck charm I need! When I think about Chron’s disease or any of the strength that my patients possess I push harder and run faster. What they go through is nothing compared to my whining about my hip flexor or other aches and pains.
    Happy Friday!!!

  71. Whew! I hope for your sake the winner is like, #1 or something – so you don’t have to count all the way down the list for 200 or something paces! Would it help keep your positive vibe up if I told you that my Thankful Thursday thought was that I was so excited/thankful that you said we could meet up for a run soon :)?

  72. It’s my birthday! I’d love to win the shirt as a good ole birthday treat as otherwise the day is a bit mundane (too many surrounding holidays?) 🙂

  73. I want that pink shirt. I have no upcoming races planned but if I get that shirt I will plan one! BTW the birds w/ Chrons on that car the other day made me laugh so hard.

  74. I would LOVE to win that shirt – mostly because I missed out on ordering one the first time. And because I love that color! Happy Weekend!

  75. I LOVE your shirts! I do not have one but when ever I seem someone (or myself:) rockin’ it out with running or exercising and they are sweating I always say “I <3 sweat" in my head! I just love how powerful those words are!!

  76. Like everyone here, it seems, I was one of the unlucky who missed the 8-hour tshirt sale in December. For me, though, the disappointment I felt was tempered by wonderment – who was this new me, who was SAD that I couldn’t get a tshirt that said “I <3 Sweat"??? I actually couldn't believe it.! I used to tell all my friends "Listen, I don't run. Not after buses, not when I'm late to class, not when we're not gonna make it to Krispy Kreme in time. The only time you'll catch me running is if we're getting mugged and then you better start sprinting too, cause I'm not waiting around. Peace." (I'm pretty sure that was the exact phrasing of my college mantra. "Nice to meet you. Listen, I don't run.")

    So, you can see why I couldn't believe that I was so sad over a t-shirt touting my sweating abilities. I'm proud to say that I kinda do heart sweat now – and will be hearting it through my first marathon in Chicago this fall! (Apparently, when I go crazy, I go all in.) And no matter if I win or buy one, I can't wait to show the world that I've become this new person. (Plus it'll save me the trouble of having to tell all my friends "Oh, by the way, no need to save me a seat in class. I'll be there on time, whether I run after a bus or run there myself. And I'll be bringing the Krispy Kreme.")

  77. I would really really really love to win an I ❤Sweat shirt! I love it! I can wear it to all the cool races in Atlanta 🙂

  78. Whoo! I’d like to win this shirt so I can wear it all over the place, especially on the DC metro in the summer. I can only imagine the weird looks I’d get…

    And, something happy? I’m going to NYC next weekend and I am REALLY happy about it.

  79. I’m currently on vacation and have run out of clean clothes 3 days before my flight back home. I NEED that shirt. Yes, I realize that I wouldn’t receive it in time to spare the fellow passengers on my flights from the weird stench coming from my dirt-ball clothes. I don’t care. I want it. Also, you should be proud to know that I wore my previously purchased I <3 Sweat shirt on one of my runs here in Peru…Team Ali has made a presence in South America!

  80. I want the shirt! I also now want to move to NYC just so I can get a Crunch membership and use those showers every day. Seriously, just the thought of those would get my butt out of bed to the gym every morning.

  81. I am the champion of sweating – winter, summer, spring and fall, you can find me sweating. At work, in the car, in the gym, at Starbucks, I’m sweating. I wake up in the night and the bed is drenched – no biggie! It’s just me sweating! Sweat is a way of life for me. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE DRY!

    I could tell you a pooping story too, but it involves digging a hole in the sand on a (DESERTED!!) beach and some strategically placed weeds, so things might get a little wordy and I have Easter cookies to eat right now. Easter cookies > poop story. So instead I’ll make one last desperate plea for the shirt.

  82. I love sweat and would lovee the shirt! I’m glad this post ended with you in a good mood 🙂 hope the rest of your weekend goes well!

  83. I want it! =) I am also trying to be “smart” when it comes to not running every day. I have been injured since the NYC 1/2 and today was my first time running since then! 6 super slow miles which were not totally pain free.. but it felt so good to be out there. And I even got warm enough to sweat! I LOVE SWEAT=)

  84. Love the shirt 🙂 You crack me up, I enjoy following your blog. The honesty and humor is refreshing. Not to mention what an inspiration you are! Have a great day lady.

  85. I want it. Almost as much as I want your side pony tail and over-sized teal sweatshirt, are those up for grabs too? And the vote has been cast, but i’m too lazy for another comment. That should count for something. 😉

  86. Ahh! I tried to buy a shirt the last time you had them and they were sold out. I am SO in for this!

    I adore your blog. You pretty much have my two favorite things – running and NYC. And froyo. I suppose that’s three:)

  87. Love this post. I’m trying sooo hard to heart sweat. And I’m getting there…slowly. I would love to have this inspirational shirt.

    You rock the plank! Well done. And well done on making a great day for yourself.

  88. oh i want the shirt, i LOVE the shirt and you, i look forward to my morning cup of green tea with you…bet you didn’t know we had a sweet girlfriend date each day did you? ha! jk, not stalking you, but i do heart you and your positivity. a lot. 🙂

  89. Rest assured, those 6am angry tweets are not in vain — we here in Europe get to enjoy them on our lunch breaks, so tweet away!

    Wow, 5-minute plank. That rocks. Anything over a minute kills me, but I guess that’s the point, right? Way to go!

  90. Nice job being flexible! Glad you got your spin action on 🙂 umm, what Crunch location was that? I NEED TO GO THERE.

    Also, I want that prize. Hmm, what should I tell you? I love Easter Candy! I’m going to scavenge the 50% off sales on Monday.

  91. I puffy heart that shirt and would LOVE to have it. I love how you try to always find the positive in things. Hope the afternoon goes well for you!

  92. I’ll tell you a pooping story.

    I was out for a run in rural Minnesota (I went to college in rural Minnesota). I had left not 20 minutes after polishing off a bowl of oatmeal and a full French press of coffee. This was dumb. But you are pretty dumb when you are 21.

    So I run run run and realize I am going to, for real, shit my pants. Nothing in sight but houses…until I see a church. A church! Of course it’s Lutheran, being Minnesota and all, and I’m like, I AM SAVED. So I go up to the door and it is locked. This is odd, because there is a car in the parking lot. Because I am 21 and dumb and about to poop myself, I start slamming on the door. About 30 seconds later, a tiny old lady answers the door.

    “I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM,” I say, and dart past her.

    Two minutes later, I am still clamped onto the toilet. Another minute passes. And another. Almost ten minutes go by, all with the old Minnesotan lady but feet from the restroom. When I finally get up to leave, I sprint out the door, not even saying thank you.

    And that’s my story. The shirt is cool. I always misspell rouge as “ROGUE!” With the punctuation.

  93. I’d love to win the shirt, but currently, it would only cover my left or right boob, not both. And not while wearing it either.

    Glad you got your morning off to a good start despite all the shenanigans that could have gotten in your way.

  94. Ali! I seriously think I should win because I’ve been begging for a sweat-shirt for way to long. We Germans have a right to <3 Sweat too! And since it is not really warm here right now, I need to show off my sweat a bit different when running.

  95. I’m training for Ironman Wisconsin (IMMooooo!) and would proudly wear the shirt, spreading the ‘hearting’ (yes, it’s now a verb) of sweat all over the Chicago area.

  96. Also, I voted for your blog a LLLLOOONNNGGGG time ago!

    And did you perhaps mean “Sheep” mountain? Just a thought 😀

  97. Oh! I would love the “I heart sweat” shirt!

    PS: Totally hear you on the “least favorite instructor” thing. You’re better than me though. When that happens, my entire train of though is composed of curse words and ” bleep bleep, waste of time, bleep, probably not even burning any bleeping calories”. You get the idea.

    Have a happy Easter!

  98. I WANT IT!!!! I have been wanting a I <3 sweat shirt, but being a poor college student sucks. I should win BECAUSE I'm ALSO from NH (Canterbury!) annnd I read your blog obsessively every day ( : But really. And I think you are awesome and you motivate me to run! AND I was a gymnast for 13 years and you were a dance and that's kind of the same, no? Yeah not at all but I tried. Have a great day!

  99. I, like Snoop D O DOUBLE G, too, just want to make you sweat 😀 My crohn’s is acting up too girl, we’ll get through it. And damn that gym looks pretty magical!

    But seriously, I want the shirt.

  100. Ali, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (and I obviously LOVE it!) but am a first-time commenter. I’m running my first half marathon in a month and would love to profess to the world (or the state of RI) that I, too, LOVE sweat!

  101. I want to win this shirt because I love to sweat! Unfortunately I have been having shin issues and therefore have not ran in 15 days which sucks! But looking on the bright side, once I am pain free I can’t wait to run run run! I also voted for you weeks ago!!

  102. I voted! You are now tied for first with my vote! Also, give me the shirt!! 🙂

    We just got on the plane headed up to Boston. And I saw no less than 15 college girls headed to spring break wearing spandex leggings. Leggings Do not equal pants. It really bothers me haha. Ok time to turn my phone off. Love you!!

  103. I would LOVE to win one of these shirts because everytime I see one (yes, I look for them in races ever since I started reading your blog) I go crazy and yell and scream and dance because “my friend Ali made those!”


    P.S. Great work on the 5 min plank! I gotta get back on those!!

  104. and this time with my name….. i want it. because i wish i could handle bad days in the same manner you do, that’s why! well, that’s not why i want it, but it’s true.

  105. i want it. because i wish i could handle bad days in the same manner you do, that’s why! well, that’s not why i want it, but it’s true.

  106. Thank you for an awesome post and being an inspiration for working thru injury/setbacks. (My comment to make you smile)

  107. I LOVE your I Heart Sweat shirts and everyone always comments on them at the gym. Apparently I am now known for loving sweat more than the usual girl…but I’m in good company!

    Also, the long sleeves would come in handy because the weather here is CRAY CRAY. One day it’s 85, the next it’s 55. SO COLD TODAY. I don’t know how to dress myself properly anymore. But I do know how to rock an I Heart Sweat shirt…

  108. I would love the shirt because I’m going through a burnout patch in my 10k training, and I need to be reminded how much I love to sweat!

    Also, it’s my birthday today, so it’d be a wicked cool present.

  109. I love that shirt! It would make me feel bubbly as opposed to my stark all black attire.

    I met a puppy on my run this morning named Waffles, who has a puppy brother named Pancakes. I think they would have made your morning much better from the get-go.

  110. Another great post! I’m so glad the day turned around for you. When I saw your ART session photo, I thought of the LMFAO song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” but with the words “I’m twitchy and I know it.” haha! I hope your hip / knee soreness goes away for good soon. 🙂

  111. I would love the shirt! Running my first full in October with the Marines. Marines know all about sweat. I would like to let them know that we have something in common for 26.2 miles. And you have my vote! And I stalk…um follow you…on Twitter. JenTaylorUA

  112. I’d love to win the shirt! Although it’s already in the 80s here in Houston, so I can probably wear it in November. Maybe. I could have used it last month when I ran around Central Park, thanks to your recommendation. 🙂

  113. Ahh I want to win the shirt so bad! I was having major tummy issues during my 17 miler this morn and stopped at multiple bathrooms in my park. All I could think was, “Ali doesn’t let tummy issues control her. Keep going”.

  114. I would LOVE to win this shirt! At this very second, I’m in a hostel in Krakow, coming from studying abroad in Barcelona (I’m from the US). Running has gone to the wayside for me while studying abroad (partly because exploring Barcelona for hours with not-so-good shoes is destroying my feet, haha), so I can’t wait to get back to the US and get back into things…and train for my first half marathon!

  115. I TOTALLY need this sweat shirt. The original one I bought was tossed in the dryer and my heart melted a little….imagine how much my real heart melted when I saw that?!? 🙁 Pick me!!

    Love your blog!!

  116. Hi! I would love it. I fell off my treadmill this morning. I could use some good news. I closed my eyes to wipe my face with a towel and somehow totally lost my position in the universe and ate it. I think a new shirt will cure my vertigo. 🙂

  117. I am so impressed that you took charge and turned your day around like that! I always have a tough time with little changes and trying not to let them derail me. Also super impressed at the 5 minute plank — I’ve made it to 4:00 a couple times, but by that point I’m toast.
    I tried so many times to buy an “I Heart Sweat” shirt, but they were always sold out before I could get one, so I would love to win one!

  118. Ali, I love you blog!!! And I’d also love a sweat shirt 🙂 Your journal entries are the greatest, and I frequently laugh out loud at work. My siblings and I recently looked through all of our childhood journals and drawings. Best one – my sister drew my Mom breastfeeding me in her kindergarten journal. Nipple and all. I might have to take a picture next time I’m home and send it to you.

  119. I need the shirt because i also rocked the side ponytail in second grade. My sister and I also had a matching sweatshirt/collared shirt combo similar to your pic. What were our moms thinking!?!?

  120. I want it! I want it! I want it!!!! Please please pretty please! I have tried every time to buy a shirt but always miss out on the small sizes 🙁 I will rock your sweat shirt at Big Sur later this month and all up and down the CA coast!!!!

  121. I want to win it!!

    I think your teacher said “most creative things”- which is what my teachers always said to me and which I think was code for “get your kid checked out”. I turned out okay though. I think.

    I’m excited this weekend because I’m going home to my parents’ house to clean up my childhood stuff because they’re moving. It’s sad but I’m looking forward to finding some real gems in my childhood notebooks.

  122. I want that shirt! It would totally turn my crappy day around. Crutches = automatic crap. Every day I struggle to turn it around and this shirt would sooooo ease the struggle!!

  123. I would LOVE the awesome I (heart) sweat shirt!!! I’m sure it would shave TONS of seconds, maybe even MINUTES off my time!!!!

  124. I would love the shirt, because i would show it off at the bootcamp class i skipped all week because of the flu!

  125. I want it because I’m going through a weird running break as well and I think this just might be the motivation to get me back on track!

  126. FELLER! I need this shirt! First off, I have tried buying one every time you post they are for sale, and they are gone, in an instant, no sizes for Laaa. Second, its in my favorite color choice for workout clothes. and C – I have been meaning to post to you all week but your log about making the best of it really inspired me Monday night! Spin instructor was a sub, and I was incredibly bummed to also find out my fav spin instructor was giving up the Monday night class. But to my surprise, the sub had a killer mix and I said to myself, I am here, I need to make the best of this class and I did! I was drenched after class and felt like a million bucks! An “I Heart Sweat” shirt would only have topped it off! Not to mention – we have to get some I Heart Sweat represented in the Larson 120 group and up here in Boston! PS: and I voted for your blog 🙂

  127. my foam roller and I have a wonderful relationship, don’t get me wrong. we have spent many an evening in together, and we’re still going steady. however, sadly I think there is something else I need in my life……a stick. but please don’t tell Mr. Foamie, I’m afraid he’s going to be jealous! I would love to have this stick in my life though!

  128. 1) obvs I voted
    2) your blog is fall of my ass funny and super real. Love it.
    3) I suffer from Gastrointestinal problems and almost poo my pants on a weekly basis while running I feel your pain but I also laugh and write about it myself. Can’t take life too seriously and barging through a McDonalds to locate a bathroom in a sweaty run mess never gets old!
    3) I sweat a lot sometimes teetering the line of gross when I run on my work lunch break so that shirt and I would be the best of friends facing the world together

  129. Comment 2: Once upon a time my friend and I traveled to an out of town race (like, an hour away in a small town). In the grocery store the night before the race we were discussing our sharing a hotel room, and our bathroom needs. We’ve run together since h.s. so there is no forbidden territory. Anyway, she was so looking forward to her bathroom visit to clear her stomach that she LOUDLY announces “I just LOVE going to the bathroom!!!” and we turned a corner to see a very bewildered mother with children staring at us. Sooo she sprints away in the store. At the time, she also had to pee, and very nearly had an accident (okay, she might have, a little bit). I thought you’d appreciate a good bathroom story. That poor hotel bathroom never saw us coming.

  130. I’d love the shirt! Something interesting, hmmmm…. My six year old daughter built a fort in her room last night but was too scared to go in it… And just having it built ended up with her sleeping in our bedroom since it was too scary.

  131. Ali!! I HEART SWEAT! Seriously I love these I heart sweat shirts and will probably buy a tank top when you release them. Brilliant idea for fundraising.

  132. I need this shirt to look cool for my friends. It would look super cool on me at a race. Pink is my signature color. PICK ME!!!!

  133. I need some a little luck in my life right now, hoping I can win this sweaty shirt to get my luck moving in the right direction:)

    So at first I thought Shape Mountain was some Mountain in NH or somewhere you went on vacation. Um, then I actually looked at the SHAPES on the mountains. Yeah, who’s the idiot now?

  134. I want to win because I love your Blog and Love to sweat. I creepily ” stalk your blog” and love reading about your life and running in NYC. I am running Boston in a few weeks and then Burlington Vermont in the end of May so I absolutely heart sweat. I also don’t feel as creepy stalking your blog since I noticed someone stalked me on Linkdin 🙂

  135. I’m always impressed with how positive you are! Keep your head up! And I’d love an I <3 sweat shirt 🙂

  136. I WANT the shirt! We have the same name !!!! I have a marathon in 3 weeks and could use some good luck:-) Plus I tried to buy I Heart Sweat and you sold out…..I would love to buy one if I don’t get this one!

  137. I’m sweating a lot this weekend. A 10 miler at MGP today, 15 miler tomorrow, and then I have to race my 2 year old niece to find the Easter eggs on Sunday so that I can have the most candy to replenish my glycogen stores. Surely she doesn’t need all that candy.

  138. I voted for you Ali! YAY! I would love the I <3 sweat shirt because when I work out, I'm always a sweaty mess. We're talking like my-hair-is-dripping-wet-like-I-took-a-shower sweaty. Not cute. But an I <3 sweat shirt: cute!!

  139. Joining the club of comments to say I’d like the shirt too! I heart sweat and must wear this on some park runs! Plus, my boyfriend tends to deny that certain colors are indeed colors…I’ve recently educated him about the beauty of ‘taupe’ and ‘mauve.’ It’s clearly time to add ‘rouge’ to the list and to my world! 🙂

  140. Let’s see…something interesting? I got a hair cut and added layers to my usual stacked bob and forgot how to style layers. Is that weird or what? anyway, I am playing with them and making them sort of funky. Sort of fun. Okay that was really lame, but I just did that so I figured I’d share. Want another I Heart Sweat shirt!! (since I gave that color to Jess even though I originally bought myself pink and her blue. Weird, no? ) Happy weekend!

  141. I want the shirt! I am amazed with your 5 minute plank, the longest I’ve ever gone is 2 minutes. I get so bored!

  142. I would love the I <3 sweat shirt!! It would certainly brighten up my day to win that (and add extra motivation to get up and run). Congrats on the 5 minute plank!! That's on my life resolution list too, but I haven't started that yet (though I did just finish my first marathon!! so at least I've crossed something off). =)

  143. I basically need this shirt. OK, I guess I wouldn’t technically die if I didn’t get it. But yeah, I want it. A lot.

    Love your attitude! Have a fab weekend 🙂

  144. Hi Ali! I think you’re awesome and always have a great attitude and humor.

    My 12 y/o niece is a dancer. She’s all dance, all the time. She’s on the studio’s competition/performing company and (as she once exclaimed to her parents, “I dance for a living!” ) Her favorite magazine is Dance Spirit. I told her that one of the editors of her magazine writes a really funny blog about running. I think I got a few cool points for that one. Cool points are very important because as she grows up, grown ups get significantly less cool so I need all the help I can get.
    So thanks for making me at least one point cooler in my tween neice’s eyes. 🙂

  145. I love the I <3 sweat shirts and would love to win!!!

    My personal win was finding a plastic snake (courtesy of my four year old) in my lunch bag this morning. Just a little reminder to smile more and worry less!

    Happy Friday

  146. I would LOVE a love to sweat shirt, mainly because after I started reading your blog I googled where to get one! 🙂 And the “rouge” pink is my favorite color.

    Something to make you laugh: Someday soon I’m quitting my job to go back to school, and so one of my co-workers (who also dislikes this job) and I spend time talking about our elaborate escape plans from this place. So far, mine involves a group of mirrors, a cloud of smoke, and an elephant. I’m working on my magic tricks.

    Have a great day Ali! I’ve learned that a smile seems to brighten my day. Especially if it’s a really, goofy, no-serious-reason-for-smiling smile.

  147. I’m surprised there was no comment about Lin tweeting you back last night – I follow him too and kind of got irrationally excited/squeed on your behalf. He’s amazing and HE TWEETED YOU LIKE YOU’RE BFFS. OK, sorry, I’m done.

    Glad you turned your Friday around, I know I’m excited for the weekend. Oh, and I totally want the sweat shirt! 🙂

  148. So impressed that you turned your day around! I also need a personal win this week. I ADDORE the sweat t-shirts and have been dying to get one. With a new job and a new city, running is keeping me sane and I’d love to crank out some therapy miles in your amazing shirt!

  149. I want that sweatshirt to change into after I cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon in 10 days! I <3 Sweat needs a little Boston representation!

  150. I want the shirt to be mine! I normally avoid wearing dark grey shirts due to my unabashedly sweaty self – but now I want the Brooklyn running world to know that it’s okay to <3 sweat.

    I also just signed up for my second marathon and would love some cool swag to wear during it!

  151. I had really bad bangs growing up too! Maybe it’s a New Hampshire requirement! I’d love to win the shirt so I can bring your message to the runners of NC. We love sweat here too!

  152. I love running around the resevoir, too. I just moved to NYC 2 months ago and constantly fall in love with central park more on each run and each discovery of a new path. running in this shirt would only make it better

  153. Good for you turning your day around! I’m in a 7 week study session for a medical boards licensing exam, so I need many mental peptalks! And I would love the shirt! Voted for you too!!!

  154. Oh, I want it, that’s for sure! I gotta tell you, I have been lusting after these freaking shirts for forever and you’re always sold out OR I’m always broke. Sorry. 🙂

    To make you smile-you are not alone in your spelling mishaps. I saw on one of my old papers I spelled because “bcse.” Bcse vowels are uncool.

  155. I want it. On Tuesday, I was so desperate for some sweat but being overloaded with studying and full time work, I didn’t bring extra work out clothes. So I wore stank work out clothes from the day before and hoped no one was getting a whiff of my day old sweaty bra as I ran. Priorities. Oh yeah, also, I tried my FIRST SPINNING CLASS EVER on this Wednesday, and wow, I’m HOOKED! When is SoulCycle coming to D.C.!??!?

  156. I’m running my first marathon a week from Monday, and all throughout training I’ve talked SO much about my sweat to every poor person within a 5 foot radius of me. The shirt would only confirm my love. It also would look great with the tshirts my amazing coworkers made. They say I AM THE MOLASSACRE because I’m planning to tear the Boston Marathon apart with historic references and my legs when I run next week!

  157. The amount of stuff you manage to do before I even consider waking up is still mind blowing to me. Also I now want to move to NYC just so I could use fancy schmancy gyms! Mine looks like an old school gym that was all hip and cool about 30 years ago. When pastels were The color of the year. Except it was opened less than a year ago :/

    Also I’d love the shirt. But I’m not sure you send it to Europe?

  158. Just voted (again!). Glad to hear your mood is on the up!
    I LOVE SWEAT. there i said it. I’ve been having a blah week also, but have gone to crossfit MWF and each day felt awesome leaving, like my day had done a complete 180 (and it was only 6am!) Also training for my second marathon in May– would totally rock some “I love sweat” for 26.2!

  159. I’ve been wanting an I Love Sweat shirt since I first saw them!! Please pick meeee 🙂 I cycled this morning too…makes everything in the world right again 🙂

  160. I voted too!
    Hmm, thinking of something funny to write… True Story: My college looks really beautiful in the springtime because it’s got lots of old stone gothic looking buildings and cherry blossoms everywhere. So I was walking around campus on Monday night and I heard a little boy turn to his dad and go, “Daddy, I didn’t know this college was in a castle!” I LOVE CHILDREN!

  161. I’d love that shirt for when this fellow upper east sider runs on the east river and the lower loop in the park…I’m working my way up to the reservoir!

  162. I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago and it is officially part of my morning routine at work (haha, is that bad?!) I have a pretty sick T-shirt collection myself and the I LOVE SWEAT t-shirt would fit in just nicely!

  163. I would love the shirt!!! Your blog makes me laugh and smile every morning- even when you are in a bad place you are still hilarious- THANK YOU!

  164. I want that shirt because a) I look great in “rouge” and b) my boobs get jealous of how awesome your boobs look in yours.

  165. I want the shirt…I live in Missouri, in the summer with 1000% humidity and 1000 degree weather I start sweating the second I walk out the door. It would be perfect for my next race! I love your blog…you kill me! I voted for you too, Good Luck!

  166. My brand spankin new brooks i ordered online that were wayyy over my price range were delivered yesterday and then stolen off my front porch. I need a pick me up. and this shirt would get me excited to sweat with my old kicks

  167. Woohoo – I HEART SWEAT!!! Nothing like a little internet yelling to start my morning. Oh well, I love these shirts! Have a great holiday weekend, ‘roid rager!

  168. I think the I <3 Sweat shirt will go great with my unwashed sports bras! Seriously, washing your workout clothes after every work out is overrated!

  169. Ah! Best giveaway ever. Every time I’ve tried to buy one of these they were sold out already! And it’s my fav color.

  170. I am a size small.
    I love pink.
    I also love sweat.
    This would look great in Chicago, maybe even during the chicago marathon, which I happen to be running this year. It’s my first marathon. I’m raising money for PAWS Chicago.

  171. I would love the shift because I do in face LOVE to sweat and just moved to a new city where some people may not know this about me yet. Oh and because I voted 🙂

  172. I would love the pink I <3 sweat shirt, because duh, I <3 sweat.
    I have non-roid, more generic rage at the guy who sits next to me in lab who skypes his girlfriend (who's in Italy) ALL THE TIME very loudly. I may have a passive aggressive note to give him hidden in my desk, although I'm trying my hardest not to actually use it. But it's a good day today because the girlfriend is visiting so he's not here! Also, on the bright side I'm hoping I can pick up enough Italian to passably speak it if I visit Italy.

  173. I don’t want that shirt. I need it. Desperately. Because I got one from you this fall and always still having some weird body image issues at the time (i’ve lost some lbs and still find it hard to believe) and ordered a large, which is a dress on me. And because I started a sentence with because. Two, really.

  174. Shirt, please. Some cool things.
    1. I’m a grammar nazi. You pass my test and I sort of love you for that.
    2. I’ve been seeing Dr. Levine for 5 weeks and I referred my co-worker to him too. Now we spend a lot of time talking about our various ART sessions and people look at us funny (ok, they always looked at us funny).
    3. I tried acupuncture for the first time on Wednesday. I got the name off the NYRR website. If you’re still in pain, try it. It’s kind of awesome. At the very least you’ll get a nap.
    4. I love pink.
    5. I love shirts, especially long-sleeved shirts that say cute things on them.

  175. I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!!! 🙂 This weekend I am celebrating the Easter holiday by drinking mimosas and going to a fancy hotel brunch buffet.

  176. I wanna win it because I’ve been getting quite sweaty during long runs. Also, I’ve been obsessed with the song “Sweat” lately – I think I put it on my playlist for my long run tomorrow about 7 times.

  177. I want ittttt!!!! Because I had a bad morning too and an unsuccessful run so I need something to help me turn this day around!! I also have a half marathon I’d love to wear it to. And class. and gym. and out. so everyone knows how much I love sweat.

  178. ok, so here goes, i’m on eharmony, it’s the worst, don’t try it, and i have UC, so one of my matches said one of the things he’s thankful for is #1s and #2s, and i thought be still my heart, this guy likes to go the bathroom, but then i realized he was referring back to the actual number one and number two on his list, God and health…oh well, happy friday

  179. Hello Ali,

    I would LOVE to win the shirt, I would be the first and the one and only to have and wear one in the Ottawa region in Canada! Also I love the shirt and the colour. I want it, I want it!!!!!!

    Also, I just voted for you at the Fitness Blog Award 🙂

  180. I want it! You have been my inspiration lately as I have had some IT issues and can’t run. I always go to your blog to find out “hows Ali dealing with this issue?” so thanks!

  181. Great job on the 5 minute plank! That’s hardcore! I want the shirt because I Heart Sweat and want the whole world to see it as I run! Have an EGG-celent weekend! 🙂

  182. Aww young Ali is adorbs!

    I want the shirt fer sher but I don’t have much to say… I just got back from a 4 mile run. I also slept 4 hours on wed night, had 4 drinks last night (psyche! more..hah), got back at 4am last night, slept 4 hours last night… not the best trend. I won’t be surprised if my face hits the matzo ball soup at tonight’s seder.

  183. I want it because I waited around too long last time to order one and they sold out! I’m also training for my first half and would love to make everyone running in Boston jealous of my sweet shirt!

  184. How could I not want that shirt? Number one, I sympathize with those night sweats – most miserable experience. but what could make it better than waking up wearing that shirt. I feel like i would get a nice laugh at myself at 230 am. Also, the best way to deal with rage is taking it out on my muscles with that stick- someone stole mine about two years ago so instead of buying one I complain. Hahah.

  185. I want ittttttttttttttttt! I have a duathlon next week that I am not mentally (or physically) ready for but I believe that if I wear that shirt I can channel syour “Ali on the run kicks a$$ even during roid rage” mentality 🙂

    Want to hear something funny? I tried to register to vot for you. Apparently I am already a member of the “” site and need to use that login. I am not a parent, or anywhere near being a parent..

  186. I do want the shirt! Also, wow, I would have been so stressed out this morning in your situation. I didn’t know that Club H turned into a Crunch! Very interesting… my new gym as of next Saturday will be a Club H and I went to check it out and know how fancy the amenities are. It’s so luxurious! So at least you had that going for you. And congrats on the plank! I wonder if I can do a 5 minute plank? I’ve never tried…. You did a great job at making the morning work in your favor when it looked like it might not.

  187. I also <3 sweat, but more than that, I <3 being gross and re-wearing gym clothes, because I'm lazy and hate doing laundry. So sometimes when I'm at the gym, if I start sweating hard, I back off a little bit, thinking, "Oh no! If I sweat too much, I can't re-wear this outfit tomorrow!" Maybe if I won this shirt, I would embrace my sweatiness and stop being a silly ineffective gym-goer.

  188. I would love to win the I <3 sweat shirt because I dropped the ball and didn't order one quick enough! I promise to wear it asi train for my first ironman!

  189. My roid rage: Every time I’ve tried to buy a shirt they’ve been sold out! My Friday pick me up: I’d love to win this one and represent sweat loving all over Philly. Happy weekend!!!

    1. Hahahaha Meggie. Oh Meggie.

      Hark! I don’t want to enter the giveaway (I already have the long sleeve in a medium, and am pretty sure the small would be too small … and anyway, somebody else who doesn’t have one yet should spread the sweat love).

      THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW: WHERE is this Crunch that is so swanky? I will gladly trek there solely because it is pretty. Shallowness, I love you.

  190. Wooooo I WANT IT! I’ll bring it back to England with me so all the Brit’s can all see how much us Americans love our sweat and running :p

  191. i’d love to win the shirt to wear for the flying pig marathon in cincinnati, ohio next month! i’m running the half… if i had the long sleeve then i could wear it in the beginning, tear it off and hand it off to my family cheering me on, and then wear the short sleeve shirt the rest of the way! 🙂

      1. i’m nervous of the hills but we went to eden park last saturday and did a 6 miler and it felt awesome!! course i’ve been able to run the long saturday runs but not the short mond/wed runs bc of my shins. hopefully i can shake my shin splints and keep going! GOOD LUCK! i’ll have to add you to my google reader and hopefully you’ll write about how you do!!!

        1. Hills! Argh! I ran trails all fall/winter and am still running at least one run on them to keep in hill shape. Where do you live?

          What fabulous pink outfit do you have planned?

          1. i live in cbus but i grew up in cinci. i’ve watched the flying pig for years while living in cinci and my boyfriend ran the half last year… this will be my first year. funny you ask about the pink, i did have a pink tutu on my wishlist. i’m not sure i want to spend the money. i did by pink compression socks recently! i want to wear those! 🙂

    1. I’m running the Fyling Pig too! The 10K though, not the half (just finished my first half last Saturday!).

        1. My first half was great.! It was a local race here in Bowling Green, KY. My goals were to finish emotionally and physically strong, and I’m happy to say I did. I’m happy with my time too…2:10 🙂

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