Thankful Things Thursday: I Am Moving To L.A.

Yup. I’m in L.A. and I love it and I want to be here forever. There are palm trees everywhere. This could be my home.


OK maybe I’m not moving here just yet. I’m not sure my employer would be cool with the whole, “I’m going to work remotely from the beach and also never check emails and be totally unavailable because I’m busy getting a tan” thing. I haven’t asked yet though, so I’m not sure.

But let’s get down to business, and today’s order of business is being thankful. Why yes, it’s another edition of Thankful Things Thursday.

Off we go!

I’m thankful that science — yes, science — proves that Thankful Things Thursday is, in fact, crucial for our health.

Thanks for backing me up, Health magazine! Love it.

Honestly, taking a bit of time just once a week really does improve my mood, if only temporarily. Sometimes I wake up on a Thursday morning and I’m a complete raging bitch. Then I think about happy things, like puppies and candy and glitter, and suddenly my world is OK again. Try it.

I’m thankful for sunshine. Los Angeles isn’t particularly warm this week, but it’s still sunny, and for that I am deeply appreciative. I hear what’s happening back east isn’t so pleasant. Suckers.

I really shouldn’t say “suckers” though, because I’ve been inside nonstop for the past two days. Meh. It’s cool. It’s fun.

Being bossy on set. That's no major surprise.

I’m thankful I get to travel. I like L.A. a lot. Have I mentioned that yet? And I’ve been here three times, all of which were for work reasons. I’m not sure I would be here otherwise, and I appreciate the opportunity.

The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. One of my happy places. I bought stuff. Oops.

I’m thankful traveling hasn’t gotten in the way of my big, fancy running plans. Why yes, I’m still training just fine while on the road. It’s on the treadmill though. Gross.

This morning's workout. It wasn't the beach, but it worked just fine.

Yesterday I had to run five slow miles, and I did it on the ol’ ‘mill (what? the treadmill, that’s what I meant) and it was fine. Boring, but fine. I watched an episode of Full House. This morning it was back to some speedwork, which I looooooved. That’s right, I loved it! The workout:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 4 x 1 mile (that means run one mile, four times, in other words “run four miles”) at half marathon pace with 1/4 mile recovery at 10:00 pace in between miles
  • 1 mile cool-down

I got ambitious. Instead of my “safe” half marathon goal pace (7:45–7:50), I went with my slightly more ambitious goal pace, which is 7:30. Oh and guess what? I did it. I know, it’s not outside and maybe it’s not real running, fine, but it still happened and I felt sweaty and amazing. (Edited to add: I know treadmill running is REAL running, and I’m totally not discrediting those of you who train on treadmills. Power to you. Speed just seems easier to me on a treadmill than outside, so I never think of it as “real” — when I go fast on the treadmill I always feel like it’s a fluke or I got lucky or something!) Nailed it.

And tomorrow, I rest.

I’m thankful for room service. Yeah, I haven’t had a restaurant meal since we got here. Pathetic, I know. The time change is managing to kick my butt, and by the time we wrapped yesterday I was totally shot. So I ordered some fish tacos and a piece of chocolate cake and ate it under the covers, in my pajamas.

I’m thankful for orzo salad. I had some when we first arrived in L.A. and it was a delightful snack.

DELICIOUS. Someone make this for me. Immediately.

I’m thankful for stuffed animals. They’re comforting, don’t you think? I’m convinced that have real feelings. Yes, I’m a real-life grown-up.

CUTE. They probably come to life at night.

Today is busy so I must go, but won’t you please be kind to your health today? You know what I mean…

TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE THANKFUL FOR TODAY! Don’t be embarrassed if you, too, are thankful for stuffed animals. That’s normal and mature.



43 Responses

  1. I am a treadmill runner, and while I think it is necessary to run outside in order to compete at the top of your game in races, I think I still get a good workout out the treadmill. In fact, I think I ended up running faster outside because I’m scared to run too fast on the treadmill in case I fall! I also like the treadmill for intervals because it is much easier to keep track of distance/time. The biggest benefit of the treadmill for me is that it is much easier on my knees/joints! I recover so much better (maybe because I’m not pushing myself as hard!?!). Though if I was in a place like LA or a nice beach, I would totally be outside!

  2. That’s what freaked me out about the Toy Story movies, I was scared shit less my toys came to life when I wasn’t around. I used to leave little traps for them…never caught one though 😉

  3. I am DYING to live in L.A. Or somewhere in southern California. But I would really like someone to buy me a house to live in there, so I don’t have to shell out $700,000 for a tiny condo. Thank you to whomever would like to do that. I just got back from Florida and I am NOT thankful for the rain and cold that greeted my arrival back in Seattle. I am thankful it’s Friday. Which means I’m a day behind reading your post.

  4. I am out in Cali for work this week too! (San Jose so not nearly as pretty and warm!) And I had one free night to myself all week and I totally went the room service route – I was BEAT and all I wanted to do was put my yoga pants on, EAT, and read blogs before an early bedtime. It was glorious.
    And now? I’m SO thankful to be flying home today!! It’s been a long week. I miss my husband 🙂

  5. I love traveling for work too because it’s the one and only time I let myself spring for room service because hey….it’s on the office!

  6. I actually have a theory about why treadmill running is easier for you… some of your pace-holding difficulty may actually be just that: difficulty maintaining a steady pace. More disciplined intervals, preferably run with other people, seriously helps with that. Because you train mostly alone, it’s probably hard to hold a steady pace. Have you noticed that? I had the same issue before I joined my current team.

    Anyway, glad you’re having fun in LA! I’m currently very thankful to be able to run at all, after a recent injury layoff, though I’m worried I’ll reinjured myself if I push too hard, so… maybe tomorrow I’ll go and be thankful for some crosstraining.

  7. Woo, treadmill speedwork! I also did treadmill speed work today because I am a sucker who lives in Boston where it is snowing… Bleh. I’m thankful I got through the 3 miles (womp) of said speed work and then not collapsing at my 3 hours of dance rehearsal that followed it.. I actually ran at 7:47 pace! Sure, it was only for 2 minutes, but I consider that a huge accomplishment. I’m also thankful for my stuff animal friends, microwaveable dinners to eat after dance at 11pm with minimal cooking/clean up and red wine for filling my glass and helping me sleep!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  8. I am thankful for stuffed animals, but I’m more thankful for my baby blanket (aka a pile of knots). I still might sleep with it ; ) I’m 26 shhhh…

  9. I think I trained for AT LEAST half of my marathon on a hotel treadmill, so I hear you on boredom!! Way to rock out to Full House, though!

    I totally admire your always positive attitude (and don’t believe you wake up a raging you-know-ich) – maybe I should try your secret of Thankful Thursdays! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  10. OMG I WANT THAT DUCK!!! I have 5 stuffed animals on my bed — two pigs (one big with a tutu and crown, one small), a duck, a frog (with a crown, too), and a lady bug pillow pet. I need more, obviously.

    1. For some reason, I found this comment completely hilarious. It made me laugh loudly at my desk at work just now. I love that of everything in this post, Meggie felt most compelled by the stuffed animal picture and responded only to that. We would definitely be friends in real life. I have a giraffe pillow pet and Domo the cartoon on my bed. Bam.

  11. I’m thankful that you are near the Best Bakery On The Planet and hope that you can go there … Vanilla Bake Shop on Wilshire and 5th Street. Seriously GO immediately and have a Mom’s Birthday Cake cupcake baby for me.

  12. Is that Twitch and Allison?! Your job is ridiculously cool! I always wait to read your blog everyday – gives me inspiration to keep running and to keep being thankful for this wonderful life!

  13. ok, this is really crazy but you just inspired me to run off road tomorrow on the treadmill. I have to go to the gym for strength/cross training, might just have to throw a run in there too. I used to only, only run on a treadmill and totally know what you mean about it not being real running. Its very real, just not road real or not trail real since much of my running now is on a trail. Its all really good, though, any run is a good thing and I’m thankful for running!

  14. You’re definitely inspiring me to get my arse back on the speedwork bandwagon. So, I’m thankful for that!!

    I’m also thankful for my ‘boring’ life & my awesome husband. I’m hearing about waaaaay to much drama & shananigans surrounding my friends lately. 🙁

  15. I am thankful my bulbs that started coming up in unseasonably warm January have survived and now have flower buds just about ready to bloom!

    I’m thankful I have races to train for and friends to run them with.

    And I’m thankful for my super sweet BF, who has been an unflinching source of support over a difficult few months.

  16. I love LA, and love going to visit. Treadmill running can definitely be boring, but TV episodes make it so much better! Treadmill running IS real running…

  17. I’m thankful that you remember to do this every week, which in turn reminds ME to do this every week!

    I’m also thankful for my two best friends from college. They’re coming to visit me in two weeks to watch me run my second half marathon! I’m so excited that I’m nearly peeing my pants!

  18. I love orzo salad! Mmm!!!

    I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday….because tomorrow I get to fly up to Seattle for the weekend to help my bestie from college celebrate her 30th birthday!

  19. I’m thankful for Thankful Things Thursday. I look forward to it each and every week. So thank you! 🙂

    I’m also thankful for sunshine; for swimming, biking and running; and for baked goods, black licorice and lattes.

  20. I totally agree with everything in this post. Especially LA. I adore LA and am insanely jealous that you get to be there and I don’t!!
    I am so thankful that Im not the only person in the world who feels like stuffed animals are secretly alive. i have thought that all my life. Which..okay isnt super long but stilll

    I am thankful that I went running today even though i didn’t feel like it!! i think i pr’d on my 4-mile distance!! 🙂

  21. I’m thankful for all these things, particularly stuffed animals. I don’t know how anyone could actually part with a childhood stuffed animal, because I never really intend to…

    I’m also thankful that I’ll be going to L.A. (where I was born!) for vacation in three weeks to see my family. I’m also thankful that it’s March, because I think it’s safe to call it “spring” when March hits.

    Have a great rest of your trip!

  22. ok thanks for clearing that up. I see what you meant…yes, it’s not going anywhere and it is boring at times…he he…keep up the good work! I’ll shut up now and find some things to be thankful for! 🙂

  23. I love your blog & read it all the time but found the comment about running on a treadmill “not real running” a little offensive! I know alot of fast running bloggers who train mostly on the treadmill! I hope no one else takes offense to it. I know you meant it’s not real running to you but just wanted to point that out….

    1. Thanks, Becki. I of course didn’t mean for it to be offensive. Some of my fastest runner friends do their speed training, and sometimes even long runs, on the treadmill. I make that joke because I think of running as “going somewhere,” like having a start destination and covering ground before reaching an end destination. Training on a treadmill is definitely effective and it’s hard as hell, so I respect it. It’s just not my favorite! So hopefully no one else does take offense, and I’m sorry that you did. The comment wasn’t meant to say that people who run on a treadmill aren’t “real runners.”

  24. Looks gorgeous! I am thankful for my doll Nicole (since we’re talking stuffed animals). She is the one possession I would save in event of a fire; in fact, I used to take her outside with me during fire drills at my college dorms. I’m thankful for weekends, which I need more than ever these days. I am thankful for fresh mozzarella.

  25. your stuffed animal comment just brought me back to my childhood and the movie “Grandpa’s Magical Toys” which is about just that. My family owned the cassette tape that we’d listen to on car rides but we “accidentally” (i now believe otherwise…) left it in a rental car once. Sad…

    This week I am thankful for nice, supportive, motivating people, watching the sunrise from Brooklyn Bridge, Magnolia Bakery and my DVR.

  26. I’m pretty super duper thankful for Couch 2 5K training plans. I started today and it was great! I tackled it on the treadmill cause the weather has been crap and I was afraid there would be slippery spots along my route but I did it. I really want to be ready to run a full 5K (I walked all my events last year) soon.

    And I’m thankful for puppies too. Especially the two I have that aren’t even really puppies anymore but I still call them puppies.

  27. Working in L.A. = fabulous! So glad you are having fun and getting to squeeze some good runs in.

    Today I am thankful for good music and a couple of runs in the sun this week after my half marathon this past Sunday! I paced a friend to her half marathon P.R. so very happy for her. Also very happy for this coming weekend! After a crazy work schedule this week I am looking fwd to some fun with friends and some much needed down time.

  28. I’m thankful that after this horrendous day at work (NOT in LA, but in my regular ol’ office) I get to pack a bag and fly to Arizona for the weekend, where it is truly warm, and kick it with my grandmother. I’m grateful that there will be lots of margaritas involved.

  29. Ali, your post is making me miss home so much! LOVE your pictures. I grew up outside LA and haven’t been home in over a year, and I’m DYING to find time and money to visit. I used to say I could never see moving back to that region (I’m more of pacific northwest fan, says the girl living in upstate NY) but these days, the beachy life sure sounds lovely. And I adore Santa Monica. Downside? Just think about driving and traffic in LA… ha.

    Oh, and today I’m thankful I survived driving in the snow for the first time.

  30. Being thankful for stuffed animals is totally normal. I always feel bad for the sort of deformed stuffed animals in stores because i think no one will want them and i need to save them. Ok maybe that was sort of embarrassing to admit.

  31. Nice job on sticking to your goals and get your run on–even on the dreaded treadmill. Hah. I actually don’t mind doing speed work on the treadmill!

    I am thankful for an awesome husband who listens to me and loves me even when I am very cranky. Hah 🙂

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