Thankful Things Thursday: I Am Dizzy But I Am Happy

Good morning!

I missed you yesterday.

I was home sick from work, and in true Ali fashion I hardly used my sick day to actually rest. Sometimes I’m so dumb. Instead of laying down and eating grilled cheese sandwiches (my favorite sick day food), I made a gigantic To Do list and tackled it while “Beverly Hills 90210” kept me entertained in the background. Emily Valentine, you are the worst. You suck at singing and no one likes you. OK I guess Brandon likes you. But you really screwed things up there at West Beverly for an hour or two.

So anyway, I’m paying for yesterday’s overzealous ambitious today, because I’m actually feeling a little rotten this morning. I’m super dizzy and there were a few moments last night when I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or fall over. Brian says I’m dehydrated and he tried to drag me into a Japanese market this morning to buy some coconut water. He tried to convince me it would taste “just like chocolate milk,” but I know that he’s lying, just like all you people who told me that Vanilla Bean Gu would taste “like frosting.”

Stop trying to trick me into eating gross things!

I will spend my day gulping down water and attempting to rehydrate, and in the meantime I will also be thankful, because today is Thankful Things Thursday.

I’m thankful for sleep. I used to think sleep was overrated. I didn’t need very much of it to function, and sometimes that’s still the case. But lately, I’ve been crashing hard at night and mastering the art of dominating the snooze button. When my alarm went off yesterday morning, there was no way I was climbing out of bed. I felt like I was laying there with bricks on top of me. And so I slept and slept and slept.

I’m thankful for Coach Cane. I don’t know if he’s amazing or just plain crazy, but he has agreed to coach me as I train for the Eugene Marathon!

This picture makes me happy. I love my coach.

I talked to him about Eugene a few times over the past couple weeks, and on Monday I told him I was going to tweak my Hamptons training plan and pray to the running world for a PR. His first response immediately calmed any nerves I had about a shorter-than-normal training plan: “You’ll be fine. If you ran 160 miles last month that’s plenty to build off of. I’d get up to 16 this weekend. Don’t panic. It does no good.” Advice taken, Coach!

So then we talked a bit more seriously about my plans, and I thought about my options:

  • Train on my own and hope it works out.
  • Find a way to scrounge up the little bit of cash I’d need to officially “hire” Coach Cane, and feel much more confident when I fly across the country to toe the starting line in Oregon on April 29.

And suddenly I was sending an email back to Coach Cane saying I’d love for him to coach me, I’m going to make it work, and I promise not to be too high maintenance. One of those things was a lie, but I think he bought it.

"Ali, I absolutely do not believe that you can be a low maintenance runner. You send me 19 emails every day."

Finally, before I move on to the next thankful topic, here’s another Coach Cane gem for you: “I don’t want you to just recycle the previous plan because you’re a better, more experienced runner now. Just doing the same program would almost definitely result in a PR because of that, but I think you can do better than just an accidental PR. I’d rather emphasize miles and cut back some on the intensity this time around. I think with the Thursday team runs, solid long runs and an overall increase in volume, that you should be waiting at the finish line to cheer on the 4-hour marathoners with a smug smile on your face.”

I will now start practicing my smug smile, because my coach told me to.

DOES THIS SHIRT MAKE MY FACE LOOK SMUG? No? Dang it. I'll work on it.

Also, he may have mentioned something about “needing to see a solid half marathon out of me” in the near future. Shoot…

I’m thankful for my job. I get to do what I love every single day. I get to write and I get to interact with talented young people and also Facebook isn’t blocked here. All good things, no?

Here is the latest issue of Dance Spirit. But you knew that already, right? Don't runners all subscribe to DS?

I’m thankful for my proximity to Central Park. It’s only a few blocks away and that is super convenient when it comes to my little running habit. Even though I didn’t feel excellent this morning, I still made it out for 7 miles. They weren’t fast and they weren’t easy, but being in the park will always make me feel good. And there was snow!

It was light out AND there was snow all over the Bridle Path and Reservoir. Good job, winter. Thanks for showing up.

I’m thankful for Starbucks bathrooms. As much as I love Central Park, I don’t love that the bathrooms aren’t consistently open. So when the tennis court bathrooms failed me this morning, I left the park and darted for a Starbucks. Nice little start to my day. I wanted to get a few miles in after my pit stop, so I headed toward the East River and caught an exceptional sunrise.

Brian, I remembered to call it a sunRISE, not a sunSET! I'm getting better at my words!

I’m thankful for people who realize that bathrooms are out of toilet paper and stock it with napkins instead. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

I’m thankful for Pentel markers. I was obsessed with them while I was in school, and I still have a handy collection at my apartment now. I used them a lot yesterday and they made everything I had to write look so much more beautiful.

So many colors. So many options. So many opportunities to draw stick figures in cute outfits.

I’m thankful for my cheap yet versatile Express dress. I stopped shopping there a while ago because I just wasn’t into it, but I happened to go into an Express a few weeks ago and picked up this black cotton dress for $40. I have since worn it both to the beach and to The Palace Hotel for cocktails.

Here is the dress on vacation.
And here is the dress having a dance party. Sweet moves, Feller.

Solid investment, don’t you think?

I’m thankful for my dad. He is the smartest, hardest-working, coolest, best guy I know, and today is his birthday. Dad, I hope you take it easy today and do something fun, like visiting your daughter in New York City. I’ll take you out to a fancy dinner at 16 Handles. Excellent.

This is my dad. People say we look alike.

And now I’m off to steady myself and hope I don’t fall off my chair. I feel drunk, but I assure you I’m not.

NOW YOU DO IT, TOO! Tell me what you’re thankful for today!



44 Responses

  1. I do NOT like coconut water. I chocked it down once when I bought it because I didn’t want to waste the $2 or whatever I spent on it.

    And gu will never taste like frosting. I know because I make really good frosting, and gu doesn’t taste like it. Everyone else is just trying to fool themselves.

    I’m jealous that you love your job…but I’m thankful that I have one!

  2. I am thankful for an email from YOU yesterday! It was such a nice surprise in my inbox, especially since my day was not-so-hot otherwise. I’m also thankful for running blogs(like your’s) that I can read on lunch breaks and pigeon pose in yoga.

    Go Eugene!! I’ll be there too 🙂

  3. I don’t mind coconut water, but it certainly does not taste like chocolate milk. However, the chocolate Zico does kind of taste like a Yoohoo. Just drink it fast. :b

    Yay for Coach Cane training you for Eugene. Sometime before you trained with Coach Cane with Run for the Rabbit, I looked into City Coach. I determined it wasn’t really for me because I was not speedy and really didn’t want to commit to that kind of training. I still don’t think I’m all that serious about the running, but it’s nice to know that had I signed up to train with City Coach and Coach Cane, I would have gotten my money’s worth.

    I wore one of my I <3 Sweat T-shirts to the ESBRU last night. Someone else was wearing one, too. Whenever I see someone with one of the "Sweat" shirts on, I feel like I should know them — you bring runners everywhere together!

    Happy Birthday Ali's dad! Feel better Ali, get some rest.

  4. OK miss “I’m sick so I only ran 7 miles”….. you are nuts. ( I mean that in the nicest way possible!) But you made me laugh, so I’ll give you credit for that one. But really, get better! Get chicken soup and vitamin water and chocolate.

    -I’m thankful for the awesome weekend I had with my parents last weekend. (And also my awesome parents…)
    -I’m thankful a week from today I’ll be on a mini vacation.
    -I’m thankful I survived my crazy morning.
    -I’m thankful that today ends with happy hour. 🙂

  5. Tomorrow’s my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday to our awesome dads.

    I’m thankful for TV on demand. I have been running around like a crazy person all week, but I’m going to sit my butt on the couch tonight and catch up on some serious Real Housewives action. I cannot wait—which I know is pathetic, but I’m so, so ok with it.

  6. Yuck, I agree, Vanilla Bean Gu definitely doesn’t taste like frosting! I was un-pleasantly surprised by that on a particularly brutal long run once. I just heard there is a peanut butter Gu though…I’m interested but skeptical.

    Anyway, get well soon!

  7. So great that you get to work with Coach Cane again. He has some great advice, doesn’t he? I have chocolate zico and haven’t tried it yet, because I am afraid I will hate it…or love it. Did you end up trying it? Hope you feel better!

  8. Is it the smartest thing to admit online you took a sick day but didn’t spend the day resting? : P just a thought…

    I look forward to following your training:) also pentel markers are awesome. I have the huge case of them!

    1. Oh don’t worry, they know I was plenty sick. I just don’t do a good job taking care of myself in the process!

        1. I stayed home sick yesterday, not today. I didn’t run 7 miles yesterday, I did them this morning and they weren’t fun, but I was feeling better at the time. Lesson learned. Recovery potentially delayed.

  9. In Brian’s defense, Chocolate Zico DOES taste like chocolate milk. Actually, I think it’s even better! Every skeptic at work that I’ve bought it for is now obsessed.Please rest & feel better!!!

  10. I’m sorry that you’re dizzy! Vertigo is the worst 🙁 I bet a grilled cheese would make you feel better.

    Also, hot dress. I love Express. I have this little red number from Express from Junior Year of H.S. (circa 2002) and I still wear it.

  11. I’m thankful I have a return to running plan and hope it goes well. Crossing fingers i can runa marathon this spring…who am I?!? I used to hate running.

    Also thankful I got a free soul cycle class.

  12. Sorry you are sick 🙁

    I am thankful that I’m seeing the chiropractor tonight and *might* get cleared to run.

    I am thankful that my dogs slept through the night last night. No midnight potty breaks here!

    I am thankful that OBT announced they are doing Swan Lake next Feb – and that I’m going to see Giselle in a couple weeks. It may or may not make me put on my old pointe shoes and bourre around the house.

  13. I am thankful I am petsitting my parents dog. It sucks waking up 45 min early to walk him in the freezing cold, but seeing how happy he is when I get home from work is totally worth it. Plus he’s good to cuddle with at night.

  14. Get well soon! I have had chocolate coconut water delivered to me in bulk from Amazon. It beats the other flavors I’ve tried.

    I’m thankful for my own running coach, whom after our fartlek workout said, “you’ll be ready for a marathon soon.” So naturally I’m on looking at Spring marathons. For next year.

  15. I took a sick day on Tues and I definitely made a grilled cheese… with 3 slices of cheese. it was glorious. and then I applied for jobs… and some might have been in NYC. 🙂

    ALSO: I’m so pumped to see how you do in OR in April. You seriously are such a motivator to average runners like me! It’s so amazing to see how much your times have improved – love it!

  16. You’re going to rock Eugene, lady. I did the workout you did with Coach Cane’s team last week today and DAMN that was hard!!! Have a great Thursday!:)

  17. Thankful for people who know more than me but are willing to share their knowledge.

    I went to spin last night but was sad you weren’t there. Hope you are feeling better! Some SW people are getting together for drinks tonight if you are free.

  18. Vanilla Bean GU IS the best – you are crazy!! That’s so exciting you’re getting Coach Cane, you are so going to kill it at Eugene. Teach us everything he teaches you! I’m thankful for my pup Cooper, I’m so lucky to have gotten the best dog in the world! 🙂

  19. Gorgeous sunrise picture!! They are the best way to start the day. I’m thankful that my current work schedule allows me lazy mornings to soak in the sunshine 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  20. If you do get talked into coconut water, DON’T go for the plain. Ick. The flavored ones (think pineapple or mango) are so much more palatable (not good by any means) and way more hydrating than water for what ever reason… so I put up with the minor yuck factor to feel so much better… win some lose some?

    And I am currently thankful that there is only one wakeup left in this work week…

  21. Ali, I was just thinking about you last night (and Coach Cane) bcs I read the Times article about heel striking vs mid-foot striking and I was wishing I could ask a running guru like him whether he thinks how your foot hits the ground affects your injury risk. Anyhow… so awesome that you have such a great relationship with him! I’m excited to hear he will be coaching you and look fwd to hearing about your training and (I hope soon!) joining you for some training runs!

  22. I LOVE coconut water. It’s so refereshing. Oh well, to each their own 😉

    I’m thankful that I live in the Netherlands right now, and that I’ve made new girlfriends! Tonight we are indulging in a girls night with tacos and wine. It’s the little things!

  23. Ali,

    I don’t even like running. The most I’ve ever run at one single time was 6 miles. I haven’t done more than 3.5 miles in a LONG time. I don’t care about your splits, or your times, and you impress the shit out of me. I keep coming back to your blog – you crack me up every time you post, and I get really excited when I see a new post. It’s kind of pathetic on my end. Thanks for always making me laugh, and for not taking yourself too seriously – I love that! Also, your splits would beat my splits any day (except I can literally do a split, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could too), so don’t worry about that stuff too much. I LOVE YA!


  24. yo uare crazy. Vanilla bean GU DOES taste like frosting (especially when nice a chilly from being stuck in your spandex on a 30 degree run) and chocolate ZICO DOES taste like chocolate milk.

    Also you’re awesome. feel better!

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything at Express, ever. I’m always giving it a a chance and I never find anything I love. That dress is cute, though!

    I’m thankful I didn’t die on the way to the top of the Empire State Building last night. I am not thankful that the timing was screwed up and the official results say I finished 15 minutes slower than I actually did. Many of us have forked over hundreds of dollars over the years to do events like this, NYRR. Sometimes you really suck.

  26. That’s so funny; the first time I had that Vanilla Bean Gu I *swore* someone had put frosting in the packet by mistake! It’s the only one I can palate.

    I’m thankful that it’s finally stopped snowing, so I can run AND ride my bike today!

  27. I love your Thursday Posts 🙂 They always make me happy even though sometimes I’m in a grump.

    Thats awesome about getting couched for Eugene. I reckon you’ll rock it.

    I am thankful for coffee and morning sunshine, I am thankful everyday that I am not injured and can run, I am thankful that its almost the weekend and almost my birthday.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  28. I rarely comment but I am de-lurking to say that coconut water tastes like drinking someone else’s spit. (At least what I think that would taste like.) Don’t do it. Promise.

    Also I am thankful I have a job that lets me spend the morning googling fall marathons. Which should I do? Where should I go? To many choices!

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