Thankful Things Thursday: On Rest & Recovery

The road to recovery is proving to be a long one.

I really thought I was going to sleep like a champion last night and wake up feeling fully rested and ready to rock this day. That wasn’t the case. I don’t feel terrible — still no more throwing up and my fever has stayed down for 48 hours now — but I’m weak, achy and holy crap exhausted. I basically just feel run down, and my stomach isn’t completely happy just yet. I ate some food yesterday, and drank until I felt totally bloated, but I still only peed three times all day.

You’re welcome for that not-too-personal tidbit of information. You may go on with your day now.

I really can’t believe this sickness has knocked me out for so long, but I keep thinking it was possibly a blessing in disguise. A gross, inconvenient, puke-filled disguise. It’s taking me longer to get over this gastroenteritis (that’s so much to type, couldn’t they have just named this disease “sexy?”) than it took me to recover from running a marathon. But really, when do I ever take time to fully recover from anything? Too much go, go, go, and maybe I need more sloooow.

I kind of only said that because it rhymes.

But truthfully, taking all this time to rest and lay around and do nothing has probably been good for me. And for that I am thankful.

And I’m thankful for so much more! Let’s play the game I like to call Thankful Things Thursday!

I’m thankful to have made my return to the office, if only for a few hours.

I am happy when I'm working.

Yesterday I stuck around the office until 2 PM. I felt shot by about 11, but I wanted to get as much done as possible. Today I’m planning to stay as long as I can without falling asleep at my desk. It was nice being around people yesterday and having some human interaction. As much as I love my friends at home — Seth Cohen, Dylan McKay and Chandler Bing — I don’t think I’m cut out to work from home all the time.

I’m thankful that when I got to the office yesterday, there was an awesome package waiting for me.

Ethical question: Do I remove the "Brian" post-it from the Samoas and pretend it never existed?

Thank you, Mom, for loving me and understanding the basic human need to have chocolate and peanut butter on hand at all times. Tagalongs have always been my favorite Girl Scout Cookie variety, though I’m a sucker for frozen Thin Mints, too. Why no Thin Mints, Mom? Also, Brian gets his own box? Really? That seems excessive. I would have given him a bite of one cookie. I’m so good at sharing. I really wish that I had an appetite right now so I could have eaten both boxes myself yesterday, but sadly food is still not fun for me.

I’m thankful for this Lana Del Rey song, which I have already listened to about 12 times in the past two hours.

"Money is the anthem, God you're so handsome." IT'S SO CATCHY. Download it if you haven't already.

I really don’t want to overplay this one so much that I’m sick of it within the week — which is pretty much what I do with every song I love ever — but it’s so good. Normally I’m all about the boom-boom-techno-as-loud-as-possible, and I’m sure my eardrums hate me most days, but for some reason when I’m sick, I can’t handle loud stuff. This song is perfect. It makes me want to go to SoulCycle.

I’m thankful for the new Ingrid Michaelson album, which is also in heavy playlist rotation right now. I probably shouldn’t have accepted those new iTunes agreements last night, because I keep buying stuff. See what happens when I work from home? I spend money.

Buy album? Sure. And here's my first-born child, in case you wanted that as well, iTunes.

I’m thankful I had a great running week two weeks ago. I’m currently supposed to be having a peak week of Eugene Marathon training, and instead there’s a big “zero” where my high mileage numbers should be. So luckily I can still channel my 18-mile runner’s high from what seems like a month ago.

Remember this? I ran 18 miles wonderfully and then took an ice bath and then went to a museum? It was PERFECT. And then I got sick. And now I don't run.

Yesterday was actually the first time since I got sick that I actually wanted to run. I was so miserable in the first few days that running wasn’t even on my mind. But last night, when everyone was all Twitter-excited about the “OMG 60-degree weather,” that I, too, wanted to put on my Brooks and run. I definitely wasn’t up for it, but Coach Cane says I can run for 20–30 minutes today (no pace or distance plans or worries) to see how I feel. I didn’t have the energy for it this morning, but I’m hoping that by this evening I’ll be able to go for a little stroll.

I really do miss starting my day with a good run, and truthfully I’m a bit concerned about this setback in training. My hope is that by the time I’m really back in the game, I’ll be so motivated and excited and “YAY LOOK AT ME I’M RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!” that I’ll be magically fast, and it’ll be like this flu thing never happened. I’m sure that’s likely.

I’m thankful my laundry basket is mostly empty. With the exception of all the sheets and pajamas I sweat through while my fever was rapidly breaking, I hardly have any laundry that needs washing! See? That’s the upside of not working out. Your clothes stay clean. There’s always a positive to be found, my friends. Always.

I’m thankful for all of your votes! I mentioned the other day that I’m nominated in the “Best Inspirational Blog” category in the first-ever FITNESS Blog Awards, and it really is touching that so many people have taken the time to enter email addresses and register and vote.

Fitterati Ali? Sure. That sounds cool.

I know it’s only a 20-second task, but it means a lot to me, and for that I’m grateful. Voting is open through the entire month of March, so you can still vote if you’d like. The category is packed with some pretty cool people.

I’m thankful I’ll be back to blogging about running soon. Sorry I’ve been Ali On The Mend lately. I can’t wait to get back to sweating up a storm and telling you all about it.

I’m thankful for Google Reader. I used to just bookmark every single page I liked or blog I read, and then I’d scroll through the bookmarks every morning. Google Reader has made my life so much more simple and organized.

I’m not thankful I decided to wear a dress with a tight waistband today. What was I thinking? Yesterday’s yoga pants ensemble was a far wiser choice. You’ll learn someday, Ali.

YOUR TURN: What are you thankful for today? Your health? The fact that you got to run today? Oreos? Girl Scout Cookies?



33 Responses

  1. I’ve been listening to that Lana del Ray song over and over too! Just bought it on iTunes last week. I have the same problem with trying to keep myself from burning out on a song. And I didn’t realize Ingrid had a new CD? Going to listen to it right now! Thanks!

  2. dude, i have those SAME girl scout cookies in my possession right now. i might eat an entire sleeve of samoas, no judgement.

    hmm, right now i am thankful for #funemployment. i like frolicking and running and taking naps during the day!

    but eventually i’ll probably want a paycheck…

  3. 1. I am glad you are feeling better!
    2. Had I known laundry was going to be helpful in the healing process I could have sent some your way 😉
    3. Yeah Mom, where are Ali’s Thin Mints?
    4. Today I was thankful to escape my windowless workplace for 30 minutes of sunshine & fresh air at lunch! Ahhhhhhhh

  4. I should have my Thankful Thursday up shortly on my blog.

    Glad you are slowly but surely getting better. Sick sucks, that’s just the simple way to say it (even if it is overused). Feel better!

  5. Confession: reading your posts this past week has made me awfully thankful for my lack of a stomach flu. I’ve had them before, and they are sad. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    I’m also thankful for the fact that tomorrow is my last long training run of the season. It’s been real, half marathon training!

  6. I am actually thankful that you’re okay! In the pics you posted in earlier posts you really did look so ill – I was really worried about what was wrong.

    I know this sounds stupid and weird coming from someone so many miles away in the UK who you’ve never met, but I love the way you write on your blog, I feel I get a genuine sense of ‘you’ and thus I really care about how you’re doing.

    P.S You are always WAY too hard on yourself. Who apologises for being sick, really? Keep on being Ali on the Mend until you are, indeed, fully mended.

  7. So glad you’re at least a little on the mend! And, uhhh, I ate a whole box of tagalongs in the last two days. Whoops. They’re definitely the best cookie! Of course I’m a bit biased towards anything with pb!

  8. I am really upset that I didn’t see anyone selling cookies this year. I want my Thin Mints!!!! And Samoas too. Boo. Very cute how your mom labeled the boxes, as if you didn’t know! I actually did two reservoir laps this morning and kept an eye out for you in case you were feeling better, but I am glad you rested again.

  9. Thankful for NYC sunshine!

    Glad to see that you are a new GReader user – it’s the ONLY way I can keep track of all the wonderful blogs I follow (including yours).

    Enjoy and feel better!

  10. “Sorry I’ve been Ali On The Mend lately.” This is totally not something you need to apologize for! I think we’re all just glad you’re starting to feel better. 🙂

    Also, I’m thankful for this sweet button-down shirt I got from Banana Republic. I’m also thankful that an appointment I had this morning was cancelled so I got to sleep in! Woo!

  11. You are going to bounce back and be your normal spunky running self in no time girl! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! 🙂

    Today I am thankful for Chobani yogurt and a great run this morning! And also thankful I was able to get into the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday that sold out in 2 hrs 41 minutes! I ran it last year and am so excited to be running it again this time with a bunch of great friends.

  12. I need to get on the google reader bandwagon…

    I’m thankful for this great weather, even though it may have derailed my ski plans for tomorrow!

  13. I’m thankful that it is going to be 53 and sunny on Saturday for my 12 mile run. I’ve been using the weather as an excuse to not run and/or run on the ‘mill, so I’m excited to hit the PAVEMENT! I hope this weather follow me to DC for the National Half Marathon! Woot!

  14. Glad you are feeling better! And you’re being smart with the running. 1 week won’t kill your fitness… you’ll be as good as new soon…
    I’m Thankful it’s almost the weekend!!!!! But then that means I have to sit through 2 days of child birth class… will you go for me instead? Pretty please?

  15. I am thankful that my mom sent me chocolate chip hamantaschan, that I get to run tonight in a tank top and for carb loading (in full force and SO fun!)

  16. I’m thankful for tax returns (which I will be using to buy TOMS, a la Sana ^^^!). I’m also thankful that Daylight Savings is this weekend. I’m thankful that it’ll be semi-warm today.

    Just simple things. 🙂

  17. Glad you’re feeling a bit better and get to try to run!

    If I feel up to it today, I get to run for…wait for it…FORTY MINUTES!!! Still feeling a little under the weather so we shall see….Thankful that I’m back running though.

  18. I laughed when I saw one of your tags for this post is “gastroenteritis” Gotta keep those flu posts organized!

    Glad you’re feeling better AND that you get to run today. Take it easy. You will be back to Ali on the Run[ning lots of miles] in no time.

    And I’m thankful that this weekend I get to go up to Vermont for our tasting! I plan on eating more in one meal than I usually eat in a week!

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