Thankful Things Thursday: I Refuse To Be Injured

Happy Thursday to you.

I’ve been slacking on the blogging front a bit lately because sometimes life just gets in the way. Yesterday, for example, I decided it was more important to lay in a hotel bed for an extra hour rather than writing. Ali On The Do Not Care To Blog.

But I’m back with plenty to document today, and I will do that in the form of being thankful.

Thankful Things Thursday, commence!

I’m thankful I work in a place where I can dress like a fool and not feel judged. My office is stocked primarily with young women, so Valentine’s Day around here gets a bit nutty. There are constant flower deliveries and there’s an abundance of chocolate that gets passed around throughout the day. Also, everyone tends to wear something festive. Naturally I took part in this.

That's me, second from the right, with my Dance Spirit coworkers. Anyone who said red and pink don't match perfectly was WRONG and not in the Valentine's Day spirit.

It was a fun day in Dance Spirit land, complete with a few little accessories that were planted on my own desk.

Roses on the left and puppy flowers on the right. See? See how those flowers are shaped like two little dogs? The flower dog on the right is looking a little sad today, though.

I’m thankful for the wonderful Valentine’s Day Brian planned. Maybe I am a Valentine’s Day person, after all. Maybe I had just never had a nice Valentine’s Day before, and this one made me realize that yeah, the day is cheesy, but it’s also kind of nice. I was feeling the love all day, not just from Brian, but in general. Everyone seemed so happy on Tuesday.

As for Brian’s top secret plans: They involved all of my favorite things, such as bread baskets, things with melted cheese, chocolate souffle, views of Lincoln Center (my all-time favorite NYC spot) and a fluffy hotel bed.

Good enough for Chuck Bass, good enough for Ali.

We also had a fancy dining partner that evening. His name was Matt Damon, and no, he did not want to talk to me about how he felt when his BFF Ben Affleck almost died tragically twice (you know, before the attack on Pearl Harbor and then again when he almost had to be the one to detonate the bomb on the asteroid, but then Bruce Willis ended up saving the day/world instead?). He also didn’t want to explain to me exactly how they got into that vault in Las Vegas to rob the casino, nor did he feel like chatting about that time with the math on the chalkboard and Robin Williams.

Matt Damon just wanted to enjoy a meal with 16 of his closest friends.

Anyway. Valentine’s Day was delicious and delightful. Love love love. Love is all around. Love love dove.

I’m thankful for a super-sore upper body today. I took a Chisel class yesterday in lieu of running (more on that in a moment) and I decided that I would go easy on the legs and hardcore up top. I’m feeling it today, thanks to the abundance of shoulder presses and squeezy things we did. Sorry if that technical language is too advanced.

I’m thankful I didn’t run yesterday. Or spin. Blah blah blah. So this IT/hip thing blows. It hurts. I’m never wearing heels again, which is my first step on the way to recovery. I’ve been foam rolling and icing, which hurts in a good way (not really, it just hurts), and I’m trying to make stretching a priority.

Stretch it out, Ali, stretch it out.

I emailed back and forth with Coach Cane quite a bit yesterday, and at this point I have promoted him from Running Coach to Life Coach. He has not formally accepted the position, but part of my negotiation in the matter included a promise to “be slightly less dramatic in my emails.”

"What if I agree to never email you again with a subject line that says URGENT: RESPOND IMMEDIATELY, DEATH IS ON THE WAY?"

Coach Cane suggested I try out a slow five miles yesterday. That scared me. He said if it hurt, I could hop on a spin bike. I told him the pain wasn’t too bad, but truthfully, it kind of was at that point.

"I have a feeling you're lying to me, Ali, and you're quite difficult to coach. Don't be a cowboy today." That cowboy part of the quote actually happened. The other part is something I imagine Coach Cane would say.

I’m trying to stay focused on my main goal right now — the Eugene Marathon on April 29 — and I didn’t think doing anything last night was going to help me get closer to that goal. I fear straining my IT/hip/whatever-the-F-is-going-on further, so last night I rested. Total, complete, lazy girl rest.

And then today I woke up feeling a little better!

I’m thankful I ran six miles this morning! They weren’t very fast and they weren’t very exciting, but man did it feel good to run. I want to be one of those aggressive runner girls who can knock out 50+ mile weeks regularly, but apparently, at least for now, I’m not there yet. So this is a setback, and I’m trying to deal and get past it. In the meantime, I’m being smart, trying not to go crazy, and enjoying the heck out of the runs I do get to do.

THIS IS WHY I'M A MORNING RUNNER. Don't you see it? Don't you see how magical that is??? GET ON BOARD, EVERYONE.

My hip felt OK during the run. It actually felt good to move it around, and I even had a few decently timed miles in there (average pace was probably around 9:00) all things considered. It hurts the most when I sit for a long time (ahem, desk job) and then stand up too quickly. But during the run I liked loosening things up a little.

I also thing a good leg massage would help, so you can apply to do that for me if you want. Let’s be friends who give massages, and no that is not creepy at all…

I’m thankful for the trusty tennis court bathrooms in Central Park. I needed them this morning. I may have overdosed on cheese last night.

My favorite bathrooms. It seems sad that I have a favorite public restroom, but I do.

Right around mile three today I was pretty psyched these bathrooms were open.

I’m thankful for some pretty stellar winter weather. I’ve only run in pants two or three times this year, and I’m loving it. I just wish I owned more pairs of shorts, because the rotation is getting a little un-clean.

I’m thankful for Molly and Amanda. I meet these two nice girls when I was doing Run For The Rabbit, and we got close seemingly overnight. We bonded over things like running and sweat and a shared love for meerkats, a unique yet adorable creature with exceptional posture and cute hands. Molly, Amanda and I try to get dinner together every other week or so, and last night was my night to host. I made nothing. Seriously. I cut up some cheese and we did a potluck sort of thing. It was my worst hosting ever and I’m embarrassed. But it was good to be around runner friends when I was sad about not running.

I find that with any running detail — whether you had a kickass, fast run, or you have a weird pain in your upper left groin knee shoulder area — being around runners helps. You can brag, and they’re on board and supportive. You can whine, and they’ll tell you to quit being a little bitch. You can tell them you’re terrified that you’re never going to run again and that you’re going to take up knitting instead, and they’ll suggest that you’re being slightly dramatic or, as I prefer to say, animated.

This is my runner friend Ben. I love him. He's crazy, just like me!

Last night, Molly and Amanda were totally cool with the fact that I sat through dinner with an ice pack down my pants and then foam rolled during our intense conversations about “which animal noises we’re really good at making.” (Fun fact: I do a killer elephant impression.)

I’m thankful for all of you, who read my blog and commiserate or perk me up or share stories or offer up advice. I think you’re the coolest. Really, I do. (And if you’re one of the people who read the blog via email, that’s fixed now, but you have to re-sign up. Yay improvements!) Thank you for always making me laugh and smile.

I’m thankful for Gmail. It’s so handy and so much better than that old-school dial-up AOL crap.

I’m thankful there’s a long weekend on the horizon. Bring it on. I plan to be as lazy and plan-less as possible.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Tell me what you’re thankful for today, por favor.



48 Responses

  1. I am thankful for dog-shaped flower arrangements; they are, strangely enough, my go-to every time I want to send someone flowers. Always a big hit!

    I am also thankful for Ryan Reynolds and his movie Safe House. Soooo good. (Is it acceptable to be thankful for attractive guys?)

  2. I am thankful for the good food we create at home and how blessed we are to afford the plethora of fresh veggies that we do.
    I am thankful for good books and the time to read them whilst lazing on our couch.
    I am thankful for the return to mild weather this week.

    Have a lovely long weekend!

  3. When my IT band gets messy, I always walk to work in super supportive shoes. Like sneakers, or real boots (not Uggs) its silly, but it helps. I also try not to wear things like Hunter boots which really irritate my hip when I take them off. I’m also the least stylish person ever during these times, but its okay!

  4. I randomly read your blog and I doubt you will follow my advice but don’t go crazy with all this rest and other stuff. Run through the injury, your body will overcome the injury on its own. If you baby this you will be out forever.

  5. You have to let me know how it goes with Dr. L! You’ll be ok, and nipping it in the bud is the best way to go before it gets worse. I’m thankful for individual study rooms at the library. sad but true

  6. I’m thankful you’re friends with my daughter.

    I’m thankful for my running partner who needs to find the bathrooms as much as I do. Around here churches have the best ones that are open!

    If you haven’t seen We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon you need to.

  7. I agree with Becca! I was struggling with some tendonitis around my hip when training for a full marathon in December. I kept pushing, and apparently my form got a little sloppy as I tried to keep my pace strong. I ended up tearing my labral cartilage, and now I’m out of running for months. I’m not saying that to scare you but just as a reminder to listen to your body. You’re in GREAT shape, and resting for a week or two now will not make your April time goal less possible. I know it’s hard, but remember that being able to run in April is more important than being able to run this week. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. After reading your entry, I am thankful my IT band is behaving at the moment! Ugh, it’s frustrating. But it does get better. Really. I promise. A bajillion squats a week is what finally got mine to behave, but I managed to not have to take significant time off running — so here’s hoping the same for you.

    I am thankful my weird leg/shin/ankle issue seems to be resolving, while we’re on that topic.

    I am thankful for iced coffee, and for living in a place where drinking it year-round isn’t stupid.

    I am thankful for podcasts of various things. They entertain me.

    I am thankful my car gets good gas mileage.

  9. Take from someone who is continuing a battle with her lTB…don’t test it! Im training for my first half ironman and have been having issues. If i could go back, i would totally rest it and not try to be super tough through the pain. Also, Epsom salt baths are helpful. I doubted them at first, but I can totally tell a difference! Best of luck!

  10. Ali, it totally sounds like we have the exact same injury at the moment 🙁 I’ve been told mine is a TFL/ITB combo, and ‘rolling out’ sore parts of the top of my hip with a tennis ball is really helping loosen off some of the tension. Just thought I would share with you! Mine definitely seizes up when I sit *ahem desk job also* and loosens way up when I run! Crazy hips.

  11. I’m thankful that I’m finally out in the open about my pregnancy, and that our baby is healthy!

    I am also thankful for Miralax. Don’t ask.

  12. i am thankful I recently came across your blog while doing some work for HLB, and spent a lot of time reading your “must read” post list.

    and i fell in blog-love.

    and I added you to my list of 28 must-read blogs. [and after poking around her site for a bit, your dear friend Emily, too!]

    i am also thankful that due to my “lurke less” resolution for 2012, I felt compelled to start commenting on your blog – ummm… NOW.

    and i am OH SO thankful for this wonderful health/running/fitness/nutrition blog world – i gain so much encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and creative energy from it every single day.

  13. I am thankful for fun pink valentines outfits! I ran all in pink on valentines day and it was fabulous!
    I am thankful for conveniently placed park bathrooms! I’m pretty sure they should just be a requirement.
    I am thankful I tried spin today.
    I love your photo of the v-day outfits and I hope your hip feels better soon!!!

  14. I am also thankful for a long weekend! I didn’t even realize I had Monday off till yesterday! Sweet! PS love Brian’s valentine’s surprises for you!!

  15. I’m thankful to be running a no-pressure half-marathon with my sister in Austin this weekend. I finally feel like I’m “back” to running strong since the Houston Marathon, but not enough to break my 1:45 PR. Austin’s hilly, so I’m okay with that.

    I love that Matt Damon married a REGULAR PERSON (as in a non-celeb). There is hope for all the single ladies out there. 🙂

  16. Wait, Brian and Matt Damon are best buds???? Please elaborate on that! What did you get for Brian? That sounds like a FABULOUS vday. I’ve had major itb issues before but it hurt outside my knee, not my hip, so not sure my experience would be too helpful. Ice, foam roll, rest, ibuprofen.

  17. Sitting for long hours is AWFUL on my butt/IT/knee/hip!!! Geez!! Have you tried a tennis ball for your glutes? Sit on the tennis ball and roll around… same idea as a foam roller. I have a very ‘tight-ass’ (in more ways then just physical I’m afraid) and my tight-ass causes hip flareups I think. I am thankful that in one month I will be done with graduate school, that my mom proofs all my cover letters and that no one really knows that I did not shower today after a hard workout.

  18. I’m thankful… I don’t know. I’ll let ya know after my appt w/ the ortho tomorrow. I’ll either be thankful I don’t have a stress fracture, or I’ll be mad. We’ll see.

    The IT band is a tricky piece of meat. I struggle with mine – most recently last week it was a real pain in the butt. No matter how much I rolled it seemed like it wasn’t helping. Keep rolling. I also took hot hot hot epsom salt baths every day (sometimes twice a day) for about 4 days. — I don’t how tubs work in apartments – do you have a tub? just a shower? I have no idea WHY the epsom salt works.. but people say it does. I say it does bc I ran a half on Sunday and PR’d by over 2 minutes (hello foot that hurts now).. anyways.. keep rolling.

  19. I am thankful for a half day tomorrow!!!! Sure, I had to work on Sunday to get it, but it’s a half day! I’ve already planned a full afternoon of happenings, but I fear that I might just end up on the couch.

    I am thankful for Nuun because ever since I started drinking it in the morning I’ve been getting fewer headaches.

    I am thankful that the biatchy girl from high school that I saw at the gym last night didn’t see me back. That might in turn make me a biatch, but I don’t really care.

    I am thankful for lacrosse balls because they are keeping my calves nice and loose these days.

  20. Yay that the email thingy is fixed!

    I loved your pink and red outfit!! Glad to hear you got spoiled on V-day!

    -I am thankful for running buddies, chocolate almond milk (it really is good!) and a strong week of workouts after recovering from my marathon over a week ago!

  21. 1) That my five year old tells me he loves me every morning
    2) That my fiancee understands my need to exercise and helps me stay active
    3) Three day weekend for sure!

  22. I’m thankful for the two puppies who were wrestling with their leashes on my run this morning.
    I had a craptastic IT issue last December, right after the NYC marathon. I took 2 weeks off – doing NOTHING. my first run back was a full minute faster per mile than anything I had ever done before. Apparently my body needed a shitload of rest, and then all of my sore muscles recouperated and everything was good. I don’t know if you can/want to take a full week or so off, but I would bet that things would feel super amazing afterwards.

  23. Your Valentine’s Day sounds absolutely perfect. Dinner with Brian AND Matt Damon? Not too shabby!

    I’m thankful that my boyfriend is coming home tonight, so that we can properly celebrate V-Day. I requested blueberry pancakes and bacon instead of dinner. Keeping it classy, as usual.

  24. Ohhh I like the new banner Ali! You’re too cute ps.

    I’m thankful that I have a plan to get back on track with my healthy life. Been a bit weak of late. It will commence promptly after I have drunken noodles for dinner, which I am also thankful fo.

  25. I’m thankful for not catching the disease/cold/stomach bug/flu/monster thing going around the office. *so far so good*
    I’m also thankful for my foam roller and chiropractor – they are keeping my IT band/hamstring issues at bay. Keep it up Ali, those IT band issues suck butt! You’re doing great!

  26. I’m thankful for babysitting jobs, which allow me to go to Soul Cycle, which I am also thankful for. I am thankful for the fact that I am no longer super depressed about not running as much as I’d like to be. I’m thankful for Starbucks Blonde Roast.

  27. Oh, hey!
    Love the post. I also love everyone’s Valentine’s Day outfits. You all look so pretty! I wish I could dress like that at work, but people would look at me like I was nuts.
    JEAL that you saw Matt Damon. He is one of my top celeb crushes. SO CUTE. SO COOL.
    I wish I could be thankful for GMail, but I am the only person in the world who doesn’t have an account. Since it’s blocked at work, I haven’t bothered getting one.
    I am thankful for the upcoming long weekend, as well. And for T finally coming home from his month-long business trip. And for our upcoming trip to California. I would like to be thankful to be running again, but in time, I suppose. 😉
    Let’s hang out soon and then I will be thankful when you tell me that I do not need to take up knitting. Mmkay?

  28. I am so thankful for your blog because it is comforting to know that someone else can keep a positive attitude while dealing with their Chrons too 🙂

  29. “I want to be one of those aggressive runner girls who can knock out 50+ mile weeks regularly, but apparently, at least for now, I’m not there yet”

    I am one of those girls who knocks out 50+ miles/week like it’s no big deal but the secret is you have to SLOW down! Most of my runs are about a full minute/mile slower than my marathon pace. That’s the only way *most* people can do high mileage without getting injured. You are doing the right thing by trying to listen to your body, when I have something new that hurts I give it a few days off and usually it goes away. I’m training for Boston and took 4 days off for calf pain a few weeks ago and it won’t affect my marathon one bit, but a calf injury sure would!

    1. Yes x 1,000,000 to the slower speed/higher mileage. It’s impossible to sustain high training loads if you’re running all-out for most of them or if you’re in ‘no-man’s land’, pace-wise (between marathon pace and easy pace, but not precisely at either one).

      And if you run easy on easy days, you can actually run fast on speed days.

  30. It’s a three day weekend? I never know about any holidays because my school doesn’t really give days off.

    I am thankful for naps. Nothing like a nap to make the day more manageable. Or more stressful… Mainly manageable

  31. 1) I think meerkats are under appreciated.. Same goes for ring tailed lemurs.
    2) That sunrise pic is amazing. I can’t wait until its summer and I’m not afraid/too cold to run in the AM! On that note: I’m thankful for Lake Michigan sunrises.
    3) My hip/IT band is killing me recently too. You’re right, sitting at work all day is torture – I have to get up and stretch like every hour. Wah.
    4) I’m thankful for the long weekend! I’m going to STL and I’m going to see a handsome man friend of mine while I am there. 🙂

  32. I am thankful for the things you write me over the gmail, and also over the gchatz.

    I am also thankful you gave me back my sock. I promise not to let you down as I retain the right to wear it.

    And lastly, I am thankful you gave me the last piece of sweet potato sushi on Monday night. You’re pretty much the best friend ever.

  33. Dudeeee, I have had very similar hip/IT/hamstring issues. Sitting for 8 hours+ at a desk job doesn’t help things, but you WILL get better. It just takes time, stretching, strengthening, etc. And maybe some beer. Seriously, that always helps.

    Things I am thankful for:
    1) My lady date on Valentine’s day – I drank a lot of tequila!
    2) My newly purchased ticket to San Fran next month. Budget…what budget?!
    3) The mild winter we’ve been having. 40-50 degrees instead of 20-30 degrees, yes please!

    Sending get well/feel good vibes your way!!!

  34. I’m SO THANKFUL for the three-day weekend!

    I’m thankful for the presidents that made this long weekend possible.

    I’m thankful for the Pinterest Pets section.

    I’m thankful that there’s cookie dough waiting in my fridge for when I get home.

    I’m thankful that I get to leave work early today to ride my bike!

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