Thankful Things Thursday: On Knowing I Will Get Better

Despite the fact that my stomach is staging a mutiny against me and the entire left side of my body is deteriorating, I’d like to put a positive spin on today by declaring it Thankful Things Thursday!

You know, because that’s something new and different around here…

Oh, you’re new? Welcome! Let me introduce you to this “holiday,” in which we take some time to reflect on the little, often-overlooked things in life for which we are grateful. Important things like TV shows, love, family and complex carbohydrates. It’s all in the name of thankfulness…and alliteration.

On with it!

I’m thankful I got my IT Band ripped to shreds yesterday. As I mentioned 8 seconds ago, the left side of my body is falling apart. I’ve had mystery pain all the way from my hip down to my ankles over the past few days, and it’s bugging me out. I made a second appointment to see Dr. Levine yesterday, which was lovely because his office is right near my office. Convenience and ART treatment! Brilliant! I explained to him that my hip was still hurting, but that after running that morning, I was also feeling knee pain.

He felt around, and then declared that my left IT band felt “very lumpy.” I contemplated making a cellulite butt joke, but I wasn’t in the mood.

Dr. Levine started with the electroshock therapy. Or whatever that is.

This is a flattering and effective photo from yesterday's ART session with Dr. Levine. Don't mind the goosebumps. I was cold.

Basically, he put some sticky things on my hip and above my knee, cranked up the power and then we watched as my thigh jiggled like crazy. It was actually pretty cool to witness. My muscle fibers were all excited and activated.

Next, Dr. Levine did all the stretches and ART things we did last time. It’s such a good hurt. I grimaced a lot and may have dropped a few words I would never say in front of my sweet little mother, but Levine was cool with it. He didn’t mind my obscenities. I think he laughed once or twice. I’m glad my pain is humorous to some people.

Lastly, he adjusted my back — which used to freak me out, but I actually liked — and did some Graston technique stuff on me.

Unfamiliar with Graston? So was I. Let me summarize: He took a metal pole, grinded it (ground it? that seems right) up and down my IT band and dug in until my leg was bright red and bruised. Then he made me ice it for a while. It is still bruised today. I took a photo, but it was so ugly that I’m currently refusing to show it here. I only like pretty pictures. You know that.

Gorgeous, flattering photos only.

So the Graston stuff hurt, and I tried to foam roll when I got home last night but the entire area is still very tender and sore to the touch.

Do I feel fixed? Not yet. But I think it was a step in the healing direction. And I have yet another appointment scheduled for next week.

I’m thankful this apartment thing might actually work out. Yesterday I mentioned an apartment Brian and I saw that we loved. We applied yesterday, and even though they hadn’t officially run our credit checks yet, this happened…

That is a lease with both our signatures. Whoa.

The company is running our credit checks now, and the lease lady is out of the office until Saturday. So no official celebrating yesterday. My fingers, toes, and hair are all still crossed. But we did sign a lease, which is very exciting. I really really really hope it works out, because the views from the bedroom and living room are pretty killer.

I could live with waking up to this every day.

I don’t know if I’ve ever even been on the 28th floor of a building, let alone lived on the 28th floor. But yes, I’m wicked excited about the possibility of this all going through. Also because I hate apartment hunting. Good thing I hired a trusty broker this time around.

This is Broker Brian, hard at work, negotiating things.

I’m thankful for ice packs and ace bandages. I did some icing last night. I don’t have much more to say about that except that it was cold.

Such a good look for me.

I’m thankful I got to spend a year living alone. I had always wanted my own apartment, and living by myself for the past year has been incredible. It was difficult financially, but I made it work, and I truly believe that — in addition to waitressing or working in some sort of service industry — this is something everyone should do at some point. I loved having my own space and being on my own and really feeling independent every day. I also really liked going weeks without washing dishes or doing laundry. I liked hanging sports bras up to dry wherever I could find space (to clarify, they were drying from sweat more often than they were drying from being washed) and I liked the nights I got to spend alone, taking a bath, reading or watching insightful television shows or “Boy Meets World” on YouTube. Oh don’t worry, I fully intend to continue doing all those things once I move. I’m just saying I really learned to appreciate them over the past year. It has been a wonderful experience, and one that I definitely needed to grow up a little.

I’m thankful I got my copy of FITNESS in the mail — and so did my friend from second grade. Allow me to explain. First, I finally got the April issue in the mail yesterday and got to see the little “Do You Have Crohn’s?” feature on page 22.


The best thing to come of this so far? Yesterday I got a Facebook message from a girl I went to school with…in second grade! We were in Mrs. Jones’ class together, but then she moved and I was sad. But apparently she saw the issue of FITNESS, remembered my name and reached out. That’s cool, right? More importantly, she reached out to me because she was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It completely blew my mind. I cannot believe how much awareness about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis continues to spread, and that makes me so proud. Sometimes, like over the past few days when things haven’t felt so good in stomach land, I’ve cursed Crohn’s and hated it and wished I never had the damn thing.

But overall, this disease has introduced me to incredible people and provided me with a wealth of opportunities. I love connecting with people who can relate and who know that Crohn’s disease isn’t just a stomachache that bugs me for two days and then magically goes away. I have it every single day and it affects me every single day. Does it bring me down every single day? Absolutely not.

[Step down from excited little Crohnsy soapbox.]

So there’s the IT band stuff, the knee stuff and the stomach stuff. It’s frustrating, but the good thing is that I can get frustrated now, and then in a few days, or weeks, or whatever, I won’t be frustrated anymore! I get sick, and then I get better. And I will get better.

I’m thankful for the Central Park Reservoir. I love it up there.

Look how shiny! And also blurry!

And now I want to hear about some of the things YOU love!

TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE THANKFUL FOR TODAY! Girl Scout Cookies? Cadbury Mini Eggs? Running? Spinning? Racing? Not racing? Yoga? Post-It notes? Inky pens? Penguins?



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  1. First of all, I love reading your blog and sometimes laugh out loud which is embarressing when im in my school library. Second, I dont have Chrons but I do have plenty of food allergies (they think) which also causes me to plan runs around bathrooms. When I read your piece in Fitness, I was excited that you were in a magazine and even more excited that now my friends and family see that I’m not so different.
    Keep blogging Ali and good luck with the move with your cute boyfriend 🙂

  2. I’m thankful that my graduate school programs seem to also agree that I have completed my MPH and MPA. I am thankful for the internet. Seriously, how did people look for a job before the internet??? Or an apartment??
    And congrats on the new apt!!! Sounds AMAZING [want an unemployed, looser, out of town visiter? I’m not a creep really : )]

  3. Congrats on the lease! Yay cohabitation!!

    I am thankful for two things today. (3 if you count mini eggs. Which I do. Obviously.)

    1. My Reach The Beach Team is once again complete! Yahooo! (now everyone needs to stay healthy through May)

    2. I fell during box jumps today. Not my finest moment. BUT… I got right back up & kept at it. Thankful to be able to ‘suck it up, cupcake!’

  4. I finally wrote my own TTT post today! That’s how thankful I felt—I needed to spread the love even more (and give you credit, obviously!)

    I’m thankful that I’m healthy and able to run my second half marathon this weekend. It’s not something everyone gets to do, and it’s kind of incredible that I can!

  5. I am thankful for soup, because it’s an excuse for saltine crackers—which are normally free with the soup. I’m also thankful for nearly every single thing in your “suggested” thankful things, particularly Mini Eggs because I bought a new bag yesterday, a big bag, which was opened inside the store before being purchased.

  6. Congrats on the Fitness Magazine article! Thats pretty awesome. And I’m sorry to hear about your IT band issues. I totally sympathize. I have mine taken care of by a Chiropractor (weird, I know) and he did something similar to the Graston your talking about only he used his thumb to break up the scar tissue with a series of bending and stretches. It was a miracle cure for me!

    I am thankful for March Madness!! Games started today and its the only gambling I really do!

  7. I’m thankful that a good friend of mine is visiting this week. I’m thankful for my 3.1 mile run this morning. (Just recently started running and this is the longest I’ve ever run! Woo!) I’m also thankful that my short hair is (finally) long enough to pull back.

    And I, too, am thankful that I got to live alone this year. It’s a good experience to have I think. I really enjoy having my own apartment.

  8. I am thankful for Bib pickups being a block from my work, and not on the other side of town.

    I am also thankful for my coworkers not bringing in delicious breakfast treats this morning, like the did they last three mornings this week.

  9. What?!? Your left side is falling apart, too?!? WHAT IS NYC PUTTING IN THE WATER THAT IS INJURING US ALL?!?

    I’m thankful for sun and warmth and coffee.

  10. Oh man Graston is so terrible an torturous, but hopefully it does it’s job! A lot of Advil might not hurt either? That’s my go to solution these days, kidneys, you’re welcome. I hope you get that apartment! Is it sad I’ve never lived alone? Don’t answer that… I’m too nervous of burglars and irresponsible to live alone!

  11. Can Brian give me his awesome secrets for finding such a great place so quickly? I’m moving at the end of June and don’t want to pay a damn broker’s fee if I don’t have to haha

  12. I’m thankful for New York bagels, and a job interview that went well, and new Spring flowers, and my noisy cat, and a boyfriend who does all my dishes, and my body, which is getting stronger all the time!

  13. I am thankful that I get to go home to sunny LA for a few days for spring break. I’m going to miss having mandatory breaks once I get an actual job and leave school.

  14. I too LOVED my time living alone but now that I met M, living together is absolutely amazing. This sounds like such a perfect time for you and Brian. Very happy for you!

  15. I’m thankful that I just read this post while wearing the exact same bunny onesie that you are wearing in the picture above. I ran into my boyfriend’s office (at home, thankfully) and showed him the post because he loves this rabbit suit (weird, I know). Everything about this made both of us extremely happy!!

  16. I am thankful that my half is this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

    I am thankful that my hip is feeling not as hurty? Still hurty but at least I was feeling strong in my stride today.

    I am thankful that I can run.

    I am thankful for Coke Zero. And bananas.

    I am thankful for pretty floral sweaters and fun shoes.

    I am thankful for free lunch Thursday at my office. Meatball sub. Mmmmm.

    I am thankful that I am planning on bringing my diet (not losing weight diet, just eating diet) back into healthy habits. Planning in my fruits/veggie/milk/fats/proteins/carbs better. And yes – I realize I posted that right after the meatball sub.

  17. I’m thankful for my BFF – who is a physical therapist. She did the “Graston technique” on my sprained toe yesterday and it was sooooo much better today. She also gratoned my posterior tib, although its def sore. I know it hurts like cray-cray, but I’m telling ya…that stuff works!

  18. I’m thankful I get to choreograph Singing in the Rain today for my students! I’m also thankful for a job that is flexible enough to allow the time to volunteer choreograph so I can get me Gene Kelly on. I’m thankful for hot yoga, a good night’s sleep, the peanut-butter-nutella-banana-almond-wheat wrap I packed in my lunch bag.

    Happy Thursday, Miss Ali!!!

  19. I am thankful for my mom’s homemade Irish soda bread and jam. I’m thankful for my body and how (somewhat) strong it has stayed throughout half-marathon training. I am also thankful that my half marathon this Sunday being held in a town known for their seafood. Fried seafood+beer=perfect post-marathon fuel

  20. I am thankful I am leaving for a week long vaca with my bestie in COTSA RICA!!!!
    Also I saw the spread in Fitness and I was like I know that girl…except we have never actually met.. LOL
    Congrats you are a superstar!!!

  21. I’m thankful that I have a job, can run, have a nice apartment, cool friends and a boy that I love. Oh, and for my not so fast 3 miler last night, progress after puking the day before!

  22. I am thankful for inner determination that gets me up in the morning. I’m thankful for my 4 mile run and how it will make me feel today. I’m thankful for the 70 degree weather we’ve had all week in the MIdwest. And I’m thankful for the community of runners and running blogs.

  23. Things I’m loving: coconut chocolate chip clif bars, race day being two days away (that also kind of makes me want to throw up a little, but it’s fine) iced coffee with vanilla, the summery weather (not so great for a marathon, but great for avoiding studying for my Economics midterm!), my roommate, and reading running blogs!
    Good luck with ART. I hope you heal up soon!

  24. I am thankful that I am moving to NYC for my job in two weeks! Thanks to your blog, I have a great idea of all the runs, restaurants, and gyms that I want to try. I am also thankful for the good sore I have today after my Yasso 800’s yesterday.

  25. Good luck with your ITB! The treatment sounds really good and similar to what I had done (and subsequently got better! 🙂 )

    I am happy to be in NYC after having been away for 5 months. And I excited to run the half on sunday- a great way to celebrate being back in the this fabulous city 🙂

  26. That’s it. Every blogger in the universe it talking about these ‘Cadbury Mini Eggs’. It’s time I try some for myself.

    Are they just the mini chocolate eggs, with the Easter-colored candy coating? Are they the Robin’s Eggs (which i am addicted to)? WHAT?! I have to try them!!

  27. That view is gorgeous! I do not understand how people can live in New York with nothing but an airshaft to look out their windows. I needed the sun! Granted my view is not nearly as pretty as that one, but during the day, it feels like daytime in my apartment, which as you know, is an actual perk that not all NYers can enjoy.

    So I’m thankful for my sunlight and my kick-a** bootcamp classes. Also, I’m thankful for Nicki Minaj’s Y.U. Mad song. Love it!

  28. I got my Fitness Magazine last night – do you want me to save you that page so you have extras for framing/scrapbooking/sending to your mom to frame/scrapbook?

    I’m thankful that I’ve made it through Half Marathon training. Granted, I havn’t made it through the race yet, but today when I turned around for my very last mile it kind of took my break away.

    I’m thankful for the free “stretching session” the gym was offering last night.

    I’m thankful for the Magnolia Bakery located all too close to my office. And their slices of cake. And the fact that I can group said slices into an important part of my “carb loading” routine.

  29. I always love your positive spin on things, Ali!

    Today, I am thankful for being a blogger. Vague, I know. But being a ‘blogger’ has opened me up to a whole bunch of new friends in Amsterdam. Other American girls I wouldn’t have otherwise met unless we each had blogs in which we talked about our lives, hobbies, boyfriends, lovers, dreams, etc.

    I am meeting 6 new friends for dinner & drinks tonight and couldn’t be more excited! I love girls nights.

    Also, I am thankful that I managed to do an hour of yoga at 5:30am this morning. Phew.

  30. I ran around the reservoir this morning, and as always I looked for you! I didn’t get to see any sunrise because it was just to early though, but I love that people are out there then. Mazel tov on the lease!!! You’re moving across the street the same time I’m moving away! Too funny. Andy made a comment about how we could have been running buddies and I was like “um, my fastest pace is like a stroll for Ali.” And your new view is AWESOME!

    I wish I was thankful for Girl Scout cookies but I have not been able to get my hands on any this year, unfortunately.

    I am thankful for warmer weather and warmer weather running. I’m thankful for having another birthday next week. I’m thankful for Refine Method and for meeting a sweet boy and for my brother and sister in law. Lots of great things.

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