10 Great Things That Happened This Weekend

Every weekend I say to myself, “Hey, self, you should blog on Saturday or Sunday or something, that way you don’t have to spend Monday just recapping your weekend, because that is probably not interesting for many people.” And then the weekend goes by, and it’s Monday morning, and there was no weekend blog.

And so today I bring you Ali’s Weekend Recap, in some sort of numerical order list form: 10 Great Things That Happened This Weekend.

1. I made exciting future plans. The lease on my apartment is up March 31, which is crazy because I kind of feel like I just got there. I have loved living on my own and am so glad I spent this past year being all independent and stuff. On Friday afternoon, I marched into my landlord’s office all ready to negotiate a few things, and the meeting went perfectly: He gave me a one-month lease extension (though he told me “not to tell anyone” because he “never does things like that”), and now I will not move out until April 30.

And then I will have a new roommate in a new apartment.

Ewwwww cheesy kissing photo!!!

His name is Brian and he has presented me with several great reasons he’ll be excellent to live with. Number one on that list? “I can fix things,” he told me. I’ll take it. Sold! Let’s shack up, B. (And yes, I realize that April 30 is the day after my potential running of the Eugene Marathon, and no, that doesn’t scare me at all. Totally calm.)

2. I celebrated those plans with drinks and cookies. After the lease un-signing, Brian and I went out to dinner and a handful of drinks. We ventured to Insomnia Cookies in hopes of securing the perfect melty bedtime snack, but then this happened:

How rude, Insomnia Cookies and Gossip Girl.

TRAGEDY. So we took a detour to Fairway, bought frozen cookie dough and made cookies ourselves in the toaster oven. Brian “cooked,” I had a dance party and I went to bed feeling pretty dang excited about springtime.

3. I ran long. Well, 12 miles long, which in my skewed little post-marathon training head no longer even seems to qualify as a “long run.” It’s weird how that happens. But I set out for 12 miles on Saturday morning, and it went well. Nicole (“Mrs. Coach Cane”) and I talked on Thursday about doing my long runs at a much slower pace — and many of you have commented recommending the same thing — so I wanted to cruise through those miles hovering around a 9-minute/mile pace. That didn’t happen at all.

Saturday's splits. Negative ones, but not the way I had planned.

I really need to work on slowing down on these runs and being OK with it. I realize that part of being good at pacing isn’t just about being able to speed up — it’s also about knowing how to stay in control and slow down. So that’s that.

4. I ran with friends. And I blame them for the speedy last few miles of the run. Robin, Lindsay, Susan, Megan, Baker — rude. So you know how when you meet up with friends for a long run, you expect that it will be all laid back, casual and slow, so you can talk about current events and chafing and stuff? Well yeah, it was laid back and slow for these people. But oh that’s right, these badasses are in a slightly speedier bracket than I am, and they’re all currently training for the Boston Marathon, which they all qualified for, no big deal. I kept up fine, but it wasn’t the slow run I had anticipated.

Lindsay, you look excited. Are you excited? Had you already run 10 miles at this point? Yes, and yes. You little overachiever.

Still, the run was fantastic. There was a huge turnout for the New York Rogue Runners (yes, Rogue, not Road) hot chocolate run. The run was going to be five miles, starting at the 72nd Street Transverse in Central Park and running down to City Bakery in Chelsea. Naturally everyone threw in an extra seven to 15 miles beforehand — spring marathons are in the air! — and the weather was perfect for a long run. Cool, sunny, wonderful.

Go team!

We knocked out five miles along the West Side Highway and I gasped for air and everyone else was all, “This is easy and fun, OMG running, yay, Boston Marathon, my marathon pace is 6:10, I pace Ryan Hall sometimes, blah blah blah.” I think that’s how the conversations went. That’s how I remember it. Overall? Stellar run. I loved it.

5. I drank the best hot chocolate of my life. I had never been to City Bakery and I want to go back immediately. This hot chocolate was serious. It was creamy and came with a giant marshmallow.


The food was also good, even though, as usual, my post-run appetite was lame.

Mmmm fruit and a pretzel croissant. I was very sad to bite into the croissant only to find out that it was NOT filled with chocolate.
Megan couldn't hack the big hot chocolate so she got a mini tiny one.

6. I went out with Lauren and her bridesmaids in style. “Style” means catered food from The Palm, a limo joyride around New York City and drinks at The Palace Hotel. I’m excited and honored to be a bridesmaid in Lauren’s wedding, and on Saturday night we had a bridesmaid shindig so we could get together and chat about all-things-wedding.

Bridesmaid presents! Monogrammed flasks and wedding planners. Because we're classy, but also organized.
I made Brussels sprouts. I don't have many skills in the kitchen, but I do like my sprouts.
Thank you, limo driver Alex, for taking us to Lincoln Center, my favorite place in all of New York City.
Yay bridal party!

7. I ran short. In fact, I ran short in shorts. I slept in nice and late on Sunday and didn’t run until almost 2 pm. That is very late for me. But the plan was for five recovery miles, and it was wonderful. I went for a little jaunt around the Bridle Path and the Reservoir, I kept things nice and slow and I saw tons of cute dogs.

8. I played co-host with Brian for a Superbowl fiesta. He had a few people over to his apartment to watch the game (“watch the game” = eat and watch the commercials for me) and chow down. I helped. I set stuff up, I cut the cheese (insert second grade joke here) and I served drinks throughout the night. I also wore sweatpants because I’m so fancy. But we had a great time, Brian made some killer meatballs and sauce (from scratch — another reason I know he’ll be an excellent roommate) and it was nice to lay low with good friends. I went to bed way too full and very, very happy.

This is my handiwork. I'm annoyed that the hummus bowl is somehow slanted in this picture, and there's a stray chip next to the salsa.
Chef Brian in the kitchen, whipping up some prosciutto-wrapped melon.
Oh meatball sub, I could eat 12 of you.

9. I cleaned up before going to bed. I know, I’m such a party animal. Cleaning made my list of “10 great weekend things.” But one of the best tricks I ever learned from my ever-wise parents was to clean up after a party the night of the party. You don’t want to wake up the next morning in a boozy haze and be faced with a filthy kitchen. And so, I cleaned.

10. I slept in. Mondays are non-run days. That used to be a problem. Now I think it’s a great way of life. So while the rest of you were out running or spinning or whatever, I was in a warm bed, enjoying some quality REM-cycle action.

Successful, fun weekend? I’d say so.

Lastly, here a few things for you to read:

  • Want to know the big secret to becoming a faster runner? Coach Cane has it.
  • Matt Duelka is one of Coach Cane’s runners, and he’s really fast and I think he’s a seriously talented runner. That’s why I love this piece he wrote about being a “real runner.” Because no, you do not have a run a marathon to be considered a runner. That’s insane.
  • My fast friend Lindsay wrote this post about working hard and playing hard. Lindsay is proof that you don’t have to surrender your social life in order to be a hardcore, fast, diligent runner. You can do both, and you can do both well.

That’s all for now.

SHARE YOUR WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS, PLEASE: A race PR, perhaps? Did your team win the Superbowl? Or maybe the highlight of your weekend was seeing Madonna stumble around during the halftime show. (Yes, it was a good show, fine, but only because of the last song. I realize Madonna is “older” and yes, she can still perform. Was it the “best halftime show ever?” Absolutely not. That distinction, in my mind, forever goes to the Aerosmith/Britney/’NSync performance. But those dance moves in the first half of Madonna’s performance were awkward and painful to watch. The dancers killed it, but the lip syncing and the cartwheeling made me feel weird.)



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  1. Hey Ali! I just found your blog and I’ve loved learning more about you and your running journey. As a UNH alum (go wildcats!), I loved seeing you rock your UNH sweatshirt too. Not guna lie that alone made me add you to my reader, lol. Anyway, I recently started running long distances again and can’t wait to learn about the sport through your blog! Thanks again!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I blogged about my Saturday yesterday too… but now I feel like I have to blog about my Sunday, too, because it was so much fun! I will never catch up…

  3. Best thing about the weekend – petsitting for my parents. Not so much the 7 am (and 5:20 am today) wakeups. But seeing his tag wagging so much when I get home. Or the silly things he does like spinning in circles when I say rollover.

  4. Congrats on the move-in together!

    BTW – who is that loser dressed in real clothes while everyone is dressed in running clothes. Sigh, that would be me. I hope I can soon partake in the “run,” part of the “hot chocolate run.” The hot chocolate was damn good though.

    Seriously solid running, Ali! If you are in Eug, I think you’ll nail it. I will be there, possibly cheering at the rate I’m going…

  5. Congrats on moving in.

    I actually did PR. I raced the NYCRuns 5k in Riverside Park and despite the hideous hills, finished 3rd overall, 19:45. What. Even more surprising was how non-sucky the weather was for February.

  6. Congrats congrats CONGRATS on the move-in news! That’s big news and is so exciting! Will you move into his apartment or go shopping for a brand new one for both of you?! And yay for running, and running with friends, though it is funny you ran so fast because like you thought, I always run slow with friends because we’re just chatting and like look at that dog or something else ridiculous. You are getting speedy! PR at Eugene!!!!

  7. yay!! congrats on moving in with Brian! I love every single day of living with M. It makes every day just a wee bit more fun. Enjoy, you deserve it 🙂 (sounds like a fab weekend btw!)

  8. I’m so happy that you and the B-man will be moving in! You two are so cute, and I love reading about the two of you…I’m currently living my dating life, which is currently non-existent, vicariously through you! So, cheers!

  9. Congrats on the new look and the new roommate! I have been reading your blog for a while and you always make me smile. You inspired me to write my own blog while I train for my first IM in Florida! I am putting the link to your blog (and Sarah’s and Emily’s) in one of my posts. Though my blog is not as cheeky as you girls I have to give credit where it is due. Thanks for the laughs and motivation!

  10. AHHH SO SO EXCITED about you two living together, this is such great news!! I NEED that hot chocolate in my life:) Running with friends really is the best!

  11. I have a coworker that has a theory about weekends — they should all be 3 days long: 1 for work, 1 for play, 1 for rest. You seem to have found a way to knock it all out in 2 days — love it! 🙂 Your “future plans” sound exciting — and your smile says it all. Happy for you!

  12. I went to sleep at 730 on Friday and woke up at 9 on Saturday. It was amazing.

    On Saturday I took my dad out for a daddy/daughter date for his birthday and we went and saw Red Tails – loved it! Go see it right meow everyone.

    1. Is that a thing? Seeing something right meow? You crazy kids and your sayings!

      I watched 10 minutes of football and packed for a trip and resumed my blog! Game set match!

  13. ok I loved the halftime show….but honestly I am old, so maybe that explains it! I hope I look half that good when I am 53!

    Awesome on the new roomie…that is fab. congrats.


    I loved it, but recovery is taking longer than it did 7 years ago.

    And today is my birthday.

    And I am also excited about you moving in with Brian, as I am a big fan of his!


  15. Congratulations on your new roomie!!! and damn that hot chocolate looks amazing. Must try soon.

    I ran a super awesome PR on the Gridiron so I’d say my weekend was pretty awesome 🙂

  16. Oops on trying to get you to run with me on your non-run day! If you happen to be free, I’m doing the QB run with Kelly bright and early tomorrow…

    Coming to visit 333 7th in a couple of hours and then having lunch at The Ainsworth! Thanks for the rec. 🙂

  17. Didn’t care dor the half time show, it was kind of lame. I didnt tpeven think the commercials were all that great. But, watched the game and so glad the giants beat the pats.

  18. so exciting to have a new roommate!

    weekend highlight – giants winning and all the pats fans being cranky about it! – oh and having a damn solid 11 miler on saturday.

  19. Madonna makes me beyond uncomfortable. I don’t care how old she is, she needs to relax. But I’m glad she covered her arms because those freak me out. Yay Giants, but I need to check on my NY license plate-d car parked on the streets of Boston now to make sure its okay

  20. Weekend involved hosting a party. Not like your classy one with wrapped melons, but more like a trashy college one with super cheap alcohol. But it was fun.

    Oh and I also tried to set a spring break plan. I might be in NYC or LA. You should come visit in LA. Just saying.

  21. Madge’s pom poms made me feel weird. I wanted her daughter to be out there doing those moves, not Madonna. And I love Madonna – I think it’s fantastic she is still kicking butt with nearly 30 years of success under her. But I felt uncomfortable watching her run up & down the bleachers in her heals. We are on the same page – her last song was on target & I loved it.

    The new roomie is exciting news, I am kind of sort of moving into my bf’s place at the moment while I figure out my life (i.e. get a new job)!!

    And way to begin to grasp the art of going slow to go fast. It’s all about losing the ego. I find thinking about my form and telling myself I’m slowing down to work on my leg turnover or my arm swing helps keep the ego at bay. Besides, a 9min pace is STILL speedy!

  22. yay exciting plans 🙂

    my highlights included a 7 mile run at a non getting kicked off the course pace & my parents being in town (which included SO much good food, dining in a NYC kitchen, and a trip to costco. dreamy.)

  23. Andy and I are moving in together on May 1 also! Too funny! I actually don’t love the hot chocolate at City Bakery but the Pretzel Croissants are our OBSESSION. One of our top 2 favorite foods of ALL TIME. So so so amazing.

  24. OMG loooooved the Britney, NSync and Aerosmith performace… that was definately the best ever. I missed the Superbowl this year because I live in Europe now and would have to stay up till 1am to watch it 🙁 I would (for the commercials) but my body would hate me come Monday morning.

    Congrats on moving in with Brian!!! Such an exciting time!

  25. Good luck with the apartment hunting! I think its ok to not blog when you are so busy. I mean seriously, it sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I had to study for exams, so the most exciting part of my weekend was running on Sunday. It was so cold that my legs got numb at the end. It was still a success, though.

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