My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Have you heard? It’s no longer 2011. We have officially entered 2012 territory, and so far I’d say the new year is off to a kickin’ start, wouldn’t you agree?

Cheers! It's 2012!

Brian and I expertly executed our “get the heck out of New York City and let’s not tell anyone where we’re going plan,” and rang in the year sufficiently fueled on wine and sugar.

Thank you, Waiter/Photographer, for your excellence.

We spent the last few days in The Hamptons, doing things like wine tasting (six vineyards total yesterday — I remember the first four clearly, and the last two are a little fuzzy in my brain, though I do remember coming in contact with a cat that I really liked), outlet shopping and running.

Yes, I am making a nasty face, because that glass of wine smelled like feet.

Yesterday we ran four lovely miles together in the rain. Brian is on the (hopefully speedy) road to recovery with his knee/IT band issues, which is good since the lucky guy snagged a spot in the New York City Half Marathon coming up in March. I’m already working on my cheerleading and spectating skills.


Today, we each kicked off 2012 with a bunch of miles on the treadmill. I’m pretty sure it was the fifth time in my entire life that I ran on a treadmill, and I hated it. I left that weird machine good and sweaty.

Why the treadmill run? Well, because I’m afraid of running outside right now. Yesterday we were running through a nice little neighborhood when bam! A giant German Shepherd beastly dog came running out of nowhere, blazed right past Brian and took a big chomp into my right butt cheek. It was scary and my butt hurt. Now there are teeth marks on my butt, which is attractive, I know, and I’m afraid to hit the open roads again, at least until I can return to my beloved Central Park.


This weekend has been the perfect wrap-up to the year, and now I’m ready for one of my favorite tasks: New Year’s Resolution time!

I prefer to think of my resolutions as annual To Do lists, rather than a list of major life changes I’d like to make. That’s a little daunting, don’t you think? Instead, I think of things I’d like to accomplish throughout the year, and then I go ahead and dominate the list.

I started crafting my 2012 resolutions about two months ago, and now I am ready to share them with you.

I now present to you, Ali’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Get a new doctor. My mom would kill me if this didn’t happen to be the first resolution on my list. My doctor is, to be polite, a word that rhymes with brick that isn’t stick, hick or click. Be creative. It seems unlikely that my Crohn’s disease is going to cure itself, which means I need a solid doctor on my side who understands and respects me. I have tons of great recommendations from people, and now I just need to start making some phone calls and being proactive about my search. I need for doctors or something. Seeking: smart GI doctor, well-spoken, excellent bedside manner, understands that running isn’t making my disease worse, gives lollipops after each appointment. Inquire within.

2. Do a handstand. I came kind of close once…OK not really.

Kind of! Almost there! Sort of...

I can’t even do a headstand, so going for the full, unassisted handstand goal seems a little lofty. But hey, go big or go home. Translation: go handstand or fall down. This goal may kill me, but I’m still going to go for it. Now who wants to come be my spotter?

3. Take a trampoline class. Like the trapeze, only different. And bouncier.

4. Take better care of my skin. I have never had a skincare regimen, and it shows.

This is basically how I take care of my skin. I put chocolate food and stuff on it.

My skin sucks. I get these little face bumps and I don’t invest in good makeup because I prefer to spend my money on more important things like all-you-can-eat buffets. But this year I’d like to grow up a little and find some products that may actually do me some favors. Any suggestions? Or anyone want to make a donation to the “Ali Doesn’t Want To Keep Getting Zits” foundation?

5. Run on a track. Maybe I’ll do some of those Yasso 800s you people talk about. I would just like to make my way to a real track to do a real track workout. I’d like to test my speed somewhere other than on a race course or the Central Park Reservoir. I think it would be fun.

Here I am attempting the long jump. I'm clearly very excellent at it. The Olympics are coming up, right? I'm looking forward to getting drafted.

6. Take a dance class. Any class will do. Last year I took a tap class, so that’s taken care of. Maybe this year I’ll do a hip-hop class or I’ll make my way back into a ballet class (doubtful, my turnout sucks — thank you, running). My flexibility is totally shot since I started running higher mileage over the years, but I’d still like to learn some choreography and put on a personal recital for my parents. Mom, Dad, you in? I won’t charge admission, and we can drink during intermission, just like Dad used to do at my real dance recitals!

7. Try out Yoga to the People. This resolution is carried over from 2011 since I never quite got to it. Oops. Maybe this year, even though I’m scared.

8. Go for a totally naked run. Not without clothes and stuff, but without a watch and without music or my phone or any electronic device I can use to play music, track my speed or distance or check Twitter during bathroom stops. Just kidding. I don’t do that…So yeah, I’d like to make a habit of running without anything strapped to me. If I get sad about not having songs to listen to, I give myself permission to engage in Run Karaoke. You are welcome, fellow Central Park runners.

9. Hold a 5-minute plank. I don’t know why I care to do this, but I think it could be an interesting challenge. Right now I can hold a plank on my elbows for two minutes and I’ve never tried to hold one for longer. I just always stop there. By December 2012, I’d like to be able to chill out in a plank for a full five minutes.

10. Run over the Queensboro Bridge. I’ll do this during the New York City Marathon — have I mentioned I’m in for 2012?

Look at that! I ran 9 races, volunteered for one and I'm IN for the 2012 NYC Marathon!

But I’d like to run the bridge for fun another time before that, so I can really take in the sights. I live on the Upper East Side, so this should be easy enough to tackle. I’m just nervous I’m going to get onto the bridge incorrectly and find myself running rapidly into oncoming traffic. That would suck.

11. Be a kickass aunt. My sister-in-law is due to pop out a little niece or nephew for me on May 22. Today I bought presents for that baby.

You guys are going to be parents. Are you psyched? I'm psyched.

All I want to do in life is spoil that kid, and I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. But I want that kid to grow up being like, “My parents are cool, and my grandparents are nice, but Auntie Ali is the coolest and she spoils me the most!” Note: This is my first time becoming an aunt, so I’m painfully excited. I can’t wait to meet that little person.

12. Cook one legitimate meal per month. Most of you probably think I’m aiming pretty low here, don’t you? But I really cook very rarely, and I’m not going to set myself up for failure. So, just one time each month, I want to find a recipe that looks nice and I want to cook a meal. Ideally it will be a dinner, because lunch is stupid. It can’t just be pasta or baking fish, because I already know how to do that. The meal doesn’t need to be wildly fancy or complicated.

Remember that time I made muffins? That was weird.

It just needs to be something I’ve never cooked before, and it needs to not kill me. I mentioned this resolution to Brian and he did not seem ultra-confident about being my taste tester. He may not have much faith in me, but I’ll show him!

13. Don’t let people make me feel badly about my life decisions. I say I don’t care what other people think, but there are certain people in my life that I swear I will never please. It sucks, but that’s the reality. When I was training for my marathon, I thought I did a good job of balancing training, work, travel and my social life. I made an effort to see people I truly wanted to see and I did my best to try and do it all. Of course, my best efforts weren’t always up to par as seen by others, and that’s too bad…for them. In 2012, I will make my own decisions as I see fit. If others don’t approve, bummer. I think I have a good head on my shoulders and even though sometimes my brain gets cloudy because of the wine, at the end of the day I want to make everyone happy, no matter what. So if, knowing that, everyone still isn’t happy, let’s all just move on. Rant over.

14. And now, the resolution I don’t actually want to put in writing because it scares me: Run a sub-4 hour marathon. I don’t know when or where it will be (Spring marathon? Spring marathon? Spring marathon?) but I really want it to happen. To run a marathon in less than four hours means shaving 13 minutes off my Hamptons Marathon time.

Oh look, I ran a marathon. And it took longer than I had thought it would.

With a little (a lot) of training and the “can do” attitude that takes over my life every day, I think it can happen.

So those are my personal resolutions for the year. Brian and I were discussing resolutions at lunch today, and he decided that he gets to make three resolutions for me as well. I now present to you, Brian’s New Year’s Resolutions For Ali:

Time out: I just told Brian to show me the three resolutions he came up with, and he shoved a list of six things in my computer. What an overachiever.

1. Run a sub-4 hour marathon. OK, Brian, fine. I already covered that one on my own list. HA!

2. Bike a 40-mile ride. That seems a little much, Brian, don’t you think? But I assume with this resolution comes the offer to buy me a bike, so thank you. I’m psyched. Really though, the longest ride I’ve ever done was the Rock N Rollercoaster at Universal Studios in Orlando. I tried to make a joke there, you see? On a bike, however, I rode 21 miles (uh, two days after a 20-mile run…) this summer and thought it was challenging, and I had to walk spread-eagle for two days afterward.

Notice the wide-legged stance...

But sure. I’ll give this one I try as long as I don’t have to wear those scary clip-in shoes.

3. Cook saffron risotto. You must be joking.

4. Take a knife skills class. I’m sensing a trend here…Though, Brian, while I’m at my knife skillz class, you may want to enroll yourself in a First Aid class, for when I inevitably slice off my sausage fingers and I’m left with bloody stumps.

5. Replace the words “stressed” and “overwhelmed” with “excitingly busy.” That’s interesting. Why did I agree to let Brian come up with resolutions again? Just kidding. I’m excitingly busy about making this list. I’m excitingly busy about conquering my knifing class. I’m excitingly busy about running a quick marathon.

6. Ski out west. So Brian, you’re buying me a bike and taking me on a wild west ski adventure? You’re the best.

I now have a list of 19 resolutions to conquer in this new year. I’m excitingly busy about it.

SHARE IMMEDIATELY: Are you a resolution maker? What are you resolving to do in 2012? Do you want to take a knife class with me? Or accompany me to Yoga to the People? Or perhaps you want to pace me in that marathon I spoke of… Do tell!



78 Responses

  1. I love the Clinique 3 step face wash “program.” I use the acne version since I get random stress related breakouts, and have loved the results so far. It’s a little drying, so I only use it 1x/day instead of the 2x that the bottles recommend (+ that means my $$ goes twice as far!) – it has a face wash, toner, spot treatment and lotion. All the Clinique face wash is fragrance free too, so it works even with my sensitive skin.

    Also, this is not the best year to ski out west, in CO at least. The ski resorts here have 50% of the snow they had last year, and it was 65 degrees yesterday. Nice for being outdoors, bad for the resorts!

  2. Dude! A dog bit your butt?! Not cool.

    Skincare. I struggled with acne for WAY too long before I broke down and took Accutane this summer/fall. Best decision ever – wish I would have done it 10 years ago… And my doctor recommended CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. It isn’t exotic or glamorous (or expensive) but it is the best thing I’ve ever put on my face. The cleanser isn’t harsh like the “teenage acne” products I’ve used my whole life — and the moisturizer is the lightest, most wonderful thing ever. They make a moisturizer specifically for face, but I tried it and thought it was too heavy/creamy. The one called “Moisturizing Lotion” is what I use and it is heaven.

    Here’s to 2012!

  3. My friend Jared teaches hip-hop at Broadway Dance. If you wanna take a class, I’d go with you and then we’d KNOW THE INSTRUCTOR. Which is way cooler than standing all lame-sauce in the back trying to hide behind the really intense b-girl with the 80s track suit (I totally have never done that…)

    But alternately, I’m down with Yoga to the People. I’ve been and it’s fun and if you go a lot you will totes be able to check the handstand off the list too!

  4. = lifesaver.
    I’ve found all my NYC doctors through that site. You can search doctors by your insurance, plus you can read reviews.

    Also, best foundation = bare minerals. Easy, light, and does the job.

  5. What is it with dogs attacking runners lately? Yesterday I had a giant who knows what type of dog jump right on me while his owner was walking him. Ok – he was cute but still gave me a mini heart attack. Today two small dogs came barking out of no where at me.

  6. BRIAN GOT INTO THE HALF?? I GOT INTO THE HALF TOOOOO!!!!!!!! Okay sorry for too much excitement but seriously yayyy!!! Will you cheer for me too please?!?!?

  7. There is an awesome track in Hoboken, if you are looking for a place to conquer resolution #5…obviously it’s a bit of a hassle to get there from the city but it’s new and has a beautiful view of the skyline!

  8. Re: Skincare

    My best friend is a make up artist and she has really helped me out.

    Obviously a good (not necessarily expensive) facial cleanser and moisturizer are a must! I see other commentators gave some advice in that area.

    Mine is this: Instead of make up remover, use 100% coconut oil. It is cheap, natural, and works better than any other make up remover in the world. It makes a world of difference! (Then cleanse and moisturize). I also recommend using a primer (I like the Sephora brand one for $19.00). You put it on between moisturizing and foundation. It keeps the foundation from seeping into your pores.

    Good luck!


  9. Yes, I would love to take a knife skills class with you. And Yoga to the People. I went today and actually thought that we really need to go together. It’s so close to your office!

  10. I’m definitely a resolution maker! My biggest ones right now are to run a race every season (just registered for my winter…luckily it’s only a 5k because I’m scared!) and run a sub-2:00 half marathon.

    I hear you on the dogs! I don’t even like to run past them when I know there’s an electric fence…sure don’t blame you for going the treadmill route.

  11. I could comment on the resolutions, but I’m still disturbed that a dog bit your ass??!?! How does this happen? Where was it’s owner? Did it draw blood? Sheesh…totally scary.

  12. I’ve got a gazillion resolutions, mostly related to doing things that will keep me from injuring myself and/or flunking out of college.
    I especially agree with resolution #14. You’re a rockstar (the fact that gazillions of people read your blog confirms it) and you should live the way you want to!

  13. You’ve got the right approach to resolutions – attainable, and fun!

    Since Brian wants to be involved in your resolutions, how about involving him in the dance class? Go for a partners latin dance class!

    For the cooking – how about meatloaf? That’s pretty basic, just throw together some meat and a few other ingredients.

  14. I live “out west” and I run. You could come to my house and we could ski and run, and heck, I could probably even get you on a 20 mile bike ride. You should come to my house. But not yet, because in what is surely the strangest weather pattern ever, Lake Tahoe doesn’t actually have much snow (yet).

  15. you got bitten by a dog?? that is so scary! did you talk to the owner? do you have rabies now? i was once chased by a dog who escaped from its yard, but i outran it of course. helpful information: it was a dachsund.

    i don’t usually take very good care of my skin either, but have recently taken up the habit. for christmas i bought myself origins charcoal mask, which is wonderful. highly recommended for clearing pores. i’ve also been exfoliating once a week for the past two months or so, which helps a lot. i’ve been getting samples from various shops and my favorite so far, which will become a purchase within the next few weeks, is the “vitamin c cleansing face polish” by the body shop. favorite moisturizer is kiss my face’s “cell mate” with spf 15. also helpful: never touch your face!!

    happy new year! 🙂

  16. Have you tried It allows you to find and schedule doctors and read reviews online! As for your dance class goal, I recommend liberated movement. Yes, it is in Chinatown, but they have great classes in a yoga to the people format, with a $5 suggested donation! Equinox also has fun dance classes, I forget if you’re an nysc or equinox member!

    I think this is my first time commenting, and wow do I give a lot of advice!

  17. Happy New Year!

    I love Yoga to the People! I like the one on 38th and 6th because it’s close to my office AND my apartment. Plus I love hot power vinyasa.

    I don’t typically make big new year’s resolutions but in 2011 I completed 9+1 so hopefully I will successfully finish the NYCM (my first and likely only marathon)! I’m equal parts excited and scared. I’m also doing the NYC Triathlon in July – eek!

  18. I love the resolutions! You can absolutely do all of them, though the knife skills class kind of scares me. A lot. Actually, I think the saffron risotto scares me more. But that sub-four marathon? You have that nailed!

    I am really sorry about the dog bite. I train and compete with my dogs and other people’s dogs in sports, so it surprises most people that I am now terrified to run in my neighborhood after getting attacked by two dogs this fall. Eek!!!

  19. Love resolutions!! Just posted mine! and I’ll definitely go to YTTP with you if you need a buddy. I used to go all the time. Skin-wise, I’ve been gradually using more and more kiehls products over the years and they have definitely helped my skin out. I also invested in a clarisonic which was expensive (eek!) but in the end was so worth it.
    Good luck with the goals!!!

  20. Excellent goals for 2012! You are going to dominate a sub-4 marathon!! I don’t usually make resolutions.. i am already awesome 😉
    As for the facial products, my esthetician recommended Aveeno products because they are soy based and oil free. I have been using them for a few months now and love them. Hope this helps 🙂
    And, yes, you MUST ski in the west.. best skiing in the country!!!

  21. Cetaphil facial cleanser is the best!! I just made my resolutions, am excited about them, and would totally do a 40 mile bike ride or yoga for the people! Happy 2012!

  22. I’m sorry your present doctor doesn’t cut it for you. I hope you find one that understands and appreciates your needs in the near future. Happy new year!

  23. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to take a knife skills class, but I wasn’t sure if you could actually do something like that.
    Love all your resolutions – good luck!

  24. you can definitely run a sub-4 hour marathon and I know you will this year! I would love to take a trampoline class with you this year, go to yoga and help you cook a meal. You know where to find me.

    I like resolutions. Ok, I love them. I think all of us type A’s do! I have a ton, but definitely want to run a sub-3:50 marathon, not injure myself and keep up the Bikram.

    Happy New Year! Let me know if you want me to send you Dr. Pearlman’s details (my GI doc), he’s awesome and I think you’d like him.

  25. First off, I am so sorry you got attacked by a german shepard on your run! Pancake got attacked by one on our walk last week and it was not pretty. (for the other dog, I kicked it in the face to get him off Pan).

    I love your resolutions…and I’m so jealous because I haven’t “officially” made any yet. I think my first and foremost should be to not be such a moody little witch when I don’t go for a run and take it out on other people. But I’m not really sure how to go about fixing that.

    Also, I cannot cook to save my life. But I did try cooking with a very cute male right before Christmas and I like to think I did a very nice job of cutting up the vegetables and making a salad while he did everything else. Maybe I should take a cooking class?

    Happy New Year, Ali 🙂

  26. I don’t like to call resolutions “resolutions” either I’m a goal girl. I really want to make monthly goals this year. I have a few year long ones but I plan on checking in and making a to do list of goals each month. I like the excitingly busy instead of stressed, I’m using it!

  27. If only I was in NY…I’ll do the yoga with you coz that’s one of my goals for the year – one class a week. I’ve a home practice but need to check myself/technique etc with one class.

  28. Awesome post and great resolutions! I’ve also thought about taking a hip hop class sometime… Let me know if you have suggestions of if you decide to do it cause I’m totally in!

    Also – knife skills class? You are more than welcome to come over to Chez Lewis and I’ll give you and Brian your own personal knife skills class. It’ll be fun. And you can knock that one off the list. 😉

  29. Scary dog encounter! I recently had one much less traumatizing than you and I was a nervous wreck the next time I went out for a run.

    I love new years resolutions. I feel like it is a fresh start to do the things I know I should have been doing and start doing them. I definitely keep them reasonable with usually a spiritual, physical and educational goal (or two or three).

    Best of luck with accomplishing your goals. Looking forward to you blogging about accomplishing them! 🙂

  30. I LOVE your thought process behind the “to do” list for the year and not resolutions. I hate the conotation that resolutions has. I tend to call them goals. 🙂
    I made my own today too – 13 of them in fact!

    I’ll definitely be your cheerleader for your sub-4 hour marathon! Count me in!

    I’m glad you and Brian got away for the holiday – love that!

  31. I absolutely DO want to take a knife skills class! Actually when I interned on a cooking show, a chef showed me how to cut veggies all quick and easy…I forgot within 20 minutes. I still take an hour to dice an onion. Whatever. 13 is my favorite and one I am working on too. For some reason, I still keep trying to impress these people that don’t matter…I guess my resolution should be making them actually NOT matter.

  32. Happy New Year Ali and Brian!
    Nice goals for the new year. I’d be into a knife skills class. I can cook and often do, but sometimes I walk away from the evening of cooking sporting a Bandaid!
    I have a nice road bike that I should get on. Your list (with Brian’s additions) inspire me.
    I’m glad you’re not going to let people get you down. It’s just not worth it.
    Nice of Brian to buy you a bike and take you skiing out west. 😉

    1. Oh, forgot to mention re. skin products, don’t spend a fortune on the stuff at the cosmetics counter at the department stores. Over the years, I have spent countless dollars on all sorts of skin care products from a variety of different cosmetics companies. Then one day there was some lady on Oprah that wrote a book “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” She talked about how some of the drugstore stuff was actually better than the overpriced stuff at the cosmetics counter. You often end up getting nice packaging and a lot of fragrances and marketing and little substance for the inflated cosmetics counter prices. For cleaning your face, she recommended Cetaphil and she recommended drug store moisturizers. I have been using Cetaphil to clean my face once in the morning, once when I get home and moisturizing with Olay Complete with SPF15. It’s a few dollars for each and I find both work great. Also, I think it’s important to wash your face when you come home after a long day at work, etc. It makes a big difference. Oh, and it is important to wash your face after you workout — wash it at the gym. That sweat you love has a lot of oil and salt that will clog your pores. I also use an Olay moisturizer with a touch of foundation in it for everyday cosmetics use — I don’t really go for the total made-up face look on a daily basis. I find it gives me the coverage that I need without feeling like a mask on my face.

  33. Two Novembers ago I got bitten in the lovehandle (well, hopefully there IS no love handle there, but in that area) by a leashed dog being walked by 2 people, while I was running. So angry!!! And I bled on my underarmour shirt! Gah, I really hate dogs. (#futurecatlady fo sho)

    I will go with you to YTTP! It’s actually a lot of fun…not scary at all. I live really close to the St Mark’s location. I went a lot my freshman year, a couple times my sophomore year, and .. haven’t been back since. Oops. One of my resolutions should be to do more yoga (quoth my coach: it’s good for your hips and since you’re a college student, you don’t stretch. too true.) so we’d be killing 2 resolutions with one stone!

  34. Great resolutions! Try the Institute for Culinary Education on 23rd st for the knife skills class. I’ve taken several cooking classes there and they are super fun. I don’t know about the knife class, but in the cooking classes you get to eat what you make at the end and they serve free wine. Fun!

    My 2 resolutions are to run 1000 miles in 2012, run at least 4 1/2 marathons, and to PR in the 4 mile distance. I think all are very achievable, I’m excited to get to them!

  35. You will get the sub-4 marathon!!

    I love Brian’s resolutions for you, hopefully he is buying that bike and the trip out west!

    I don’t do resolutions, just goals. I am going to run my first marathon, hopefully sub-4:45 and do my first triathlon. I’m excited! I have a similar goal to your cooking one, I want to try a new recipe every week since my husband and I get stuck in ruts often. Like you, I don’t cook often (my husband does) so this will really be a joint effort!

  36. A knife class sounds like a good one! And cooking too! Be sure to share your recipes. I would love to get more into biking too, maybe I need to add that to my list!
    I hear ya on the, not letting others make you feel bad about your decisions, things. I have a very similar resolution for myself in 2012. Not just others, but also not letting my own thoughts get in the way of my decisions. It can be hard sometimes, but necessary. Happy New Year!

  37. I can escort you over the queensboro bridge, we’re bff’s. I run over it every long run en route to central park! My resolution is to be more giving in every aspect of my life. Very broad. Lots of asterisks.

  38. +100000 on running across the Queensboro Bridge! I ran across it on almost every run during my first round of NYCM training and that one mile was a breeze in November 2010. After training in pancake-flat Houston in 2011, I seriously felt like I was crawling over it this time, and it was soul-crushing. Practice it as much as you can!

    I’ve been using Clean and Clear’s Continuous Control face wash since high school. It’s about $5 and the only OTC cleanser I’ve ever been able to find that works to treat (vs. “prevent”) zits.

  39. I really like your resolutions! But I am sorry you got bit by a dog while running!! That happened to me about 5 years ago (but my left thigh vs butt cheek ;)) and I still scream and run away whenever I see a dog come near me. That was the stupid day I ran without a phone however and ended up 4.5 miles away from home with no one to call… oops!!

  40. Happy New Year!
    so…do you get to make resolutions for brian, too?

    its funny a knife skills class came up because my mom and i have spoken numerous times about wanting to take one!

    and, for what its worth, the scariest things to write/say out load are the ones most worth it – you’ll totally get that sub 4!

  41. I love your resolutions and Brian’s too!! Marathon bug he has too, I love it! You two were made for each other. As for people making you feel bad about your life decisions? That’s really shitty. I hate people that do that too, it’s called judgemental, and I hate people that are…and maybe that sounds judgemental to say but dammit, it’s true 😉 Embrace your life decisions as you are! You rock 🙂

  42. Yay! I love your list!! My list has 24 goals for 2012 on them. I am most excited about my health and fitness goals. I have them all listed over at <Yep, new site for the new year. So excited!!

    You can totally crush a sub-4 marathon! Go Ali Go!!

    Thank you for your email about the Garmin. I would love to get one right now, but I am going to save up and reward myself after finishing the Couch to 10K program. Awesome present to myself for completing? Absolutely! 🙂

  43. Loving all of the resolutions. I am one of those people who spend time walking through goal setting (6 major goals on body, love, facing new fears, public speaking, and my blog) which are now in a document with a detail list of action steps on how I am achieving them. I found that for me that works. My first action step is to do the Polar Bear Plunge this morning which I totally did.

    My big resolution which i have two is not to use my credit card for one year. Oh and I have a word which is Abundance for me! Hey if I am not going to use my credit card well money should come my way in other ways.

    Saffron Risotto sounds like a fun challenge! Yoga to the People is ok- do you have a preference in what studio/type of yoga you are planning to try. They have the regular vinyasa, or the hot kind/

  44. I tell everyone that I love resolutions, but I am beginning to think that I just love lists. There is something so satisfying about marking things off. I made a TONNNN of resolutions, but basically I just want to be a better runner! I like yours! Did you write things for Brian also? I may have to look into finding a trampoline class. It sounds like so much fun and such a good workout!

  45. I promise the clip in shoes get less scary the more you use them. Try speedplay pedals/clips. They aren’t so scary. (But they might not be compatible w/ spinning class places). Good luck. Also, I got a B+ in my class (where I used you as my blog inspiration. This is pretty good because it was a lesson in being okay with NOT getting A’s, and also because I started slacking towards the end of the course & was happy to have a grade higher than just a B)

  46. I love Brian’s resolutions for you. That might be the cutest thing ever. Combined with your commentary? I’m totally smitten.

    I’m also pretty sure that for doctors needs to exist. I want to get a second opinion on a few things, despite the fact that I like my doctor, and I’m totally overwhelmed with the idea of finding someone to give me said opinion. I think you should invent the doctor & patient Please?

  47. We have very similiar attitudes with resolutions – its more tasks than life changes. I’m posting mine later this week once I finish the damn list.

    Regarding the doctor – I was so fortunate having my first GI/Surgeon combo basically handed to me and they were phenomenal and saved my life. Then one retired and one moved to FL so I was SOL and went through the changing of the doctors thing last year. I started with Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Docs issue (not sure if NYC has anything comparable). Then I researched each doctor; I looked at things like age (I wanted on the younger side so no more retire on me), schooling, residency, specialties (there are Crohn’s and UC specialists,) and – if I could find it – patient ratings and reviews. Sometimes they are available if you google enough. I prefer docs at teaching hosptials because I feel like they are always on the up and up with new treatments and such. So far I really like my new team. I don’t have anywhere close to the love I have for my old team, but really- will I ever? Anyway, make an appointment but know that if you’re not 100% comfortable you can try someone new. Your doctor is the #1 most important piece in the IBD puzzle – don’t settle till you find one you never feel the need to doubt or question; one that you know is doing everything he or she can to get you the best care possible.

    I also suggest taking a binder with all your tests, recent labs, etc and a list of premade questions – and write the answers. If possible take someone with you to the appt becaues a second opinion would be beneficial. Wow, sorry to take up your thread…really should have just emailed. Meh well. I actually have more advice on this topic so please don’t hesitate to ask!

  48. Sweet! I’m coming up with my list right now…the only two I’ve decided upon are 1. do a triathlon and 2. get some sweet triceps. So I might have some more work to do before sharing them with the world. (:

    I took a knife skills class. My favorite part was eating.

  49. LOVE resolutions, but I’m still trying to finalize mine… need to post tomorrow! One of them is going to be a dance class though – I took some Broadway Dance classes this week and loved getting back to it.

    I made a 5 minute plank one of my resolutions last year… and then stopped timing myself on planks. I still do them, but never with a stopwatch, and I switched to doing weird things like trying one legged planks or planks on a swiss ball or other things that I could probably never do for 5 minutes. Oops.

    Count me in for a trampoline class – I did that twice this summer and had a blast.

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