My 2011 Resolutions: Mostly Successful!

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Like seriously adore them. I get to make a bunch of goals in list form — what in the world is better than that? And then I have an entire year to accomplish them. It’s a brilliant concept, really.

So how did I do with my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions?

Don’t worry. I’m going to tell you, one at a time. But in case you’d like to go back and reference the original “OMG Here Are My Big & Newsworthy Yearly Goals” post, here you go.

Here is an unrelated photo. But really, any photo involving a bunny onesie seems fitting SOMEWHERE, right? No? Dang it. I tried.

Also, let me preface this rundown by saying that I think 2011 was the best year ever. Maybe that’s another post for another day. I am not at all living the life I would have predicted back in January 2011, but wow, this life is so much better.

And now, the recapping of the goals:

I wanted to take a tap class. Ka-pow, I did that! And man did I suck! It’s hard to believe I was a pretty serious tap dancer for something like 15 years, because when I slipped back into the ol’ tap shoes, I had a painfully difficult time making pretty foot sounds. But I was glad I did it. And my time steps are still pretty solid. But needless to say, the tap shoes have been retired.

I wanted to try out Yoga to the People. This is my one big fail. Pathetic, really, since there are multiple YTTP studios near my office, but yoga just wasn’t a priority this year. I’d rather be running. This resolution will carry over into 2012.

I wanted to Take a SoulCycle and/or Flywheel class. Check and check!


I know you’re supposed to either be a Flywheel person or a SoulCycle person, but I loved both studios. Brian even got me a SoulCycle class pack for Christmas, which I can’t wait to put to excellent use. Anyway, I had a great time trying out both spin classes and am glad I accomplished this resolution. Too bad I’m entirely too poor to actually become a member at one of these places.

I wanted to run a sub-2 hour half marathon. I did this, a few times actually. But the best, most satisfying time was my first attempt, at the National Half Marathon.

Official finish time 1:44:48.

I crushed my goal time by nearly 16 minutes. I went into that race with no expectations about pace or splits or any of that nonsense. I just showed up in legwarmers and I ran. I loved every mile of that race and flew around on cloud nine for a good two weeks post-race.

I ran three more half marathons in 2011, and finished each race under two hours. This goal was a big-time success and I’m quite proud of it.

I wanted to “not nag ABS about apartment things.” The great news here is that “ABS” and I broke up. For new readers, ABS (I never used his real name on the blog because he asked me not to) and I dated throughout 2010, moved in together at the end of last year and then broke up early in 2011. I was devastated for a few weeks, moved on and eventually — and unexpectedly — met Brian, who is kind of the greatest person I know. So I’d say somehow this resolution is a success. Why not?

Oh Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Brian!

I wanted to travel somewhere new. Does Coney Island count? Or perhaps Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx? Not exotic enough for your liking? What about The Hamptons? I had never been there until this year!

Here I am "out east," as people all seem to call it. I need to learn the lingo I guess.

So not a huge year for exotic travel, but I got around enough I guess…just not to many “new” places. Oh well. Someone give me some dollars and I’ll travel the heck out of this world.

I wanted to see Becky. Check! Big check! My wonderful best friend got engaged this spring, and as soon as she called me with the news I booked a flight down to Charlotte where she lives so we could celebrate together.

Becky and me in Charlotte. I was so tan then...

I got to see Becky two more times this year: once in New Hampshire, for her engagement party, and then a few weeks ago, when she came to NYC with her mom and sister-in-law.

Here we are at brunch in NYC. She wore a Patriots New York. How rude.

I wanted to read three books. I know, most people probably read three books or more each month. But I knew that wasn’t realistic for me, so I didn’t even bother making such a lofty goal. I did, however, reach my goal of reading three books: Bossypants by Tina Fey (loved it), Girls in White Dresses by same lame chick (hated it, hated it so much) and The Help by the person whose name I forget, but you all know which book I’m talking about (thought it was good, but not OMG so awesome like most people seemed to think). I wish I had time to read more, but what can ya do?

I wanted to hit a “certain number” in my savings account. I did this, somehow. I thought it wouldn’t happen, considering I moved out of my wicked cheap apartment and into a place of my own back in April, but every now and then I’d throw some money into my savings account instead of into the economy, and it ended up working out.

I wanted to complete a marathon. I think by now you all know that yes, I did this. The weekend of the Hamptons Marathon was without a doubt the best weekend of the entire year.

Oh look! A marathon photo! THAT IS SO SURPRISING, I know!

Nothing in 2011 will compare to running my first marathon. I loved the training. I loved the speedwork, the recovery runs and the 20-mile long runs. I loved the people I got to know throughout the process, like Coach Cane, all the awesome people at JackRabbit and, of course, Brian. I loved pushing my limits every single day, and I loved showing up at the start line knowing I had put in the work and was ready to run 26.2 miles. I loved having my family and friends all along the course cheering for me, I loved that I got to run a marathon while raising $20,000 for charity, and I did not love anything beyond mile 13 of the race. I did love crossing the finish line, though. I loved that so much. And I loved the post-marathon wine tasting. That was good, too.

So I accomplished some goals in 2011. I’m pumped about that.

And yes, I’ll be crafting one heck of a “New Year’s Resolutions 2012” post later this week.

It has also just come to my attention that today is Thursday. When I’m on vacation I lose all sense of time and days and all that silly stuff that doesn’t seem to matter.

So, since Thursdays over here are Thankful Things Thursday, I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m incredibly, dearly and tremendously thankful for everything that came my way in 2011.

From the Crohn’s flare-ups (too many), the breakup and the move to the marathon, the seemingly endless PRs early in the running season and the whole “getting to know Brian” thing, this year has turned out to be pretty spectacular. I’m in such a better place than I ever was in 2010, and I’m definitely a stronger, happier person.

...and I'm SPENT.

All good things, don’t you think?

SO TELL ME: How’d you do with your 2011 resolutions? Big check or big fail? Either way, I think you’re cool.



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  1. I have been reading your blog for over the last year…and honestly it is crazy to think of all that you have done in one year! I know this might sound cheesy – but I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings you! I think it will be epic!

  2. Yay – I’m so glad you had such a great year. You deserved it. And you deserve an even better 2012 🙂 I think I failed at most of my “resolutions” – get a boyfriend and a marathon PR. But that’s ok, because I’m still happy and very much looking forward to 2012! ALSO, I miss you!!

  3. My 2011 was better than I could have imagined! I completed my first full marathon (my big goal!), got engaged (expected, but still a huge surprise!), moved in with my finace (expected, but a big step to take the plunge) and stayed positive throughout the year. The last one was huge for me! 🙂

  4. I really hate to mention it every.single comment but that boyfriend of yours is gor-geous! 🙂

    I did pretty amazing in my resolutions. I can’t wait to make new ones too! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  5. It sounds like a fantastic year for you! Isn’t if funny how often life turns out in a completely different way then imagined, and it ends up being better? I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for you!

  6. I did okay with my resolutions. I said I needed a job, any job (check!!- part time but that still is a job!!), get back in grad school (check!), get a job I love and challenges me (half-check I guess- I love my job and learn so much there but it is not what I envisioned when I set the goal), make exercise a regular habit (fail, epically although this year has been more active than most), write and photograph more (not so hot on that goal). But this year has involved more changes and things that I never expected so I am taking it in stride! It was a great year and it is starting off on way better footing than last year did!!

  7. This is a really lovely post. Despite what were seemingly crappy setbacks, it actually turned into your best year! You sound like you had a ball, thats great! I’m inspired and a little hopeful. Bring on 2012! 🙂

  8. You had an awesome 2011! It just goes to show that everything really does happen for a reason. I’ve loved reading your posts over the last year and can’t wait to keep reading in 2012! I never wrote my 2011 goals down.. so I’m going to go with a big CHECK! It was a pretty good year for me too. I plan on writing my 2012 goals onto my blog this year so I can check up on them easily this time next year 🙂

  9. Resolution check-in post will be tomorrow, so I won’t clog your comment thread, ha! But I think for my 2k12 list, I’m going to add “find a brian.” haha… or someone cut from the same cloth! You’re a lucky girl, miss.

  10. I’m usually not a huge resolutions person, but I did complete the one I made: running a half (I ran three). And then I graduated and got a job (which was more of my dad’s resolution). And after the past couple of months being not at all how I expected, I think I need some for 2012 to start on a good note. I already made moves with marathon registration. I’ve told you before, but I truly related to your past year (relationship wise at least) and corny as it sounds you give me a glass is half empty look every time I read a post. 2012 will be another great one for you, I’m sure!

  11. you killed your resolutions this year!! nicely done!!! I love your recap and love that you found Brian…unexpected love is th best kind, isn’t it?

  12. I’d say I was pretty successful too this year! A big one was run a marathon…did that in November! The only one I don’t think I really accomplished was “tone down my Type A personality a bit.” Definitely didn’t do that considering I’m currently looking at 5 to-do lists on my work desk. But there’s always next year 🙂

  13. It’s funny (ironic funny, not like haha) because not long after I read your break-up post I remember thinking I wish my fiance would break up with me. And that’s a horrible mean thought to have after reading your post (so sorry if I offend you), but it took me an additional few months to get my shit together and have the strength to leave. I hate to sound all corny and mushy because I’m NOT, but I like to think that part of me gained a bit of strength reading your blog. I also remember how outgoing (and slightly uncool) I was in college, and doing the Feller Carter cartwheel rountine in the quad…and was often left wondering WHERE DID I GO?! So thank you Ali…for you, for your blog, and for your amazing sense of humor. You inspire me everyday and I’m so glad you met Brian.

    As a side note, I’m amazingly thankful for unexpected meetings of people when you least expect. I haven’t gained the confidence to announce him on the internet…but somehow a part of me believes that I went through all of those terrible things to meet this amazing guy. End of story. for now.

    Happy New Year and sorry for writing a novel,

  14. I’m supposed to be taking a break from blogging and stuff right now, but I just had to comment and let you know that I’m really surprised to find out you ran a marathon this year. I had no idea! Congrats on that! 😉

  15. I just did my 2011 recap too and i’m happy to say that mine was almost as successful as yours! Can’t wait to read your 2012 goals and keep posting those marathon pictures!! They motivate me =)

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  16. Sounds like 2011 was an amazing year for you! Looking fwd to seeing what’s in store for you in 2012!!

    I don’t really make resolutions, but I have to say this was quite the epic year and I’m looking fwd to what’s to come in the year ahead.

  17. Posting new year’s resolutions on a blog is such a great idea because #1 it’s hard to lose resolutions online vs on a slip of paper #2 you have accountability somewhat. Congrats on achieving your 2011 goals and I will be stealing your idea come 2012.

  18. So i was reading this and thought wait!! Its thursday! And im thankful! But you clarified and its all good now.Phew! 😉

    I actually did pretty well with the resolutions! There was one thing i wanted to accomplish 3 times and only did twice but although I was never a C student, I’ll take the 66% on it. Otherwise, best resolution year yet!

    I’m thankful for the difference a year makes.

  19. You landed most of your resolutions, thats pretty darn good! My resolutions were 50/50. I stuck to my big one, but let the little changes I wanted to make fall to the wayside. I will have to slip them into 2012’s.

  20. I didn’t make any resolutions for 2011. I made a February resolution in 2010 to not be such an asshole and I failed miserably at it, and kind of gave up on all resolutions after that.

  21. I think I made major improvements – to my blogging, my eating, and definitely my physical activity – but I hadn’t set any resolutions. I want to continue progressing in all of those areas – and enjoy my amazing husband, who was the best part of my year.

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