Things In Life I Have No Desire To Do

Good morning!

It’s been a busy 12 hours in my life. Last night Brian and I looked at one apartment, fell in love and are now in the process of submitting an application. My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that this actually works out. I also braided my hair today. I figured crossing my hairs couldn’t hurt.

This morning I ran six slow miles. There’s not much else to report there, except that I’m feeling some hip and knee pain on my busted left side today, so I have an ART appointment in a few hours. Sorry, job. Gotta go get beat up for a little while so I can run. My priorities are fine. My work gets done.

See? Here I am, doing an interview and writing a story. BAM. Productive.

Sometimes I read a blog or an article or I eavesdrop on someone’s conversation on the subway, and I think, “Wow! What a great idea! Yes I should spend all my disposable income on exercise clothes and fancy organic delivery meal services! You are totally right, random stranger wearing Christian Louboutin heels and spandex and carrying an Hermes Birkin bag that costs more than my annual salary.”

Just kidding. Ladies with Loubs don’t have to ride the subway. That would be silly.

But really, that’s how I ended up running a marathon, I think.

Oh shut it. I haven't published a marathon photo in like, a week. I'm overdue.

I read so many blogs about it, I was already running half marathons, and going for 26.2 seemed like a cool challenge that I was eager to try out. For years I swore I had “no interest in running a marathon,” and yet, here I am, registered for both a spring and fall marathon. Crazy how that happens.

Other times, I read about things people do, and I’m like, “Man, that is so great for you that you just swam the English Channel, but wow, that is not something I am inspired to do at all. Keep up your great work, though.”

Here are a few more things I have no desire to do:

  • A Tough Mudder. I know, people are oddly obsessed with these things. But to me, the idea of crawling through electrical wire and getting my nice Brooks filthy on purpose doesn’t appeal to me. I put my body through enough just running, I don’t really want to attempt to throw it over a 10-foot wall on top of that. Sorry, don’t ask me to join your team.
  • A triathlon. Sometimes I think I’d like to do a duathlon, which would mean I’d need to invest in a bike and also learn how to ride it. But if you’ve ever seen me in the water, you know a triathlon is most definitely not in the cards. I don’t own a “real” bathing suit, and if you threw me in a lap pool I would either crash into fellow swimmers, try to get you to rate my handstands or, most likely, just drown.
See how natural I am in the water? Totally at ease.
  • Run in just a sports bra. No one needs to see that. Yesterday I ran in long sleeves and I got super hot, and was like, “Dang, it would be nice to just tie this shirt around my waist.” Then I thought about the sight my fellow Reservoir runners would have to endure, and I thought about how I swore I was going to “start doing planks regularly,” and also thought about how I gave up on that goal a month ago. I’m definitely not an insecure person, but I think I have too much happening up top to be able to pull off the sports-bra-and-booty shorts look. I’ll leave that to Megan and her fit little running crew.
  • Run a marathon in all 50 states. This is a goal that many of my friends have, and I think it’s pretty cool. For me, though, accomplishing this goal would take most of my lifetime, since I can’t run monthly marathons and still walk in a straight line during the week. I respect this goal, it’s just not on my list.
  • Go bungee jumping. I went skydiving and loved it, but all I think of when I see someone bungee jumping is a crunched and shattered spine and also, a broken bungee and death. No thanks.
  • Go to space. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to look at the earth from afar, but then I think about the food and the supremely close living quarters, and the Crohn’s disease, and I tell myself that I can just watch Apollo 13 whenever I have the urge to be near the moon. Also, wasn’t Lance Bass supposed to go to space? Did that happen?
  • Run a Disney race. For more on this, refer to this post, which I didn’t write but I did read it, and I nodded along to most of it. Again, some people love these races. Every now and then I enjoy getting dressed up and running. But those damn Disney races are expensive, and I’m not a huge Disney person. I like it, but I’d rather play at the parks than run through them in costume for a hefty entry fee. Also, they seem really crowded. Too many women. Too many women scare me.
This is fun. This is what I like doing at Disney World.
  • Have a bridal shower. I’ll throw one for you. I’ll attend yours. I’ll get you a nice present and I’ll play the games and I’ll wear a nice dress. But oh God, I never want to have one of my own. I don’t want to sit on a chair while people watch me open presents. I’m not afraid of the spotlight. Obviously. In fact, I’m a huge fan of the spotlight. But I don’t know. I don’t want a bridal shower, ever.
  • Go to Sephora. This place terrifies me more than a pack of thousands of women running through Disney World in princess dresses. There are so many products and I don’t know how to use a single one of them. Also, they are very expensive. I went here once to buy a gift, and I panicked. I was so overwhelmed. I wish I were better about skincare and knowing which products to use on various parts of my body, but this stuff is foreign territory to me. I have lots of friends who get excited when there’s a Sephora nearby, and I have to be the one who’s like, “OK, I’ll wait across the street at the Mr. Softee truck. Bye.”
  • Stop eating any food that is delicious. Deprivation is the worst. Tell me I can’t eat a brownie, and guess what? I’m going to eat 19 brownies. I’m no good at diets or restriction.

I am really excited to re-visit this list in about a year, at which point I surely will have run a Disney race in a sports bra while wrapped in barbed wire, covered in mud, right before I throw myself a bridal shower, for which I’ve surely registered at Sephora. And the shower will be in space. Hope you can make it.

Also, if everything I listed above happens to be everything that’s on your life’s To Do list, don’t be offended. This is all fun and games, people. The great thing about life is that I can hate things and you can love them and we can still be best friends. Unless you hate Cadbury Mini Eggs, in which case, get out of my life.

Finally, please let me know if you’re running or spectating this very exciting weekend event right here in NYC:

I'm not running it, but I'd be honored to scream your name if YOU are.

My sign is ready to go, and I’m most likely going to be spectating near Engineers’ Gate and then making my way down to the finish line near the South Street Seaport. Runners, I’m wicked excited for you. Spectators, join me! Wear something sparkly so I can find you.

ALSO TELL ME: What things in life do you have no desire to do?



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  1. The disney one makes me so sad. As a disney travel agent and runner, I can honestly say the disney races are the most fun I have ever had in a race, and I have done almost all of them! There is just something so cool about running through the castle! Also, If you run fast (as in don’t stop for a million photos) it isn’t crowded. I highly recommend trying one one of these days, you may change your mind. 🙂

  2. Despite the girly girl everyone thinks I am, “too much women” scare me as well! I also think Sephora can be costly. Hello, I cannot spend close to $100 just on foundation, primer and basic eye makeup and blush anymore lol.

  3. ha, love this. i too don’t want a tiara made out of ribbons and excessive gifts from friends just because. and delicious food? yeah, i’ll always be eating that. take me away from ice cream and i will be super cranky in life.

  4. Definitely agree with the NO to a Disney race, mainly because I have no desire to go to Disneyland OR Disneyworld ever. Yes, I am obviously a curmudgeon. I don’t care.
    Also, I will never go on a Caribbean cruise. Or to Club Med. Or Sandals. All of those kind of scare me!

  5. I agree on the tough mudder. And bungee jumping. And I’ll throw in going vegan (I could do it for a day and MAYBE a week, but definitely not longer than that).
    Have so much fun at the NYC Half! I’m sure you’ll beast it!

  6. Tough Mudder – agree

    Bungee Jumping – agree – have you seen that video where the cord does break?!? the girl miracuously survived

    Ironman – It’d be cool to say I was an Ironwoman, but damn a MARATHON is hard for me ALONE — after you swim and bike and things?! I’d be out there so long I’d need someone to bring me froyo to keep me going. People that do Ironmans have all my respect.

    Endure natural childbirth – Again, women who do this have my upmost respect. They’re hard core.

    I do want to do the Princess Half for some reason. It also seems like an appropriate place to glitter bomb people.

  7. Its like you read my mind! A month ago or so, I talked about novelty races and how I have no desire to run one. I hate it when people compare my marathon training to a tough mudder race. Also crazy, I ran Disney Princess Half this year and recapped the race exactly as you describe and the blog you linked to. It was a total joke!! I am on board with your list, girl after my own heart!

  8. I do not understand the appeal of the Tough Mudder at all. I did the Warrior Dash but that’s like nothing. The Tough Mudder electrocutes you. Why would you want to do that?!

  9. Great post. Ones I agree with the strongest – tough mudder no thank you, sports bra, marathon in all 50 states, I didn’t have a bridal shower as I didn’t want one (but baby showers are lots of fun), I don’t even know what Sephora is and I won’t give up any food. Yet I am killing myself to do a triathlon or two or three this summer and if I can do it believe me anyone can. I have discovered this non swimmer LOVES swimming and it will stay a part of my routine for the rest of my life whether I keep doing triathlons or not.

  10. I kind of have to agree with you about Disney and women-only races (and I feel like a horrible person for admitting this). The Disney Princess Half was my first race. It was good because it was my first. The problem was that there were way too many people stopping to take pictures and walking in groups of 5 across on the road (I wasn’t even in the last corral). I feel like combination of too many costumes and the women-only element attracts a less-than-competitive bunch.

    Remember, you don’t need to pay a $200 entry fee to run in a tiara!

  11. First, yum to cadbury mini eggs! Yum!
    My first half was the Disney half (not the princess one) and I literally just went there for the race, I didn’t really have time for a lot of other stuff. It was a little expensive though. I didn’t stop at the photo ops with mickey and whatnot (people were in a big line in the middle of the race!!!). The great thing is that if you want to race you can, the waves are split up nicely and it is well coordinated, there are fireworks for the start of EVERY wave (loved that), tons of bands, tons of support and an overall good experience. So, although expensive it was pretty cool.
    I also always think it looks like you will break your back if you go bungee jumping, eek!!

  12. I once thought I’d run a triathalon. Then I realized that I haven’t been on a real bike since puberty and I don’t do much in the water except float. But I have the running part in the bag!

    1. First half! Ahhhhh you’re going to love it! GOOD LUCK! (And that outfit sounds fantastically bright. You know I approve.)

  13. Is it bad that I have no desire to go to Disney at ALL. Not even for a race.

    I’m sure if I have kids I will HAVE to go, so I’m just going to wait to go back until then.

    And I will probably be signing up for the Princess Marathon next week….so delete this comment immediately after. Thanks.

  14. SUSHI. everyone loves it. I just can’t. Don’t want to. No interest. All set.

    I will never do a triathlon either. It seems like a normal next step – but I have ZERO interest in swimming or biking.

    I like the idea of having decent enough abs to run in just a sports bra, but I don’t think I could ever be comfortable enough to do it.

    love Disney but their races get such mixed reviews and are crazyyy expensive. I’d rather just go to the parks and race somewhere else.

  15. I really dislike disney and running a race there would be miserable for me too. Hang with me at the engineer’s gate! I will be in an orange vest type thing, most likely.

    Actually, I think I agree with you on most of the things you don’t want to do except I go to Sephora when in dire need of concealer or eyeliner. or lipgloss. hope dr. L pounded some sense into that hip!

  16. Running on Sunday! #9477, hoping of my first sub 2hr half. We’ll see…
    I don’t think I will ever attempt a triathlon. I would most likely drown and if I made it through that part, the 10 bike pile up accident would definitely be my fault.
    Cheers :).

  17. I agree with just about everything on here, especially the sports bra one and the Tough Mudder. Admittedly, I’m psyched for the Disney race I signed up for, but mainly for the novelty of it—no costume will happen, that just sounds complicated and I can’t help but think that sequins=chaffing.
    I’m also never, ever interested in going to China, wearing lipstick, or doing a juice cleanse.

  18. So with you on so many of these things (except for maybe Tough Mudder, I might want to do that someday- the electric wire things are what freak me out the most!). I avoided the bridal shower but watch out for tricky bridemaids. Mine felt like they HAD to do something for me (since the hubbo and I planned our own bachlor/bachlorette extraganza for Vegas/Zion) so they made me go to a brunch with my lady friends (which was very sweet).

  19. I pretty much agreed whole heartedly with all of your don’t want to dos! Although I did just run a Disney race and it was fanfreakingtastic, I must say! I thought about the 50 marathon states for a whole but I, like you, can barely seem to pump out one marathon every 2 years, so I’ve recently thought doing a half in every state would be fun. Except for Iowa. And Ohio. And Nebraska. Sorry midwest!

  20. the half is on my birthday!! (ok, so its the day before. I’m just going to keep telling people its my birthday) So I fully expect signs lining 7th avenue wishing me a happy birthday.

    Hhahah yes, I’m running. And clearly I take my birthday way too seriously. Also, the NYC marathon will be on my first wedding anniversary in 2013 and of course I will be running it. My soon-to-be husband is so lucky, right?

    Also, Agreed about the bridal shower. One of my bridesmaids asked if I wanted one and I asked if we could have it in a brewery. I was then informed that that was called the bachelorette party, so apparently I get two of those now. yay!

  21. I have no desire to ever have another roommate. Unless I’m sleeping with them.
    While I love the idea of a tough mudder, I HATE getting dirty. I’m not sure I could actually finish it just because I hate being dirty so much.

  22. Amen sister! Agreed on most of your points. (I got bamboozled into a Tough Mudder once & HATED every single second of it. I do enjoy Disney Marathon weekend though.). I’ll also add:
    1. go tanning – real or fake
    2. have a kid
    3. read or watch Harry Potter anything

  23. PSHA! I believe the first time I got in the pool I thought I was going to drown after 8 laps. I will brain wash you soon enough 😉

  24. So glad I’m not the only one who is afraid of Sephora. I have no desire to spend $30 on one shade of brown eyeshadow (people who shop there: have you SEEN Duane Reade? They’ll sell you FOUR shades for like $6!)

  25. i 100% agree with your first 7 bullets — especially the disney race. i’m kinda anti-disney. and i’m too scared of getting hurt doing a tough mudder!!!

  26. The sports bra thing makes me laugh. I am larger on top and all I keep thinking is people do NOT need to see that mess. I have a question about your sports bra choice… I, too, wear a Moving Comfort but it’s not the racer back (which I WANT so I can wear more cute tanks)… but I struggle to get IN to those things. Is this one difficult or am I just making it more difficult then it really is?

    1. Haha oh man, I wish I could film a video for you. I seriously struggle to get into those things. It’s worth it, because the bras are great, but I’m at my most awkward when I’m trying to squirm into the tiny little racerback device. But I love the bra once I’m strapped in!

  27. I’m running the half! Haven’t decided what I’m wearing yet but please cheer for me I’ll need it! I’m dealing with some health issues (just diagnosed w celiac) so my training has not been what I wanted it to be but I’m so excited to run my little heart out on Sunday 🙂

  28. I don’t want to have a wedding. Yes I’m a girl. The attention freaks me out. I want to elope, then not tell anyone, and just let them figure it out eventually.

  29. quaditto on the disney race thing – I’ve been to Disney more times than I can count and there is nothing there that screams, “come spend $160 to run a race here.” If I’m going to spend that much money on a race (which i’m not.ever) it better be somewhere pretty & tropical, not freakin’ disney world. gross.

    I also did not want a bridal shower, yet I somehow ended up with one. It was horrible. I hated it. Ugh. I’m never having kids for the sole reason that I do not want to have to endure a baby shower – kidding.. but really i’m not having kids.. and baby showers suck.

  30. haha, I agree with many on your list, including the triathalon, tough mudder, bridal shower.

    i also have NO desire to read/watch the twilight books/movies, or purchase running skirts. sorry but i dont understand the point of wearing a skirt when running, especially because it is clearly a gimmick and they are more commonly known as tennis skirts.

  31. Oh dear god, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t wanna do a tough mudder. It’s like, listen, I’m lucky I don’t kill myself running. I’m not gonna press my luck. I also feel the same abt tris. I can’t swim for beans. I consider an indoor tri once bc u only swim for ten mins and they counted the laps u did but guess what? Ten minutes is a FREAKING LONG time to swim. No thanks. I’m cool w bridal showers, its bridal parties I detest. I’ve been in enough now that there’s too much drama and stress involved. When I get married, I want small w no bridesmaids so I don’t end up hating anyone by the end (or vice versa)

  32. Any idea if there will be anymore of the “I (heart) Sweat” shirts? I’m really hoping the answer is YES! Love those shirts!!!

  33. Ran the Disney marathon in 2007 and loved it! It was a wonderful excuse for a Disney vacation. Husband, 4 daughters and I flew out from Washington State. I don’t remember a parade of costumed women (maybe they were in the back? Or maybe that’s a new thing that’s developed since `07?). And the crowds weren’t bad at all….NOTHING like Las Vegas or Honolulu marathons! I bet the Disney Princess Half is a zoo though….

  34. Goal for the Sumer: get Ali to do a sports bra run with me. If they’re one-shouldered, think of all the dramz we could cause! Just kidding…


    Please cheer for me this Sunday, I will need it!! I suggest: “Megan, don’t be a wimp!”

    1. Um, OK. If I run in a one-shouldered sports bra, you’ll need to be running/holding up a boob simultaneously. Good luck with that.

      AND GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! Obviously I’ll be cheering for you. You’re going to be GREAT.

  35. Yayyy NYC Half!! This will be my second half marathon and I’m pumped. Goal is to beat my time from the one I did in October (creeper comment: we actually met in the park while I was training for my 1st one and we were wearing the same tank!!) Really excited to be running the course I train on, and even more for all the spectators! Bib number is 9720, and my guess is I’ll be in short shorts since it’s so warm out haha

    1. Yay! Second time’s the charm, right? GOOD LUCK!

      And not only do I remember meeting you (it was the day of Hurricane Irene!), I wore our matching tank top on my run this morning and totally thought of you! I’ll be on the lookout for you on Sunday!

  36. You would be surprised how easy it is to run 50 states. I am actually totally serious. Four years ago I thought those people were INSANE and I never thought I would even consider doing it… and then I did and it was fun!

    I’m with you on Sephora. I felt like a complete imposter, like everyone was looking at me and being like “what is that girl doing here wearing drugstore makeup and surreptitiously trying everything and not seeing any difference between totally different products?”

  37. I am getting married in May and really didn’t want a bridal shower either. Everyone kept saying “Oh you must!” and I got pushed into it. It seems like such an odd tradition to me- “Please buy me as many gifts as possible as I drag this one day out forever…” Maybe I am just weird.

  38. I’m running the half, too! It’s my big sub-2 attempt, and I’m pretty nervous about it.

    I think the Disney races are what you make of them. My dad has lots of Disney marathons underneath his belt. The race allowed him to avoid training through Miami summers (which are brutal) and it was a great excuse to visit Disney with two small children. He managed to score some pretty big PRs on that course over the years. After all if the weather cooperates, it’s so flat! Yes there are plenty of folks who use it as a parade and dress up and stop for photos etc – but there are many of regular runners who treat it just like any other race. I personally can’t imagine putting in all the miles for marathon training, and then not trying to do my best on race day – photo opportunities or not.

  39. I am running the NYC Half this weekend, with tendinitis in my foot, and would love any and all extra cheer! Engineer’s Gate is perfect cheering spot, between hills 🙂 Thanks for cheering for us! Will there be leg warmers and mimosas like you had at the marathon?

  40. Love the list! I have to agree with you full-heartedly (is that a word? phrase?) about not wanting a bridal shower! Although if I were to do a duathlon, I’d want it to be running/swimming, not running/cycling 🙂

  41. I agree on some of the things but I defiantly want a wedding shower 😉 hehe I can’t afford all that house stuff.. Tough Mudder seams interesting but defiantly not for me. I am a Sephora Junkie, I an’t lie. I go in on lunch a lot and end up spending wayyyy tooo muchhh moneyyy..

    The one thing I can’t get into myself is running skirts. I feel so silly in them.

  42. Ha agree on so many of these. I have also have zero desire to ever do a triathlon. BF did a Tough Mudder a couple of months ago, the day before running a marathon! It just seems gross, painful and un-fun to me, haha. I think an obstacle course would be fun, but no mud, please! As for Disney races, they just conjure images of massive crowds of run-walking women in running skirts. And if I’m going to fork over $$$ for a half or full, I want to run it seriously.

    What else do I have zero desire to do? An ultra-marathon (which is defined as anything more than 26.2 miles). Almost everyone in my running club is into them (like the 100 mile kind!) and I feel so boring when I say, “Nope, ‘just’ sticking to marathons. One, MAYBE two, a year until I BQ.” Guess it’s all relative!

  43. I’m running the NYC Half this weekend! I actually have a little posterior tib pain right now (so I totally feel ya on the knee and hip pain), but I’ve been resting for 2 weeks and going to physical therapy. My sister is flying in from Colorado to run the race, so I am determined to cross that finish line. My running was just improving too – why do injuries always seem to creep up when you’re just getting your groove on?
    P.S. Been reading for a while and really enjoy your blog. It’s great to read about another NYC gal’s adventures and love of fro-yo.

  44. I like obstacle races because it’s cool to see what I can and can’t do – but the electrical wire thing scares me. And the random pool of whatever you have to go through. Give me some ropes to climb or fences to get over, don’t try to give me cancer.

  45. feel free to scream for me – I’ll scream at you if i run past you. and you won’t be allowed to think it’s weird that a stranger screams your name. deal? deal.

  46. Hey! I’m running the half this Sunday 🙂 I might even be wearing your I heart sweat shirt!

  47. This was hilarious! And I totally understand. Although I have to admit to doing triathlons and a tough mudder. The tough mudder was lots of fun, but not for everyone. I went in to work the next day with all my battle scars and everyone thought I’d been in a fight. haha. Although fun, I don’t plan on any more. Mark that one off as “an experience”. Oh and don’t worry, I used shoes that were already going to be thrown out. You can’t go messing up nice shiny new ones. 🙂

  48. Ali, this post was hilarious! Don’t rule out triathlons yet. I had never tried a road bike until the night before my triathlon and did all my training on a spin bike. It’s great cross training for marathons, which is why I did it.
    On my list- do an Ironman, go to a haunted house, and attend a high school reunion. Happy Wednesday!

  49. Ali, you are hilarious. Sephora is one of my happy places. I just wander and get distracted by all the pretty products. I definately spend way too much $$$ on unnecessary beauty products there. Much like Target but with any kind of product.

  50. The timing of this post made me laugh because had you asked me this question 3 years ago I would have said “run a half marathon!” (or any race, really….) But since you’re asking today, I have no desire to do one of those juice/all liquid diet cleanse things. Occasional juice or smoothie as a snack or treat? Great. But all liquids all day reminds me of prep for medical procedures…….

  51. Love this entry. You are so funny Ali! 🙂 I summited Kilimanjaro last year. That was on my bucket list. I have no desire to do technical climbs that require ice picks and clamps. So Everest is out. I would die. And it just doesn’t look like fun. Same thing with an Ultra. I have no desire to run 100 miles.

  52. I don’t understand bridal showers either. I don’t hate going to them, but it’s not really very fun to show up eat some light lunch and play a dumb game and watch the bride open gifts for an hour. I’ll pass on that tradition and everyone can just save their money for an awesome bachelorette party.
    And the whole running in your sports bra thing-definitely not for me. I can’t even stand to watch myself running when I am wearing a shirt. Although I did run in a sports bra only once time, when it was dark and on a secluded path, but I put i my shirt back on when I was in public.

  53. this post made me happy, and not just because I saw your tweet that you wouldn’t be blogging today and then, surprise! there was a post, but because I currently agree with all of your to-not-do list items; in particular I am totally pro skydiving and so anti bungee jumping, and I can never really explain it to people! I also would never want a bridal shower, which is a good thing because in the UK we don’t have them! I used to want to swim the Channel, but then last summer one of my friends did it (16 hours!) and he had to slather himself in lard (shortening?) and that made me gag. So no more Channel swimming dreams for me. GOOD LUCK with the apartment!

  54. This post made me laugh really hard because I could TOTALLY identify with some of the “things you’ll never do.” It seems we are equally skilled in the “swimming” area and I walked into Sephora once and had the same feeling. I have no clue what I’m doing!! Thanks so much for this post!!

  55. “Go to Sephora” made me laugh. I love Sephora when it isn’t a crowded madhouse and can spend forever there, even though I know nothing about makeup or how to use it. I also have zero interest in a triathalon or a Tough Mudder (which my company does every year — more power to them). Freezing cold mud sounds like my worst nightmare.

    I want to hear more about this apartment! It’s so great to find something you like right away and (hopefully) not have to look all the time.

  56. Ali, I just love this post! Always a great way to start my day. My office-mate asks me quite often what I’m laughing at each morning I read your post. Keep being witty 🙂

    I’m running the NYC half and will probably be wearing a neon green long sleeve shirt, Bib # 8018! Can’t wait!

  57. Dying laughing, i absolutely agree with you on some of these, baby showers, are just as bad, opening everything up one by one, for hours, it’s like nails on a chalkboard, can i just have another margarita.

  58. You honestly hit the nail on the head with “Run in a Sports Bra.” I swear on my Asics I had that same exact revelation during yesterday’s run, when I also wore a long sleeved shirt, considered de-robing, and thought wait. Gross. What makes me nervous about this blog is that I feel like I’m on the same path you once were regarding a marathon. One day. Not yet. Maybe as I keep reading your blog though!

  59. See, re: the Disney thing…one thing I don’t think a lot of people know is that if you register for a race, you get a pretty steep discount on park tickets for you and your family while you’re there. They don’t really publicize it and you have to hunt for the info, but it’s there! When I ran the Princess Half last year, the registration fee was probably $100…but I ended up saving over $100 on park tickets for 4 days for my mom and I. So basically, I ran the race for free when you factor that in.
    I have no desire to ever run another marathon again. It was awful, I was miserable, and I hated it.

  60. SKYDIVING. As human beings we have an innate desire *not* to fall to our deaths. Why, then, you crazy jump from planes is beyond me.

    Also: Ice climbing (Cold. SO COLD), reading/watching the Twilight saga (I just.. I can’t), and waxing *anything* (no explanation needed).

  61. Haha. So many things on this list I agree with–running a marathon in all 50 states, bungee jumping, Tough Mudders… No thank you. I enjoy running, swimming, and biking, so maybe someday a triathlon. Maybe.

  62. This made me laugh! I would have to agree with many of your “Things in Life I have No Desire to Do”, list.

    I do, however, love Sephora just to go walk around. And while we do have one here in the Twin Cities, the only one I’ve been to has been in Paris. Maybe that’s why… I feel like a tourist window shopping?

  63. ali–love your blog. i live in new york as well and was wondering what you have to say about the art doctor. my boyfriend is dealing with an injured popliteus (small muscle behind knee) and has tried literally everything to get it to heal. i told him you did art therapy and it sounded like you thought it worked well. who did you go to? what do they do? and most importantly, does it help? thanks ali!! hope to see you running in the park some time. thanks!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Olivia! I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend. That’s rough. I’ll email you the info!

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