The Weekend Run Report: My First 50-Mile Week!

On the running front, this weekend was spectacular.

On all other fronts, it was great as well. But let’s focus on the running, because I am better at discussing 18 miles of fun than I am at describing the flavors in my foods. (Last night I ate ribs and I would describe them as “messy,” and for brunch on Saturday I had some fancy grilled cheese sandwich that I would call “really good.” Food Network, let me know when you’re ready to give me a show. It’ll be really, really watchable.)

Last weekend my running was a mess. I felt slow, I felt sluggish, I got frustrated, my hip hurt and my sinuses made breathing somewhat difficult. Whine whine whine. I want wine.

This weekend? Total 180. Everything was spot-on.

I got lots of sleep Friday night and was up at 7 am, as planned, to get my miles done. Usual pre-run routine: Eat two “granola bars,” foam roll, ab workout, water, bathroom things, legwarmers carefully selected.

Hot pink, thanks for coming out to play. Sorry I got you so dirty with all the puddle jumping.

I wore my old sneakers because my new ones feel a little big and I’m wondering if they are partially to blame for the whole psoas/hip/IT band/glute/brain problems I’ve been having.

I planned to run to Central Park (1 mile), run 10 laps of the Central Park Reservoir (16 repetitive miles) and then run back home (1 mile). Coach Cane warned me that after Friday’s rain, the Reservoir might not be the best bet. But I tried it out anyway. I’m stubborn like that.

The pace plan was to run slower than my marathon goal pace (8:45) for the first 14 miles (I wanted to keep it around 9:15) and then pick it up to marathon goal pace for the last four miles “if I felt up to it.”

Of course I felt up to it. Turns out, if you follow your pace plan as your coach tells you, it’s quite manageable! I kept the early miles slow, so I had plenty of energy left at the end.

Here’s how nice the route looked:


It looks tedious, but it really wasn’t. The most annoying part about running all those Reservoir laps was that it was, as Coach Cane warned, kind of washed out from the rain. There were two spots on the loop where you had to jump onto the fence and scarily run on that for a few yards without falling off, rolling and ankle or dying. I did not die. See? I told you this run was successful.

I ran two laps on my own and then met up with Brian, who was out for a 12 miler. He cruised ahead of me a few times and I was behaved and didn’t try to keep up. I stayed on pace because I’m all disciplined and stuff these days.

Did I want to go faster? You bet. Did I refrain because Coach Cane gives me rules? YES.

Ignore mile 1. Mile 1 is most definitely not accurate.

My hip felt fine for the most part, both during and after the run. By lap seven it was getting aggravated from jumping over all the puddles, so I did my final laps down on the Bridle Path instead. I saw many cute dogs.

I also planned smartly and brought fuel (Strawberry Gu Chomps — I ate four just before mile 10 and the other four to finish the package at mile 13) and stashed a water bottle along the route. It made a huge difference being able to hydrate along the way. I tried running with the bottle in my hand for a lap, but it was way too annoying (I don’t know how you coordinated people do it) so I stashed the water in a fence. To my knowledge, it was not drugged. Though maybe it was, and that’s why the run felt so damn good…

Fine by me.

Also relevant? My stomach has been feeling really good lately! I am sure I just jinxed myself like an idiot, but during Hamptons training I used to have to make a bathroom stop (sometimes two or three) during every long run. Now? Stop-free! I love that. I’m happy about it.

I was dressed well for the weather (shorts, legwarmers, tank top, jacket and gloves) and even though everyone on Twitter was all “OMG it’s so windy,” I wasn’t bothered by it. There were a few scary-strong gusts, but I didn’t focus on it so I didn’t notice it.

What’s that realization right there, Ali?

Oh right! Your head was in the game, your brain was happy and focused, and you had a good run! THAT IS AMAZING.

Everything just fell into place nicely for this 18-miler, and it was a huge confidence booster. Could I have run 8.2 more miles afterward? Absolutely. I’ll go with the whole running cliche by saying “the miles flew by.” They really did! Brian and I were out together for a while, but we weren’t actually running together for most of it. We each had our headphones in, and occasionally he was ahead of me, or I was ahead of him. We were too busy avoiding the puddles to have a conversation. And also, we were too busy running to have a conversation. Still, there’s something about running “with” someone that makes time fly. At one point Brian asked me what mile I was at and I was shocked to look at my watch and see I was nearing mile 10.

I finished the run on a major, major runner’s high. This was the run I’ve been needing.

18 complete. Happy Ali in progress.

And because I’m trying to be a smart little runner, and I’m trying to take care of my body and do my best to ward off any psoas/hip/IT band/butt/head/ankle/joint/knee/eyeball pain, I didn’t do what I wanted to do — sit on the couch and watch “Beverly Hills 90210” reruns on SoapNet — but rather, I did what I knew I should do.

First, I stretched.

Then, I spent a good amount of time with my BFF Foamy.

We are so happy together. And colorful.

I don’t actually call my foam roller “Foamy.” I don’t call it anything. I call it “foam roller.” But whatever.

Foam rolling hurt in the best way possible. I took a photo, so you know how dramatic it was:

One day I will most likely prevent putting so many stupid photos on the Internet. That day is not today.

Yeahhhh, that’s the spot. Also, my face was ridiculously salty. That’s a photo for another day.

Next stop in the recovery process: My first ice bath.

I did it, and I loved it! I’m a convert. I’m on board. I’ll bathe in ice again.

Here I am with the ice.

Brian didn’t want to come over to dump ice on me (shocking), so I documented the process. I felt weird taking photos of this. Also, when I told Brian that I took pictures of my ice bath, he was shocked and laughed, particularly when I mentioned I would probably share them with the blog world.

Turns out, Brian thought you take ice baths in the nude.

No no, silly Brian. I suited up big-time for this bath.

Everyone said “layer up on top,” and so I wore a tank top, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and earmuffs, plus shorts on bottom. I think the earmuffs are what really kept me toasty.

Step 1: Fill the tub with cold water. That step is simple.

Step 2: Get in the cold tub. This was my least favorite step.


I didn’t even have the ice in yet, but getting my legs fully submerged wasn’t too pleasant. I’m a wimp, OK? It was cold.

Step 3: Fill tub with ice. Let it shower over you in an oh-so-pleasant way.

Bag 1: In!

Be smart and break up the ice before dumping it in, lest you dump a giant, sharp chunk onto your knee. Ouch.

I used three bags of ice total. That seemed like a good amount.

I also followed Susan‘s advice and kept my feet elevated the whole time. My toes stayed warm, and I think that made a difference.

A delicious post-run drink that would have been better with a little kick to it...

Step 4: Drink hot chocolate, watch an episode of “Friends” on your laptop (the one with the holiday armadillo, perhaps?) and enjoy.

Easy! The worst part was getting in the tub. Adding the ice was fine, and eventually your legs go numb-ish and you just sit there. I was fine with it. I stayed in for about 15 minutes, until most of the ice had melted. My legs were nice and red, which I assume is a good thing.

Who needs a tan when you can just dip in some ice for a while?

Check out those sexy goosebumps! Hiiii boys! (See what you missed out on, Brian?)

My legs are definitely fatigued from the weekend, but I believe the ice bath helped. My knees and my hip both felt good the rest of the weekend, which involved a ton of walking around.

More specifically, it involved walking around with the “animals” at the Museum of Natural History.

I’ve been there many times, but I still get so friggin’ excited when I see the giraffes.

YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Never let another animal eat you or kill you! Please stay alive forever! Never be extinct!

Also cool? The animals that, to some, look like horses mixed with deer mixed with zebras, but to me look like brown skinny cows wearing cool striped legwarmers. See?


Saturday was a day of museum-ing, napping and drinking with runners, which was lovely, followed by brunch Sunday and lots more walking around in the afternoon. Brian and I met at least four awesome puppies in Central Park on Sunday. Best day ever? YES.

And then Brian — on his own, with no influence from me, I swear — suspiciously started sending me photos of puppies online.

Brian, you should totally get a dog. I'll walk it and cuddle with it and you can clean up its poop on the sidewalk.

Coach Cane asked that I run 3–4 slow miles on Sunday, and my watch was cool and broken, so the route I mapped out ended up being 5.3 miles. Oops.

But guess what that meant?

My first-ever 50-mile week!

Why use DailyMile when you can use this really cool technology called "pen and notebook?"

Plus five more miles, also slow, this morning.

I feel cool about knocking off 50.8 miles in a week. That seems big to me, and of course now I want to run a 60-mile week. Can we do that, Coach Cane? I promise I’ll keep my paces perfect.

And clearly the week took its toll on me, because last night Brian and I were going to watch Midnight in Paris and then watch the Academy Awards, and I successfully got through none of that. I stayed awake for dinner and then passed out.

Oh, and because I had a good run Saturday, Coach Cane rewarded me the best way he knows how: with a photo of Simon.

Apparently Simon is now in his "really happy" phase. Coach Cane says he smiles all the time. How cute is that? IT IS SO CUTE.

Now that I’ve rehashed the weekend, I’m back on my runner’s high. It feels good.

Tomorrow I’m off to L.A. for work and won’t be back on the east coast until Friday evening. I plan to run on the beach in a tank top while I’m out there. Or on the hotel treadmill, if I cannot figure out how to get to the beach.

SHARE YOUR HAPPY RUNNER’S HIGH: Who raced this weekend? Who did a long run? Who did a short run? Who ate ice cream? Who slept a ton? Who forgot to sleep? Fill me in and let’s be best friends.



65 Responses

  1. Great job on the run, but I’m even more impressed by the ice bath! It terrifies me, and you dominated it like a champ. Considering how sore I get after long runs, I should buck up and jump on the wagon.

    I ran the Disney Princess Half this weekend. I could’ve trained better, for sure, so it was a bit rougher than I wanted, but I had a ton of fun in my tutu and tiara, and it got me super pumped to run some better, stronger miles before the NYC Half in two weeks!

    Your blog got me super pumped, too, as usual!

  2. Oh my goodness, those ice bath pictures crack me up! I’m loving the ear muffs and hot chocolate. Great job on your 50-mile week!

  3. WOOHOO! I am so excited about your 50+ week. That is fantastic! See how much better running that much is when you stay focused on running as the primary form of exercise, stay smart about pace, and rest up. What’s on tap next?

    Also, I think you’re crazy for doing that many loops of the res and coming out alive, but we can still be friends.

  4. My first and one and only ice bath was after the ING NYC Marathon. It was so cold….. My teeth were chattering the whole time. I lasted maybe 5 minutes, but I swear it made a difference. Next time (probably after the marathon this year), I’ll try to remember to keep my toes out of the water. 🙂
    Have a good flight and productive work trip in L.A. We may get snow here in NYC on Wednesday. I’m sure it’ll be nicer in L.A. (at least on Wednesday).
    Have some happy runs while you’re out west.

  5. I did my first ever long run this weekend… 4 miles at a pace that many people walk faster than, but I’m training for my first 10 mile race and it was a huge deal for me and the longest I’ve ever run at once. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t think I was going to die!

  6. I have so much respect for people that do ice baths. Yes, yes I know they are probably good. Yes, yes I have runner’s injuries, aches, and pains. Plus I don’t have a bath tub in my apartment… that would make it more difficult. Nice miles woman!!

  7. Have fun in LA. Unfortunately, it’s been cold and almost rainy. I’m sure you’ll still be in shorts and tank tops but we’re wimps here!

  8. Thanks for motivating me to try the ice bath thing. I was a personal fan myself. It wasn’t nearly as miserable as I had expected!

    Great work on the 18 miles. I will forever be jealous of your speedy capabilities!

    Also- thank you for loving giraffes as much as I do. They’ve been my life-long favorite animal. So much that I have a small outline of one tattooed on my foot! Aren’t they just the greatest!?

  9. First of all, you DOMINATE. Way to kill that 18 miler, keep it coming. Second, HOLIDAY ARMADILLO IS MY MOST FAVORITE FRIENDS EPISODE OF ALL TIME!!!!! Thank you SO much for referencing it! 🙂 “It looks like the Easter Bunny’s funeral in here.”

  10. I ran or 35 min and was ridiculously excited about it.


    But , maybe that 35 min will turn into 18 miles soon.

    Awesome job on the LR! I hope I can cheer you in at the finish in Eugene!

  11. Ah yes, the joys of proper pacing. It’s great when a run goes well.

    I had a really easy week this week, since I’m getting over an injury that forced me to take 4 days off running (I was climbing the walls). I’m grateful just to be able to run without as much pain as I was in last week. Whew. It really puts any complaints I might make about runs into perspective: not being able to run is the WORST.

  12. Gurrrl—you are kick ass awesome. And crazy for ice bathing. But awesome nonetheless.

    I ran 12 miles Saturday! And ate ice cream! Yes, they go hand in hand, clearly.

    Have a great, safe trip!

  13. Your legs, look at the colour of your poor legs! Although technically I know the ice bath is doing them good, so I suppose I should feel such limb-related distress.

    I’m so happy that you had a strong 18 miles – I’m sure you needed that, and now there shall be no more self-doubt or I’ll have to fly over from the UK and bop you on the talented-runner nose, yes?


  14. Congrats on your first ice bath & 50 mile week! The pic of you squirming while foam rolling made me giggle in my office. Glad you had a great run!!
    I paced my friend to a PR for the Cowtown Half Marathon this wknd in Ft. Worth. It was a good time! 🙂

  15. Nothing better than an awesome long run, good for you! I had a 20 miler this weekend that wasn’t superb during, but I was happy with the time. And I also ate a grilled cheese afterwards, which I’m deciding is probably the best post-long run food. Or maybe just the best anytime food. Have fun in LA!

  16. Wow, congratulations on an amazing running week! I really want to try out an ice bath when I increase my mileage later. Must be so good! I always shower cold, but that is of course only a little thing compared to an actual ice bath.
    I`m impressed that you actually run around the same loop so many times. I get really bored of the area I live in and try to get out somewhere else as much as possible!
    I also love running with friends, even if you don`t talk or anything, there is just someone there, and you don`t feel like everyone is just e.g. sitting around, maybe doing all the (fun) thing, or anyways not being all “alone” outside. Not that you are ever alone in Central Park, but you get the idea 😉

  17. Hey Ali!
    I very rarely comment – because I’m lazy and read from Google reader – but I just have to say how much I love your posts! They’re so funny, even when you’re sad (& I know I shouldn’t smile at your misery but heck, I’m a bit mean sometimes), and we’re such similar runners. I’m going for my 2nd marathon on April 15th (near Eugene time?) and I had my best training run to date on Sunday – 17.4 glorious miles! It was the first time that I actually properly for real did the whole ‘run slower than GMP’ for the first 1hr45, like my coach says, and then picked it up for the last 45mins. I even finished with a 7.51 mile…I guess those coaches do know what they’re talking about!
    I’m also warding off an irritating ITB/piriformis injury too, so I totally relate to you every time you talk about that.
    Anyway – I have no idea where this long rambling comment is going..I guess I just wanted to shout hello (all the way from the UK), and tell you how much I love reading your posts 🙂
    OH< and I'm really quite envious of the 50mile week..I've never got past 40 myself!

  18. Good job. Ok so I hate ice baths too but watching an episode of Friends or New Girl (LOVE IT) makes it so much better. I think you should name your foam roller!

  19. I cranked out 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday! Was supposed to do it at the park with a girlfriend…but when it started snowing we decided to reschedule. I’m jealous of your Cali trip!!! But not of the ice bath. Yikes.

  20. I think you should hold on to the nickname “Foamy” for your roller! 🙂 Congrats on the awesome 18 miler! My long run is 12 miles on Tuesday as I am working slowly towards my next half. I ran a whole 2 miles on Saturday over the weekend due to what I thought was a cramp in my calf turning out to be the ache that won’t go away! Well, after some good rest hopefully I am ready for that SLOW 12 miles. Thanks for writing about the ice bath! I have a huge fear of getting in a bathtub with ice. I am not a fan of the super cold, but I may just be game once I start getting into those 18 mile runs!!

  21. Oddly enough, I took my first ice bath this weekend too. You are WAY more hardcore than I am, though – I only submerged my feet and not my full legs (since my foot was the problem area).

  22. I could never do an ice bath! Those goosebumps look epic! But good for you!

    I did nothing newsworthy this weekend. Just continuing my physical therapy on my shin splints, so perhaps one day, when you ask us questions like how much did we run this weekend, I can actually answer it! Yes, I am going through physical therapy specifically so I can answer your blog questions. You’re welcome.

    Also, I know you said you don’t like holding water bottles, but have you ever considered those water bottles that has a strap around it that you attach and tighten to your hand, so you don’t have to hold it? It’s like the modern day Inspector Gadget (go-go gadget water bottle hand!). I use it all the time (when I was able to run,) and I loved it-didn’t have to hide waterbottles around and fear about hobo urine or anything! I use Nathan brand, but there’s tons of them out there! Just an idea!

    Happy Monday!

  23. Great job! Unfortunately, my hip is still angry (although getting better? maybe? super stiff is better than super painful, right?), and I spent 90 minutes on the elliptical machine on Saturday morning in order to “simulate” a long run. It was…not the same.

  24. Yay! Congrats on the return of your runners high!
    I had the exact opposite experience this weekend. Hip hurt, long run wasn’t fun, blah blah … However because our running lives are eerily similar I am confident that this means my next long run will be amazing!
    Also I am ashamed to admit this but I have never done an ice bath. Maybe I should start.

  25. Congratulations!! I also had a big weekend/week! I ran my longest distance ever (15 miles) and did over 30 miles this week for the first time ever. I’m getting there – slowly but surely! And, surprisingly, my long run was fast. Avg pace = 8:23!! So excited!! =)

    Congrats again!

  26. My sister and I just registered for our very first half marathon. The race isn’t until October so we have plenty of time but after reading your blog for some time now we both really wanted to! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Wow, 50 miles! insanity! I did half that I think 😉 and the ice bath sounds awful…except the holiday armadillo episode of Friends. One of the best there is!

  28. Carrying a water bottle gets easier with time.. I promise! I mean, I still have my moments where I want to throw it as far as I can and never see it again, but they’re rare. Try it again, maybe for two loops next time and see how it goes.
    And i did a long run on Saturday, an entire 16 miles. I swear, those first 10 miles are the worst. After that I’m all happy because 6 miles seems like nothing!
    Once my run was over I had to cater a party and stand on my feet for 9hrs working my butt off. My chef partner in crime had raced a 50mi mountain bike race in the morning so we were a perfectly exhausted duo.

  29. I ran 4 miles Saturday and then a 9 mile, amazing trail run on Sunday. I then, also did an ice bath. It was the third time I did one and it was misery but what a difference in recovery. It really, really works! Congrats on your 18 miler!

  30. I ran 22 miles. Then proceeded to drink and not sleep. Usually I like to catch up on sleep during the weekend but for some reason I still woke up only a few hours after I had one to bed on Sunday. I was quite sad when I had to wake up this morning and I was tired, but I guess that’s the price one pays for a good weekend…

  31. Yikes! I have done one ice bath after a half marathon and it made all the recovery difference in the world! But it’s sooooooo hard to get myself to do it more! Congrats on an amazing run and 50 mile week!

  32. Ahh, you’re so amazing. I’ve fantasized about a 50 mile week ever since I did my first run in the park (ok, maybe not then, but eventually I got there)!

    Congrats for hitting such a major milestone.

  33. Nice run!! I love to ready happy positive run reports, it starts the week off right. Plus 50 miles is a nice number I think 🙂

    I didn’t run this weekend because I was sick but this week I am back on track and training for NYC Half. I did eat ice cream this weekend though.

    I am going to LA for 24 hours on wednesday/thursday! Yay sunshine!

  34. Congrats on your run! 🙂 I did 17.3 on Saturday in windy Wellesly, MA (running Boston in April) – my longest run EVER!

    You’re a brave soul to go into an ice bath with only shorts – I always keep my running tights on!

  35. “I’m the holiday armadillo your part jewish friend!” hahahahha i love friends so much that I, no joke, ran like pheobe a little bit on my run a few days ago- try it its awesome

  36. Awesome weekend of running and way to keep your head calm and relaxed:) Ice baths are fantastic and I’m a huge fan. Taking an ice bath without clothes on would be crazy though:)

  37. Nice running! I’m proud of you. Also jealous. Really, REALLY F*CKING JEALOUS. But mostly proud. 😉
    Simon is adorable!
    I’m going to LA this week, too!!!! Leaving Thurs morning. Have a great trip, Ali! 🙂

  38. I slept in on Sunday. Until 8 am! That never happens! It felt amazing. Had breakfast with my sister and her new boyfriend. I got to put him on the spot. I’m a good older sister like that. Then proceeded to make an even more amazing meatloaf. All in all a great Sunday.

  39. The earmuffs are awesome! I run 6 miles on Sunday which was lovely, especially because I was ill all week long. As soon as the fever was gone, I was ready to run. And the weather was perfect and felt like spring.

  40. Congratulations on the successful run + mileage! My long run was a similar story (although only 9 miles)…my long runs have felt awful this training cycle, and I finally was smart like you and dropped my pace about :15/mile vs. last week, and finished feeling amazingly strong and pumped. It’s amazing what some smart pacing can do 🙂

  41. Nice week of running! I am really proud of you for listening to Coach Cane re: staying relaxed for the 18-miler. You know I am 1000% on board with running long runs easy (mine are about 90 seconds slower than goal race pace). I know the temptation to run faster is there, but you don’t want to break yourself down before race day arrives, you know?

    Also, I am still excited that I saw you for awhile on the UES this weekend!! I need to return. Actually…I might be there on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  42. 18 must be a magic number for you – yay great run and ice bath! And I agree with you, “happy” hot chocolate would be a fabulous addition to the routine….

    I “ran” 10 miles. And yes, the quotes are needed. No bueno. I’m currently driving the “wahmbulance”. Which is better than an ambulance, I suppose, but no fun.

    Enjoy LA! And in case you’re interested, Rachel Zoe gets her froyo at the self serve place called “Yogurt Stop.” I still like 16 handles better, but you can’t mess with bravo “celeb” sightings

  43. Way to keep pace for your long run!! I wish I could do that! I get too excited and throw in some batshitcrazy mile times and then finish as if it was a race. I wish I had a Coach Cane to scare me into doing my training correctly!

    I did the Hyannis Half yesterday and it did NOT go according to plan. I hurt my knee somehow (by somehow I mean I busted out my 14 miler last weekend and pissed it off) and couldn’t get much mileage in this week because of it. Maybe that will scare me into doing easier Sunday runs? Funny thing is it felt FINE (!!!) during the whole race but I didn’t fuel properly beforehand (we’re taking 2 eggs FOUR HOURS before the race started and then only a banana 1 hour prior… whoops. How did I forget to fuel?!) and I completely crashed. The last 2 miles were SO painful. I was channeling you this past week (trying to be strong and level headed about my injury) when I was being all whiney-pants. And I bought a foamy. I really think it’s a miracle worker! Also, I know you’re an ice bath convert now, but have you tried an epsom salt bath? They work wonders for me AND it’s hot 🙂

    I’ve been a long time lurker, thought I’d finally say hi 🙂 Happy running!

  44. Boston was crazy windy too this weekend, but that doesn’t stop nutso runners like us. I ran 10 miles this weekend – longest I’ve ever run, and I felt amazing after. I’ve also been having hip/IT/crappy body issues like you and my relationship with my foam roller has turned quite serious (my b/f is jealous). But, it’s all a good thing – they hurt so good!

  45. I did a 20 miler this weekend. At the end of it, I felt good. Too good. And I felt great later that day and yesterday. I had been thinking that I need to go beyond the training plan and push myself a little bit. Then I saw your watch picture and decided that I need to push myself. Period. No thinking, no discussing, just go a little bit faster. I love ice bath too.But I am cheap and only use one bag of ice.

  46. Great run, Ali! I had to postpone my 16 miler on Saturday due to this ridiculous wind storm, I got in 6 before trees started falling and I started freaking out. Take two went well but I definitely need to work on that whole “positive splitting” issue. But it was my longest run ever and highest weekly mileage ever, so yay! And then I came home and cuddled with my adorable puppy and drank beer.

  47. I knew you’d have a great run! I can’t imagine so many reservoir laps, although it does sound somewhat fun for a change. You’re brave for the ice bath. I have the same earmuffs in brown – funny you wore them in there! This post really made me want to start running again!

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