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You know what phrase kind of skeeves me out? “Burning questions.” I don’t know why. I just think it’s a little gross. I have a friend who shudders whenever she hears the phrase “reared its ugly head.” Brianne, I hope you’re not reading today. Sorry about that.

First, because I blog about running and things, allow me to fill you in on some recent workouts, in case you’re just dying to know how I’ve been getting my sweat on this week.

In 2012 I resolve to stop posting marathon photos daily. Just kidding. No I don't.

Yesterday I managed to run out for a lunchtime spin class. The instructor, Tomas, had the best playlist of all time and I felt like I was dancing on the bike. Also, I think my coworkers probably love it when I return to the office in a not-quite-clean-enough state, but no one has commented on it yet, so I’ll just assume my 2-second post-spin shower is sufficient.

After work, I returned to the gym to get some strength training in. I did a Chisel class and got my shoulders, biceps and triceps crushed. Mr. Teacher did not go easy on us.

Then I took a real shower, with soap and everything, and attempted to look presentable for Brian’s company holiday dinner at Casa Nonna. NYC friends, you should go there. The food was fantastic. I’m still full from dinner, and by “full” I mean “a little drunk.” My plan was to only drink one glass of wine, slowly, but that didn’t happen and I blame the waiter who kept refilling my glass whenever I blinked. How dare he.

Today is "National Recycle Photos You've Already Used A Million Times Day." You didn't know that? Now you do. You're welcome!

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed in the dark for a run. I managed to get through 7 miles, but it was a struggle. I was slow, my legs were heavy and yet I wasn’t surprised: It’s been a while since I’ve taken a quality rest day. Still, it was a wonderful morning.

And now, I would like to take some time to answer some frequently asked questions. I am so painfully behind in life and, more specifically, in responding to emails, so here I will answer your questions:

What kind of watch do you wear for running and do you recommend it?

I wear the Garmin Forerunner 110, and yes, I highly recommend it. It’s very user-friendly and it’s more affordable than other models because it doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor. I usually have no trouble picking up a satellite and I love uploading the data to my computer and analyzing the heck out of it.

Do you have any more Sweat shirts to sell?

People like to sweat. I get it. I dig it.

There are a few shirts available on the website right now. But if you didn’t get your hands on one this time around, I do plan to sell more in early 2012.

What kind of sports bra do you run in?

Bonus: It comes in bright colors!

Thank you for inquiring about my boobs. I swear by the Moving Comfort Juno bra. It’s the only one I wear and I have it in all the colors because I love it so much.

Are you ever worried about running in the dark in the morning?

Nope, because I’m kind of stupid. Honestly, I never feel unsafe. Maybe it’s because I’m naive, I don’t really know. But I do try to stick to well-lit areas, like the main road in Central Park or the Reservoir. I avoid running on the Bridle Path when I’m alone in the morning because it’s hardly lit and I don’t really enjoy thinking about what could be lurking in the bushes…like chipmunks or murderers or chipmunks carrying guns. You never know.

I also make sure I run in obnoxiously bright clothes when I’m out in the morning. I want people to see me from a mile away…at least. Plus, I never run without my phone in the early hours, so I have a way to get in touch with someone if needed. That makes me a little smarter, right?

How do you run during a Crohn’s flare-up?

I quite literally plan every single running route based on where there are public bathrooms. I’m becoming a true expert at the NYC bathroom scene. Cool, right?

The thing about Crohn’s disease is that the pain comes and goes. So I could wake up and feel OK and decide to head out for a run, but then I get knocked over with sudden stomach cramps. It’s unpleasant, but I’m learning to live with it. Running helps keep me sane, so I do my best to stay active when I’m having a flare-up. It definitely helps me mentally. So when I’m flaring, I may not run really fast and I may not conquer great distances, but I still get out there and do the best I can.

Do you have any fundraising advice?

Fundraising for Run For The Rabbit was never easy. I worked my butt off to bring in that $20,000 — and naturally you nice people, with your incredible support, were a huge help.

Throughout the few months that I was raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, I held events, emailed friends and family asking for donations and sold those Sweat shirts.

Event at JackRabbit = my favorite night ever

But I think with any fundraising campaign, the most important thing you can do — and my biggest piece of advice — is to make it as personal as possible. Let the people in your life know why you’re raising money for your cause. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, that will show, and people will want to support you. If your reason is, “I want to raise money for blah blah blah charity so I can run this race and get a free trip,” people aren’t going to be super inclined to help out. But if you explain that you’re raising money for breast cancer, for example, because you have a friend or familiar member who has battled that disease, and you can talk about how it has affected you, then you’ve got their attention. Show that you care, and people will likely care in return.

Are you running a spring marathon?

Great question. I’m waiting until January to decide. My mom says I shouldn’t do another marathon just yet, but these girls are spending some decent time and energy to convince me otherwise.

Where do you get your legwarmers?

Lucky me: I get them at my office. The perks of working for a teen dance magazine are pretty endless.

You really cannot go wrong with hot pink legwarmers. You just can't. They are perfection.

I recommend buying legwarmers from dance retailers because they tend to be better quality than what you’ll find at regular stores. Plus, they stay up better because the elastic is often tighter. I like the selection at Discount Dance Supply, and this pair is a favorite of mine. So soft. So cozy. So stylish. Right?

Now here are two questions people never ask me:

  • Can you share that recipe with me? (Probably because I don’t cook…ever.)
  • Where do you get your hair cut? (I don’t. See my straggly split ends? No one wants those.)

I think that’s all for now. Anything else you’d like to know?

Happy Tuesday!



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  1. Hi! I don’t comment much, but I do read a lot. I got my I heart sweat shirt in the mail today – it looks awesome! Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow on my run. Thanks lady!

  2. If possible you should try the Flying Pig marathon or half marathon in Cincinnati. pretty tough because of the hills though. Sunday May 6th.

  3. Discount Dance Supply! Man, I used to pore over that catalog in my high school dance days.

    Also, you didn’t ask about my boobs, but I’ve been a loyal Juno wearer for *years* and recently they’ve started to chafe me. WTF. So I’m going to give the Rebound Racer a try. Just inappropriately sharing.

    1. You may need a smaller size in the Juno! I was wearing a size too big for a while and was annoyed by the chafing. I went one size smaller, which I thought was crazy just based off the number, but it has worked SO much better. Also, Body Glide is sexy and I have learned to love it.

      1. Innnnnnteresting. A couple of my Junos are, uh, getting up in years, so I suppose they could have stretched out, too. I will have to experiment with this. And YES to the Body Glide — a necessity!

  4. Thanks for sharing where you get your leg warmers! I want seven pairs, all in some sort of neon color! Too cute! Also, thanks for sharing about your sports bra…I think that I was one of the weirdos who asked you that question before because I was on the hunt for a quality one. I found one I kind of like from Victoria’s Secret…but I only kind of like it.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I love running in Central park! I am a bit of scaredy cat when it comes to running in the dark, but I love to do the outside loop.

    Do you think the Juno bra is better than the Fiona? Because I’ve used Fiona for awhile but recently it hasn’t been as good and I’m looking to swtich it up.

    I definitely want a sweat t-shirt when you have more in stock! 🙂

    1. Yes, I like the Juno so much better than the Fiona, which used to be my go-to. I like that the Juno is racerback-style. All the tank tops I wear are racerback and I hated that the Fiona straps sometimes slipped and that they showed so much underneath my other stuff. Juno for the big time win.

  6. I TOO LOVE THE JUNO BRA!! Just had to share. Also, somewhere … probably in my in-law’s basement, I have a bag of my old ballet stuff, including legwarmers. I’d like to find them. (Also because I’d like to start taking ballet again at my sis-in-law’s studio.)

  7. I wish I could have snagged an I heart sweat shirt when they came out but I was busy graduating!! They were gone when I got home. Where were my priorities?! 😛
    I have to say, your winter running tips saved my life. I’m from Florida but spend every Christmas in England…. Talk about a climate change!! But a million thank yous to you because now I’m in love with running in the cold!!

  8. I think you should do a spring marathon to future convince me to finally do one myself. I think I finally need to give in and move back to NYC so I can force my way into all your wine parties.

  9. I am hoping to run in Central Park this weekend – I’ve never been to NYC, and this has been a bucket list item for me since I started running – any advice? I am searching online and don’t want to look like a total newb out there!!!

    1. Stick to the main loop, which is 6-miles but can be modified for shorter distances. The people watching is excellent! Most people run the loop counterclockwise, but I prefer going clockwise for no real reason at all. And if you can, venture up to the Reservoir. Even if you don’t run that loop, you’ll love it — it’s gorgeous. Have so much fun!

  10. I’m the opposite of you. I am terrified every time I run when it is at all dark out. It’s ruined many runs… sigh. I have a more expensive Garmin that also does not come with a heart rate monitor, and it causes me so much stress… wish I had yours!

  11. You know what phrase I hate? When someone asks a couple “Are you planning on having kids” and they say, “Well, we’re trying right now.” GAH! You know what THAT is code for? WE ARE HAVING LOTS AND LOTS OF SEXYTIME. It’s just weird.

    1. Oh my gosh, I hate that toooooo! I don’t want to know how long you tried, or what fertility stuff you are doing. Ok, if you are a close friend we can talk. But complete strangers will share this! No talk of sexytime!

  12. 1. I think you should do a spring marathon. When you first started talking about it, I thought maybe you’d get burnt out…but now I’m pretty sure you’ll go crazy not training for a race.
    2. Casa Nonna, like a block from me??
    3. The I <3 Sweat site is cute!!

      1. He played all these crazy fun remixes, like a Michael Jackson mashup of all his best songs with a house background. It was like having a DJ in the room. I just loved that he played all my favorite songs, but he had versions of them I’d never heard. So I still knew the words, but was happily surprised as well.

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