Thankful Things Thursday: I Love Little Kids Telling Jokes


I was cranky last night, and usually when I’m cranky at night I can go to bed and by the time I wake up I’ve snapped out of it.

That didn’t happen today, though. I woke up still in a funky mood.

And that, my friends, is why we have Thankful Things Thursday.

So now, in an attempt to go from pissy to perky, I will list all the things I’m feeling grateful for, because there’s plenty of stuff to be psyched about today.

I’m thankful for hilarious little kids who tell jokes. Overheard on the subway Monday morning:

Little girl to her mom: “What does a lion call a cheetah?”

Completely disinterested mom: “I don’t know.”

Hilarious child: “Fast food!”

The mom didn’t laugh, but I thought this joke was fantastic. Kids are funny, and when they’re not crying or crapping their pants, they can make my morning commute a bit more entertaining.

I’m thankful I have laundry in my building. Ah, the perks of New York City living. Having a washer and dryer in your building is a major perk. It’s nice not having to go outside with my laundry. (You suburban folk, with your own washer/dryer unit in your house — yes, I’m jealous.)

I’m thankful for dogs. Always. Puppies, especially, like this one:

PUPPY!!! He was cute, but also jealous of Lauren's veil I think.

It’s amazing how I can be in a grouchy mood, but then I see a little French Bulldog and I’m all perked up.

I’m thankful for my Wednesday night spin class. Come on, you know this by now. I write about it every single Thursday. But there’s just something about Matt’s class that puts me in an awesome mood. Last night I think it was a combination of the disco lighting and the new playlist. And at the end of last night’s class, Matt delivered his own (early) Thankful Things Thursday list. He is thankful that “Tosh.O” is still happening.

I’m thankful for recovery runs. I never thought I’d be into them, but I really am. They’re so low key and pressure-free. Speedwork is fun and challenging and I’ve got a huge soft sweaty spot in my heart for long runs, but on those recovery days, when the goal is to “run really slowly, and just kind of shuffle your feet along,” I do not complain.

Hello Adrenalines. Sorry to say it, but you've been retired. I'm ready to bring in the new (purple!) guys tonight.

Yesterday before work I ran 5 “recovery” miles. They were brutally slow and wonderful. It felt good to just move my legs around and not care at all about my pace or my time.

I’m thankful for my blog redesign. I’m digging it. There are still some tweaks I’m looking into, but I like the new look. I’m also wildly thankful for Brian, who made it all happen. He’s all wise and stuff, with his HTML knowledge, and his fancy “coding” phrases, and he’s been really patient with me during the redesign/self-hosting process. In return, I will cook dinner for him once a month. I know, so giving.

Thanks, Brian! And yes, I have man hands in this photo. And, I guess, in life.

I’m thankful for warm bread and hummus. I have been to Beyoglu twice in the past four days, and I don’t see a problem with that. I have also ordered the exact same thing both times. Who needs a menu?

I’m thankful I got to sleep in this morning. I’ll run tonight. It’ll happen. But my legs were feeling pretty shot by the end of last night’s spin class, and I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Recovery runs? Rest days? Where did Crazy Ali On The Run go?! Oh right, she’s trying to be smarter and not run her body into the ground.

I’m thankful that, after years of getting frustrated, I have finally found button-down shirts that fit. J.Crew button-downs shockingly button over my chestal area. Hooray!

Button-down shirt courtesy of the J.Crew outlet. Except not actually "courtesy of," more like "courtesy of Ali's wallet, made by J.Crew."

I’m thankful that January was a kickass running month. According to my handy little log, I ran 161.3 miles to kick off 2012.

No, I don't use DailyMile. I use "pen and paper."

Compared to last year’s 90-something, I’d say that’s pretty decent, especially since most of these runs went exceptionally well, and several were done in very good company.

OK fine. No more photos from this day. But it was a good day!

I think that’s a pretty decent thankful list for today, don’t you? And it did, as always, improve my mood just a bit. I think I’m ready to take this Thursday down.




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  1. So happy that I’ve found your blog…how fun, exciting and motivating! I completed my first half marathon a few weeks ago and can’t wait to do it again! …will read more soon! following you on Twitter too 🙂

  2. I love Beyoglu! It’s delicious. I’m thankful for my new fun job and that I love everything about my dietetic internship. Feeling very thankful this week! Your workout log looks like a professional photo or something.

    Can we run together next week?

  3. I found your blog a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it. You are awesome, and such an inspiration. I too thought your log was computer generated, super jealous.

  4. I’m going to have to echo what everyone else was saying…when I read this in my reader, the first thing I thought was, “Wow, she has really nice handwriting.”

  5. I am thankful for the beautiful running weather we have in NYC this winter and for my students (well, 98% of them). Beyoglu’s vegetarian platter is way up there too!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Yeah, I’ll say it too. Your handwriting is ridiculous. Why are you not a teacher??

    I’m thankful that we’re taking our students bowling tomorrow. Fundraising fieldtrip on a Friday (with alliteration?!) Count me in.

  7. Enough about the handwriting — what *pen* are you using? I love that marker-like line and YES I’m a dork who spends too much time in office supply stores, why do you ask?

  8. Ahh I went to beyoglu with my family over my winter break when we visited NYC. We went to the met for many hours and then ate at beyoglu for dinner…so freaking delicious!

  9. Button down shirts ALWAYS give me problems the in chest area. I always have to wear a shirt underneath. I may have to check out j-crew ones now. (Or when I have more money!) 🙂

  10. Ha, this morning I was totally thinking, “I don’t have to pack too many clothes for New York, I can always do laundry at Carla’s. OH, WAIT.”

    I’m thankful that I’m racing in New York this weekend with no pressure to PR! And also excited to see a bunch of college and blog friends. 🙂

    I”m also thankful that I’ve been pretty good about limiting my spending so far this year. I haven’t really clothes shopped for myself in forever. H&M, I’M COMING FOR YOU.

  11. OMG…I hope my mother never reads your blog. My handwriting sucks in comparison to most doctors, and YOURS is impeccable! She’ll be like, “All those hours I spent teaching you cursive! WASTED!!!”

    Lol. Thanks for your Thursdays posts…they always snap me out of a crappy mood.

  12. Not sure why but I haven’t been getting your emails/blog posts lately since the new change! I’ve checked my spam too. Boo hoo.

    I am thankful today for Wendy’s apple pecan chicken salads! They are so yummy! And a social run tonite with friends. And my marathon – 3 days away from running on the beach, holla!

    1. Yes, I’m working on getting the email subscriptions back up and running! Hopefully you’ll start receiving them again soon!

  13. Ok, first of all, I thought that pic of your workouts was from the notes app on the iPhone. I’m so jealous of you nice penmanship… My handwriting looks like that of a serial killer. Yeah, it’s pretty nice.

    Second – I am thankful that I pulled the trigger and signed up for the Chicago Marathon last night! Looking back, I’m thankful that I took last year off from any type of long distance training because now I am no longer burnt out (mentally AND physically) on running and I’m ready to TEAR IT UP.

  14. You had me at warm pita and hummus. How is it that your shortest run for the month is 4 miles, and that no other runs come close to that? You are a machine. Seriously.

  15. I just wanted to share a kid joke with you since you appreciate them. A kid that I babysit for told me this once at church, after telling me that he didn’t like to wrestle like his friends but that he could tell jokes (seriously. adorable.).

    What is a baby’s favorite star?

    …The Big Diaper.

    Happy Thursday! 🙂

  16. WHoa! Your handwriting is insane! Looks like a printout!

    I love this weather. I am thankful I have hardly had to wear running tights so far this winter because I really am not a huge fan of them.

  17. I am thankful for my long run this morning! I ran 14.3 miles in 2:14, which I know is slow compared to you, but that’s faster than even all of my race times, with a 9:24 average. I’m running a marathon in a few weeks and it gave me a little ‘oompf’!

  18. I love the redesign! I just did the whole moving to self hosted thing too and I am working on the design part, but still using some generic thing wordpress gave me for now 🙂 You and Brian did a great job! It’s so much harder than I expected! Also, I’m thankful for cookies and puppies and thankful things thursday!

  19. I’m thankful for your blog! I, too, have Crohn’s and I am always in awe of how many miles you run. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run as much as you do someday!

    P.S. Your handwriting is ridiculously awesome.

  20. I can’t believe that’s your handwriting… mine is either loopy girly or chicken scratch.

    I’m thankful for my chiropractor. He is going to make my back all better. I’m also thankful for an office with a slightly flexible dress code because I feel like if I’m having back spasms I shouldn’t have to dress nice. Cue the Nike Frees, cords, and Lulu zip up. Office casual on steroids.

  21. I’m thankful that hiring movers made my life so much easier yesterday. And that the friends I invited over to hang out and drink wine were kind enough to help me put together my new bed frame – I was losing my mind trying to do it alone… not smart.

  22. YUM Beyoglu! Definitely one of my favorite UES restaurants.

    In other news, I am thankful for unseasonably warm weather (even today), a finally-calm day at the office, my favorite men’s plaid flannel shirt, and the office candy bowl.

  23. I’m thankful for my treadmill mile repeats this morning. I HATE running on the treadmill, but it is a necessary evil in Wyoming. However, I survived and found some tactics to make it go by faster.

  24. The re-design is lovely, but the text is weirding me out. It’s too small – or too cramped? – for my old eyes, lol. But don’t get me wrong – I love the blog. Even if it hurts my eyes.
    Happy Thursday!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, John! I want to look into various font options, but from what I’ve been told the font will display slightly differently on each computer/system/Internet browser, depending on your default settings. So the way I see it is probably significantly different from the way you see it (because on mine it’s not small or cramped). Hopefully I’ll find a happy medium soon. And thanks for reading!

  25. Crazily, I’m thankful for a decent treadmill/gym in my building. Especially on rainy mornings when a hill workout is on the cards. 6-7% inclines, hello!

  26. fact: one of the first thoughts i had this morning was “i am so thankful that i slept for 8 hours last night. i can’t wait to tell Ali in her thankful things thursday post!”

    i second the comments on the blog design – i love it!

  27. Your handwriting is so perfect and uniform it looks fake! I think that if you ever get sick of blogging and running, you could have a great fall back career as a professional hand writer.

    I’m thankful it’s Thursday and I have a fun dinner to look forward to tonight.

  28. Like everyone else, I’m astounded by your handwriting. I particularly love your numbers.

    Although I find it a little freaky in a the-end-of-the-world-is-coming way, I am thankful for 63 degree days in early February. I had planned to do a short run yesterday, and couldn’t seem to make myself stop until I’d done nine, great-feeling miles. Yeah!

    And I’m also thankful for JCrew button-downs! No more safety pins needed for those annoying gaps between the buttons (or buying shirts two sizes too big to accommodate the boobage). JCrew is the jam!

  29. I’m thankful for doggies & funny friends & family & my boyfriend who puts up with me & sunshine & google docs (for my crazy Type A – organizational – OCD – nutcase persona) & Lululemon (seriously, best running & casual gear EVER because their shorts, crops & pants don’t accentuate my muffin top) & my iPhone (my internet was shut off on Tuesday because I’m moving in 15 days but I can survive with just my phone) & coffee. That is all for now. 🙂

  30. Today I’m thankful for caffeine, weather that allows me to run in short sleeves, thoughtful people, having things to look forward to & gchat pep talks.

  31. I also have to comment on your superb handwriting. Wow. Does that come naturally to you, or do you have to focus on it to make it look that uniform/neat?

    1. Haha. It comes naturally, but it’s not always that neat. If I’m writing really fast it’s much more scribbly. And I swear it’s hereditary or something: Both my mom and my uncle have pristine handwriting.

  32. I’m thankful for being able to run! Today’s made me feel incredibly grateful. I’m also thankful for running a personal record of 40 + k this week so far…and for the coconut cake someone brought into work today.

  33. Way to dominate this year’s January over last year’s! I just looked back on mine too and I tripled last year’s January (though was only at half of your this year’s January, that’s a mouthful) and it’s so uplifting and happy. Then the groundhog ruined all my dreams. I also have to say again how much I LOVE the new header, it looks so incredibly fancy and amazing!

  34. I too use pen and paper rather than daily mile but mine is a little more messy than yours. I am thankful that January is the month that I became employed full time. Yay!

  35. Congratulations! You have just been hired to address all my wedding invitations with your phenomenal handwriting. Aren’t you so excited?! 😉

    Also – you can continue posting pictures from #cheeseweddinground1 for as long as you want.

  36. You have the best handwriting! Love it. Love the redding. I only miss the photo format…..loved the Polaroid look! Not dissin’ your redesign, I promise.

  37. Oh my goodness, I love the redesign! I really want to do that as well, but I’m not sure how to even get started! I did notice I had to resubscribe by email though, so perhaps that was because of this? I hope people who don’t follow you on twitter found you again!
    Oh, and I’m thankful for my Hubs, he’s the best, and he blesses me every day. I’m thankful I have a good friend coming to visit tomorrow with her fun fiance. And I’m thankful we’re going to (try to) get our taxes all done tonight! And you! I love reading your blog every day!

    1. Yes, I’m (uh, Brian’s) working on the email subscriptions. Those should be back up and working soon! Good luck with your taxes — want to do mine, too?! Hehe.

  38. I am thankful for my m16 rifles class. It makes me feel so cool. And also I just signed up for my first ever marathon! So thankful that I can run

  39. OMG I thought you handwriting was a font. I had to compare the alignment of the dots above your ‘i’s to realize it wasn’t. That is bonkers.

  40. First of all, your handwriting continues to astound me. It looks like a nice font! And your list is nuts, I need you to come to my job and make lists for me and keep me organized. Please. I don’t have a washer/dryer in my building, and it is not uncommon to find me lugging a very heavy bag filled with 2-3 months worth of laundry on the subway to my mom in Queens all the way from my office in Jersey City. And yes, that is how often I do my laundry because it is too annoying to go to the laundromat.

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