Thankful Things Thursday: A New Year!

OK I’m done with all the “It’s a New Year, resolutions, celebrations, happy, joy, seasons of love!” posts. I swear. I just like that the start of a new year brings a lot of potential and optimism and all that jazz.


I haven’t done jazz hands in a while. That’s sad for me.

But instead of being sad about my lack of spirit fingers, I will tell you all the things I’m thankful for today. If you’re new to the game — or the blog — Thursdays are Thankful Things Thursdays, and I don’t think I need to do more explaining than that. I trust you get the concept.


I’m thankful I did the things I said I wasn’t going to do. Yesterday I posted a grand declaration saying I wasn’t going to bother trying to do planks and foam rolling, among other things, this year. But last night at the gym, instead of rushing to the spin studio 15 minutes early, I used that time to do a few planks (2-minutes in a regular plank and then 1-minute on each side) and foam roll the heck out of my legs. I was proud of myself and I felt good.

Just don’t hold your breath expecting it to happen again.

I’m thankful I showered before I left the gym last night. Normally after spinning I am unattractively sweaty and messy, so I use a towel to wipe the sweat and then throw on some clothes and head home. The commute home takes 35–40 minutes. I don’t think my fellow subway passengers appreciate my post-gym routine.

Last night, though, I didn’t want to go straight home. Class was awesome and so I decided to wind down by showering at the gym. What a genius idea, I know! No one has ever thought to do that.

I was so much cozier putting on yoga pants and a sweatshirt after that shower, and I was way more calm riding the uptown trains than I normally am. Public transportation stresses me out sometimes.

I’m thankful for my bathtub. I took a bath last night. It was awesome. I’m glad I have a bathtub.

I get really bored in the bath, though, so I only stayed in there for about 10 minutes. Maybe even less. But it was nice to sit there in hot water for a little while.

I’m thankful for Eucalyptus-scented things, like lotions and soaps and towels and stuff. Self-explanatory. It’s calming, comforting and delicious.

I’m thankful for candles. I’ve been lighting them a lot lately. I put out candles at my apartment by season, and right now my winter ones are in heavy rotation. I think I’ve retired my Christmas tree scents, but there’s one that a coworker gave me for Christmas that smells like cookies and I’m in love.

Candles make everything more fun and festive.

I’m thankful for salt. For a long time, I didn’t own salt. Now I do, and I put it on everything. That’s healthy, I know! But it does make things taste a lot better. Moderation, blah blah blah. You can eat salt in moderation, and I will eat what you leave behind.

I’m thankful for my new cheese grater. My mom got me one for Christmas because — the horror! — I didn’t own anything to grate fresh cheese with. How did I ever get through life?! Last night I bought a block of Parmesan cheese and grated it over little English muffin pizza things. It was fun and also delicious.

I’m thankful it was warmer this morning than it was yesterday morning. I ran six miles. They were nothing special. They were slow. I may or may not be racing a 10K this weekend, so there no sense in crushing my legs today. Plus I’ve been running a decent amount lately and throwing spin classes on top of that. My quads are ready for a little rest this evening.

But yeah, running this morning was nice because my snot didn’t freeze to my face. That’s always a plus.

Last year I went skiing. I have not gone skiing yet this year. I have gone running though, and in far less clothing than what you see here. So basically this photo is irrelevant.

I’m only OK with frozen boogers when I’m skiing, and even then they’re not really my favorite.

I’m thankful for my coworkers. Sometimes work gets a little stressful and overwhelming. Oh I’m sorry, Brian, it gets excitingly busy. And some days I just don’t want to look at my ever-growing list of tasks to tackle. The fact that I adore the girls I work with makes it totally bearable, though.

You would think that in an office filled with dancers we'd be able to figure out those fancy Swan Lake arms, but apparently not. We got it totally wrong.

We work together, and we work hard, but we find time to catch up on each others’ lives and gossip. Just kidding. We don’t gossip.

Yes we do.

Also, my coworkers give me free legwarmers, so they are obviously excellent people.

I’m thankful for M&Ms that change colors according to the holidays. I was into the Christmas-colored ones, and now they’re selling Valentine’s Day colors. They’re so festive in my trail mix.

I’m thankful for thumbtacks. I think they’re a great invention and I use them often. This also applies to paper clips, staples and mini Post-Its. Office supplies are a wonderful thing.

NOW YOU BE THANKFUL: What are you grateful for today? Something great you got for Christmas? A New Year’s Resolution you actually plan to tackle? A nice person who held the door for you this morning? An extra hour of sleep this morning?



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  1. I’m thankful that the bus coming home tonight did not make any sudden stops… there was a women with six ferrets in a laundry basket next to me.

  2. I did the opposite at the gym last night. Normally I always shower after working out but last night the locker room was so PACKED (are these the same people every January?) that I just changed clothes while still sweaty, put coat on and left. Also why do people have to stand half-dressed in a crowded locker room and text on their phone? This makes my blood boil.

    1. THAT EUCALYPTUS STUFF IS THE EXACT STUFF I’VE BEEN USING! I bought trial-sized stuff this weekend when I was traveling and now I’m dying to go back for bigger portions. I’m in love. I lather that lotion on before bed and it makes me so chilled out. Glad you’re in love too, with that and with fuzzy socks. Smart girl. And congratulations ont he job!

  3. I’m thankful for super high, yet work-appropriate heels, which give me a pep in my step at work (much needed today!) I’m grateful for naps. And that I only have one more day of week until the weekend!

  4. I am thankful for my lime green Thorlo Experia socks because they are the most amazing color ever. EVER. I am also thankful for antibiotics, cough syrup, nasal spray and inhalers that allow me to run with bronchitis because someone is going to die if I don’t get a few miles in. I am also thankful for you blog because it never ceases to entertain me. It also inspires me to buy leg warmers. I wonder if I can find some in lime green?

  5. I’m really thankful for office supplies too. I love my clicky pens, thumbtacks, and highlighters.
    Thanks for re-inspiring me to stop and think about some of the things I’m thankful for. All the little things really do add up!
    Reading in the bathtub helps me stay in longer, as does the cold weather.

  6. I’m thankful for my 3rd grade students who strive to find new ways to compliment me every. day. Literally, I get called all sorts of synonyms of beautiful Monday-Friday. They’re gems and I give them stickers. Maybe that’s why they do it…

  7. Ohh, are you running the 10K on Saturday?? Me too! Though defintely not racing it as I have yet to run a sub-8 minute mile since the marathon. See you at the starting line?

    I’m thankful for your help this week! Hopefully I’ll have good news to share soon!

  8. I am thankful for the most awesome members at the Gym, who keep on coming to classes and make me smile. I am thankful to have a job I love and a boss that rocks. I am thankful for my two wonderful god-daughters, they brighten my days and make me see the small things through children’s eyes.
    I adore candles and am thankful for the smell and the warmth. I am thankful for being able to use salt and sugar in moderation – going almost salt and sugar free has helped me balance my mood and diet as well. I am thankful to restorative yoga – it’s an amazing way to balance out too many high impact cardio classes.
    I am thankful for bloggers like you, Ali, you say what I think but cannot express…

  9. I love seasonal candy! It just tastes better 😉
    I’m thankful that it didn’t rain today so my walk to the dentist was pretty nice.
    I’m thankful that I went to the grocery store today and didn’t buy anything I didn’t need! Well I guess I don’t *need* another lipbalm but at least I know that it’ll get used up, unlike the nail polish/makeup/hair stuff I wanted.

  10. Love that you include the little things here (thumbtacks!). That’s really what adds up, doesn’t it? Ok, I’m thankful to have a few minutes to nap today! Beats it all.

  11. I am thankful for the new running booty shorts my cousins got me for Christmas. It’s bright blue and way shorter than it should be. Which is awesome. It also wicks away moisture, supposedly. I never knew how awesome running clothes can be.

  12. I am thankful that I dragged myself out of bed this morning and went for a run. I am also grateful that I was working form home today so I had time for a fried egg for breakfast – yum!

    Just had to comment because um didn’t you say you wanted to read more this year? And then you said you were bored in the bath? Well isn’t the bath the perfect place to read a book? (Not a Kindle mind) Sure the book might get a bit damp but it will be worth it. I am known to take a cup of tea, a small snack and a book to enjoy during bathtime 🙂

  13. i am thankful for my legs! i am currently training for my very first half marathon, and i am thankful that my legs are strong & will carry me through my training and the half 🙂

    i’m also thankful for this amazingly deliciously awesomely fantastic “caramel swirl” flavoured coffee. splash a bit of almond milk in there and voila. perfect with my (daily) bowl of oatmeal. i think my soul will cry (or maybe die) when it runs out!!

  14. I’m thankful that training for the R&R USA Half has begun! Mostly because I like to do USA chants in my head when I think about running 13.1 in DC (USA! USA!) and because I’m happy to be on a running routine again. Hooray!

  15. I’m thankful for ice packs and ibuprofin. My back is out again. It makes me extra thankful for all the little things I’m able to do without pain when my back is healthy.

  16. I seriously could live in the bathtub. I will take multiple baths on days when I am at home all day. Soooo warm.

    I am thankful today for my angelic little 2 1/2 year old niece. She was so much fun over Christmas!

  17. I am thankful I found your blog!! Make me smile everyday! I am thankful for my new Ear warmers and winter running fleece. I am thankful for my new treadmill since I can’t always run outside. I am thankful for my family and everyone’s positive outlook as my sister is back in the hospital…also thankful she has an amazing outlook on life!!

  18. Kleinerman 10k on sat? Me too!

    I’m thankful I have an apartment and that it has heat. This mornings run was chilly, but I passed three sleeping homeless people during it and realize how lucky I am that I have somewhere to warm up.

    Also, i may or may not have pulled out some jazz hands and other awesome moves this morning…but as no one was around, I guess we’ll just never know…:)

  19. remember when you didn’t own salt and i put some in a baggie for you (or at least i *think* i did)? i’m glad you’ve impressed the sodium. we runners need it, yum!

    i am thankful for Afrin this Thursday. it is making my congested nose bearable.

    when are we going to have a hand-holding run? some day next week?

  20. I’m thankful that I have a boy that likes to cook for me, last night he cooked an amazing sea bass dinner followed up by blueberry pancakes this morning!

    I’m thankful that even though I’m eating like it’s my job, I’m still running/crossfitting.

    I’m thankful that it won’t be super freezing for the 10k in the park on sat!!!

  21. I am thankful for being back in my running routine after a break after my marathon in December. I had a great run this morning with some training buddies.
    I’m also thankful for my soy latte this morning because I need caffeine today!
    And, I’m thankful for a happy hour tonight with a good girlfriend who makes me laugh.
    Have an awesome day Ali!

  22. I’m thankful I convinced Hubs to sign up for a race with me! It’s only his second (he hates to run) and it’s a Warrior dash so it’s more obstacles than race I think, but it looks awesome!
    I’m also thankful for the delicious homemade noodles I made Tuesday night for dinner. And for my job even though I don’t love it. And for our little apartment that’s a bit messy, but perfectly wonderfl as our first home.

  23. I’m thankful that Christmas break lasts a super long time when you’re in college! I’m also thankful that I finished 1.5 of the 3 applications I need to finish before break is over. Now about that other 1.5… not so thankful for that.

  24. Wow.. how did you not own salt before? It definitely kicks up any meal.

    Things I’m Thankful For:
    – Nutella
    – My blender to make delicious smoothies in the morning
    – Visiting New York last month (AMAZING – I want to move there. PS I passed by 16 Handles. Also amazing)
    – My wonderful family who is so wonderful they make living in Europe nearly UNbearable

  25. Oh my gosh, I forgot its Thursday! So I am very thankful for you, Ali, that you reminded me on being thankful. I have to hand in a research paper tomorrow, and I have 5 more pages to write, and no idea what I could write more about, so I will be thankful that tonight, when I go to bed, I will be done writing. Even if this means that I will have to stay up and work until 3am. or 4am. Don’t care, because tomorrow, when I handed it in, I will be very thankful for being done with it!

  26. I am thankful for the extra hour and a HALF(!!!!) of sleep that I decided to get this morning. I am also thankful for how much you write about leg warmers. Now, I need to go out and buy myself a pair of leg warmers so I can be thankful for them, too.

  27. Very much agreeing with being thankful for office supplies! Most specifically 80’s glam sharpie markers and 10 different colors of highlighters. I love color coding things (nerdy I know)

  28. Be careful with candles! I love them, too, but I’ve been pretty scared recently after a coworker’s house (ENTIRE house!) in NJ burned down because ONE candle caught to the drapes. Heartbreaking and so awful.

    I get bored in the bathtub fo shiz. It’s so nice for the first five minutes, and then it’s like … okay, now what?

  29. I am home for at least 8 weeks with multiple-fractured ankle. I am thankful for my friends: their cards, texts, emails and visits to bring me food or keep me company.

  30. i’m thankful i finally learned all the words to a song that plays on my baby’s toy. i have been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure out what this lady said. i finally nailed it and i couldnt be happier. i am serious.i even blogged about this happiness. and i emailed the lyrics to my husband.

  31. I am still hanging tight to my balsam scented bath and body works candle! I love the smell, but it’s almost gone. sad face. Skiing! Fun…though I’ve never done it because I am afraid I’ll break something. And then get pissed 😉

  32. I don’t own salt and I can’t stand it! I had to try really, really hard to get more salt into my diet in the weeks leading up to the marathon, and it was a struggle. I don’t love candles but I LOVE my Scentsy warmer, I have yummy scents (sugar cookie, laundry, some melon-y one that is called skinny dip and oats & honey) and I feel safer and it is pretty.

    Thankful…. that today is my Friday, that I get to play on Facebook all day long as my job, that Refine is getting a convenient second location and that I like people at my job.

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