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I have never been a big Valentine’s Day person. (No, I did not just Google “Does Valentine’s Day have an apostrophe?”) Sure I can get on board with some Hallmark cards, chocolate and cheesy celebrations, why not? But every year when V-Day rolls around I tend to wear a pair of socks with hearts on them (my mom is the best at sending my holiday-themed socks — I have some pretty cool St. Patrick’s Day ones with beer mugs and clovers all over them) and call it a day.

So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I asked Brian half-jokingly if we were doing anything for Valentine’s Day and he had “already made plans for us.” Seriously? Who are you, Brian? What’s happening?

I saw this flower truck this morning. It was cute. So I took a picture.

I don’t know what we’re doing tonight — I received a list of 10 instructions yesterday because Brian knows I “like to plan” — but I am now oddly in a Valentinesy mood. I wore my heart socks today, and to be increasingly obnoxious and blinding, I also wore a bright pink skirt, red shirt and hot pink sweatshirt. I may have pink legwarmers on my desk for when I inevitably get cold around 11 am.

Now because it’s Valentine’s Day, and because I’m feeling happy and because everyone should be feeling the love today, here’s a list of Things I Love to start the day with a bit of perky energy.

I love Cat Deeley. Really, I do. She’s stunning and classy and, fun fact, she styles her own looks for each episode of “So You Think You Can Dance.” And she’s nice. And humble. Bitch.

I tried to find that dress to wear today. No luck.

I love rompers. Buy one. Wear it to the beach. You’ll feel like a kid. You’ll also get annoyed when you have to pee and you need to take the entire thing off in order to do so, but ignore that, and enjoy. Also, Cat Deeley likes rompers, so they are obviously cool.

Yeah, her legs are OK. I guess. If you're into the "long, lean, tan" look or whatever.

I love buying things and finding out at the register that they’re actually on sale. This happened to me yesterday. It was a wonderful feeling.

I love lime green. It’s my favorite color.

Lime green!

I also love the color orange.

I love cooking. OK I like cooking. I will spend this entire week feeling way too proud of myself for cooking an entire meal of food. I will also spend the entire week eating leftovers.

You know what I don't love? Doing dishes.

I love that “Danza Kuduro” song. Why am I just getting hooked on this now? It came on at one of the bars I was at Saturday night and I got so excited dancing my face off and swinging my hair around that I immediately Shazamed it. Now it’s my main jam.


I love Emily. We had grand plans yesterday. Grand, sweat-infused plans. We were going to lift weights. Heavy ones! We were going to spin. Spin fast! And this morning, we were going to run. Run long! Run in Central Park! In fact, Emily’s trip revolved largely around how we could maximize our workout time. It was going to be fantastical.

This is the only picture in existence of Emily and me wearing real people, non-sweaty, non-workout, non-spandex clothes. Frame it.

But then my hip started to hurt.

And when it came time to hit up the gym last night, I mentioned to Emily that maybe, sadly, shockingly, I shouldn’t work out. What is happening to me??? She agreed. “Would you rather run today or run Eugene in April?” She makes valid points, and I both love and hate her for that. She staged a dramatic retelling of last night’s events with this little post here.

She also forced me to foam roll and ice myself, and I said I would only do those things if we could watch “Friends” and eat pie.

Ow ow ow ow wowowow owwowowowow THIS HURTS. Hurts so good. And yes, that is a scrunchie you spy in my hair.

She obliged. Smart girl. I wasn’t rolling without my pie.

But seriously, if Emily hadn’t been in town, I probably would have still gone to the gym instead of going to the bar. I would have pushed it. I wouldn’t have rested. So I appreciated that she was looking out for me and definitely not judging my little panic attacks and declarations of “OMG I’M SO INJURED AND EUGENE IS OUT.”

I love Coach Cane. I’m so glad he’s officially my coach again. Even though I told him I would be “totally low maintenance this time around,” I emailed him no fewer than six times last night. I realize that perhaps I’m being dramatic here, but I only have 11 weeks to train for Eugene, and this pain is new to me. It’s never happened before. Naturally that is cause for panic and email subject lines stating “I am dying.”

As always, he calmed me down. I’ll never forget his wise words this summer when I had some foot pain: “Aches and pains are normal. You’re training for a marathon.” Noted.

And last night, he did a bit of explaining regarding what seems to be a tight and overworked IT band: “The good thing about ITB issues is that you can attack them aggressively. Stretch, ice, foam roll, ice some more. In the long term, ITB issues are usually related to weak glutes and hip abductors, so we need to strengthen them in order to keep you healthy. Also, let’s stay off the road in CP since the camber can aggravate ITB issues. Bridle and rez are better options. Lastly, look out for overstriding. Focus on having your foot land under your center of gravity rather than out in front of you. A pronounced heel-toe landing with your foot way out in front of you is not doing your ITB any favors. Make sense?”

Yes, yes that does make sense, Coach. Love you.

I love running. Even on my worst runs, I still love it. Today, with Coach Cane’s permission, I set out for five slow miles on the Reservoir and Bridle Path. They were slow. The first mile and the last mile felt good, but my hip was tight during the middle miles. Still, you can’t beat waking up with a Central Park run. Those views are fantastic.

Looking up at the Reservoir, pre-sunrise. I dig it.

I love that even though Central Park is huge, sometimes it feels teeny tiny. Like at 6:54 on a Tuesday morning, when you happen to run into your Valentine.

I love peppermint-scented face wash. It’s the most refreshing thing I can imagine.

I love sarcasm. It’s an effective communication tool.

I loved getting a voicemail from my dad this morning wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day. He’ll always be my main man.

I love sweat. But you knew that already.

I love puppies that are really excited about life. I also love puppies that are brand-new and haven’t figured out how to use their legs. I like when they fall down. And I like when they sit on each other.

Hahaha hahaha hahahahahahaha

I love my friends who “get me.” I love not having to explain myself all the time.

I love Brian. You knew that, and I’m cheesy today, but I couldn’t not include a little love for the guy who is obviously taking me to the Westminster Kennel Club finals tonight. Right, Brian? That’s what we’re doing? And I needed to pack an overnight bag because we’re going to steal all the puppies and run away with them??? I figured it out! Ali On The Run From The Law With Puppies!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m off to ice my hip like an old lady, because a kind coworker just gently pointed out that I was “walking funny today.” Noted.




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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW super cute. When I saw the header image I thought you may have gotten a puppy for Vday.

    PS I’d like to come to NY and have one of these sweat-tastic weekends please. See you Friday!

  2. I love holiday themed pj pants!!! I put my Valentine’s Day pjs on at 6 when I got home from work. Yes, I am that cool on Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure if the fact that no one will witness these pj pants is a good or bad thing…

  3. IT Band issues (As I had), protect protect protect! My coach told me push your hips forward and uphill; pretend someone is pulling you with a rope. It made such a difference for me and my Team World Vision teammates who were struggling. I’m currently taking Pilates and Barre classes to help strengthen my glutes’IT band. I love PUPPIES. Mine is still up for grabs in the NYC area 😀 He’s barking and demanding lately concerning a certain soft Frisbee toy…I’m willing to lend him out…

  4. I love running, seeing people buying roses at the store, slowly gaining more daylight hours, golden doodles, and the fact that I have pan of brownies awaiting my Valentine and I tonight.

    Also, I have had IT band issues since I started running…your coach is right in that you definitely have control over it. You’ll be allll good in no time!

  5. ooh foam roll that band, lady! And stretch, stretch stretch! I like/love that I spent an hour trying on shoes and running on a treadmill and got paid for it today. Hope you guys have a good V-day!

  6. I like cookie dough and charity bake sales because I buy too much, but don’t feel bad “because its for charity.” I don’t have diabetes…yet.

    And make you foam roller your BFF…seriously!

  7. Before my dad got his dog we got to watch the litter on a video stream. I called the dog he got “Monster Truck Puppy” because of the way he walked on the others.
    I love sparkles, clear nights in vermont when you can almost touch the stars, any type of cookies, pajamas, martinis, and my husband.

  8. I am so glad I am not the only one who loves “Danza Kuduro.” I feel an intense need to bust a move whenever I hear it which frequently scares the hell out of other people on the trail when I’m running. Get over it, people. The some is amazing! I also love my boy because he gets me, which is pretty impressive since I am obviously an enigma wrapped in an enigma tied up with a big pink Hello Kitty ribbon. At least that is what I am told. And I love my dogs – who will be watching their friends actually battle it out in the terrier group (no seriously, we know several of the dogs. HA!). 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Gah….. Your enthusiasm for things makes me laugh. I hate V-day, but I think you just made me like it a little bit more, even if I didn’t want to. Good luck running from the law with the puppies. 🙂

  10. I love that puppy picture. Like, a lot.

    I also love that I got valentines from my kids today (they’re fourteen. It’s even more adorable that they are giving me valentines when they are almost in high school). I especially love that one of the valentines, from a girl, told me that she thought I have pretty green eyes. It made me giggle.

  11. Happy valentines day! I can’t wait to find out what you’re doing! Yesterday I bought some Cadbury Creme eggs (the best candy ever) and when I got to the register I found out they were buy one get one free and I got really obnoxiously excited!!! I’ve got problems!

  12. Love the blog and love that Valentine’s Day is only 2 days after my birthday, so I usually have treats and flowers and presents anyway. I love my puppy. And I love that I am finally getting to start Physical Therapy RIGHT NOW!

  13. Good choice on resting. Honestly, i have dealt with IT Band pain a ton and the good thing is that you can get through it and run through it when you have to. KT Tape helps so does compression shorts. Clearly Coach Cane is right about all he says and that will attack the problem but to deal with some of the symptoms and help the problem those things have helped me int he past

  14. I LOVE reading your blog. Seriously, I finally moved it yesterday to my “Favorites” category in Reader and my morning is off to a great start because this happy lovefest didn’t get buried in the “Runners” category. Have a fantastic night stealing puppies!

  15. yayayay, happy silly cards and chocolate hearts day!

    i love v-day because it is a good excuse to go out and drink tequila with my single lady friends. and eat a lot of chocolate.

    also i just downloaded that danza kuduro song. you bad influence, you.

  16. I love that all of my coworkers are bringing in Valentine’s Day treats by the truckload. I love that I had a cookie the size of my face for breakfast, and I love that there are cupcakes and muffins stashed in my desk for lunch.

  17. I love that you insisted on watching Friends. Such a beautiful thing. And I, too, have heart socks on. My aunt always sends holiday-themed socks and I heart them (hehe)

  18. I love this post! So fun, and nice little twist on valentine’s day without being too valentine’y. Yes, that’s a word. I love the new robe M got me…it’s quite comfy to wear as I work. Good thing I work from home 😉

  19. I love this funny post.

    I love being part of the blogger community.
    I love travelling.
    I love living abroad, even though it means being far from my family and friends – it has changed my life.
    I love my boyfriend (ok, sap there)
    I love Nutella.

  20. I LOVE this post. And I LOVE being done with exams since today at 12 (denmark time, in case your wonder). This makes me happy, and I LOVE having more time for sweating now, since the 2 month of exams are over.
    Have fun running from the law tonight 😉

  21. LOVE those puppies!! Awwwwww.. I don’t like Valentine’s Day and I don’t celebrate it. Also, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day. I love my birthday though.

    Please take care of yourself! Can’t wait to hear what the plans for tonight are.

  22. I feel your pain with the hip issues. Since I ran my first marathon in November 2011 I’ve been dealing with it. Thankfully I found a good PT and I’m back to making progress! If all else fails, try to find a PT of your own – best money ever spent!

    Also, love those puppies 🙂

  23. there’s nothing more romantic than seeing the terrior group battle it out! bahaha.

    today i love that i am no longer feeling sick like i was yesterday. health is wealth, peoples.

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