6 Things That Always Make Me Cry

Lately I’ve been really excited about getting a new apartment with Brian this spring. I get all giddy and stuff when we check out potential “homes” (um, 400-square-foot rentals) online, and it’s fun that we’ll have a place together that’s really ours.

Naturally before you move in with someone, you should make sure you’ve discussed the basics and that you’re really, truly comfortable with each other. So you know: Figure out how you’ll split the rent, decide who will do which chores, agree that only one of you is responsible for cooking and the other will do all the cleaning. Stuff like that.

We've got this system all figured out. At least I do...

And yes, be as comfortable as possible around each other. Get everything weird and awkward out of the way before you shack up.

That is why I decided to spend last night both on the toilet and vomiting into the sink (ugh, yeah, kind of simultaneously…), and then returning to bed in hysterics, shivering and then sweating.

THAT is why. For the relationship.

Because now, even after two Crohn’s flare-ups and a scary sighting at mile 22.5 of a marathon, I can officially say Brian has seen me at my absolute worst.

You think this photo is pathetic? This was before the vomiting began. It got far more tragic.

Last night was rough. I hardly slept at all. I rested all day yesterday and never spiked a fever, so I figured I was getting better. I ate a few bites of food for dinner, which is a massive improvement. And then at 1:44 AM, that dinner came back to haunt me, and I hated it.

It was a rough hour, and I was pissed about losing sleep and frustrated that I’m resting and hydrating and I’m still feeling ill. I really needed to get back to the office today, but when I took my temperature at 3:30 AM and it read 102.4, I knew another sick day was more likely than a day at my desk.

So yet again, I am blogging from bed. I haven’t been outside since Saturday.

But I will be venturing out later, because after four days with a fever and puking problems, I figured it’s time to finally see a doctor.

Now let’s talk about crying and tears and sadness.

I am a happy person. You know that by now, right?

This photo was taken one week ago today. I was in L.A. and I was healthy and eating solid foods. Ah, bliss.

Even right now, I can see plenty of positive in my sickly situation. Yeah, it sucks that I’m all gaggy and poopy and spending way too much time in the bathroom. But on the plus side, I’m finally spending a lot of quality time with my apartment before I move out! Turns out, this place gets a ton of natural light during the day! Also a plus? I was able to read a book, and that was special. I never have time to read!

But anyway.

There’s something about being really sick that makes me cry. Actually, it’s not so much just “being sick” as it is “projectile vomiting.” Throwing up makes me cry every single time. I get that trait from my mom. She is probably so pissed that I’m going into all this detail about throw-up, because she hates it. She can’t talk about it, can’t think about it and definitely can’t see it. And if she has to puke, she cries.

Throwing up isn’t the only thing that makes my eyes sweat, which is what I tell Brian is happening when I cry at not-sad movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love. Yes of course I would shed many tears over death or world wars or poverty and such. But let’s take it down a few superficial notches and talk about really heartbreaking things, like TV shows and movies!

Now, here is a list of 6 Other Things That Always Make Me Cry:

  1. Sarah McLachlan and her damn ASPCA commercials. These things are the most God-awful, tragic commercials on the planet and they always come on without warning. I’ll be watching a hilarious episode Full House or something, all content because Michelle isn’t grounded anymore, and then BAM! McLachlan starts singing about the arms of an angel, and those sad puppies and kittens stare directly into my eyes, begging for adoption. These commercials are unfair because they show up unannounced. There’s no “The following commercial has been approved for stone-cold-hearted people only,” or “This commercial is not suitable for emotional 26-year-olds who are home sick for the day.” But yeah, I donate almost every time, so I guess the commercials are working. Damn you, McLachlan. Damn you.
  2. Denny dying on Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t watched this show in years, but I was obsessed in college, and the Season 2 finale is the worst. You see Izzy in that ridiculous pink taffeta gown that she somehow secured while on duty at Seattle grace in a mere 30 minutes. Yeah I get that it was “hospital prom” or whatever, but I thought she looked a bit silly. She gets off the elevator and Denny is a corpse. And then she lays on him and she cries and that “Chasing Cars” song is playing, which, by the way, I cannot listen to now, solely because of this episode. But then Izzy went crazy and the show got bad, so I guess it’s all OK.
  3. Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office. These are happy tears, though. Every time. When Jim cuts his tie, and then later when they escape to get married on the ferry, and at the end when Jim says his original plan was to “marry her a long time ago.” It’s precious. Downright precious.
  4. Hearing my dad’s voice when I’m upset. Whether I’m stressed or sick or sad, when I hear my dad’s voice I turn into a mess.
  5. The movie Stepmom. They may as well have called this movie “Fall In Love With Every Character, Especially The Cute/Charming Little Boy, And Then Watch Susan Sarandon Die Just As You Started To Really Like Her.” When it’s Christmas morning and Susan Sarandon is giving her kids their gifts individually, and she gives the little boy his magician’s cape, it’s like, Why, Susan Sarandon? Why did you have to do that, because now you are going to die and the world is filled with sadness.
  6. My Sister’s Keeper, both the book and the movie. Why does this piece of literature (slash film) even exist? Oh right, to make even the most emotionless people weep. A few notes to make on this one: First, my old roommate, we call her Conroy, never used to cry at anything. One day I was like, “Let’s go see this movie with Alec Baldwin and Cameron Diaz, OK?” Well let’s just say that about 15 minutes into the film, stoic old Conroy was blubbering into her Chicken McNuggets napkins. She’s a vegetarian now, by the way. Second point: I read the book before I saw the movie, which is the way to go. I remember reading the book on the train from New Haven to Grand Central (yeah, that used to be my daily commute) and sobbing uncontrollably when I got to the end (which, by the way, is completely different in the print and film versions). I wasn’t even embarrassed. I was devastated because fiction is real!

Do you know what doesn’t make me cry? The Notebook. Sorry, I know that’s supposed to be like, “the saddest thing ever.” I cried the first time I saw it, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I was going through a very dramatic (not at all dramatic) college breakup, so I was projecting my feelings onto Ryan Gosling. After that my emotions were put to better use falling in girl love with Rachel McAdams and her pretty hair.

Also, I haven’t run or exercised or broken a non-fever-induced sweat since Thursday. I’m not counting Saturday’s sad run attempt. This is the longest I’ve gone without a good workout in, um, three years? I actually think I’m handling it very well. Pat on my back.

Off to work on feeling better! Ready, set, hydrate!

AND YOU KNOW I WANT TO KNOW: What always makes you cry?



75 Responses

  1. Y’know what makes me cry? When we’re doing speed laps on the track for xc practice, I’m on a cool down lap with another (nice) runner, let’s call her Sarah, and from behind I’m told to “Move!” Sarah moves to the second lane, and I move into the grass of the field to get out of the first lane. The people behind me continue to yell “Move!” and “Get outta the lane!” as they quickly approach. A couple seconds after I moved from first lane and scrambled to the grass, someone behind me (let’s call him Mean-Senior-High-Guy) is right behind me, I mean RIGHT behind me trying to run past. That moment, I see one of Mean-Senior-High-Guy’s feet and I hear him fall. I slow down my cool down pace and turn back, not sure exactly what to do. He calls up to me as he picks himself up from the track, “Elizabeth, MOVE!” I was already in a bad mood and in pain, negative thoughts were clouding my head about how slow of a runner I am compared to everyone else on the team. Sarah and I continue our cool down lap, and as it turns out that was the last straw. I tried holding my sad face inside but I started to cry as I was running. It didn’t last long, thankfully, as Sarah gave me a quick hug and assured me, “He’s just being a prick because he fell down”. I still feel bad and I want to cry just to let out the tension that has been built up since the start of school, what a disaster! It would have been much more of an impact to me if I hadn’t been humiliated and belittled thousands of times before. I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I’ll always be the geek. I used to be so very shy that confidence didn’t exist in my dictionary. This is how things go: I’m confident playing Pokemon games and wearing sweaters until I hit Junior High, then it all went down the drain in a whirlpool of sudden embarrassment. Slowly I recovered myself from the bottom up. I had friends that constantly tore me down. I rebuilt, and let them know exactly how I feel about myself: Very much opposite to what they portray me as. I still have a couple mean friends that didn’t get the memo, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be angry or deceptive myself.
    Yeah, so I should probably start doing this homework.. I just realized how much of it i have left…
    My rant

  2. The show Parenthood makes me cry on the weekly. Also, I’m very much like Kristin Bell – anything that makes me feel 1-3 or 7-10 on a scale of 1-10 makes me cry.

    I hope you’re feeling better. :/

  3. LOVE the Jim and Pam wedding episode. Cry buckets every single time! Not only that, but I cry whenever I hear that damn Chris Brown song that they all dance down the aisle to it.
    Stepmom gets me every time too. And Rudy. The part where the mom says “They’s cheering for Rudy?!?!” And Terms of endearment. And at the end of Fever Pitch. Not the part where Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore get back together, but the little montage that follows showing the Red Sox beating the Yankees and then the Cardinals. Is that weird? ok, I’m a die hard life long Red Sox fan and I pretty much cry whenever I see footage of the 2004 playoffs/world series.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cries during Jim and Pam’s wedding. I cry every time (every time!) I watch it!

    The movie “Ghost” makes me cry–I think I counted six different times during the movie that make me cry.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I cried on the The Offices episode called Casino Night …. you know the one. Where Jim tells Pam he’s in love with her. Thank God we have the wedding (and babies) now!

  6. I am the biggest baby in the land. I cry watching cheerleading championships on espn, the end of intervention when they accept help, tons of times on Greys Anatomy, at weddings, when I think of people who have passed away, watching my 6 year old at her dance recital, in my car after school conferences, before and after races, and I’ve even cried during a run because some stupid song came on that made me sad.

  7. I hope by the time you are reading this you are feeling better! I have to turn the channel whenever those ASPCA commercials are on. Like really. I do. For awhile it came on while I was watch Friends while I was making dinner at the same time every night. I stopped watching Friends. That says a lot.

  8. Those ASPCA commercials really are the worst. Ps the one person cooking and the other cleaning? Totally our gameplay. I can’t cook my way out of a cereal box.

  9. Aww, Im sorry to hear you’re sick. That sucks so bad, and puts such a damper on all the things you really want to do. I hear you on the ASPCA commercials. Even the Human Society ones where they show an image of a sad dog in a shelter and David Duchovney’s voice says, “I know how to sit, stay, and roll over. What I don’t know, is how I got here.” TEARS!! I cant help it!

  10. the movie stepmom makes me want to die on the inside. and for the rest of the world to die, too. that shit is miserable. feel better soon?

  11. Gah! I’m so sorry you’re sick :/ Do you think it’s the flu? Or a stomach bug? Whatever it is, I hope they can give you something for it ASAP. Next time I see you, I’ll you the complete story of stomach bug, Christmas 2004. In a nutshell, the docs had to give me an IV because I was dehydrated and they were also going to give me some anti-nausea meds. BUT FIRST they asked 1) if I was sexually active and 2) If there was any chance I could be pregnant. And my mom was standing right there!!!! Talk about awkward…if I wasn’t so sick, I probably would have cried.

  12. EVERYTHING makes me cry, but the most pathetic was 3 years on NYE I was watching the World Juniors hockey game with my boyfriend. During intermission they had a guy come out and he had to try to shoot a few pucks (can’t remember how many) and if he got them all in from centre ice he’d win a million dollars. Well, he got them all but one, and I was SO sad for him. I cried. For real.

  13. Have you ever seen Six Feet Under? The last scene of the last episode did me in.

    I cry easily though. There are lots and lots of things I can think of.

  14. 1. Those commercials are the WORST. I always turn the channel. I still haven’t decided if that makes me an awful person or not.

    2. I’m in the middle of season 2 of Grey’s.

    3 I want to read My Sister’s Keeper really bad, but I can’t decide if I should or not. Pretty sure it will depress me.

  15. The Notebook doesn’t make you cry?! *HIGHFIVE* No, seriously, I often feel alone in the world with my cold little heart when everyone else is flailing over that film! :b But those ASPCA commercials? Well, it’s a damn good thing I live in London now and am not randomly subjected to them and am left curled up on the floor in tears as a result. Except from when I’m home visiting my family, that is. My mom is ALL OVER those Pet Cops shows, and those commercials always come up.

    I really hope you’re feeling better! Although I am terribly jealous of the double french braids you’re sporting while sick.

  16. My husband lunges for the remote every time the Sarah/ASPCA commercial comes on, otherwise he knows tears and online searching for pet adoption will begin…

  17. I hope you managed to make it to the doctor. Your symptoms sound exactly like my crohn’s flare symptoms. Bathroom time followed by uncontrollable shivering, then a fever spike.

  18. You need to get better, Ali! Hopefully the doctor has some answers.
    The Notebook doesn’t make me cry but Stepmom-oh my, I’m a blubbery mess. It’s a great movie though. Greys was kinda bad the season after Izzy/Denny but it’s gotten better 🙂

  19. Onions are the death of my eyes!

    If someone walked in while I was cutting an onion, they’d probably think I just found out that my entire family was just murdered. Mascara and make-up running down my face makes me look totally and completely attractive. And by attractive, I mean whore-ish.

  20. The notebook makes me cry every time! I always tell myself that I won’t watch it again because I hate crying over a movie, but when it’s on I can never stop watching. Kind of like chocolate, hard to stop that too!

  21. Throwing up absolutely makes me cry, as does Stepmom and Jim and Pam’s wedding. I’ve started crying at real weddings too, which is a new development over the last year. And proposals and babies being born. Does this mean I’m a grown up?

  22. The last scene of Six Feet Under, the end of the Grey’s Anatomy pilot when you find out Meredith’s mom has Alzheimer’s, and — Ali, I’m sorry if this makes you cry, because I feel like we might share this one — even *thinking* about that Stars “they were kids that we once knew” song from Like Crazy, not to mention actually listening to it — ack.

  23. I hope you get better!! I can’t believe how long your sickness has gone on for. So awful. Sarah Mclaughlan is the WORST, I quit watching Greys a long time ago but am still traumatized by Denny. I watched Marley & Me on Christmas when a freak snow storm prevented our trip to be with family and I sobbed violently and it was horrible. Any movie featuring a dogs death (especially if that dog resembles my dog) is the worst thing ever made.

  24. I cry at The Star Spangled Banner. Every.Single.Time I hear it. Play it at a football game in Texas and have the entire stands singing it along with the band and I’m a blubbering mess where I stand.

  25. The last 10 minutes of Rudy. Oh, Jesus. The “Rudy, Rudy” chanting, the people in the stands,
    Rudy’s dad yelling “That’s my son!” and the MUSIC. I’m practically crying now.

  26. My still to be diagnosed hip flexor/leg/butt injury has made me cry every day for three weeks. I almost cried when the doctor called to tell me my xrays are normal because the way he initially sounded made me think he was gearing up to say stress fracture.

    You sound like you’re in decent spirits – keep it up and you’ll be back out there in the world in no time.

  27. About a month before my husband and I got married, we went over to his parents house for dinner. My stomach was feeling a little funny on the drive there, and that basically turned into me locking myself in their bathroom, doing the whole “on the toilet AND puking into the garbage can simultaneously” thing. After a couple hours of that, we drove home and I think I puked (into a bucket his dad gave me) about three times on the 45 minute drive home. So yeah, he definitely saw me at my worst before the wedding. And his parents have never mentioned it since.

  28. I saw the Notebook just the once in high school. It didn’t make me cry back then, but I did think it was one of the most depressing movies ever and have refused to watch it since. My sister loves it and this is when I wonder if we’re really related.

    Remember the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come? THAT movie made me cry, when my parents took us to see it in like 5th grade. Like basically every other 20-something lady out there, I know firsthand that breakups suck, but I also know firsthand that losing an immediate family member is about infinity times harder.

    Sorry to bring some Debbie Downerness to your blog…feel better soon!

  29. That freaking Sarah McLachlan commercial is evil. As soon as the music starts playing the boy and I immediately have to turn it off because both of us turn into blithering idiots. WHY, Sarah WHYYYY?! Okay, I know why but that commercial kills me which is I guess the point. The other thing that makes me cry? “Marley & Me” (both the book and the movie). Clearly I am a sad sappy dog person.

    Feel better!!!

  30. i hope going to the doctor helps you to feel better. yikes!

    basically all the things that make you cry make me cry too. and i think it’s perfectly fine to cry at crazy, stupid love. i totally did.

  31. OnStar commercials make me cry. It’s so brave that Timmy saved his Mom when she had a medical emergency in the car. so brave. …seriously, every single time. I cry.

    If i’m being honest, and i might as well, pretty much everything makes me cry. i’m a huge cry baby. My Mom & Sisters make fun of me bc I cry so much.

  32. That episode of the office was my first “hang out at home date” with my boyfriend. A week into hanging out he got to see me have a full emotional breakdown when they got married on the boat. Did not make me look like a crazy person at all. Still not as many tears as the episode when Michael Scott left. I’m still misty about that.

  33. Hope the doctor gives you something to make you feel better!!!

    I cry every time I watch the SATC movie when Carrie’s phone drops in slow motion to the ground once she realizes BIGs not coming to their wedding. Even though that movie sucked, it always makes me cry.

    1. I know, RIGHT?? I’m not really one to get emotional during a movie (probably because I usually fall asleep while watching) – but that scene just kills me!

      My other movie is… and I can’t believe I’m admitting this… Armageddon. (l know, I know!) When Bruce Willis sacrifices himself so Ben & Liv can be together – uggggggggggh. (what can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl through & through!)

  34. I cry at big spectacles. I mean – we were at Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and I was tearing up. So random.

    But the one that absolutely kills me? The song Jessie sings in Toy Story 2. It just breaks my heart. I’m starting to tear up just thinking about it!

    I’m very glad to hear you are seeing the doctor. Better to be safe then sorry – especially with your health!

  35. I hate those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials. I think they are sad, but I don’t like that they are totally playing everyone. I think the commercial is long and I do not cry, I change the channel.

    I cry during movies and TV shows often enough. I also cry sometimes when I think about Sept. 11, oddly more now than I a few years ago.

    You look so sad in that photo. I don’t know how your mom can look at that and not want to fly right out here to pat you on the head and kiss your sweaty feverish forehead.

  36. The start line……… And near the finish of every race. I can never believe that I’m doing this. It’s weird.

    Almost every break up ever filmed. Every time. It’s pathetic.

    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  37. Oh God, those ASPCA commercials. I mute them AND look away. Even worse now are the animated ones. Especially the cute cats who, at the end of the day, are all optimistic about tomorrow being the big day where they “get picked”. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.

    Denny dying is brutal. Bawled my eyes out. Also weep cathartically at The Notebook every time. I am in love with them both and Rachel McAdams is my birthday twins so we’re obviously meant to be best friends forever! Whe you feel better, we can all meet for drinks!

  38. Ok I’m thrilled to know that the ASPCA/McLachlan commercials make other people cry too!

    I’m currently trying to catch up on “The Voice” and the stories they tell about the singers kinda chokes me up. Like my dog died when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and we’re homeless so I’m going to sing this song. Oh but no one turned their chair around… (insert sobbing now)

    I hope the doctor has fabulous news for you and you’ll be back to running and non-eye sweating type things soon.

  39. True story: I’ve never seen the notebook.

    The movie “Marley and Me” tore me up. My shirt was wet from tears. I couldn’t leave the theater until everyone else had so they wouldn’t see me in my wet shirt, running mascara, and generally hysterical state. In my defense, we had a golden retriever growing up who was a lot like Marley. Too close to home!

  40. I had blocked the memory of Denny dying, oh that was so sad! I rarely cry at movies, though Angus did make me tear up when I was younger. I have yet to find that movie on Dvd. Feel better and hope the Dr has answers!

  41. Throwing up and being sick make me cry every time, too!! I don’t even notice it while I’m throwing up but afterwards there are always tears streaming down my face. Ugh – your illness sounds awful. So awful it might make me cry a little. Feel better!!

  42. oh man, my sisters keeper. I remember being on an airplane and reading it and wondering why noone warned me about it…..that book was never meant to be read in public.

    feel better!

  43. Like…. this post, about crying, made me laugh because cry at all the same garbage. ASPCA KILLS ME. Those little kitten and puppy eyes asking “when will I ever get out of this cage?” and “why are you beating me,” make me want to hoard animals. Unfortunately, my tiny 1 bedroom will not allow it. Sorry, pets. I have a friend who watched that commercial while she couldnt sleep one night and ended up donating. She now owns that super cool red ASPCA shirt. 🙂

    I also think the Notebook is not tear worthy and like you, watched it after my college BF and I broke up, so I cried. Pretty sure I’d laugh at Ryan Gosling now. I am, however, capable of crying at strangers’ weddings, which is cool (“Will I ever find love?!”).

    Feel better!

  44. Bridges of Madison County – when it’s pouring rain and Meryl Streep’s character is in the truck with her husband and Clint Eastwood is in the truck ahead. She is struggling between staying and going – gets me every time.
    Stepmom – the conversation between Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon and they are talking about the daughter’s wedding.
    One True Thing – Meryl Streep is telling Renee Zellweger not to have children in her wedding as they take the attention away from the bride (she’s dying).
    Don’t even get me started on My Sister’s Keeper – I started crying in 5 minutes and didn’t stop.
    I read The Notebook while running an In School Suspension. Five of the worst behaved kids in the school and I am bawling.
    One last one – ER when Mark Green dies in Hawaii. I still can’t listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole without sobbing.
    I am a sap – what can I say? Thanks for stroll through memory lane.

  45. The national anthem. It started after I met my husband and I started hanging out with Marines. Now all I think of is those guys standing at attention and going off to war and I weep. I thought I was the only one until I was at the start line of my first marathon with my training partner, also a Marine wife, and she was crying too!

  46. How ridiculous is it that I was just yesterday I was reading the Wikipedia article on The Office episode, “Niagra,” and even =that= gave me goosebumps because I was reminded how much I loved that episode?


    Another happy (and dorky) tears moment for me is when watching the massive crowd of runners take off in Chicago in the documentary, “Spirit of the Marathon.” This makes very little sense, I know.

  47. You crack me up. First of all…sooooo sorry you are sick, that really does suck and I hope disappears soon. I love the Denny reference. Remember when they play “If I lay here, if I just lay here” and Izzy’s in her pretty dress and ohhhhhh why did you have to die Denny? I cry pretty easily so I”m with you on most of these. I also cry with work related things though, which is bad!

  48. The Notebook doesn’t make me cry but The Perfect Storm makes me ball!!! I easily cry in movies because I am a looser but Perfect Storm is an OMG my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me junior in high shcool hate my life kind of cry.

  49. Hi Ali! Love the blog! I also don’t cry (or even like) The Notebook. However, any episode of Grey’s usually results with me sobbing on the couch. Hope you are feeling better!

  50. Yup, pretty much all those things you listed make me cry. I also get really weepy when I start thinking about all the wonderful people in my life and what they mean to me. I’m very nostalgic. Books ALWAYS make me cry because I feel like I know the characters.
    I read the end of My Sister’s Keeper on a bus in high school. It was ugly. Darn you Jodi Picoult.

  51. The Notebook doesn’t make you cry? You’re sick.

    On that note, hope you’re feeling better fellow flu-sufferer. I’m not quite there, but I’m out of the house today. That’s a big step. Must have been the matzah balls – I highly suggest you try.

  52. Omg Stepmom, I forgot about that. Yes, that made me cry, My Girl ALWAYS makes me cry and has all 5785783949393499 times I’ve seen it. I also cry every time I throw up.

    How did you do your hair so nice yourself?? While sick??

    Also, have you gone to the doctor? I am worried about you.

    1. Ohhhh My Girl. That movie seriously messed me up as a kid. I didn’t know ANYTHING could be that sad.

      I’m going to the doctor today! Woo!

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