Random Facts Friday

I did it again.

I foam rolled.

I planked.

I stretched.

I know, I specifically said I was not going to do these things, but sometimes they just happen. I dragged myself out of bed for a spin class this morning, and I got there painfully early to make sure I signed up for a bike.

As always, I was the second person to sign up. I really need to learn to chill like the rest of the world…or at least the rest of the Friday morning spinners.

So then I had about half an hour with the gym as my playground. I couldn’t find swings or a slide, so I opted for a foam roller instead.

Definitely not as fun.

I also thought to myself, “Hey Ali, you claim you’re going to do this 5-minute plank thing at some point in 2012, but you’ve never even tried to hold a plank for longer than two minutes at a time. Why don’t you put some effort forth today, you lazy little cop out?”

And so I did.

Thank you handy phone timer for keeping me accountable while planking.

Could I have held it even longer than that? Yup. But I got bored. So I did some side planks and other things, and eventually I did a 45-minute spin class which was fine and uneventful.

Now here we are. Good morning! Also, this happened yesterday:

Check that out.

Status: Accepted. In case you missed that.

November 4, 2012. New York City Marathon. According to the instant depletion of my checking account funds, it’s safe to say that yes, I’m In.

Next let’s talk about random personal facts.

We have this column in the magazine I work for that always makes me smile. A dancer fills out a survey in his or her own handwriting, and then we scan those answers into the pages of the magazine. One of the questions we always ask is, “What’s something most people don’t know about you?” The answers are often fantastic, ranging from “I have a collection of funky earrings” to “I’m secretly a Zumba instructor” to “I keep a body stashed in the trunk of my car at all times.”

Except maybe not that last one so much.

Because today is Friday and my brain has turned to mush, I thought that instead of writing out my deep thoughts — I do have a few of them, I swear — I would present to you some Random Ali Facts That You May Not Have Known Before. In return, I want some random facts about you, because that’s how we all get to know each other.

Here goes:

I go to sleep with socks on but I always wake up barefoot. I never remember taking them off, I think I just kick them off in my sleep. Whenever I change my sheets, I inevitably find a pile of socks at the bottom of the bed.

I am completely repulsed by the smell of baby powder. It’s one of my least favorite things ever. The idea of baby powder also freaks me out. Ick.

I love cleaning my ears with Q-Tips even though I know it’s supposedly bad for me. Whatever. Bring on the ear infection. I think it’s fun.

I have to make my bed within minutes of getting up. I’m super laid back. Totally chill. And also a touch OCD, if you hadn’t figured that out already.

This is my bed. It is always made.

I really love brushing my teeth. Sometimes at night, I’ll start brushing my teeth, and then I’ll sit at my computer while brushing them, and then I’ll watch some TV. I think 10 minutes goes by and I’m still brushing. I love it. It’s fun.

I am weirded out by bald dudes with beards. What is that?

“Made to order sandwiches” stress me out. I always panic trying to decide what to order. I’m a very indecisive human and it drives me crazy. If I’m at a deli or something, ordering sandwiches with someone, I will always want to try a bite of their sandwich, and I’ll always be jealous of it. But I won’t order the same thing. I make no sense.

If I discover a typo on a restaurant menu, I immediately discredit the food and assume it sucks. Because clearly if you can’t spell you can’t cook, right? That makes sense? And really, restaurant, you think that I should order the “Sandwhich” or the “Fetuchine Bolonese?” Not gonna happen. Good bread basket, though.

Spell this however you want, though. I'll order it.

I have never had a cup of coffee. Or a pickle. Or ketchup. Whenever people discover this, they immediately attempt to get me to try one of those things. Because yes, after 26 years of not eating those foods that gross me out, I’m instantly going to do it just because you asked. False.

I don’t always wash my fruit before I eat it. Fine, I’m gross. Whatever.

I don’t know how most songs end because I’m way too spastic to listen to a full song start to finish. From what I’ve been told, some songs fade out at the end and others have a big, dramatic conclusion. I only hear the last few notes of any given song when they come on at the gym.

It drives me completely nuts when I sneeze and no one says “bless you.” You know, because I’m so religious and stuff. Sometimes if I sneeze at work and no one says it, I’ll GChat my college roommate and she’ll give me the online blessing.

I have no idea why I should care about Klout. My Twitter feed is consistently clogged with people letting me know they got a “+K on their Klout score.” Congratulations? I don’t really know what to do with that information. Feel free to fill me in.

I think Renee Zellweger is painfully annoying. Why did she get cast in the movie version of Chicago? Why??? (I realize that was about a decade ago, but I’m still annoyed.)

Next up on my T0-Do list: Spend some quality time with some quality friends.

Did you hear? Lauren got engaged. I wonder if that's the face she made when her now-fiance proposed. Probably.

TELL ME A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF! Bonus points if it’s something creepy or hilarious.



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  1. I am on board with you re: the not always washing fruit and the coffee! People keep trying to force it on me, and your response is spot on–why would I magically try and love something just because you (random person) tell me after 28 years! :b

    I always have to sleep with some sort of cover over me…I adore cuddling with my comforter, which is not much of a treat in the summer months!

    PS – Your blog kind of makes me fall in love with NYC. I live in London, but am stoked to swing through NY one weekend in April as part of a US-trip I’m taking (granted, most of my time in NYC will be spent with my butt stuck in a theatre seat ;])

  2. Fun, love reading your random facts! 🙂 Random fact about me: I don’t like my food touching each other on my plate! I always keep veggies and sides and meat separated.My boyfriend thinks I’m weird, I think it’s normal 🙂

  3. Congrats on NYCM!
    Random stuff: I’m a complete tidy freak when it comes to the kitchen sink! I can’t stand dishes/cups/mugs in them and will wash them for you…now is it a wonder my college housemates and my sis loves me?

  4. 1. I can’t sleep without sock too. Sometimes one will stay on though, so in the morning I’ll not want to put the one sock in the laundry so I leave it out on my dresser. Then a few days later I have a pile of unwashed socks and sometimes I reward them. Really gross, I know.
    2. I use to baton twirl.
    3. I never watch any TV shows religiously, except for the Kardashians. Don’t ask my why.

  5. I’m a fellow Q-tip user as well. It feels so good to have clean ears!

    Random fact: I was on a swim team for six years, a lifeguard for five years, and I’m still afraid of water. Not because I fear drowning, but because I think there is a shark in the water. Logically I know that there is no shark, but you never know when someone is going to pull a shark out of their pocket and throw it into the water. I KID YOU NOT. I’m scared that someone will pull a shark out of their pocket and throw it into the water.

  6. Congrats on the NYC entry! Best feeling I’ve ever had….er uh race wise. Random fact that’s odd: I let me dog lick my toes when I get out of the shower. He loves it. Defeats the purpose of showering? Probably. He’s so cute and lovable.

  7. My random facts are:
    – I have never seen the movie Titanic and have sworn never to see it (although I can’t remember why anymore)
    – Grasshoppers (and any other flying, jumping, crazy leg insect) freak me out

    I’m sure I have quite a few other weird things about me but I’ll keep them quiet in the hope that it keeps me slightly mysterious and interesting.

    I am super excited for you for your NYC marathon entry.

  8. Yay for registering for that marathon…which reminds me…I need to do that too.

    This was a great post…I liked it. I also like q-tips, and so far I think my headphones are probably more dangerous to my ears than them.

    I hate blueberry flavored things, but like fresh blueberries.
    I have to drink tea every night before going to bed.
    I have to sleep with a fan on, even in the dead of winter.
    There’s lots more but I’m tired and a glass of wine is calling my name.

  9. When my brother was little, we were all at my grandparents’ house with cousins and such. He went in to the house crying to my grandma. “What’s wrong?” *sniff* “I sneezed, and no one said God Bless You!” Lol. Maybe he’s secretly related to you? Although he’s not into leg warmers…so maybe not.

  10. congrats on the nyc marathon!! that is so so so exciting! looking forward to reading about your training. is brian going to go for the 26.2 with you?
    i also sleep in socks EVERY NIGHT. i have to, otherwise my feet are literally freezing. i usually take them off in the middle of the night, but sometimes on a rare lucky night i sleep straight through with them on..
    have a wonderful weekend !!!

  11. When I was little I had this intense fear of mushrooms because in Babar one of the elephant’s in Babar’s tribe ate a poisonous mushroom and died. I now have kind of gotten over it and will eat mushrooms if someone else makes them for me but I still refuse to buy them for myself and I hate how they look in the package.

    I also do not permit my cereal and milk to touch until I eat them. As in, the cereal goes in a bowl and the milk goes in a cup, and there is an assembly process involved. The cereal is dunked spoonful by spoonful and then eaten immediately.

    AND I also have to make my bed immediately in the morning.

  12. Such a good (and random) post! I absolutely have to make my bed before anything. Especially before work…I hate coming back to a messy bed.And my bed always contains one stranded sock that fell off in the middle of the night.

    Weird fact to share: I’ve never eaten a PB&J sandwich in my life. Follow up random fact: I became anaphylactic to all nuts when I was 21, and now will never be able to try one.

  13. I like to buy the “expensive” ravioli (the kind in the refrigerated section made with quasi-uncooked dough) so that I can eat it raw as a snack.

  14. I also make my bed immediately, but I love baby powder (put it on after every shower!) and cannot function without my morning coffee (yup, I’m *that* person). I also like eating cereal and chocolate chips out of the peanut butter jar as a dessert. I didn’t realize this was weird until I did it in front of my dad and he was repulsed/freaked out.

  15. Not only do I use Q-Tips. I dip my Q-Tip in peroxide, clean my ear, let it bubble a bit, then use a dry one. I had a boy in 7th grade who sat in front of me on the bus who had the most god awful earwax (seriously, it was green, yellow and black – for months) and from that moment on I became OCD about earwax. I may lose my hearing by age 50 but I will always have clean ears.

    I refuse to make my bed unless my mother is coming over.

    I HATE, HATE the smell of coffee and have never tried it. However, I will stop for a diet coke, every morning, religiously.

    I hate for my food to touch. Unless it’s supposed to like chicken fettuccine. I sometimes think about buying those kids plates with the little compartments.

  16. I’m a new reader and just had to tell you that I too find piles of socks under the sheets when I take them off to wash them. 🙂 And I also get really irritated when I sneeze and no one says bless you. Rude!
    A couple of my randoms:
    – I really get irritated when I ask someone how they are and they don’t return the favor. Isn’t it just polite?
    – I don’t own a hair brush.

  17. Random facts:
    1.) I keep trying to start a blog (2 failed attempts), but I cannot seem to make it to post #2 hahaha.
    2.) I cannot stand using a pen that has blue ink.
    3.) I intern at a Gramercy-area school for autistic children & I am currently making arrangements for our Annual Spring Benefit. I was in need of donations for the Benefit’s auction & recalling your wonderful experience with Jack Rabbit & their Run for the Rabbit competition, I contacted them! Guess what?! They’re donating! THANKS for making me aware of such a great company! Bet you didn’t know that you’ve inadvertently helped out autistic children =)

  18. I do the sock thing too. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, but now I have proof that other people do the same thing. Also, I have to go to sleep with a tissue in my hand, even if I don’t have a cold.

  19. Random fact is that I am a homebody. I seriously like just chilling at home with a good book or just with my bf. I don’t know how I turned out so antisocial. But I just really like having me time. Of course I hang out with friends but I never stay too late.

  20. Oh my goodness. I am SO glad I found your blog, because you are hilarious!! I loved your random facts especially Q-tips, not washing fruit, and your love of brushing your teeth. All good qualities to have, in my opinion! Congrats on NYC marathon! Have you ran it before??

    1. Thanks, Angie! You’re too kind. This will be my first NYC Marathon. I’ve been an EXCELLENT spectator in past years, but I’m pretty psyched to actually be running it this year. Woo!

  21. I am so glad I am not the only who has issues ordering at the deli (or Subway). So much pressure to make a really big decision…like do I want tomatoes or do I not want tomatoes. I have issues.

    Random fact? I hate talking on the phone. The advent of email, texting and social networking has been a godsend for me because I absolutely cannot stand chatting on the phone. I don’t know but I don’t. Yet oddly, I will happily chat up any random stranger/friend/co-worker in person. Deal with it, Mom!

  22. I hate baby powder too and have no clue what it is used for but whenever my parents visit, they LOVE to use it (they actually bought some to keep at my house!) and the bathroom is covered in a thin white film of it…yuck!
    I love eggs but refuse to try egg salad or deviled eggs b/c I cannot get past the smell. i won’t try sauerkraut for the same reason – smell.
    Q-Tipping my ears rocks
    I rarely brush my teeth or wash my face before bed
    I never make my bed and really don’t see the point

  23. never had ketchup! like in your whole entire lifetime!?! thats amazing!

    random fact: i pee in the shower. i cant help it, it just happens. and it feels so good, but oh so wrong.

  24. I am with you on the coffee, ketchup, and pickles. I have tried coffee and I didn’t like it. Never had ketchup. In fact, I don’t do most sauces. No salad dressing for this girl.

  25. Yay! Congrats on the NYC Marathon!!!

    That’s so funny about ketchup – my ex was afraid of ketchup, as in, he would jump and scream and run away from things that had touched ketchup. If I’d eaten something with ketchup on it, he’d make me brush my teeth before kissing me. It was the strangest thing that I could never understand.

    My random facts are:

    1. I had never eaten vegetables until the past year. One time, my mom forced me to eat spaghetti with chunky tomatoes in it and I promptly threw up all over her beige furniture. After that, she stopped forcing me to eat anything which made for a very picky eater through my teen years. (I’m much, much better now!)

    2. I broke my nose pole-vaulting my senior year of high school.

    3. I have an unhealthy addiction to the sale racks at Anthropologie and Lululemon. I totally have both sale sections of the websites bookmarked and check them compulsively for new markdowns.

  26. TOTALLY agree with you on bald men with beards (it’s like their face stole their hair?), Q-Tip love, and Renee Zellweger. Here’s my random fact:

    At the end of every race, no matter the distance, I always listen to “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. And, if you are familiar with the song, when at the end of the song she says, “Everyone deserves a chance to fly,” I do a little leap in the air.

    Muscial/running nerd to the extreme. But whatever, it always helps give an extra shot of energy.

    Love this post!

  27. – I’m with you on ketchup. I tried it once when I was very young, decided it was the most disgusting thing ever, and am sticking with that decision.
    – I always have to my books and photographs organized, but sadly this extends to nothing else.
    – I read all the time (for work and pleasure), have a strong vocab., and yet cannot spell anything correctly. Thank goodness for spell check!

  28. Congrats on the NYC Marathon! I would love to qualify someday.
    However, I cannot believe you have never had coffee! I need it every morning.

    Random fact: I can’t eat jell-o. The texture makes me gag. Like my brain can’t decide if I should chew it or just swallow it. So Jell-o shots are out. Lame.

  29. ali, ali, ali…the coffee thing hurts me a little bit. and concerns me. considering im pretty sure with your schedule you get about half of the sleep i do, which is already about half of what normal people do.
    but im SO with you on renee zellwegger. bridget jones diary was my sisters favorite movie growing up and i refused to watch it solely because she played the lead. then stupid me went and read the book and now really want to see the movie. *inner turmoil*

  30. Let me get back to you on the factoid, because there are too many in mah brains right now to pick just one. BUT! I saw this awhile back, and then again today, and you were the first person that came to mind:

    In other news, I always confuse you with Allie from Hyperbole and a Half, because you’re both awesome bloggers. And named similarly. Stop being so awesome. 🙂

  31. 1. I haven’t made my bed in super long. I hate it (both doing it, and not having made it)
    2. I despise folding my laundry. I will sometimes (and by sometimes I mean often) do a full load, keep it in the hamper, and then dump it on my floor, designating it as the ‘clean pile’ from which I will select what to wear on a given day. Horrific!

  32. Typos on restaurant menus annoy me too. Actually, typos in general annoy me. Coffee and pickles are two of my very favorite things but I can’t stand peas, primarily because of their texture.

  33. Maybe I should start saying I am not going to do those things either and then I will do them.

    Socks – ME TOO. Except sometimes they do stay on (specifically compression socks)… and when they do is when I remember my crazy dreams! It’s a fact 🙂

  34. I thought I was the only one grossed out by the scent of baby powder, it’s so gaggy! There’s a threading place near me that uses lotion that reaks of it, of course I don’t let that stuff touch me…but if anyone uses it while I’m there I have to breathe through my mouth and count to distract myself.
    I can fall asleep anywhere. It can be so awkward. I’ve fallen asleep sitting up playing Mario Kart with a group of people, while talking, and always while traveling…even to the mall 15 minutes away. I hate traveling alone, I have to pinch myself so I don’t get cozy with my seatmates.
    I hate the texture of yogurt. If it has a “smooth” texture, I have to put something crunchy or some fruit in it…if I’m in a pinch, I’ll just chew it anyway – even though there isn’t anything to chew.

  35. Seems we’re both in the “random” mood today! My post today is very random too, I dig it!

    I just had a plank competition with my husband a couple nights ago and I won – even though he tried to say he “let” me win, umm notsomuch. He was grunting and huffing and puffing away while I stayed there cool as a cucumber…ok maybe not “cool” but I was doing a damn better job than he was, I swear! Though, I have yet to hold a plank for more than a minute or MAYBE two, would LOVE to get to five mins…totally joining you on this challenge!

    PS. how do you sleep with socks on?? I can’t stand it, need to feel the sheets on my toes for some reason!

  36. 1. I never microwave in multiples or 5 or 10
    2. In high school I used to actually eat pickles dipped in ketchup as a snack. mmmmm
    3. My friend and I both read your blog and sometimes on our runs we’re like “did you read what ali did today?” and we talk about how we think you’re cool. One night, I read your post near bedtime and I dreamt that you and my friend went to petsmart together. Why petsmart? I have no clue. It was weird. Is that creepy enough for you?

  37. RF#1 I hate washing dishes more than anything. I would rather have a sink full of a weeks worth of dishes than actually make the effort to wash them. Gross I know, but I can’t help it.
    RF#2 I have a ridiculous addiction to Sharpies. And not just the marker, the brand. I could own every single multi-pack of pen, highlighter, and marker in existence. And then I color code everything.

  38. I wear socks to be too! However, I somehow ‘ball’ them during the night. I think it’s quite a talent as I am obviously asleep and have no recollection the next day.

    Keep on planking! Good for you 🙂

  39. I can hold a plank for no longer than 90 seconds, clearly I have some work to do! And i don’t always wash my fruit before I eat it. 🙂

    I like to mush all my food together. Ice cream + any baked good + mix them all together = THE BEST EVER! Not just sweets, I do it with most all of my food, the flavors are just so good together.

    And I cut my salad. Even if my salad includes baby spinach or arugula (although I don’t really like the spicy green as a salad base) , I feel the need to take my knife to it.

    Also, I hate making my bed. I am a NEAT FREAK, but a messy bed is the one thing I can live with.

  40. The (very few) bills in my wallet MUST be in order from greatest to least ($20s in the back – I don’t think I’ve ever had anything bigger than a $20), facing the same way (president side facing me), and right side up. I have actual anxiety when a cashier gives me change and there are people behind me and I can’t take the time to make everything the way it’s supposed to be in the wallet. I will immediately move to the nearest open space and fix things. Not OCD at all. Nope.

  41. Sometimes I skip brushing my teeth at night. Disgusting, I know. I claim to be too lazy or too tired. I made it one of my new years resolutions to take better care of my teeth and skin.
    I have a queen bed and I will pile stuff on the other side of the bed like clothes, my laptop, currently some picture frames because I am too lazy to put them away. I used to do this of my twin bed in college and sometimes I would wake myself up in the middle of the night when I kicked stuff off.

  42. I also love to use Q-tips in my ears. Do you want the weird part now? I hate actually seeing ear wax, so I Q-tip my husbands ears several times a week.

  43. I always wear socks to bed and always lose them, I love Q-tips and I don’t always wash my fruit either. Another random fact: whenever I travel to a new place, I have a problem buying generic souvenirs (like the same ones they sell everywhere, just with a different stamp.) Strange. I feel like it’s not special or something.

    Congrats on the marathon!!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

    PS – I’m coming to NYC at the end of January to perform in a dance show. Would a 16 Handles meet-up be TOO creepy/random? =)

  44. I’m signed up for NYC and hopefully I’ll get in too. I’m not ‘guaranteed’ but I did secure a charity to run for! Good luck with everything!!!

  45. Congrats on NYCM! Fantastic -can’t wait to read all about the training, the prepping for the race, etc.
    For me I have never eaten a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. I am also obsessed with QTips, I am more superstitious that I would like to admit (I can’t leave my wallet on the ground because money will run away).

      1. Me either!!! I don’t think the PB&J thing makes sense! hahah too funny. Ali, this list is fantastic. Mainly because I relate to so much. Aside from the making the bed thing and the brushing the teeth obsession. I’m the opposite of OCD.. I think I’m a mess! Do you still love me?

        I also don’t get Klout. Don’t wash my fruit. I make up words to songs because I’m too impatient to listen to the whole thing…

        Have fun this weekend!

  46. I am the same way with songs, esp when running, I never make it to the end of a dog before I change it. You should check out girltalk. Hes an awesome dj that makes really fun mashup albums, you’ll never get bored and you don’t have to keep changing sofa constantly. My all time favorite running music!

  47. It’s strange that you grew up in the United states and never has ketchup. It’s practically it’s own food group for kids.

    My fun fact: I will often refill the toilet paper roll in public toilets. I don’t obsess over things usually, but it just bothers me when the dispenser has that lonely cardboard tube on it while a brand new roll or any roll of toilet paper is either placed on top of the toilet tank or on top of the empty dispenser. I also like the paper to hang over, not under the roll. If the dispenser is an easily accessible one (like the one in homes), I’ll sometimes change the under hanging paper to over hang – that’s not odd or a control thing at all. 🙂

  48. Haha, I clean my ears with Qtips too, despite the fact that I did give myself an ear infection during our honeymoon AND upon arrival back home, I had to go to the doctor because my ear had to be flushed because I couldn’t hear out if it.

    The doctor told me, “no more Q Tips!”


  49. I like this game! Totally agree with you re: Renee Z. My friend and I have concluded that she looks like someone smashed her face with a pan.

    -I was once almost cast in a Disney movie. But in the end I wasn’t and it was Bette Midler’s fault.

    -I am afraid of giving birth one day to a redhead boy. I realize that that appears to be discrimination against my own type, but it’s true.

      1. My friend just got engaged to a redhead and I think he’s very cute. Don’t worry 🙂 My sister is a freckly dark redhead and she calls herself a ginger all the time. My mom loves ginger (the food) and she really likes crystallized ginger, and whenever she says that’s her favorite kind of ginger my sister shouts NO I’M YOUR FAVORITE KIND OF GINGER!

  50. – I’ll balance you out by saying I hate brushing my teeth.

    – I eat my pizza with a knife and fork. But not the normal way of cutting off a piece at a time and using a fork to eat; I dissect my pizza by pulling off the cheese/toppings and eating them first. Then I eat the crust/sauce.

    – I am unaccountably proud when I do #2 in the bathroom. Why, I don’t know?

  51. I have awkwardly flexible toes…and I tend to curl them and do weird things with me feet, which really freaks other people out. I didn’t even realize it was weird until I was in high school.
    I’m OCD about cleaning fruit and veggies. I took a medical microbiology course in college and one of the labs required that we culture bacteria from different products at the grocery store. After seeing that the bagged “ready to eat” lettuce had over four orders of magnitude more bacteria than the raw meat, I get really freaked out by it and can’t eat food that hasn’t been cleaned.
    And even though Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book/movie when I was growing up, I am deathly afraid of spiders. That didn’t work out too well for me when I spent three days in the Amazon rainforest.

  52. Congrats on NYC marathon! It’s an awesome accomplishment to even get into it, and i’m excited to hear about the training and the race itself!

    Random things about me:
    -I prefer sleeping on my little couch then in my big bed. I try to force myself into my bed, but more often then not I sleep on the couch.
    -like another one of your readers, I reuse a tea bag all day, so by the end it just tastes like hot water. Speaking of that, I also heat up water in the microwave and drink plain, hot water. Weird, I know.

  53. After a crummy week, this post really made me laugh. I am totally with you on the not washing the fruit, teeth brushing, Q-tipping, the sneezing and most certainly Renee Zellweger! She makes that pouty face all the time that just drives me crazy.

    Random fact – I could watch and/or quote the movie Steal Magnolias a million times. I have to refrain from making movie quotes because pretty much NO ONE gets it. Forrest Gump is a close second but at least my Dad gets those movie references 😉

    Congrats on the NYC Marathon – I am trying to run it with a charity as I fear my lottery entry will be a no-go! Cheers to a year of new marathon PRs for all!

  54. 1.I hate downward dog pose in yoga. I don’t get it. When dogs do it to stretch they don’t have to hold it.
    2. The smell of tuna repulses me and I immediately judge the person eating it.
    3. I can eat chocolate for breakfast.
    4. I loathe dainty sneezes. If you sneeze daintily, I will believe you are faking it.
    5. Sometimes after I eat something sweet, I’ll need to eat something salty and vice versa. For balance purposes.
    6. Men wearing pink shirts is still weird to me.
    7. I too cannot stand when I sneeze and no one says bless you. I mean seriously! I know you heard me!!

  55. I HATE jello. Absolutely hate it. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
    On the other hand, I LOVE coffee, but gave up caffeine about 5 months ago. Dangit.
    Other random facts…I obsess that our coffee table is clean. I’ll even make piles and move them to the love seat we rarely sit on, just to clean off the coffee table. Even though they’re both right there and I can see them from my spot on the couch no matter where the mess is.
    Yes, I’m weird. And the coffee table is a mess this morning, so I’m also slightly annoyed and uncomfortable.

  56. I’ve had to have gum surgery due to too much brushing my teeth too much. Up to 7 or 8 times a day! I’ve cut it back to three ever since.

    I don’t eat ANY seafood. And I grew up and live in New England.

  57. Sometimes I’ll want something else to eat immediately after brushing my teeth at night. I usually won’t brush again. And my dentists (plural because I’ve jumped around so much in recent years!) always say I have beautiful teeth (no cavities since middle school!) God bless the Sonicare?

    Umm random facts…unless I’m racing a 10K or something, I have to end my runs on a whole number. I don’t get people who post 2.7 miles on on DailyMile…why didn’t you just take another two minutes to finish #3?!?!

  58. Hope you had a good spin class this morning! I didn’t see you until you were leaving otherwise I would have said ‘hello’ again!

    Random fact: I’m presently obsessed with the show “Dance Moms” and am watching the first season on youtube as often as possible.

  59. Haha! I LOVE Qtips!!! But hate wearing socks to bed. I need to FEEL the sheets. Congrats on the NYC Marathon!!! that is freaking awesome!!!

  60. Agree 110% about bald guys with beards! It’s all about the hair balance – ie. amount of facial hair to eyebrows to head hair. Simple math dudes!

    It’s not creepy – just rational 🙂


  61. Agree re: QTips
    Totally disagree re: Brushing teeth

    A random: I use one tea bag every night to make tea. I drink about 4 or 5 cups of it, so I just keep refilling the same cup with boiling water. By the end, the tea bag doesn’t have any more flavor and I’m basically just drinking boiling water.

  62. Yay for NYCM and yay for awesome planks! Those things always kill me.

    I could not live without QTips. Any bit of ear wax in there stresses me out and bothers the crap out of me. I also need to make my bed as soon as I get up (even if it means the dogs go flying as I shake out the sheets). Also, I never ever, ever walk around barefoot, even in my own house. It really skeeves me out!

  63. I am terrified of birds, all kinds.
    I don’t wash my fruit before eating it either, unless it looks dirty
    I don’t have dishwasher and my ODC makes me do the dishes before going to bed everything.
    I sometimes am so tired (lazy) I don’t want to brush my teeth or take my medicine before going to bed, I’ll say I’m not going to, but I can never follow through with it.
    I hate “LOL”, I have never used it in a text, email, fb, drives me crazy!!

  64. When I was a child I had at least 1293810928 imaginary friends. I only talked to them when I was in the shower. And I always forgot what I named them the next time I showered, so I’d create a new one. That makes it seem like I never showered. Regardless, I still do my best thinking/talking to myself in the shower.

    Yesterday I was doing planks and my puppy was so confused jumped off the couch and onto my best. Those extra 12 pounds were a challenge I am up to improving

  65. I agree with so many of yours – QTips and Renee Zellweger, especially. However I love baby powder and can’t live without coffee in the morning.

    Random – I sleep with all my sheets and comforter, even in the summer with no air conditioning. I can’t sleep without a really heavy blanket covering me!

    Congrats on the marathon!

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